IMPORTANT Everyone who lives in Wenonah should be at the meeting.

It is critical in safeguarding Wenonah's Safety, Sovereignty and appeal!!! There are links attached to Jack Sheppard, Sr.’s letter on this subject. It is a non-partisan written letter by a man who I would estimate has more experience in service Wenonah, than all of the current Council members combined. I have also received a letter from Ron Farina, Current Councilman, who presents the facts that Our current Council, as evidenced in the last meeting, which I attended is acting in a Politically Partisan way. This makes me extremely sad to see the Town that I have come to Love and Treasure toss around a "Town Changing" event with Political partisanship. This should not be a political issue; it is both a Safety and Town Sovereignty issue. The more comments I hear or read about this issue the sadder I feel. I am also a bit frightened about making public our current Police staffing and future Police staffing to those outside our Borough who may wish to do us harm. This decision, whatever it may be will affect the very Fabric of our Town. Regardless of Mayor Lombardo's interpretation, that no Public referendum is warranted, all of the Tax Payers of Wenonah should make the final decision after all the facts are known and are clearly spelled out. I have been one of the highest Tax paying, single entities in the Town for many years. Taxes are a major concern to me, as my sole Income is from my Investment Properties, with 3 here in Wenonah. In 2010, my combined Tax bill was @ $32000.00. Today after selling one building it is @ $25000.00. If the numbers provided at the meeting by Councilman John Howard, Chair of the Public Safety Committee, hold after vetting out the actual contract, I would save $474.00 per year ($39.50 per month). Keep in mind that the current Wenonah Borough portion of the Tax Bill, which contains the Police Departments budget, is only @ 23% of our Total Tax bill. Don't be misled when you hear that the Police Dept.’s budget makes up 1/3 of our Budget. Most people equate that to be 1/3 of their Tax bill. This is misleading. Your Savings would be minuscule. If the Mayor and Council really wanted to reduce our Tax bills they should follow through on Councilman Norris's idea of meeting with the County Tax Assessors office (Shared Services), and demand that our assessments be reduced across the board, to reflect current market conditions. At last look, Wenonah's average property assessment was # 2 in the whole County. Our assessments were done in 2007, based on the highest comp Values before the Real Estate bubble burst. Our County Tax, Open Space Tax and Regional school Tax make up almost 50% of our Total Tax Bill and that means we are paying a disproportionate amount than other Towns for these "shared Services”. I have had conversations with the County Tax Assessor on this subject and they claim some "equalizer" % is used. It is at best "fuzzy math" and almost impossible to explain or understand. Please forward this to as many people that you know in Town, read the Facebook link, Educate yourself, ask questions, and most importantly, come to the meeting on Thursday night. Wenonah belongs to all of its Citizens. We did not purchase a House in Mantua Township. We purchased our homes in Wenonah. Regards; Rocco Doto Links: