The Christmas season begins in November In the United States, the Christmas season traditionally begins after Thanksgiving Day that falls on the fourth Thursday in November. Saturday immediately after, performed a spectacular parade in the city of New York, with the arrival of Santa Claus marking the start of the Christmas shopping season. Christmas is a religious and secular Christmas was originally a strictly religious celebration which marks the birth of Jesus Christ on December 25. In the United States has become very commercial and secular celebration. Department stores, malls and small shops elaborately decorate their stores and entice customers to spend liberally on Christmas presents. However, for many people Christmas is still holding a major religious significance. It is the occasion for an annual family gathering throughout the country creates an atmosphere of generosity and goodwill known as the "Christmas Spirit."

make a joyful holiday season. The cards are mailed to friends. Santa Claus is usually presented as a jolly. Neighborhoo ds take a look festive and happy every night. Many Americans send Christmas cards During this season. Christmas trees are a tradition Many families in the United States placed a small pine tree in their homes and decorate with colored lights and bright ornaments. If you receive a card is not necessary to send one back because some people just do not send cards. Along with Christmas. often empty stockings hanging in the fireplace and also find them filled with candy and small toys. Santa Claus is St.Esta holiday season is more than just Christmas The Jewish celebration of Hanukkah is celebrated in mid -December and the Afro-American celebration of Kwanzaa falls in the same period. He drives a magical sleigh is pulled by eight reindeer and flies around the world. Many churches and houses illuminated birth place commemorating the humble birth of Jesus. Nicholas who was a European bishop known for his generosity in giving g ifts to poor residents during the harsh winters. On Christmas morning the children awake to find their gifts in colorful wrappers under the Christmas tree. fat man with a big white beard and wearing a red suit. The small. Suburban neighborhoods in the northern states may become indescribably beautiful after a snowfall and millions of colored lights shining on the houses and trees. Some are so bizarre that surround their homes with thousands of lights and to put a Santa Claus. Usually Christmas is a family celebration Typical activities in the month of December are shopping for Christmas gifts or Hanukkah and Christmas partying. delivering toys and candy to all children. If you want to send a Christmas card and not sure of the religion of those who receive it.Suburban neighborhoods in the norther n states may become indescribably beautiful after a snowfall and millions of colored lights shining on the houses and árboles. relatives and business associates during the month of December. drink and joy. always choose a card without any issues to avoid offending religious. Families decorate their homes for the holiday season with lig hts decorating the outside and small trees and hedges of propiedad. In the United States. lighted and of normal size. neighbors. Christmas Eve and Christmas are set aside for religious . At parties there are usually plenty of food. many people exchange Christmas cards or greeting Merry Christmas. th e night before Christmas. Nicholas of America Santa Claus was originally based on St. reindeer and snowmen. in their gardens or on their roofs.Las Christmas lights create wonderful scenes Families decorate their homes for the holiday season with lights decorating the outside and small trees and bushes on your property.

The first day of the year marks the end of the holiday season and people stay at home recovering and watching football on television. If there are children. help them! Christmas is humility. there are poor. Some cities have big outdoor parties that end with fireworks at midnight. the stores are filled with customers will change their gifts and take advantage of clearance sales. near and far gather at Christmas for the annual celebration party. if pride. On New Year's Eve. if you have commitments. in their gardens or their techos. They are usually full of noise events with drinks. The festival is the most famous Times Square in New York City. it is appropriate to bring a small gift for the family. light your lamp! . lighted and of normal size. bars and clubs throughout the United States. reconciled! Christmas is a find. parties abound in restaurants. sepúltala! Christmas is Justice. stick to it! Christmas is Sorry Repent Christmas is Light. The members of the family.observance and family celebrations. Some are so bizarre that surround their homes with thousands of lights and to put a Santa Claus. sweets and a small gift is greatly appreci ated. dancing and raucous celebrations. looking for friends! Christmas is Don. reindeer and snowmen. if you're in darkness. if you have enemies.La New Year's Eve is a night of party During the week after Christma s. Some families have a New Year dinner for friends and neighbors What is Christmas? Christmas is Joy. do not be sad! Christmas is peace. When invited to a family party.

God also says: "There is a way which seems right. reflect! Christmas is love. Now.Christmas is Truth. a saint revered by the Greeks and Latins on 6 December. 6]. and I'll report about this Jesus Christ!" Is it Christian to teach the vernier myths and lies? God says: "No deal falsely nor lie to one another" (Leviticus 19:11).. as we see with astonishment that the custom of celebrating Christmas is actually not Christian but pagan custom." Studied the facts. gave rise to the custom of giving gifts in secret on the eve of the feast of St. forget it! And if to live in harmony we have to wait for Christmas . Nicholas. quc date was changed a day after Christmas. volume 19. It says a legend that secretly gave gifts to the three daughters of a poor citizen .. This party made its appearance in the Catholic Church and from there it spread to Protestantism and the rest of the world.. where he received the Catholic Church? It was not the teachings of the . " Parents punish their children by telling lies. Bishop of Myra. says: "St. Although the human mind and seems well justified. which means birth. The Encyclopedia Britannica. Catholic bishop dcl fifth century. but to get the Christmas they themselves are responsible for telling the lie of "Santa Claus". if you hate. Dc where the association of Christmas with Santa Claus . the "Reycs Magi" or "Christ Child"! So why are we surprised that upon reachin g adulthood also believe that God is a myth? One child. he told a friend: "Yes. 11th edition. if there are errors. This is one of the ways of Babylon in the world has fallen! What they say encyclopedias The word "Christmas" is a contraction of "Nativity". but its end is death. pages 648 -649. wasting the day we live! Santa Claus also "Santa" or "Santa Claus" is the same "San Nicolas" . .. Nicholas [Dec... . feeling sadly disappointed to know the truth.

Christmas was introduced in the Church during the fourth century. edition 1946. It was not the Bible or the apostles who had been trained personally by Jesus Christ. and that the custom of Christianity in general was to celebrate not the birth but the death of important people. one of the fathers of the Church. These histor ical authorities show that during the first two or three centuries of our era. We see in Scripture that no one has kept a feast or held a great feast of his birth.. und er "Natal Day". according to many authorities not celebrated in the early centuries of the Christian Church.] . recognized the following truth: ".. 1944 edition.... Passover. He was later take n from paganism. This festival was introduced in the Roman Church in the fourth century AD and it was not until the fifth century that officially establis hed Christian party horn! . let's see what he says about the Catholic Enciciopedia (Edition 1911): "Christmas was not included among the earliest festivals of the Church .. " Take note of this important fact. we find Origen.. . instituted by biblical authority in the New Testament is a commemoration of the death of Christ. nor by scriptural authority.New Testament. Since the celebration of Christmas was introduced to the world by the Roman Catholic Church has no other authority than itself. the first traces of it from Egypt . . " In the same encyclopedia.. Only sinners [like Pharaoh and Herod] celebrated with great joy the day they were born in this world. The pagan customs associated with the beginning of January focused on the feast of Christmas. Christians did not celebrate Christmas. from paganism. The Encyclopedia Americana. says: "Christmas.." It was instituted by Jesus Christ and the apostles. " The Encyclopedia Britannica. said: "Christmas was not among the ancient festivals of the Church .. as no one knew the exact date of birth of Christ. In the fifth century the Western Church ordered it to be held forever in the same day of the ancient Roman festival in honor of the birth of Sol. [The "Communion" or inejor said. In memory of this event [Christ's birth] was instituted a festival in the fourth century.