Robyn s P.O.V: Sam climbed up the mainmast, all of a sudden and embraced me.

I figured out a way to get you free. he whispered joyously into my ear, and I whirled around surprised. You re joking, what is it? I demanded, grabbing his shirt collar. No. If you re married, he ll let you go. I waited, not thinking he was serious. I m waiting. I said impatiently and he groaned. That was it. If you re married. I let my shoulders drop and I turned back to face the stern of the ship. What s wrong? Are you okay? he asked, putting a hand that was supposed to be comforting on my shoulder but I shook it off. No. I m not okay, of course there s something wrong. I don t want to get married; I want to be back home. I miss my family Sam. He sighed. Then why are you pushing me away? he demanded and I just shook my head. I need to be alone right now. I m sorry. I ll talk to you tonight. I murmured, and kissed his cheek. Thank you. I said, and slid down the mainmast, heading for my prison but Jack stopped me. What do you want? I snapped and he took my hand. I tried to take it back but he wouldn t let that happen. No, no, no, calm down love. That got me. Don t call me love anymore. I m not and you already have had the mind to kidnap me and not let me go! You won t let me out like ever and when you do it s to make me work like a dog, it s like you don t give a shit - He cut me off. No. Don t ever say that. All I ve ever hoped is that you are safe and happy. You know

that family that I took you from? Well they kidnapped you from your real family. I was told to kidnap you and to keep you safe by your grandfather, and I can t disobey him because he controls the sea. You don t anger William Smith. I glared at him and he glared back. He pulled me into my prison and locked the door. Who the fuck is William Smith? I demanded and he laughed. You ll find out eventually. But for now, I think you re better off going to school for a month or so and then you ll really appreciate my ship and the accommodations I provide. I could be a mean, mean captain and take your innocence too but no, I can t do that to you. I continued to glare. You put me in school and I won t hesitate to kill you in your sleep my first night back. He laughed. I ll have to remember that for when you figure out how to make me let you go. he said sliding one hand onto my back. Sam figured it out, but I don t think he s being serious. So I ll just wait until you tell me. I murmured, sliding myself out of his grasp, and going to look out the window. What do you want? It s almost summer, I ll give you anything but freedom and no school. he said, trying to be seductive. You mentioned a family, my real family, I want to meet them. What do they do? Where do they live? What happened when I was kidnapped the first time? I need to know. I said, placing my palms onto the glass that was blocking me from freedom. Of Course, just a second. Jack disappeared on deck and what he called surprised me. Set course for Fortune Bay, Newfoundland. in a second, he was back. Now, your family.

he murmured. I didn t move from the window, and I heard him sit down in his chair, propping his feet up on the table. Who are they? was my first question. Your family consists of Jack and Elizabeth Smith. You are their second child out of four now I believe. Your older sister s name is Anya and you have two younger brothers, named Jacob and James. Your birth name is Alayna. They live in Fortune Bay and they still have people looking for you, yet their looking for an Alayna, not a Robyn Grey. Are you sure you want to visit them? Because they won t know who you are. he warned and I whipped around and slapped him before he could stop me. Now you ve done it. I growled and barreled my way out of his cabin, dashing up into the crow s nest before he d be able to catch me and as I looked out into the distance, I saw land. I knew it wasn t Newfoundland but I d get home somehow and this was my best bet. I grabbed a rope and swung out, falling into the ocean with a splash. Jack s P.O.V: I was brought out of my reverie when I heard a splash. Oh shit. I exclaimed, getting up and running out on deck. She jumped ship! Who knows how to swim? I called and Sam, the newly turned pirate nodded. Okay, you re not going but Marty! I have to obviously go get the girl, direct the ship towards us. If you do, extra rum tonight for everyone. I said, and he took the helm immediately. I jumped into the water and began to swim. It didn t take me long to reach her and when I did, she looked surprised. Why so surprised? You knew I d come after you. I murmured, placing my switchblade

at her neck. Because I thought I d get farther than I actually did. I didn t realize you were such a fast swimmer. It s not your fault, I underestimated you. she snapped and then a line was thrown down from the ship for her. Go on up missy, it s tied up in my cabin. I grinned and she tried to slap me again but I grabbed her hand and wrapped her fingers around the rope. Go on, and also, no visitors for a week. she glare at me and I laughed as she was pulled up. As soon as she was up, I climbed up the side and Marty was waiting for me with a dry jacket. Thank you Marty. Now, is the girl in my cabin? I asked and he nodded. Yes, Pintail wanted to help her change. he made a face. Take the helm and find a ship to raid. Also, we need to stop into a non - modern port to find her some new breeches and shirts. I also need a new shirt and she needs a pair of boots. Make sure they are in my room as soon as possible. We re close to Port Hope aren t we? Marty nodded. Aye, set course for Port Hope then? and I nodded. Aye, Port Hope. We re going to have a penny pincher this time so loads of rum for us tomorrow night. Marty grinned. Thank you and now get to work. I snapped and strode into my cabin to see Pintail falling onto the floor and Alayna looking very pleased with herself. Pintail get out. Now. I ll handle her. Pintail scrambled up and out of the cabin. I locked the door behind him. Did you really mean no visitors? she asked crossing her arms and sitting down in the chair she d begun to claim as her own, and I nodded.

Trust me, it s either you re part of the crew or you re a prisoner and if you re part of the crew then you sleep with them too. You swimming was the last straw. My patience is being tried and there is only so much I can do to not hurt you but once my patience is gone, whatever I want from you I won t hesitate to take it from you so be careful with how you go about things. the instant I said that, I saw her eyes fill up with coyness. Can we just keep things like they are and if I try to escape again you can lock me up in the brig and keep me as a real prisoner? she asked, trailing her fingers up my arm, then winding both of her arms around my neck. Was it possible for this girl to be any more beautiful than she already is? Give me a real kiss and I ll agree to your terms m love. I said huskily. As you wish Captain Black. and she gently pressed her soft lips against mine. A few seconds later her tongue was begging for entrance that I willingly gave her, but a few seconds after that she pulled back and retreated to the other side of the room. Whatever you want, you will get but whatever you get, there s no going back. I murmured and she just climbed onto the bed and hid herself underneath the sheets. Neither of us moved until we heard a knock on the door and I strode over and as I opened the door, her head shot up from underneath the blankets. Am I allowed to talk to Robyn? asked her friend Sam and I nodded. As long as you re not planning any funny business. I smirked and I noticed a new ring on his right hand. Oh shit. He d figured it out. I m not; I just want to help her. Robyn, come here please? he asked her politely and she got up, crossing the room and embracing him.

I want to go home. she whimpered and he didn t let go of her, just tightened his grip. How badly do you want to go home? he asked and she looked him straight in the eye. I d do pretty much anything. she replied softly. Does pretty much anything include marriage? Because if you want to go home, the only way is if you re married. Something to do with you being safe and shit. Will you marry me? he asked and my eyes almost popped out of my head. Robyn, well, she wasn t so thrilled, or surprised. I m not going to let you marry someone you don t love. That s not the point of marriage. I m not letting you do that to yourself. I d never seen someone so selfless. No wonder William didn t want her getting hurt. What if I told you I wanted to? he asked fire in his eyes. Then I d say why. she replied, a want in her eyes. Because I m in love with you Robyn. he admitted. Finally! It s taken you what? Three months? I exclaimed and both of them snapped their heads at me, and began to glare. Then I d say no. Because I don t love you. she replied and I was taken aback, I d been almost positive that she d say yes. Robyn Darling, we re almost to Port Hope, and we have some shopping to do, so Sam, if you wouldn t mind going to help your fellow crewmates dock the ship, that would be much appreciated. 2 Months Later in Fortune Bay NL. Alayna s P.O.V: As Fortune Bay came into view, I began to get excited. I hadn t really believed that Jack

would keep to his word but he had and we were here. You excited to meet your real family? asked Sam as he slid his arms around my waist. Are you kidding? I can t wait, but Jack said I m not allowed to use either of my names so at the moment, my name is Alan and I m not allowed to be like hey! I m your missing daughter cause Jack still won t let me go. There s a shitload of rules I have to follow which is a pain in the ass but I m getting to meet my real family so that s a bonus. Sam smiled and kissed the top of my head. I want to come with you but Jack s afraid we d elope. Also, we re not staying longer than Jack needs to. Apparently, you and a crew member, I don t know which one, is staying here for a month because you re going to school and so you can get to know your family. Apparently Jack already has your bag packed. he sighed. Wait, I have to go to school? You re joking me. I scoffed. He wouldn t make me go to school, would he? I asked and Sam grimaced. Apparently so. Go talk to him, sort things out. I don t want you being unhappy. Jack s P.O.V: I saw Sam fly up the rigging just as I came out of my cabin with the bag full of stuff for Alan onshore. She was gonna be pissed at me when Sam told her my plans. Alan! Time to go! Otherwise you re not going! I called and she was next to me in an instant with her hands behind her back. I didn t forget this time. she muttered while I clapped the cuffs on her wrist. Good, you didn t. I said smirking and led her into the longboat. Sam, you re in charge and Marty, keep an eye on him and don t let him off this ship. If you don t leave, we ll stay an

extra night to get rid of our hangovers, savvy? Their response was a cheer. On Shore, Alan s P.O.V: I could barely sit still as we docked and Jack looked like he was close to killing me, again might I add. Sit still, you re rockin the damn boat. he snapped, tying it up and hopping out and helping me out, then pulling out the sack. What s the sack for Black? I asked smiling. You, it s the new clothes I bought for you in Port Hope last time we were in there. You re staying here for a month, I thought you might wanna get to know them. I just stared in shock. Oh my god, you actually have a heart. I managed to get it out without stuttering as he unlocked my cuffs. I m full of surprises aren t I? he said smiling and put one hand in mine and the other to swing the sack over his shoulder. Follow me. We walked through the town, getting quite a few odd looks from citizens and ended up at a house on the water that was a light blue and there was a truck occupying the driveway. Jack and I walked up the steps, knocked on the door and waited. When the door opened, it was a young girl who Jack seemed to know. It hadn t occurred to me that Jack might actually know the family quite well. Jack! she exclaimed and gave him a bear hug. Anny! How are you? he asked, wrapping his arms around her then almost immediately released her.

Wonderful! Come in! Mother s home and so are the boys. Father should be home soon. Whose this pretty girl you got with you? said Anny and Jack grinned. I ll introduce her to the family altogether aye? he suggested and she nodded, stepping back so we could enter. She led us to the living room and we sat down, making ourselves comfortable. Mom! James! Jake! Jack s here! she called and all of a sudden, it sounded like elephants were coming down the stairs followed by softer footsteps that I assumed was my mother s. Two young boys appeared and jumped onto Jack followed by an older woman that resembled a lot like Anny. Jack, how wonderful to see you again. she smiled gently and a few seconds, the front door opened. Whose here? It s not usual everyone s in the living room. a deep voice rumbled into the room and Jack stood up, disentangling himself from the boys. Cap n Black sir. Jack looked right uneasy but the man barrelled through and gave him a hug. Nice to see you again Jack. Now whose the pretty little lass you brought with you? he asked and Jack laughed. Stand up girl. he ordered and I did, fixing my hat and crossing my arms. Jack, Elizabeth, Jake, Anya and James, this is my friend Alan. She s originally from Portugal Cove, so not too foreign. She s going to be staying in Fortune Bay for a bit and I thought she might feel more comfortable if she knew some locals. explained my Jack and James looked up. Alan, he began, walking towards me.

Yes James. I replied, and he put his arms up and so I picked him up. Can I tell you a secret? he asked and I laughed. Yes but it wouldn t be a secret if you don t whisper otherwise everyone else will hear it darlin . I reminded him and he grinned, putting his hands up to go around one of my ears. You look like Anny. he whispered and my smile disappeared into a sad expression. Why did that have to be a secret James? I whispered back and he began to be right serious. Because Mommy and Daddy don t like it when somebody says something like that. he replied and I nodded. Okay. I replied. Meanwhile, while we had been having our conversation, the adults, including Jack Black had been having their own conversation. It s settled then! I heard Jack my father declare. What s settled father? asked Anya and Elizabeth was grinning. Alan s going to stay with us. she exclaimed and Jake started to squeal and Anny scowled. Mom, Alayna is gone, move on. I have, I miss my sister but she s been missing for thirteen years. she ran upstairs and my eyes began to water. Elizabeth sighed and sat down in the nearest chair. Jack, you haven t seen my baby girl have you? she asked him, her voice lifeless. I have and I took her but she didn t know me and what I wanted to do and escaped. No idea where she is. She d be what? Sixteen now? he bullshitted and she nodded. What he didn t

notice was the fire in my eyes at the fact that he was lying to MY heartbroken mother at the loss of a child. Captain Jack Black, you - he cut me off. Outside now. he snarled and I put Jake down, following him out the back door. Jack and Elizabeth looked very confused. Once we were outside, we were standing one arm s length apart from each other. Don t say a word about who you are cause you re not staying any longer than a month and it d only hurt them. Better for them to think you re safe and happy, but they won t figure it out and you re not gonna say a word, right? he asked and I grimaced. I don t like this. I snarled and he laughed. It doesn t matter, I own you no so either cooperate or get in the brig. he growled and I raised my hand to slap him but he grabbed my wrist. You filthy bastard. I growled back. Just do as you re told and nothing will ever happen but if you don t, you won t survive to see a wedding day. I will tell you this once and no more. You may be Alayna but you re also Robyn Grey. Both are being searched for. If you blow this, I m in jail and so is my entire crew, including Sam. So if you screw up, you re screwing it up for the crew too. I just glared. Elizabeth s P.O.V: The Captain and Alan went outside and I opened the drapes. Alan didn t look very happy, and Jack looked annoyed. I thought they said they were friends. I murmured to my husband and I saw him shrug. I don t know honey, Alan though, he looks familiar. he replied and I looked at him

shocked that he hadn t realized. Alan s a girl Jack. and just as I said that we saw her hand fly up and Jack grab her wrist before it could hit his face. I gasped. She looks angry, I wonder why. pondered Jack and I nodded but Jake took my attention. Mommy, Alan looks like Anny. James says so too. I froze. Jake, don t bring this up again please. said Jack politely and Jake looked at him confused. You filthy bastard. we heard Alan exclaim and our heads turned back to the window. Are you sure you want Alan to live with us? I asked Jack and he nodded. Positive, I have a feeling Captain Black and Alan are hiding something big from us and if Anny can figure it out, then it s better off for us. he said decisively. When Alan and Captain Black returned inside after five more minutes of what looked like arguing, Alan looked like she was ready to kill and Jack had his ready to leave face on . Is everything okay? I asked Jack and he nodded. Everything is fine. Where s the room she ll be staying in? I d like help her settle in and then I must be on my way. he asked and I smiled. Up the stairs and it s the last room on the right. I replied and he swung the sack over his shoulder and clapped his other hand on Alan s shoulder. Come on. he almost seemed to growl. Alan s P.O.V: Get off of me. I snapped when we were out of Elizabeth and Jack s earshot.

Shut up before I take you back to the ship. he snapped back and shoved me into the room, closing the door. What s got you into this mood Captain? I snarled. Sit down. he demanded and so I sat on the bed. He came over and clapped his hands around my wrists. What? I snapped, annoyed that he had my wrists pinned to the bed and I couldn t slap him. Don t say a word about who you are or else I will come get you and you ll never get off my ship. Understand love? he snarled and I didn t speak nor move. Also, don t even think about getting with any boys here otherwise Sam won t be too happy. he laughed and then kissed me, running his hands up my arms and stopped on my cheeks. I tried to lean back to get away from him but he slid one hand down to the middle of my back. And it was just my luck to have someone open the door and gasp. I m sorry. the person exclaimed and Jack turned away but not freeing me. Don t be, I know I m not sorry for seein you. he covered and she shook her head. No, I wasn t apologizing for that, I was apologizing on walking in on you two. and I cut in before he could speak. I m glad you did. I said and then shot Jack a dirty look. Anny, it s a good thing you did because I have to be going very soon and otherwise I probably wouldn t have seen you before I left m dear. he stated and she smiled. Well, I m quite glad he s leaving. I muttered under my breath and she gasped. Why? she asked and I opened my mouth to answer her but Jack covered my mouth

with his hand. She s a bit vexed with me at the moment. he replied and I bit his hand which made him let go of me in order to examine his hand and I jumped up and retreated in front of the window. Damn you. he growled and I laughed. You already did. You damned me into a life of pi - he was up and had me in a headlock in a second from the moment I started speaking. You finish that sentence and you can kiss your freedom goodbye Alan. he whispered so she couldn t hear and speaking of Anny, she was looking quite shocked and confused. I m confused. I come in and you two are kissing and then five minutes you ve got her in a headlock for no apparent reason? she confessed sheepishly and I just crossed my arms. I was used to him doing this to me. He kissed me, just randomly. We re not together and never will be. And no he didn t kiss me because he has feelings for me, he kissed me cause he can mate. He doesn t love me, he barely likes me and he drives me up da wall m dear. I can t wait for him to be gone and I ll have some freedom for a bit. I explained and her shoulders sagged a little and she sat down on the bed. So how can you call yourselves friends? she asked and I laughed. We don t, he lied. How he knows me is a story that isn t told, but it s the easiest way for people not to ask questions. We don t like questions. I replied and I felt Jack s arm move from my neck to my waist. Jack, why do you lie? Basically every time you visit, you lie. she said, sounding hurt. I only lied this time because it s better this way. Trust me on this one Anny. It s much

better this way. and all of a sudden, my sister s eyes lit up with hope. You do know where she is! Oh Jack, please! Mom misses her baby girl so much and I miss my sister! Oh, please at least tell me where she is! she began to babble and he smiled, kissing the top of my head. She s in your heart m love. She s alive and she s safe but it ll be awhile before I ll be in her area again. Don t worry about her. She s fine. he lied partially and her shoulders sagged back down once more. Jack, don t lie. she murmured and he sighed. I wish I was, but I m not. I turned around and glared at him and unfortunately enough, he was still holding onto me. I can t believe you. I muttered and he caressed my cheek with his hand. You re just makin it harder and harder for me to leave darlin , bein all defensive and stuff. he murmured and so I changed my tactic, sliding my hand up his arm. Cap n, the faster ye leaves, the faster yer return is. I said softly and gave him a gentle hug. He returned the hug with a strong vigour that reminded me of Sam. I don t wanna leave,, but I have to. I ll see you on September 18th and enjoy school. he murmured, running his hand through my hair and stepping back. Are you sure you two aren t secretly dating or something? asked Anny and Jack laughed. Positive Annygirl. Jealous are yah? he asked and she shook her head. No just that s normal for him, I m not a fan but I ll do what I can to get him gone. If you were knowing of the situation, you d be with me on this. I said, sitting next to her.

You really don t like him do you? and I shrugged. I owe him and occasionally he owes me, so we deal with each other. You should see us when neither of us are in debt to each other.. Those are some fun times. I laughed and Jack ruffled my hair. You bitch! I exclaimed and jumped up, ready to hit him and he just kept laughing. I m leaving now, don t make me stay. I have things to do. See you in a month. he said, giving me a kiss, hugging Anny and going back downstairs. So will you tell me cause when Jack wants to keep something a secret, he ll go to extremes to keep it that way. she said, her voice full of curiosity. Another time maybe. Like I said, we don t tell the story very often. I said fairly and she smiled. Okay, cool, I have a party tonight if you wanna come? she asked me and I smiled. Will there be boys and booze? I asked and she nodded. Okay cool, I ll go with you. By the way, how old are you Anny? I asked her and she laughed. I m eighteen you? Sixteen, seventeen on December 18th. I replied and the excitement in her eyes dropped. That s Alayna s birthday. she murmured and I frowned. Whose Alayna? I asked, wanting to hear her version. Alayna is my sister who was kidnapped when she was three. I miss her so much. Jake was right though, if she was here, I d want her to look like you. I like to think that she misses me

but it s not possible cause what person remembers anything from before the age of 4? I know I don t. she said and I groaned. I swear to god Anny, she misses you, she misses the family that is biologically hers and she s looking for you guys. I was with Jack when he ran into her. She s fine and happy and can t wait to be free to make her own decisions. I replied honestly and she grinned. Really? She really said that? she exclaimed and I nodded. Yes, Anny, she did. Don t feel bad or angry at Jack, he had a bit too much to drink on the way here. I said and she laughed. Yeah, he always does because dad stresses im out a bit. she laughed and I grinned. I noticed, what was all that about anyway? I asked her and she smiled. Well, when, well I guess I should say, pop died was on Jack s ship. Jack was here and Pop wanted to sail Jack s ship so Jack, knowing Pop let him but the ship s crew mutinied and killed him. My dad has never forgiven him for that. she replied and I giggled. His crew would totally do that! I exclaimed and she looked at me curiously. I ve been livin on his ship for like nine months now, trust me, his crew loves him and where other people in the past have tried to take Jack s ship before then they probably didn t want that happening again. I explained and she nodded. So, Alan, what s that short for? she asked and I gulped. It s just Alan. I grew up with all boys so I don t actually know my full name. I replied, smiling when it was pretty much all true. Not a bit of a lie. I don t understand why anyone wouldn t know their full name, I mean in school they d call out your first name. she pondered and this time I had to lie.

I d always hack onto the school s computers and change my name to Alan. After a while, it showed up as Alan. I d lied and she nodded. I m sorry, I m asking a lot of questions aren t I? she asked and I smiled. Not at all, it s a nice change from being ordered around and no one giving a shit about how you feel. I muttered and I turned to look out the window. And that s when I was surprised, Sam was standing underneath the window. I must ve gone rigid. Are you okay? she asked warily and I nodded. I m more than okay, my best friend from the crew is outside. I cries and opened the window, jumping out and landing behind him. Miss me Sam? I murmured and he jumped, turning around and his face lit up. Oh my god you scared me. And yes, I did miss you, a lot. Are you good here? he asked and I nodded. It s some sort of freedom. I m fine. I love Anny already just I don t like how I can t tell them the truth. I whimpered the last part and he wrapped his arms around me. Don t worry, once I get you free you ll never have to worry about Captain Jack Black ever again. he swore and I laughed harshly. Just admit it Sam, he s never going to let me go, I ve accepted it. So just cut your losses and get him to drop you back home. You re an awesome friend but I need home and if I can t be home, well you re tempting me to do something that d end up getting me raped if I got caught and I don t want that to happen and I want him to stop using you as leverage for me and that s only going to happen if you leave Sam. We both know it. I said sighing, realizing the truth of those words.

I m not giving up Robyn. he declared stubbornly and I crossed my arms, stepping back from him. I have, I m a lost cause , I always have been. Even now, after being on the sea for so long, I yearn for it, but when I m sailing with Jack, it s a prison. The sea is a part of me, not land. I wouldn t even be a good wife for you Sam. And just admit to yourself cause I can see it. You don t want to marry me as much as I don t want to marry you. I m not old enough for that kind of commitment yet Sam. You may be, but not with me, definitely not me. I said, beginning to pace. Has he really crushed that endless stream of hope you always have going on inside? he asked shocked and I shook my head. No, but I ve let go of it. I ll never be free so just let it be. I said, sounding defeated and his eyes became angry. Okay, it s settled, we re getting married when we return, it doesn t have to be a fancy thing, but I m getting you free. he declared and I sighed. I told you Sam, I don t want to marry you. I replied, reminding him. But I want to marry you and you want to be free. And I m in love with you. he said, taking my hands in his. You know that I m not in love with you. I replied and he nodded. Yes, but we wouldn t have to act like we re married if you didn t want to. It s whatever makes you happy m dear. he said, pulling me back to him, clutching me close. Sam, you re not thinking this through though! I said pain filling my voice. Yes, I have, I want to. I want to make you happy. he pleaded and I sighed.

Have you thought about this for months and months on end? I demanded, looking up at him, staring into his eyes. Yes, I want to be your husband, I want to love you even more than I already do, I want to wake up and see you smiling, not frowning. I want you safe in my arms, everyday and every night, not in Jack s. he declared and I scowled at the last part. I don t have a choice on that boat. I m not allowed to sleep on the floor, like I d much prefer and he won t so I m cuffed to the bed and to him. That s not my choice. Do you think I like going to sleep and having to sleep next to someone that reeks of rum? Fuck no. I replied angrily and he began rubbing circles on my back. Calm down, I know you don t. I m just a jealous boy. he murmured and I sighed. Sam, I m not sure you ve thought this through and I don t want you rushing into something this big. Like I ve told you, just get Jack to drop you back home and forget I existed. Everyone else has so maybe it d be better for you to as well. I said dejectedly and he gripped my arms. No. was all he got out before Jack jumped behind him, grabbed his arms and then put them behind his back, locking them together with cuffs. I told you ten minutes. No more. It s been eleven and a half. he growled and Sam frowned. I sighed and put my hands on either side of his face. I will. I said and happiness filled Sam s eyes cause he knew what I meant, in the meantime, Jack s were filled with confusion. And before Jack could take him away, I leaned in and kissed him. When I pulled away, we were both grinning. Thank you. he said, and flicked something at me. I picked it up and gasped. It was a

ring. No. Thank you. I replied slipping it on. Marty, take him back to the ship, I ll be back soon. he snarled and pulled me into the forest that surrounded one side of the house. Let go of me. I growled and he laughed. I don t think so. You don t go kissing no one else but me honey. he ordered and I cackled with laughter. And who told you that? I surely didn t. I d rather kiss him than you any day. I scoffed and he smiled. Well, now I m definitely not letting you have any chance at freedom for at least another year. Say goodbye to Sam cause he s gonna be dropped off. I m not keeping him around cause otherwise I can t do this. he slid his hand up my shirt and pushed me up against a tree. He then pulled my face to his and kissed me, while exploring my upper body with his hands. I tried to push him away but he took out a pair of cuffs and locked then around my wrists so now I couldn t move because he d locked it behind his back, underneath his arms. Please, stop. I whimpered and he laughed. See, this is what happens when you push my tolerance level. he replied, shoving one of his hands down my pants. Please! I m begging you! Please stop! I cried and he took it out. Will you not badmouth me, complain when I kiss you or when I hold you when we re sleeping you get the drift? he asked, sliding his hand under my bra for extra emphasis and I nodded, close to tears.

Yes. I squeaked out and he let me go, including taking off the handcuffs and I fell to the ground. All Jack did was laugh and walk away. And as he walked away, I began to bawl. Ah, suck it up. Otherwise you re coming with me now. he called and I just got up and stalked off back in the direction of the house. Hey, get back here! I knew he wasn t talking to me but I heard fast footsteps so I turned and looked and saw Sam running towards me and Jack running after him. All of a sudden, I was picked up off the ground. What the fuck do you think you re doing? I cried and Sam grinned. Taking you to a place where Jack can t hurt you. he replied. And where would that be? I asked. Your actual home. he replied, putting me down when we reached sight of the house. And I like the new style of your shirt. he added. I looked down to see that it d rode up so it was now just like a belly top. Don t even remind me, I was just groped. I snapped, pulling it back down and rebut toned the ones that had come undone. By who, or do I even need to ask? he asked and I glared at him. Your Captain, my Captor. I replied, speeding up my pace and rushed towards the house. You could charge him you know. he suggested but I shook my head. He doesn t exist in the government or in this world. When we stopped into a modern port a few months ago, I looked him up and there s no record of him. I said glumly. Well that s the shits. he said and I nodded. Suddenly, impulsively, I turned around and

slid my arms around his neck, kissing him with everything I had. I felt him stiffen in shock but then began to eagerly respond. Please stop kissing him! exclaimed Jack and I pulled away. Why should I? I like him, he likes me, so where s the harm? I asked innocently and he began to sputter. Because you re not supposed to have any relations with a crew member or a prisoner. he stated and I laughed. You just made that up. I accused, not letting go of Sam who was actually holding me tighter. So? I m Captain, I can make or break rules whenever I want. he declared and Sam. Look, if you want her so badly, just tell us why and then we ll talk but at the moment, it s not helping your case Captain. Well she s going to have to deal with it and now I ve definitely changed my mind. Go write a note to them. You re leaving. he snapped and I began to try and have a go at him but Sam stopped. No! I want to stay! I exclaimed and he just laughed. Go on, and I won t read it. You can tell them if you want but they ll only hate you for it. he said in his I don t care voice. You mean they ll hate you! I exclaimed and he shook his head. Now, if you don t hurry, you won t get to write a note at all. I scowled and tried to start walking to the house but Sam stopped me. So I turned around and it wasn t Sam who was holding me, it was a crew member that went by the name of Brock.

Get off of me! I growled and as I attempted to slap him or do something, I couldn t because my hands were, not only tied, but cuffed as well. Gag her and get her back to the ship and tie her to a chair that s bolted to the floor, then find her boy and put him up in the crow s nest. Go. and I was so hung on listening to see if Jack was changing his mind that I hadn t realized I d been gagged already. I began to shriek as I was flung over Brock s shoulder but I felt him reach up and press hard on a pressure point on my head somewhere. Within seconds, I was knocked out. Back At The Ship: I woke up with blurry vision, a massive headache and an aching shoulder. I groaned and slowly lifted my head. I realized I was tied to a chair (unfortunately) and Jack was across the room, his back curved and his head bent over some charts. You evil bastard. I whispered and he slowly looked up at me smiling. Pirate Alan, Captain Grey, Captain Robyn. Hmm. He pondered and I scowled, but realizing my birthday was approaching and fast. Even though it was still only August, it didn t change the fact that in three months, I d have been away from home for exactly one year. What are you thinking of Captain? I asked curiously and he got up, coming over and standing behind my chair, resting his gold ringed hands on my shoulder. Your birthday present. What would you prefer? A ship and a crew or a wedding? he asked, his lips close to my ear. A wedding to who exactly? I asked and he laughed. To me. he murmured and my face twisted into a disgusted expression. Holy mother of all that s holy. No. I snapped, I ll take the ship and the crew if I m the

captain though. I said and I felt him nod. What if we compromise? You marry me, and as a wedding gift, you get your captaincy, your ship and your crew? he said in his pleasure/lust filled voice. What about no? I snapped and he laughed. No won t work. So will you marry me willingly or will you have to be forced? he said in his more piratey voice. Goddamn you. I snarled and he laughed, slowly untying my leg rope that were keeping my legs attached to the chair. Be thankful. You ve been tied there for two days. I ve been getting Brock to come in and re - sedate you whenever you began to stir. I gasped and he unlocked the handcuffs and cut through the rope in seconds in which I jumped up. Jack though, learning a lot in the past 9 months, grabbed my wrists. Let go of me. I growled and his smile widened. When will you learn that that phrase never works, especially on a pirate? he asked, pushing me onto his bed. Never, just let go of me and just let me go outside please. I begged but he shook his head, kicking off his boots and shrugging off his jacket, still hovering over me. No, I m a jealous man, do you think I should get Sam in here to watch or will you cooperate? he asked and he was so distracted by me that I was able to slip his pistol out of the holster without him realizing and I put it up against his neck. Get off of me now. I snarled and he laughed. That s empty love. he said, laughing and I pressed it harder into his neck.

Do you really want me to test that theory? I asked and he slowly got up and I got up too, making sure to keep the pistol close enough to him to make him behave. I began to back towards the door keeping the pistol aimed sharp towards him when there was a rap on the door. Neither of us flinched. Who is it? asked Jack. It s Sam, there s a ship approachin and fast, she s flyin the Canadian colours and a flag with a seal. I rejoiced. It was a ship from Newfoundland. Turn into a guy and be out there as part of my crew now. he said, facing another pistol at me. I sighed and pointed mine towards the window, pulled the trigger and shit - all happened. Well fuck. I muttered and he laughed, pulling his boots, jacket, and hat back on, tossing me mine as well. I put them on and quickly stuffed my hair up into my hat, fixing my shirt. Told you so. Now, get up into the crow s nest Alan. he snapped, taking my wrist and throwing me out onto the main deck. What happened to you? Sam asked, seeing my wrinkled shirt. Nothing I want to talk about, damn pirates. I muttered. Alan! What did I tell you? called Jack and I sighed, dashing over and up the main mizzen into the crow s nest. And what I saw knocked the breath outta me. It was Corduroy, the best friend I d ever had and his dad. Oh my god. I gasped. Prepare the guns! called Jack and I covered my mouth with my hand, seeing Jack s ring

on my engagement finger, confused as to how it got there. That bastard. I snarled, but preferring not to go down and just as the warning canon fired, their flag of surrender went up. Broadside er and board, make sure to take the crew over as well, I m in need of a few extra! he said grinning and looking up to me. I gave him the finger. I slowly watched how Jack stomped over to the Apollo and I saw him eye Corduroy and his father. Who be the captain of this vessel? he asked and Mr. Brown stepped forward. That would be me sir. I have to inquire as to why you are taking my ship and crew as prisoners though. he said and Jack laughed. I m a pirate mate, It s what I do. Now, since your ship looks quite new, why did you start this voyage? he asked and Cord stepped up then. We re looking for my friend. he said and Jack smiled. Let me guess, her name is Robyn Grey and she s from Newfoundland? he asked sounding bored. Why yes, have you seen her? he asked and he nodded. Yes, at the bottom of the ocean, in England, Boston and she s even been to Singapore! he exclaimed and I heard a snap. I looked down and I realized I d been gripping the edge so hard I d cracked off a piece. I grinned, took the piece of wood and aimed for Jack. I threw it and it hit him in the head! What the fuck was that? I heard him exclaim and I laughed, drawing all three sets of eyes towards me. Ah, Alan, I could hear his sigh all the way up here. Come down. he ordered and I

grabbed a piece of rope, swinging over to the other ship, whacking him on the head yet again with my foot. Yes Captain? I said innocently. Take this young man to the brig would you? he asked gesturing towards my friend and I nodded. Of course, anything for you to have control. My innocent tone changed to a bitchy one. Now. he said impatiently, handing me a pair of handcuffs and I snapped them on him before he knew what was coming to him. Hey! exclaimed Cord and I laughed, quite amused. Don t struggle or it ll just get worse. I said and I heard him sigh and a scowl replaced the smile. Who do you think you are, my girlfriend? he demanded as I put a hand on his cheek. No, your - I was cut off by Marty. Takin your time there Alan, he said grinning and I scowled, pushing Cord down all the stairs and into a cell, slamming the door. Easy there. he said, reaching out and taking my hand. Hey, let go. I snarled. Robyn, you sound like a guy occasionally, and you can definitely pass as one but your laugh is special. he said and I smiled. I m sorry I had to put on a show. he laughed. Well, you certainly gave one. he said, coming close to the bars.

Why thank you, how ve you been? I asked him. Decent, worried about you actually. he said matter of factly and I sighed. Anyway, I m not supposed to stay down here so I gotta go. See you, I ll come back down later. I said and his expression went from happy to scared. No, please don t leave me. he pleaded and I shook my head. I have to, I m sorry. I frowned as I heard a familiar breath intake. Alan, how long does it take to take a prisoner down and get back up here? Jack called and I sighed. See you later. I turned and dashed back up to the main deck instantly being grabbed by Jack and given a fully loaded pistol. You gonna do it this time? he asked, Or do I have to rape you first? he threatened, finally figuring out my weakness. Fuck you. I snarled and some of Cord s crew looked shocked. Well, get on with it. he snapped and I sighed. Captain Brown, warning you ahead of time, you re going to be leaving with five less crew members and none of the objects we believe are worth anything. I snapped and he got angry. Hey, can t you just leave us alone!? he exclaimed and I shook my head. Pirates mate, we take what we want and give nothing back. I snapped back and Brock kept a good hold on him while he struggled. You re a mean man Captain Smith. he growled and myself and Jack s crew began to laugh heartily.

He thinks I m the captain. Trust me, if the Captain was here, he wouldn t be as nice as I m being. Point to your five best sailors or Captain Smith, would you like the strongest? I turned, facing Jack, keeping my cruel expression. Three best, two strong. he said. You heard him! I snapped and as he pointed, there were only four. That s only four. I warned. You took my first mate to the brig already. he said, faintly shaking in fear. He s going back with you, I don t want him, I ve tested him, he s not worth our time. interrupted Jack. Four will be fine. Brock, escort Captain Brown and the remainder of his crew back to his ship. Alan, I d like to see you in my cabin. Marty, escort the first mate back to his ship and set course for the Caribbean. he began calling out orders and as I began walking to his cabin, I caught sight of Cord, with a swollen eye and his shirt was torn with small cuts along his jaw and his chest. He didn t look at me. I closed the door to Jack s cabin behind me and hung up my jacket and hat, taking off my boots and laying them neatly underneath the hook for my jacket. When Jack came in, he was livid, but apparently, not at me which was strange. Your friend he sneered, tried to strangle me, he also said if you couldn t come home that he d prefer you dead than in my hands, it s not like I don t take care of you - he stopped talking as I put my arms around his neck. Jack, stop being the bad guy because you aren t. You re definitely the good guy. You care about me don t you? I asked and he nodded, still speechless. Thank you. I murmured and pulled him into a hug which he returned, just as Sam walked in.

Well this is disconcerting. he mumbled, turning to leave. No, stay. said Jack who had ears like a cat. I m going to give Alan her own ship to be her own Captain and be in control. I d also like Marty to be her first mate if she accepts and you to be mine if you accept. he said, releasing me, well except for my hand. I do accept. said Sam. On the condition that myself and Alayna can get married and she can be free. he said and I shook my head. I told you I d marry you when that was the only option, now I can get my freedom without any strings. I m sorry, you know how I feel towards you and marriage and I don t want you to marry me because then you re stuck with me. If we divorce after I get free, Jack will just take me back and I don t want that. I said. I don t know what to think. he said in shock. Well, you could think that she s saving you because you can go anytime you like and she doesn t want anyone suffering because of her. She s selfless mate. Just think about if she goes back to her fake family, what will her fake father do to her? asked Jack and I gasped in sync with Sam. He wouldn t dare. growled Sam and something clicked with me. Holy shit! That s why! Jack covered my mouth. Don t say it! he snapped. "Sam, go find out how many crew members I have in total, including the new ones. I need to figure out how many I'll need for Alan." he ordered and Sam left the room, Jack locking the door behind him. "Why did you hide this from me?" I demanded as he slid his hands around my waist. "I had my reasons and I have my excuses. My excuse is that you didn't need to know,

that William didn't want you to know, and the rest you still don't need to know. Now, will you marry me to get your ship or will you mutiny first?" said my captor which made me scowl. "What's my other options?" i asked, curious as to what he'd come up with, sliding out of his grasp and falling back into his chair, propping my feet up on his desk. "Well, you could marry Sam, as he previously suggested and go live on land for the rest of your life except for one month each year where you come back to dear Jack and his crew. Oh! And don't forget the 'Menace'." My scowl increased. I didn't love Sam so there was no way in hell I was doing that. "Are there any other options?" I asked, my voice full of hope and thankfully, Jack nodded. "Aye my love, you can stay on this ship until you're twenty without trying to escape might I add and then you are free to go, no strings attached." he said, resting his hands on my shoulders. "Sad news Jack. I don't like any of those, and on top of that I have kept to our bargain just like I promised I would." I reminded him. "Very true darling, you have kept to our bargain and likewise have I. But you still have to decide and i have a very good idea of why you shy away from the idea of being married love." He said and I laughed. "I'll tell you why. It's because I don't want any ties, permanent I mean and on top of that, I do not want a husband." I replied coolly, emphasizing the last bit, but his hands slid further down, now resting too close to my chest. "You don't want to share your bed that's why, isn't it?" he whispered, letting his lips

almost touch my ear, making me shiver. "That's not true!" I snapped, attempting to get up but Jack pushed me back down into the chair, returning his mouth back too close to my ear. "You know what I ve figured out darling? I've figured out that the only threat that works on you is whenever I mention sharing your bed, by force or not." he said, suggestively which made me frown. "You already share my bed thank you very much." I snapped, turning to look him in the face. "You know what I'm talking about love." he murmured and I just laughed. "Yeah, I do, and here's a wake up call for you, not even that works." I announced proudly. "Then what does?" he murmured, bringing his face even closer to mine. "Someone that's close to me heart." I replied just before he kissed me. This time I didn't resist because I knew it was pointless. Thankfully, Sam had the sense to come in, ruining the moment for Jack, but saving me. "Stay away from her!" yelled Sam, grabbing Jack and I quickly hid myself behind the chair. Unfortunately, Jack was quick though and had Sam in a headlock with a pistol against his temple in a matter of seconds. "We're dropping you off in the next closest port if you're lucky." snarled Jack, making me cower once more behind the chair. "And what about you? What do you have to say?" yelled Sam, turning as best he could to face me and Jack's grip tightened around his throat. I peeked my head up just to answer, and

just enough so that he could see my face. "That I want you to be safe and I don't want you to be unhappy and that you've been deluding yourself. I am not in love with you and for some reason, you won't get over that fact." I replied calmly and he wrinkled his nose in disgust. "What about what I just saw? Huh? What was that?" he shouted, making me sigh. "That was him taking advantage of me yet again. Why so angry this time, since you've seen it so many other times in the past four months that you've been on this ship?" I finally yelled back, standing up and the level of my voice making him flinch. "I'm leaving now and I'm not coming back." he replied in a low serious voice. "You don't have a choice boy. You're gone the moment any land comes into sight, maybe earlier." snapped Jack, not giving him a choice. "And what are you gonna do with her? It's not like you have any benefits from keeping her here!" said Sam curiously, struggling against Jack's grip but not making any progress. "Sam, stop struggling. You're pissing him off and I'm the one that has to deal with it so stop okay?" I snapped, losing my patience completely. "Marty! Brock! Get in here!" yelled Jack and they scurried in, looking very confused at the door Sam had kicked in. Hence the reason for me cowering behind the chair. "Um, Captain, what happened to your door?" asked Marty, making Jack sigh. "This bastard here kicked it in, I need it fixed pronto. Marty, can you please fix my door and Brock, take this traitor to the brig." Brock took Sam who shot me a glare. Once he was gone, Jack seized my hand. "How would you like to take the helm?" he whispered and I laughed, without any

emotion. "You really trust me to steer your ship?" I asked skeptically. "Only because I'll be right behind you." he said, putting his other arm around my waist. Then no, I m going to go take the next shift in the crow s nest if you don t mind. I said, trying to release myself from his grasp, but he wouldn t let go of me for a millisecond. No. I do mind. Because I am in the mood to raid and there s a Chinese ship near, and I can t have you getting hurt. He said deviously, making me sigh. I can t control you, go ahead, do what you want, you can t hurt me. I said emotionlessly making Jack laugh. Finally you realize that! But believe me, yes I can, I can hurt you. I laughed at that and Jack tightened his grip around me. Why do you do this? I asked, curiously but he shook his head, his eyes giving away the fact that he d just come up with an idea. How do you feel about taking a swim? And trying to keep up with the ship? ge asked and I nodded. I d love a swim actually. I promise I won t try and escape. I might hide, but I won t try and escape. That s a battle that s lost before it s even started. I said sighing and walking over to the dresser, pulling off my shirt. I pulled on my brand new bikini top, and pulled my shirt back on. I pulled on a pair of shorts and my old beat up pair of boots that reached just below my knee. My love, you look very attractive. purred Jack, making me shiver. Shut up. I snapped, striding out onto the deck and then making a clear dive into the

warm Caribbean waters below the ship. I surfaced a few minutes later, revelling the freedom I suddenly had acquired but then remembered my task. I began to swim at a leisurely pace since I was still fairly close to the ship and was surprised when a dolphin came up to swim next to me. Hey buddy, are you lonely? I murmured, stopping for a minute, to stroke his face and the dolphin chirped in reply. Come on buddy, let s have a race. I said happily, See that ship right there? I said, pointing to the menace. Whoever loses has to give the other a piggy back ride. I said grinning and the dolphin seemed to understand and shot forward. Hey! I exclaimed, laughing as I began to swim to catch up. As the day wore on, I was followed by the dolphin, who seemed to sense my loneliness and chose to stay by my side throughout each of the different tasks that Jack had assigned, each one more difficult than the last. Just as the sun was setting, Jack pulled me out of the water for the fourth time that day, and I was exhausted, but it had been quite refreshing. He pulled off his jacket and placed it on my shoulders, I just nodded my head slightly before disappearing below deck to go talk to Sam. It s not that I wanted to at the moment, but he was still my friend and I felt like I had to warn him of what he was going to be facing in a few days. The Brig stank of sweat and mold and was quiet, save for the soft breathing of one person. Sam had made himself comfortable in the corner, and looked to be fast asleep but the moment that he heard footsteps, his head shot up, eyes searching for the source, his eyes narrowing when he realized who it was. What do you want? he sneered and I scowled. I was gonna tell you something but if you don t want me here then I ll leave and you ll

just have to be left in the dark. I snapped back, turning around to leave, hand on the rail. No. Don t leave. Please. he murmured and I sighed. Sam, they re going to try to drown you in a few days because Jack doesn t want you on the ship anymore. I can t take this anymore, I m sorry. I ve gotta go. As long as you make good use of the pistol, you ll be fine. Bye Sam. I replied softly, and then slowly climbed the steps back up to the main deck, slowly trudging to Jack s cabin. As I entered, I saw Jack lying on the bed with my cell phone in hand. Going anywhere hun? he asked and I shook my head. No, why do you ask? I asked and he laughed, reaching out to pull me over but I shrank back. Don t be a buzz kill now, c mere. he said, keeping his arm outstretched and I shook my head. No, I know what you re going to do, and I don t want to be handcuffed to the bed. Again. I snapped and he laughed jumping up, grabbing me and flinging me onto the bed, doing exactly what I thought he was gonna do. I sighed, rolled over and fell asleep but before I sank into the black oblivion, I heard him say something shocking. Man, you are some beautiful. he breathed and I smiled, glad to finally know he had a weakness. When I woke up, the cabin was dark and the ship was pitching terribly and I was still cuffed to the bed. All of a sudden, the door opened and Marty approached with the key to the handcuffs in his hand. Thank god. I breathed, making him laugh.

It s only temporary. The Captain wants you to make sure the sails are as full as they can be without their knots coming out. He s happy this storm came when it did. He wants to get somewhere fast. Now come on, he s waiting. he snapped and I lifted my hand, showing him the fact that he hadn t let me out yet. I kinda can t at the moment. I m still a part of the bed. I said sheepishly and he sighed, letting me out and I pulled on my hat and jacket, striding outside, Marty at my heels. Get up and take care of the main mizzen fast, they re slipping. yelled Jack over the oceans roar and I nodded, climbing up nimbly and then pulling myself into a sitting position on the mizzen mast, beginning to tighten the rope. Just as I finished the main mast, I closed my eyes for a second before I had to challenge my way down but there was a huge gust of wind and I felt myself fall. I heard myself scream and then felt my fingers reach up and try to grasp the mast but I was already too far down. As another wave hit the ship, the ship tilted, changing the area of landing for me, causing me to land in the angry waves instead of on deck. Alan! that was the last thing I heard before I blacked out. Jack s P.O.V: I saw her fall and I couldn t help what escaped my lips next. Alan! I called but if she answered, I woudn t of heard her, I doubted. Marty! I yelled. Yes Captain! he said, fighting the wind to get up the steps. Go in and get her, I can t let her die. I snapped, but then the Dutchman appeared out of nowhere with someone lying unconscious on the deck. I think that s her Cap n. said Marty and I nodded.

Cap n Black, is she from your ship? called Will, not recognising his granddaughter and I nodded. Aye. and the next thing I knew, she was lying on the deck of the Menace and the Dutchman was gone. As Dawn approached, the storm eased off bit by bit and when the sun finally streamed through the clouds, Alan finally began to come to. Marty, take the helm, I have to see to Alan. I said, stepping away from the helm and going down, picking up Alan and bringing her into the cabin we shared, laying her gently on my bed just as her eyes fluttered open. What are you doing? she mumbled, a bit incoherently. Revisiting your four options. Have you decided yet? I asked, grinning. No. I still don t get why I can t go home. she said simply. But I ve given up hope in that area. she said, sighing. And where exactly is your home love? I asked and she smiled. Fortune Bay Newfoundland. she said, matter of factly. Ok, and what s your older sisters name? I asked. Anya, and my younger brothers names are James and Jake. she replied and I smiled, kissing her, and she actually kissed back. When I pulled away, she was smiling. What s different this time? I demanded, confused. I want to know my choices. she snapped. You already do love. I reminded her and she got up with an angry humph, while I went to go look at some charts, settling into my chair being shocked when I felt her delicate hands on

my shoulders, sliding down into my shirt. Darlin , you re tempting me. I murmured, placing my hands over where hers rested on my chest. I ve made my decision but there is one requirement. she whispered, her lips against my ear. What s that darlin ? I asked, sort of wary. The moment after we re married, I can leave and you forget that I exist. she said, her hands sliding down my shirt even further and I got up, turning around and pulling her close to me. You want to marry me? I asked, shocked. Only to be free. And I don t want the crew to know, and as soon as possible. she murmured. I m so surprised, But they ll notice if you all of a sudden have a ring, we ll have to wait until we reach the Caribbean. I know someone who ll do it without telling no one. I replied, kissing her again but she pulled back, so I just kept her firmly in my grasp. I just want the whole ritual, I don t want any other part of the marriage part. she said, ducking her head, but I put a finger under her chin and made her look up. And what would that be? I asked darkly. I don t want you touching me in any way shape or form. she snapped, trying to free herself. I can promise you I won t intrude your bubble unless necessary until we re married but after, I have every right to, so don t think I m not going to take advantage of that. It may only be

once but it will happen. I said seriously and she glared at me. I want my own ship and crew ready by the time the ceremony is over. she snapped and I nodded. Okay. Now go help Marty. I have work to do. she nodded, pulled on her hat and jacket and strolled out of the cabin. I smiled. She wants to marry me. And I will have that one night with her. I decided, heading out on deck, but quickly disappearing below to check on the rum. It was almost all gone and that was not good. I ran back onto the main deck. Marty! I yelled. Yes Cap n! he replied, giving the helm to Brock. We need to make for the closest port and as soon as possible. The rums almost gone. he nodded eagerly and I smiled. My wife s gonna be the most wanted bride in the world and I didn t realize how true that thought was going to be. About three hours later, we docked in an old port just south of Boston and because she d said she d marry me, I wasn t going to leave her on the ship, especially when she was in need of some new breeches and a coat, but apparently she didn t want to get a new jacket. Marty, go find our usual stock, Brock, watch the ship, Alan, you re coming with me. she nodded, flitting to my side unhappily. I was hoping to stay aboard. she snapped and I laughed. Aye, I knew that but I also knew that if you stayed on me ship, it wouldn t be there when I got back not would it? I asked and her eyes got all big and wide which told me she was about to lie. No, I m already decided that I m marrying you for my freedom, why would I need to

commandeer your ship? she said much too innocently. Because then, you get rid of me, get your freedom and your own ship and crew all in one stroke. I replied, slipping a thin piece of rope around her wrist and tightening it, keeping a firm hold on the line connected to it. So where are we going exactly? she asked and I grinned. To have a little mariage performed. But you re going to have to wait awhile for your ship and crew. I replied and I saw her unimpressed face become even more unimpressed. I don t wanna do it today. she snapped, not realizing the double meaning of her words. So to emphasize that I understood, I was gonna kiss her but the place came into view so I decided to wait, so instead I replied. We won t do it today, we ll go it tonight in a nice hotel and none of the has to know. I said pulling her inside. Who s there? We re closed! said a voice and I laughed. Jack Black and his lovely bride to be. I replied, holding on to the string connecting me and her just a tad tighter. Oh, come in, come in. he said and I began to lead Alan into the chapel area that my friend lived in. Good day mate. I said, smiling at my grandfather. Ah, Jackie, I was wonderin when you d come by. So you want to get married eh? I nodded. Aye, Now if you can. I replied and I got a glare from Alan. Hey! It was your choice! I snapped and she wormed her hand up my shirt.

Aye Jackie, now it is. he said and began the ceremony. After the Ceremony, Alan s P.O.V: You may now kiss the bride. said the old man and I made a face. You chose me love. murmured Jack before he pulled my face to his. He didn t keep me there very long though probably because I wasn t kissing back and when he did, he was glaring at me. Thank you. We ll be leaving now Alan. he said before dragging me out of the house and into the street. Jeez, no reason to be so harsh b y! I said, truly feeling a weight off my shoulders. Yes there is. We ve been gone too long. he snapped and I sighed. There s no such thing and you know it. I replied, trying my best to keep up with him. That is true, but the longer we take to get back to the ship, the less time we have for lovemaking darlin . he said, looking at me straight in the eyes. You re disgusting. I snapped and he laughed, grinning as his ship came into view. No, I just want to prove to you that I love you and make sure you believe it. He responded, leading me up the gangplank. The ship sounded so eerily quiet, a sound both of us were unused to, making Jack seem strangely skittish. My love, you ve barely spoken for nigh twenty minutes, including no snaps at me or complaints, what s wrong? asked Jack, in a tender voice, winding his arms around my waist, resting his head on my shoulder. I don t want this. I whispered, unsure of what my words meant to both myself and

Jack. What don t you want my love? he murmured, placing a kiss on my cheek. This. I said, turning to face him. What s this? he asked, bringing me closer to him. Love. I whispered back, ducking my hear to hide my embarrassment at the word. Are you saying you love me Jackie? he asked, dumbfounded and I shook my head. No, I m saying I don t want your love you blithering idiot. I snapped and he just grinned. And we re back to normal. He exclaimed joyously. No, we re not. Now, if you wouldn t mind giving me my ship and crew now, that would be wonderful. I said in a low threatening voice and he just smiled, pulling his shirt off. I m sorry love, but I can t give you that till we ve declared our undying love for one another and until your birthday. he said smirking and then swiftly removing my shirt without my permission, leaving me standing in the room in my bra and pants. And by declaring our undying love for one another you mean.. I trailed off uneasily. Sex love, what else would I mean? he asked, seeming to get tired of the antics and stripped himself of the rest of his clothing, staring at me. What? I demanded, crossing my arms in an attempt to hide myself. Are you going to undress yourself or do I have to do it for you? he asked in a serious yet caring tone of voice. I sighed, knowing it was my own fault for going through with this and removed my boots and breeches, unable to get the self confidence to fully undress myself. I can t do this. I stuttered and Jack smiled lovingly.

Yes you can dear, just let dear ol Jack help without you slappin his face off. he murmured, sliding his arms around my waist once more, before lowering his mouth to my shoulders, laying soft feather light kisses upon my skin. The feel of it made me moan softly, against my better wishes, and my traitorous thoughts slowly wanted more. I felt my bra come loose and heard the soft thump as it hit the cold planks beneath our feet and I felt him slide my panties off of my body. Just as I was beginning to understand the fact that I was fully naked in bed with a fully naked man, I felt a set of lips against my own, softly, gently, moving with mine, asking to be let in. Ias I parted my own lips to let him enter, I felt another accidental moan escape, causing him to pull away grinning. I didn t realize how much you secretly yearned for me. murmured Jack as I felt a hand slide down my leg and the other into my hair whilst his lips found a new destination on my body. Jack s P.O.V a few hours later: My new wife fell asleep in my arms and I sighed. It was going to take a lot to get her to love me back. I sighed. Ah, Jackie love, I wish you could see how valuable you are, how much of a jewel you really are to the world. And how luck a man I am to have you as my wife. I murmured softly against her ear and I saw her lips turn up slightly, the beginning of a smile. I m in love with you and It s all up to you whether you want more of ol Jackie or no. If you say no, I won t have second thoughts about visitin a whore house or two but if you say yes, I m all yours. I kept on and I saw her mouth open as she rolled over to me, sliding her arms around me and resting her

head against my chest. Yes. she whispered and I kissed her forehead. Your wish is my command love. I swore and felt my eyelids droop slightly, giving in, letting myself fall into a deep slumber. Jackie s P.O.V: I awoke early the next morning, feeling Jack s strong arms wrapped around me. I smiled, vaguely remembering his little monologue just a few hours previously. I didn t move. Ironic isn t it? I thought to myself. The one morning that I m not chained to the bed, I don t want to escape. I sighed to myself and adjusted myself so that I was snuggled up against him once more. Liken the idea a bit more is yah? murmured my new husband and I smiled, tightening my grip on him. Hmm. I mumbled and he chuckled, stroking my hair. Have I ever told you how beautiful you are lass? he murmured softly and I snorted. No, only in the phrase Your face is the face of an angel sent only to deceive in other words my beauty is dangerous, therefore, I have no beauty because if I have no beauty then I cannot hurt anyone, savvy? I said, unable to snap at him at the moment. Well I m telling yeh now luv, don t be afraid to use that beauty of yours to get what you want, except you re not allowed to use it on me, Cap n Black! he said smiling and sitting up, bringing me up with him so he could keep me near and I scowled when I realized I had no cuffs nearby to use at my expense. I can t promise yeh that Jack. I said, turning to face him, straddling him in the process. Why not luv? he asked smirking.

Because you ve kidnapped me, sent one of my friends to drown, turned my ex on me, sent more friends to starve, beat another one of my friends, kept my real identity from my real parents and the list continues. I trailed off and he scowled. Yet you still married me. he said, beginning to smirk. For all the wrong reasons to marry someone. I pointed out. Yes, but you re a pirate now luv, whether you like it or not. he replied and before giving me a chance to answer with another snaky comment, he kissed me, taking full advantage of the perks of being married. When he pulled away, I scowled, getting up before he had a chance to pull me back down, quickly dressing myself. Takes yah twenty minutes to undress yourself, yet it only takes yeh two to get it back on? That makes no sense luv, I hope you realize that. he said, getting up and following suite. Well let s just say I wasn t too eager to share my bed with someone who s covered in filth and sweat residue from other women. I snapped back and he laughed. You really think I wouldn t have gotten a bath before making love to the one woman that holds my heart? Well that hurts darlin . he said, pulling me into his arms and kissing me again. At least you have some decency. I retorted and he just laughed, not releasing my hand until his compass was in my hand. Whatever you want most is our heading love. he murmured and I sighed, flipping open the compass to see the arrow just spinning and spinning until finally, it stopped, pointing south.

What do I want that s south? I muttered to myself and then it clicked. Of course! I said excitedly. What is it? asked Jack impatiently as I turned away from him and retrieved my hat and then the compass pointed east. Oh, that one s easy. Kellie s Island isn t that far from here. I said talking to myself. What s in Kellie s Island? Jack asked. It s rumoured that there s a buried treasure in the heart of the island that Captain Kellie left there many, many years ago, and it s said that only a true pirate who has shed little blood will be able to find the bearings of the treasure within the island. I explained and Jack grinned, taking his compass back. You re a gem mate. but instead of going outside where we could hear some of the crew tramping back up the gangplank he stayed inside. Aren t you going to go welcome the crew back? I asked curiously, and he laughed. No, they know where they re going. I told them our heading before we dashed off yesterday luv. They were told not to bother us today. he said smirking and I began to back slowly towards the door. I m scared now. I said, letting my real fear show in my eyes. I know, but you really shouldn t be. he said smiling and I shook my head. Stay away from me. I snapped, my adversity for him returning, and I stormed out of the cabin, breaking the lock in the process. Damn, why does my door get all of the anger? I heard him yell and Marty laughed. What s wrong Alan? Captain bunching your panties a little? he asked, partially

laughing and I glared. Get off this ship now, unless you want to die. Actually, I have a better idea, come with me. I said, dragging him down into the hold and into the brig, throwing him in and locking the door. Enjoy your stay mate!. I snapped, stomping up to the storage cellar and began to silently bawl my eyes out. Jack s P.O.V: Jackie stormed out of our cabin, breaking the lock in the process might I add and I heard an underlying of Marty s voice and then Jackie snapping at him. Uh - oh. I jumped up from the chair and strode out of the cabin to see no Marty and more importantly, no Jackie. Well, Fuck. I strode down to the hold and found no one. But saw an interesting sight in the brig. Captain, that bitch of yours locked me in here. he said angrily and I sighed. What d you say to her? I asked, honestly curious as to what had set her off in the first place. I said What s wrong Alan? Captain bunching your panties a little? he quoted and I sighed. I m going to tell you once. Whether I rape her or not is none of the crew s business savvy/ I said, unlocking the cell door and Marty nodded. Aye Captain. But there s a slight problem. She s missing. he stated. I ve realized that mate. And I m not too impressed about that. I replied and left him standing there as I went to search for my wife. Jackie s P.O.V:

I finished my crying like two minutes later and realized how stupid I was being. Abruptly, I stood up and strolled at a leisurely pace hoping no one would recognize me. I crept into Jack s cabin, stole a bag of money and then jumped out the window, landing on the dock. Finally I was able to escape. As I was enveloped by people, I heard Jack s voice over them since I was so attuned to it. Marty, search the hold. We have to find her otherwise, the Dutchman ll be after us as soon as we leave port. called Jack and I swore and kept walking, just a little faster. I reached my destination - a cheap looking hotel - soon enough and checked in just as quickly as I settled into my room. But unfortunately, ten minutes after I d settled in, I heard a knock. Jackie, I know you re in there so give yourself up before I have to break the door. he said but I came up with a somewhat brilliant plan for on the spot. I wrote a note, opened the window, to make it look like I d ran into the street and climbed into the closet, attaching myself to the ceiling and hoping to god he wouldn t find me. I d left the door to the closet open to make it look like I d rushed outta there. I heard the lock being picked and the door swinging open and him closing the closet door on his way into the room and locking it. I scowled. Dear Jack, I m sorry that I do not want to reunite with you. I m sure you know why. I m sorry if I hurt your feelings. From your most wanted prisoner, Jackie Black. I heard him sigh and then hit the bureau. Goddamnit. Either she hates me or she loves me too much to admit it. he snapped and then I heard paper being folded. But at least I know that letter s a fake. Darlin , let me

know when you get sick of that closet, I ll be waiting. I m in the mood for a warm bed tonight luv, or should I say my most beautiful wife. he said laughing. I sighed, not wanting to face him but at the same time wanting to get out of this goddamned closet. I m ready to come out if you know that I m here. But you let me go as soon as I come out. I said, in a lethal tone. If you let me bed you first. he said and I scowled, but then thought of a brilliant plan. Fine. I said and I heard him get up and clomp towards the closet. He opened the door and then got confused. Where are you? he asked and I let go of the ceiling, dropping down and grabbing the lapels of his jacket, kissing him and he responded like I knew he would. I made sure I got him over near the bed and then stole his handcuffs off of him and quickly cuffed him to the bed. I stood back and admired my handiwork. Where are my damn keys? he snapped and I laughed, taking the keys out from my pocket. I have them. And you re not getting them back. I m going to leave, take a different ship with a different crew that I have had set up for a while now. See you Jack. I won t miss you! I smirked, grabbed my sword and jumped out the window, keeping a tight grip on the keys just as I saw my new ship pull into the harbour. I ran down to the docks and waited for the ship to get tied down before I boarded it. Who are you? asked the man at the helm. I am Captain Jack Black. I said, standing proudly and some glared whilst others smiled. Is Captain Easton your father? asked the same man and I shook my head.

No, my father is Jack Smith. I replied and then all of the crew cheered. You re the Captain that has been corresponding with our first mate no? asked another crew member and I nodded. Aye, I am. Is there a Captain aboard this vessel at the moment? and the first mate nodded. Aye, I be Captain Bourassa of the Caspian sea. Who be you? said a man striding out of the captains quarters and I smiled, my hand on the hilt of my sword, ready for anything and everything. I know where Captain Jack Black is. I said and he laughed. Where s his ship? he asked and I made myself look bored. Look to your left Captain. I said, pointing to the menace. Ahh, so you want my ship and crew if I ll take the menace? he asked and I nodded. Aye, Captain Jack Black wouldn t be able to return to his ship anytime soon anyways. I said smirking. Why do you say this? asked Bourrassa and I grinned. Let s just say I took care of that little complication. I said cryptically, striding towards him. Well I think that s a fair trade. Don t you captain? he said, making a motion towards one of his crew members. The crew member came towards me and as he did, I had my sword out and had him on the ground in a few seconds. If I didn t think it was, I wouldn t of suggested it captain. I said, glancing at the man writhing on the deck stuck under my sword.

Can you please let this man go? he asked and I smiled. You give me your ship and I ll let your entire crew go. I said and he scowled. You can t man this ship alone! he said, laughing and I smirked. You wanna bet? I asked, thinking of the time that I d gotten the Menace out this very harbour alone in twenty minutes flat and it usually took a crew about a half hour. Sure, if you can t get this ship out of this harbour in half hour or less, we get the ship back. If you can, well, you get the ship. he said smirking, believing that I was going to fail miserably. It s a deal. But, if I lose, you let me off of the ship safely here at this dock. I replied, remembering to include the specifics. Including my effects. I said and his face fell. Aye, it s a deal. we shook on it and his crew left the ship, untying her from the dock in the process. Ten minutes later, I was out in open water. I had succeeded, or at least I thought I had. Bourrassa s P.O.V: Meanwhile, me and my crew were left stranded at this port. Okay, I want all a ye over to the Dark Menace . Do not harm the crew. I m going to find Captain Jack Black and make a bargain with him. I m sorry by s, it was a lone boy, I didn t think that was even possible. Now, off you go! I exclaimed, knowing if I caught that boy, he d be dead. I headed towards Jack s favourite hotel, smiling to myself and just as I passed a window, someone fell. Holy mother are you alright lad? I heard come from my lips and I heard a familiar laugh.

I m no lad Henri, but I m lookin for one. Have you seen him? asked the other Captain Jack Black and I put on my thinking look. What does he look like mate? I asked and he frowned. A bit shorter than me, but can pass as me, trust me, he s tried. So have yeh? he asked and I nodded. Just made a bargain with him actually. Wanted to get away and fast. I said, trying to think about where good ol Jack was going with this. I have a good idea why. I ll talk to you later Henri. I need to get to the Caribbean and fast. and then he was gone from my side and I had to run to catch up with him. I wanted my damn ship back. Jack Black s P.O.V: I rushed back to my ship, Henri close on my tail. Why? I wanted to know but I didn t have the time for that. Lane was gone. For one and two, she was gone in Bourrassa s ship which was a big problem. As I boarded my ship, I saw two crew s, mine and Henri s. Okay, so you want your ship back? I called and both crew s cheered, they didn t like each other much. Well, we re going to the Caribbean, if you can get this girl sailin with the wind and out of this harbour in ten minutes, we ll catch up with him sure enough. I called and the crews cheered and set to work. With double hands at each station, it was faster and we were out of the harbour in a jiffy. About ten minutes later, we spotted a ship just a few leagues ahead of us and Henri frowned. Is that your ship? I asked and he nodded. Yes. I can t believe he s sailing a ship with no help. Did you train him? he asked and I

shook my head. No.. He taught himself. He s one of my how would you say this? I pondered and he grinned. The ships playtoy? he asked and I shook my head. No, he s our eye. He s always up in the crow s nest. Always. And he ain t too fond of me. I said and Henri frowned. You want me to take him off your hands? he asked and I shook my head. You can t. He was put under my service by the flying Dutchman. I replied and he scowled. I want s nothing to do with the Flying Dutchman. he muttered and I smiled as we broadsided the fleeing vessel. She d stopped the ship, knowing we d fight for both and she didn t want a fight apparently. She swung over and landed in front of Bourrassa and me. Brock, take Alan and lock him in my cabin, I need to have a word with him. Captain Bourrassa, it was nice seeing you again, now get back to your own ship before it float s away on ye. I snapped and within five minutes, they were all gone off of my ship. I strode down into my cabin and locked the door behind me. I didn t want her getting out. You didn t succeed. I said, looking at her sullen form lying on the bed, glazed eyes staring at me but not actually seeing me. How did you find my heading so quickly? she asked and I sighed. I knew that you wouldn t head to your home because it was too obvious of a choice so I figured you d go back near the port where we dumped Sam, for one to see if he was alive and

two to recruit him. I explained, coming over to the bed to sit next to her form. But it wasn t that easy was it? she asked, sitting up, and leaning her head against my shoulder. Yes love, but keep in mind, I know yeh, like I know the map of the world. I know your weaknesses and your strengths. To someone who barely knew yeh, they woulda picked the more obvious choice, guaranteed. I replied and she scooted around for a second until she was facing me on the bed. I m sorry for not wanting you the same way you want me Jack. she mumbled before getting up, snatching the keys from my pocket and strode to the door. Jackie unlocked the door and threw the keys onto the floor before heading out on deck. Jackie s P.O.V: I strode out on deck and then headed to the main mast where I flew up the rigging and into the crow s nest. I ll take the next shift. I murmured and the crew member on shift looked me over and nodded. As you wish Ms. Grey. said Harry. He used to be a refined Englishman but then became homeless, he found Jack and has been with his crew ever since. He was also the only one that treated me normally. Like a friend. Thanks Harry, you go get some sleep, you need it. I replied and he smiled a real genuine smile. Anytime Robyn. I smiled and then kissed him quickly. You re a nice boy Harry. Too nice to be on a Pirate ship. After the next raid, I want you

to take your share and build yourself a respectable name, home and family ye hear? I said and he nodded. Aye miss. Will you come with me? he asked and I shook my head. I can t. I m still a prisoner of Jack s that he doesn t let out of his sight when another ship is near. I said sighing and he laughed. Well, I think you forgot something. I have been on a pirate ship for the past three years. he said, smirking and I sighed again. And what has it gotten you? A brand? I asked and he laughed. Not even a brand. But I did meet a cute girl. he said eying me and I exhaled. No, I m not available. I ve got a boyfriend back home Harry. I said, and it was half true. Oh, well, he s a lucky guy. You re a really great girl Robyn. he said and I sighed. I m really not. Trust me. Anyway, go get some sleep. You look like you re about to drop dead. and then I helped push him down the rigging. Once I was alone, I sighed happily. Jack wasn t bothering me, and neither was anyone else. I smiled and lay down, staring at the sky. It was so beautiful. I kept an eye out through the peephole I d made a few months ago to keep on lookout and after about ten or fifteen minutes of looking at the sky, I saw a ship flying British colors approaching and fucking fast for a modern day ship. I flew down the rigging and approached Jack at the helm. I think we should go undercover Captain. I said and he looked at me curiously. Why? he asked, looking into the distance, searching for ships. Behind you. I said and he took one look and a look of panic overtook his facial expressions.

They re too close. Why didn t you tell me earlier? he demanded and I scowled. Because I just saw them, I was keeping good watch and then they just showed up out of nowhere. So what are we doing? I asked and he smiled. You re doing nothing, me and the crew are raising the cullace. he said happily. Yeh Lazy louts! Get yer asses outta bed and up here now! Ship approachin pretty damn fast. If you don t participate, yeh get nuttin! he called and the next second, the entire crew was on deck. Orders sir? asked Marty and he grinned. Raise the cullace and hold still, when they come near us, fire at will. They want Alan but are we ready to give her up yet? asked Jack and Brock answered for the crew. No, she cuts down our work for us and provides entertainment and she also provides more opportunities to pillage since so many people are after her. the crew gaped at him. He never said a word. Usually. Well, this is odd. But then, Jack held up his hand, motioning for the crew to stop what they were doing. Jack, who is it? I asked and he grimaced. It s Jack. he replied and I almost squealed but Marty clapped a hand over my mouth and dragged me into Jack s room, pushed over the bed, opened a trapdoor I never knew existed and dropped me down, closing it all off again. Goddamn you Captain Jack Black. I grumbled. Captain Jack Black s P.O.V: You did what we had planned? I asked Marty and he nodded. Aye, the bed is half covering it so she can t lift it up and she s inside. Any other orders? he asked and I nodded.

Tell the crew that if the other Captain asks them about Alan, she commandeered a ship in the last port and left without warning and haven t seen her since. he nodded and went to discreetly disperse the message while Jack Smith s ship broadsided mine. Ah, Jack, what do I owe this pleasure? I called and he just continued scowling. Can I board? he asked and I nodded. Aye. and so he swung over - a trick I taught him mind you - Now, why have yeh come lookin for me? I asked and his scowl never wavered for a second. I want my daughter Jack. I know you have her so where is she? he demanded and I sighed. Captain Smith, I left Anny with you. If she s been stowing away, well we haven t caught sight of a young little lass aboard and if we had then I would know and there is no young lass aboard my vessel. They re bad luck you know. I explained confidently and his scowl increased, something I didn t think was possible. Not Anny, she s with me. I want Alayna Jack and I know that Alan was our daughter and she left with you. You two just disappeared. he snapped and I sighed again. Jack, Jack, Jack. I am not in possession of either of your daughters. Yes, Alan was your daughter but Alan fled the ship a few days ago. Last time we made port actually. I m only trying to keep her safe, and if I don t then your dad is gonna have it out for me. He put me in charge of the girl until she s twenty unless she got married savvy? I said and his scowl finally disappeared. Father? As in William Smith? My dad? He s alive? he exclaimed and I grimaced. He s Captain of the Flying Dutchman so he s sorta alive. But he can only step on land

every five years or so. Said he plans on visitin yeh next year. But he ain t certain. And look, once I find her, and I will, I don t want Bill on my tail after her twentieth birthday or after she finds a young lad, I ll send her right back home savvy? I said and he nodded sadly. Okay, tell father I say hi next time you see him that is. he said glumly and I nodded. I will mate, I will. Until next time Jack. Yes, until next time Jack. he replied and not soon enough, his ship was outta my sight. Holy mother, that was stressful. I mumbled to myself and then took the helm once more, completely forgetting about Jackie in her new room. Jackie s P.O.V: Meanwhile, while Jack was having fun with whatever ship it d been, I was still stuck in this random room that had just randomly appeared there. In this room, there was a bed, a washbasin, a fridge, and a bureau. The bed sheets were a royal blue and the line of curtains were the same color. I tried to open the curtains but only one would open and then I could see the ocean, my freedom. I couldn t believe him! He d actually had the nerve to imprison me! He imprisoned his own wife! That s an offence! Maybe he just wanted to protect me. I muttered to myself and shook my head. Nah, he don t care enough to do something like that. I sighed. Great, now I m talking to myself. Who are you talkin to missy? called Jack and my head shot towards the trapdoor to see Jack s head hanging out. I m going crazy and it s all your fault. I said in a whiney voice, plopping down on my bed. Surprisingly enough, he jumped down and came hovering by the bed. You re not crazy, and that was Jack Smith. he said grinning.

My dad was here and you hid me?! I screamed and he stood there, looking very calm. Yes! If I didn t, my wife would ve been halfway to Newfoundland by now. he replied, pointing out the fact that we were married. So what? I m your wife. What does that have to do with anything? I cried and his look changed from bored to angry. Everything Jackie, Everything! he yelled and then lowered his voice. I m in love with you, why can t you see that? he whispered and I sighed, getting up and moving to the bureau, and then moving to look out the single window, my arms crossed. You don t love me Jack, you just think you do. I replied, trying to convince myself of that. No, I do and that s why I couldn t let you go today, and all the times before that. At first, it was just repayment to your grandfather but now, it s something more. And I wish you could see that. he said, sounding really upset. Look Jack, I might be able to see it after my 17th birthday and I get my own ship and crew, but right now, you re just a guy who decided to kidnap a girl and just then decide to torture me or my friends who came after me. I snapped and he got up, and slowly climbed up the hatch. Let me know when you re ready to negotiate my love. I m sorry you see me that way. he said and as he slowly closed the trapdoor but I sighed. jack, I m sorry, I m just tired of being cooped up. I m sorry Jack. I murmured and the trapdoor slid back open. What? he said shocked. Did you just say sorry? he asked and I nodded.

Yeah, I did, but I d be more surprised if you said it. I snapped back and he jumped back down. What do you mean? he asked, coming towards me and I felt his sword against my back. What are you doing? I asked and he laughed. We re doing it and you re going to enjoy it this time. he said and I felt my shirt slide off of my body, along with my bra. Do you really have to destroy my clothing every time you do that? I demanded, covering my chest with my arms. Yes, because if I didn t, then you would still be fully dressed. he stated and I nodded. For a very good reason Captain. I snapped, turning around to see his sword now pointed at my throat. Bed, now Mrs. Black. he snapped and I laughed. You don t scare me Jack, now one bit. I said, grinning, staying where I was, but he advanced towards me a little. I don t, but Brock does, doesn t he? he said and I shook my head confidently. Not anymore. He s really a sweet guy if you get to know him. Really sweet. I said, thinking back to the traitorous - to Jack anyway - conversation we d had a few days ago. I saw Jack s face go red. If you don t get on that bed now, you will never leave this ship, or this room and you ll never see daylight again dear Jackie. he said, looking too serious for me to joke around with so I started to take my pants off.

Okay, okay, no need to go all piratey on me. I said, throwing both my pants and underwear to the other side of the room, striding over and standing on the bed, putting my hands on my hips. I am a pirate and so are you missy. he snapped, putting his sword back in its holster. Well, are you going to come join me or not? I snapped and he laughed, stripping himself as well. Of course. On Deck, Marty s P.O.V: Brock, have you seen the Captain? I asked him and he shook his head. No, if I had, then I doubt Alan would be in the cabin, don t you? he said smirking and I nodded, laughing, but instantly stopped when I saw the only crew member that called Alan Robyn head towards the Captain s Cabin. Hey! You! Get away from there! I called, and he turned, looking confused. Why? Am I not allowed to see my Captain? he asked quite innocently and I sighed. Captain s busy mate, I very highly suggest you don t disturb him unless it is absolutely necessary and if you do bother him, it better be a damn good reason. Like a really really good reason. There d have to be a ship approachin to bother him. I said and he sighed, putting his hand on the hilt of his sword. What if my reason concerned our hostage? he asked and I laughed. Nope, that ain t life or death mate. I said, smirking and he laughed. You ll see Marty, you ll see. he murmured before heading back below deck. I turned to Brock.

He s kinda creepy, don t you think? Even for a pirate. I asked and he nodded. Yeah, really creepy. he said and then went down below.

Jack s P.O.V: As I pulled on my pants, I looked over to the bed and saw that Jackie was already curled up in a ball and asleep, her body shivering slightly or so I thought. As I neared her, I heard my dearest sniffling. Jackie, why are you crying? I m not that bad am I? I asked, my ego damaged slightly. No, you re great, but I m shocked I enjoy it so much. she said, in a shocked voice and I grinned but then dropped it. Is that such a bad thing? I asked and she scowled. You can shut up before I stab your sword through your gut. she retorted and I began to laugh. It s out of your reach love. I said happily, as I pulled on my shirt and jacket. And you re going to go back to you make fun of Jackie in front of the crew and leaving her alone now right? she asked, in a very hopeful voice and I shook my head. No, I m going to get a bit more public if you wouldn t mind. I said and she frowned. You know, if you keep scowling then it s going to be permanent. I warned her and she laughed, but it was lacking emotion. And when people ask, I ll just say I was kidnapped and forced to marry said kidnapper. she replied and I lifted a finger. Ah, but your statement is partially wrong my love. You chose to marry me, I did not

force you into said act of mariage . I said, crawling back onto the bed and she curled in towards me which made me grin. Maybe I ll give you your present early. I murmured into her ear and she smiled. That would be wonderful Jack, just wonderful. she responded and to prove her statement, she cuddled into my chest breathing deeply. You like my scent do you? I asked and she giggled. Not really, you reek of rum, but you apparently really love my body. she said dejectedly and I began to stroke her hair. You gonna be okay down here alone? I asked her and she nodded. I d be much better if you let me go immediately. she said, really whining and rubbing it in that I wasn t giving her the freedom she wanted. hey, don t push it miss. I said, clutching her closer to me. Can you let go of me Jack? Please? she said, her voice a bit muffled by my chest and I let go of her, getting up from the bed. Okay, well, I m gone to man the helm. I ll see you in a bit m love. I murmured and she shot up out of the bed, pulling on her clothes as fast as possible but there was a problem. She couldn t find her shirt. Jack, where did you put my shirts? she demanded, glaring at me and I laughed. You think you re going up on deck? I asked, amused and she nodded, while tearing apart her drawers in the bureau. Yes, why wouldn t I be? she asked and I smiled, opening the trapdoor, and climbing halfway up the ladder.

Because I m in a raiding mood and you, my young lass, cannot get hurt. Nor can I risk the ship we raid be manned by one of your friends. I explained and then stealthily hauled myself out of the trapdoor, closed the door, locked it, and pushed the bed over it, effectively hiding her. Out on Deck, Still Jack s P.O.V: As I took the helm from Marty, I noticed this strange boy upon my ship, a boy I d never seen before. Marty! Whose that young lad headin towards me cabin? I asked and he scowled. Some dude we just picked out of the ocean, said he was on a mission to help his long lost friend that disappeared. Said his name was Corduroy or something. he explained and my eyes widened. What did you say his name was? I asked, wondering if my ears were playing tricks on me or not. Corduroy I think. he replied, knowing not to ask questions. Take the helm Marty. I ordered and strode into my cabin to find everything in its place so I left and inspected the hold and this boy was nowhere to be found. Goddamnit! I swore. And just as I was about to head down to the cargo hold to get some rum, I heard Marty s battle call, as I liked to call it. Ship ahoy! Navy colors! Prepare to raid! he called and I forgot all about the rum, dashing up the stairs and back to the helm. Fly the British flag, we re going undercover. I called, laughing and as soon as that flag was flown, the British navy ship slowed to a stop. It was a modern ship which made this even

more fun. Load the canons men! I called and as we broadsided her, I grinned, it was the same ship we d raided a few months ago. Surely they had new cargo by now. And can we raid? Please? asked my favourite crew member named Trollop and I nodded. Raid away men! Take everyone as prisoners and let no one go! If they struggle, kill em, we don t need em! I yelled, laughing maniacally. I whipped out my sword and was about to grab a rope when the captain of the other ship landed in front of me. What do you want? I demanded, ticked off that he d came in my path. I want my son. he replied and I began to laugh again. Captain Smith, this isn t a laughing matter. he stated unhappily and I shook my head. Oh, but it is, because you actually think I d have a use for your son. He s as useless as you right there so why would I let him on my ship? There s your answer, I wouldn t! I snapped and then kicked him out of my way, swinging over to the other ship. Corduroy s P.O.V: I ran down into the hold of the menace and started knocking on the walls. I found a hollow spot and started yelling. Robyn? Are you in there? I asked and I heard a shriek and then more wall pounding. Corduroy! Is that you? she exclaimed and I smiled, taking the saw I d hauled over from the other ship and began to saw a hole in the wall. Yes, and I m getting you outta here! I replied. I cut a circle through the wall, big enough for her to fit through and she knocked it out, grinning when she saw my face. I love you, do you know that? she demanded, then threw a sword through the hole,

followed by a dagger and a hat. Then, she slid through and picked up her weapons, attaching them to her belt. Now I do. I said and her grin widened. Quickly, before I realized what she was doing, she replaced the circle of wood in the wall. There, now he ll never know I m gone. she said and then dashed down the hallway, me at her heels. Jack s P.O.V: I swaggered back onto the ship to see my sailors lined up each with a prisoner struggling in their arms. I also saw the Captain of the other ship emerging from my hold. Smith, what were you doing in my cargo hold? I demanded and he frowned. I was checking for my son, and you were right, he was not aboard your ship. I m sorry for accusing you. he said and my crew snickered. Cap n, she s missing. said Marty, out of breath as he came up from the hold. You checked my cabin? I asked and he nodded. Yes Cap n, she s not aboard the ship. he said and the crews happy faces dropped. They enjoyed Alan s company as much as I did though we d never admit it and the fact that she was missing, well, that worried us. I m going over to the other ship to check around for her. Nobody move. Marty, hold the Captain. If she s not on this ship then she s on his, she s not stupid enough to jump ship, there s no land for miles. I said and then quickly walked back onto the other ship. The first place I checked was the crow s nest but no luck. As I was climbing down, I saw a glint of silver in the sun and grinned. I dashed towards

the stairs leading to the hold and all of a sudden, Jackie was in front of me, sword out, ready for a fight. So you did jump ship. I snapped and she scowled. No, I left. I m tired of being cooped up and I want to go home Jack, I want my life back. she said and I laughed. I d give you two weeks with your old life and by the time you returned, you d have been raped, and missing the sea so much you d never want to leave again. Trust me, it s not safe for you to go back yet darlin . If it was, you wouldn t be wearing that ring round your neck. Honestly, I m only concerned for your safety. Please, come back with ol Jack and his crew. His ship misses you already. I said and she laughed without emotion. Jack, you know I m not going to go back without a fight, so whoever wins, gets what they want. she said impatiently and I nodded, whipping out my sword and using moves I d never used against her before. She was unprepared and in less than five minutes, I had her pinned on the ground. I grabbed a pair of irons and clapped them around her wrists before she had a chance to fight a little more. Now, you and your father s ship need to keep your distance from my ship otherwise, next time the long irons are within range, your ship is going to be blown to smithereens. I heard Jackie gasp. Savvy? I asked and her friend nodded weakly. Yes sir. he squeaked and I grinned, pushing Jackie to The Black Menace. Good, Let the crew go, but as they pull away open fire! I called and the foreign crew rushed over to their ship to prepare for the shooting but they were powerless against our guns. As we put distance between us and the wreckage, I saw Jackie - who was on the foredeck - fall

to the ground and begin to bawl. She knew as well as I did that her friend hadn t survived. There was no chance and if he did, hopefully, he was smart enough to stay away and warn others to stay away as well. Uh, Cap n, you gonna go calm her down? asked Marty as I slightly turned the wheel. Nope, leave her be. She really pissed me off today. I said and he nodded, going below deck. About a half hour later, my wife came up to me and asked a shocking question. Can I borrow your compass please Jack? she asked and my hand moved to cover it from view. No, maybe later, I m in need of it at the moment Robyn. Jackie s P.O.V: He called me Robyn. He hated that name. He must really be mad at me. Oh shit, what have I done? I asked myself, then looked at him with my big brown eyes, gently stroking his arm. ove, what are you doing? he asked and I smiled seductively. Can I persuade you to lend me your compass? I asked and he shook my hand off. No! Brock! Take her down to the brig. he said, sounding surprisingly monotone. He was staring at the waves, golden streaks flashing off of it from the sun. All of a sudden, I felt a hand on my shoulder and I looked up to see Brock. You gonna go willingly or do I have to carry you? he asked and I smiled sadly. Just a second. I said, reaching up, taking Jack s face in my hands and kissing him. His shock made the ship jerk.

Jack s P.O.V: I pulled her off of me and looked at Brock. Get her out of my sight. Now. I ordered andhe nodded, picking her up and carrying her below deck. I frowned. For some reason, that felt really good, like I should ve done it a long time ago. So my frown turned to a grin and I fixed the ship back on course for Australia. The Next Morning: At dawn, Marty came to relieve me, just as the sun began to rise. Isn t it just beautiful? I asked Marty and he nodded. Yes cap n. You should get some sleep though Cap n. You look dead beat. he noted and I nodded. I will after the sun s up. I never miss it and I m not stopping now. I murmured, striding across to the main mast and climbing up to the crow s nest. A half hour later, I climbed back down and retreated to get some sleep but the moment I was in my room, there was a knock on the door. Who is it? I called as I took off my jacket. Brock Cap n. I sighed. What do you want? I demanded. The prisoner requests to see you. he said and I groaned. Request denied. If she gets to be annoying, gag her or tape her mouth or something and don t you dare take those irons off of her. She can do some real damage. I said and I heard him laugh.

Aye Cap n. Her meals are bread and water no? he asked and I grinned. Yes Brock, only bread and water, nothing else. I ordered and then I heard him walk away laughing. And then I dropped onto my bed, my hands behind my head and fell into a deep sleep. Jackie s P.O.V: I began to pace back and forth my cell, still in shock that he d put me in here. was I to walk the plank in the middle of the ocean? Maybe he was just punishing me for running away . Again. Now that I thought about it, that was probably the reason. Brock. I said and he turned his head. What he snapped and I grinned, approaching the bars of the cell. Can you go fetch the captain for me please? I asked in a sugary sweet voice and he shook his head. I just went up remember? he said and I sighed. But I really need to talk to him. You should go tell him that I can kill you right now. I said and his eyes widened. How? he asked and using my binded hands, I retrieved my pistol from my boot and aimed it at him. Now, go get him, or I shoot you, right here, right now. I demanded and he ran upstairs. I grinned and sat down on the floor. About ten minutes later, I heard two sets of feet tramping down the stairs so I stood up and held out my pistol. You drag me out of bed to show me a girl prisoner with a pistol? said jack annoyed

and then his eyes widened. Jackie, with a pistol.. That s dangerous. he said and I laughed. Brock, you can leave, I won t shoot you. I just needed Jack. I said and he scurried up to the main deck as fast as his feet would carry him. Okay dear, now why did you want me so bad? asked Jack and I smiled. First, get me out of these handcuffs. If you do that I ll put the pistol away. I said and he grinned. I know what your planning darling. I m not that stupid. he said dryly and I grinned. Oh but Jack, you will otherwise I ll shoot myself, right here, right now. Is that what you want? I demanded, putting the pistol against my temple to show I was serious. No Jackie, there s no need for you to shoot yourself. I ll let you out of the cuffs. Calm down. he said very calmly, but his eyes were wide with concern. Come on then, let me out. I said impatiently and he reached through the bars and unlocked my cuffs, taking them with him. There there, all better now? he asked and I shook my head. No. I want out of this cell. I ordered and he sighed. I can t do that. This is your punishment, or did you forget the deal we made a few months ago? he asked and all of a sudden I remembered. Oh shit! I exclaimed, dropping the pistol which jack quickly retrieved. Oh my god, I totally forgot about that and by the way, he dragged me off of the ship. I didn t go willingly. Sure, once I was over there it was oh I m partially free, I want the rest but before I knew it wouldn t be good if I left. I rambled and he shook his head.

Then how did he get you out of your secret room? He would ve had to have some help from you. he said and I smiled. He said he was going to get me to talk to you about not raiding his dads ship. Cause he thought you d listen to me and I wanted to get out of that room so he got me out and then as I turned to go find you he dragged me onto his ship and we hid under the stairs. I explained even though most of it was bullshit. Hopefully, he didn t notice. Oh? Well I knew you d try to get out, but are you saying you weren t trying to escape? he asked and I nodded. No, I told you I ve given up on that route. I m sticking to our agreement. I explained, that part being true. Oh? Well, I ll need you to show me where he got you out and then you will have to persuade me that you really want to be with me which means no complaints, no disgusted faces, you have to be totally into it. he said in a serious voice and I nodded. I can do that, on one condition though. That you give me my ship and crew the next morning and I get to go wherever I want, and you re not allowed to follow me or keep track of me. Savvy? I said and he nodded. Agreed. he said. So does this mean that you ll think about having my baby? he asked and I raised my eyebrows, confused as to where this had come from. No, I don t want to be one of those girls that are pregnant at age 17. Sorry. I said and he sighed. I guess I won t let you out anymore. he said and I laughed, backing away from the bars as I took out a pistol that was attached to my hat, and another that had been down my shirt.

Yes you will. I said, pointing both at him, making him laugh. Go ahead and so I purposefully shot the lock, causing the door to swing open. What is it with you and destroying my doors? he snapped and I grinned. I guess I just don t like any barriers between you and I Jack. I said sweetly, and he laughed pulling me into his arms. Neither do I, but you insist at the most intimate of moments between us. he murmured into my ear and I sighed. Jack, do you wanna see the hole in your ship or not? I demanded, getting annoyed with all of the fake lovey dovey bullshit. There s a hole in my ship? Where? he cried and I pulled him up the stairs and down a hallway until we came to the circle cut into the wall. This hole that my dear friend cut into your ship as he tried to free me unwillingly. I explained and he nodded, grabbing something off the floor. He opened the hole and pushed me into the room, putting the piece of wood back into place and nailing it shut. Great. I m stuck. Again. Jack s P.O.V: I left her locked in her room again by nailing the wood back into place. Quickly, I went up to my cabin and jumped down into the room. She d fallen down into a chair and was looking out to sea. I locked to trapdoor and then collapsed onto her bed, falling asleep almost instantly. When I woke up, she was still in the same place but fast asleep. I d kind of hoped that she d come and just sleep with me but I guess I really was that despicable. I sighed, got up, and picked up a piece of paper from the desk drawer.

My Dearest Alayna, I know that the past few months have been difficult for you and I d hoped that you d see after awhile that I was only trying to protect you from being assaulted. I know that it seemed like I assaulted you but it wasn t like that. I am in love with you and if you being far away from me will give you the happiness and freedom you would like then you have it. I hope that this act makes up for the many wrongs I have committed whilst in your company, that you have claimed and that maybe you will finally see me as a good man and a good pirate. Enclosed, I have left you the simple version of how to get to the fountain of youth if you ever feel like visiting the island with your crew. I ll be in Hawkins Harbour, or Port Hope if you ever need to come find me. If I m not in either place, I ll be in Fortune Bay. My crew will accept you as their temporary captain while I am taking care of personal matters with my father. Do protect them please, they re wonderful people and have stuck through thick and thin for me. They re loyal, courageous, and probably the most trustworthy set of pirates you will ever encounter. Take care of my ship please. As long as you take care of her, she ll take care of you. Every year, till the day I die, I will spend your birthday at the St. Francis Hotel in Ireland. If you want to talk or if you need me, I ll be there as well. I love you. Jack Black. I folded up the letter and laid it on her lap with the promised directions and then snuck up to my bedroom, locking the trapdoor from the outside. I took one look at my cabin and tidied it up, putting all of my belongings that meant something in a bag and then went up to the helm where Marty was stationed.

Marty, set course for Hawkins Harbour. I have matters I need to discuss with my father. It will take awhile and so when we get there, and I step off my ship, Alan will be Captain. You will remain first mate. I ll be back one day and trust her decisions mate, she s a smart lass. And we need to get there soon. But the first place you will go after I leave is Fortune Bay, she ll figure out why. Also, the lass will have almost no idea what s going on because I m leaving while she s asleep. Savvy? I explained and he nodded sadly. I ll miss you Captain. he said and I grinned, patting his back. I ll always be around. You might even see me trottin around the globe once in awhile. I said jokingly and he laughed. We re only about a half hour from the Cove Captain. It shouldn t be too long. he said and I nodded. Aye. and then went down to the crew s quarters and told them. They took it same as Marty did, but since they like Alan, it wasn t a big change. They respected her which was all that mattered. Just as I was walking up to the main deck, Marty called out and said we d docked. The crew came up and bowed their heads in respect and thanks and I disappeared into my old cabin. I unlocked the trapdoor, moved the bed out of the way, took my sack, and left. Thank you, and treat her, as you would me. was all I said, before I left my home. Jackie s P.O.V: I woke up to the sound of Marty shouting orders, and I got really confused. Shouldn t jack be the one doing that? Since he wasn t in my bed anymore, I figured that s where he was, but then, as I became more aware of my surroundings, I realized there was a letter on my lap labelled My Dearest Wife: Alayna, Robyn, Alan, Jackie. I opened the letter and gasped in

shock. Jack was gone. Slowly, I made my way through the letter and was just as appalled as I was at some of the information. How could he leave his crew? He loved them, and they loved him! How could they even let him leave? My birthday was only a few months away, I d talk him into coming back then. I checked the trapdoor.. It was open. He was definitely gone. I put on my jacket and my hat, stuck his letter in the side pocket and the directions in my bra. Those had to stay safe. I climbed up into his cabin and was met by a clean, vacant area and frowned, walking out on deck. I was met by a smiling Marty. Hi Captain Black. Sleep well? he asked and I nodded. Aye. Set course for Hawkins Harbour would you? I asked and he shook his head. One of the last orders from Captain Black was to head to Newfoundland. Apparently you have some business to clear up in Fortune Bay. he said and I frowned. Do you know why he left Marty? I asked and he shook his head. He said he had business with his father but we all know there s more to it than that. Did he ever confide any feelings to you? he asked and I shook my head. No, we weren t that close. I replied and he sighed. Well, he said to me before he left that I was to protect you at all costs. He doesn t want anything happening to you Alan. he replied and I nodded. Aye, I got that much from him. I said and he smiled. I think it s more than the reason that he doesn t want the Dutchman about, lookin for him that is. Sure, he s had enough of that, but I think he cares about you. A lot. he murmured and I shook my head.

I don t know Marty, I really don t know. May I take the helm? I asked and he nodded, stepping aside from the wheel. Aye Captain Black. and with that, disappeared down into the hold. I grasped the wheel and sighed. My bitchiness and resentment had finally driven him away but not the way I d wanted it to. I guess it never happened that way. Especially when he left instead of kicking me off the ship and left me in charge of his ship and his crew! Trollop! I called, and the man standing by the main mast turned to look at me. Yes Captain! he replied, coming to stand next to me. Does Hawkins Harbour have a telephone? I asked and he nodded. Aye Captain, the number is (603) 124 - 3492. he said and I grinned. Thank you, write that down for me would you? I asked and he nodded. Aye Captain. Anything else you need? he asked and I shook my head. Just make sure that we can get to Fortune Bay before sunrise, savvy? I said and he nodded. Aye Captain. and then dashed away to relay orders. In Fortune Bay: We hid the ship in the cliffs, almost positive no one would see her. We all knew that Jack would kill me if anything happened to her. Alright. You all are to stay aboard today. Mend anything that is in need of repairs and make sure this ship is spotless when I return this evening. I ordered and the crew nodded and began to bustle around, looking for supplies. And if everything s done the way I d like it when I return, ye can drink all ye wants tonight! I added, they cheered but then got back to work.

As I tied the longboat to the dock, I saw a little boy running towards me I guess, since I was the only one at the dock this hour in the morning. Alan! You re Back! said the little boy and I recognized him as my little brother Jake. Jake! My, you ve grown haven t you? I said sweetly, picking him up. Daddy got back yesterday! he exclaimed and I laughed as he began to look around, seeming very confused. Where s Jack? he asked and I smiled. He s not here. He had to go visit his own father, and I had to come visit mine. I said, slyly slipping in the fact that he was my brother. Is he going to come visit anytime soon? the little boy asked and I shrugged. I haven t been in touch with him since we dropped him off in the cove. I said, seeing Jack Smith walking towards us. Alan, is that you? asked my father and I nodded. Aye Mr. Smith. I have some good news for your family. It s delightful news, really, I promise. I babbled and he smiled. Well, everyone s back at the house waiting. Jake was out on the shore and swore he saw Jack s ship. He had to come down and check. he replied and I grinned. Wonderful. When we arrived back at the house, I was still carrying Jake as he absolutely refused to let go of me. I was led into the same room as last time, the one that overlooked the sea. I sat down and Jake curled up in my lap, still refusing to let me out of his arm s length. Dad, is that you? called who I m pretty sure was Anny, and Jack Smith chuckled. Yes Anna, it s me and your brother. Tell James and your mother that there s a visitor

downstairs. he replied, smiling and just a few short moments later, all three appeared in the room I was in. Take a seat everyone, Alan has some news for us. he said in a grave voice and James and Anna came to sit on either side of me. Jack and Elizabeth chose the love seat on the other side of the room. You all remember me, obviously, but I lied and so did Jack about who I am. Don t put this on Jack, he was only trying to protect you guys and myself from further unhappiness, and trying to protect me. I began, seeing Jack s smile turn into a frown. What a surprise, he lied to us again. he snapped and I scowled. Hey, he s a good man and you know it. I snapped back and his scowl disappeared. Jack told me, as did Anny that your second child and daughter went missing at the age of three. And last time Jack was here, he said that he d found her and that she was safe and that wasn t an ounce of a lie. She was safe because she was standing in that room with him that very moment and she s right here, right now. I said and my mother almost went into hysterics. You re really my Alayna? she asked, through her tears of Joy and I nodded. Aye, Mrs. Smith. I am Alayna Smith, Robyn Grey, Jackie Black, Lane and as you first met me, Alan. I wanted to tell you when I first was here but I knew I couldn t stay because Robert Smith or your father Jack, told him to keep me under his watchful eye until I was twenty because the man who kidnapped me was planning to rape me. Now, I sail Jack s ship, as Captain because he had to visit his father and so I decided to come here and relieve you all of the worry for you little girl. Well technically, it was already decided so obviously Jack wanted this. Like I said, he s a good man. I finished my speal and then sank into the pillows. You re my little sister? cried Anny. I can t believe it! I knew you looked familiar! she

exclaimed but it was Jake that killed us all. I told you she looked like my sister! he said loudly, and all five of us died of laughter. You re too cute aren t you Jake? Aren t you? I murmured in baby talk and he giggled. He likes you. stated Jack with a smile and I laughed. He s happy. I replied simply, remembering the second of my tasks. Do you have a phone I could use? I asked and Jack nodded. Yes, here, long distance isn t a problem. he said grinning and I smiled gratefully. Thank you, may I use a room for privacy? I asked and Elizabeth nodded. It s just as much your house now as it is ours. she said smiling. Thank you. I murmured gratefully and took the phone upstairs to the same bedroom as last time. I dialled the number and Waited. Captain Easton answered. Hello? he asked. Hey, it s Jackie. I need to talk to Jack now. Don t give me any shit, just get him on the phone. Now! I ordered and he grunted. Fine, but he ain t gonna be happy. he replied stonily and I laughed. Well he can suck it up. I snapped, as the receiver was handed over to my husband. What do you want now? I thought this was what you wanted! he snapped and I groaned. Jack, I wanted my own crew and my own ship, not yours. You and your ship and crew, you re a family, you really think I d want to take that away from you? So get your ass up here and take them back. I ordered, knowing he was frowning. No! You wanted me out of sight but not out of mind so that s the only way I could give

that to you. You re my wife, I m supposed to be making you happy. he replied getting angry. You re my husband, and I have the ring to prove it. There s the out of sight, but in the mind. And you re supposed to obey me, so get your ass up here now! I am not going to be responsible for your home for more than a week Jack. It s not happening. I snapped and I heard him chuckle. Oh but it is, because until you admit that you re in love with me, which by the way I know you are, you re just too stubborn to see it, I am not coming back because every time you deny me, you hurt me Alayna. It may seem like it s not possible but it is. he said, the last bit sounding more than a little forlorn. Jack, to be honest, I miss you. I really, really do. I miss seeing your smile during a storm, or the way you look when you re thinking and steering the ship. And speaking of your ship, she misses you and the rum will soon be gone. I added and I heard him gasp. No! Not the rum! he exclaimed and I grinned. Aye Captain Black. The rum. I replied and he sighed. Oh Well, I got tons here, so I m good. he replied happily, making me groan. Have I ever mentioned that you can be such a pain in the ass sometimes? I stated and he laughed. Aye Alan, you have and that s not convincing me to come back. I hope you realize that. he said, sounding slightly amused. Well, I m not going to tell you over the phone. That s insensitive. So why don t you come up and then I can tell you/ I suggested and there was a moment of silence before he replied.

Fine, but you give me any indication that you want me gone, and I m gone, not coming back. he warned and I grinned. Thank you! Oh my god! I can t believe I convinced you! I exclaimed and he laughed. On one condition my love. he said, and I groaned again. You let me in without any barriers. he said and I grinned, finding a loophole. On the condition that I m allowed to take the day after pill and that you bring a ship and a crew for me. I replied, this time making him groan. Find. I ll see you in a few Hours Jackie Black. he said, and I could tell that he was smirking. Wipe that smirk off you face and get your ass up here Jack. I ordered and he laughed. See you later dearest wife. he said and then hung up. I hung up too and flopped down onto the bed. Just a few seconds later, there was a knock on the door. Come in. I said and the door opened slowly to reveal Anny. Oh, hey! I greeted her. Hi, I didn t interrupt your conversation did I? she asked timidly and I shook my head. No, I just finished. Was there anything you wanted to talk about. I asked her and she nodded. Yes, Jack. I wanted to talk about Jack. she stuttered and I laughed. What about him? I asked, honestly curious. You know how last time you both said there was nothing going on between you guys? she asked and I nodded. Well, with the way you were defending him in the living room, it seemed like he meant a lot more to you. she said and I grinned. Well, he was my captain for a good nine months, and he was a good captain.

Frustrating, but good. And he is a good man, just one that I m not particularly fond of. But that doesn t mean that anything changed between us. Why? I asked and she smiled sheepishly. I think I might like him. she said. And I think I m gonna tell him next time he comes round. she said decidedly and I blinked a few times before answering. Umm, I don t think that s the best idea in the world. I said and she sighed. Why? she demanded, and I groaned. Because if he wants you, he ll come to you. Please don t kill me but I m also married to him and don t you dare tell Jack and Elizabeth. I m going to get Jack to tell them when he gets here in a few hours. I said uneasily and she squealed. You re married to him? Are you kidding? she exclaimed, seeming oddly happy, considering what she d just told me. I m not kidding, unfortunately. I muttered causing my sister to laugh. We need to have an official wedding for you guys! she said excitedly, and I laughed sarcastically. Uh, no! That s not happening. We had a very sketchy one but even that was good enough for me. I replied, making her put on a pout. Fine. Where s your ring? she demanded and I lifted my necklace. Here. I said, causing her to frown. Why is it not on your finger? she demanded and I grinned. Because I married him for all the wrong reasons to marry someone so why should I use the same traditions? I said happily causing my sister to laugh yet again. When should he get here? she asked and I smiled at the thought.

In a few hours. I replied and she jumped up excitedly. I m going to get you a set of clothes. Yours need to be washed and you can t look like a boy when you greet your husband. she said decidedly and I raised my eyebrows. Excuse me Anny, but my clothes are perfectly fine. And it s not like its turned him away, unfortunately. I snapped, making her frown. So why did you marry him if you don t love him? she asked and I sighed. I married him because it was the most convenient out of the four options. I replied quite vaguely and her frown became more pronounced. What options? she asked curiously and I laughed. Jack gave me four options to obtain my freedom off of his ship. I could sit around and wait till I was twenty, I could marry Sam and live on land for the rest of my life except for one month every year, I could marry Jack and get my own ship and crew or I could become a part of his crew. I didn t want any conditions, I still don t and so I chose the one that was most convenient. I didn t want Sam to give up that option for me so that was out. I wasn t gonna sit around for another four years as a captive, and there was no way in hell that I was becoming a part of his crew so the only one that worked in my favour was marrying him. I explained, causing her to frown yet again. What benefits you by marrying him? she demanded. I get my freedom, a ship, a crew, and he s not there. I replied and she grimaced. What about him? What benefited him? she asked and I shrugged. I dunno. He claims he s in love with me but I don t believe it. Who would? I asked, and she continued to frown.

Well, we ll see how he really feels when Dad talks to him when he gets here. Now, get to sleep, you look like a zombie. she ordered. Jack s P.O.V In Fortune Bay: As we pulled up next to the Dark Menace , I wrinkled my eyebrows in confusion. I was expecting to see Jackie to be at the helm or something but she was nowhere in sight. The crew of the Darkest Hour weighed anchor and I swung over to the Menace . Oi! Where be your captain? I yelled and Marty appeared in the stairwell. Gone ashore sir. Nice to see you again. he exclaimed and I smiled grimly. If I don t come back and she does, it s cause Jack killed me. I replied, gulping nervously, having a good idea of what she was planning. As I got out of the longboat, I saw Jackie striding down the dock, looking mad, I think. Jackie! I called and she stopped in front of me whiled I tied up the longboat. Then when I straightened up, she took a quick glance behind her and then kissed me. It was short but very sweet. And when she pulled away, I took her hand. Why were you on shore? Not on your ship keeping watch? I demanded, grinning and she laughed, sounding evil. Because I have a surprise for you. and then began to pull me towards Jack s house. What kind of surprise? I asked warily, causing her to giggle. Something that might kill you. she stated cheerily and I scowled, now positive at what she was planning. Does this involve telling Jack we re married? I snapped and she nodded. Aye. I scowled again.

You re hoping he s going to kill me aren t you? I pondered and surprisingly she shook her head. Nope. she said, pulling me into the house where we were greeted by a stony faced Jack. Everyone else was deliriously happy. Here, let s gather in the living room. said Elizabeth, breaking the tension. Lane pulled me into the living room, and sat down on the love seat. I took a seat next to her, and she snuggled in under my arm. I grinned, maybe she wasn t just kidding around. I tightened my arm and she grinned.. Slowly, the rest of the family entered the room and took a seat, wary of what was going on. So what do you have to tell us Jack? asked Elizabeth and I looked down at Lane who was grinning deviously. Yes Lane, what am I telling them? I demanded and she put on her I m the innocent one here, not you face. About what I told you on the walk here remember? hinted my wife and I sighed. Oh, right. Um, well, Elizabeth, Jack, please don t kill me, but your daughter and I are married. my voice went up at the end of my sentence and Jack began to glare at me. Are you lying to us? he demanded, clenching his teeth together and that was where Lane stepped in - figuratively - to save me. No, we re not. I am married to him and I felt that considering the fact that he has protected me from being raped she clenched her teeth at that. you are not allowed to physically harm him Jack. at that I felt like she was talking to both Jack s in the room.

Fine, but I m just saying, if he hurts you at all, he s going down along with his ship. Now are you going to stay here and finish your education? Jack asked Lane and she shook her head which shocked me. Father, what s your career? she asked and he smiled, knowing where she was headed. I m a fisherman. he replied. Would you be able to live without the sea as a part of your life? she asked and my new father - in - law shook his head. Well that s how I feel, just stronger. I can t stay on land because I feel trapped and vulnerable, but when I m at sea, at the helm, it s all I could ask for. And Jack Black, I m not having a baby because that would include staying on land for nine months and I don t think I could do that now. she stated and I kissed the top of her head. I understand. I replied, but I knew that was just a cover up. My excuse to have an heir was a cover up to the fact that I actually wanted to have a child with her because I wanted her to know I loved her. But she refused to believe me. Not like I told her either reason though. Well, I guess, but I want to see the rings. demanded Elizabeth and I tossed her mine and Lane tossed her mother the necklace. Yet, for some reason, Elizabeth was frowning. What? No engagement ring? she snapped and Lane laughed, easing some of the tension. We were engaged for literally two hours. Now, I have a ship and a crew and he has absolutely no control over me. she said, taking the necklace back from her mother. Anyway, I ll see you on my birthday Jack and everyone else, I ll be home for Christmas. I must be going. she said cheerily and her mother scowled. Where are you going? she demanded and I smirked.

I have a debt to repay. she said, giving her siblings hugs and her parents each a kiss on the cheek. Come on Jack, otherwise your crew is going to think you re dead. she pulled me up and out the door. Once, we were out of earshot of the house, I spoke. For wanting to get to know them so bad, you left some fast. I pointed out, making her laugh. I just saved you from getting a bullet in the chest. Don t complain. she snapped and got into her longboat but before I got into mine, I pulled her face to mine, kissing her for the last time for another few months. She pulled away quickly, scowling at me. I ll see you on my birthday Jack. and then she pulled away from the dock, rowing as fast as her newly muscled arms would allow. Alayna s P.O.V, on her birthday: We pulled into the harbour and I noticed that the Dark Menace was already here. Damn. I muttered. What s wrong captain? asked my first mate Hunter, which made me smile. The crew had accepted me as if they d sailed with me a million times before. They beat us here. I said, scowling and he laughed. You have a dislike to the crew and captain of the Dark Menace ? he asked and I shook my head, laughing internally at the fact that my crew still thought I was a man. Not the crew, I love the crew, just I don t talk to Jack unless it is absolutely necessary. I replied, grinning. And so this meeting is absolutely necessary? he asked, grinning evilly.

Aye. If it wasn t, we d have sacked 3 Spanish galleons by now Mr. Hunter sir. I replied, stepping down from the helm to help anchor off the ship. Hunter! Tie off the helm would ya mate? I called, while stepping inside my cabin for a few moments. I donned my hat, sword, extra pistols and jacket. I returned to see my entire crew on deck, awaiting my orders. One night shore leave here and if you re all back here by ten tomorrow morning, we ll find 5 ships to raid in between here and the Caribbean waters and then we ll head to Marc s harbour to have a few more drinks. Savvy? the crew cheered and then began to head to shore. I followed and began to stroll casually though the streets, looking for the St. Francis Hotel. I found it on probably the most lavish street in the town. I entered the hotel to find no sight of Jack. I scowled and then checked my pocket to make sure my birth control pills were still there. I sighed in relief as I felt the small round objects that were hidden. Can I help you? asked a lady behind the desk. Aye. I be in need of a room. I replied and the woman smiled, checking a list. Do you have a reservation of some sort my good Captain? she asked. Potentially. Is there one under Black? I asked and she nodded, handing me a key. Room 17. Enjoy your night. she said smiling. I made my way up the stairs and found my room, finding it empty so I decided to take a shower. As I left the bathroom, fully dressed after my shower, the door opened to reveal Jack. Ah, I beat you to Ireland but you bet me to the hotel. More eager now are you? he asked, putting down the packages that were in his arms. No, but I do want to get this over and done with. If you don t mind that its. I have to be

back to my ship by nine and I have to take a pill exactly at eleven tonight. Don t you dare let me forget otherwise it ll screw everything up. I said and he grinned. Okay, now siddown on the bed, I have a birthday present for you. he said, pushing me down, and handing me the biggest of the three packages. I tore open the package to see a beautiful dress. It was black and green and had two spaghetti straps and was an old fashioned dress. Well, for me. Jack, it was beautiful. I exclaimed and he grinned. Good to know, do you realize that was custom made darlin ? Now, it s time for your second gift. he handed me the middle sized package. I opened it to see a new pair of boots and breeches. Jack, how d you know this was what I needed? I demanded and he grinned. You can t be a husband if you don t know your wife. he said cryptically which made me laugh. Well, I guess I can t be your wife cause I don t know my husband. I said, loving how he left a loophole. Ah, but then you d have to give back your ship and crew m dear. replied Jack, finding a loophole in my loophole. I scowled. Damn. I snapped and he laughed. Now, for your third present. he said, handing me the smallest of the three. I opened it up and it was a jewellery box from a store, so I opened it up and there, on the velvet, lay a bracelet. It had an engraving on it saying I only see you and I smiled gently. Thank you Jack. It s sweet. I said, giving myself grief over the fact that I didn t love

him. Your welcome. Come on now, you ve got to be overheating and we can t be having that. said Jack as he took off his own hat and Jacket, leaving him in his loose shirt which revealed portions of his bare chest. I don t think that s a good idea. I replied, edging towards the screen door. Please? Remember, it s only one night. he whispered, removing his sword and I laughed. Fine, but don t steal any of my ammo or my weapons. I stated and he nodded. Okay, he said warily. So slowly, I took off my hat, and removed the 2 pistols taped within. I took off my jacket and removed 2 pistols, 1 musket, 1 rifle, and a shotgun. Next I took off my sword and the only pistol that anyone could see. The last thing to come off was my sweater which concealed 2 daggers and a whip that was folded up. I laid it all in a neat pile over in the chest that was provided, took a lock out of my pants pocket and locked it, hiding the keys in my bra pocket. Holy god, how do you have all of that on you? he exclaimed and I grinned. Like, why do you even need that many weapons? he demanded and I just kept grinning. To get out of situations that I m too lazy to talk my way out of. Or, just say I m in a jail cell, and they didn t check in my bra, where I have a 0.9 mil at the moment, I can shoot my way out of it and retrieve my effects in time to get away from there without getting caught. Also, I m the most wanted person in the world because of how many ships we ve attacked and how many ports we ve sacked without a single brawl of any sort. I said proudly and he frowned. You haven t been branded have you? he asked, seeming very worried and I shook my

head. No, but I did get this from the King himself. I informed him and so I took off my shirt and let him stare at my bare front. Oh my god. He cried, taking my hands. Is that supposed to be an x ? he demanded and I nodded, turning around to show me my back. Can you tell me what s there? I was kind of delirious when they told me. I said and he sighed. It says X marks the spot . He replied and I laughed. What s so funny about this? he demanded. The king said that they d know if it was me because of what they did to me, and then I d hang. But he won t catch me because he s looking for an Alex Matthews and he don t exist. I replied and he smiled, before turning on the T.V. to CNN to see the news. And now, breaking news! From South Africa to Nunavut, there have been ship raids on almost every ship that s attempted to cross the ocean these past few months. More than two hundred ships have returned with little to no cargo and almost fifty have gone amiss. Now, as a follow up, we have an eyewitness to the last raid that was performed less than a week ago. Steven Marshall is here to join us. Come on in Steven. Said the reporter and a young man walked in whom I instantly recognized. He tried to kill me! I exclaimed before Jack clamped his hand over my mouth. Now Steven, what happened to your ship? asked the lady and Steven s eyebrows crinkled while he was thinking. Everything was fine up until about maybe three in the afternoon. All day there had been

clear skies and open water all around us, no sight of land for miles. Then, all of a sudden, my buddy Jim, who d been in the crow s nest at the time for the hourly check called out. A ship with sails as red as blood and the wood as black as coal was approachin us and some bloody fast. He was interrupted by the reporter. So you re saying the ship just appeared out of nowhere, in open water? asked the reporter and he nodded. Yes. So we signaled that we wanted to talk because the Captain wanted to know how we hadn t seen them and also, he s a nosy lad. Either way, he did and they stopped alright, fired a warning cannon and the Captain surrendered but us crew members didn t. Just as the other crew boarded, we attacked, but then, a guy who I assumed was the captain fired a shot into the air in which everyone, and I mean everyone stopped what they were doing to hear what he had to say. He said, almost trance like. And what did this Captain figure say? asked the reporter. He said Lads, stop this fighting, there be no need b ys. All we want is to know your business in these waters. Mates, you know what to do . He took a second to breathe. And then, one of the miscreant crew grabbed hold of one and sometimes two of my crew. But for some reason, the Captain grabbed me. Said I was a handsome young man and would do well on his crew, his ship. He paused again, so the reporter interrupted again. And what did you say? she asked, gasping. I didn t answer. I just grabbed his sword and tried to stab him to let go of me but he grabbed a pistol from his waist and shot me in the shoulder. I dropped his sword and fell to the ground. He picked it up and then I blacked out from blood loss. Next thing I know, I m in the

infirmary and the doc s saying we lost all of our ammunition, weapons, and most or our valuables and food to the thieves. He finished and I grinned. Did you get a good look at this Captain? asked the lady and he shook his head. Face was covered by a broad brimmed hat, a tricorn hat, but you could tell he was built. His grasp was unbreakable. And the ship, it wasn t like anything we got here now. It s strictly to the old book. Wooden and bloody fast. He stated unsurely and I laughed, waiting to see the price that they d put on my head. And that s almost all. If you re watching this, be sure to keep your valuables locked up tight. It seems Pirates are making a comeback. The man who is responsible for this, there is a million dollar reward for he who catches him and gets him to the officials. Keep an eye out North America, there s a thief on the loose. I shut off the T.V. and began to die of laughter. What s so funny? asked Jack and I smiled, pulling him down on the bed so I was on top of him. I can t believe I m worth a million dollars but you re worth more. I murmured and he laughed. No, you re a better person than me, therefore, worth more. Much, much more. He whispered, rolling so he was on top of me. Now, before I declare my love to you darling, don t you have a pill to take? he asked and I jumped up. I grabbed my jacket and grabbed the pill, popping it into my mouth and swallowing, returning to Jack on the bed. Go ahead Jack, I m ready for you this time. I murmured huskily and he smiled, kissing me. Ay Aye Captain Black. He said, saluting me.

That s more like it. A few hours later, I stirred from my sleep. I felt Jack s strong arms wrapped around me which made me sigh. I didn t want to lie in bed anymore. So I removed myself from his grip, put on a housecoat provided by the hotel. Once covered, I strode out to the patio, laying my hands on the railing before sighing and crossing my arms across my chest. I looked out and saw that the sun was just rising. It was a beautiful sight. I always knew Jack loved to watch the sun rise and fall but I never truly understood why until my first night on my own ship. All of a sudden, I felt a pair of arms worm their way around my waist. Good morning love. Whispered my husband, but unlike a normal wife, I didn t smile at his touch. I never had and never would, but unlike any other couple, we had the balanced harmonious relationship so many couples strived for. We knew each other s limits and were constantly challenging the limits. I sighed. Jack, I have to leave soon. I murmured, leaning my head against his chest and I heard him chuckle. Not for another few hours you don t. You said you had to be out of here by eight, well its only five thirty darling. Come back to bed. Get some more sleep. He replied softly against the top of my head before gently kissing it. Jack, you have got to stop leading yourself on. You re only going to hurt yourself. I m not leading you on for that very reason. I don t want to hurt you, because you ve tried to protect me. But at the same time you frustrate me. I turned around to face him. Jack, I m not in love with you. I only married you for my freedom. I know it was for all of the wrong reasons but that s all I got.

Jack s P.O.V: As she said that, my heart broke. It shattered. I knew that s why she did it, but I d been hoping that there was some underlying reason. Yeah, I know, I m gonna go get some more sleep before the new day sets in. Happy birthday darling. I whispered, pulling her close to kiss her once before letting go of her newly muscled body. Somehow I just knew that she d be gone when I woke up later on. Sleep well Jack. She murmured, patting my hand gently. You re a good man, never forget that. She replied, I just sighed and crawled back under the covers, falling back to sleep, filled with dreams about her. About how much I loved that girl. Well not girl, but lady. She s a fine lady, I thought to myself, and a damn good pirate. Lane s P.O.V: As soon as I was sure that he was asleep, I got dressed and once I was sure I had everything, I Jack a kiss on the cheek and scurried out the door. I reached the dock and quickly rowed myself out to my ship. Thank god it was still there. One thing that was strange was as I boarded the ship, it was strangely loud for six in the morning after a night of drinking. So instead of inquiring as to why, cause I m sure it was one of those reasons you really didn t want to know, I went back to my cabin and quickly hid the dress Jack had gotten me. I didn t have the heart to take off the bracelet. Once I heard movement on deck, I got changed into the clothes Jack had given me the night before, put in a pair of hoops, and retied the sash around my waist. I opened my cabin door to see two of my newest crew members just about to knock. Yes Bruce? I asked the shorter one and both of them grinned. They were like twins.

You never saw one without the other. The crew has a surprise for you below deck Captain. He said. It s not mutiny I swear. He added and I laughed. Okay b y, lead the way. I said, grinning. They led me down to the galley where somehow, they d gotten the whole crew in there and two of em parted to reveal a cake. Happy belated birthday Cap n. said Tron, Bruce s twin and I smiled. Thanks everyone, dig in! I called and they attacked the cake but before they did, they handed me a plate with a piece on it. For a few minutes, there was almost complete silence before Trollop yelled at us all. Did y all forget? There s still one more surprise! Causing them all to rush up to the main deck, to prepare to set sail. Newfoundland Cap n? asked Trollop and I shook my head. Nah, we ll make a pit stop in England first. I need to have a chat with the king. But as long as we re in there for the 24th, then we re good. I said. Thanks by the way, extra rations for everyone today. I replied. Once there was no land in sight, they began to weigh anchor. Apparently, Trollop nor the crew wasn t letting me do any work today. All of a sudden, there was a bang and balloons and streamers began to fall out of the sky, or so it seemed. I looked up to see they d built a net in between the sails and such. My eyes were wide with shock. Why were they doing this? I wondered and Trollop answered my thoughts. Cap n, how did you feel under the Captaincy of Captain Jack Black? he asked and I

laughed. I was never a part of his crew. I retorted smiling. But if I had been, it felt free at times and others I wanted to strangle him for obvious reasons of course. I replied. Well, you, you re a very fair Captain. You reward us even when there s no need, and on top of that, you respect our opinions and you keep us safe. Part of it is that you stay with us and another part is unlike a lot of Pirate Captains, you don t take half the loot, you only take a fifth of it, which isn t a lot in some cases. You re fair, kind, just, friendly, funny, and a damn good pirate. Eh! Everybody! he called and the crew stopped for a moment. Guess how much we re worth? he called and I laughed. One million dollars I believe they said and they want me in jail. Whaddyah say me, Trollop and Hunter take a visit to the king? I yelled and the crew cheered. Well then, as long as we re to Fortune for the 24th, let s go! And if you can get there in speedy time, you won t have to pay for your own lodging in Fortune! I said and they cheered again. They re a damn good crew Trollop, as good as they get. I murmured and my second mate nodded. They got a damn good captain too, Captain. We reached England a few hours later and we hid the ship in a secluded cove. There s a port on the other side of these cliffs. Myself, Trollop and Hunter are going into town. Do not go near London, otherwise, there is too much at stake. You have two hours. Dismissed! I called and they cheered as they began loading the boats. Myself and my mates reached London about a half hour later and we got a cab to Buckingham. As soon as we were out of the cab, I turned to Marty. If he takes me, get outta there, pick up the crew and leave. I ll find a way to meet you

in Newfoundland okay? I ordered and they nodded. Aye Cap n. said Trollop and Hunter nodded. What can I do for you guys? asked a guard on the other side of the gate. We re here to see the King. I said proudly and he laughed. Really? I m going to need your names then. He replied and I smirked. Just tell him that X marks the spot . I said sweetly. The guard nodded, rolling his eyes and paged it up, looking shocked when he got the reply. Okay, come on in. He s more than grateful to see you. Follow me. He said, opening the gate and leading us up the drive to the palace, letting us in and turning right back around, dashing back to the gate. While we were waiting in the foyer, all three of us were picking at the little trinkets adorning the hall. Silently, we all broke off the multiple diamonds and hid them in places no one would think to look. Finally, after a half hour, we were greeted by the King himself and we all put our hands on the hilt of our swords. Not one pirate in their right mind would trust this man. So nice to see you again Captain Matthews. How s everything been? he asked politely, shaking my left hand. Same to you sir. I said and he laughed. Come join us for dinner, we were just about to sit down. He said cheerily and the three of us exchanged wary glances. We have little time on our hands sir. I warned and he smiled. Well, leave when you must but you must come eat. I demand it. He said, still using his

fake happy voice. So, well, come on mates. We followed the King into the dining room to see his son and daughter and wife sitting very properly at the table. Like was our nature, we made ourselves comfortable at the other end of the table, me at the end, and my mates flanking me. Hats off b ys. I whispered and they removed their caps. I hesitated before removing my hat but as I did, I shook out my hair. Now, what did you need to speak to me about Captain? asked the King and I smiled. How come you let this story leak? I demanded, my hand on the butt of my main pistol. Ah, that. Because I knew it would draw you out of hiding, I knew you d come visit. He said sweetly and I laughed. Sire, I was never hiding, you just need to know where to look. And as you have pointed out, X does mark the spot doesn t it Mr. All High And Mighty? I said, my voice switching in between sweet and just plain rude, causing him to scowl. yes, well, it s kind of hard to find an X when said X is always hidden and since we never are able to find the whereabouts of said ship. He replied angrily and I sighed. If you actually looked you might find it sir. I snapped back, gripping the butt of the pistol, being careful not to pull the trigger. Father, Captain Matthews, calm down, no need to get upset- his son began to speak but his dad started yelling. No need to be angry? Yes there is a need to be angry! This old fashioned Pirate is assaulting more than 75% of the ships that sail the seas and you re saying I shouldn t be angry? Maybe if she married you, I d be able to track her! he exclaimed, pushing away from the table,

making the table jerk and then began to smile deviously. That is a great idea. She, can marry you. He said and I stood up, motioning to Trollop and Hunter to follow suit. Dad, I m already engaged to Jennifer. Complained his son and I put the line down there. Jonathon, I ve known you since I was a kid, you are not getting me to marry your son. No offence to you James, but that s just not going to happen. I said, beginning to leave but the guards stopped us. Really now? You re wrong. But do tell me why you won t. said King Jonathon, smirking. Because I m already married. I ve been married since September actually. I replied matter of factly and he and his family began to gape at me. But you re only seventeen. Exclaimed his daughter and I nodded. Yeah, I used it to buy my freedom. But anyway, I have a deadline to make, so if you don t mind, I have to be leaving. I said decidedly, putting my hat back on my head just as his son grabbed me. Instinctively, I grabbed my pistol and pointed it at his throat. Let me go. I snarled and cautiously he backed away. No one move until we re gone or else one of you dies. We made sure that we disappeared from the premises as quickly as we could because we knew they d be after us soon enough. Prince James s P.O.V: The moment they disappeared from the dining room, Dad went into a mad panic whereas myself, mother and Jane stayed where we were. James dear, I think she d be a good match for you honestly. I really do. Mother said

thoughtfully and Jane and I looked at her like she d gone mad. What? screeched Jane. But I like Jennifer! she complained. Captain Matthews scares me! mom smiled. She s not as bad as you think. Said mother and I laughed. Mom, did you just see her? She was mad! I am not marrying that woman! And didn t you hear her? She s already married; therefore she cannot be married again. I complained and she laughed. Your Father s set on it now. So I suggest you find her before he does. She said before innocently beginning to sip her tea. You re both pains in my ass. I grumbled, leaving the room, grabbing my jacket, pulled on my boots and left the palace, going out the servants entrance so I wouldn t be noticed. I saw three men standing by a bar, two having a smoke, so I went over because they looked like people who would know someone like Captain Matthews. I tapped one on the shoulder who turned around to glare at me and I realized it was one of the men that had been with her. What do you want rich boy? he snapped. I was wondering if you know an Adam Matthews. I said, trailing off and he laughed, the other two men joining in. He thinks we re a part or know Captain Matthew s personally! Lad, Matthews leaves no survivors and if he does, its by accident and he hunts them down and kills them. Only his crew know what he looks like. I ve been on the sea for 25 years and not once have I seen his ship but I ve heard his cannons. He said and I scowled.

Look, stop bullshitting me, you and I both know that you were just in the castle with Captain Matthews and another person so stop lying and tell me the truth. I snapped and a fog appeared with a figure appearing out of nowhere. Boys, said a sweet female voice. Do we have a problem here? We wouldn t want to be drawing the Kings attention now would we Prince James? asked the lady and I began to slowly back away. I ll be going now. I said shakily but she shook her head and I froze. Boys, the king has men following him. We don t want anyone to find our location. Bring him back to the ship and lock em in the brig. It s time for King Jonathon to feel pain, don t you agree? they nodded, grabbing me, gagging me and then tying me up and just as they stuffed a bag over my head, I heard her murmur something in my ear. X marks the spot always, doesn t it Jaime? and I let out a breath. Captain Matthews? I breathed and I heard them all laugh. It s master to you. Take him away boys. I ll see you back at the ship in an hour. And slowly the sound of her footsteps disappeared. Jackie s P.O.V: I couldn t believe it! He had the nerve to follow me! Well not I had a ransom note to deliver. I grinned. Those were my favourite. Back At The Ship, Hunter s P.O.V: The prince was givin us some damn lotta trouble but it all made sense as to why the Captain wanted us to bring him back. Hey, Trollop, throw him in the brig would ya? I m going to go round up the rest of the

crew, make sure to keep him bound in all way shape and form. And don t let him talk. I ordered and Trollop nodded. Aye, Hunter, I ll see you soon. Jackie s P.O.V: I ducked into the bar just outside of Trafalgar Square. Captain Black! How ya been? called the bartender and I scowled. What s my first name and my father s name? I asked huskily, not pulling off my hat. Jack, yer father s Captain Easton, ain it? he said, confused and I tipped my hat. False Scar, that s the other Black. I murmured and he gasped. Who are you then? asked the bartender, confused as fuck. I m Captain Jackie Black mate, and I need a fountain pen and a piece of parchment. I smiled. Now! I snapped and he began blithering around, searching for my needs. Once he found it, he handed me the parchment and the pen smiling. So are you and Jack related? he asked, looking for gossip and I grinned. You could say that. Anyway I placed the now use pen inside my jacket and the ransom note in my bra. I ve got to be off. Another time Mr. Browne. I tipped my hat and left the bar with him gaping after him like an idiot. King Jonathon s P.O.V: Clarisse! Have you seen James? I called, wanting to apologize for earlier. I sent him out to find that Captain you re obsessed over. At least if we cath her then she won t be a problem to us anymore darling. She came to rest on my arm. You didn t. my voice dropped, worried about him now.

That I did. She replied confidently and then a page appeared with a letter on a platter. Sire, this came for you through the gate between shift changes. He explained and I took the letter, hands shaking. It was addressed to me. I opened it up and began to read. King Jonathon, I though you would like to know that your son is no longer within your possession. By son, I, of course mean James. He has been taken prisoner as a retaliation for the T.V. act you set off. It is no longer safe for my crew and I and therefore, I am very angry. Also, this is payback for you placing your mark on me several months ago. Anyway, if you want him back, leave a letter at the Free Bird s Tavern outside of the Trafalgar Square and tell the bartender to make sure it gets to me or Jack Black as soon as possible. I want free roam of the seas, and you to make everyone forget about what happened, aka, forget about the major thief on the loose . If you do not meet these terms, your son will continue to be a servant among my crew and will remain in the brig. Until next time! Captain Alex Matthews! I dropped the letter. What s wrong Johnny? asked Clarisse and I blinked. Matthews has James. I stuttered. Jackie s P.O.V: I got back onto the ship, grinning like a madman. You wrote a ransom note didn t you? asked Sam, appearing from the crow s nest. Aye, and don t you have some watching to do? I asked, laughing and he smiled.

Aye Captain, will you come join me? he asked and I laughed. Maybe when we get on course. But first, I need to talk to our prisoner. I said, pattin him on the shoulder. If Hunter asks, our heading is Fortune Bay. I dashed down the stairs and made sure to cover up my weapons. I didn t want him being too scared of me. Yet. James, comfortable? I asked, staying a few inches away from the cell. No, damn pirates. I m on a wooden bench in a ship that doesn t have heat. And on top of that, the captain is a sadistic woman who must have one helluva husband. He snapped, attempting to get out of the cuffs. That s not going to work. I said dryly. And also, I think maybe, next time, before you call a pirate Captain sadistic, you should think about whether or not it s a good idea or not. I snapped, reaching for my whip, feeling the ships movements underneath my feet. What re you gonna do about it? he replied hautily, under the impression I was gonna respect him cause of his title. The opposite of what your father did to me. I said, grinning as I unlocked the cell, pulling him up and out up to the main deck. Quickly, I tied his hands around the main mast. And what was that? he managed to grunt. Your roads, your paths, will never cross again. Except for people on my crew. I said, and he sighed. Are you going to kill me? he asked, sounding very curious. Hopefully not. If you can survive this, then you ll see your father, that is if he goes along with my note. Jack s P.O.V:

My crew and I stopped into London to re stock but while they were stocking, I went to see me old pal Willy Browne. I sat down on a stool and grinned. Ah, Jack, just who I wanted to see! said Willy, grinning and handing me a mug of rum. Ah, now why s that Willy? I asked, curious. He only ever actually wanted me to visit when he had news. Someone came through here I might owe money to? I asked, chuckling and he grinned. Nah, it was a lady. A lady Pirate. Kniving bitch stole my only good pen in this damn place. He grumbled and I laughed. Who was it? Jacinta? Lilly? Who? I demanded, honestly curious now. Some girl, thought it was you when she walked in I did. But nope, said her name was Jackie Black. My jaw dropped. She yer sister er what? he demanded and I laughed uneasily. Why was she in England? But before I could answer, some lad came up in between us with a piece of parchment between his fingers, clutched in his left hand. Are either of you Jack Black? asked the boy nervously and I nodded. Aye, that be me boy. Why? I asked and he handed me the parchment. It s from the King. He replied and then scurried outta the tavern. I gots meself a letter from the King. I said, grinning and opening up the parchment, curious as to what the letter beheld. Well, what does it say Jack? demanded Willy and I laughed, beginning to read outloud. Dear Jack Black or the bartender at Free Bird s Tavern, If you would pass this message onto Captain Alex Matthews for me. I refuse to grant her freedom and I would much rather her come talk to us civilly about the other matter. I would like

my son back please. He is my only male heir and I love him dearly. If you refuse to return my son, I will send the navy after you and then you will be caught and thrown in jail. Best regards, King Jonathon and Queen Clarisse. I gaped at the letter. No way. Said Willy. She kidnapped the prince. How in the name of Blackbeard did she manage that? I pondered aloud in shock and he shrugged. Your guess is better than mine Jack. Anyway, how is she related to you? She wouldn t tell me. He said sheepishly. I just laughed. I m married to the most wanted pirate in the history of man. I said cryptically but he was used to me so he picked up on quickly. She s the most wanted pirate isn t she? he asked and I nodded. Wait a second, you re married? he asked shocked and I nodded. Aye, and lemme tell you this, she s so fucking awesome in bed, it s ridiculous. I whispered and he laughed. And how often does she let you near her? he asked curiously. Cause she seemed like one of those abstinence prone women. I m just sayin . He tacked on at the end because I was glaring at him. Too far man, anyway, I gotta go find her, can t have her getting hurt. Jackie s P.O.V: I finished the whipping and was just about to go clean off my whip when Sam dropped down in front of me.

That wasn t fair Mrs. Black. He snapped, grabbing my upper arms. Sam Browne, remove your hands from me this instant. Would you like to see my back, a combination of James s and his father s work? I let him off easy. Also, I am the Captain of this vessel and since you are just a sailor, you cannot defy me like that, especially after the fact. Understood? I snapped and he shook his head, stepping back, releasing me. No. That was unjust and cruel. I thought you knew better than violence. He said in that disappointed voice. With that, I had to show him. So, I pulled off my jacket, sweater, and shirt, - thank god I was wearing a sports bra today - and pointed to my back. Sam, do you see that? I was given that mark 2 months ago and it still hasn t healed fully. Now, does his treatment seem as unfair and cruel? Does it? I turned to him, pointing my finger and glaring at him. Yes Captain, it does. He snarled, crossing his arms. You just crossed the line Sailor. I snapped, holding out my hand. Pistol, now. I ordered and someone put a pistol in my hand. Now, for anyone who dares defy me again, this is your punishment. Goodbye Sam, say hi to my grandfather when you see him. His last expression before he left the world of the living was confusion before I pulled the trigger and shot the life outta him. Throw him overboard, somebody clean my whip and someone else get this deck cleaned. Do not disturb me unless the prisoner has come into contact with a weapon or there s a ship approachin , savvy? I yelled and everyone of the members of my crew began to busy themselves, giving me a yes as their answer. About three hours later, there was a knock on my cabin door. What? I snapped.

Ship approachin Cap n. said Hunter. Colors? I asked. None. He replied. Sail color? I asked. Black. Said Hunter and I pushed up from my chair, pulling on my Jacket, hat and sash. It s the Menace . Broadside er, obviously Cap n Black has a matter to discuss with me. I said, coming out from the cabin to tie off the helm. Jack s P.O.V: Cap n! called Marty outside my door. Aye Marty! I replied. We ve spotted the Hour . He replied and I smiled. Broadside as fast as possible Marty, I ll be out in a minute. I replied. Aye Captain. I heard, just as his footsteps began to fade away. I made it out on deck in time for us to be siding with my wife s ship. A plank was slid over to connect both ships and I quickly boarded her ship. What do you want Jack? she demanded wearily. Always you love. I replied, grinning and she chuckled. No, seriously, what do you want? she demanded. Impatient! Jeez, Where s your buddy that you saved from starvation? Usually he s around just waiting for the opportunity to kill me. I asked, honestly curious about the whelp s whereabouts. He s dead. She replied simply, turning to go into her cabin and I followed.

How d he die? I asked once we were inside and her answer was not what I was expecting. I killed him. Shot him in the heart a few hours ago. She replied, taking off her hat and jacket and sweater, coming to sit on my lap which was strange for her. Why darlin ? I asked, holding her against me. He questioned my authority in front of the entire crew. He said that whipping James was unjust and cruel even after he saw my back. After he saw what they did to me. She said, bringing her face into the crook of my neck. I patted her head. I got a letter from the King darling. I informed her and her head shot up and she wiped away the few tears that had escaped which showed that Sam s death had affected her. What does it say Jack? she asked and I smiled. He gave you your favourite challenge. He refused all terms and wants to talk to you civilly about the release of his son. Also, if you don t return him, mind you, he didn t give a date, but anyway, he ll send the entire navy after you and he will catch you and you will go to jail. I said and she smiled a gentle smile. Thank you Jack. She murmured before kissing me ardently. She surprised me even more by sliding her hands up my shirt and slipping her tongue into meet mine. When she pulled back, her face fell just a little. What s wrong? I asked, honestly concerned. I keep leading you on, it s not fair to you. She whispered back and I laughed. Darlin , I d much rather it be me you re kissin then some random person in a port. I get violent when I m jealous. Remember what I almost did to Sam? I asked and she nodded even

though she looked confused. But men only get jealous when they re in love. She said, confused and I nodded. It s what I ve been trying to tell you but you keep refusing to believe it, anyway, I want to meet this prisoner. I changed the topic and she got up, pulling me with her. You re going to be so proud. She said, her eyes gleaming with excitement. She led me down to the brig where the prince was curled up in a fetal position from the pain he was in. James, you have a visitor. She said and he didn t lift his head like he should ve. Go away. He snapped weakly and she laughed, pulling out some alcohol to clean his back. She opened the cell door and knelt down beside him. Why are you helping? You just whipped me. He accused and I grinned. Because when your father comes to find you, you need to be strong enough to tell your father to stay the hell away from my ship otherwise I ll blow your brains out. Savvy? Said Jackie, and he nodded, slowly sitting up. You realize that you won t live to see that right? he snapped, grabbing my pistol from my waist. Hey, I wouldn t do that man. I said and he cackled. Why not? scoffed James. Because that s my wife yer threatenin and I might just have to kill ye if you try to hurt her. I snarled. James began to laugh and cocked the trigger. I wasn t kidding James. I warned and he laughed, relaxing, so Jackie grabbed the gun.

Maybe I should let you suffer. Snapped my wife, standing up and retreating from the cell, dragging me with her. Jackie, I think he deserves it. We ll treat it when it gets infected buddy, and maybe next time when someone tries to help you, no matter who they are, you should accept it. I said, taking her elbow and bringing her back up to the main deck, of course after checking to make sure the cell door was locked. Jack, you don t have to protect me you know. I can take care of myself just fine. She said simply and I smiled gently. I know I don t have to darlin but I want to and until you ve got the King off your back, I m not lettin your ship outta my sight. I got you into this lifestyle and if you happened to forget, I ve had more than 200 years at this. I m immortal and you re not. You could easily die from some sort of disease that I can t and I can t let you go now that I ve found you love. I said, and she sighed. Jack, I ll be fine. Go on, I won t get hurt. I m on my way to Fortune now anyway. Go on, I ll see you on your birthday. She said grinning and I know I looked shocked. Which is? I asked curiously. May 21rst. She replied and then kissed me on the check. Bye Jack. Thanks for passing on that message. I kissed her on the head and gave her a smile. I ll see you then, in Hawkins Harbour. Goodbye Alayna. I left her ship, and as we pulled away, I could hear her shouting orders to her crew. Speed it up! I want every possible amount of wind in that sail! Come on! Hup to everyone! Coax as much speed as you can b ys! I want to be in and anchored before the storm

hits! Come on! she yelled, taking the helm, and looking over to my ship, one more time. I tipped my hat and she smiled. That s better b ys, now keep it up! she called and her crew cheered. She loved her crew. You could tell. You could also tell that they loved her and if she was happy, then that was all that mattered to me. Jack Smith s P.O.V, 6 hrs Later: I hope to god she s being careful. I muttered to myself, before taking a sip of the tea Elizabeth had given me to try and calm me down a little. I m sure she s fine Jack. And she s not even supposed to be here for another four days. Relax a little. Ana will be back shortly with Jake and then we ll have supper. She murmured but I just shook my head. I can t believe she put restrictions on how I could hurt Jack. He s married to my daughter and on top of that, his crew let my father die! I exclaimed, getting up and beginning to pace the room. Jack, I m sure she had a logical reason and also, you know Jack wouldn t have married her if he didn t love her. She said and I scowle.d How much do you wanna bet that Alayna doesn t love him I snapped and my wife put her hands on her hips, her lips in a pout. If she doesn t, well I m sure she tries to avoid him, hence why she wanted out of her last time. Also, it doesn t make sense for her to marry someone she doesn t love. She retorted just as the kids came bursting through the door. She s here! called Jake and I sighed in relief. And just so you know mom and dad, she said she married him for all the wrong

reasons. Replied Ana, still grinning. Can we go meet her at the dock? asked Jake excitedly but their mother shook her head. No, you both have to go get cleaned up for supper. Ana cut in as soon as she finished. But this is our sister you re talking about! My baby sister that we barely know! fought Ana. Exactly mom! Come on! Please? asked the boys in unison and all three kids pulled out the pouts. No, you heard your mother, you have to get cleaned up for supper, I ll go meet her. I ll be back soon. I put on my hat and jacket and got outta there before Elizabeth could snap at me too. Just as I reached the beginning of the dock, my daughter pulled up in a longboat. Alayna! I called out and she looked up. Realizing who it was, a big grin became plastered on her face and she quickly tied up her boat and ran to me, jumping into my arms. Dad! she exclaimed, whilst she buried her head into my shoulder. We ve missed you hun, Come on, let s get to the house. We walked back to the house very quietly, both of us enjoying the short silence while it lasted. Jackie s P.O.V: When we opened the door, we were met by Jake who was running around in circles and Ana who was sitting on the stairs looking anxious and James who d drifted into being roped into setting the table, I guess, considering the fact that he was holding plates. Layna! Exclaimed all three in unison when they saw me and James almost dropped the

plates. James! Be careful! Those are ancient! his mother screamed and he grinned sheepishly, clutching the plates tighter in his grip. Man I was some glad I met them. 2 Months Later, February 14th:
It was Valentine s Day, a pointless day if you asked me but whatever. It s not like my crew and I would be celebrating it because it was stormy and we were headed to Australia. Cap n, the main mizzen! called Hunter and I took a look up. Tie it down! Make sure the sails are as full as they can go! I called back but Hunter shook his head. We re all too heavy to go up in this weather; you re going to have to. He called back and I scowled. I didn t like leaving the helm, even for a moment during a storm. If you leave it, we ll be fine, she ll be fine just the sails will be in need of drastic repair Cap n. said Hunter as he came up next to me. We re going to have to do that then; I m not leaving the helm Hunter. He sighed and I smiled as the wind picked up for a moment. About an hour later, we finally sailed out of the storm into the sunny warm weather. Cap n, the prince is asking for his master. Said Trollop as I handed the helm over to Big Al. Is he now? I asked and he nodded. Is he in possession of a weapon Trollop? I asked and he shook his head. Then I ll see him in about a half hour. I need to clean up and go check on the sails, but I m going to look like a girl when I come back so if any of the crew stares, they re on Brig duty for a week. I threatened and Trollop laughed.

Aye Captain. May I ask you where you acquired the dress? he asked curiously and I shook my head. That s my little secret. I said, grinning as I strode into my cabin. When I returned on deck, looking like a woman, no one stared but I did see a few men taking peeks. I smirked, lifted my skirts and continued down into the brig. Where s Captain Matthews? demanded James as I came into view. She ll be down later, or right now. I replied and he scowled. Why do you think I m not Captain Matthews? I asked, honestly curious. Because there s no way in hell that she s that gorgeous. She s too cruel to be that pretty. He replied, standing up and I crossed my arms. Has anyone ever told you that looks can kill Prince James? I demanded and he nodded. Yeah, why? he said, approaching the bars and I reached out, grabbing the front of his shirt and lifting him off the ground. Because I, Captain Alex Matthews can stun someone without touching them. When people see me, they flee in fear. No one wants to endure my wrath so they hide. Some even kill themselves painlessly so then they can t. So yes. My looks kill, will you do the honors of shooting your father when he finds us? Or will I have to play charades? I demanded and he whimpered. If he is to die, he will not die by your hand. You would torture him. He snapped and I grinned. So you ll be the one killing him will you? I asked, smiling and he shook his head. No, He will not die. Kill me instead. I laughed.

Do you know how many times a week I get that phrase? The most corny, cliché phrase in the world. No, you will not be dying anytime soon James. And if you try anything, I ll maroon you on an uncharted island, with no food or water or shelter. Do you want that? I snapped and he shook his head. No Master. He replied softly, dropping his head and I let him go. It s time for you to go help the crew and if you hurt anyone of sabotage the ship in any way shape or form, or try anything funny, our next stop is that island, savvy? I said and he nodded weakly, losing his spark. I unlocked the cell and pushed him out and up the stairs. I watched him work with the crew and realized that he would do well under my command. Next, I needed to find that man who survived. So I climbed up to the first set of rigging and whistled to get the crew s attention. Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked up, even the prince, looking nervous. Men! Remember that survivor that exposed us? I called and they jeered. Please don t say it. I heard James murmur and I cocked an eyebrow, making myself comfortable. Don t say what dearie? I asked sweetly and the crew chuckled. You re going to go after him aren t you? he said, forlorn and I nodded. Aye, we re gonna find him, and then keep him here as part of the crew, keep an eye on him, whaddyah say b ys? You want to? I called and the crew cheered. Then that s what we ll do. Pull into a hidden cove in Australia. I ll head into a modern town and find info about him. He was Australian. I said grinning, and jumping down. I ran into my cabin and changed into my bathing suit as I thought of a new idea so I pulled on a T-shirt and padded out on deck.

Make way for Broome, I ll meet you there, I feel like going for a swim. I winked at Hunter and he laughed. Captain s got a new plan. Throw him back in the brig. We ll see you soon Captain. He tipped his hat and I dove into the water, sighing happily. When I made it to a generally crowded beach a few hours later, I made sure I looked frantic as I climbed onto the sand and then collapsed because I was so tired. ohmygod! Are you okay? exclaimed a girl, dropping her surfboard and rushing over to help me. I took a few deep breaths, whilst smiling inwardly. Just tired, I I just escaped. I said in a shaky voice. From who? And how far away did you swim from? she demanded, helping me sit up. The pirates, about, I think I was swimming for about 3 hours. I said and she gasped. Steve! Come here! she called, waving over the person I was looking for. He rushed over, looking a bit annoyed. What? he snapped. There s some great waves. Sounding annoyed. Steve, she just swam for 3 hours to get away from pirates. She snapped back and Steve s eyes bulged. Oh my god, are you okay? Did they shoot you? Hurt you? he asked, sitting down next to me and I shook my head.

Overall, I m okay; I ve got a few bruises and such but nothing major. I think I got away before the worst. I said faking some sniffles and Steve wrapped an arm around my shoulders, squeezing gently. Here, I ll take you back to my place. About ten minutes later, we arrived at a big peachy lookin beach house. It was quiet. Well shit, I didn t bring a silencer. This was going to be a little difficult. Steve brought me into his house and left me in the kitchen. I made myself comfortable in a chair and propped my feet up on the table. So what s your name? asked Steven and I smiled my most charming smile. Addison Matthews. Yours? I lied, standing up and going to his fridge. I was starving. Steven. He replied and as I turned around, with an apple in my mouth, I saw him gawking. What? You d be hungry too if you just swam for your life. I snapped, taking a bite outta the apple, savoring it. It s been awhile since I d had one this good. True, go ahead. But you don t seem very shaken considering you just got away from Pirates. He noted and I put a hand on my hip, raising my eyebrows at him. Exactly. I got away from them. But I couldn t save prince James. I dropped my head in fake remorse. Prince James? Whose he? asked Steve and I sniffled. The only Prince of England. I replied, wiping away a fake tear. They have Prince James? he gasped and I nodded. Yeah, they whipped him a few weeks ago. I replied and his jaw dropped.

Is he okay? demanded Steven and I nodded. He s fine, sore, but fine. But not back to his full strength yet. I m worried about him. I said, making my voice shake. Do you know where they were headed? he asked and I gulped. Are you the guy that was on the news? I asked, hoping that he was and he nodded. Why? What s so important about that? he demanded, gripping my shoulders tightly and I whimpered, pretending it hurt so he loosened his grasp. They re looking for you! I whispered frantically and he gasped. Can you help me? he asked and I nodded. Do you have a car? I asked and he nodded. Go wait in the car, I m going to write a note to your mom. Go! I exclaimed and he rushed out. As soon as I was sure he was gone, I pulled on a pair of gloves, closed all doors and turned on all taps in the house to wash away all evidence since I didn t have time to bleach the place. I threw the gloves in the sink that was almost full and then dashed outside, making sure to close the door with my hand covered by my shirt. I jumped in the car and he pulled out of the driveway. Where am I going? he asked and I smiled, my plan working perfectly. Just outside of Broome. When we arrived at the turnoff for Broome, I made him pull over and get out. Okay, so just beyond this bend, there s a nice secluded cove. I ll go ahead and you wait ten minutes and then follow the trail. I ordered and Steven nodded.

Okay, I ll see you in a bit then? he asked, unsure and I nodded. As soon as I was sure that he wouldn t run away, I bolted into the trail. I made it back to the ship in 15 minutes and my crew cheered quietly. Quiet! He s coming! I snapped and they chuckled as I dashed onto the ship and into my cabin. Quickly, I changed back into my Captain attire, making sure to cover my face. All of a sudden, I heard a brawl out on deck and I frowned. Hastily, I finished tying on my bandana and placed my hat on my head and hurried out on deck. What s going on here? I demanded, surveying the deck. I found the source of the brawl over by the gangplank. It was Hunter and Trollop holding Steven. My plan had worked Perfectly. Weigh anchor, get outta here before the cops get here. Oh and search him, I was told that he had a cell phone, toss it into the ocean. I ordered, grinning and Steven frowned. You re the man who shot me! he exclaimed and I nodded. Aye, and you re the boy who tried to kill me and put my crew s lives at risk aren t you? Don t lie, I already had the story checked out. I said grinning. Yeah, I exposed you. Who exposed me? he demanded, as Hunter cuffed him. A young lady named Addison Matthews. His eyes widened. You know her? I asked and the crew chuckled. Yeah, she s how I got out here. She said she was gonna take me somewhere where I d be safe. He said, sounding confused.

And that she did Steven. Besides, better to be on a ship than back to a flooded house don t it? I said, smirking and he tipped his head. Flooded house? he gulped. Aye. We sent her off the ship to pretend she d just gotten out of our clutches and then to get you to us, leaving no evidence of her. Therefore, because she wouldn t have time to bleach anything, she flooded it. DNA gets lost in water. I laughed and then waved my hand. Take him to the brig in a cell far away from James. And gag Steven, we don t want him chatting James s ear off. Keep him tied up too. He s too burly to be let to roam free. I ordered and Steven glared at me. I hate you. He spat. Well learn to love me because you re gonna be here for awhile mate. I said. Take him away boys. Get him outta my sight. They disappeared down into the hold just as Billy called out from the crow s nest. Cap n! I looked up. The Menace is approachin . He called and I frowned. We re not stopping for him, go back to work everyone! Don t you dare slow her down! I ordered and the crew sped up at whatever they were doing. Jack s P.O.V: Cap n! We ve spotted the Darkest Hour and they re not slowing down, like at all! called Marty from outside my cabin door.

Catch up with them. My lady forgot something. I muttered the last bit to myself. I didn t want to go out on deck yet. I just kept staring at the ring. The ring that bound me to her. I was wearing the ring that bound her to me but somehow I d ended up with her wedding ring. I waited, and waited until finally I heard the sound of someone dropping a gangplank. I left my cabin, ring in hand and quickly boarded her ship and was in her cabin before she had a chance to leave it. What do you want now Jack? she demanded and I scowled, taking her delicate hands in mine. Am I that bad? Do you really hate me that much that you want to get rid of your ring? I snapped and she raised her eyebrows in confusion. I have my ring. She said innocently and I frowned. But this I help up what I thought was her wedding ring. is your wedding ring, isn t it? I said and she shook her head, shaking her left hand in my face. I have my ring. That one there is one I have like it but yours has an engraving on it. She took off her actual ring and handed it to me. I peered on the inside to see something I d forgotten was there. Love will forever reign over hate . Oh, well, I m sorry Darling, here, you can have both back, we ll leave and stay out of your hair. I muttered, going to turn away but she pulled me back, pressing our bodies together as she wrapped her arms around my neck. You can t leave yet honey, you haven t pleased me at all. She murmured huskily, and I looked at her confused but played along, by sliding my hand up her shirt and being surprised when I felt a bump of some sort.

Oh I can though, if you want me to, I can even help you burn a few calories instead of keeping it on. I suggested and her eyes widened, being shocked back into the reality of the situation. Jack, you have to leave, I m about to do something you don t want to see. She muttered, pulling out of my grasp and heading for the door but then turned around. Jack, can you meet me in the brig? Like go down and wait for me there please? she pleaded and I nodded. Aye sweetheart. And then I left the cabin. Alan s P.O.V: As soon as Jack was out of my cabin, I scurried into the bedroom half of my cabin and stood in front of my mirror, lifted my shirt and rotated. There was no mistaking the small bump in my abdomen. I was pregnant and apparently too far along for an abortion. Well damn, you got what you wanted Jack and now I might kill you for it. But I m, oh, wait, shit, I did forget. Well this is my own fault. I scowled and pulled my shirt back down, stomping out on deck and down into the brig. What s gotten into you? demanded James and I glared. Shut up. He backed up a little, truly scared. I turned to Jack. Should I kill the guy that pointed the finger? I asked and he shrugged. Your choice darlin , But if it was me, I would. He s too much of a liability and he s taking food and water so I would. He explained and I nodded gravely.

The he dies. Steven s eyes widened and he started to struggle with his bonds. Hunter! Take him up to the main deck. Trollop, say hi to your old Captain and then go find me a coffin, nails, and a hammer. Jack, go inform Billy that we re going back to the place where they dropped me off. We re going to scare a beach of Australia a little. I grinned, matching Jack s smile as Steven was dragged past us. You like this life don t you? he asked as we walked up from the hold and I nodded. Especially when a challenge presents itself. I replied to see Hunter un gagging Steven. Billy! How long? I called and he grinned at me. Another half hour, so enough time to get the boy ready. He grinned again and I smiled back. Steven, you have the choice, you can drown and no one can find you or you can be shot, nailed in a coffin and sent to the beach. What do you say? I said, giving him the choice. I ll be shot thank you very much. He said, not struggling at all. Well then, just a moment, I ve got to find a pistol that will confuse your cops. I took off my hat and looked in but no luck. I checked my pocket and then remembered where I d put it. I reached into my left boot and pulled out a pistol from 1862. I aimed loaded, and shot. Steven let out a cry and I took a peak at where it had landed. Dead in the heart. Just to be sure, I shot him again in the dead center of his forehead. Nice. I see your aim has improved since you left me care. Commented Jack and I smirked. Thank you. I turned to Hunter. Get him in the coffin, nail it up and when we get to our destination, let me know, I m going to carve a message on the box. I said happily, filling up my gun and putting it back into my boot.

I still can t believe you carry so much ammo. Said Jack in awe and I smiled. Well, I don t like being caught off guard. And neither do you I presume. I replied coolly, while trailing my hand down his arm. No I do not, and I don t want you to stop but why are you doing that? he demanded and I grinned, pulling him into my cabin. I have something to show you. I said excitedly, going to my chest and pulling out a photo album of myself and some friends from my old life. What s that? he asked. A token of my appreciation to you. Here, it s yours now. I don t need it. I snagged it from my old house, along with a few other things. I didn t mention the fact that the guy who d pretended to be my dad was dead and that I d been the one to kill him. Slowly, Jack opened up the album and gasped. Honey, they re beautiful. I could say I m sorry I took you away from this, but in a way I m really not. I m glad I met you, very, very glad. He grinned and then gave me a hug, kissing me on the cheek. At that moment, it was very hard not to tell him that I was pregnant, but I didn t. He wouldn t find out about the child unless it was absolutely necessary. No matter if it be a boy or a girl. Your welcome Jack. I m glad I met you too. But I have to go rid myself of a dead body and you probably have better things to be doing than watching us so you don t have to stay. I said, hinting that I wanted him to leave but he just didn t get it.

There s no better thing in my world than learning more about my wife darling. But you are right in a way. I ll be seeing you around then. Jack kissed me and then strode out the door. This was going to be a hard secret to keep from him. It d mean keeping away from him as much as possible and once the baby was born, I don t know what I m going to then. Maybe I ll give the child to Jack and Elizabeth but no, I can t do that, I barely know them. I d figure something out. Too bad there was no one I could talk to about this. 1 Year Later: I picked up my baby boy out of the crib and held him close to me. I wasn t too sure about a newborn on the ship but at the same time, little Joseph had a strong hold on me. Honey! There s someone for you at the door. Murmured Elizabeth at my room door. Okay, I ll be down in a second. I replied, kissing my boy s forehead. Are you sure you have to go back so soon? I mean, he s barely a month old. Said Elizabeth and I nodded. Yes, mom, I have to. But I m still not sure whether or not I should take him with me. I mean I ve still got the King after me and if he knew I had a son, he d take him to get his own back. I said worriedly and she looked at me. You have Prince James? she demanded and I nodded. Aye, have you seen my scars? I asked and she sighed. I glimpsed them. What are they? she asked and I looked at her.

On my front, there s an X. And on my back, it says X marks the spot . The King believes my name is Alex Matthews, but really, different people know me as a different person. I replied and she came over, giving me a big hug before looking me straight in the eye. You re a very bright girl and I know you will do what you deem best for your son. But I am curious, are you going to tell Jack about the baby? I presume its his, is it not? she asked and I nodded. It s Jack s and no. He is not to find out until I deem fit. I ordered and she nodded. So I readjusted Joseph on my hip and strode downstairs to see Hunter and Trollop, both who knew the real reason for my long stay here. Boys! It s been too long! How s the crew? And the ship? How s Billy? I drowned them in questions and they laughed. It has Captain. Your crew is excited for your return, and the ship is faster than ever. And whose this little guy here? asked Hunter, as he began tickling Joseph s chin, making him giggle. This is Joseph Jackson Black. I said, smiling and Joey giggled, smiling up at me. Look at that, he knows who is mommy is. Said Trollop and I laughed. Little Joey has yet to decide if he wants to come on Mommy s ship with her or not. I cooed and they both smiled. I think you should leave him here hunny. said my mother and as I was about to answer, Hunter s eyes widened. Captain, unless you want Jack to discover the fact that he has a child, I suggest you hide Joey, and fast. He said and I panicked.

Mom, take Joey upstairs and make sure he stays quiet, boys, come in and close that door. I ordered and they complied. I led them into the living room and had just begun talking business as we heard a knock on the door. I ll get it. I said to dad as he started to get up from his chair. I opened the door and there was jack. Oh, hey Jackie. What re you doing here? he said awkwardly and I smirked. Visiting, it is my family after all. What about you? I demanded. I wanted to talk to Jack about something. He said nervously. But you don t like talking to my dad. I replied, making him twitch. Yeah, but I, - I wanted to thank him. Can I please talk to him? he pleaded and I sighed. Fine. Dad! You re wanted at the door. I called, staying close by. I wanted to hear this. Dad clomped out and stood next to me with his arms crossed. What do you want? he snapped. I d like to thank you for not killing me for one and two for giving me the opportunity to get to know your entire family. So as my token of thanks, I have a chest of gold and your dad s here to visit. Jack Black stepped aside so Marty and Brock could bring in the chest and set it down against the sirs with my grandfather following closely behind. Dad? exclaimed Jack Smith. It s you! he cried and threw his arms around his father. jack, how good to see you! And son, you re still not allowed to kill Jack Black. He saved Alayna from being raped and he brought me out of my undead state. I m alive and can die. He exclaimed.

Isn t that wonderful? Jack Smith just refused to let go of him. Meanwhile, I dragged my Jack into the kitchen. What have you done? Who took his place? I demanded and he grinned. You remember Bourrassa? he asked and I nodded. He did. And he promised if we kept going on the stream we are now, he won t harm us! he said happily and I slapped him across the cheek. You idiot. Do you realize the risk you just put me in? I demanded, also thinking of the risk it caused Joey. What risk? There is no risk. He said and I scowled. After I took his ship, he tried to take me off your hands didn t he? I demanded. Yeah, why? he asked ignorantly. He wants me dead and you just gave him the means to do it you blithering drunk idiot. I yelled and Jack Smith and his father both stared at me for a minute before shrugging and going back to their own conversation. For one, I m not an idiot, two, fine, if he s after you, then you ll stay in close proximity to me. I don t want my wife getting hurt. He replied and I shook my head. Oh no, that is not happening. You can forget it. Now get out of here before I kill you myself. I snapped but Robert shook his head. Can t let you do that, he brought me back. He said and my Jack laughed. And I can easily put you back too. He warned and Robert pretended to seal his lips.

There ll be no killing or putting back here today! ordered Elizabeth as she came down the stairs and she looked at me with a look I recognized as Joey needs his mom . I ll be right back. I need to go take care of something. I said, hurrying up the stairs. Unsurprisingly, Jack Black followed me. What do you have to take care of? he murmured, wrapping his arms around my waist, pulling me close to him, just as Hunter appeared at the top of the stairs. I highly suggest you let go of her immediately and leave her to do what she needs to do Captain Black. Said Hunter and I smiled gratefully as Jack loosened his grip. What are you? Her boyfriend? he demanded and Hunter shook his head. No, I am aware of how much she does not enjoy your presence. It stresses her out. So if you wouldn t mind returning downstairs Captain Black. Said Hunter, coming closer and Jack quickly spun me around to face him, giving me a kiss before quickly disappearing down the stairs. Quickly, I scooted into Joey s room, and Hunter stood outside the door in case Jack tried to be nosy. Hey baby, are you okay? I cooed as I picked up my baby and handed Joey his bottle, which he started to suck on like something fierce. Lane, can I speak to you dear? called Anny and I sighed. Come in, I said, pressing little Joey closer to me. But it was not Anny who came in, it was mother. Honey, are you sure about Jack and the baby? she asked and I nodded.

Yes mother, I m sure. But I ve also decided that there s no way in hell I m leaving Joey here. Jack comes here too often for my comfort. I don t want Jack laying an eye on my child until I see fit. I snapped and my mother sighed. Are you sure it s going to be safe for Joey on your ship? she asked and I nodded. Should anything happen to me, I ll send Hunter back here with Joey. Joey will be fine, and should anything happen to me, then should Jack find out about the child he s fathered. Then should he know. And only then. I ordered and my mother nodded. If you be dead he should know, if ye be alive, the child shall remain a secret. Simplified my mother and I nodded. Get Jack out of the house, or get him where he will not see me with Joey. We must leave immediately. I said and she hugged me gently. Be safe. Please? she asked and I nodded. Always. Once myself, my baby and my two crew mates were on the ship, we headed out, leaving as fast as we could. But we forgot to be careful as we pulled out of the harbor. Captain! Hide the baby, there s the King s own ship approaching. Called Trollop from the helm and so I hid Joey in his room, underneath mine, where the only way in or out was through my bedroom floor. As I came back out on deck, I grabbed hold of Hunter. Just a question, did you keep watch to see if you were being followed when you entered that cove? I asked and he swore.

Damn! We were so excited to get you back, we forgot to check. Do we stop? he asked and I shook my head. No, do we still have the prince? he asked and he nodded, pointing to the man tying knots. Yeah, he s been quite cooperative since you left. To me that smelled like suspicion. And where was he when you all went ashore? I demanded. In the place where Joey now stays. He replied and I scowled. Is it just me or does the King finding me now of all times seem too coincidental? I asked, scowling and Hunter scowled too. I think you have a point Captain. Said Hunter, pursing his lips and I slapped my hand on his shoulder. I always have a point Hunter. I said, going over to the prince. Hi Captain, you look well. Said James innocently. Hey James. How ve you been? Enjoying the sea? I asked, sitting next to him. Aye. I ve also been enjoying you. He said and I was taken aback. I m sorry? I asked and he smiled. Your first mate doesn t know this but I sent my father a letter letting him know about where we were picking you up. And he s not going to let you out of his grasp this time. He s got it all planned out. He said, grinning and I smiled. So what is his plan? I asked and he was stupid enough to fall for it.

He s got ships waiting for you every half hour along the coast of North America. He grinned and I smirked. Why don t you take a break and go get something to eat? I asked and he nodded eagerly, dashing downstairs. Something wrong Captain? asked Hunter and I nodded. You know how much I love my ship? Enough to not want any holes blown in her. And I don t want anything happening to Joey or the crew. Flag her down. I m going with them, I ll meet you back that same port two months after today. I said, my face dropping. Why? What s so bad? he asked. There s ships every half hour down the coast of North America, waiting for us cause somehow that bastard got a letter to his dad. That s what s so bad. If I didn t have the damn baby I d try it, but I love Joey too much. I said sighing and Hunter nodded. I understand. He gave me a hug and then called to the crew. Flag her down! Don t ask questions or fight. Get the prince and have him cuffed. He betrayed our Captain. He called and everyone hurried to do their duty. Slowly, the ship came to a stop and the King s ship got closer. As they broadsided, I stood, ready, but armed up so much fire power on me, it d take a half hour to find half of them. I m glad to see you came to your senses Captain Matthews. Guards, cuff her and give her a room. Said the Kind as he came aboard. Wait, first, can I go collect some of my things? Please? I asked and the King nodded.

When I returned, I was blotchy eyed and I nodded and Hunter and he nodded somberly back. I knew I wouldn t be getting away anytime soon. Jack Black s P.O.V a Day Later: As I was getting my longboat out to go ashore to see the Smiths, - I was gonna show Jake my ship I saw the Hour pulling out of the adjacent harbor and came next to us. I boarded and saw no sight of my wife. Only her first mate and his best friend. Oi! Where be Jackie? I demanded and another crew member shot into the air. She s not here. Said her first mate. Is she ashore? I demanded and he shook his head. Well where is she? Tell me! I m her husband. I deserve these details. I snapped and he sighed, looking to his best friend who nodded. The King found her. She s in London. He s keeping her as a hostage. Doesn t trust her. Doesn t want her out on the seas. And just like that, my life went into a black oblivion. I swung over to my ship and took the helm. Lads! To London. Alan s in trouble! I called and the deck scurried to life. But first, to the fountain of Youth, she may need this. In London: I reached the castle gates and there was a guard. Do you have an appointment? he asked and I nodded. Yeah, with Alex Mattthews. I said and he nodded, not questioning it, just let me in and led me into the palace to the main foyer. About ten minutes later, the King appeared.

Follow me please. He said crisply and led me upstairs to a room which was guarded by two men that there was no way in hell I d be able to take out. They let me in, but stayed outside. What do you want no? demanded Jackie, thinking I was the King. It s me honey, I m no threat to you. I murmured and she turned around, making her skirts swirl around her. Oh, Jack! Why are you here? she asked and I smiled. To help you find your freedom again. Here I pulled out the flask of water from the aqua de vida. This is for you. Are you thirsty? I asked and she nodded, grabbing it out of my hands and gulping it down. Yes, they haven t given me any food or water all day. I m beginning to think that they re trying to kill me. She complained, going to sit on the bed. Do you need some pleasure? I asked and she stripped, pulling down the covers. Jack, I ve missed you. She said giggling. About an hour later, we were lying in the bed and she was snuggled up against me, looking as if she was debating something. Hun, she looked up. How did you end up here? I asked. I didn t want my crew getting hurt so I didn t put up a fight. She said and then pulled me closer. But I ll get out, I m sure of it. She grinned, pointing at the pistols with silencers. I ll help, I will. I said and she smiled.

If I need your help, I ll let you know. Maybe I could jump out the window? she suggested and I shook my head. Too dangerous. I ll come back for you. I promise. I swore. There is no way you re staying in his possession. I snapped, getting up and kissing her while pulling on my clothes. She smiled. Okay, don t leave me here please. It s like I m on some kind of stand that everyone just glares at. It s annoying and fucking sick. She said, stamping her foot and pulling on her armed bra and her dress. I won t, I promise. I kissed her one last time before the guard came in and dragged me out. The last thing I saw was a single tear rolling down her cheek. Joey s P.O.V age of 5: I was outside with my cousin Jake, playing in the grass, when we heard the phone ring inside. Grandma Smith answered it and we heard her begin to cry so we ran inside. Grandma! Who is it? I demanded, looking up with my undeniable adorable puppy face. Oh darling, we re so glad to hear from you! ... Oh yes, he s here, Alayna, have some patience. She covered the mouth piece as I widened my eyes. It was my mother. Joseph, it s for you. She handed me the phone and I grinned. Mommy! I miss you! When are you coming home or are they still not keeping their end of the bargain? When can I come save you? everyone around me giggle including my mother on the phone. Oh darling, she sniffled. I miss you too honey, and yes, they re still keeping me here, but I ll find a way, and not until you re a grown man who can survive on his own, you understand? And if you

do come, don t you dare leave that island without telling Grandma or Grandpa Smith. You hear Joseph? ordered my mother and I nodded. I d do anything she told me if it meant I d get to meet her. Yes mother. And guess what? I said excitedly, knowing It made her upset to stay on depressing subjects. What honey? her voice seeming nervous. I start school on Wednesday! And I m going to brag all about how my mommy is the most famous person in the world! I exclaimed and everyone shook their heads. No, no honey, don t do that. Please. Remember what I told you last time? she asked and I sighed. Don t draw attention to myself in a negative fashion. I repeated and she hmmed . Yes young man. I don t want these people finding you either. You hear? Cause if they knew you existed; they d use you to get to me to do bad things. Understand? she said sharply and I sighed. Yes mom! Can I say you re on a trip getting me exotic things? And show people your picture? I asked, getting excited again and she laughed. Of course lad. More n welcome to. Oh no, I ve gotta run. I love you so, so much. Give my love to the others. She whispered hurriedly. Love you so much more muchly mommy! Bye! she and I hung up at the same time and I pushed past my family. Young man, where are you going? demanded Grandpa Smith and I sniffled.

For a walk on the beach. I feel closer to her that way. It s not like you ve ever known this either. I snapped and Jake ran up and took my hand, leading me back to the house. Joey, I think you should know something. Said James, from the porch. Come into the living room and we ll tell you. Alayna s P.O.V: I hung up just in time to see James walking towards me. Who was that? Didn t we tell you had no phone rights? he roared, waving his whip in my face and I nodded somberly, one tear rolling down my cheek. Yes James, I m sorry, I ll take the consequences. I said confidently and he looked taken aback. Guards! they came running. Take her for a beating. Chloe (girl who lives on the other side of the wall): I was out for a walk along the gate of the palace and I heard sobs, so I went looking for them, but they were on the other side of the wall, so I climbed over and kept looking, but very carefully. About five minutes later, I found the source. It was a young girl, in a shed that was curled up in a fetal position with blood streaming from her back and her dress was torn to shreds. The girl saw me and shook her head so I looked around and found a camera trained in on her, so I climbed up next to it and pointed it away. This girl needed help and fast, otherwise, she was going to die. Why are you here? And, who are you? stuttered the girl and I came over to sit next to her, helping her slowly uncurl her body.

My name is Chloe. I live a few miles away from that wall and I go for walks alongside of it. I heard you crying so I came to help. Was that your scream earlier? I asked and the girl whimpered, and nodded. Aye. That it was. You should leave, it s dangerous for you to be around me. She said, her eyes telling me to run. Why? I asked, curious. Because I m that pirate. She stated and I shook my head. No, if you were, you d have to have had to be armed at all times and you don t have any weapons. I said. That you can see. She added, trying to stand and I helped her up, giving her my shoulder to lean on. But still, why would they do this to you? I demanded as we paused for a rest. They do this because I kidnapped James because he knew too much about me and because I scarred him. But it was only fair. They scarred me first. And if they knew half my secrets, I d be dead because in order to save the secrets, I d have to give myself up, therefore the secrets stay secrets. But really, you should scram, before they find you with me. You ve been really kind to me and I don t want you to get punished for that. She said, letting go of her shoulder. I ll come back for you. I ll get you outta here, I promise. I swore and she laughed coldly. That s what my husband said too, before he left five years ago. He still hasn t turned up. Just face it, I m a lost cause. She said disheartedly and I frowned.

You must have something to live for. I murmured and she came up to me and cupped her bloody hands around my ear and whispered. My son. Joseph Jackson Black. He s five. I was taken, captured before he was six months old. But he s safe with my mother who I never met until I was 16. She stepped back. I told you, I m a lost cause. And then got away from me as fast as her bruised legs would carry her. Once she was out of sight, I flew back over the wall and back home, out of breath as I stumbled into the kitchen where my mother was baking bread. Where did you go off to Chlo? she demanded and I lifted my bloody hands. Helping the needy? I said, my voice going up and she sighed, bringing me over a cloth but stopped when she recognized the scent of blood. Honey, why do you have blood on your hands? I know it s not yours so whose is it? she demanded and I sighed. Mum, you know those screams we ve been hearing? I asked and she nodded. Yes, what about them? They re the Queen s screaming about how she has nothing to wear. She said and I shook my head. No, I discovered the real source. I went over the wall because I heard crying and it wasn t the sensible queenly sniffle. So I went over the wall and oh mother, it was horrible. There was a girl there, and she d been beaten. By the King s guards! And she was crying and I helped her as much as I could and she said she has a 5 year old son who s never met her because she was captured by the King and her husband hasn t come back like he said he would. We have to help her! Please? I pleaded and she sighed.

Chloe, that s a dangerous thing you re asking me to do. She murmured, quickly wiping my hands and leading me to the sofa. Yes, but if it was me, you d do it in a heartbeat. Wouldn t you? I pleaded and she nodded, rubbing my hand. Yes, you did the right thing Chloe. But I don t see how we re going to be able to get her outta there darling. Let s sleep on it and see what we have tomorrow okay? she asked and I nodded grimly. Yes mother. Jack s P.O.V: Cap n! Do we have a heading? called Marty as we pulled out of our secluded harbor we used whenever we visited the Smith s. I opened my compass and it was pointing to London. My heart yearned for my wife. The wife who didn t love her husband. You could say that s one of the reasons why I haven t gone back yet. I ll go when Jake is 16 and I can take him with me. I muttered to myself. To Hawkins Harbour. There was a meeting called, hence the reason why we left so hastily. I replied to Marty and they cheered. They always enjoyed the Cove for some reason. Whilst on my ventures, I d met up with my older brother who was alone on an island with his wife in a grave. So I d picked him up and it just so happened he d missed me. Jack, said Joseph. Come into your cabin for a moment, I want to talk. He said, laying a hand on my shoulder and I nodded grimly, having a good idea of why. Reluctantly, I followed him in though and locked the door behind us.

What d you wanna talk about Joey? I asked, sitting down in my favourite chair, while he made himself comfortable in the chair across from mine. Yer lass, where is she? I know yer married cause you avoided puttin rings there like they were the bloody plague as a young un so where is she? he demanded and I kicked my feet up. She s in London. I replied and he scowled. Why s she in London Jack? he asked, accusing me verbally. Of her own doing, was too conspicuous and got herself caught, was her own fault. I replied and my brother scowled. But why is she still there? She s been there for five years now. He said, folding his arms across his chest. Because she has a debt to pay, that s why. I said indifferently. Jack Black. I know ye love her so why haven t ye gone to save her yet, because you and I both know ye could. He snapped and I sighed. I haven t gone to save her yet because she doesn t love me. I replied softly, dropping my head into my hands. That means nothing Jack. If she doesn t love you then why is she your wife? he asked. Then how can you call yourself a husband if you will not rescue her from the clutches of her most hated? he demanded. If you refuse to save her, I will. He threatened. And I m much more sure she d prefer you save her than me. She knows not of me Jack. I know it. He said and I sighed.

Joey, you ve just lost your wife, well, that pain you feel, it s the pain I feel when she comes to visit. She goes through the motions, she doesn t love me, but I love her. I love her so much Joey and she refuses to see it. I paused and raised my head to look at him. Dearest brother, is it wrong to want my wife to suffer because she loves me not? I asked, referring back to the speech of our childhood. Jackson. My eyes widened, it d been a long time since I d been called my birth name. You would do her wrong if you did not return for her. And she is awaiting your return is she not? he asked and I nodded. Yes brother that she is. I said, standing up. Then after this meeting, you must go to her and save her from the fate she has been condemned to. He said softly and this caught my attention. What is her fate that she s been condemned to? I asked nervously. My, well, our sister, who chose a life of normalcy, I have heard from her lately. He said and I gasped. Good, Jenna has spoken? I demanded and my brother nodded. Aye brother. Her little girl, Chloe, is her name, went over the wall and found your wife bleeding. She wrote me a letter asking me what to do. He said and I just looked at him. Joseph the Elder s P.O.V: I left out the fact that his wife had spoke of a son. I doubted he knew of the boy. If he did, he d probably have him aboard right now. Bleeding? How so? asked my little brother.

She had been whipped, on her back. If she continues to be beaten like this, then it could seriously mar her back. It s not good for her. I said, patting his shoulder. Them, it is decided, after the meeting of the Brethren, we shall go seek my wife and our sister. At the Cove, Jack s P.O.V: Myself and my brother entered the throne room to see it already filled up with all the rest of the pirate Lords and Captain Easton on the throne. You re late my boys. Said our father and we nodded, taking our seats. Now that we are all here, we can begin this meeting. I am sorry to inform Pirate Lord of the South American Seas, you have been stripped of your title for the mistreating of your crew. I gasped, when a Captain was stripped, he was killed so we all knew what we were gonna see next. My dad aimed his pistol and shot. Now, as you know, there s a new pirate lass on the seas, a pirate lass who has brought down more ships in her first few months than any of you did in a year. Hence why she deserves the title of Lord, but she will not be taking Captain Bungee s previous Lordship. But before we continue, Jack, where is she? You were supposed to bring her with you. He snapped and I grinned sheepishly. Because I don t keep track of her. And on top of that, she hasn t been on her ship for awhile now, hence the reason why she is not here. I said and my father glared at me. Jack, go get her and bring her here. You have one week son. So you better be quick. He said and myself and Joseph rose to leave but Pete shook his head. No, Joseph stays here; you have to do this on your own. Now go. He ordered and I scurried out and ran down to my ship, Marty at my heels.

Get up! Get us outta here and to London, we ve got to get Lanie outta there otherwise we all die. I yelled and the crew started up from under deck and I took the helm. Captain, I m curious, how do you plan on freeing Alayna? She s in Buckingham, isn t she? asked Marty and I grinned. I gotta woman on my side and I m gonna use that to my advantage. In London: The moment we were docked, myself and Marty jumped off and went running down the streets of London. We had no time to waste. If I didn t get her back to Easton then I d be dead. We headed to Jenna s. I wanted to hear her daughter s account of how she found my wife. When we reached her house, we were exhausted. We knocked on the door and almost immediately were let in by my sister. Jenna! How ve you been? I asked and she scowled. We d never gotten along very well. Why are you here? You haven t come to visit in almost ten years now and I m pretty sure you ve been in London plenty of times. She snapped and I sighed. Where s Chloe? I need to talk to her. It s urgent. Like Dad s gonna kill me if I don t get back in time urgent. I said, still partially gasping for breath. Why s dad gonna kill you? Is he makin a new lord? Again? she complained and I nodded. That s exactly why Jenna. And his new Lord happens to be my wife who I have yet to figure out a way to get her out of her prison. I scowled and my sister squealed. Jack! You re married! Who s the girl? I want to meet her! she exclaimed and I sighed. Well, your daughter already has. I said sheepishly and she slapped me.

You let her get beaten to a pulp in that hellhole for five years!! she yelled which drew Chloe downstairs. Mom, calm down. It s Uncle Jack, what do you expect? Besides, I know a way into the palace without getting noticed. I grinned. Great, so we ll be on our way with you leading the way? I asked and Chloe shook her head. She gets beaten at the same time every day. In five minutes, you will begin to hear her cries as she struggles to retain life. And once the strangled cries stop, it will be safe to go over. She said and I accidentally let my emotions show. My face contorted in pain and I gripped the handle of my sword tightly. Instead of staying inside and unleashing my anger upon my sister like I would ve normally, I strode outside and began to walk along the wall. Just as it his five minutes later, I heard her. There was no mistaking it. I ran down the length of the wall, until I was positive that I d found the correct spot. I climbed up and saw her being whipped but then the whipper stopped as he took a call, he dropped the whip, closed the phone and walked away, but not before talking to my wife. You got off easy today. He snarled and then strode off to the castle, looking deadly. I jumped down from the wall and headed towards her but stopped when she looked up. So I let her crawl over to me and then pointed to a camera that I did not see. I grinned and gave her my shoulder to lean on. She took it willingly and followed me over to the wall where I pushed her up to the top of it. She sat down on the top as I pulled myself up and quickly, and as gently as possible, lowered her to the ground on the opposite side of the wall. I jumped down, quickly leading her as gently as I could to my sister s house. As soon as we were in her backyard, I stopped and gently embraced her. I told you I d come back for you love. I murmured, kissing her forehead. Now, let s get you inside and my sister will clean you all up. I murmured and she smiled gently, kissing me softly.

I I she stuttered. Thank you. She said finally, her voice hoarse. I smiled. It warms my heart to see you smiling. I murmured and she just nodded mutely. I can t believe it. Was this really the fierce defiant girl I took from St John s so many years ago? Honey, do you want to tell me what happened to you in there? You don t have to but, you re actin like they wouldn t let you talk. I observed and she nodded. They wouldn t. she said quietly and quickly, so I helped her inside and handed her over to Jenna to be disinfected. Oh my lord, what did they do? she exclaimed but my lips tightened and I shook my head. Not right now Jen. What s most important is getting her cleaned up. I said seriously and sat down on their couch, Chloe joining me, taking my hand. She ll be okay Jack. She murmured and I nodded, my eyes filled with pain. Now, but they will pay for this. I snarled and Marty came over, recognizing my tone. Marty, go hide the ship. I ll meet you in the usual spot tomorrow at six. I have something to do that cannot be done any other time. I snapped and he nodded, scurrying out the door. I got up and nodded to Chloe, heading out the back door. Wait! Uncle Jack! What are we surprised to tell her? she asked and I turned slightly. That I m gone for a walk, or that the X has moved locations. Queen Clarisse s P.O.V: I was sitting down, having a cup of tea, when I heard a commotion coming from the foyer. Where is she? I heard James yell angrily.

I went to talk to you and I figured she d crawl back like she always does but when you sent me out to look for her, she was gone. I checked the entire grounds and the castle. She s gone. Said his favourite guard, suddenly both boys becoming silent. Prince James P.O.V: Me and my guard went quiet as the man in the mask came in with a gun pointed at us. Who was the one who beat Alex Matthews? demanded the man in black and I pointed to the guard. Next thing I know, Jesse is lying dead on the ground. Who s the man who ordered her to be beaten? Every day? demanded the man in black. Me? I squeaked and he shot me and everything went black, the last thing I heard being quite shocking. That s for beating me wife. I heard and then the retreating footsteps as my life did. Queen Clarisse s P.O.V: I heard a voice, unsure of whom it was, so I decided to go take a look. There, lying on the floor of the foyer was my dear son and his guard. Jonathon! I shrieked and everyone came running and stopped when they saw the sight in front of their eyes. Who did this? demanded my husband and I began to sob. I don t know, I really don t know. I wailed, seeking comfort in his arms. I ll find them Clarisse, if it s the last thing I do. Murmured my husband.

King Jonathon s P.O.V: I held my wife close, comforting her when we heard a shot, and as all of us looked around for the shooter, we heard Clarisse cry out in pain and I felt a warm liquid running onto my hands. My wife s blood. No! I ll find you, I swear, and when I do, you re as dead as the horse I killed last month. I exclaimed, laying my wife gently on the floor. Oh, but you won t find me. But now, really think about how much you treasure your loved ones. I m traceable yes, but you have to know where to look to find me. Murmured a voice from somewhere in the domed room. Someone! Call the police! I want to have him found as soon as possible. Jack s P.O.V: I dashed out of the castle with all of Alayna s belongings in a sack on my back. Quickly, I climbed the wall and raced back to Jenna s house, walking breathless into her living room where only Alayna was present. Jack, how was your walk? Or should I say run? she asked politely and I smiled. Great! I snuck into the castle and brought you back all of your weapons plus more! I saw her eyes gleam in happiness. Thank you Jack. This really means a lot to me. She murmured and I smiled. Anything for you. But we have to get going. I m sorry, but I kind of did something that s going to have the police on edge so I don t want to be in the middle of it. The Menace is waiting in a cove a

few miles outside of London, so I m going to go see if Jenna will give us a ride. I said and she smiled, stretching as she got up. I have a question though Jack, while we re along. Did you come get me because your Father needed something or did you come get me because you wanted to? she asked, her eyes ready to brim over with tears so I took both of her hands in both of my hands and looked her straight in the eye. My love, I came to get you because I wanted to but because my father needed you, it sped it up by a few days. Because just as I got the message saying that I had to go to Hawkins Harbour, I was on my way to get you, but I couldn t be late cause you know how Pete gets so I went to that hopin to get out of there as fast as I could and here we are. I murmured and she smiled. See, if you had of been this sweet when we met, I might love you right now. She said sighing, but with a playful glint in her eyes. The only thing that held back the comment I was gonna make was the fact that she d just been whipped once a day for the past few years. Come on love; let s get ourselves to the cove before Easton blows us both up. I said and she laughed, keeping a firm hold on my left hand. Ay aye Captain. She said grinning. Now, that s more like it. I said happily, kissing her and as we pulled apart she laughed. There s a reason why I m your wife and no one else. She said cheekily. Captain Easton s P.O.V: The pirate Lords were getting angsty even though it d only been three days. I began to strum my guitar a little but was interrupted by someone barging through the door of the debate room. Moments

later, I heard the twang of metal as two swords were slid into the globe even though only one Lord had entered. You re back early. I commented, as he took his seat next to his brother with Alayna Smith sitting on his lap as there was a lack of chairs. There was a collective sigh of relief from the other Lords. Apparently, they didn t want Jack to die as much as I did. Alright, so now we can continue. There is going to be a new lord of pirates. This young lady here is Pirate Captain Alayna Smith and she is now Pirate Lord of the Labrador Sea. The lords cheered, they d been nagging me to put someone in that area for a while now. But I have decided to also crown a lord as King of Pirates, someone who I know will keep the pirates alive. I hesitated, and Joseph took the chance to slip in the common question. Captain, so who be it? he demanded and I scowled. I don t want any commotion. If I get any, your lordship will be taken. Everyone shut up. The new Pirate King is Captain Smith. Alayna s P.O.V: I narrowed my eyes when I heard Smith. Sure, maybe I didn t love Jack the way a wife should but I was still his wife therefore I had his name. So I stood up and put my hands on my hips. Captain Easton. He looked at me. It s Captain Black sir, not Smith. I defensively and Jack s hand came to my waist to try and get me to sit down again. But your last name is Smith. He said, just as defensively as I had.

Yes, my maiden name. You know I m married to Jack, therefore I have his name. I snapped back and he nodded. I m sorry Captain Black ma am. He said, his eyes lingering on my chest and I glared at him. It s alright Captain Pete. Now, if you don t mind, I need to rest. My back is killing me. Oh! And a little advice to all of you. I paused for a moment to turn and look at all of the Lords. Don t let King Jonathon catch you. If he does, you might want to get someone to shoot you since they re not that friendly to strangers. I said like it didn t matter. What about James? Certainly he s a threat. Pointed out Captain Warren, and just as I was about to answer, Jack interrupted me. Not anymore. I killed him. And his guard, and his mom. There s only Jonathon and their daughter left now. I could tell what Jack was thinking by looking at his face. His eyes burned with hatred and relief. When did you do that? asked Warren. Just then, as I got Alayna out. I wasn t going to leave that bastard to run around and have another opportunity at hurtin me wife here. His hand found its way to mine and curled around my fingers. Maybe I could love him, I thought to myself. Jack, did you wanna help me find my way around this place? I think my back needs to be cleaned again. I murmured and some of the Lords snickered. Shut up! All of you! yelled Jack and they went quiet instantly. Alayna, I think you should show them, so they have a good idea of what they re actually capable of. He whispered and I nodded, slowly undressing my top half so I was in my bra and they could see my scars.

Who did that to you? asked Marie Dean, Lord of the Arctic Sea, making me grimace at old memories. Take a guess, Jack killed one of them. I said dryly and she shook her head in anger. I m going to kill his father. You can t be older than 18. She murmured and I grinned. Younger, I m 17. Marie gaped at me. No, he couldn t have done that. That s horrible. You re still only a child in their world. She exclaimed, standing up. Yeah, I know, Jack? I looked to him, my stomach not okay with this conversation. We ll be back in a moment Pete. Murmured Jack and his dad nodded. This meeting is adjourned anyway. You are all fine to leave. Said Pete but no one moved. What s wrong with everyone? demanded who I think was Jack s brother and Dean answered for everyone. We ve gotta take down that King and put one of us on that throne. She stated clearly, defiantly, and the lords cheered. No. I ordered, causing her to look at me, questioning my sanity. If we take him out, it will start a war of some sort. We have to let him take himself out. I said and Jack sighed. We ll be back in a moment everyone. We can t have our King dying from an infected wound. Said Jack, pulling me out of the room, down a hall and into another room. I expected it to be another bland undecorated room that was empty, but man did I get a shock. I could tell by the scent, the design, everything just screamed Jack and I doubted he took very many people here.

Shocked? he asked, sitting me down on the bed and I nodded. Yeah, it s different. I replied, picking up a picture frame from the bedside table to see a picture of Jack and an older woman that looked just like him. Whose that? I asked and he smiled. That s me older sister. Died a few years ago, went down with her ship she did. Like every noble Captain s supposed to do. He replied and I kissed him on the cheek. Well, she was some lucky to have a brother like you. I murmured and he grinned. Is your opinion on me changing? he asked, shocked and I laughed. It s always been the same. I replied. So what is it? he asked curiously and I sighed happily, lying face down on the bed. Can t tell yah. I replied smiling. And as he began to rub the disinfectant over my skin, I fell asleep. Jack s P.O.V: As I began to rub the disinfectant over my wife s skin, she began to fall asleep. I smiled, she needed that. I doubted she d gotten much in that castle. As I finished, I covered her now peaceful body with a blanket and kissed her forehead, leaving my room, locking the door behind me to go into the adjoining room where my brother and father were waiting. So what is it we needed to talk about? I asked, taking my seat, sneaking a quick glance towards Jenna s empty seat. She should be back any second now. Said my father and I laughed.

I was gonna say, she came back with me, so there s no excuse for her not to be here. I said, still quite shocked that she d actually came, considering the fact that she hadn t been here since her mom had died. Yes, one of you three will take my place as keeper of the code. I m getting too old. I m almost 500 years old son. I can t keep this up much longer therefore one of you have to take it, since you re the only people I would trust with it. He said as Jen appeared in the room, taking her place as youngest. Who has to take what? she demanded, shooting me a glare. One of us has to take dad s position as keeper of the code. I said, returning the glare. Well, I can t, I have a home and a kid in London. She said, sitting back in her chair, crossing her arms across her chest, just as I found my excuse. Well, neither can I, I ve already got me wife as King, and I m a lord. I said, happy I didn t have to take that dreary job. Well, I guess that leaves me. I don t mind, it s not like I ve got anyone to look after and Jack you know as well as I do, as soon as your wife is back on her own ship again, you re gonna be gone. Said Joseph and I laughed. Well, yes because she doesn t want me near her. I replied, copying Jenna s position. What are you talking about? She s your wife. Said my dad laughing, placing his hands on his stomach. She married me to be free. I said, and he cocked his head to the side in confusion.

What? demanded Jenna, sitting upright. How long has she been a prisoner of yours? She demanded. She was only on me ship under my care for less than ten months and she was placed in my care by Robert Smith. I replied, very calmly. Why was she a prisoner in the first place? asked Easton. Because she needed to be kept safe. Not saying any less or more. If you wanna know more than that then you re going to have to ask her yourself. I replied, getting up, pushing my chair in and leaving. Joseph s P.O.V: After I was sure that my brother would not hear, I mentioned his son. Guys, he s got a son and I don t think he knows about him. I said and Jenna nodded. Chloe said that she mentioned a son the first time she found her. That s funny, how come she didn t tell him? asked Jenna and I shrugged. I dunno, but if she didn t tell him then make sure none a ye slip up. Snapped our father and both of us nodded. How long before Jack escapes from here ya think? asked Jenna and I grinned. He ll be gone before the dawn comes upon us, I can guarantee you that. Said dad, making me laugh. Do you think he s gonna take her? asked Jenna and I nodded.

Yes, she s meeting her crew in Fortune I d assume, so she can see her son. I said getting up as well. Alayna s P.O.V: I woke up in darkness and by my side, keeping a firm grip on me, even while he was asleep was Jack. I smiled, feeling something I d never felt towards him and hadn t felt in the past five years. I felt like I mattered, like people cared about me. Maybe I I can t believe I m saying this again I could love him. I mean he wasn t that bad and he did save me from that hellhole. Thinking about something love? asked Jack softly, bringing me closer to him, making sure to be careful, and kissed my cheek. Yes, you d be shocked. I said smiling, and wrapping my arms around my pillow. Would I now? What are you thinking about? he asked, slyly, kissing my neck. You. I replied, smiling slightly and I heard him gasp even though I knew and he knew that it was fake. Really? I knew you d warm up to me. He murmured, kissing me. I need to get back to Fortune. I murmured and he sighed. Okay, we ll leave soon. The crew will be back to the ship in about a half hour so we can leave then. He replied and I sat up, bringing him with me since he refused to leave my side unless it was necessary. Thank you Jack. I said, kissing him on the check, and decided that it was time for him to find out about his son. Little Joey deserved to have a life knowing both parents even if I didn t love his father.

I was thinking Jack, about how you wanted a baby so badly and figured he can t just want it to pass on his lordship because your dad has to approve, so what s the real reason? I asked, curiously and he kissed me before answering. Darling, I want you to be my real wife, for us to be a family, not what we are now. Acquaintances. I d like you to love me like I love you. I want you and only you. He said devoutly and I had no idea what to say to that. All because I had no idea how I felt about him. Well, okay, well. I hesitated and he didn t let me break his gaze. I didn t tell you at first because I thought you were serious, but being in there for so long, and not knowing whether or not he was fine, or not, it killed me, but he was the only thing keeping me going, that kept my spirit alive. If it wasn t for him, I d probably be dead. I stopped for a moment, to look at him and I knew he was thinking that I loved another man. Jack, there s no need to be jealous. This boy, he s met his mother once when he was only a few months old and I almost feel as if I had ve told his father about him the day he came to visit that same day, then maybe he wouldn t feel so out of place but I didn t because I still believed your lie. I stopped again for a moment to work up the courage. Love, I m confused, thoroughly confused. Jack admitted and I giggled. I ll fix that in a moment Jack. I don t love you like you love me, no, but I do love you. It is growing, and has been since the day you came to visit me in that hellhole. Jack, there s this boy in Fortune, and his name is Joseph Jackson Black. He is our boy, ours. And he s never met either of us. I I what? he squeaked and I kissed his cheek. He s five years almost and his name is Joseph Jackson Black. I said, and his frozen smile turned into a frown. He s not named after me. He said, whining and I laughed.

He is, just not quite as obvious. Jackson, Jack. I was thinking of you, I always have been, just not the way you wanted me to. I admitted and he laughed. I think we need to get going m love. I need to meet me son. He paused, thinking about something. Wait, if he s almost 5 years old then that means that you barely know him. He said, it all clicking into place. Tada! I said sheepishly. He s talked to me, but never met me, that he remembers. I said sadly. Come on dear. He said, pulling me up. We ve got to get to Fortune. He said, kissing me. Thank you Jack. In Fortune, Joey s P.O.V: I was just getting home from school when I saw Mommy s first mate in the kitchen window. Excitedly, I turned to Jake. I think Mommy s home! I squealed and Jake shook his head. Nope, she probably would have picked you up at school. Said Jake forlornly. I don t believe you. I replied as haughtily as usual, striding into the house, dropping my bag in the doorway and heading to the kitchen. Joey, is that you? asked my Nan. Yeah, I said, getting a pack of fruit snacks out of the cupboard. Can you come into the living room please? she asked and Hunter smiled at me.

Yeah, sure. Hey Hunter. I noted and he laughed, ruffling my hair. Hey little lad, go on in, there s a surprise for you in there. He said grinning like a mad man so I scurried into the living room and stopped abruptly when I saw two people sitting in my couch. Nanny, they re in my couch! I whined, and she laughed. Joey, I d like you to meet Alayna and Jack Black. She said, but before she got the sentence out, the girl named Alayna was standing in front of me, her hands on my shoulder. Joey. She breathed. Jack, I can t believe it. She said, looking back at the man sitting on the couch. Wait a second. I said, trying to remember where I d heard her voice before and then it all fell into place. She was my mother. Mom! I cried, jumping into her arms, and she helped by lifting me up. I just clung to her neck. Ey! Love, do I get to meet him? asked the man named Jack and she turned to face him. Joey, she began. Yes mom. I reveled at the word. Meet your father, Captain Jack Black. Next Day, Before School, Alayna s P.O.V: Mommy! called Joey as he jumped on me. Wake up! You have to take me to school! he exclaimed as I groaned. It was much too early. Just a minute, god I felt a hand slap over my mouth.

Watch your mouth Jackie. Murmured Jack lazily as I opened my eyes to see Joey on top of me and Jack right next to me. Oh, right, sorry. I ll be up in a minute. I said smiling, just as a flash went off. What in the name of Johnny was that? I demanded and both boys shrugged. Jack closed his eyes and snuggled into me. Good morning son. I m going back to sleep. He murmured and I laughed, patting him on the back. Sleepy head. I muttered. Joey just grinned. Come on! I m all ready, hurry up. He whined and I giggled, disentangling myself from my husband and stepping onto the cold hardwood floor, kissing my son on the forehead. I ll be ready in a minute. I said, and he grinned, not moving from the bed. Son, said Jack tiredly. In order for her to change, you need to leave. He said, slightly grinning. Oh, well, I refuse to go a step past your door. Stated Joey stubbornly, pushing out his bottom lip in a pout. Aye son. That s fine. I said grinning and he dashed out of the room, closing the door. It s like you never left darlin . Said Jack, getting up and pulling me into his arms. This time, I smiled. For you or for Joey? I asked curiously and he chuckled, kissing the nape of my neck.

Both. But you know for now that I want to see him safe on my ship. He said possessively and I frowned. No, he s staying here where it s safe. I m not going to put my child s life in Jonathon s hand. Because that s what would happen and you know it just as well as I do. There s a reason why I endured all of that, because if I hadn t he would not have been safe. He s the only thing that got me through those five hellish years of a constant bloodbath, quite literally. I snapped, pulling out of his embrace angrily, getting changed and stomping out the door, taking Joey s hand. You ready now? he asked cheekily and I laughed. Aye son, we can leave now, but we re going to walk and you re going to have to lead the way. I said and he smiled. Nanny never walked me to school before; it s always been Auntie Anny, or Uncle Jake, or Uncle James. Never a parental figure. He replied sadly and I smiled, patting his back as we left my family s grounds. I m here now Joey dear. And I love you, and no matter where I am, you ll always be there with me. I vowed and he chuckled softly, squeezing my hand. I love you mommy, you know, when I went to school that first day, I was constantly asked hey Joey, where s your mommy? And all I could say was she s gone away . He sighed and I laughed. Well, I was told that today was show and tell, what did you bring? I asked, genuinely curious. Nothing, nothing tangible is special to me. He explained which cause me to think of something.

Honey, didn t you just say how the kids at school didn t understand where your mom was? I asked, and my son nodded. Well, you could show me. I suggested and his face lit up, as we turned a corner, where the school came into sight. You wouldn t mind? he asked timidly and I smiled. Not at all. I replied, which plastered a grin on his face as he held the door for me. Will you come in with me? he asked and I nodded. Aye. Show me around Captain. I said, grinning and he laughed, just as a young boy came up to him. Good morning Joey. Who s this? Your sister? the young boy snickered. Not like you could, since you don t have a mom. He laughed and I stopped short. Excuse me young man, but this young man s mother happens to love him very much and cares only for her son s safety and happiness. I snapped and the boy s eyes widened. And how would you know that? he asked and I smiled. You ll find out. Come on Joey, you don t want to be late. I said, nudging his back and he strode forward proudly, leading me to his classroom where I was stopped by a young lady as I tried to follow him inside. He d wanted to show me everything. Excuse me ma am, but only parents are allowed in the classroom before class begins. I like to keep my classroom tension free. Said the young lady and I saw Joey stick out his tongue. Me? Well, I put my hands on my hips, staring her down.

Well excuse me, but who do you think you are telling me I m not allowed into Joey s class? I snapped angrily. I m his teacher and this is my classroom, therefore, my rules are the ones you go by. She snapped back calmly and I snickered. Well Mrs. I happen to be Mrs. Black. I said defensively causing her eyes to widen and Joey pulled me down to whisper in my ear. That s right mom, you tell er. He whispered and I laughed. You re who? she demanded, and I sighed impatiently. Do I have to spell it out for you? I snapped. I am Joey s mother and there is no way in heaven or hell that you ll keep me away from my son. I haven t seen him for five godforsaken years and I d like to get to know him. I snapped, I could almost see the smoke sprouting from my ears and she scoffed. Well that was your own choice, not to be around your son. She replied coolly and I wrapped my arms around my baby boy. No, it wasn t. It really wasn t. I left him in the care of my mother to protect him. I whispered, clutching him tight. He wouldn t have been safe. I sighed and she laughed. No such thing. She replied and my head shot up, meeting her gaze strongly. You wanna bet? I challenged and she rolled her eyes. How old are you? You can t be older than 22. She guessed and I nodded. Exactly 22. I replied and she shook her head.

Like I said, it s just not possible. She said before entering her class and Joey rushed to his seat and I hovered in the back. Now class, today as you know, is show and tell. Who would like to go first? she asked and the kid who d mocked Joey in the hall raised his hand. Alright Colum, come on up. She stepped to the side and he grinned, holding up a hat. This hat is from South Africa; my dad brought it back from one of his work trips. He grinned, very proud of it. The class clapped and he laughed but Joey looked extremely bored. Throughout the next few people, his look of boredom never changed, that is until that bitch of a teacher called him up. Joey how would you like to go next? she asked and he grinned, getting up and looking around the class. Sure Mrs. Can you come up? he looked at me so I strode to the front of the class where he took my hand. Who s this Joey? And what makes her so special? asked the teacher whilst gritting her teeth. Well, everyone is always teasing me about my lack of parents and I m going to prove them wrong. I d like to introduce you to my mother. Her name is Alayna Black and she is a Captain and a trader. He grinned proudly and the class was dead silent until the boy named Colum raised his hand. Yes? said the teacher. So this is for real? he asked and I nodded. Yes, Alayna is my mom.

Later, Outside on the Playground: I was on the swings, after the show and tell, since Mrs. Control freak kicked me out, so here I was, all alone. Shouldn t you be in class Suzie? I heard a feminine voice as and I turned slightly to see it was just me and the other girl. I m not Suzie, and I m not in school. I said softly and she approached me slowly. Sorry, you looked a lot like my friend. You look really young. She said, sitting in the swing next to mine. It s okay, and well, I m only 18. I replied and she just stared. So why aren t you in school? she asked and I laughed. Because I was kidnapped in the middle of my grade eleven year. I d be way too far behind, it s not like I d use it for anything anyway, because I m a sailor. I explained and she giggled. You re joking. So what s your name? she asked and I grinned. I m Alayna Black, what s your name? she gasped. So you were kidnapped after you were kidnapped? she demanded as I noticed Jack at the gate. Now darlin , I wouldn t put it that way. He murmured and the girls head shot around to see who it was. Jack, what are you doing here? I asked and he laughed, comin over to stand next to me.

Lookin for you. Who s your friend? he asked, resting a hand on my shoulder. I m Allison. Here, if you want Alayna, I can talk to my teacher and she could give you some work to do therefore you could still get your diploma, without physically going to school. She suggested and I grinned. That d be wonderful! I exclaimed and Jack pulled me up. Be careful, don t forget the King s still looking for you. He murmured and I laughed. Since when am I not? And I m still mad at you; we re talking about that when I get home. I ordered. So who s this? she asked and I grinned. This is Jack. I replied. Is he your boyfriend? she asked. Nope, my husband. She gasped. You re married? she exclaimed and I nodded. Yeah, long story. I said and she got up, I just followed her. C mon, it s recess, so it shouldn t be too hard to find a teacher. She said and I nodded. Jack, I ll meet you back at the house later and then we will talk. I said and he nodded, kissing the top of my head. Okay, you should sit in love, then you ll have a better idea, I ll get Joey. He murmured and I smiled.

Okay, I will if it s possible. And then Allie pulled me away without asking about Joey. I guess she was just eager. As we walked through the halls, I was getting some strange looks, but what shocked me was how uncomfortable I now felt in this atmosphere. Hey Al, whose this hot chick? asked a guy who d pulled Allie to a stop. Steve, how many times to I have to tell you? We are ladies, or girls or women, not chicks. And second of all, this is my friend Alayna. She s going to be sitting in on all of our classes for the rest of the day. She snapped and he laughed. She a dropout? he snickered and I stepped up defensively. You gotta problem with that? I snapped and he backed off a little. Don t get your panties in a bunch. He snickered again and I slapped him, hard. Women are not objects for men s games, and if you re looking for a fight I can surely give you one. I said, and he laughed. You re a twig, you couldn t take down me or my groupies. He said cockily and I laughed. I ve been on a ship doing hard labor for the past six years and I ve been constantly whipped for the past five years. I replied and he cocked his head to the side, sizing me up. Oh yeah, where are the scars? he replied and I thanked the lord I was wearing a summer dress today. Allie, unzip me, just to my hips. I ordered and she nodded, doing what I asked and the guy named Steve came around to look.

Holy fuck, who in their minds would do that to such a pretty girl? he demanded and I sighed as she zipped me back up. People who thought I was a criminal. I replied. Allie s P.O.V: Alayna s shoulders stayed up though. I was very surprised. Well, Steve, I think you should apologize. I told him and he smiled, taking Alayna s hand. I m sorry, that was uncalled for. He said as we neared our classroom. It s okay, it s nothing new. She replied and he turned to face her. You don t deserve it. He murmured, then kissed her and went into class. Alayna just stood there in shock. Don t worry, come on, let s get you a diploma. I said cheerily and she shook off her stupor and followed me into the classroom. I went down to Mrs. Colford s desk and my history teacher looked up smiling. What can I do for you Allie? she asked. This is Alayna, she wanted to sit in on class today, is that cool? I asked and Alayna waved nervously. Of course, but she s going to have to sit next to Steve since that s the only free seat. She replied and I nodded. Thank you. Said Alayna excitedly.

Steve s P.O.V: She was a hot piece of girl, I ll give you that. And on top of that, she didn t seem to be taken. And on top of that, she was going to have to sit next to me all day! At that moment, she sat down next to me with a binder full of notes that I guessed Mrs. Had copied for her. So where have you been, in the world I mean, where you said you were on a boat. I asked her and she smiled. You re not going to believe me. She murmured, blushing slightly. You wanna bet? I challenged and she giggled. I ve been everywhere. There s not a place on the planet that I haven t been. She replied grinning. You re kidding me. I exclaimed and she nodded. I told you, you wouldn t believe me. She said cockily and I laughed. Well, what was your favourite place then? I asked, honestly curious. I d have to say the Caribbean, because it s so warm and the water s are so safe compared to others. She replied warmly and I smiled. What do you mean by safe? I asked, curious again. The fact that no one bothers you, they don t pry into your business. She said, playfully glaring at me.

Jackie s P.O.V: By lunchtime, I was good friends with Steve but when he asked if I wanted to go to lunch with him, I had to say no, though I didn t tell him why. I needed to talk to Jack before this festered and made everything worse. Here, I ll give you a ride Alayna, you don t have to walk, it ll take too long. He offered, taking my hand, me smiling at his touch. That d be nice. I replied, even though I knew Jack would get suspicious if he saw Steve. He led me out to his car and got in, starting it up. So why do you need to go home? he asked, while driving and I grinned. Remember when we were talking about not prying into anyone s business? I said and he laughed. Okay, okay, fine, I won t ask again. Well, here we are. I ll see you after lunch? I nodded, and smiled, got out of the car and walked into the house, to see jack sitting in the kitchen having a grand old chat with Hunter. Jack, we need to talk. Now. Hunter, if you wouldn t mind. Hunter scurried out of the kitchen and Jack stood up. Now, why am I not allowed to bring my son onto my ship for awhile? he demanded and I frowned. Because it s not safe for him. Until he is able to hold his own in a fight, there is no way he s going on either of our ships for more than an hour. And if you ever disobey that, I will be sure to cut me off. he

Do what? You can t do anything that would hurt me. He said quite cockily. Fine, you think I can t? Well, how would you feel if I said, I wouldn t tough you again if you do? I snapped seeing his eyes filled with fear. Oh, don t even think of doing that Alan. He said, overly concerned, pulling me into his arms. Also, he s not allowed to miss any school for trips or anything because I never got the chance to finish school and have a career and I want my son to have that choice. I replied and he smiled, kissing the top of my head. So you re not mad at me anymore? he asked and I laughed. Not exactly, you re not getting off that easy, but I have to get back. You wanna come with me? I asked and he widened his eye, filling them with fake shock. You re actually offering to spend time with me? he said and I laughed, grabbing his hand and dragging him out of the house. As we walked, we were both silent. It was a strange thing for us, but we didn t risk breaking it, for the fear that it would explode. It was like a fragile glass about to fall and break. Our relationship was based on that delicate balance, a precarious balance that was constantly in a case of unrest, due to our abilities to fight over everything. I sighed as he slid his hand out of mine and put his arm around my waist. Jack s P.O.V: As I put my arm around her waist, the school came into sight. I frowned at the thing they called school . It was just another way to have control over the newest generation of people. As we neared the entrance, my wife smiled, for a reason unknown to myself.

I ll be fine Jack, It s just school after all. She murmured indifferently, answering my thoughts, with a slight discomfort hiding behind her nonchalance. Darlin , just stay strong and if anyone gives you any trouble, come find me. I murmured back, noticing a boy coming towards up. I turned to face her and took her hands in mine. I love you, and I will protect you and our son. Now, go on before you re late. I said, smiling gently. I gave her a kiss and as I pulled away, she threw her arms around my waist, hugging me tightly. She was smiling as she pulled herself away from me, and I noticed the boy glaring. Thank you Jack. I ll see you at three. And with that, she strode towards the school, the boy joining her. Alayna s P.O.V: So whose that? demanded Steve, beginning to walk with me into the school. Don t pry Steve. I murmured, smiling but this time, he grabbed my shoulders, stopping me, making me glare. Take your hands off of me. You have no right to demand this of me. I snapped, looking to where Jack stood, frozen to the spot. Who is? Until you tell me, we re not leaving this spot! he snapped back and I slapped him, which got a reaction from both boys. Jack began to stride angrily towards us and Steve grabbed my face and kissed me. I pushed him down and took Jack s hand before he could hurt him. If you really must know Steven, this man is my husband. Jack s P.O.V: She took my hand and I scowled at the boy on the ground.

I m taking you home Alan. I m not leaving you here with this scumbag. I snapped and she tried to pull her hand out of my grasp but I was stronger. Jack, I can make my own decisions. She snapped at me and I shook my head. Yes, I realize that, but, for one, you don t even need this in the first place, secondly, my gut is telling me that we should get home and thirdly, I hate him for trying to hurt you. I replied as calmly as I could. Jack, I m leaving, I can t do this. She said, beginning to run back to the house, and as a very faithful husband, I followed close behind. Alayna s P.O.V: When I reached the house, I saw Joey about to leave. Where he was only in kindergarten, he only had half days so I guess Mom was going to take him somewhere for the afternoon. Joey darling, mommy has to leave. I m so sorry; I ll come back in about a month or so. I murmured, kissing his forehead and smiling but my son just frowned. Why are you leaving so suddenly? asked my son. Because you father, well, I just don t have the patience for him. I replied. And I don t want you to be around the both of us at the same time if we re fighting; it s not good for you. I replied, and he kissed my cheek. Be safe momma, I love you. He whispered and I giggled. You re the only thing that kept me going all these years. So you be safe little man, and I have two rules. My son laughed. You re not allowed on your father s ship for more than an hour and if you

go with him, you can t leave without telling your grandparents directly. It s much too dangerous. I said sternly and he nodded. I stood up and turned to Hunter who had my bag in his arms. You ready to go Captain? he asked and I nodded, seeing Jack in the corner of my eye. Yes Hunter. Bye Joey, I love you. Bye everyone, be safe. I said. As we were walking down the driveway Jack stopped us. What do you want now Jack? I demanded. You know when we were in Hawkins Harbour and I said I wanted a family I cut in.

Jack! For god s sake, stop thinking about yourself and what you want, what you think is best for our son! You never let me make any of these decisions! Have you ever thought about what I want? I wanted a normal life before you showed up but now, thanks to you, I can t! And just so you don t question my authority when it comes to our son, Joey will not leave that harbor unless it is on my ship and I know for certain that he will not be harmed. I will not be having one of your stupid plans or ideas get in the way of my son s safety! I snapped and Jack s eyes fell. If that s how you see it Robyn, then, I can t change it. If you want a divorce, we can get one, no strings attached. He replied softly, brokenly. We don t need a divorce Jack, we are just as much a divorced couple from the moment we were married. I do love you Jack, but he cut me off.

But what Jackie? What? What did I do to make you hate me so much? What did I do to cause so much hate to be let into your pure selfless core? he begged, literally getting down on his hands and knees and gripping my hands so tight I was sure I lost feeling and when I looked into his eyes, and saw his fear, and seeing the tremble of his lips, it all fell into place and I was horrified with myself. Somehow I managed to rip my hands out of his vice like grip and folded them in front of me.

Jack, it wasn t you, it was never you that did that to me. And that was all I said before I ran from anyone I could hurt because I knew that s exactly what I would do.

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