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FOR THOS. OF' YOU WHa, MAY NDT BI IFAMIUAA. WIII'IH MY PREVIDUS ODK5~ifl Rd. DaJ'~ Ci\.W1HDW" Qp_nd'l71r1f. rhe £~wOO book ~fl lilt: IXirh .D:ad s.t:'.ri~ Hf books, I go irlHl ~~l1y some p~(jpJt: fia<il,l{:[[ iug r i('~ easier than ochers.

Rim Dnd'.l ell SH r LO\lY Qlm.dmm ~ ~ tbe mesc i mporcant of m.¥ brl{~'k;; fur people 'vk'IJi \'4!1U m make ehtll1,!l~ii in their "vel'>, Som~ of rbe terms used hem will ~:erer ~~ j th~' ~i;!mm; ~JI ~hi~ Q/t,;,dl'{l,ll1:

E - srunds fur t'mptu}'c;e

S - stands fur smJlI~bu!iJl1l'!iS person, self-ern plo}'c,:'o or Sj'JI,."{' i :.1 i sr

B ~tantl<; fC)l LJJg~bU5Hll'~5 ~h, I Ll,.'r~ such as l)t)n~ ld Trump

I ~ stands fnr i r}\ esn II

Why Network Marketing?

When IflJ:~~ hl.:a!'d about neework marhti [lB, .1 VIlas Yb>:ll~ fI sr it, Bu t nfl:et open ~ng Ill}' IfIl i nd, ] began ~() Slec: ~dlvantase_~. ~hrjt k-w OfhE~ business opporfLJU-1ltir."S offer. ~-r:ern'! success i I'l i.ife- L~ .1 I"Cf:I~,("([Ofi of you.r celuca[ion, liff experjence ~od personal cbamceer, ~hn~r network markefimg companies pro. 'iltdepef:!::nfltl.l~lt'vt;lio'prn.cr'lr fr,_i[ling ~ 1!1 ehose L;Y~l'12a~.

Maser ~d]CH~I!j. rrai 11 pe.op~1" h!f the Eor S Ip IlLdrnin'>, and (Ilfrt ~l> grear i h+D(~ m.' she 'lllhldmm!> in wh~dl }TI(J! wanr H1 i5;I:JIi:tld y<lLlf life., M~ l\:lBA prU.I;l:llllli are [L<linin!!; ~;tu .. dents ror l~i.J!h-pOi~dng joh~ in [h. corPOl'"lII.1l: \l,If~rlci ~ ,HI E. til11[ il :B.


N,eti:work M r,koling: The Indbst..,. IeI' Poop,lo Whlllll' Want: IQ 'Cli1H1iUtg e The IF lIv

\.'V hac I f you're in ~he- E IN :; qlilldrorntfl ~Cld jffJll wanr to dlange-?

Wh~~t ~f you WIUII ro IX' ill the B qua,drl'lillr'Wh~rt" 00 ~'OO llruJ du: ~dL!l~ti(ln thiU [rni[l~ ytlH for tmn qum:lr.1lm;t [ rfallITlml,.i"Ki 11 aerwork milfk"~fufig business, I recDrn'lm.~[ld d'MO ioous;cr)' fur rx."\-apJ!,: v, .. hu Wil'l][ In change, and ger th~: jll.'a~l>1!ry ~ki~h itnd att~rnclt' nniU1illg co b~ ,sllocessfl!Jl in tl1~ B quadrane,

.Bt'Lng an ~mrt:p:rcruruI ii'lnd building $. Fi-(ilJ.ulnmr business is one 'lIf [Ix' [olIghe~~ d',[~.H!;ng!l~ apersen QlfI f:.lkt: on, Thft reason I.lilere ure I'Jlgtt; pi"op,lt' in dH: E mild 5 qtl<ldml1fS is. ~impl)' bt,,';,1I1lSC:' rlsose qnad~ rants are Je.~~C~!TI;;I~xIJ[l,fl dun the B ~1~1.~d1r(Lnt.1li.~ [hey '''y, ~If iii: wr;~ iI.~liS)', (rYeI)'OJle wnukl do Lt."

] had [0 learn how 'to OVI:ITOlTle' my s:elf.cloLlbr, shyll.le~ and fear of J'Cj~'HIOtl. And l had m 1e;'ufl:1i how to pick myself up iUld krep goi rig afeer I railt:d. These III!'e same of [hr: personal erairs a p~"~utl I'TlLJ.!;t ,*v,hJp if dlCY are to be sU~Lt.~~fl!1 in a B-quadmnll bU.l~il"'l~~ •• Vj1l1dl!!f J[ i~ l'llltnw:I!k nnillketing business, iI. fl'ln~hi!it!· or [111 e-ntrep.l1:'rn(:yria~ starr IUP,

A~ imporraru l;.'oI;'oorm.l sbU required for:llly iB-qIlaJr-;mt bU!!lj'm:ss i~ !t:!l.do::riih ip, Are Y(J(! {lbJc ro ovtt[-{"om~ you r fetLt:. m.r1d have ethers oller-Co.DD~ dll~ur rear.o ttl b;'1!' [be job dnllt:'? 'n~is is .~. skill the .Marifit Corps umg]u I~e" A~ .Mari ru! COfpt'l officer.., i( wus i mpr:Tllcive d~ot~ we were able m le:;Jd miler!;, iuw barrle, even ~hfiU.!r'lh wewercsll ~er,riiied or dyill8.


Why Network Marketing? giving yourself 8T}DU 11 time. esc are g ou pOints to cooslder_

O-anal~'5 Trump s Respoostl I agree that leadmsilip qualities. Me erltlcal fur success, ¥OU

Marketmg is a IIDwerful to.ol. and network markeNr1g £:,fI1 definitely h If to fi ve a take charye, call-do atntude.

lflcfease-that power: provided you're sett-motivalQd. In a slmple As with iJfl:Y other l.lOdl!rtaklng. know everythmg ~rolJ can buut

vlsual, see pfO\luc.t and remove the adllertlsing ,....----------. wha\ ~ou're doing berore you bagan, NetJ.-vorJ(

agencyfmm It 11'8 up to you to do the marketHlg marketing has proven itself 0 be a \ri8ble and

and ad\lsrtl '"9 rewar 1I1g source of Income, aM the challenges

That's a big Job but it can be done It you're coujd be justnghl far yOll There- have been some

pasSlonale Ilnough to gBt gOIng on your own and to remark.abla examples Iif success, and thnse

keep the momentum and moti'iatlon going at a high successes halle been earned tl'lrollgh dlllgence,

level H requires an ntrepreneuria[ splrlt and that enthusiasm and the right nrodue combined

means focus aM perseverance. , don t r commend with timing As wtlh so m8J1Y ISSUes, there am

network marketing to people who ar not highly- tangibles ant! the lntangibles Involved but success

self-motivated 15 not a 1ota! mystery, and tlla appliBs to ne work

Another ImportBnt aspect of network marKetlng ls Ihai it's marketlng, as wem

Inherently soclal, so If you're not a social or outgruog person ld Most people have heard of focu groups, a reSAal'cl1 tool

Hlink tWIce about going IfItil it SociabWliy I a requremem. advertlsl!lg agencies use, When they're testing a new prorlu~t

Just I ke 10 ad'VertlSlng there s no pc rtt In haY! 9 a fantastic ttley go 10 different locations and ImplV ask everyday pooilia

advertisIng campalgn if the product Is unequall~ fantastic Also, what they Ilke and don't hke about liew product It's best if ~ou

keep in mll'ld that I' you deckle 10 become a distributor, you II be can Keep the focus group toea close at hand when decidmg.

l.ega~y reSJXlltSible for the claims yoo make about tile product about a product Just nseausa v.ou like It noesnt mean everyone

too company and the ava Ia.Ws OIJPortunlles But above all ise will, Pimlmg a common denominator In product ppeal

mal<8 -sure the product ~ wortH your energy andlDtal OO'votion. win matter'.

Oth8rw~. you GOuld be ooergetjcafly spinning you wheels My advice about network marketing is. to do your research and

Robert mentions the tmportance of gOOlg..beyond y-our comfort put everything you \If! got Into your product. Genume en1hu.~asm

zone whet! ft to twork marketing. He also mentions is har{1 to beat, and the odds wlll be with you.

I rneer itIl!1.IlY ['~nl='1l~ m the S 'gl.llld'ro.n~~, rhe speeialisrs or m.LUbusiness o ..... ners, wllcl wou.ld like [Q expund, IlLJt d"~y simp~y m,d:

It'adt'[5ilip bkilhs. No [jill: W tuts· jallow dl.t'm. 1l1~ eml'loyt:~ do nm tmS~ thei r je!!.der, or [btc> ,l.IHJ.di'" does nm itl~plr~ rhe employees m btl ref themselves,

Forlm defined [I. big·-h~!\if1f!_~:!l owner, a [l-qutu!'r. m business o .... nd."r, as a person who controls 11 business with mOR' rhan )()U !.:mployces. This definition is .... ,11~, fe'ldership skills aee 'o'ieill fOd' ehe B ~i lJad rant,

'\1' here can you nod <! business th.l.Jl( will invest t[u; time III YOllr ~-d\l~'all:illfl, ~'ou.r persona! deve~opmcnt fJt1d I:mi Id Lng ~'OlLr own h'll~iL1l~S5? The answer is m~~ nerwork murkering businesses.

lead' Is (here Oil. ycry rich persoa msidt: me. re-..tdy ro !;,of'Imc mDt?" [,. tnt: uaswer Is yes, stun Inuking kll' a I:ltT\li\ork milrk_e,r~ng bU5in~s~ [hat hasa gn:~.!c ti'llinillg 1 rogrnm. 1 willi ocus f~ss, 01'1 ~ht' produc[§, or the (Qmpell'S11r ion plans, and mort: nn tne OOUC a tlo.tl rLne! pt'.rronnol developmenr program the company offers,

A netWork markering bLd~iflCSs is II B-lcllliL Imne business bt"('Oju~ ire meers several cri Bt!ri01 ~n .Iook fur i Ii .~. bus lness or i n\·t"lltlTl~ nr, Those crlwri . ar ~

LI,;\'I:I JH,f' r In I rrn m [1dl~ r r~Of'l(· 10 .... urk It,r mt'~

, C~lIlrrL,l: Do ( h.1VI·:1 I'rtlH'f N 'y~n' rhar bt-Iong, rn me Cr~ UiHIF \Vli1 rh husrncs .. :1110\\ me [0 h ~rt-.UI~t' • and Jl ~'d"p mr ,1\'\'11 personul ~(}'I!' and raluln~

f. !":'l"anJ Ibd irv: Can m~ h Isil1"~s; blf( \\ loJdirJIfdrl

., per ..Ill t~hiljr}"l~ m~ incorn, rr~JL urblr It I dn .... nJ[ .~

(:xj"ICr 'd I L\)~I If I m ~'I C"'i!'> ~JI. und h ~ '::"pLnJII~

rn bu incs ,\\111 m, lll.UULIl inc n.L!>!.' WlllL rIl)' ~U ... C(:'i- .tntl hard \\or!.::)

Net,wDrlil: Mar eting is a B·Gu dr3n Business.

J:luilding IL B....qU.ildirnm business i:s not 111, t'tuy rask. So )'Ou. fi'I.' :d 00 asb;; yourself, ~Uo l have wluu ~r mk'fsr Am I willing '[)(I go beyond my curnfort i!fYIlL;;S~ Am I willing M b· k"(.l ,Lrod willing rn k:Oitri t'O


[ nrn oflefl askecl if !1tr'i'l'ork mw.rkt:ting is it pyramid S(;ht'iil(.', My rt:ply is dlat ctlfpo(-;;Irions o}J)1!' rt:ally pyrnmid scht:ml", A cerporation h~.s. .un~}' I:1m:: pL!!,~J)JI in the mp, I~p!t.:rll~ty c:lile· CEO. lind tVE[~'(lne lse b -!uw.

A rrue ncrwoek m:tl~b:lti~ buslne .'~ i·s rhc exact op,pt~~it(.' of a traditional bm;inc:'l mod I, Til' network ITH.l.fkctil'l.Ll buslness is ,J.l'!I.~nfil Pt;) bJ:irlJ:l ~IOU m tin top [lOC ke~p you i.lt the ixlmlm .. 1\ rr e n [work marketing bmifiClis dol'S nor succeed unless ir brUl~rs f'IOO'ple m i'llI:: ~(Ir,


1. Tux breaks increaee. By 5l'Mtin,g u nerwork markerlng busiflt"-':is JI1 your Spnltt' rime am! ket:ping Four ,'egl.il::lf iub, )~OO

begin [Q gain rhe: tax advanrag s nf (11, rich. 1\ P eson \ jell il lJiII.rlE-rinrn: business call hlkt' more rax lIedlJ.u,ifDm th:m emplo,l'~1' n. For f'x.Jmplc. you may be able w dl:'cim:E car f'XjJf'llf'>e:!l. !l:~l~oliU1("'. some meal» unci enterminmene. Obviousl)". )!OU L1e~J [0 chl;' lot with your CPA Ior exscr rulings on yulH' siruerioa, and [he cose of ynur ellA is tax dedw::ltible. J[I orher w.[].i'd,~. die Io;0'i'('[firnent wil] .!'iivl:' ybiJ a CI'.I.)( bEt'Elk for aJ'\Ii,Ct' llhllut how re pay less in Hll!:eS.

2. Ieet li lee-mind d people, Wht.'ll 1 starred our, I11!O)( of mJ' E -qll adrllm f,icm]s the ughe I was nucs, They am tel nor U1odt.'r irand why I dli·d ntlt wanr [he s,[eaJy jub er ,~n.~dy p.ayc.llle~.k. SD one liml'po~tm!i1!; pnrr of becolYlling ;1 a [5 [(} surround },tUl~~!I;lf wirh jlfh.er people wll¢) rut' B5-. nJ ] wane }'jl!.J 11] become 1] e,

3. Giv,' your-sellJ ""fl1e. h rnkes rime [0 bt: ~LB(Ol;.'e.s:sfll.l ill an}'

VOLUME 2 ISSUE.:2 'I'OlJli i!u$IN~5 ;iV'


Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki are concerned.

Their concern is that the rich are getting richer, but America is getting poorer.

Donald and obert want yo l t b rich.

of rhe cl,uflldr:Hit:s. JLlst ;:LS ut rakes clrne ro d j mb ro rhe m I' of the wrl)[l,r~,u!' ~,~,(kl~r .. ~ nn E 1111' tJt'(."1:agn e ~ !> urcessfu I doc lOr Dr lawyer in rhe : quadranr, ic rakes time and dedicarion W b ·~UI'Ilt:'lKn·:i~fu! in rh B quadranc, [II: II:Dok me ~' 'H~ hefurc I buill II S.lll;C~:l.s;ful B-q\l.l~lrn,nt business. !iu ~!V1L' yourself time. I'Ilallow ar 1~IISt' Ii v · },tl.r:; to k .. ulil and develop into a Hql,l a~l ru n r person,

-1, N'f't wt~t,km,!fl, rIf,;;,c ti ng on mpan i,e'!io inc p~Lt lenc, DUll.' o f [he' beaueles (Jf 11 nerwork nnrkt't,illl,1o:' bml[Jf55 is that if will invesr in yuu, CVl,;11 if ~'oll'r(;r not ~u(o[I?SS· ful. ]11 rhe ot:orfJ'iI!l'iUt' world, If yOllire 110t sucrex .. Ful in six months ro u '~;U., }'IlLU

strt' Oft~jl :F1~ed, 111 rhe nerwork m!l[hdng wnrkl, as 1(11Vl .:15 }'OU'IBC' wHlilflil [0 pm In ~!le rim!:", fll0~1 '~lrnl'!!ll'l;j,;~ will wQ~ with y<!U in ¥llur ~1i:"dllpml.'iU, A.ftr.:T al]; thC)' want }'rlll m gel ru the EO ,

5. Lever j:lc til y (ems already il1 place. The e S)' [I!ffi. are 1Ilrc~ldy tried and PW\'t'l1, which allows. )'ot] to hut che gl'lll!ncl running instead of rrying co build Itlt' il.~er~,~1 :ty~!:~'m~ of:l nl."W' company.

In Conclusion

After ~JP 'l'Iirl~ my duttl.:d mind, l could lina]]~r see som~ ohlw lJiliqm: l1(!"IH::fi('S the network mllrke'cilll,!,l inclusrry ufft'rli p 'ojll wlm want ITH)r(' {) It 0 [heir lives.


Generally, ir cesrs much less w gn srarreel if I .i Iil!:"t ..... uril:: mUf~dil1!! cumpany dUIil [0 build a business on your own,

'jlth lI'll'" j, !rI (~'l11'; Jr>JIIJ [("'!(rt arW Vrlt! lid', ,I(II·/I. .. "l :VI\~· \X'< \\am ,,",,1111) lit R',Il. I,!, /'Iihil. • • ./1 itl' 11" I n/,j'lI'l!I '!f lil.i.t, (>, I" JIll ,',jIlt'1 NI,/! p"w,.lm, , I.,LC . ( Ii/')Y,· "" .~ !1I'()(i P} f),iH_l!.!'/_ T~",,Il .lId Rulln'} I\J\',IJJ.J, nil

p. 1'1 t l '1 '){ . ,/', is till! I'H} J''jJlllfilJlI oj d,~ .-l m~'r/- 1.11,' 11M'rr rWn, it 8"d.lIMI~ ,f II t,.'tlJrl'Jil ~·,l9.d ~j rm,I~( , h/l ,'tJI ,H,,, J'I't,lul'llhlW .1" tI" 1II~.r 1"j"/J,~JI'/jJ. 'I.II1UlIJlI, arl,1 "'" 1'1;,1/1 w.Jif)' .i ",'1/11' tbcm .. 'I1· rI~' J.o,,,,.IJ-J'Ol,, .. , lui l'I}lh tIl ,1111, ikJ ,''d/l''( '('11(,',1' 'f.,l.' r'. rr/.m/, [',,..1 \1 Nil ,l'r i)Ir/f.,,'.,,I.lf,lf-,,-LJ,4" (lull m ~'"ltI {! • ..',b HI ..

• m.! ..I" P.'/"I 1mmp r,t"r-~.il;~n.J! fI..t I ".,J T.rnl 111 d ~d"prIJ,m N! nJlI.<JI, Hili"!}" .Iii 11,/ Ir ,'!I~J"g f,rJ! r (,rJ"I~ •• !>r.1 "It ',m,!" r., ul,. "-I'Cd In 1;, ,1l1,mJ, ".ftt. I h" 1,1U'.~ jilP 8 ,~t, II tbc [woJ.'lI'oI·Wl.JftJ 1.11 anc LY,-,f'mdrr<r {II I,,t/,Ii-I.I.I tuo« /.i, h,,!.,. 1 fT" Appa rmce, .''IJ .11>11"1" '1

Ih, 1111, rtf ~'I" 'Ll/ r ,,,/,,,1, '. (, ~I , tI. r I ,.,' il r !I'" .md ,1111,"'''1 '''I/f' '/,<,il~/1 m~ "I "mil, a".1 ',;l/ , 1'lu.,~d.J"';I/~r" I,~" !~. rrIJtftu'(' '01111 I~') ,ru,t HlJ , ,tw~ }1\ ,.. II ... j;', 'r!' ,,!II •.. I1i~lhd U /I 1m, . R u h I)~,I IlC"lr 1)1101, /JIlUiJA,,/ N' 1·1f.} , h" b,le( rb, 'Of ~""'I "ll ri'{' ~.., rw Yur], I i m ,(. 'I ,1/ rIm Jor m.I./} I ,,'Jr. H'JII tarnl i~11 <16 loirKlI.,st'

1'1./ j "t,MII r« ,)7 , .. ~'u/fJ") r/I( R1Cb DIlJ llr! , IIrJ '11'( lim tlMlI ::h 1~1{1Jr.': flJI!lr, IA rldtvtd« ,IIlJ /',/ J.,. m",' ./. ,,' .11 r IIJII .n "JI A",I. ,1£'Jl",l{,,/. '"w/, ,\mc'''" 'l-J':\WI, "'lid, il/rl(J ,m.l e, I'(,p. 11 I~H, 1'/rlfMft, 'lIIgl,-/~III",Jh ,l',lh~J!,<'" ,mJ ,hlR~eJ II II. ilt rom ,j .'llh, IJ Jroll/Jd II., u "j'/,' {b,,~t (,jf,"ilt "'~i"""'), VB

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