LA 1201 Final

1. The house lots at Walden are: a. Typical subdivision lots b. Much smaller than typical lots c. Adjacent to community open spaces and thus seem more spacious d. A and C e. B and C 2. The common elements that are shared by landscape architecture and engineering: a. Nature and art b. Design with numbers c. Man technology and nature d. Design in an artistic realm e. None of the above 3. According to Lu Cutrera, a thorough and broad-reaching analysis: a. Can prevent the complete reworking of a solution if the product is found not to be environmentally sound. b. Is not possible in engineering landscape architecture and collaboration c. Prevents engineers from being held liable for miscalculations. d. All of the above. e. None of the above. 4. The characteristics of specials places include: a. Strong image b. Progression (sequence) of experience c. Set off as special places in space and time d. All of the above. e. None of the above. 5. In comparing the architecture of a hot arid climate with that of a warm and humid climate: a. Hot arid-small windows; warm humid-large openings b. Hot arid-flat roof; warm humid-high umbrella roof c. Hot arid-heavy adobe insulation; warm humid-rooms that allow air to flow through d. All of the above. e. None of the above. 6. Early Louisiana plantation houses feature: a. Porches to control the sun s rays

Assimilation and accommodations c. e. Assimilation and interaction d. All of the above 8. In order to be the designer of an interpretative exhibit. Assimilation and feedback b.b. b. Recycling water c. None of the above. Include whimsical replicas of the tropical islands. All of the above. Design ability b. 7. Creating water codes and displays that conserve water. e. visitors find the following along the walkways: a. Accommodation and feedback e. Encourage children to use materials like scrap lumber to build their own play environments c. Out of sight from children so the children develop independence . 10. d. and dragons or equipment based on other children themes. it is beneficial to have a background that includes: a. The use of exeriscape of planting designs. Cultural exhibits about people of the swamp c. provisions for parents should be: a. castles. c. e. A knowledge of construction d. Do not allow adult managers or supervisors e. Most adventure playgrounds: a. Teaching ability c. Through what two processes doess a child develop intelligence: a. Are not changed once construction is completed. In the interpretative Swamp Exhibit at the Audobon Zoo. d. b. 11. The science of museum operations e. None of the above. 12. Correctly designing and managing irrigation systems d. Cross ventilation Main floor elevated to capture breezes B and C All of the above. None of the above. All of the above. Artifacts of swamp life d. Animal habitats b. In playground design. The use of water in an environmentally sensitive manner might include: a. 9.

All of the above e. The reason that psychologists tell us that water and sand can provide the child with an excellent play experience is : a. Whyte. b. successful plazas provide: a. In historic environments. 16. Low priority Comfortable and have easy access and visibility of playground A and C None of the above. The daily lifestyle and activities b. e. both decorative and utilitarian d. Management of change d. d. The associative. conservation. c. conceptual development. Versailles is an example of the historical preservation approach that is called: a. 13. The planned improvements for Bourbon street included: a. construction details. landscape architecture. All of the above. and implementation d. such as in Williamsburg. and technology b. Improved pavements and street gutters d. e. According to William H. None of the above. the aesthetic. Utilitarian aspects of life c. Historic district e. the goal is to provide a better understanding of: a. and architecture c. restoration. None of the above 18. Four phases of preservation are: a. the historic district. Better signs b. ??? c. The associative. Improved lighting c. The gardens of the period. None of the above 15. All of the above e. That these materials can respond to manipulation by the child. Trees . and adaptive re-use. Preservation. the aesthetic. Schematic design. Adaptive use b.b. Frozen time c. 14. None of the above 17. ??? d.

Maintaining good visibility of the highway from adjacent neighborhoods d. c. e. As the design for Scotlandville Park proceeded. Water Food Triangulation All of the above 19. Nature areas in the floodplain e.b. Draining the flood plain to provide more space for the park b. All of the above e. Interconnection of the community with pathways c. William H. None of the above 20. The Scotlandville Park plan calls for: a. All of the above e. Close to bus streets b. William Whyte noted that: a. Outdoor cafes should be compactly designed for greater sociability c. Scotlandville Park features: a. Avoid recreational use of the floodplain due to the risks of flood damage c. Whyte found that dangerous public places are those that are: a. a decision was made to: a. A linear park d. d. All of the above 23. None of the above 21. Use bicycle and pedestrian pathways to create a linear park linking different usage areas d. Cut off from and separated from the street c. Preserving the natural vegetation c. Sell narrow strips of tree covered land not needed for the interstate to private developers b. Heavily populated d. For the Scotlandville Bypass Highway: . All of the above e. People tend to be attracted by other people who are eating d. A and B 24. Multiple uses of highway right-of-ways b. All of the above e. None of the above 22. Food vendors should be encouraged in plazas b.

Historic areas are incompatible with modern engineering techniques d. Use of Artillery park as a vantage point to the river and Jackson square d. Built to provide public access to the New Orleans riverfront d. The Landscape Architects planned and designed the highway joint use development b. The Highway Engineer planned and designed the joint use development c.a. Improving the visitor s ability to get close to the water b. Variations on an idea c. None of the above 27. Links and nodes enhance five related projects in the historic area c. None of the above 28. An historic preservation project b. None of the above 25. Numbered sequences b. The disposition of colors d. The goals of New Orleans waterfront renovation include which of the following: a. Five separate projects improved the historic area b. Sam Corso works in series. Sam Corso explained that he is a multi-media artist who works in: a. Stained glass c. All of the above e. None of the above. 29. Sculpture . Built to the provide a commemoration of Neil Armstrong s famous moonwalk c. The French Quarter projects that were shown by Max illustrated how the planning of: a. All of the above e. and the Waterfront c. Creation of links between Jackson Square. None of the above 26. All of the above e. The Design Team planned and designed the joint use development d. The French Quarter Moon Walk was: a. the French Market. This means: a. Various types of painting and drawing b. A and B e. All of the above e.

d. Sam Corso is a keen observer of his environment from which he develops ideas for his art. Was hidden along service alleys to disguise a potential eyesore d. TRUE 36. Mosaics e. None of the above TRUE OR FALSE 31. Halprin s underlying principle for the Portland Fountain was the essential purpose of design is to create the possibilities for events to happen. framework for the glass is an important part of the artistic composition. softness. smoothness. he crawls over it. TRUE 35. A child is going from one side of a piece of play equipment to another through tubes of decreasing size. TRUE 39. cold. empty boxes and tree branches are the types of cheap equipment that only should be used where budgets are insufficient to purchase more realistic play equipment. Is lined with concrete to speed the flow b. warmth. The ideal playground for children would have experiences that might include roughness. hardness. This is an example of learning through assimilation according to Plaget. TRUE 37. Halprin s Portland Fountain is a node in a series of links and nodes that were designed to create the framework for urban redevelopment. wetness. the lead. A system of links and nodes is a common characteristic of the Portland Fountain Complex and the French Quarter Riverfront Complex. All of the above 30. Was reshaped and widened to create a lake effect c. FALSE 34. Mounds of dirt. dryness. TRUE . TRUE 38. FALSE 33. A and C e. TRUE 32. The preservation plan for Magnolia Mound Plantation in Baton Rouge calls for the representation of the layers of history that are associated with the long history of the place. In the art of stained glass. When he reaches a tube to small to crawl through. The drainage canal at Walden: a. etc.

The hydrological aspects of the Walden site were major aspects in the big picture that affected its planning and design. Simply stated. Successful parks must be planned as essential parts of the urban environment and not as afterthoughts. FALSE 53. including the handicapped. the success of parks is enhanced by locating them away from the city center. As illustrated by London Parks. The skulls of the landscape architect in preparing grading plans were unnecessary in the construction of the Louisiana Swamp Exhibit in the existing swamp-like environment at the Audubon Zoo. Ray Isaacs illustrated how the Eskimo Igloo. the basic design of the FDR Memorial consists of four outdoor rooms connected by passageways. Lu Cutrera explained how his work as the landscape architect in preparing a project master plan creates big projects for the engineers in his firm. Zero line lot cluster development at Walden results in less usable area than on typical subdivision lots. The Design process used by Lawrence Halprin for the FDR Memorial was a very introspective and personal one in which the genius of Halprin came into full bloom without the aid of other collaborators. FALSE . From the viewpoint of marketing professional services. FALSE 41. Because of their undeveloped technology. The workshop approach that Halprin uses is a good tool for deigning for all kinds of people. the environmental impact statement should always be taken care of after the engineering analysis and design of a project has been completed. The kite plan in Washington. and the Indian pueblo are similar in their abilities to reduce the harsh effects of climate. FALSE 49. D. The Audubon Zoo Swamp Exhibit focuses all attention on the wild animals native to the Louisiana Swamp. TRUE 52. refers to the area in Potomac River Park denoted for kite flying. FALSE 45. FALSE 44. TRUE 47. TRUE 51. early Indian cultures were unable to fully respond to the environment in their architectural solutions. TRUE 42. TRUE 43. FALSE 50. FALSE 46.40. FALSE 48.C. According to Lu Cutrera.

TRUE . TRUE 55. FALSE 56. is the number one activity in successful city space.54. Current population trends are reducing the water shortage problems because the population is tending to relocate where water supplies are more plentiful. FALSE 57. according to William Whyte. Zeriscape can help to conserve water by reducing the need for irrigation. According to Sadik Artunc. the tropical Florida style landscape is appropriate in Arizona if there are enough funds to support it. People watching.