Hamlet the prince, of Denemark

Narrarator: Our play is called, hamlet the prince of denemark. The king, (the father of hamlet) has died. Hamlet is very sad, because his father passed away and Claudius was soon to announced that he would marry Gertrude, the mother of Hamlet. King: We all must think of our dear brothers death together with remembrance of ourselves. Therefore our sometime sister, now our queen. Taken to wife. (Sounds) (enter Hamlet) Hamlet: Frailty for thy name is…. My father has not even been dead for a month and my mother is already marrying Claudius, my uncle. King: Hello my cousin and son. You must know, your father lost a father and that father lost his fahter. Queen: Good Hamlet. Do not for ever seek for thy noble father in the dust. All that lives must die. Hamlet: Ay madam, it is ordinary (exit king and Queen) (enter Haratio) Haratio: Hail to your Lordship Hamlet: I am very glad to see you, but what in faith, bring you here. Haratio: My lord I came to see your Father’s funeral Hamlet: I think you came to see my mother’s wedding Haratio: Indeed my lord it followed hard upon. But my lord I your father yesternight. Hamlet: Saw, who? Haratio: My lord, the king , your father Hamlet: The king my Father? tis is strange. Haratio: As I live my honored lord, tis is true. Hamlet: Indeed sir, but this troubles me. Let us hold the watch toninght. Perchance it will walk again. Haratio: I warant it will.

(Exit haratio) Hamet: My father’s spririt. All is not well. (exit Hamlet) (enter Haratio and Hamlet) Hamlet: It is very late and cold. Haratio: Look my lord, it comes! Hamlet: I will speak to thee. I’ll call thee Hamlet. King, Father!!!! Answer me? Haratio: Do not my lord. Hamlet: hold off your hands. (exit Haratio) Hamlet: Go on I will follow thee… Ghost: I am thy fahter’s spirit. If thou Didst ever thy dear father love.. revenge his foul, and most unnatural murder. It is said that while I was sleeping in my orchand, a snake stung me. But know my son, the one that did sting me, now wears his crown. Hamlet: Oh my profetic soul Ghost: ay that incestuus, that adulterate beast. Thy uncel came to my chambers abd poured cursid hebbena in my ear. Let not the royal bed of Denemark be a couch for a damned incest. Whatever thou do, do not harm thy mother. Adieu adieu adieu, Remember me!! Narrarator: Hamlet haratio told what he had seen and what the spirit of his father had told him. Haratio swore that he would not tell. Hamlet acts very strange. Hamlet is in love with a girl, Ophelia. Aantekening: Hamlet komt binnen hij schud Ophelia en zegt verder niks…Polonius ziet wat er gebeurt… en gaat naar de koning en koninging (Exit hamlet and Ophelia) (enter king and Queen) Polonius: I think it sure that I found the very cause of hamlets madness.. Queen: Speak on that, that I do long to hear. Polonius: Your noble son is mad. Now we remains that we find out the cause of this effect. (polonius haalt een brief te voorschijn)

Polonius: this came from Hamlet…. (hij leest op de brief) To my most beautiful Ophelia King: How can you prove this?? That this is the cause of hamlets madness? Polonius: I will loose my daughter to him… be you and I behind an arras then mark the encounter. Ophelia: How do you do sir? I have rememberances of you. I pray you receive them. Hamlet: not I, I never gave you what.. …. I did love you once Ophelia: indeed my lord, you made me believed so. Hamlet: You should not have believed me! I loved you not! (hamlet duwt Ophelia) narrarator: Hamlet wants to test his father’s innocense. He asks the court jester to perform a play. A play that is similar to the murder of his father. During the play hamlet will watch the reactions of Claudius. Aantekening: Toneel speelt… Claudius gooit poison in het oor van hamlet zijn vader. Claudius staat op en reageert op het stuk..

Claudius is praying…. Hamlet: If i kill him now he’ll go to heaven. I want him to burn in hell!! Now to my mother. Mother , mother!!!! Polonius: I shall not leave thou alone with him. Gertrude: Go behind the Tapestry (enter hamlet) Hamlet: now mother whats the matter? Gertrude: Hamlet thou hast thy father much offended Hamlet: Mother you have my father much offended. Getrude: come come. You answer with a idle tong. Hamlet: Go Go, you answer with a wicked tong

Gertrude: Have you forget me?? Hamlet: You are the queen you husbands brothers wife Gertrude: (Slaps hamlet) (Hamlet screams) Hamlet: You shall sit (hamlet komt met zijn zwaard tegen haar aan) Getrude and polonius (achter het gordijn) : HELP HELP HELP!!! Hamlet: (steekt polonius met zijn zwaard en hij valt dood) Hamlet: you incestuous whore. How can you sleep with a man lesser than my father. Promise me mother you stop insemening this bed with him? Promise me? Gertrude: be thou Assured. Hamlet: mother good night, indeed. (hamlet brengt Polonius weg) (exit hamlet en polonius) Claudius: Gertrude, Gertrude!!! Claudius: Where is Hamlet? Gertrude: I believe he is gone mad. In his lawless fit, he had killed the unseen good old man, polonius. (enter hamlet) Claudius: where is polonius? Hamlet: at supper (dinner) Claudius: where? Hamlet: in heaven Claudius: Hamlet! You will be sent to england. This behavoir is unacceptable. Hamlet: To England then. Narrator: Claudius had sent letters to england. In the letters he orders that Hamlet must be killed emmediately. The letters do not comply. Ophelia is driven mad by the death of her father and the departure of hamlet.

Ophelia: (sings) he’s dead and gone (3x) (ze schreeuwt) Ophelia: my brother must know about my Father’s dead. (Sings) he is dead and gone (3x) King: poor Ophelia Narrator: Leartes, ophelia’s brothers, comes back from france angry. He demands the truth about the death of his father. After a while ophelia dies. Hamlet suddenly comes back from england. The devices a stragegie that leartes and hamlet must fight. Laertes shall poison the tip of his sword with mountebank. And claudius will put poison in his drink, for he wins maybe he shall drink from it. Hamlet: Give me your pardon sir, I have done you wrong. Laertes: I am satisfied in nature but in terms of honour, I stan aloof and will no reconcilement Claudius: Let the play begin!!! (Leartes en hamlet vechten en hamlet wint en de koning staat op) Claudius: Here is this pearl, i drink to thy half. Hamlet: I play this bout first settled by a while. (2e ronde) Queen: The queen is so happy for thy fortune hamlet. Claudius: Gertrude do not drink!!! Queen: I will my lord, I pray you pardon me. Hamlet my son do drink! Hamlet: I dare not drink, yet madam by and by (the queens begins to feel strange, Looks at claudius, the she notice there was poison in the drink) Leartes cuts Hamlet. Hamlet screams and fights with leartes and then cuuts him with the poison sword. Claudius: She woons to see the bleed (The queen tells hamlet about the poison) Queen: the drink(2x) oh my dear hamlet.

The queen dies….. Hamlet: Oh, wickedness. Let the doors be locked!! Laertes: it is here hamlet thhou are slain no medicine in the world can cure thy hand. Unbated and invenomed I’m justly killed by my own treachery. Please dear hamlet forgive me, mine and my fathers death come not upon thee.. Hamlet: nor mine on them. Laertes: I can no more! The king! The king is to blame! Hammlet: thy fenom to thy wich Claudius: help me my friends!! Hamlet: Here thou incestuous murderous damned dane drink of this poison and follow my mother!! (claudius dies) hamlet: I am dead.. (hamlet goes to his mothers body) (hamlet dies) Narrator: the prince of norway arrives with his army, when he sees the whole royal family is dead, he claims the kingdom for himself…