Mahjongg Solitaire, also called Taipei or Shanghai, is the web adaptation of an old chinese board game.

The objective is to remove all 144 tiles from the board; for each pair of tiles removed you will get two points. The rules are simple: Starting from the sides, or from the central tile at the top of the pile, remove tiles by clicking on two equal symbols. If the tiles are identical, they will disappear, and your score will rise. Removeable tiles always must be free on their left or right side. If a tile sits between two tiles on the same level, it cannot be selected.

Note: The four tiles showing season symbols or queens (above, left) match even if they are different; the four flower or king tiles (above, right) match respectively. Options:
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New: sets up a new game. Tileset: sets up a new game using a different tileset. Layout: sets up a new game using a different layout. Restart: restarts the current game. Undo: withdraws your moves one by one. Moves: displays the number of currently possible moves. Hints: shows currently possible moves one by one. Zoom: zooms the game in or out. Help: displays the rules of the game. FAQ: gives answers to frequently asked questions. Info: displays game information and version history. Email: sends an email to the author.

In mathematical terms, Mahjongg Solitaire is easily described. There are 144!/(4!)36different games, the probability that you will encounter the same game twice is 1/1.1394912*10200. As to the classic layout, the number of games that actually can be won cannot be calculated, yet experts estimate

Jul 27: Five million visitors 2004. including moves and hints options 2003. This web version of Mahjongg Solitaire consists of only two files coded in dynamic HTML. improved data preload 2004. including new layout Mahjongg Solitaire v2. just click and play. efficient. Apr 1: One million visitors 2004. buttons and game background. images are used for the tiles. Jun 6: Mahjongg Solitaire v1. including alternate tileset and zoom option 2004.73. functional. Aug 25: v2. Version history: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 2002. the objective of which it was to encourage lean.0. If the javascript option is enabled. upload to the web 2002.74.8 Copyright © 2002-2007 by Thomas Weibel 4102 competition held between 2000 and 2002. including additional layouts option 2004.5. including FAQ 2004. There are no special system requirements.8. submission to www.the5k.the5k. Nov 1: v2. original and aesthetic web programming. improved 3D display 2005. Oct 23: v2. Switzerland All rights reserved Last update: Mar 15.3. Jun 12: v2.7. A <5kb version of Mahjongg Solitaire took part in the 2002 contest. Oct 10: v2. Sep 26: v2. In 2002. 2007 . Apr 7: v2.4. Dec 12: v2.6. including unlimited undo and restart options 2002. except for a DHTML compatible browser. To play the game no plugins are needed. Nov 14: v2.72. favicon added 2005.that good players win every third up to every second game. The idea for this game came from the www. Nov 30: v2.71. The other game layouts are even more challenging. Sep 6: Seven million visitors 2005.