Quality and Project Management for Technology APIIT SD INDIA Masters Level Case Study Date Assigned : Wed, 09-Mar-2010 Date Due : Fri, 29-Apr-2011 (before 4pm) Lecturer : Prof. (Dr.) T. Muthukumar _______________________________________________________________________ 1. Your Task

The Chief Executive officer of your organization has instructed you to create a Project Management Procedural Handbook in preparation for a series of possible software development projects that your organization is about to undertake. The handbook will be used as a guide/template for the management of projects. It should be approximately 2500 words long The content of the handbook should be of:   Practical use to you and your workplace colleagues. Ensure that your organisation’s projects are conducted with the most appropriate tools and methods to the highest possible standards. Demonstrate academic rigour based around the structure of this module and the further research that you perform.


The Handbook Itself

It follows that the Handbook must be of a professional standard. To help you achieve this a suggested template has been attached as a guide for the Handbook structure. Please feel free to add or remove sections for your own handbook scenario. You must ensure that you identify and reference the work of others. Therefore, provide full references in the handbook, for both printed and electronic sources that you have used. A general bibliography adds to the credibility of your work.
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www.pmi. Help from tutor If you have any doubts about the direction that your assignment is taking then please email your tutor. 4.2 Quality and Project Management for Technology 3.org . Page 2 . Help from elsewhere (other than the course texts etc) • Useful web sites: • Project Management Institute .they have developed a set of documents outlining the principles of project management.

Critical Appraisal of your Handbook Assignment Do you feel satisfied with the outcome and why? What difficulties did you have in the preparation for the handbook and how did you overcome them? Did you feel that any topics were unnecessary and why? If colleagues were involved did they comment on the usefulness of the handbook? What would you do differently if you repeated the exercise? Page 3 .get a signature of Managing Director.3 Quality and Project Management for Technology Template Structure Front Sheet Name of Company Project Management Handbook Date: Author: your name and job title Contents Sheet Guide to the sections of the document. Sign off Sheet Who has agreed to this document .

mcmail. What conclusions do you draw? Would you use the whole of the methodology? Part of the methodology? None of the methodology? Prince 2 is widely accepted as being the de-facto project methodology. of two methodologies. Project Methodology Write about the methodologies available to structure a project management approach. where necessary explanation of the topic heading is included.4 Quality and Project Management for Technology Introduction Explain the purpose of the Handbook For example: The Handbook This Handbook is intended to act as a checklist and guide for management and review of projects.pug. in detail.com www. from the list below.cmgplc. For example. Comprises of the areas to be reviewed for a project. PRINCE User Group Ltd Other methodologies exist: IBM's Project Management Method CMG's Commander www. Each review topic is then shown as a heading.ibm. Examine the appropriateness.com .com Page 4 www. for your organisation. Space should be left between the headings for notes to be made during the project review. The project manager should implement the project management infrastructure most appropriate to the size and type of project. a small 20-day project will not require a large infrastructure to be built to support it and project plans will not need to be broken down into several phases. Compare and contrast them. Project Size: Please note that the relevance of all the sections of the Handbook will vary depending on the type and size of the project.

com www.calculation of working (person) days • What technique is used? • If no technique is used or the technique currently being used is poor.5 Quality and Project Management for Technology Andersen Consulting's Method/1 Artemis's PM2 Duhig Berry's Framework Project Selection     Payback Return on investment Net Present Value Internal Rate of Return www.ac. what do you suggest? Function Point Cocomo Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Explain the technique as if to a "layman" and illustrate with an example A procedure for authorisation? Page 5 .duhigberry. What method or combination of methods do you suggest are used? What other factors influence project selection within organisations? Project Initiation Project authorisation • Project Budget People budget .com www.artemispm.com Discuss the methods critically.

baseline the plan so that plan updates reflect catch-up/slippage Updating the plan . Every task or activity should have an individual allocated to it Individual tasks should not exceed 5 days.Gantt chart.in the UK we use 4 days) days a week.team members should feel that they are committed to delivering a task and that therefore there is a mechanism that allows the revision of an estimate for a task Project plan should be built on a resource profile which provides resources to be available at n (you decide . Project Plans Phasing .project uses phases following a WBS? Project review at each phase end? Deliverable . Project Reviews Page 6 . PERT chart? Baseline . Estimate review .Project plan . for example: a web based interface. it may be appropriate to issue individual project plans.weekly and show catch-up/slippage Timesheets – how are they used . What method of publication is available and what method would be ideal.if no policy exists suggest one.6 Quality and Project Management for Technology Equipment budget • • • • What rules apply within the firm for budgeting for equipment? Examples. several quotes from suppliers Funding from the client Find out the policy if one exists .if not how is actual time recorded by team members and then passed to the project plan maintainer/project manager for entry on the plan? Activity codes for time booking should be known Plan should be published so that all team members can see what part they are playing in the project.

It may be appropriate to invite independent views to these sessions Team based External .the involvement of non-project reviewers should be encouraged Page 7 .7 Quality and Project Management for Technology Progress reports Reports should include a minimum of the following sections: • • • • Work done this period Planned work not done Work for next period Management issues    Change controls Issues Risks A list of risks should be identified for the project A database of risk experience should be built up Revised project plan Client reviews • • Reviews should be conducted with the client at regular intervals (weekly or monthly) A review of the progress report should take place Team reviews Regular team reviews should be held in order to brief the whole team on progress and to review project issues Brainstorming Brainstorming project and design issues should be encouraged.

www. entity Relationship diagram.dsdm.data flow diagram. The data model should be current Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tools used? If another type of project then the drawings/diagrams should be current and to Standard Quality inspections Inspection of deliverables should be encouraged both by the team and Independent Team.org Project Description/scope Client details Estimates Plans Progress reports Change control forms Issue forms Correspondence in Correspondence out Page 8 .8 Quality and Project Management for Technology Project Folder ("Master File") A project folder should be maintained and suggest comprise the following sections • • • • • • • • • Quality If a software development project .a data model . External Software Development Standards Structured Systems Analysis and Design Method? DSDM? .

If no standards exist then why? Performance indicators Are there any indicators. for both printed and electronic sources that you have used. Provide full references.2 Database Oracle 9i Microsoft products Project 2000 Windows XP Hardware Networking provision Shared resources Financial Admin Examples of and file references to: Time sheets Client authorisation Expenses Billing instructions/invoicing Bibliography and references • You must ensure that you identify and reference the work of others. which can be thought of? Team Training Any plans for training? Technology A list of software and hardware technology being used on the project Example Development language Java 1.9 Quality and Project Management for Technology The PM should ensure that the group and project development standards are being adhered to. within and at the back of the handbook. Page 9 .

2. Assessment Criteria Detailed below is the basis used to assess and award a maximum of 50 marks documentation 1. RESEARCH JUSTIFICATION and EXPLANATION REFERENCING DOCUMENTATION 15 20 5 10 Page 10 . 3.10 Quality and Project Management for Technology • • A general bibliography adds to the credibility of your work. Visit APIIT-UCCT’s library website for detailed advice on referencing. 4.