General Sessions GS01 Welcome and Opening Keynote, Paul Maritz, President and CEO, VMware, Inc.

The Future of Virtualization: From the Mobile Phone to the Cloud Dr. Stephen Herrod, GS02 CTO, VMware, Inc. Super Session SS4880 SS5000 SS5001 SS5081 SS5082 SS5120 SS5121 SS5140 SS5160 SS5220 SS5240 SS5241 SS5440 NetApp: Clear up the Cloud - Key Infrastructure Requirements and Real-World Implementations Dell: How to Get Ahead in the Cloud With Your Feet Planted Firmly on the Ground VMware: Extending Your IT Beyond the Datacenter: The vCloud Initiative Wyse: Desktop Virtualization / Cloud Computing: We Did It - Here's How and What we Learned Cisco and VMware: Delivering Innovation for Virtualization IBM: What You Need to Know to Virtualize Today's Data Center Intel: Technology transformations central to the evolution of flexible computing EMC: Infrastructure Architectures Purpose Built for the Virtual Datacenter HP: Stop Virtualizing Servers, Start Virtualizing Infrastructure Symantec: Complete the Promise of Virtualization VMware, Cisco and EMC: Engineering Developments Enabling the Virtual Datacenter VMware: Question and Answer Session with Paul VMware: Enabling Better Business Outcomes with Policy-Driven Service Level Management

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery BC1500 BC2082 BC2142 BC2253 BC2260 BC2412 BC2425 BC2520 BC2537 BC2541 BC2565 BC2704 BC2760 BC2961 vCenter Site Recovery Manager "Up and Running" - Best Practices & Avoiding the Pitfalls VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager Performance and Best Practice (online only)* Data Recovery - Install / Configure and troubleshooting Pain-free VMware Agentless Backup AND Recovery - VCB & Beyond (online only)* Automated Disaster Recovery for Branch Offices using SRM and vSphere 4 Managing SAP Virtualization, DR and Upgrades with EMC Ionix Technology (online only)* Using CDP for Cost-Effective Application Recovery in vSphere Environments 911 Call Center Leverages VMware To Ensure Survivability VMware Site Recovery Manager with Enterprise Replication - A Customer Testimonial Re-architecting Backup and Recovery for Virtual Environments: Best Practices An Optimized Approach to Workload Availability in Virtualized Environments Site Recovery Manager, a real user experience Protecting the corporate infrastructure: Leveraging Site Recovery Manager for multi-site DR protection. VMware Fault Tolerance Architecture and Performance

Evangelizing the Value Proposition VMware View .vSphere Workflows and API Considerations (online only)* How Customers are Using VMware Site Recovery Manager for Automated Disaster BC3780 Recovery Increase consolidation ratios in vSphere environments while simplifying and improving BC4440 backup and recovery Why you should be using Virtual Backup Appliances for Business Continuity & Disaster BC4580 Recovery? BC4840 Exploring vStorage API's and how Veeam and Dell partner for Success BC5380 How to bring V-Cloud & Cloud Computing to Backup & Recovery Business Workshops BW4740 BW4741 BW4742 BW4743 vSphere .Evangelizing the Value Proposition Realizing the Return on Investment In VMware Planning Your Virtualization Journey Desktop Virtualization DV1392 DV1406 DV1460 DV1666 Lead Practices for Integrating VMware View with Active Directory Integrating VMware View with your VPN (online only)* Leveraging Vmware View and Cisco WAAS in a ROBO deployment VMware View Reference Architecture .BC3042 VMware SRM Enhanced Testing (online only)* Mission Critical: Virtualization and Robust DR Architectures for Vital Systems (online BC3083 only)* BC3086 A practical guide for recovering key applications using VMware Site Recovery Manager BC3189 How Storage Enhances Business Continuance: From Backup to Fault Tolerance BC3197 High Availability .Overview and Best Practices Using IP based replication as an Enabler for Server Virtualization and Storage BC3384 Repurposing BC3386 DR Solutions and Services with Sungard and VMware Advanced Data Protection for Microsoft SQL and Exchange Server in a VMware BC3387 Environment BC3396 How VMware uses Site Recovery Manager for its own disaster recovery BC3421 SRM Architecture & Features: The Road Ahead BC3425 VMware Availability Solutions and Futures BC3602 VMware Fault Tolerance .Internals and Best Practices Creating the Fastest Possible Backups Using VMware Consolidated Backup -A Design BC3209 Blueprint BC3210 Preview of Best Practices for Recovery with Site Recovery Manager and NFS Planning for Optimized and Cost Effective Storage Utilizing Deduplication and BC3223 Virtualization Technologies BC3301 DR Architecture Design Workshop with SRM BC3369 VMware Fault Tolerance Real-World Use Cases BC3370 VMware Fault Tolerance .

The Math behind VDI DV3292 The Effective use of VMware ThinApp in Higher Education DV3300 Switching to the Mac with VMware Fusion: Lessons Learned & Deployment Tips .Upcoming Attractions DV2546 Case Study: Making the Grade with VDI and K12 Education DV2626 VMware View Security Architecture DV2672 Cerner Millenium deployed in a VMware View environment DV2697 VMware View .Remote Display Experience DV2705 ThinApp Packaging & Deployment DV2714 Optimizing VDI Storage with VMware View: Strategies for Success DV2734 VMware ThinApp â?? Integration with VMware View (online only)* DV2782 Application and Desktop Virtualization DV2785 ThinApp Reference Architecture VMware ThinApp . deploying virtual desktops to remote and branch offices DV2981 What's new with ThinApp DV3081 From Strategy to Reality .Running a POC DV2363 Next Generation Client Virtualization .Technology Deep Dive DV2380 Getting the Most from View Composer .VDI lessons learned at Embarq DV3200 Creating a VMware View Design for the Enterprise ViewPlanner: An Automated Measurement Infrastructure for Large-Scale VDI DV3243 Deployments DV3258 From NT4.DV1667 Norton Healthcare Desktop The 4 C's of Desktop Virtualization for Healthcare: Costs. Continuity. Clients. and Best Practices DV2387 Scripting within VMware ThinApp DV2439 Breaking Down Desktop Virtualization Alternatives DV2461 Virtualization on mobile phones? Why do I need that? DV2478 Application Troubleshooting in VMware ThinApp DV2484 Server and Storage Sizing for VMware View DV2485 Choosing the Right Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Platform DV2507 VMware View .A Review of Best Practices and Design Considerations (online DV2787 only)* DV2801 Integrating VMware View into your environment DV2861 The Journey to a Dependable VDI Solution DV2941 Operationalizing Desktop Virtualization DV2943 VDI to the edge.Lessons Learned DV2223 Printing Considerations in a View Architecture DV2243 The View Test .Tips. and DV1788 Compliance DV1790 Understanding TCO & ROI for VMware View (next gen VDI) DV1961 VMware Workstation and Player Technology Preview DV2000 VMware View Client Virtualization Platform and its Use Cases DV2181 Leveraging SRM with VMware View .0 to Virtualized Desktops and Applications Comprehensive Performance Analysis of Remote Display Protocols in VDI DV3260 Environments DV3266 Efficient VDI Design . Tricks.

Technical Considerations and Customer Success Story Virtualizing IBM Lotus Domino and Sametime: Planning to Successful Deployment at Whirlpool IBM DB2 on VMware: The Most Cost-Efficient and Dynamic Database Platform Enterprise Application Performance and Scalability on vSphere Virtualizing Blackberry Enterprise Servers (BES) on VMware vSphere 4 Best Practice for Virtualizing Active Directory using vSphere (online only)* Virtualizing SQL Server in a VMware vSphere environment Beyond Infrastructure as a Service: Developer and Runtime Services with VMware and our Partners Analyzing Application Stack Performance using AppSpeed Virtualizing Citrix XenApp using vSphere US Navy Marine Corps virtualizes 700.000+ Microsoft Exchange users to Achieve Mission Critical Reliability MySQL on VMware: Performance and Deployment Best Practices SAP on VMware: Advanced Networking for High Performance .DV3458 Better Software Development and Testing using VMware Workstation DV3498 VMware View Performance and Scalability on Cisco UCS DV3532 Virtual Desktop Security Don't throw that PC! How to convert old PCs to Thin Clients using a thin Linux OS and DV3567 VMware View DV3660 VMware Fusion .Present and Future DV3746 How to Optimize VMware View ROI with Thin Computing DV4243 How to make BYOPC (Bring Your Own PC) a Reality? DV4381 An Insider's View of Mobile Phone Virtualization From Servers to Desktops Virtualization in a "Next Gen Data Center" for DV4521 Telecommunications Companies Desktop Virtualization / Cloud Computing: Using the Vendor Ecosystem to Drive DV5080 Maximum Success Enterprise Applications EA1396 EA1480 EA1640 EA1820 EA1941 EA2342 EA2436 EA2442 EA2526 EA2583 EA2631 EA2649 EA2652 EA3104 EA3196 EA3216 EA3234 EA3241 EA3347 EA3376 EA3389 EA3408 EA3448 SQL. Exchange and SharePoint Deployments on EMC Celerra Unified Storage (online only)* Best Practices for Java and J2EE Applications on VMware ESX SAP Scaling with VMware vSphere and IBM x3850 M2 Virtualizing Critical Healthcare Applications Accelerate the Enterprise Java Application Lifecycle with SpringSource Oracle Database Virtualization Strategies Efficient and High Performance Virtualization of Oracle Database Environments using vSphere Software Licensing in the Virtual Enterprise: Current Problems and Future Trends SharePoint vSphere Best Practices HPC/Grid Computing and Virtualization Virtualizing Exchange 2007 on vSphere 4 .

Using WebSphere with vSphere EA3940 Cerner Millennium Scalability when deployed on VMware vSphere and Nehalem EA4403 VMware IT: Exchange 2007 at VMware EA4404 Oracle E-Business Suite: Virtually Powering VMware EA4760 Building Cloud Ready Applications Technology and Architecture TA1394 vSphere 4 Advanced Storage Log Analysis Networking in ESX: VM DirectPath Dynamic .ESX implementation at Kroger Store Systems TA2231 Securing Virtual Environments .0 .the road to Direct VM to Hardware TA1440 (online only)* TA1523 The Path to vSphere Unleashed TA1541 Cool little things marketing did not tell you about vSphere 4.0 TA1962 at GA TA2021 Linux Virtual Machines: Templates.0 TA1670 Overview of VMware vSphere How and Why we Upgraded Herning Kommune's Production Environment to vSphere 4.What's New TA2105 Virtual Networking Concepts and Best Practices TA2222 ROBO .Virtualization Design TA2262 vSphere Enterprise Stability .Storage Integration for Cloud OS TA2259 Ask the Experts .It's all in the Design TA2266 Designing the Next Generation Data Center with Unified Computing & VN-Link TA2381 Warehouse In A Box TA2384 Deploying Cisco Nexus 1000V in a VMware vSphere Environment TA2400 Hypervisor Competitive Differences: What the Vendors Aren't Telling You Nielsen Company Leverages VMsafe Virtual Firewalls from Altor Networks for TA2405 Unprecedented Security TA2467 Best Practices to Increase Availability and Throughput for the Future of VMware TA2509 Storage Best Practices for Scaling Virtualization Deployments TA2525 VMware vSphere 4 Networking Deep Dive TA2543 VMware's Secure Software Development Lifecycle TA2544 A Comprehensive Look at the Security and Compliance of vSphere 4 TA2623 Enhanced Storage VMotion in vSphere 4 Understanding "Host" and "Guest" Memory Usage and Other Memory Management TA2627 Concepts .EA3481 Virtualization of Analytic Databases EA3582 Developing and Deploying Virtualized Real Time Communications within the Enterprise EA3579 Oracle Enterprise Workloads on VMware How-To (online only)* Virtualizing Tier 1 Applications: The Value of the vSphere Internal Cloud as a Better EA3605 Platform for Apps EA3606 Database Consolidation on vSphere (SQL and Oracle) EA3820 The Spheres .Before and After VMsafe TA2254 vStorage . P2V and Other Tips and Tricks TA2103 Virtual Networking with vSphere 4.

End-User Case Study Controlling the Storage Impact of Virtual Server Sprawl Measuring Virtualization Platforms and Trends Using VMmark (online only)* Safe At Any Speed with VMware DRS & DPM Tips for Planning and Upgrading to vSphere 4 Enterprise Approach to Deploying vSphere Performance Best Practices Sizing Tools for Storage in vSphere and VMware View Environments ESXtop for Advanced Users Implementing VMware vSphere 4. Hyper-V and XenServer The Cloud. Troubleshooting.TA2646 TA2650 TA2682 TA2689 TA2699 TA2713 TA2731 TA2732 TA2942 TA2955 TA2963 TA3045 TA3105 TA3195 TA3212 TA3220 TA3261 TA3264 TA3286 TA3302 TA3324 TA3326 TA3353 TA3402 TA3406 TA3438 TA3461 TA3488 TA3521 TA3555 TA3557 TA3576 TA3603 TA3880 TA3882 TA3901 TA4020 TA4060 TA4100 TA4101 Creative Solutions: How Florida Hospital virtualized AIX and Mastered SAN Replication for DR Take PowerCLI to the Next Level Achieving 10+ Gbps File Transfer Throughput Using Virtualization . and Management (with Live Demo) Getting to over 90% Virtualization Using NFS Storage Infrastructure for vSphere Early vSphere Deployment Stories Getting The Most Out Of VMotion: EVC.The Unique Advantages of VMware ESX (online only)* vNetwork Monitoring.0 Applications in the Cloud: Getting off the ground Security Considerations When Building Virtual Infrastructures Across Security Zones Performance Troubleshooting in Virtual Infrastructure Building an Internal Cloud-the Journey and the Details Building the TVE a Collaboration Story How Dell Uses Virtualization: Paving the Path to Large-scale Distributed Computing What is New for Storage in vSphere 4.0 Top 10 Performance Features of VMware vSphere 4 Tech Preview: IO DRS .Providing Performance Isolation to VMs in Shared Storage Environments All Hypervisors Are Not Created Equal . and Troubleshooting Head-To-Head Comparison: VMware vSphere and ESX vs.Virtualizing your remote and distributed IT workloads The Path to COS-less ESX: Migrating Server Operations from ESX to ESXi Internal Clouds: Customer perspective and implementations Buying the Cloud: Customer perspective and considerations on what to send to an .0 with HP Virtual Connect Flex-10 technology Long Distance VMotion Stateless ESXi: Scalable Rollout and Management of Virtualized Hosts Virtualizing Resource Intensive Applications. Security. Performance Tuning. a Case Study with SAP VMware vStorage VMFS-3: Architectural Advances since ESX 3.0 Using VMware to Conduct Digital Forensics and Criminal Investigations (online only)* iSCSI Scalability and Storage Performance Enhancements in vSphere 4.What is it and why should I care Security and the Cloud Beyond the Data Center .

Real World Security Lessons from the Datacenter to the Cloud Optimize Your Storage: A Blueprint for Storage Resource Management in VMware Environments Securing the Cloud The Evolution of Open Source Virtualization Virtualization: How Cisco IT Leverages Operational Excellence to Drive Innovation Virtualization 101 V11721 V12226 V12644 V12789 V13100 V13226 V13227 V13229 V13395 V13478 V13496 V13760 Best Practices for Successful VI Design Building a High Availability and Disaster Recovery Solution with VMware Designing a Virtualization Infrastructure for the Small Environment VMware vCenter Converter 101 (online only)* The VMware Competitive Advantage .Tips and Tricks (online only)* Overcoming the Hidden Challenges of Virtualization Virtualization Management VM1401 Using vCenter Lab Manager and View for the Education Cloud VM1461 Avoiding the hurdles in scaling Lab Manager .TA4102 TA4103 TA4160 TA4242 TA4341 TA4720 TA4820 TA4860 TA4881 TA4901 TA4902 TA4940 TA4941 TA4960 TA5161 TA5360 TA5400 TA5460 TA5461 TA5540 TA5600 external cloud Unveiling New Cloud Technologies Engineering the Cloud-The Future of Cloud What is new in the vSphere SDKs and APIs Securing the Virtual Data Center in Enterprises and Clouds Virtual Network Performance Virtualization and Cloud Computing with AMD Opteron™ Processor-based Platforms What Keeps Clouds Up? Deploying the Foundation for a Virtualized Dynamic Data Center Designing Dynamic Data Centers with NetApp and VMware IBM System x Delivers Innovation for Virtualization Solutions for Today and Tomorrow IBM's Cloud Computing Solutions Navigating the Cloud: IT Management Challenges and Opportunities I/O Clouds in the Virtualized Data Center Virtualizing Email Security â?? The St Lawrence College Story (online only)* How Expedia uses Storage VMotion to Allow Datacenter to Take Flight Enabling the Virtual Data Center with Symmetrix V-Max The Soft Underbelly of Bare Metal .A Comparison of Server Virtualization Offerings Getting Started with Virtualization Using VMware ESXi Introduction to Virtualization Introduction to VMware vSphere Getting to Yes! Keys to Launching a Successful Data Center Virtualization Program Executing Enterprise Virtualization .Continuing Case Study with USMC VMware vSphere and VI Best Practices .

Automation to From Virtualization. and Processes to Address Challenges Datacenter Consolidation and Migration with VMware Site Recovery Manager vSphere Orchestration for SAP's Demo Business Assessment methodology for LCM customization with Orchestrator Virtualization and Compliance: The Auditor's Perspective VMware's New Licensing Model & Compliance Best Practices Turfwars! : The Future Staffing of Virtualized Environments Managing vSphere with VMware PowerCLI Achieving Measurable Advantages Through Better Virtual Systems Management vCenter Mobile Access .Best Practices. Tools.Things to consider VMware's Tooling of VI Operations Best Practices Integrating Virtualization with Capacity Management Top 10 Reasons vCenter is the Best Platform for Virtualization Management How VMware Reduces Cost-per-Application and OpEx Costs How does VMware fit in with your management processes? VMware Integration with Big 4 + Microsoft . Automation to Cloud Managemen Integrated and Application Centric Deployment Approach to Achieve Wider Virtualization Adoption Upgrading to vSphere . Configuration & Compliance Introduction to VMware vCenter Chargeback Automating the Virtual Data Center Automate Routine Actions and Enforce process in Virtual Environments (online only)* Using Unnoc to Perform Monitoring of vCenter. VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat Best Practices What's New in vCenter Server 4 Lab Manager Best Practices Improve Cloud Interoperability Using Virtualization Management Standards VI Performance Optimization: From the Datacenter to the Desktop (online only)* What's New In Lab Manager 4? How to Prevent Headaches in your Virtual Environment From Virtualization.VM1682 VM1700 VM1724 VM1882 VM1900 VM1960 VM2100 VM2120 VM2164 VM2166 VM2201 VM2241 VM2265 VM2280 VM2408 VM2409 VM2440 VM2472 VM2506 VM2511 VM2630 VM2643 VM2648 VM2657 VM2674 VM2684 VM2700 VM2706 VM2711 VM2717 VM2724 VM2764 VM2766 VM2847 VM3021 VM3041 VM3085 VM3103 VM3120 vCenter Database Architecture: Technical Deep Dive vApps and advanced VM templates in vSphere 4 Technical Preview: CapacityIQ VMware Update Manager 4 Performance and Best Practices Accelerating Large Scale Migration . ESX Servers. Root Cause.Managing Virtual Infrastructure From Your Phone Tech Preview: VMware vCenter ConfigControl Virtual Center: Troubleshooting Unleashed Deploying vSphere Mgmt Automation: Dependency Mapping. and Virtual Guests Infrastructure Performance Panel Managing Compliance in Virtual Environments Best Practices for deploying VMware vCenter Lifecycle Manager.

During & After the Project VM3607 Before Chargeback.VM3142 Large Scale Virtualization VM3217 vCenter Databases: Setup. I Need To Know What It Costs VM3609 Assessment Best Practices for VMware Partners VM3620 Incident Handling in a Virtualized Data Center Business Objects SAP Virtual Infrastructure Lab Mgr Deployment and Migrating VM3881 Between Network Ranges VM3903 Practical Virtual Systems Management .0 (online only)* VM3405 A Spotlight on vSphere Storage Management: Today and Tomorrow VM3414 Study reveals production best practices for virtualization (online only)* VM3427 VMware Administration for The Average Administrator VM3433 Technical Deep Dive: VMware Host Profiles VM3463 Monitoring Hardware Health with vCenter 4 VM3470 Seven Steps To Understanding And Mitigating Virtualization Security Risks VM3483 Managing Application Performance with vCenter AppSpeed VM3528 Does Virtualization Change The Way We Secure IT Environments? VM3566 Best Practices for Managing and Monitoring Storage in vSphere VM3580 Capacity Planning and RoI .The Evolution of Vizioncore and How We Truly Extend VM4520 VMware's vSphere VM4800 The "Next Generation Data Center" for Telecommunication Companies VM4900 Building a Service-Driven Data Center: Making an Internal Cloud A Reality How to Gain Sponsorship and Successfully Enable Virtualization Transformation with VM5002 VMware VM5040 Amplify the Economic Benefits of Virtualization VM5361 An Introduction to VMware vCenter Orchestrator Conquering Costs and Complexity in a Virtualized Environment: Research and Case VM5401 Studies VM5420 Using Lab Manager in a Regulated Healthcare Environment VM5521 Unified Computing System .Before.0 (online only)* VM3263 Sustainable Change Management Processes in a Virtual World VM3325 vSphere and ESXi Log Files 101 & 102 (online only)* VM3352 Operational Savings Achieved through Virtualization VM3360 Assuring Service Levels for P2V migrations with AppSpeed VM3404 Alarms for vCenter 4. Management and Best Practice (online only)* Introducing VMware vCenter Product Family: Managing Service Levels Across VM3235 Dynamic IT Infrastructure VM3237 VC Linked Mode in vSphere 4.Infrastructure Management and Provisioning .Climbing The Hierarchy of Needs VM4000 Operationalizing Software Update Management in a Growing Virtual Environment VM4061 How to Generate Reports out of the vCenter Database VM4120 Introduction to VMware vCenter Lifecycle Manager VM4261 Ensuring Database Performance using VMware AppSpeed VM4320 Vision for virtualization-aware IT management VM4380 Tech Preview: vCenter Server Analyze to Automate .

Advanced Topics VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager .New Features.VM5560 Data Center Optimization through Virtualization: Compute More. Consume Less Instructor-Led Labs (PDFs only) LAB01 LAB02 LAB03 LAB04 LAB05 LAB06 LAB07 LAB08 LAB09 LAB10 LAB11 LAB12 VMware vSphere 4 .Security Hardening & Best Practices (vShield Zones) VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat VMware vCenter Lab Manager 4 VMware vCenter CapacityIQ VMware vCenter AppSpeed VMware vCenter Lifecycle Manager VMware vCenter Chargeback Scripting VMware Infrastructure (PowerShell/Perl Toolkits) Self-Paced Labs (PDFs only) SPL13 SPL14 SPL15 SPL16 SPL17 SPL18 SPL19 SPL20 SPL21 SPL22 SPL23 VMware® Infrastructure 3 to VMware vSphere™ 4 Upgrade VMware vSphere™ 4 Base Install VMware View Base Install & Config VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager (SRM) Basic Install & Config VMware vCenter Converter VMware vCenter Data Recovery VMware® ThinApp™ VMware® Fusion™ VMware View Experience VMware vCenter Orchestrator VMware vSphere™ 4 Virtual Networking Fundamentals . Best of.Advanced Operations VMware View Advanced Config & Troubleshooting VMware vSphere 4 .Performance Optimization & Troubleshooting VMware vSphere 4 .