trends and solutions

If any .. i find t his article extremely difficult to writ e (as opposed to the 'divinely inspired' physics articles which seemed to flow from my fingertips). It seems a tremendous amount of contemplation and conversation is required for such an endeavor. Global t rends and (any) solutions offered seem dismal, dark, and depres sing. Wat ch s ome of P at Condell's favorit e videos on youtube to glimpse why this is so.. The EU appears to be fragmenting as i write. The UN has not been heard from s ince the American invasion of Iraq. It appears to be disenfranchised. The 'Islamic consortium' (the nations largely Islamic) seem hell- bent on war wit h 'the West ' (largely European, American,..): "convert or destroy" (which incidentally is the same motto of the evil empire overthrown in The Chronicles of Riddick). Now i understand my fas cination wit h that movie. Too bad Furyans are only fictional. We could use a few just about now. The sad reality is: we are on the verge of WWIII with Islamic nat ions. If you understand the intent of the Islamists, you understand we are to be convert ed to Islam or crushed under their soldiers' boots. i'm NO T saying this t o polarize people; i'm simply stating facts .

True, there's a difference bet ween Islam and Islamis t, but the s ad trut h is Is lamic populations are pawns and money-supply for Islamists who are atwar with the West. "They will convert you or they will kill you." This is no overstatement/exaggeration. I slamists will subdue theWes t or they will destroy it. The 'w eakness ' of the Wes t has been our tolerance and freedom t o worship .. This has allowed massive influx of M uslim populations into the West,Is lamification of West ern local populations, and a general dominance of M uslim values. We condemn any identification of M uslim crimes as 'racism' similar to anti-Semitism and so M uslim crimes against women, in particular, are hidden from public view. Sharia subdues/subjugates w omen so allowing Sharia in the West only reinforces Islamist agenda. If the West passes laws and enforces them prohibiting Sharia or prohibiting immigration of Islamists , they will w age war on us . This is a certainty . There are only two ways to 'gain their respect': 'turn the other cheek' (allow them t o walk all over us in the short t erm - s howing them our long-term convictions ) - or - engaging them on the batt lefield. The first option requires a tremendous amount of self-discipline which i doubt the West possesses. That leaves option two. Now we arrive to a point in the discussion w here war s eems t he only realis tic option. T he question is: who strikes first? Wake up America - they already did on 9/11. The problem is not t heir distribut ed nat ure. The problems are: we are on the verge of globalization - and - we can no longer afford a standing army periodically positioned overseas. We simply cannot afford it. What do we do? Another problem is the fragmentation of America. M any blacks have embraced Is lam as a way to unify against white-oppres sion. Expedient but divis ive. Race riot s in Miami betw een H is panics and Blacks: inevitable power struggles but again, divisive/destructive .. Any time we riot allowing one 'special interest group' to display dominance, we destroy America. T he downfall of America will be the attempt to pander to all special interest groups (Black, Asian, Hispanic, gay,..) We cannot hope to satisfy all special int eres t groups - t hey all have an is olat ed set of needs/demands which are mutually exclusive. Let me repeat this because of the fundamental importance: we can NEVER satisfy all special interest groups; t hey have conflicting demands. So America is doomed to: 1. war with Islamic nations or 2. disintegration within or 3. both For instance, if O bama was assassinated, this would spark another Civil War. Especially if the perpetrators were white- upremacis ts. This would be the perfect opportunity for Is lamist nations s to attack America. A tt ack us while w e'r e weak and dis jointed. What can we do?

Listen/read carefully: we .. must .. unify. This is the only solution. Black, white, Asian, Hispanic, gay, M uslim, Christian, Jew,.. If you are American, you M UST unify. Or, youwill be destroyed by Islamists. This is a fact. This is the only time i will say/write this: u ni fy or di e.

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