IconViewer 3.02 32-bit Edition for Windows XP and newer versions Copyright (C) 2008 Bot Productions.

May 15, 2008 This document contains an overview of IconViewer and instructions on how to get started. What is IconViewer? IconViewer is a freeware product developed by Bot Productions. It is a utility that allows you to view the icons contained within files, such as executable files and dynamic link libraries (DLLs). IconViewer is a shell extension, a plugin for Windows Explorer. When you open the Properties box for a file containing icons, an extra Icons tab will appear. Clicking on this tab brings up the IconViewer property page, and it lists the icons that the file contains. Key IconViewer features include: View icons contained in single or multiple files Copy device images to the clipboard Save icons and device images to a separate file Supports Windows XP 32-bit icons Supports Windows Vista PNG icons

What's new in IconViewer 3.0? Version 3.0 is a major update to version 2.1, adding several features: - A modified user interface, with a streamlined toolbar and context menus - A flyout window for displaying preview images too large to display in the property page - Uses Bot Productions Setup 3.5, including a better setup experience on Windows Vista - When viewing icons in multiple files, group the icon list by file (requires Windows XP or newer) IconViewer 3.0 also includes the following new features when running on Windows XP or newer; these features are available on Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0, and Windows 2000 as of IconViewer 3.01: - View PNG device images - Save any device image in PNG format System Requirements - 32-bit Edition for XP and newer versions

. These images are too large to fit in the preview area.02-Setupx86. This begins the IconViewer Setup Wizard. the Device images list will list the various device images in the icon. but are not limited to. Then.Windows Vista . first select the desired files. To install IconViewer 3.02-Setup-x86. The top portion of the IconViewer window contains a list of all the icons in the selected file(s).exe. you must display the properties for a file or group of selected files. and newer versions only.1 MB of available hard drive space Note: This installation package is for 32-bit editions of Windows XP. files of the following types: exe dll ocx cpl ico (Application) (Application extension) (ActiveX control) (Control Panel applet) (Icon file) . Installation If you have a previous version of IconViewer installed. If you wish to view the icons in multiple files.Windows Server 2008 .One of the following Microsoft operating systems: . so they are displayed in a flyout window. which contains the IconViewer window. you will be prompted for administrative credentials when you run IconViewer3. These include. right click on the desired file (or one of the files. If the file(s) contain icons.exe.Windows Server 2003 . Separate installation packages are available for Windows Me and Windows 98. the Properties box will include the Icons tab. Icons can be found as resources in many Windows file types. and for x64 editions of Windows.0 and Windows 2000. Using IconViewer To use IconViewer. select the Properties item from the context menu. To view the device images for a specific icon. To open the properties. run the file IconViewer3.Windows XP . which guides you through installing IconViewer. Windows Vista. On Windows Vista. Installing IconViewer requires administrator privileges. Windows Vista introduces support for 256x256 PNG device images. if viewing multiple files).02. for Windows NT 4. click the icon in the list. Then. you should be sure that no properties dialog boxes are open before running Setup. allowing you to choose one to view.

On Windows Vista. To display help.botproductions. Uninstalling IconViewer requires administrator privileges. click the Help button in the IconViewer window.com To contact Bot Productions. this feature is called "Uninstall a program.More Information IconViewer includes a detailed help file. For the latest version of IconViewer. or visit Bot Productions's web site: http://www. send an e-mail to: mail@botproductions.com . use the Control Panel's Add or Remove Programs feature." Be sure that no properties dialog boxes are open. On Windows Vista. Uninstallation To remove IconViewer. you will be prompted for administrative credentials. use the "Check for Updates" button within the IconViewer About box. or the IconViewer files may not be properly removed.