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we have taken a semiconductor manufacturing company which produces the Microprocessors and RAMs for the computers. In this project. we created a stand-alone application which accepts the number of processors and RAM and profit obtained per each processor and RAM.Thus. Page 2 of 10 .ABSTRACT The main aim of our project is to determine the solution for a practical application in which the profit should be maximized within the particular set for constraints using the linear programming in the matlab software. Hence our problem is to find the combination in which the Microprocessor and RAMs should be manufactured in order to obtain maximum profit. The company wants to maximize the profit with the help of the available resources. We used linear programming concept in the matlab to find the best possible combination by which the company can obtain maximum profit . so that we use the matlab to calculate the effective combination which is the maximum profit is being obtained in such available resources. Linear programming is defined as process of transforming real life problems into mathematical models which contains variables representing decisions that can be examined and solved for an optimal solution using algorithm.

NO TOPIC PAGE NO 1. Problem Description 5 3. References 10 Page 3 of 10 .TABLE OF CONTENTS S. Introduction 4 2. Conclusion 8 5. Appendix 9 6. Solution Description 6 4.

we have taken a semiconductor company which manufactures the microprocessors and RAM with material A and material B. The company needs to maximize its profit by predicting the possible combination of the microprocessors and RAM to be manufactured. Page 4 of 10 . Hence linear programming which is the best way to solve the particular problem and we use it to obtain the combination of the microprocessor and RAM to be manufactured in order to obtain the maximum profit.INTRODUCTION: In our project. In Linear programming. we maximize or minimize the objective which is being dependent on the finite number of variables which are subjected to certain constraints.

The material types A and B require manufacturing the microprocessors and RAMs and the profit for each material is shown below. its product mix at times of the high consumer demand is subjected limited supplies. Thus the corporation needs the combination of Microprocessors and RAMs should be manufactured in order to maximize the profit.PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: The ABC semiconductor corporation produces the microprocessors and RAMS chips. Page 5 of 10 . Thus the ABC semiconductor can buy 450 parts of material A and 1000 parts of material B. Material Material A Material B Profit Microprocessors 3 5 $25 RAMs 2 10 $20 Due to limited supplies of the material.

we can manufacture the 3 microprocessor and 2 RAM and using material B we manufacture 5 Microprocessors and 10 RAMs. of RAMs) which is being subjected to the above constraints. of Microprocessors) + (20 X No. Maximize z= (25 X No. 3x+2y<=450 5x+10y<=1000 The problem is the being stated as. Hence the corporation constraints are being mentioned below as. Page 6 of 10 . Then. x>=0 and y>=0 We had created a GUI application in which the constraints values and the profit for each microprocessor and RAM is being given as input values and calculate the maximum profit combination of the Microprocessors and RAMs using the linear programming concept in the matlab and the output is the number of microprocessors and RAMs and the total net profit is being calculated. The additional constraints are x and y should be integers.SOLUTION DESCRIPTION: Using the material A.

The number of RAMs to be produced is 37. The number of microprocessors to be produced is 125 2. In order to maximize the profit.Here is the GUI application which is used to calculate the maximum profit for the semiconductor company.5 3. 1. The Net Profit will be 3875 US Dollars which is the maximum profit obtainable Page 7 of 10 . The above application is run and it gives the solution to the problem described above. it suggests that.

Conclusion Linear programming plays an important role in determining the way to achieve the best outcome for some list of requirements represented as linear relationships. as it has a large number of built in functions to support Linear Programming. By applying linear programming we obtained the better solution to maximize the profit. Linear programming can also be used to solve problem in many other fields as it gives an ideal solution to maximize the profit. Page 8 of 10 . In this paper we have used Linear programming to solve the problem faced in a Semiconductor Company. It is done by creating a matlab GUI application to solve the problem. Matlab serves as a better tool for solving linear programming problems.

Appendix: % --.Mc+ handles. 'String'.Re+handles. %mass handles) % hObject handle to calculate (see GCBO) % eventdata reserved . b=[handles.metricdata.Pa+handles. A=[handles.Pb.metricdata.metricdata.metricdata.Rb+ handles. set(handles.A. 'String'.Ma handles. function calculate_Callback(hObject. 'String'. tricdata.metricdata.ram. profit).Pb].metri cdata.metricdata.met ricdata.Executes on button press in calculate.Re). total=(first*handles.Ma+handles.Re].Ra+handles.Pa. Page 9 of 10 .metricdata.Mc+second*handles.metricdata.Mc -handles.metricdata.Mb+handles.metricdata.metricdata.Rb].metricdata. set(handles. set(handles. mp=x(1). mp). ram=x(2).metricdata. eventdata. handles.Mb handles.metricdata. profit=total. ram) be defined in a future version of MATLAB % handles structure with handles and user data (see GUIDATA) f=[-handles.b). x=linprog(f.

Lipsman.Chibuzor j.Hunt. Jonathan M.Edurado 2. “Guide to MATLAB For Beginners and Experienced Users”—Brian R. Ronald L.Rosenberg Page 10 of 10 .References: 1. “A MATLAB toolkit for Linear programming “.