Once upon a time, in a far off land, there was a young Prince named Theodore who dreamed of adventures

in far away kingdoms and becoming famous for his courage. But Theodore was not as brave as he thought he was. He was too afraid to face the Monsters in the Deep Dark Wood and prove his bravery. The Deep Dark wood was filled with all sorts of dangerous monsters with the power of making anyone sick with just a single touch of their fingers. Other had spines, others where blobs and others could transform into any shape and size. But all of them seemed very scary to Theodore who was desperate to cross the Deep Dark Wood without getting harmed by those evil creatures. I am never going to be brave enough to deal with the Monsters of The Deep Dark Wood! I will be named a coward and everyone will be making fun of me! cried Theodore with a sad voice. A wizard passing by overheard Theodore s cry so he went to him and with a soft pat on the head he said: Don t despair young man! I can keep you safe from the monsters of the Deep Dark Wood. You just need some of this inside you! said the wizard loudly and produced a potion from out of his sleeve. What is it? asked Theodore in suspicion. It is Essence of Monster. , the Wizard replied. And I have to use this to give it to you! he said pulling and enormous syringe from his side pocket. What? shouted Theodore in panic, You want to put monsters inside me with a needle? Let me explain says The Wizard in a low voice and prepares himself to clarify. The syringe contains essence of those monsters which once it gets into your body, it will help you produce antibodies, the great helpers for your body s defence against the monsters . The antibodies, which have a huge memory, will remember the monsters and will attack them quicker the next time they try to invade in your body. Your already produced antibodies will attach themselves on the monsters and call in the Eaters to ingest them, and destroy them. As a result, you will be perfectly safe from the Monsters! said The Wizard with pride for his very clever thinking. So relax..close your eyes and I will give you the magic potion and you won t feel a thing. Theodore turned to the other side and closed his eyes. All done! said the Wizard. Already? said Theodore with a very surprised face. I did not feel a thing. It s incredible! Now you won t be in danger when crossing the Deep Dark Wood. Replied the Wizard. And it was true Theodore walked through the forest and was as brave as he never was before. The monsters were approaching him, poking him and releasing their toxic gases on him. But Theodore was totally unaffected, he was remaining static and was continuing his walk like nothing happens. The Monsters where raising question marks. Why can t we do anything to him? asked the flu virus. He must be vaccinated! said the chicken pox one as Theodore reached the other side of the Woods.


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