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Heart is Ever


by Michael Julian-Smith

Your Heart is Ever Before Me

Copyright 2008 by Michael Julian-Smith All rights reserved.
Printed in the USA by ISBN: 978-0-615-20829-9 Page Layout and Cover Design by Shannon Crowley of Treasure Image & Publishing

Mrs. Michael L. Julian-Smith P.O. Box 48442 Oak Park, MI 48237

To Wanda Burnside, my poetry editor and coach, who never let me give up my dream of having this book published. She encouraged me, urged me, and helped to make this dream possible. To Minister Mary Edwards, who prayed and encouraged me to never give up. You were a blessing to me in many ways; I appreciate all you have done. Thank you and God bless you both!

Minster Mary Edwards is the founder of The Called and Ready Writers. Wanda Burnside is the president of this Christian writing organization. I thank God for their professional services.

To my former spiritual predecessors, Pastor William Bell and Evangelist Sandra Bell, who dedicated their lives to preaching the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. They encouraged Gods people and demonstrated the love of God to so many souls. They were an example in the Word of how two married people in Christ should love one another. To my present leaders, Pastor Kenneth L. Grundy and His Wife First Lady Debra Grundy, who love Gods people and have carried the ministry on. To my husband, Jeff Smith, whom I love and appreciate. You have been my source of support in this work. To my mother, Marguerite Patillo, who has been waiting patiently for this book to come out Well, Mom, your wait is finally over! To my sister Kellie Shorter, who is my best friend. I truly appreciate and love you. Thank you for all your encouraging words. You truly uplifted, and support me in this work. To Mother Frances Neely who got after me again and again about publishing my work. Thank you. I love you. To sister Pamela Barber, my prayer partner and best friends. Your words spoke volumes to me when I needed that support. Thank you. I love you. To the members of Souls for Christ Church who encouraged me to publish this book.

To God Be the Glory!


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Let Him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for Thy love is better than wine.
Song of Solomon 1:1

Your Heart is Ever Before Me

I have tried the reigns of your heart, And still it beats for Me. You have been in the valley, through the water and the fire And still your heart beats for Me. Before I formed you, in your mothers belly, I knew you and ordained that you be a burning flame, so that all may see how you belong to Me. I yearn to take you totally unto myself And let no one else have you For you are Mine and I am yours. Your heart is ever before Me.


I shall tenderly entreat you to let Me love you all the more. I will kiss you with the kisses from My lips For you are like a delicate flower in a garden that needs tending. You are a diamond that should be shown Oh, my beautiful bride, I cherish every smile and meditative thought that you send in My direction. I know that the concerns of this life can weigh you down But, I will turn it around because I love you And your heart is ever before Me.


You are Mine Forevermore

In the quiet hours of the morning, before it is time for you to rise And begin your day softly, I am calling you. Gently creating a stir within your spirit, so that you will yearn to be with Me as you begin to awake from the sweet sleep I gave to you last night. Come steal away with Me for a time. Sit in My presence and let Me open up My good treasure unto you. Let Me give you all the attention you need. Allow Me to overshadow you with My love. You are My undefiled, My dove and the choice fruit from My own vineyard.