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My thanks to each precious person listed below for using their God given talents to help And Thy House get published. Because each one’s contribution was invaluable, I’m listing their names in alphabetical order rather than in order of importance. I pray that the Lord will bless them exceedingly abundantly above all that they ask or think. Judy Blanarik – Proofreader Charleen and Steve Brown – Printers Cheryl Drevna – Proofreader Dede Hayes – Advise Rev. Nich Radovich – The Foreword Sally Radovich – The Original Cover Bette Tucker – Advisor

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I first read this book in 1987. I was a member of Women’s Aglow Fellowship at the time and Diana came to address our group. What a tremendous blessing she was. Not only did she have a powerful testimony of household salvations, but she also, “had the goods,” as we sometimes say in ministry, describing those whose words are confirmed with signs following. She had a very powerful pulpit ministry and prayed for each and every one of us that stood in line. Many women were healed and delivered that day, to the glory of God! When I began my own ministry, I kept in touch with my friend. This book was required reading in our School of Ministry, and we still have two very worn copies in our libraries. Recently, the Lord spoke to me to request more copies for sale in our bookstores and at our conferences. When I spoke with Diana, she was out of copies, and I implored her to reprint. What transpired was more than what I had imagined. We agreed to work together to get her book back in print and made available again. We decided to develop a website, plus other outlets for making

the book available to a hopefully even greater number than before. For more than twenty years, I have admired my friend Diana for her devotion to God and courage to step out and obey the Master. She is truly a devoted handmaiden and minister of the gospel. Her words will bring you joy, encouragement, hope and satisfaction in knowing how great our God is. You will see salvation for your whole household, as I did. Get ready. You are not merely going to read a book, you are about to embark on a great journey!

Sincerely, Reverend Barbara Williams, President, Ministry of the Watchman, International Lighthouse Publishing

The story you are about to read is so dramatic and supernatural that there will be times when you will wonder how all those startling events could ever happen in one household. Diana traces for you all the supernatural workings of the Holy Spirit in her life that ultimately led to the salvation of her family. And Thy House is the personal account of her search for God and the years of bondage to the occult and deliverance from spirits by the power of the Holy Spirit. How this all came about is fascinating reading. Diana, like so many in our cultured society, became interested in the supernatural world of spirits that exert power in human situations. Americans have become increasingly obsessed with “supernatural” practices so that witchcraft, satan worship and fortune telling have become commonplace. Children play with séances, magic writing and astro-projection while newsstands offer books on numerology, complete horoscopes for the year, the how to of reading tarot cards and even instructions on how to cast a spell or hypnotize. What starts out as an exciting quest for “secret knowledge” or something extraordinary often ends with complete bondage to evil spirits.

However, this story is one of tremendous spiritual importance. The discerning reader will discover in a very real and vivid way that opposing forces are at work in the world, and that the power of God is immensely more powerful than any opposing force. Diana reveals, by personal experience, the reality of Jesus and His dominion over satan. Her story is true and needs to be told. There are many, (perhaps you), who need to know that there is help for those who need help, deliverance for those who are bound, and salvation for all those who call upon the Lord. Knowing Diana and Rick Liptak personally for many years and being able to watch the miracle of this story unfold gives me great pleasure to introduce the testimony of Jesus in the lives of two of the finest people I know. Reverend Nick Radovich, Pastor Wildwood Chapel Aliquippa, Pennsylvania

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“Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved and thy house.” (ACTS 16:31). That’s the promise the Lord gave me when I found out my dad was dying of cancer. (That was in 1976, and the Lord, ever faithful, has saved my household — all twenty of them.) And that’s exactly what this book is about. With wooing, tugging, miracles, signs and wonders, one by one, those knees bowed and those tongues confessed Jesus Christ as Lord. I have to warn you, I am not a writer, or have you already figured that out? I do have a fantastic testimony to tell, so if you will bear with my inadequacies you will be encouraged to believe for your family’s salvation. First I have to tell you a little about myself -- how after many detours, and getting sidetracked many times, I found Jesus. I heard a minister say one time that he disliked hearing people say that they found Jesus, because


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He was never lost -- we were! Jesus was what I was looking for all my life and it took me 44 years to realize it. The Word says, “A fool says in his heart that there is no God.” (PSALM 14:1) Boy, was I ever that fool! I was also foolish enough to laugh at the idea of the existence of the devil -until he nearly destroyed me physically and mentally. One day, my neighbor came over for a cup of tea. I had just placed the milk carton on the kitchen counter, and had turned to sit at the table with her when she jumped and said, “Did you see that? That milk carton just jumped off your counter about six inches. I never saw anything like that!” Do you know, I was so grateful that someone else finally witnessed one of the horrifying experiences I was enduring that I could have kissed her. I’m sure she was surprised at my reaction, but I didn’t dare tell her what had been going on. How could I? She NEVER would have understood! I did not understand! But, I knew then for sure that there was something powerful and evil that hated me and wanted to annihilate me! I was terrified and felt utterly helpless. I thought, “How did I get into this dilemma?” As a child in Catholic grade school, I can remember loving the Lord. I remember that I would leave something on my plate for Him, and make room for Him on a chair or in my bed. Then I got “educated” and believed that my ancestors were apes and that before that they were something that crawled out of the sea. Aren’t you glad to know that we were made in the image of God and not after something that came up from the miry bog?