~ FALL 200 8 ~

Oregon Wing Encampment graduating class. Cadets and staff toured the Portland Air National Guard Base during encampment and posed for this photo in front of display jets.
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Thanks Civil Air Patrol for the dedication and service you provide our Oregon Communities, and good luck in your future endeavors!


7963 Old Hwy. 99 North • Roseburg, OR  

From the Commander
Brian Bishop, Col., CAP Wing Commander, Oregon Wing

Trust builds a great organization
As I prepare to assume com ma nd of t he O regon Wing, I’m st r uck by the amount of trust that it takes to run our organization. What started me to think about just how much trust it takes was when I accepted Col. Pearson’s offer to be your next wing commander. Clearly, a region commander demonstrates no small amount of trust in selecting a new wing commander – or when a wing commander appoints a new squadron commander. But it runs far deeper than that. How many times have many of us climbed into one of our aircraft and placed literally our lives in the hands (and skill and judgment) of the pilot? How many times have the parents of our cadets dropped off their kids to see them all pile into one of our vans? Life-safety trust aside, think of all the other trust we place in each other on a day-to-day basis. Take, for example our annual encampment or large SAREX. Everybody on staff works on their part of planning the event, secure in their knowledge that the rest of the team will come through – by either the actions of the members or through the leadership of the senior staff. It’s that trust in leadership that I value so much. I place my trust in all of those around our great organization to do what’s right for our membership, our community and our missions. Furthermore, it’s my responsibility to earn your trust on a daily basis and never abuse it. With the trust that I’ve seen in my time in CAP, I’m convinced that there is no end to what we can accomplish – as one wing. 

The OREGON WINGSPAN is the authorized publication published three times a year in the interest of the members of the Oregon Wing of Civil Air Patrol. It is published by a private firm in no way connected with the Department of the Air Force or Civil Air Patrol Corporation. Opinions expressed by publishers and writers are their own and are not to be considered official expressions by the Civil Air Patrol Corporation or the Air Force. The appearance of advertisements in this publication, including supplements and inserts, does not constitute an endorsement by the Civil Air Patrol Corporation or the Department of the Air Force of the products or services advertised. — HEADQUARTERS — Oregon Wing Civil Air Patrol Auxiliary of the United States Air Force 28735 Grumman Drive • Eugene, OR 97402-9542 (541) 688-9408 Fax: (541) 689-9509 www.orwg.cap.gov Col. Brian L. Bishop, Wing Commander Lt. Col. Tom Traver, Director of Public Affairs, Oregon Wing Scott Maguire, Editor For information on advertising rates and space, please call 1-800-635-6036 

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Air Force honors Brookings men for finding downed pilot
On August 9, 2008, Capt. Scott Bakker, 1st Lt. Jim Metcalfe and Capt. Tom Moore were awarded the AFNORTH Commander’s Award to acknowledge the “Most Meritorious Civil Air Patrol Mission for 2007”. The trio was presented the award at the CAP National Board and Annual Conference in Orlando, Fla., by Major General Henry C. Morrow, USAF, 1st Air Force Commander. On the morning of March 17, 2007, South Coast Squadron 105 (based in Brookings, OR) received a call from an incident commander saying that Marshall Alexander had taken off from Klamath Falls in his Cessna 8 airplane and went down northeast of Medford near Blue Lake in the Cascade Mountains. S q u a d r on C om m a nd e r Bakker, 5, put together a team of Capt. Moore, 71, as pilot and 1st Lt. Metcalfe, 73, as scanner. Bakker would serve as observer. It was a dark moonless night and the crew could only see white snowfields on the dark ground. Metcalfe had a sectional chart on his lap and continually used it to verify our location in relation to the mountains. As the team approached the target area, Metcalfe spotted a light on the ground. The team had found the target! Bakker notified the Incident Command Center of Mr. Alexander’s position. Mr. Alexander lit a road flare to verify his location. The team flew over 

Lt. Gen. Allen G. Peck, Commanding General 1st Air Force, presents awards to 1st Lt. Jim Metcalfe and Capt. Bakker.

Mr. Alexander for three hours until relieved by another aircrew from Medford. While Moore landed and refueled, an Oregon Army National Guard helicopter arrived from Salem and picked up Mr. Alexander. They transported him to a Medford hospital. Bakker received a letter on 16 July 2008 announcing the award and inviting him to the banquet. Metcalfe and Moore received matching letters. In them, then Brig. Gen. Amy S. Courter, Interim National Commander, congratulated the CAP senior members on their selection. (Since then Courter has been selected as the National Commander and is now a Major General.) “It gives me great pleasure to notify you that you and the two

other crew members who flew in support of a Search and Rescue mission on 17 March 2007 have been named as the 2008 recipients of this prestigious award. Congratulations!” The award was established to recognize CAP aircrews for their efforts in direct support of the st Air Force mission. CAP is tasked by the Air Force to search for downed and missing aircraft in the continental United States. It conducts more than 90 percent of the searches of this type. “As a result of you, and other members like you, we have been extremely successful in promoting the skills and capabilities of the Civil Air Patrol to the Air Force Community,” Gen. Courter said.
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Evergreen Aviation hosts first Aviation Careers event
A year ago it was just an idea. In fact, the brainstorm session occurred during the 2007 Wing Conference at the Evergreen Aviation Museum a year ago. In attendance were Cadets Daniel Knox and Frances “Fran” Simon, providing cadet viewpoints. Today – the first Michael King Smith, Evergreen Aviation Business Academy not only came true, but more than either cadet could dream at the time – both C/2nd Lt. Knox and C/2nd Lt. Fran Simon are employed at Evergreen Aviation and are attending college with tuition assistance from Evergreen and its owner Del Smith. Simon is attending Chemeketa College at both its campuses in Salem and McMinnville to achieve
Continued . . .

Cadets use the IMAX projector to show their Business Plan to Mr. Smith and other Evergreen executives. Their plan was to extend the academy for another year and bring in more cadets.

BELOW: Cadets and staff of the Michael King Smith, Evergreen Aviation Business Academy 2008 pose with the statue of Smith that stands outside the Evergreen Aviation Museum.




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C/2nd Lt. Fran Simon is awarded a graduation certificate by Col. Ted Kyle.

C/CMSgt. Daniel Knox receives his graduation certificate from Col. Ted Kyle.

Aviation Careers event . . .

a degree in emergency medical and fire science. “The Michael King Smith, Evergreen Aviation Business Academy opened so many windows and doors for me,” she said. “Before I attended I didn’t know what I wanted to do. Now I am ready to start my life and my career.” When she finishes college a job awaits her in Evergreen’s helicopter division. Knox remembers attending the planning meeting the day before the Wing Conference in 2007 with the Region Commander and other officials of Civil Air Patrol. Maj. Gen. Amy Courter, then the Interim National Commander, was there. “At the time, I said: ‘Yes, this is a good idea,’” Knox recalls. “They asked if the two of us were coming to the academy. We both answered yes, we were.” Knox waited for the application, expecting it to be released in January. It arrived in May. “I had every one of my expectations of the academy blown away,” Knox said. “I had an idea what they would do, but I didn’t fully grasp the enormity of it. I didn’t understand that we would be in the IMAX theater for the director’s meeting with them, hearing them set goals for the company. They treated us like part of Evergreen.” Knox, Simon and eight other cadets were given a close-up view of aviation business as it is conducted by Evergreen. They were taught the basics of the airline 

business by Brian Bauer, President of Evergreen International Airline. Josh Parkin, Executive Vice President of Evergreen Aviation, oriented cadets to ground logistic support enterprises within Evergreen. They learned about Evergreen Systems Logistics, which provides custom transportation solutions to clients all over the world from John Cozzi, Jr., Director of Operations. They met the David Rath, President of Evergreen Helicopters. They sat with the vice president of finance. They were allowed to sit in with the vice president of sales and marketing. Cadets were able to observe first-hand the operations as they attended Evergreen’s Management Meeting, its Money Management Meeting, its Men and Women Management Meeting (personnel issues), the Machines and Material Management Meeting, and the Marketing Management Meeting. They also had sessions called Introduction to Business Planning, “Mass Marketing from the Best,” by Wieden and Kennedy staff, Marketing Aviation to Business, Human Resource Management, Business Finance and Accounting, and Corporate Banking. “There is something else we really learned – that any plan is fluid,” said Knox. Cadets were flown to Boeing Field in Seattle where they received a grand tour. Attendees also toured the Evergreen Aviation Museum and the Evergreen Space Museum. They toured the Evergreen Aircraft
Continued on page 11 . . . 

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Mountain Flying Clinic

Lt. Col. Walter Wattenburger discusses mountain flying with CAP pilots. INSET: A CAP Cessna 182 warms up for a training flight in Medford.

Seven CAP Pilots Now Better Prepared for Mountain Searches
Contributors: Capt. Scott Bartholomew, 2nd Lt. Christopher Johnson Photos by 2nd Lt. Johnson MEDFORD, OR—Pilots from the Oregon Wing of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) spent a weekend learning how to safely negotiate mountainous terrain while searching for downed aircraft or lost people. In September, the Oregon Wing of the Civil Air Patrol held a special Search and Rescue Exercise specifically targeted at teaching CAP pilots how to recognize and mitigate hazards inherent in flying low and slow in mountainous terrain. “By comparison, the terrain in Oregon is somewhere between Kansas and Colorado,” said Capt. Scott Bartholomew, Project Officer for the training. “While 9 I do not consider our terrain to be the toughest, it certainly is not for the faint of heart. Most of the Oregon Wing’s searches are in mountainous areas.” Called a Mountain Flying Clinic, this training is usually held every other year. Each CAP pilot received four hours of classroom instruction. Maj. Henry “Buzz” Florip taught mountain searching techniques. Maj. Dan Dirksen trained pilots to understand mountain weather and its quirks. Capt. Winton “Sonny” Adcock shared ground survival techniques and discussed appropriate emergency equipment for pilots flying search patterns in mountains. Capt. Arnold “Arnie” Rosenthal expanded the pilots’ understanding of high altitude flying. Lt. Col. Walter Wattenburger covered all other aspects of mountain flying. The ground school and training routes were organized by Maj. Dirksen and Lt. Col. Wattenburger. Maj. Florip was the Incident Commander for the event. 1st Lt. Michael Coleman was the Air Operations Briefing Director and was assisted by 1st Lt. Richard Ouellette and Capt. Mark Kemner. C/SMSgt. Patricia “Tricia” Coleman of the Grants Pass Squadron handled Communications duties and helped update the IMU reports.
Continued . . .



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Mountain Flying Clinic . . .

Air Force honors . . .
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Aviation Careers event . . .
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Class participants were: Capt. Adcock, Maj. David Ayers, Capt. John Barringer, Capt. Kemner, st Lt. Ouellette, Capt. Al Sandner and Lt. Col. Wayne Schulz. They each flew two training sorties in mountainous terrain with a certified flight instructor already trained in mountain flying. “There were four courses set up for the pilots to fly near the Medford area,” said Capt. Bartholomew. “While each area had its own unique challenges; they each featured canyons to maneuver in and about, mountains tops to contour search and ridgelines to cross. Some featured high-altitude landing strips with non-standard approaches.” The instructors were Maj. Dirksen, Lt. Col. Wattenburger, Capt. Dick Lowell, Maj. Mike Rupert and Capt. Rosenthal. Pilots faced the additional challenges of wildfires burning in the area creating poor visibility and a low-density altitude created by high temperatures on Saturday. All operations occurred without incident and ran on time. Support for the event was provided for by the Medford and Grants Pass Squadrons. The event was hosted at the Delzell Memorial Hangar, 5060 Cirrus Drive , Medford, Oregon, which is the Medford Composite Squadron headquarters. Special mentions are deserved for st Lt. Ellen Leonard, 1st Lt. Shannon Mason and Capt. Robert Soltz all of whom helped make this event happen, according to Capt. Bartholomew. H

Bakker joined CAP in 2006. Metcalfe has been a member since 1994 and fills many roles in the squadron from Deputy Commander to Admin. to Emergency Services Director to Logistics, Operations and Testing. Moore, the squadron’s Aerospace Education Officer, joined in 2001. “The support of members like you is what continues to make Civil Air Patrol a viable force multiplier and the premier volunteer force in the nation,” Gen. Courter said. Article by 1st Lt. Ron Griswold, Assistant PAO, South Coast Squadron H

Maintenance Center, the Glider Base at McMinnville Municipal Airport and the Portland Air National Guard Base. Toward the end of the week, the participants were challenged to come up with a Class Project. The cadets decided to make their project the renewal of the Aviation Business Academy. “The last two days we created a business plan to expand the academy,” Knox said. “We presented it to Mr. Smith. I was the master of ceremonies, so I was nervous. It was a full class assignment. We practiced it once. Then we gave it to Mr. Smith. He asked us to present it again to more of his staff.” Mr. Smith agreed to continue the academy with a goal of getting up to 24 cadets involved next year. Col. Theodore Kyle, Oregon Wing Com mander, ser ved as activity director. Activity Coordinator was 1st Lt. Gary Arnold of the McMinnville Composite Squadron, who is property director for Evergreen. Chaperone and other duties were performed by Lt. Col. Les Peterson, Commander of the McMinnville Squadron; Maj. Ira Rosenberg, Wing Treasurer; and 1st Lt. Marion Rosenberg, both of the Metro Senior Squadron. “It was my privilege to serve as Activity Director,” Col. Kyle said. “We had cadets from Rhode Island, Florida, Indiana, California, and of course Oregon. The outcome shows me what tremendously amazing cadets we have.” H  


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Geologist Lina Ma, with the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Indsustries, talks with Capt. Sonny Adcock as pilot Capt. Scott Bartholomew checks the fuel in his preflight inspection prior to flying Ma over Mt. Hood to inspect and photograph streams.

Emily Wittekindt, Hospital Development Coordinator for Community Tissue Services, talks with Lt. Col. Tony Pollizzi, Air Force evaluator on the mission, before climbing in the aircraft bound for The Dalles on a simulated rescue mission to help a burn victim.

U.S. Air Force reviews Oregon Wing readiness
AURORA, OR—Dozens of pilots and air crew members flew 41 sorties over a long weekend in August under the watchful eyes of a team of U.S. Air Force inspectors during the Oregon Wing of Civil Air Patrol’s Guided Training Exercise. Every two years the CAP search and rescue team is evaluated by the Air Force. In between, the Air Force monitors a major search and rescue exercise on a slightly less formal basis. At that event 5 CAP members, both seniors and cadets, put in 1,923 hours to fly a complicated array of air missions and run a series of ground searches to test their ability to search for downed aircraft or lost persons and vehicles. Air crews from Medford, Brookings, Eugene, Salem, Bend and Portland gathered, pulling the Oregon Wing’s single engine aircraft fleet together for this exercise. This set of tasks from the Air Force monitoring team included actual flights of Oregon Department of  Geology and Mineral Industries over Oregon mountains to photograph the impact of heavy rainfall on the geology. A member of the Community Tissue Services arrived at Aurora with a transport box to fly on a simulated mission to The Dalles to retrieve human tissue donated for a burn victim in Portland. There were other law enforcement agencies and state departments involved. An air crew flying a mission out of Newport received assistance from the U.S. Coast Guard, which helped relay radio messages after the exercise cut their radio contact. Then the aircrew was surprised when the Coast Guard showed up at the scene of the rescue of the pilot to airlift the person to safety. At the “prop wash” (Air Force term for debriefing) the Oregon Wing crew got compliments and reminders of areas to improve. “The Oregon staff here is about the best I’ve seen,” said Lt. Col. Rex Calvert, Air Force Pacific Liaison Region Director of Training. “You guys were sharp in every position. You have a good set-up here.” Not everything went perfectly. Air Force personnel were assigned to monitor specific areas. They provided coaching and things to improve upon in several areas. One such area is the need for more pilots. “I am impressed with what you can accomplish as you work together,” said Lt. Col. Tony Pollizzi, Air Force Pacific Liaison Region Commander. “There was training here – and evaluation. We’ve had a lot of conversation. There were good lessons learned. And this has been a good opportunity for those agencies interested in what CAP does to get a broader perspective.” There were Search and Rescue exercises in April, June, July and August with a Mountain Flying Clinic in September. A schedule of SAREX events for 2009 is posted on the Wing website. 

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Oregon Wing Chaplain Selected for Region Post
Chaplain(Major)CharlieSattgast was recently appointed as the Deputy Pacific Region Chaplain. The deputy region chaplain assists the region chaplain in his or her duties and serves as the dean of the annual Region Chaplain Staff College, which will be held March 16-19, 2009, at McChord Air Force Base in Washington. “It was a humbling experience to be selected for this position,” said Chaplain Sattgast. “I will be serving with the new region chaplain, Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Paul Ward, who is a terrific mentor. I am sure it will provide some great opportunities for both personal and professional growth so I can be a more effective leader and servant in our organization and nation.” Sattgast and his daughter, Allison, joined CAP’s Columbia Composite Squadron in July 2001. He was a Parent Sponsor. “It was all her idea,” he recalls. “It was a great opportunity to do something together.” Two weeks after they joined they both participated in a squadron service and work project called Camp Rosenbaum, which is a camp for disadvantaged youth that is sponsored by the Oregon Air National Guard and several Portland area police and fire agencies. Columbia Composite cadets and senior officers perform dining hall, garbage and kitchen duty. “I figured I am never going to do anything harder than that, so I might as well jump in all the way,” he said. “I upgraded to Senior 5

Mahlon Sweet gets new cadet leader from Missouri
EUGENE, OR – C/2nd Lt. Matthew McLean, previous resident of Cape Girordeau, Missouri, recently became the Cadet Commander of the Mahlon Sweet Composite Squadron here. C/2nd Lt. McLean moved to Oregon with his family as his father, Thomas McLean, a Navy Recruiter, was transferred here. A previous member of the Trail of Tears Squadron, McLean joined Civil Air Patrol in 2004 in Cape Girordeau and promoted at a rapid rate. McLean chose CAP after originally seeking a Sea Cadet program since his dad is in the Navy. But there wasn’t such a unit in his area. Cape Girordeau did have a fairly large CAP squadron that was well organized. Mahlon Sweet is a bit smaller with 13 cadets and nine senior members. The size and good organization of the Trail of Tears Squadron motivated McLean to promote fast to get into leadership, he said. His first leadership position wasn’t the traditional starting place as assistant Flight Leader or even Flight Sergeant. Instead he was a Flight Commander of two flights. “I attribute that quick success to self-motivation and the encouragement of friends and mentors there,” he said. “I just hope that I can be that kind of leader for my new squadron of cadets in Eugene.”

Chaplain (Major) Charles Sattgast

Member right after that.” For the first year Sattgast handled cadet 201 files. “Then I was more and more involved in Emergency Services,” he said. “I served as the Squadron ES Officer for a year and got the cadets more involved.” In 2003 the squadron’s Chaplain Rozell Gilmore retired. “I checked the Regulations, and I qualified to become Chaplain,” he said. He did that in January of 2004. That proved to be a strong suit for Sattgast. Others noticed his competency. He was appointed Wing Chaplain in 2005. Recently he went back to college. He received a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Studies in May 2008 from Multnomah University in Portland. Chaplain Sattgast will continue to serve as Oregon Wing Chaplain, and to work with Columbia Composite Squadron in Portland. 


Oregon Wing gets new commander at annual conference
MCMINNVILLE, OR – As the state Civil Air Patrol flag passed from Col. Theodore Kyle’s hands to Region Commander Col. Ernie Pearson and into the hands of Col. Brian Bishop, the leadership for the Oregon Wing changed. T he c er emony o c cu r r e d Saturday, 25 October 2008 at the Oregon Wing Conference held in the Evergreen Space Museum here. Col. Kyle served as Commander for .5 years. Col. Bishop has served as Vice Commander for the northern portion of Oregon recently. Col.Bishop,hisViceCommander Capt. Larry Kendrick and his Chief of Staff Capt. Winton “Sonny” Adcock visited all the sessions to introduce themselves. Bishop, Kendrick and Adcock pledge to all to work as a strong team aimed at improving Civil Air Patrol. Bishop plans to personally visit each squadron this year. In a “State of the Wing” address, outgoing Commander Col. Theodore Kyle commented on many accomplishments. The Wing Encampment

Region Commander Col. Ernie Pearson pins a medal on Col. Ted Kyle for his work at Oregon Wing commander for the last 3.5 years.

In the official Change of Command ceremony Col. Ted Kyle hands off the Oregon Wing flag to Region Commander Col. Ernie Pearson, releasing his duty. Col. Pearson then hands the flag to Col. Brian Bishop, who is the new state commander. C/Capt. Jessica Mach assisted with the ceremony.

was a great success, he said. “We had a great time this year. I know it is a tremendous amount of work.” Orientation Rides went well this

Commander Capt. John Bezayiff, Columbia Composite Squadron, announces to squadron members that C/2nd Lt. Daniel Knox received the honor of Cadet of the Year for his outstanding contributions to the unit and the wing. Capt. John Bezayiff, commander There were 51 cadets in attendance at this Wing of Columbia Composite Squadron Conference. There were dozens of senior officers as well, shows his members the certificate making it one of the best attended in recent years. presented by the Oregon Wing for Squadron of Merit.




Distinguished Service Medal Col. Theodore Kyle – Col. Kyle served as wing commander from May 2005 to October 25, 2008, leading the wing in improving its emergency services capabilities, increasing its professionalism and growing the number of senior members. Exceptional Service Awards Maj. Brian Bishop – served as Vice Commander of Oregon from May 1, 2006 to October 25, 2008. He organized the unit commanders’ retreat in 2007 building toward the one-wing concept. Lt. Col. Shannon Harlan -- served as Vice Commander for Oregon wing in the southern end of Oregon and commanded two encampments and was Commandant of Cadets at a third encampment. Lt. Col. Pete Andersen – served as the Oregon Wing Director of Operations from October 2005 through May 2006 and as Oregon Wing Chief of Staff since then. He has upgraded our entire staff operations to a higher level of professionalism and accountability. Maj. Ira Rosenberg – served as Oregon Wing Finance Officer, implemented wing banker ahead of National’s deadline, is the newest Incident Commander in Oregon Wing, was finance officer and tactical officer for encampments and tactical officer for the Evergreen Aviation Academy, a National Cadet Special Activity.

Continued . . .

year with the wing “spending all of our money and some of somebody elses,” Kyle said. Oregon Wing has worked hard to increase the hours flown per aircraft to 182. National would like to see 200 hours per plane. In all, there were 1,147 hours flown. That was done with fewer Search and Rescue Missions with 2008 seeing 38 missions compared to 73 searches in 2007. Columbia Composite Squadron received the Squadron of Merit Award. C/2nd Lt. Daniel Knox of Columbia Composite was named Cadet of the Year. C/MSgt. Maryssa Yager was named Cadet Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year by the Air Force Sergeants Association. This conference drew a higher attendance than previous conferences. Part of the increase was a strong showing by cadets. There were 51 cadets in attendance. A cadet track of educational classes was added to the conference including a “Mission to Mars” simulation led by Tony Leavitt, Education Specialist for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Cadets also had a briefing on how to apply for National Cadet Summer Activities,

Cadet Michael Miller has the left seat, C/Sgt. Stephen Kemp is flying right seat while C/MSgt. Alissa Olson waits for her turn at the Space Shuttle simulator at the Evergreen Space Museum.

they conducted a Cadet Advisory Council session and participated in a Drill Team clinic lead by a local U.S. Air Force Reserve Officers Training group. Senior members were able to choose between Emergency Services workshops and another training track. Emergency Services sessions were held on Communications, Information for Pilots, an overview of the computer system used in search and rescue, an overview of the Incident Command Structure training and a briefing on emergency Continued . . .

NASA’s Mission to Mars workshop was educational, challenging and fun for the cadets. This simulation had teams building and sending a spacecraft and land vehicle to Mars within budget.

Tony Leavitt, NASA Education Specialist, sets up the exercise for cadets to design a Mission to Mars.  

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AWARDS . . .
He coordinated the last two Wing Conferences. Maj. Dave Rudawitz – served as Oregon Wing Emergency Services Officer from May 2005 thru January 2008 and Oregon Wing Communications Officer from January 2008 through October 25, 2008. Maj. Rudawitz served on the State of Oregon’s Search and Rescue Review task force and is on the State of Oregon Search and Rescue Commission. He has shown that Civil Air Patrol volunteers are a professional force and are ready to assist during time of emergency. Meritorious Service Awards Col. Virginia Thompson – served as the Oregon Wing Inspector General May 2005 through October 2008, conducting two subordinate unit inspections each month leading up to the 2006 deadline so that all units received a proper inspection prior to the National deadline. She volunteered on the National Wing Compliance Inspection team on more than 10 inspections in the last three years. Capt. Ted Tanory – served as a Squadron Commander of both the Metropolitan Senior Squadron and the Columbia Composite Squadron. As Metropolitan Squadron Commander the unit adopted the glider operations and orientation flight missions in support of cadets, wing wide. Capt. Tanory took command of the Columbia Squadron as an outsider during difficult time helping the unit heal deep wounds and reconstitute itself during that difficult period. The unit is now one of the most successful and healthy units in the wing. He leads the Wing Counter Drug program, establishing relationships and missions with Oregon agencies, coordinating our participation with Washington Wing. His dedication has allowed Civil Air Patrol to be involved in major missions that have kept large quantities of drugs off the streets of Oregon. Capt. Nick Ham – served as Aerospace Education Director through October 2008, he established the annual Col. John Keener award for outstanding contributions to aerospace education in Oregon. He presents at Regional and National education congresses and trainings. He commands the Salem Composite Squadron which successfully managed an aircraft, provided and trained aircrews and he and the squadron became experts in the SDIS system. Capt. Ham led the Oregon Wing Fundraising Task Force. Capt. Larry Kendrick – served as the Commander of the Medford Composite Squadron with his unit receiving the wing’s squadron of merit two years. Capt. Kendrick was tactical officer at two encampments and executive officer at the 2008 encampment. He raised money to support cadets attending wing and national cadet activities. He is a mission pilot and is developing his skills in mission management. He hosted training in the IMU mission management software, professional development programs in Southern Oregon and served as course director for several activities. He has also represented CAP in the California/Oregon Regional Search and Rescue Task Force which coordinates searches for counties in the region. His efforts have led to the renewed use of CAP in county searches in the region. Capt. Scott Bakker – commander of the South Coast Composite Squadron from January, 2006 to October 25, 2008, recruiting and developing his squadron members into fully trained and active mission pilots and crew members. The unit participated in search missions at all hours of the day, resulting in one life saved. He led the unit in developing an airborne speaker system that received full FAA approval and was the subject of nationwide coverage on National Public Radio. 1st Lt. Gary Arnold – served as Activity Coordinator for the first Evergreen Aviation Academy, a National Cadet Special Activity, and taking cadets into the inner workings of a successful

Wing Conference 2008 . . .

services training plans for the coming year. O t he r cla ss e s i nclud e d Professional Development, Personnel, the eServices utility on the national website, Public Affairs, Logistics and Fundraising. The McMinnville Composite Squadron prepared lunch at the McMinnville Armory on Saturday. The armory also hosted cadets and seniors who stayed overnight. A clinic for Chaplains and Moral Leadership Officers was held there Saturday afternoon. On Sunday, Wing Chaplain (Maj.) Charlie Sattgast conducted Chapel at the armory. Squadron Commanders met with the new Commander Brian Bishop. Incident Commanders for search and rescue met. Cadets participated in Character Development, a Cadet Officer Club meeting and also met with Deputy Commander for Cadets Capt. George Long. H
Col. Ernie Pearson welcomes new Wing Commander Col. Brian Bishop. Brian’s spouse Thyra Bishop applauds as he assumes command.

Continued . . .



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AWARDS . . .
international aviation business. As Senior Vice President at Evergreen International Aviation he arranged for presentations to the cadets from over 20 Evergreen Presidents, Vice Presidents and executives who shared information on their companies and their business skills. He arranged an “on-the-floor” tour of the Boeing aircraft assembly facility in Everett, Washington. Without his personal efforts this activity could not have happened. Commander’s Commendations Lt. Col. Case McGinley – Director of Operations from May 2006 to October 2008 bringing professional attitudes, policies and procedures to the DO shop. He re-arranged his staff increasing performance and is instilling professionalism in pilots and members. 1st Lt. Marion Rosenberg - Oregon Wing Orientation Flight Coordinator, encampment cook, encampment tactical officer, and activity tactical officer at the Evergreen Aviation Academy. 1st Lt. Bill Kostich – coordinator for our air intercept missions with the Oregon Air National Guard, is deeply involved with Emergency Services program and has acted as the Agency Liaison during several SAREX’s. Lt. Ken Hunt – Logistics Officer for Oregon Wing. 1st Lt. Rich Ouellette – director of Emergency Services, and project officer for the last few SAREX’s, coordinated O-rides and the O-ride budget getting ours spent and receiving additional funds, twice. Maj. Doug Richards – Wing Personnel Officer and Professional Development Director from October 2007 through October 2008. He also is in charge of the Wing Awards committee. Lt. Col. Paul Geiger – Wing Safety Officer from May 2005 through October 2008 including awareness, following up on incidents and served as mission safety officer often. Capt. George Long – Director of Cadet Programs, reenergizing the program by motivating the cadet advisory council and creating several wing wide cadet activities. He is also one of the most active ground team leaders in Emergency Services. Chaplain (Maj.) Charles Sattgast - wing chaplain, working to increase the number of active chaplains, served at encampments as chaplain, provides valuable leadership to the program and to the wing staff. Lt. Col. Tom Traver – Wing Public Affairs Officer. His work has brought us TV, radio, and newspaper coverage through Oregon. We have received national coverage for the loud speaker system on our aircraft. He served as the mission PAO for the Mumford search in 2007 handling TV, radio and newspaper coverage daily throughout the mission and helped organize a press conference. Capt. Bill Rust - squadron commander from August 2007 through October 2008 for the Northwest Coastal Composite Squadron, active in Wing Cadet Programs, staff at Encampment for the last several years, active in Emergency Services in both Communications and Ground Teams. Capt. Mark Kemner – assumed command of the Metropolitan Senior Squadron July 2007 through Oct 2008, is a dynamic leader and active recruiter for new Senior Members, and is active in the Emergency Services Program as both an aircrew member and mission air operations branch director. Lt. Col. Les Peterson – Squadron Commander of the McMinnville Composite May 2005 through October 2008, activity director for CAP’s participation in the Northwest Antique Airplane Club’s annual fly-in for the last three years. Capt. Winton “Sonny” Adcock – commander of the Washington County Composite Squadron from May 2006 through October 2008, active in the Emergency Services Program and participates in almost all exercises and many missions. Capt. Richard Weichman, Jr. – wing aircraft maintenance manager from May 2005 through October 2008, consistently arranged for timely maintenance and has kept our aircraft mission ready. He is also an active mission pilot and responds to many actual missions at all hours of the day. He served as a member of the subordinate unit inspection team and flew the team to remote locations. Maj. Lynell Hoffer – commander of the Angel Falls Cadet Squadron. Under Maj. Hoffer’s 15 year tenure as a squadron commander and deputy commander, Angel Falls prepared and produced a US Marine, a US Navy sailor, a US Air Force airman, and a US Army officer-soldier, maintaining one of the highest cadet-to-military rates in Oregon Wing. She previously was wing Aerospace Education Officer and has served in many projects and events. Capt. Sandra Neal – In 15 years of service to Oregon Wing, Capt. Sandy Neal has contributed heavily to the greater strength of Cadet Programs and Aerospace Education, serving as commander of Angel Falls Cadet Squadron and completing virtually every staff position’s duties during service. 1st Lt. Scott Maguire – served as Associate Editor of the Oregon WingSpan, became Mission Information Officer and has recently been appointed WingSpan Editor. Handled MIO duties at the Guided Training Exercise in August. 2nd Lt. Chris Johnson – served as Mission Information Officer for the Mountain Flying Clinic generating a lot of publicity, working on Mission Information staff, serves as an Assistant Public Affairs Officer for the Camp Adair Flight, Salem Composite Squadron, is a new wing Assistant Public Affairs H Director – Photography.  

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New CAP Flight makes parade possible
Adair Village Celebrates 4th of July with Parade with Newly-formed CAP flight
Article and photo by 2nd Lt. Christopher H. Johnson, Assistant Public Affairs Officer Camp Adair Flight, Salem Composite Squadron. ADAIRVILLAGE,OR—At10:30a.m.onIndependence Day 2008, hundreds of residents marched in a parade here that a new Civil Air Patrol flight made possible. Local citizens, members of government agencies and organizations marched and rode down Barberry Dr. and William R Carr St. in Adair Village in a parade to celebrate Independence Day. This was the fourth annual July 4th parade in Adair Village, and this year, the parade was made possible because of the flight’s assistance. “We would have never been able to pull this off without [the Civil Air Patrol],” said City Parade Chairman Kim Gardner. Besides leading the marchers with a Color Guard, the flight publicized the parade to Adair Village organizations and residents. They encouraged groups to register in advance. The CAP flight also assisted with traffic control on the day of the event. Cadet Color Guards were C/SrAmn. T. Smith and C/2nd Lt. F. Simon, both from the newly formed Camp Adair Flight. Four senior members from the flight, including Maj. Chris Wade, SM Cheri Long, 2nd Lt. Greg Sebastian, and 2nd Lt. Chris Johnson also participated in the parade, marching or riding behind the color guard. Capt. George Long from Oregon Wing also participated. Local veterans followed the CAP Color Guard. Adair Village City Administrator Drew Foster drove the city’s code enforcement vehicle, and Adair Rural Fire and Rescue brought up the rear. Other participants included Miss Adair Village and hundreds of city residents, including many families. “The Civil Air Patrol is glad to be back in Adair Village and to help with the parade,” said 2nd Lt. 

C/SrAmn. T. Smith and C/2nd Lt. F. Simon lead marchers under the watchful eye of Maj. Chris Wade.

Sebastian, who is the flight’s Deputy Commander. The Camp Adair Flight meets Monday nights at 6:30 p.m. at Santiam Christian Schools in Adair Village. Persons interested in contacting the flight should call 541-917-3370. The flight is actively recruiting members from Linn, Benton, and Polk counties. 

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Tillamook Flight Hosts Beach Cleanup
Article by 1st Lt. Wendy Flett, PAO, NW Coastal Flight TILLAMOOK, OR—The Civil Air Patrol’s NW Coastal Flight, hosted a beach clean up with Oregon wing cadets Aug. 2224, 2008. This activity was initiated two years ago by the Cadet Advisory Council as an opportunity for cadets to serve the community and have a little fun, in a less formal setting than an encampment. Cadets cleaned the beach at the Barview Jetty County Park in Garibaldi, Oregon. The cadets were able to practice their emergency services skills by using line search techniques while combing the beach for trash. Cadets participate in search and rescue events on “Ground Teams” which utilize specific search techniques like this one. While in the area, they also enjoyed camping out, a fireside feast of hotdogs and s’mores and beachcombing. Pilots Capt. David Ayers and Capt. Al Sandner assisted by providing one-hour Orientation Rides for the cadets in Cessna single-engine aircraft. C/AB. Anthony Harris who attended this for the first time, really enjoyed the activity, “It was really, really nice for the Oregon Wing cadets to get to meet and see what other squadrons are doing. I’d like to see more cadets next time and I think that it is a great opportunity for new cadets to learn from higher ranking cadets. I loved the fact that we were able to have Orientation Rides; it was my first time flying in a plane. I thoroughly enjoyed it.” Last year the activity was held at the Tillamook County Fairgrounds with the cadets housed in the 4H dorm, this year they began the weekend Friday at 1500 hours bivouacking outside the ATV center in Tillamook. There were 13 cadets from five different squadrons in attendance, Medford Composite OR-007, Washington County Composite OR-034, Salem Composite OR42, McMinnville Composite OR-099 and Northwest Coastal OR-114 (host). One of the first orders of business was to schedule fire watch patrols throughout the night; and then of course there was an unscheduled fire drill later that evening. Besides the clean up and Orientation Rides, the cadets also participated in a rocket launch,
Untying knots can be frustrating under the best of conditions. Here cadets untie a knot of their own making in a team-building exercise known as “the human knot.” Pictured L to R - C/MSgt. Jonathon Ripley, C/1st Lt. Sarah Bockelman, C/SMSgt. John Flett, C/A1C. Keith Coddington, C/SrA. Teresa Gray, C/SSgt. Matthew Libante, C/MSgt. Patricia Coleman.

Cadets receive instruction on how to pre-flight an aircraft from a CAP Cadet Orientation pilot Capt. David Ayers. Cadets are (L to R) C/AB. Marcus Harris, C/SSgt. Paul Vasta, C/AB. Anthony Harris, C/Amn. Caleb Menken.

drill down, pre-dawn physical training, team building activities, movies and free time. Next year the cadets will camp at the Barview Jetty County Campground, where they will once again be performing a beach clean up. C/SMSgt. John Flett who attended last year’s activity as well said, “It was a success. I enjoyed it even more this year because it was better organized and there was more camaraderie between the cadets. It was a great chance to see old friends and meet new ones. We also planned O-rides this year and everyone that wanted to was able to go up. It’ll be even better next year.” For more information contact st Lt. Wendy Flett at 503-815-8095 or the Flight’s Commander, Capt. William Rust at 503-812-1009. Tillamook’s Northwest Coastal Flight received a contribution from St. Albans Church, which made this event such a success. 



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High Desert Squadron highlights CAP at Wings & Wheels
SUNRIVER, OR—Civil Air Patrol’s High Desert Composite Squadron participated in the 2008 Sunriver Airport Wings and Wheels open house this summer. The event is sponsored by Sunriver Airport (S21) and attracted about 2,500 people. This was the 13th year of the event. It includes an aircraft show including a couple of business jets owned by Nike and a car show featuring 50 cars dating back to 1925 with many from the 1950s and 1960s and several of the latest Porshe and Corvette models. There was also a pancake breakfast. The High Desert squadron set up a display, had a CAP Cessna 8 on hand and recruited members. “We spoke to about 20 pilots about the flying aspects and 30 people about the Cadet program,” said Maj. Gerald “Jerry” Thye. Members who helped with the airshow and CAP booth were: Maj. Thye, Capt. Bob Parker, Capt. Gorden Hughes, Maj. Cliff Robson, Senior Member Greg Cofer and Cadet Mac Cofer. The airshow included glider rides, rides in a 1930 Fleet Mailplane, which is a biplane, and free rides to kids from age 7-12 sponsored by the Experimental Aviation Association. Cadet Cofer, , received one of the free rides in an Ercoupe. “Members from other CAP squadrons in Oregon and Florida stopped by to visit,” said Thye.

Capt. Bob Parker, Cadet Mac Cofer and Senior Member Greg Cofer helped staff a display at the Wings & Wheels event.  

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Local officials and business leaders tour CAP Command Post

t was strangely quiet in the Civil Air Patrol’s Incident Command Post at the Aurora State Airport. It was 28 August 2008 and only two members of the Oregon Wing Emergency Services staff were present -- until a bus pulled up with 40 government officials and business leaders. Posit ive Au rora A i r por t Management, a not-for-profit company representing the interests of the Aurora State Airport and adjacent neighbors, conducted an awareness of the Search and Rescue Incident tour of the airport that day. Aurora Capt. Ted Tanory explains the function Aurora. Command Post that CAP maintains in is the third busiest airport in Oregon, according to the Oregon Department of Aviation Service, LLC, and David Waggoner, its director for website. donating the hangar and storage facility to the Civil Instantly the CAP Incident Command Post Air Patrol. was very full. The Mayors of Aurora, Canby and The PAAM group toured the entire airport Wilsonville were there. Representatives of the Marion facility that day. County Sheriff’s Office, the Clackamas County “We hosted, by invitation, local political and Sheriff’s Department, the Tualatin Valley Fire agency leaders to have a tour of the airport to foster District, airport business people and area residents better understanding of what happens ‘on the other and media representatives were in attendance. side of the fence’,” said James N. Hansen, president Capt. Ted Tanory, Assistant Wing Safety Officer, of PAAM. and 1st Lt. Scott Maguire, Assistant Director of PAAM’s members are all involved with, or Public Affairs, represented Civil Air Patrol. Capt. effected by the airport, said Waggoner. Pilots Tanory told the attendees the role of the Incident who fly out of Aurora, business on the field, Command Post. He stated that the center was used citizens and elected officials of the local comfor Search and Rescue projects when they are larger munities are all part of the membership. The than one or two aircraft and ground teams. He also Oregon Department of Aviation, as the owner showed the attendees the Radio Communications of the airport, is also involved. Center, telling the audience that CAP owns one of “Working together, this group has done a lot to the largest radio networks in the United States. It also guide the airport and our activities,” Waggoner said. maintains the largest fleet of single-engine aircraft “Our new noise abatement procedures are the result in the nation, he said. of this group’s efforts, just for an example.” Capt. Tanory showed a few slides of search efforts “The dignitaries on the tour were surprised by conducted by CAP. He talked of the pilot, aircrew and the amount of activities on the airport,” he said. ground team training that occurs at this center at least “They also learned the importance of the Civil four weekends a year. He also talked of the hard work, Air Patrol in supporting the citizens of Oregon. long hours and training that Cadets and Senior Members They did not realize how important it is to have the of CAP go through to be ready for searches. CAP’s Emergency Operations Center established at Capt. Tanory also thanked Willamette Aviation the Aurora State Airport.” 29 29

Cadets use the central courtyard of the Oregon Military Academy in Monmouth for marching and maneuvers.

M O N M O U T H , O R —T h e 2 0 0 8 C a d e t E nc a m pm e nt for Oregon Wing was full of energy and attended by more cadets this year. “You have surpassed previous encampments in your eagerness, your ability to drill and overall teamwork,” said Lt. Col. Shannon Harlan, Encampment Commander. “From spit shining your boots to shooting M240s and “setting the place on fire,” you have come together as a team and made your leaders proud. Your sense of price will show as you march in your “Pass in Review.” I am so very proud of each and every one of you.” Lt. Col. Harlan led a staff of

exceeds expectations 
8 senior officers, four orientation ride pilots and  cadet officers in conducting the encampment at the Oregon Military Academy here in late July and August. This encampment staff included five cadets performing public affairs duties. They produced a newsletter each day, shot hundreds of photos (some of which are displayed on the Wing Website), and produced a summary of the week complete with cadet photos. “Each mor ning the basic cadets bega n at O -Da rk T h i r t y,” w r i t e s C /SSg t . Mat t hew Libante, a Public Affairs NonCommissioned Officer. “This allowed an ample amount of time for their physical, mental, emotional and digestive training.” A highlight of the week was the trip to the Portland Air National Guard Base. Cadets in small groups took turns visiting
Continued on page 32 . . .


Cadets got a chance to sit in the cockpit of an F-15 Eagle during their visit to the air base.

Encampment begins with check-in. Here Medical Officer 1st Lt. Chuck Orr and Flight Officer Rebecca Bassett check paperwork. In background Chaplain Charles Sattgast greets a cadet.



Cadets tour Coast Guard helicopter facility
WARRENTON, OR—Cadets from the Columbia Composite Squadron climbed aboard a U.S. Coast Guard rescue helicopter recently as part of a tour of the Coast Guard Air Base here. The helicopter was on the ground, which allowed the cadets to sit in pilot and copilot seats and get their pictures taken, as well as sit in the working area of the helicopter, which has held as many as 20 people during an at-sea rescue. Normally, it holds two crew members. Four cadets and four senior memb e r s f rom Colu mbia Composite joined with 30 cadets,  senior members and a couple of
After trying on the pilot’s seat C/2nd Lt. Daniel Schneider, who planned this tour, exits the Jayhawk cockpit. Cadets learn about and climb aboard an HH60J Jayhawk helicopter used by the U.S. Coast Guard for rescue operations.

civilians from the Lewis County Composite Squadron of the Washington Wing for the tour on Sept. 28. The Lewis County squadron was also heading to Tillamook and McMinnville on a weekend-long trip. The Columbia Composite tour was set up by C/1st Lt. Daniel Schneider, who is the cadet commander. Lt. Schneider met a Coast Guard helicopter pilot while helping the Oregon Air National Guard’s 142nd Fighter Wing at its family picnic at the Portland Air National Guard Base. Lt. Schneider then initiated the conversation about touring the Air Base at the coast. He then confirmed the tour and set up a secondary tour of the Maritime Museum at Astoria for the squadron. Schneider handled this task so well that Squadron Commander John Bezayiff, Captain, CAP, wrote a commendation letter for his 201 file. The tour began at 1100 hours at the Air Base. The tour guide was Lt. Mark Huessner, a helicopter pilot. Prior to becoming a pilot, he served aboard a buoy tender in the Great Lakes. Cadets learned that the Coast Guard performs many functions.

One that gets the most publicity is search and rescue. They handle water rescues with air and sea response teams. They also use their rescue basket and winch to rescue people stuck on cliffs throughout the northwest. Ironically, Coast Guard personnel from this base recently evacuated members of the Lewis County squadron when they became stranded in a flood at an airport facility there. The CAP members who were assisting with the flooding disaster, were in the second floor of a building there when water rose too high for them to exit safely. Coast Guard Group Astoria and its units perform a variety of missions for maritime safety, security, and mobility. Ports Waterways and Coastal Security is a newer misson set added to the traditional missions such as Search and Rescue, Marine Safety, Maritime Law Enforcement, Counter Drug Interdiction, Undocumented Migrant Enforcement, Aids to Navigation and National Defense. Units also work for protection of natural resources through Maritime Environmental
Continued . . .  

Coast Guard tour . . .

Encampment . . .
Continued from page 30

Protection and Living Marine Resources Enforcement. Group Astoria encompasses the coastal region of southwest Washington and northwest Oregon. Resting in the middle of the Thirteenth Coast Guard District, it is one of only four Group/Air Stations remaining in the Coast Guard organization. Three Motor Lifeboat stations

Tillamook Head to the Columbia River and up river to Puget Island. Station Tillamook Bay takes in the Oregon coast from Tillamook Head (about Cannon Beach) south to Cape Kiwanda (Pacific City) including Tillamook Bay (up to Bay City) and Netarts Bay. The Astoria Aid to Navigation Team, which is based at Tongue Point, services navigation aids throughout this area. C a p e Disappointment hosts a Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer traini ng p r og r a m because it is situated in some of the roughest conditions for swimmers and rescues. Although normal operations concentrate At the end of their tour, Columbia Composite members on the marine Capt. Margaret Martin, Cadets Asa Cummings, environment of Matthew Harrington and Josh Lyon and Lt. Col. Donna the coast, the Ryan pose at the door of the helicopter. Air Station and Motor Lifeboat within the Group cover the coast Stations work with other agenout to 50 nautical miles and cies such as Sheriff Departments the navigable rivers, bays and and Fire Departments to share harbors. Station Grays Harbor our expertise or extra hands serves the mid-Washington coast during inland search and rescue from Queets River south to the missions. Coordination using Long Beach peninsula including the Incident Command System Grays Harbor (up to Aberdeen) allows a variety of agencies to and much of Willapa Bay (up to work jointly for a mutual goal. Raymond/South Bend). Station Quick response by Coast Guard Cape Disappointment (also near personnel during natural disasters Astoria) covers the rest of the such as strong winter storms or lower Washington coast, the flooding continues to help the northern Oregon coast from communities from the shore and 

the home of the 304th Rescue Squadron Pararescue Men (PJs), the base fire station, a hangar full of F-15 Eagles and the firing range. “The firing range was a favorite, allowing each cadet, staff member and senior staff member the opportunity to fir an M16 A2 Semi-Automatic, air-cooled, gasoperated rifle as well as a much larger M240 Bravo,” C/SSgt. Libante said. One cadet from each group was able to test the virtual Parachute drop simulator. “Needless to say, the funfilled day at PANG is a moment in every cadet’s life that will be remembered for a long time to come,” said C/SSgt. Libante. “We had a good attendance and it ran smoothly,” said Chaplain (Maj.) Charles Sattgast, encampment chaplain. “We had a good cadet staff. Maj. Adam Carroll did a good job prepping them.” H far inland. HH60J capabilities allow it to be used for missions almost 300 miles off shore as well as into the heart of both Oregon and Washington. Columbia Composite personnel also took a brief driving tour of the Aid to Navigation station at Tongue Point and saw the facility that was formerly a U.S. Navy site for mothballed ships just after World War II. The final stop on the trip was the Maritime Museum at Astoria, which is an outstanding collection of artifacts and information capturing the seagoing history of Astoria, the Columbia River and Oregon. H 

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