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Rotary club of
Bandar Sungai
Petani's quarterly

NEWS & Rtn. Remya Vallathol
Editorial Board
President: Rtn. Gopaldhass Chitaya
Secretary: PP Choo Kai Hong
Editor's note Treasurer: PP Arvind U Gopi Kumar
From President's desk PP Prof. Dr. P.K. Rajesh
Rotary International/Sister club
BOD PP Arvind U Gopi Kumar &
PAGE 5 - 6 PP Sarkuru Govindasamy

Rotary International Rotary District 3300

PAGE 7 PP Dr. Bernard Chan Yoon Ngen

Whats happening in RCBSP activities and snaps

Rtn. Kartik Thavasi Kanoo
PAGE 9-10
RCBSP activities and Rotaract club
Rtn. Dr. Parthiban Govindarajoo
PAGE 11 - 17

Rotaract club of AIMST Rotary stories: Memory lane

University Rtn. Jeevan Jothee Govinda Rajah
PAGE 22- 25
Rotary Trivia
Rotary stories: Memory Rtn. Cheng Yi Xin
PAGE 26 -32 Health and Lifestyle
Rotary trivia Rtn. Prassana Krishnan

Health & lifestyle

PAGE 34 - 35
Rtn. Dr. Parthiban Govindarajoo,
Rtn. Remya Vallathol,


Editor's note
*Happy New Year and Welcome to the
second edition of The Wheel, Rotary
Club of Bandar Sungai Petani's
quarterly newsletter.

First of all, let me thank everyone for

the support you showered on The
Wheel. It was a proud moment to see it
published and all our activities
recorded and distributed for the entire
District to read.

You can follow RCBSP and The Wheel

on our page
or on Facebook at
or on Instagram at

I am delighted to bring you this

newsletter for the second quarter of
the current Rotary Year, which features
our activities from October to
December. In this volume we have PDG
Dr Baskaran Gobala Krishnan and
Charter member sharing their
memories about Rotary and RCBSP. You
R t n . R e my a V a l l a t h o l will get a glimpse of how our club
Me d i c i n e - E d u c a t i o n came in to existence. Also featured are
+6016 612 8432 our community activities and our
r e my a v a l l a t h o l 0 9 @g ma i l . c o m dearest Rotaractors in action.

Many thanks to my editorial team and

all the Rotarians, Rotaractors and
friends of Rotary for being a part of The
Wheel. And, if you are a Rotarian,
Rotaractor or a friend of Rotary and you
are interested in contributing, please
let us know.

Have a sip of coffee and enjoy the



Year 2022, the beginning of hope. Hope for a
better year, a year which we can live without

the fear of Covid. First and foremost, happy
new year and I hope this year will be a blessed
President's one for us.

message I would like to express my heartiest

congratulations to Rtn Arvind Gopikumar for
being nominated as District Governor for RY
2024-2025. That is a great achievement by our
fellow member, Arvind and a proud moment
for Rotary club of Sungai Petani as he will be
the youngest DG of RD3300.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the

district team for providing us the opportunity
to organise Pre PETS 1. Despite facing a lot of
issues due to covid sitation, RCBSP did it's best
to run the events without any hiccups. I can
proudly say that the feedback from district
team make us beam with pride.

Natural Disaster, cannot be avoided by

mankind, and year 2021 marked the worst
flood ever witnessed in Malaysia, especially in
Sri Muda, and Karak. Eventually rotarians were
there to lend their hands for those affected by
this flood. Thus, my sincere appreciation to all
the D3300 Rotariand and friends of Rotary for

their efforts in helping people in distress,
Rtn. Gopaldhass Chitaya especially the flood victims regardless their
Automobile Sales background.
+6012 401 1044 Finally I would like to thank the sponsors
Micron, OCBC Al-Amin and Pantai for their
unlimited contributions towards our Rotary
Club's purposes. Thank you.
Never to be forgotten, my special thanks to our
dearest club members for their tireless
contributions towards the betterment of our

Let year 2022 be a prosperous year for us, and

May the Al-Mighty bless us.



Gopaldhass Chitaya
Sarkuru Govindasamy
Thiagarajan Letchumanan
Choo Kai Hong

Arvind U Gopi Kumar

Dr.Bernard Chan
Cheng Yi Xin



Kalian Kalimuthu

Remya Vallathol

Koek Yee Jeen


Parthiban Govindarajoo

Kartik Thavasi Kanoo


2023-24 Rotary International President

Gordon R. McInally, a member of the Rotary Club of South
Queensferry, Lothian, Scotland, is the selection of the
Nominating Committee for President of Rotary
International for 2023-24. He was declared the president-
nominee on 1 October as no challenging candidates have
been suggested. A Rotary member since 1984, McInally has
been president and vice president of Rotary International
in Great Britain and Ireland. He has also served Rotary
International as a director and as member or chair of
several committees. He is currently an adviser to the 2022
Houston Convention Committee and chair of the
Operations Review Committee.
McInally lauded Rotary’s ability to adapt technologically
during the COVID-19 pandemic, saying the approach
should continue and be combined with the best of our past
practices as Rotary seeks to grow and increase

“We have learned there is a willingness within communities to care for one another,” he
says, “and we must ensure that we encourage people who have recently embraced the
concept of volunteering to join us to allow them to continue giving service.”

McInally says that senior leaders’ ability to communicate directly with club members
online will be one positive legacy of the changes Rotary has had to make. But, he adds,
“face-to-face meetings remain important, as they encourage greater interaction.”

Membership is the lifeblood of our organization. The best way to increase membership is
engagement, according to McInally. Engagement through social media will reinforce
Rotary’s brand and showcase the opportunities that come with it. And, he says,
engagement with governments, corporations, and other organizations will lead to
meaningful partnerships. With better engagement, McInally says, “We will grow Rotary
both by way of membership and in our ability to provide meaningful service.”

Rotary International President Shekhar Mehta declared on 1 December six Rotary

members to be RI directors for 2023-25.

The RI Bylaws provide that if the general secretary does not receive a duly proposed
challenge to the selection of a zone’s nominating committee for director by 1 December,
the president shall declare the selection of the nominating committee to be the director-
nominee from the zone.

There were no proposals of additional candidates from the following zones. Therefore, in
accordance with the RI Bylaws, Mehta declared the following Rotary members to be the
directors-nominee from their respective zones to serve on the Board beginning on 1 July
2023: ..continue to next page


Zone 10C
Ghim Bok Chew — Bugis Junction, Singapore
Zone 12
Yeong Ho Yun — Masan South, Korea
Zone 15
Hans-Hermann Kasten — Aachen-Frankenburg, Germany
Zone 24B
Antonio Henrique Barbosa de Vasconcelos — Fortaleza-Alagadiço, Brazil
Zone 26
Daniel C. Himelspach — Denver Mile High, Colorado, USA
Zone 30
Rhonda E. Stubbs — Maryville, Tennessee, USA

The general secretary received challenges to the Nominating Committee’s selection in Zones
4 (India, western and northern) and 6 (Bhutan, India, eastern). An electronic ballot is being
prepared for clubs in these zones to select their candidate. The ballot will be live by 31
December and will run, per the RI Bylaws, until 1 March.

Welcome on board Rotaract Clubs!

Beginning next Rotary year, Rotaract clubs can receive Rotary Foundation district grant
funds or global grants to support their service efforts in their own communities or abroad.
Starting in January, districts that are applying for their district grants can include Rotaract
club activities in their spending plans. And in July, Rotaract clubs can apply for global
To be eligible to sponsor a global grant, a Rotaract club must have partnered previously with
a Rotary club or district on a global grant-funded project and must be qualified to participate
in global grants. Districts are responsible for tracking club qualification as well as previous
Rotaract participation in grants. If the Rotaract club applies for a global grant as the
international or host sponsor, the other sponsor needs to be a Rotary club.

Here are some things that Rotary clubs and districts can do now to prepare for this change:
Invite Rotaractors to participate in grant management seminars so their clubs can become
qualified to apply for global grants
Appoint Rotaractors to committees or subcommittees
Partner with Rotaract clubs on grant-funded projects
Develop a system to track which Rotaract clubs have participated in global grant-funded
Ask Rotaractors to help organize a fundraiser
Consider changing the way the district distributes DDF to facilitate Rotaract involvement
Invite Rotaract clubs to participate in project fairs
Work with Rotaract clubs in your district to make sure that they have reported their
current membership information to Rotary

Here are some things that Rotaract clubs can do now to get ready:
Learn about Rotary grants
Participate in a grant management seminar and work with your district leaders to become
qualified to apply for global grants
Help conduct a community assessment
Take an active role in implementing a project funded by a district or global grant
Work with a Rotary club to organize a fundraiser
Participate in public relations and advocacy efforts
Contribute technical, cultural, or academic expertise to the development of a grant-
funded activity
Make sure that your club’s current membership information has been reported to Rotary


What's happening in D3300

RCBSP Rotarian Arvind U Gopi Kumar

was announced as Nominee Designate
for District 3300 Governor for 24-25.

RCBSP organised
District 3300 22-23
PrePETS1 on 13-14 Nov

Rotary honours media frontliners who risk their lives to bring us

information and news so we can stay safe amidst the pandemic.
Watch Governor Dato’ Bindi Rajasegaran in honouring our media
friends here:


What's happening in D3300

District 3300 Mid-Term Review will be held

in Ipoh on 8 January 2022.

District Training Assembly 22-23 will be on

18-20 March 2022

District Conference 21-22 will be on 20-22

May 2022


RCBSP Oct-December activities
RCBSP donat ed PAPR f or Acut e
Res pi rat ory I l l nes s Ward i n Hos pi t al
Sul t an Abdul Hal i m

Powered air-purifying respirators are essential in the care of respiratory patients to

prevent COVID-19 and other pathogen transmissions and cross-infections to health-
care workers and other patients. 4 sets of PAPRs were presented to the SARI (Severe
Acute Respiratory Infections) ward of Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim, Sungai Petani.
Rotarian Arvind and Cheng Yi Xin were present to handover the items. We are
thankful for the generous donations from Rotary Club of Puchong, Rotary Club of
Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Rotary Club of Bukit Angkasa, Rotary Club of Rahman
Putra, Rotary Satellite Club of KLCC Kuantan Mandarin, Rotary International District
3300, Yayasan Kelab-Kelab Rotary Malaysia and Brickfields Asia College.


RCBSP Oct-December activities
Di s t ri ct Governor Dat o' Bi ndi
Raj as egaran vi s i t s Rot ary Cl ub of Bandar
Sungai Pet ani

The District Governor is an officer of Rotary International and her visit is

equivalent to a visit by Rotary International. After the serious business,
Governor joined us for fellowship dinner at Charter President Dato' Dr
Subramaniam's home


RCBSP Oct-December activities
Di s t ri ct Governor Dat o' Bi ndi
Raj as egaran vi s i t s Rot ary Cl ub of Bandar
Sungai Pet ani

BGovernor also gave out The Rotary Foundation pins to Rotarians Thiaggu
(PHF+1), Koek (PHF+2) and Yi Xin (PHF+3)Finally, we also celebrated the
birthdays of President Gopaldhass, Rotarian Yi Xin and Charter President
Dato' Dr Subramaniam


RCBSP Oct-December activities
Pre- Pres i dent s - El ect Trai ni ng Semi nar
Rot ary I nt ernat i onal Di s t ri ct 3300


RCBSP Oct-December activities
Pre- Pres i dent s - El ect Trai ni ng Semi nar
Rot ary I nt ernat i onal Di s t ri ct 3300

Rotary Club of Bandar Sungai Petani had the honour of organizing the first
in-person training event for Rotary Year 22-23 under Governor-Elect Dr
Krishna Kumar and District Trainer PDG Dr Baskaran. PrePETS 1 was held at
Park Avenue Hotel, Sungai Petani on 13-14 November 2021.

Governor Dato' Bindi officiated. 36 Presidents-Elect and 15 Incoming

Assistant Governors attended in-person and the rest attended via Zoom
online option. The Secretariat and Training Team members also attended.


RCBSP Oct-December activities
Rot ary Cl ub of Bandar Sungai Pet ani
organi z ed handover of l apt ops s pons ored
by Mi cron Memory Mal ays i a Sdn Bhd t o 98
s t udent s

Dignitaries in attendance were

1. Yang Berhormat Professor Dr. Ramasamy Palanisamy, Deputy Chief Minister 2
of the State of Pulau Pinang
2. President Elect Thiaggu Letchumanan, Rotary Club of Bandar Sungai Petani
3. Charter President Dato’ Dr. S. Subramaniam, Rotary Club of Bandar Sungai
4. Mr. Ramamoorthy Ganapathy Iyer, Managing Director, Micron Memory Malaysia
Sdn. Bhd.
5. Mr. Moorthy Murugaiah, Human Resources Director, Micron Memory Malaysia
Sdn. Bhd.
PE Thiaggu expressed our gratitude to Micron Memory Malaysia Sdn Bhd for
partnering with us to give aid to the tune of RM1 million over the past 2 years.


RCBSP Oct-December activities
Equipment installation in medical day care
unit set up by RCBSP under the Global Grant
in Hospital Sultana Abdul Halim,
Sungai Petani


RCBSP Oct-December activities

PP Shanmuganathan representing RCBSP for wheel chair donation

Rtn. Rev. Alfred Samual representing RCBSP for Christmas hamper

presentation to Shepherd's staff Assemblies of God, Taman Matsuri


RCBSP Oct-December activities
The talks conducted by RCBSP are accessible
through RCBSP YouTube and Facebook handles


RCBSP Oct-December
Fellowships/Vocational visit
Deepavali open house at President Gopal &
Rtn. Sanmugam's house

Vocational visit to Friends coffee


RCBSP Oct-December
Fellowships/Vocational visit
Christmas & New Year celebration and gift exchange was done at
PP Moorthy Sharma's house. Charter President Dato Dr.
Subramaniam felicitated PP Koek Yee Jeen for receiving P.J.K.


Rotaract Club of
AIMST University


Rotaract Club of AIMST organized a rather unique themed Blood

Donation Drive called the Starve A Vampire, in conjunction with
Halloween, from the 24th to 26th of October in AIMST University. A
total number of 117 donors took part in this three day event. The venue
was decorated with Halloween theme to create an atmosphere for the
donors. Mr. Naim, from Blood Bank was extremely happy with the
project and also awarded a certificate of recognition to RAC AIMST.


Rotaract Club of
AIMST University



This annual event was held on the

8th of October 2021. In conjunction
with World Mental Health Day 2021
that falls on the 10th of October
2021, we, the International Service
avenue decided to hold a mental
health theme-based fellowship.
Hence, we invited a licensed
psychologist, Ms. Shireen Olikh, who
is also the founder of Illuminated
therapy to enlighten us on some
coping mechanisms for survival in
the pandemic.
The event began with the emcees
introduction by Kirtisha from RAC
Aimst and Joseph from RAC
Saveetha Medical College. After a
round of speeches & board
introductions from respective
presidents, we moved on with the
virtual agreement signing using a
gimmick. Then, the floor was passed
to Tanushganth who then invited Ms.
Shireen for her session. The 1 hour
session of hers included how to
identify negative feelings within us,
acknowledging our emotions and
tips to calm ourselves down when
thoughts are storming through our
minds. this session was then
followed by a QnA in which
participants posed some queries or
thoughts of theirs onto an
anonymous platform directed to Ms.


Rotaract Club of
AIMST University

Halloween is a holiday celebrated each year on the 31st

of October by many countries. RAC AIMST were
approached by the President of RAC Batangas Metro
Pioneers, Ms. Charlene, to have a Halloween-themed
fellowship in conjunction with the Halloween
the presidents of each club gave their speeches
followed by a cultural exchange presentation from both
The event continued with quizzes for the participants
from the previous presentation which was rather fun!
The fellowship then began with games by dividing the
participants into breakout rooms. Each room was
facilitated by members of RAC Batangas and organized
games such as “Bring me”, “4 pics 1 word” and charades.
This was such a fun-filled session where all the members
got to know further about each other and created a
wonderful bond.

Af t e r the g am es ,
p a r t ic i p ant s we r e adm i t t e d
b a c k t o t he m ai n r oom
wh e r e t he y ha d a c os t um e
p r e s e n t a t io n wh i c h w as
wo n b y R t r . R ha i n ne . Th e
e v e nt e nd e d w i t h Pr e s i de n t
S i n Y e e gi vi ng t h e awa r di ng
rites, a nd meeting wa s
a dj o u r ne d s h or t l y
t h e r e af t e r .


Rotaract Club of
AIMST University


Community Service
department of Rotaract Club
from AIMST University hosted
the “WeCare” project , a
fundraiser from 01.09.2021 to
30.11.2021, to benefit the B-40
community by getting as
much as and money as
possible by conducting a
donation drive. RAC Aimst
wanted to inspire the faculty,
students, and general public
to do whatever they can to
help the B-40 Community in
AIMST University.

Funds to purchase groceries

and crisis kits was to be
collected from the events
conducted online such as
online promotions through
social media, posters and an
educational workshop called

Moreover, RAC AIMST

successfully applied Joint
Disaster Relief Fund, the team
received an amount of
RM500.00 from the Rotaract
District for the WeCare


Memory Lane

PDG Dr Baskaran Gobala

Rotary Club of
+6012 423 1835

We derive a great deal of satisfaction

from our achievements in life, be it
small or big, in our personal,
professional or social lives. Life is short
and in that limited period, making full
use of the precious gift of time can
indeed be very rewarding.

I joined Rotary in the year 2000 with just one aim: To give something back to
the society that has blessed me and my family abundantly. Since joining
Rotary as a member of the Rotary club of Butterworth, that desire to give
something back has found an outlet - and I am immensely grateful for the
numerous opportunities to be of service to society.

When I look back at my Rotary career that began 21 years ago, even I am
fascinated by the work that I have managed to do at both the club and District

I can’t comprehend how I have managed my time between family, practice and
Rotary. But, it has been truly rewarding.

Among some of my most memorable moments in Rotary so far has been in 2

areas that are close to my heart: The Rotary Foundation or TRF and in the field
of extension or chartering of new clubs.


Memory Lane
T he i n t er es t i n ext ens i o n s t ar t ed of f a f t e r r ead i n g a b o ut t he ex pl oits o f
Jam es Dav i ds o n, t h e “ Mar co P ol o ” o f R ot a r y w ho f o r med the fir s t 7 Rota r y
cl ubs i n Ma l a ya b ac k i n 1 92 9 / 3 0 . I wa s de e p l y i n s p i r e d by th e wo r k of this
m an and t i l l t o day , h e r em ai ns my Ro t a r y i d o l . I us e d to a s k m ys el f this
qu es t i on of t en bef o r e I i nd u l g e d i n ex t e n s i o n: “ I f a C an adi a n co ul d tr av el
t hous a nds of m i l es t r av er s i ng o c e an s an d c o n t i n e n t s a nd 2 5 co un t r i es
and l ar gel y a t hi s ow n ex pens e a nd s e t u p 2 2 c l ub s a r o un d the wo r l d , wh y
coul d I no t d o s o met h i n g for m y o wn c o unt r y ? ” . I t p r ic ked my c o ns cience
a l ot and go t m e t h i n ki n g an d h ad a l o t t o do w i t h m y wo r k in e x tens ion
l at e r .
I was t he P r es i dent of m y cl ub i n 20 0 8 / 20 0 9 an d t h e in t er e s t g o t s tir r ed
f ur t her when PD G D r R a j i n da r Si n gh s p o k e ab o ut r e vi vi n g or s ta r ti ng a
cl ub i n Su nga i Pet a ni d ur i n g h i s c l ub v i s i t .

I had a gr e at y ear as a Pr es i d e nt , d e r i vi ng a l o t o f p e r s o n a l s a tis fa ctio n o n

a job w el l do ne. Thi s ga ve tr em e nd o us b o o s t t o my s e l f-c o n fid en c e a n d it
was i n t hat f r am e of m i nd t ha t I s t ar t e d w or k o n ex t en s io n .

T he Di s t r i ct l ea der s h ad ove r t he ye ar s ,l ame n t ed o n t he l a c k o f Rota r y

cl ubs bet wee n But t er w or t h a nd Al or S t ar a nd ha d l o ng wan t e d t o r evi v e
cl ubs i n K an g ar a nd Su nga i P e ta n i . A nd f or ma ny ye ar s , a c l ub in La n g ka wi
was a dr e a m t ha t di d no t com e t r ue f o r ou r D i s t r i c t .

I s at dow n f or o ver a m on th s om e t i me s ar o u nd A ug us t 2 0 09 a n d d r ew up
an act i on pl a n t o s t a r t my wor k o n a r i g ht f oo t i ng . I ha d 4 c l ubs in m y
m i nd , Su ng ai P et ani , K u l i m , K a ng ar an d L ang k aw i . I f i n al l y de ci de d t o
s t ar t wor k o n Su nga i Pet ani f i r s t b e c au s e of t w o r eas o n s . P r o x imity to my
hom e t ow n o f B uk i t M er t a ja m a n d t he f a ct t ha t t he r e we r e s o m e r em n a nts
of t he mem ber s of t h e o l d cl ub of Su n gai P e t an i t o s t a r t wo r k w ith .

Wi t h t ha t don e, I a p p r o ac he d m y c l u b , R C But t e r wo r th w it h t he idea in

Se pt e mber 2 0 0 9. T hou gh s k e p t i c al i ni t i al l y b e c a us e o f o ur pr eviou s
e xp er i ences , t h ey ga ve m e t hei r bl e s s i ng s an d e nc o ur ag e m ent . F o r thi s , I
am e t er na l l y g r a t ef u l t o m y cl ub .


Memory Lane
I d i d not hol d any D i s t r i ct p os t s at t hat t i me an d wa s d o in g it e n tir e l y ou t of
i nt e r e s t and cur i o s i t y. I h ad n o c l ue s o n h ow I was go i ng t o b eg i n b u t the
obs e s s i on s omeh o w l ed me on.

I s t ar t ed by ge t t i n g hol d o f t he l as t
D i s t r i ct handboo k wh en RC S un g ai
Pet ani wa s s t i l l l i s t ed a nd s t a r t ed
c al l i ng up al l t ho s e me mb er s . I mu s t
ad mi t , t ha t i n t h e b eg i n ni n g , i t wa s
ver y d i s cou r agi n g as m os t of t he o l d
m em be r s ha d l o s t i n t er es t an d di d
not s how any e nt h us i as m. I n ev er
g ave up a nd by s h eer p er s i s t e nce
and d et er m i nat i on an d af t er man y
m or e r ounds of p h one cal l s a nd
vi s i t s , we i de nt i f i ed a c or e gr oup
c ompr i s i ng m os t l y mem b er s of t he
ol d c l ub l i ke PP D a t o’ Dr Su b r am an i am,
PP Mo or t hy Sh ar ma , PP Th em udu,
PP Su br ama ni am an d P P Mi s s An g t o
nam e a f ew. Th i s p r o ces s t ook ar ou nd
2 mo nt hs . Then i t s t ar t ed f al l i ng i n
pl ace whe n t hey i n t ur n i n t r od uced s o me o f t he i r f r ie n d s a n d s o o n w e ha d a
g r o up. They s t ar t ed t h ei r i nt er e s t m ee t i n g s i n Da to ’ Subr a ma n ia m ’s
r es i de nce.

H owe ver , t he num b er s wer e s t i l l s mal l as we n e e de d a t l e a s t 2 5 cha r ter

m em be r s t o s t ar t a Ro t ar y cl u b . W i t h e ve r y p as s in g da y a n d ma ny m or e
m ee t i ngs , i t was get t i n g i ncr eas i n gl y f r us t r at i ng b u t we pe r s is te d .

I t w as a r ound t hi s t i m e t ha t I had a c h anc e m e e t i n g with Ar vin d , the cu r r ent

D GND an d br o ac hed t h e i dea t o hi m. A r vi nd , who w as ba r e l y 2 4 o r 2 5 yea r s o l d
t hen and ha r dl y k n ew a ny t hi n g ab o u t R o t ar y d i d n ’t pr o mis e a n ythin g b ut
ag r ee d t o t al k t o hi s f r i end s . A mo n t h o r s o af t e r o ur c o n v er s a tio n, he
m a naged t o con vi n ce a nd b r ou gh t i n a f e w o f h i s yo un g fr ie n d s a n d s o on w e
had t he number s . An d t h e r es t i s hi s t or y.


Memory Lane
A m eet i ng was c o nven ed s om e t i me s i n M a r c h 2 01 0 w it h t he , t he n Dis tr ict
Gove r no r Le s l i e Sa l eh ud i n an d E x t e ns i o n C ha i r m a n, P DG L a ks hm a na n fo r
t hem t o as s e s s t he m em b er s hi p and t h e v i a bi l i t y o f t he g r o u p. T hey wer e
s at i s f i ed a nd t h e s t a t us o f pr ov i s i on al g r o up wa s g r a nt e d . A s te p cl os er to
t he cha r t e r i ng of t h e c l ub an d my vi s i o n wa s s l o wl y b e c o m in g a r e a l ity..

At t h e t i m e of app l i c at i o n f or cha r t e r , we h ad 2 7 c ha r t e r m e mbe r s . A fa r cr y

f r om t he 6 o r 7 t h at w e s t a r t ed o ff j u s t a fe w m o nt h s e a r l ie r ..

And on 1 5t h J une 20 1 0 , R C B an da r
Sunga i P et a ni was of f i ci al l y
c har t er ed a nd t h e ch a r t e r n i g ht
wa s hel d on 25t h Ju ne at t h e
Swi s s Ga r den h ot el , Sun ga i P et a ni .
I t wa s at t end ed b y a bo u t 2 5 0
Rot ar i ans f r om a r ou nd t h e D i s t r i c t
as we l l a s pr om i nent m em be r s
of t he publ i c an d i t w as i nd e ed a
g r eat moment f or m e t o c he r i s h
per s on a l l y. And I wa s a l s o ha pp y
t ha t Dat o ’ Dr Su b r am a ni am wa s
ma de t he Char t e r p r es i d ent of
t he cl u b. For wi t ho ut h i s s u p p or t
and c ommi t m e nt i n i t i a l l y , I
c o ul d not have s t a r t ed t h e wor k .
- A wel l des er ve d r ec og ni t i on .

I m us t a d mi t t ha t i t w as n ot e as y and r e q ui r e d a l o t o f e n e r g y, s t a mina a n d
r es our c es f r om m y o wn p o cke t. B ut , i t wa s we l l w o r th th e e ffo r t a nd even
t oda y, af t er 1 1 y ea r s , I s ti l l f e e l a t r e me nd o u s s e n s e o f p r id e a n d
s at i s f a ct i on.

Of c our s e, I coul d no t ha ve i t d on e e n t i r e l y o n my o wn . My s in c e r e tha n ks to

PP Da t o’ Ja gj i t S i ngh , the s po n s o r i n g c l u b, R C B ut te r w o r t h a n d the
me m be r s and a l l t he c ha r ter m e m be r s of RC B an d ar S un g a i P e t an i. It wa s a
t ea m ef f or t t hat f i na l l y m a d e i t a r e a l i t y.


Memory Lane

At t he Di s t r i c t l eve l , we r e ce i ve d f u l l s u p p o r t f r o m both P D G Le s l ie
S al eh udi n a nd PD G D at o ’ L a k s hma na n. F u l l c r e di t t o a l l fo r ma k in g th is
d r e am a r e al i t y.

The r e w a s no t ur ni ng b a ck af ter t hi s , as I c o m p l e t e d t he fo r ma t io n of the

r e m ai ni ng cl u b s i n m y wi s h l i s t , RC K ul i m i n ( 20 1 1 ) , RC La n g ka wi ( 2 0 1 3 ) a n d
RC Per l i s ( 2 01 5) . I n a s p an of 6 y ea r s , I had a ch i e v ed th is vis io n o f m in e a n d
t hi s r em a i n s o ne o f m y g r e at e s t ac hi e ve me n t s i n R ot a r y .

I am pr oud an d h a p p y w i t h t he wa y R C Ba nd ar S un ga i P et a n i ha s pr o g r es s ed
an d ma y your cl u b c on t i nue t o g r o w b y l e ap s an d b ou n ds in the y ea r s to
c ome. The r ec ent el ect i o n of A r vi n d as t h e D G N D i s i nde e d a s tr o ng
t es t i mony of ho w f ar R C B a nd ar Sun ga i P e t an i h as p r o gr e s s e d in a r el a tiv el y
s hor t pe r i o d of 1 1 y ea r s . W e l l d o ne an d k e e p g o i ng my fr ien ds .

My conc l udi ng r em a r k a nd ad v i s e t o al l o ur Ro t a r i an s is to a l wa y s s tr iv e to
d o s om et hi n g m or e o r b eyond o ur c al l o f du t y t o s t r e n g the n t he Ro ta r y
mo v em en t .

My i ni t i a t i v es t o c h a r t e r t h e 4 cl ub s i n t he no r t h has e n l a r g ed o ur pr es ence
and m ad e Ro t a r y s e r vi c e a v ai l a bl e t o man y who m ay o the r w is e b een
d ep r i ve d o f o ur s er vi c e .

Si m i l ar l y, a l l of u s c an as p i r e to do s o m e t h i ng m o r e to ma ke a d iffer en ce.
T h ank yo u .


Memory Lane

Moorthy Kasinathan
Occupation safety & Health
6012 430 8007
MY journey to services started prior
to joining Rotary Club of Sungai
Petani. It was during my school days
that saw me indulging in welfare
activities. At that time in school, I
was the President of the Young
Christian Students Society (YCSS). We
had drawn up and implemented many
projects that had been deemed
Basic schooling aids, collecting things for jumble sale and food
distribution were some the programs.
After schooling, I went on to further my passion to serve the youths
by being a founder and first President of the Persatuan Belia Merpati
in Sungai Petani. Many projects were done during this period of 10
years. Among them was setting up of the first kindergarten at SRJKT
Saraswathy, buying uniform for school going children from the poor
community ,
During that time, I was frequently invited by a Rotarian Dr. Pillai from
Sungai Petani Rotary Club. 10 years in Persatuan Belia Merpati, I
decided to pass the baton to younger enthusiasts.
Hence my journey in Rotary started. But after a few years, the club
had to close because of dwindling membership.


Memory Lane

About 2 / 3 yea r s l at er , R tn. D r . B as ka r an ha d ap pr o a c he d me to h el p

r ea ct i va t e Rot a r y i n Sun ga i P et a ni . W e v ot e d f o r D ato Dr .S ubr a m a nia m to
hel m t he Rot a r y C l u b O f Ba nd a r Su n ga i P e t an i . Be i n g a c ha r t er m em ber , w e
had a n i mpor t a nt m i s s i o n of i nc r e a s i ng m em b e r s hi p .

The pa s s i on t o s er vi ce ab ove s e l f a nd
t he Fou r Wa y T es t hel p ed an d mo l d e d
me o f wha t I a m t oday b ot h i n m y
per s o nal a nd p r of e s s i ona l l i f e . M y
"Service above
mos t me mor ab l e ev ent wa s i n Kua l a
Ket i l ( a medi ca l cam p) wh e n I
self and the
pr e s en t ed a w h eel c ha i r t o a man wh o
wa s i n a whe el c ha i r w hi ch was b ad l y
Four Way Test
ma i nt a i ned , t i l l h e h ad t o dr ag hi s
f oot o n t he g r ou nd w hen he pu s he d
helped and
t he wheel s . S eei n g i t , I i mme di a t e l y molded me of
s e nt t wo f r i en ds t o S ung ai P e t a ni
and t hey br o ug ht ba ck a b r an d n e w what I am
whe el chai r w h i ch was r ep l a ced wi t h
hi s ol d one . M or e p r oje ct s co nt i n u ed today"
and 2 ye ar s l at e r , I b eca me t he
s e co nd Pr es i d ent Of RCB SP.

I r ea l l y enjoye d t he con ven t i on s a nd t he i n t er na t i o n a l r o t ar y f am i l y t hat

we met . Amon g t h e coun t r i es ar e Au s t r a l i a, T hai l an d , I n di a , In don es ia a nd
S i ngapor e. I n I ndi a w e t ea me d up w i t h t h e V e l or e R ota r y Cl ub a nd
pr e s en t ed t ab l e s , c hai r s an d s ho e s t o n ee dy s t ud e nt s .

I n Rot a r y I nt er n at i on al , I was a l s o a me mb e r o f t h e R o ta r y Ac tio n Gr ou p fo r

Peace . I enj oy ed ever y p o s i t i o n he l d i n di f f er en t ca t eg o r ie s in Ro ta r y.
S adl y , I ha d t o r ef us e n omi n at i o n f o r A s s i s t an t G o ve r n o r po s t beca u s e it
co nf l i ct ed wi t h m y car eer cal e n dar . M y b es t e n jo y ed pa r t i n R o tar y i s th e
f el l ow s hi p wh i ch b r i n gs b ack f o n d me mo r i es . T han k y o u.

1. False. 37 years after the first proposal to allow female members into Rotary, on
May 4, 1987, the US Supreme Court ruled that Rotary Clubs could no longer
exclude women from membership on the basis of gender.
2. Service above self
3. True. On 23 February 1905, Harris, Gustavus Loehr, Silvester Schiele, and Hiram
Shorey gathered at Loehr’s office in Room 711 of the Unity Building in downtown
Chicago. This was the first Rotary club meeting.
4. Shekhar Mehta. President 2021-22. Rotary Club of Calcutta-Mahanagar. West
Bengal, India.
5. 3 years
invested before being returned to the District?
5. How many years are the donations to the Annual Fund
4. Who is the current Rotary International President?
3. Rotary is the world's first service organization. True or false?
2. What is the current Rotary motto?
or false?
1. Women have been allowed to join Rotary since 1964. True
Rotary Trivia
Health & Lifestyle

Your head should not be titled Position top of monitor at eye level,
back or too far forward, a slight directly in front of your body, about
forward tilt is acceptable. an arm's length from your eyes.

Upper back straight

with shoulders relaxed
at your sides. Use a keyboard & mouse
that is designed to be
ergonomically correct.
Backrest should support Keep the mouse close to
the natural curve of the the keyboard to minimize
lower back. reaching.

Adjust the height of

the chair so the
knees and hips are
90 Degree.

How sitting harms the body

9hrs., 20 min. Moderate to Electrical activity in the leg muscles shuts
vigorous off.
per day
physical Calorie burning drops to 1 per minute.
activity Enzymes that help break down fat drop by
Low-intensity 90 percent.
45 mins
physical activity
per day.
6hr., 30 mins AFTER 2 HOURS:
per day Good cholesterol drops by 20 percent.

Get up and move

The recommended 30 minutes of activity
per day are not enough.
Interrupt sitting whenever you can:
Walk around the office.
TWO CHANGES TO MAKE Take the stairs
Adjust the seat
Walk to co-worker instead of
Sitting at 135 degrees puts less strain on your lower back
than hunching forward or even sitting straight. messaging.


Herbs Cacao nibs Dates Bee Pollen


Romaine Carrots Sweet

Spinach Brocolli

PROTEIN ( 1-2 Tbsps)

Nuts Seeds Peanut Butter

FRUITS ( 1/2 - 1 Cup))

Apple Dragon Orange Banana


Kiwi Grapes Mango

LIQUID BASE ( 1 - 1 1/2 Cup))

Cocunut Water Cocunut Milk Nut Milk

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