How Do We Bring Quantum Activism into Our Daily Life?

Part 1/2 | The 2012 Scenario
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In his book, How Quantum Activism Can Save Civilization, Amit Goswami, Ph.D. discusses how to bring a quantum consciousness (others might call it unity awareness) into the world. One of the chapters is “Can a Few People Make a Difference?” and his answer is a resounding “Yes.” His key is “creativity” in the midst of a materialist society that wants to strip everyone of their creativity, save that which perpetuates the status quo. Perhaps the most critical piece is that we do what we love, that we do that which flows from the unique creativity in each of us: some of us like to build things or create art; others like to teach the young; others like to set up structures that provide sound foundations; others like to grow gardens and nurture animals. Our creative impulse is as unique as each of us is unique. “Sing to me the song of your soul” The way we co-create the building of a New World is to identify and embrace our creativity, then launch ourselves from that creative place, from that living stream, that connection to Source. Being ‘in the zone’ is like being fed with a high octane love of life. Many of us have spent a lifetime pushing away that inner call to do what our Soul wants to express. Perhaps it’s time to look our Soul in the eye, and reach out to embrace our ‘inner muse’ or the ‘song of our soul’. Long ago I had a dream. I was in ‘heaven’ or what I would now call the upper astral plane. An Indian saint, now deceased, stood before me and said, “Sing to me the song of your soul.” Then the dream ended. I’d long known that writing was the ‘song of my soul’. My creativity. The way Source expressed itself most easily and fluidly through me for me and into the world. Perhaps I hadn’t embraced it as sure-handed as I could have – up till then. After that dream, I became part of an editorial team producing books, and I began writing magazine articles. I couldn’t have been happier. At this critical time, when we are being called upon to co-create a better world, now is the time to look inside and embrace that ‘still, small Voice’ that KNOWS who we are and what makes us happy. That creative happiness IS our unique gift. Do-Be-Do-Be-Do When we are being truly creative – from our soul level – we move, says Amit Goswami, from a “do, do, do” lifestyle to a “do-be-do-be-do” way of being. In other words, we live from the ‘inner fountain’ that doesn’t run dry. This is what dissolves the duality and introduces us to the FLOW of One Life, One Love. And, I might add, it doesn’t happen from sitting in our chair and “om-ing” two hours a day. Om-ing is great, I lived in an ashram for many years and meditated hours a day. I still meditate daily. But quantum activism means knowing when to get out of our meditation chairs and bring the fruits of our meditation and our quantum consciousness out into the world to join Source in co-creating a new, quantum society. Do-Be-Do-Be-Do. It’s knowing how to keep the balance of inner-outer, so we can thrive through the heavy lifting that building the New World often calls for. Not so ‘random’ anymore . . . What we need do is get in touch with our own quantum self, know how to access our creativity, then bring that creativity into the arenas that we frequent and have natural connections with — our relationships, our work and profession, the businesses we frequent, our education connections (the

if you prefer. and the world. Even a regular. animal communication. and kick-starting your brain cells to forge new connections. The 75 trillion cells in your body thrive on light. Jumpstart your brain. If you’re not already exercising and moving your physical body in ways that get the blood pumping and oxygen moving. You’ll find that awareness of our ‘oneness’ has its immediate benefits: you’ll simply feel better. children. dissolve its calcification and get reintroduced to ‘life outside the box’. Read what leading-edge authors. Straighten out your posture. If you’re internet savvy. chats. dear ones. Read the poetry of teens in Japan and Ghana. disclosure.) Collaborate. Read. brisk 20-minute walk daily does wonders for the body-mind. If you work at a computer. Italian or Creole. (If only I had a dollar for each time one of my relatives called me a ‘weirdo’ because of my ‘out of the box’ thinking!) Being part of a like-minded group where we are affirmed and supported. allows us to safely and enthusiastically explore our higher consciousness and issues like ascension. (See Lynne McTaggart’s just released book The Bond. new healing techniques.schools we or our children attend). discussion groups. Wake up that pineal gland. 2. first contact. our finances and banking. Instead of looking to feed our sense of separateness. or ignore our awakening consciousness. take breaks every 20 minutes to focus your eyes on far objects. 4. and “kind-ing” — yes. bike it!” Or. Jumpstart your body. You’re exercising your left brain-right brain synchronization. cultural creatives. healing the earth. or. Watch a documentary about the Jamaican people. country. and rest. Blink. push back the edges of your information base. healthy nourishment. don’t retaliate! 14 Ways to Practice Quantum Activism 1. look to see how we are one. enthusiastic. Instead of trying to assert our superiority. Sometimes those closest to us – spouse. It’s very helpful to have a group or community of like-minded people with whom you can share your awakening consciousness. move it!” Well. Remember that scene for the movie “Madagascar” where the lemur king is shakin’ his body to the song “I like to move it. “Bike it. charged up — literally. move it! I like to move it. play tennis. read. Being quantum means being alive. join forums. Surprise a forum friend from a distant country with a greeting in his/her own language! How cool to be able to watch and understand original source youtube news reports and videos in their native languages. parents. caring. scientists. If you’ve always had a fascination for Chinese. plugged in. Get those neurons flashing and blipping into coherence. realize the quantum field doesn’t play favorites. Instead of looking to see what someone is doing wrong. journalists. Research areas of your interest. “Move it! Move it!” You’ll feel better. hemisphere. If you’re already part of a discussion board or forum. then start today. read. siblings. Literally. As Swami Beyondananda might say. go for it! Get Rosetta Stone or buy one of those color-illustrated. “Zumba! Zumba!” Run. where we can speak and share freely without judgment or condemnation. dance to your favorite music. easy-to-use language books on the shelves at Barnes & Noble or Borders Books. our healthcare. Take the stairs. and educators are writing about regarding our present “shifting” times. And don’t forget to breathe. dismiss. Expand your horizons. 3. think better. look to see what someone is doing right. “It’s time to get our quantum off the couch and leap into some action!” The New World we envision is about sharing. golf. social networks that focus on quantum or high spiritual principles. making those ‘random acts of kindness’ not so random anymore. free energy. touch your toes. Research studies are showing us that we are wired for collaboration. rather than the fear-hormones of “fight or flight” which keep most of humanity on edge. positive emotion. but rather our modus operandi. the quantum way of doing things. Who knows what worlds will open up? And your brain cells are doing some healthy calisthenics. simply. be it food and diet. you know the international flavor of the members. Make some figure eights with your . energy. Spanish. relatives – are on different ‘wavelengths’ and may ridicule. state. and the like. town. when reasonable. Become aware of what’s happening in your neighborhood. Learn a new language. rebound. city. Or. and the endorphins you kick up will foster the awareness of “connection” between us. get that inner battery charged up so you’re able and ready to be a quantum activist.

Design bird houses or paint on tile. Take up the piano or guitar. Learn about your local flora.g. Learn to prepare vegetarian meals. light. or try kayaking. Get out your old bike or buy a new cruiser and get in a few miles after dinner. loving the earth. Some of us have encrusted energy templates that have worn out their usefulness. kindness to one’s neighbor.eyes to reestablish balance between your right-left brain. Write in the service of the Light. take a different route to work or to the grocery store. truthfulness. Write letters to the editors of the newspapers you read. right action. blog. If you’re a writer. Pat Donworth . Try new things. e. Join a creative writing class at your local community college or library. same old’. the positive values. A strong. Buy some new clothes and retire the ‘same old. write. collaboration. and oxygenated body will help us feel better and think better. Take up bird-watching. supple. gently and wisely showing a quantum perspective on various issues. right livelihood. be a ‘writeworker’ and communicate the message of love and higher awareness. befriending the friendless. Write a children’s story about awakening consciousness. Go horseback riding. See the next 8 ways to practice quantum activism in Part 2. Join a photography club. and post the quantum perspective: love. Break them up by shaking them up! You’ll feel your energy body stretch and expand. In a world inundated by the negative and ‘fear factor’. Choose a topic of your quantum-related interest and publish an ebook. 5. Exercise to a new piece of music. Show the positive side of things. higher awareness. You’ll relate to the world in fresh and different ways that will feel like you’re cleaning out the cobwebs. Get out of your established ‘ruts’. 6. the good endings.