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Alex Pier-siak

8 A Waterways Project

I! Publication

Richard Spiegel Barbara Fisher codirectors Thomas Perry administrative assistant

Margaret Friscia Teacher

Tildy Rodriguez & Anthony Spinelli Paraprofessionals

Catherine D'Amato, Director St. George School

Margaret Bing- \YJ ade, Principal Auxiliary Services for High Schools

Stephen Eo Phillips, Superintendent, Alternative High Schools & Programs

©I997 Ten Penny Players with funding support from

the NY State Council on the Arts


The easiest thing to find,

This rotting disease in my mind. Boredom plagues our heads.

Still waiting for the time to leave. Time is something to grieve.

In a world that's about to blow, Where would you hide?

"Where would you go?



The blood runs down my arm, and spills to the floor.

You can not heal me anymore. I hear your crying,

Right above me like an angel. You came and held me,

·But I've already slipped away. Last night I said I loved you, But you had nothing to say. Can not kill this pain.

Mine now belongs to you. My agony is over.

My blood is all over you.



The wind wraps me like a coat. There's a weird feeling in my throat. All too familiar.

The more time passes, The more I forget.

My arms wrapped around you.

I still remember the sweat we shared. I am the thought in your head,

That rots your mind.

In our awakening,

What did we find?

Your nails left scars on my back. Excitement, something we never lacked. I t corrupted our souls,

We thought it was love.

It ruined us both.

It left me cold and alone.



I want your mind to erase my fear.

Life is unkind, so I keep my heart near. I'll take my chances with you.

l'm falling in love with you.

The others put me through so much pain. I only wish you knew,

But I trunk you already do. I'll offer my heart to you.

But only if your heart is true, Then I'll give you all of mine. The tears I've shed.

You've healed scars in my heart And in my head.



In my heart.

In my head. There is only you.

I've kicked everything out. So I've made room for you. Only you.



Bite me!

Drag me along for the ride. Rape me!

It's okay, I have no more pride. We'll kill each other.

We'll beat each other till we're both dead. We're two dolls that are both sick in the head. I borrowed this baseball bat from aisle eleven. Her head is now in aisle seven.

See our body parts scattered across the marble floor. It's nothing to worry about,

I t's jus t our way of having fun.

Her favorite department carries knives and guns. She'll blow me to pieces or slice me to shreds. After she's done she'll sew me back together again. Ir's just her funny way of telling me that that's what I get for playing baseball with her head.



Hidden from the world. Don't be ashamed. You walk in the dark. You shut out the light.

Even your self grips you tight. Take a walk out into the night.

Dontt worry, everything's gonna be all right. Crystal moon and dark rain,

Erase the pain.

Walking in the dark,

Hiding her failures.

She lost her heart.

She's covered in tears.

Shivering from her fears.



Time has frozen, in a place I hate.

But I have already learned to love it. Think deep, go far back into your mind. There's a place everybody will find. Everyone.

My place is dark, so dark.

If you tried to find me you'd mistake me

For one of the shadows that walk around here.

My self pity has taken its toll.

I await for the black carpet to unroll. The chaos cannot be controlled.

My soaking wet hair hangs in my face.

The misery in my eyes that no one can replace. My aching memories cannot be erased.

Confusion comes in whirls ..

I'm getting dizzy.

I'm sick to my thorn torn heart. My arms and legs outstretched, I'm being pulled apart.

When will the pain end?

The years flew by.

Where did everyone go?

Now I'm dead and still alone.



Is there something left to do,

In this world that's killing you. Nothing left in your bleeding heart, Time for you has fallen apart. Praying on your broken knees,

Life is your disease.

Guard your lives' undying lies, looking upon the darkening skies, See the things that should not be. Will your soul ever be free? Things to do until you die.



Life is dripping down further with every inch. You miss more with every flinch.

What did you expect in life?

You don't get everything that you put in. Yours has amounted to one big sin.

We live in sm. .

I'm alive.

Evil am 1.

Forever we fall down the demented rusted


Destined to hit rock bottom, To our watery graves.

Further down you will collapse. And I will laugh.



These days of pain will never be the same. Y ou've changed all that, changed my mind. I threw my book away out in the rain.

it's time to start all oyer again.

By now you should know how I feel inside. But do you really give a damn,

or was it all a lie.

Now I look to the days ahead.

I'll hate you till the day you're dead. My final destination.

I cannot tell the time.

No maps on the road side. This my own to decide.

Now I look to the road ahead.



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a waterways project publication

. In Search of a Song Volume 313


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