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changes after meeting Jesus. What a privilege for Simon to be able to carry Jesus’ cross for him. It may have been that in that moment, Simon realized that Jesus was dying for him. Mark simply put, “And they crucified him”. If you truly understand the crucifixion then you realize it should be you up on the cross, not Jesus. Even Christians continue to sin, to have good intentions but do wrong, who want to have a relationship with God but don’t want to pay the price. By: Nicole Stroud Simon realized that it should have been him up At the end of March the church was enteron the cross. You don’t love God because you ing Passion week in the book of Mark. The sermons in April surrounded Jesus’ final days on earth. It was are a good person; you should love him because he paid the price for your sins. How do you react a difficult time to walk through the passages and to to Jesus being crucified? Does it change your realized the pain and suffering Jesus went through. life or the way you live? Don’t let it be just anApril started with the soldiers mocking Jeother story. sus. Pilate handed Jesus over to the soldiers to be From the beginning Mark has not given crucified. They mocked him, spit on him, and bowed as many details as the other Gospels. It is imin mock homage. Jesus took the abuse and did nothportant to remember that Mark is pointing the ing; a lesson for Mark’s readers as they would face the same persecution for following Jesus. They then way to the kingdom by showing that Jesus is God. “His miracles; his interactions with people, dressed him in a purple robe and put a crown of nature and Satan; all of this has been told to thorns on his head. One thorn is ok, but a crown of thorns is unthinkable. This passage in Mark is about establish that he is not just another teacher”Pastor Danny Martinez. Jesus hung on the cross true power. The soldiers had false power, but Jesus for three hours in the daylight. At the sixth hour, continued to be submissive through pain and suffering. Mark was also showing the cost of being a Chris- God brought darkness until the ninth hour. Jesus cried out in a loud voice, “My God, my God, why tian. There will be suffering and pain and Christians will have to submit to this willingly, knowing the cost if have you forsaken me?” Jesus had taken the sin they want to be a follower of Christ. Christians live in of the world on his shoulders and because God hates sin he had to turn away from his son. God a world where they constantly have to remind themis holy, there is no sin in him. In order for you to selves that they are Christians. If they crucified the have a relationship with him someone had to pay Master, don’t expect anything less for yourself. Jesus continues to show complete submis- the price for it. But what can you offer God? Jesus offers himself, knowing he didn’t have to sion, no matter what he endures. Submission really die, but was willing to sacrifice himself for all the means giving up control, your rights, what you think sins of the world. The price is so big that no one you are entitled to. Jesus’ complete submission was could ever repay it. That’s how much God loves his way of saying he would suffer for you. Pastor you. Danny’s second sermon was on the crucifixion of April ended on a positive note with the Jesus. . It was customary for a condemned man to resurrection of Jesus. The church had to particicarry the patibulum of his own cross, that is, the pate in his pain before they could celebrate his crossbeam weighing about 100 pounds, through the resurrection. Pastor Danny says, “People come city streets out to the place of crucifixion. This is to to Easter to celebrate Jesus, but I believe that make a show. The people needed to know that whothe true celebration is not just here in church, but ever went against them, would have the same fate. Don't mess around with Caesar. He doesn’t like com- rather is the celebration that we take home and petition”-Pastor Danny Martinez. Jesus couldn’t carry we take to work and implement to our everyday his cross because he was too weak from all the beat- lives. Jesus has risen!” Just as John the Baptist prepared the way, the church or “the Way” ing and flogging that had been done to him. The soldiers randomly picked someone passing by named should be the place where people gather and love each other, and learn the word, but also it Simon. Mark says he was the father of Rufus and Alexander; a detail that suggests that they were disci- should be the place that challenges you to continue to be the Way for other people. Jesus has ples known to his readers in Rome. Simon was so risen means nothing if people do not hear it. The affected by this incident that his life was never the fact that Jesus is alive, does not mean anything if same. Meeting Jesus changed him. Your life

you are leaving empty lives that do not include Jesus as your Lord. Jesus being risen is only good news to those who have believed and now you in turn, must share the good news that Jesus has risen in you hearts and in you lives and you should preach that in words and in actions.
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April Sermon Recaps

Marvin & Nicole would like to celebrate this special time in their life with the church. Because they are unable to invite everyone to the Wedding Reception following the service they would like for the church to join them on:

May 14, 2011 @ 1p
For a lunch reception This is the couples way of thanking everyone who has and continues to invest into their lives.




to those celebrating their Birthdays in MAY....
5/6-Jessica Rodriguez 5/9– Mayra Alarcon 5/17– Sharnice Jones 5/20– Deanna Alarcon 5/24– Susana Tingle 5/29– Russ Camp 5/30– Tom Palmer

Come be a part of this great program at GCC by being a teacher helper in the classroom, teaching a class of your own or helping prepare snacks. **Contact the office for more info**

Check out the concert table in the back of the church! Tickets are only $10!!

For many years Wed. Night activities have taken a break during the summer. This summer the Wed. Night leaders have decided to continue Wed. Nights with no break. Giant Days of Summer will be kicking off May 11 @ 5p. It is designed with the entire family in mind. At 5p everyone joins together in the Sanctuary for Chapel. There will be singing and dancing, prayer and a short intro of the topic for the day. Those from the Village are encouraged to come to be “Grandparents” to the children and youth who attend. Then at 5:30 a small snack will be provided for everyone in the fellowship hall. The idea is that the kids will pick up their snack and head to their classroom to eat it there. From 5:30-6:30 everyone will be in their classrooms. We have classes for all ages. The team is excited to announce that there is a new class that has been added, 2yrs– 1st grade, headed by Susana Tingle. The hope is that this class will draw in some parents from the preschool. Vicki Parker & Pam Morris will be teaching 2nd grade—5th Grade, Adam Moore will have 6th-12th grade, Deanna Alarcon will teach the Spanish Bible Study and Pastor Danny will teach the adults. Different ministries from the church will be in charge of providing the snacks, which will be simple and easy. Make sure to get a schedule in the back of the church! Please be in prayer with the team for Giant Days of Summer.


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Sermon List for the month of April:
5/8- Acts 1:1-8 –Jesus descends into heaven/ Intro to Acts 5/15– Acts 1:12-26– Matthias Chosen to replace Jesus 5/22– Acts 2:1-13– The Holy Spirit comes at Pentecost (Jesus’ Promise) 5/29– Acts 2:1-13– The Holy Spirit Comes at Pentecost (Empowering the believers)

This picture was drawn by Ignite Student Ministries Youth: KC Berumen

Another month has flown by and it has been filled with exciting events! The kids had several opportunities to celebrate Easter with fun filled activities. They got to go to an Easter egg hunt at the Village, have an egg-stravaganza at school (including crafts, special snacks, Easter games, an egg hunt, a special lunch, egg dying, and more!). It was a very eventful week! We would like to say “thank you” to all of the parents who volunteered to help and brought in goodies. Also we would like to thank Mr. Larry from True Value Hardware in San Carlos who generously donated all of the plants to put in our gardens. Last but certainly not least we need to thank Mr. Jack and Mr. Ray for helping us get the gardens ready and help plant all of our veggies. They are looking fabulous and we are anticipating our harvest! May will be yet another busy month, we will have the Tooth Fairy visit to talk about hygiene and tooth care and also we will offer vision screening for our three to five year old students. We will have a pizza lunch fundraiser which is always fun and successful and we will celebrate Mothers Day with gifts and goodies. We have started visiting the Village to sing twice a month again so that also helps to keep us busy. On the 28th we plan on having a table set up at the Guatemala Benefit Concert to promote our preschool and also there will be something permanent set up in the back of the church with preschool information. Please take a flier and pass it on to someone that you may know with children, as we still have room for 20 more students. We have a very exciting announcement! Starting in May we will offer all church members a 10% discount on preschool tuition. If you have considered preschool for your child now is your chance to enroll. We will fill up over the summer so the sooner you can reserve a spot the better. Please come by the school, call at (619) 267-0885, or visit our web-site at gracecovchurch.net and click on the preschool tab for more information. We look forward to hearing from you! Have a Blessed Mothers Day! Jackie Biggs Director

9140 Akard St. Spring Valley, Ca 91977 (619)-267-7090 gracecovchurch@hotmail.com www.gracecovchurch.net





LEAP 3:30p-5p Wed. Night Activities-5p-6:30p Yearly Planning Mtg #2– 6p Community Group 2 6 pm @ MMCV 4 6p Women’s Bible Study 9AM


Concert Mtg


7 Sunday School

SUNDAY SCHOOL--9A Worship Celebration 10AM Prayer Mtg-5pm Young Adults-6p-Adam Moores

Teachers Mtg-9A

Prayer @ 10a Ruth Fullers MMCV #1110

LJC Mercy Ministries Fellowship 11a-1p

8 Mother’s Day
SUNDAY SCHOOL-9AM Worship Celebration 10AM

9Community Group 1 5pm @ Applebee’s (Rancho, SD)
Women’s Bible Study 9AM Leadership Meeting 6p Guatemala Fundraiser:Dine to
Donate @ Applebee’s in Rancho, SD (All Day)


11 LEAP 3:30p-5p



14Prayer @ 10a Ruth Fullers

MMCV #1110

Wed. Night Activities-5p-6:30p

LJC Mercy Ministries Fellowship 11a-1p

Marvin & Nicoles Wedding Celebration w/ Church-1p

SUNDAY SCHOOL9AM Worship Celebration 10AM Prayer Mtg-5pm

Community Group 2 6 pm @ MMCV

18 Women’s Bible Study 9AM

18 LEAP 3:30p-5p
Wed. Night Activities-5p-6:30p




Prayer @ 10a Ruth Fullers MMCV #1110

Operation:Outreach 8:30-10A

LJC Mercy Ministries Fellowship 11a-1p

3RD Sunday Youth Service 5P


Community Group 1


24 Women’s Bible Study-9AM
NA Meets-6p

25 LEAP 3:30-5p




Worship Celebration 10A

Prayer @ 10a Ruth Fullers MMCV #1110 5 pm @ Kim Shell’s

Wed. Night Activities-5p-6:30p

LJC Mercy Ministries Fellowship 11a-1p

Worship Celebration 10AM


30 Memorial Day


Guatemala Benefit Concert- 6p (Clairemont Cov)