Infrared Receiver and Celltron inFORM™ Battery Management Software

Instruction Manual

Overview This manual describes how to set up and use the infrared (IR) receiver and Celltron inFORM Battery Management Software. These accessories are for the Celltron series of battery string analyzers. System requirements • CPU running Windows® 95 or higher and compatible with Windows NT • CD-ROM drive • DB-9 serial communication port

IR The IR allows you to download test results from the analyzer to a PC.


The user interface allows you to: • • • • • Display text with details about the jars and strings. and comparisons. 4 . Print data in text or graphical formats. Store battery.inFORM The inFORM software allows you to view and analyze test results in a user interface. site. Export test data to a database file for analysis software. test results. such as Excel or Access. Create graphs of battery measurements to identify deviating cells.

5 . Double-click the CD-ROM drive. 3. 2. Refer to “Uninstalling the inFORM software. 4. Double-click My Computer on the desktop.” page 18. Installing the inFORM software To install the inFORM software on the PC: 1. insert the cable DB-9 receptacle into a serial communication port on your computer. If you have a previous version of the inFORM software installed on your PC. uninstall that version before you install the new version.Setting up Connecting the IR receiver to the PC To connect the IR receiver to the PC. Insert the CD into the CD-ROM drive on the PC.

3. 2. Find the directory in which the inFORM software was installed. Double-click the setup. Double-click midtronics. 6 . 6.exe file. The inFORM user interface displays the Setup tab.exe.5. The setup.exe file does not create a desktop icon. Opening the inFORM software To open the inFORM software: 1. Write down the location of the directory in which the system installs the software. A wizard assists you in installing the inFORM software. Double-click the Midtronics folder.

The inFORM software shuts down. 4. 3. 7 . Select the Tools menu.exe. then Set Language. Select a radio button for the interface language. The software indicates that it will shut down and that you need to reopen the inFORM software. 2. Find the directory in which the inFORM software was installed and double-click midtronics. Click OK.Setting the language To view the user interface in a language other than English: 1. The user interface displays text in the language you selected.

Power down and remove devices. On the Setup tab. Set the analyzer to print at FAST–Computer speed. Click Receive on the inFORM interface. 2.Receiving data To download test results and string data into the inFORM software: 1. Access the UTILITIES MENU. 8 . select the port to which you connected the IR receiver. The inFORM software gives you about 20 seconds to set up the analyzer and IR receiver. 4. 3. such as PDAs. If you are using the Micro Celltron: a. and close software that interfaces with the serial communication port. b.

Scroll to PRINT DATA SET and press ENTER. Access the SET PARAMETERS menu. d. Line up the infrared light on top of the analyzer with the front of the IR receiver. Scroll to EXPORT DATA and press ENTER. b. 5. If you are using the Celltron Advanced: a. d. c. Select the string you want to download data for and press ENTER. 9 . Line up the infrared light on top of the analyzer with the front of the IR receiver and press YES.c.

you can use the tabs and side buttons to: • view data in charts and graphs • add notes • compare data to previous data • open other files • export files in . The tab name changes to “Filename” when you save the data as a file.After the inFORM software receives the data from the analyzer. The Specific Gravity and Other text boxes at the bottom of the tab allow you to enter data for a jar in the chart. 10 .txt format • save the data as a file • print the data Tabs View (Filename) or Filename tab The View (Filename) tab sets up the test results and string data in a chart.

The Strap uOhm column lists the microhm (uOhm) measurements of the resistance in strap connections. or you can enter a name. uOhm measurements might vary due to rounding errors. 2. Notes tab The Notes tab allows you to record the following data about the string and test site: • Battery Manufacturer—Common jar manufacturers are in the drop-down menu. 3. Press Return. Select the field in the chart that corresponds to the jar number and column.To enter Specific Gravity or Other data for a jar: 1. 11 . Enter the data in the Specific Gravity or Other text boxes.

or you can enter a time. or you can enter a name. String Float Current—Charging current for the string. Battery Model—Model number of the jar.• • • • • • • • Battery Type—Common jar types are in the dropdown menu. Expected Run Time—Common jar run times are in the drop-down menu. Jars Per String—Number of jars connected by straps in the string. Cells Per Jar—Number of cells in a jar. Battery Manufacture Date—Date as stamped on the jar. 12 . Amp Hour Rating—Manufacturer rating of jar capacity.

System Voltage—Aggregate voltage of string. Projected Run Time-Hours—Number of hours expected or required of the string under normal operating conditions. such as an address. String Number/ID—Number or ID of the string. Number of Strings—Number of strings at the site. Other 3—Additional information about the string. Site Identity—Testing site information. Site Location.• Other 1. Installation Date—Date the string was installed at the site. 13 • • • • • • • . Site Current Load-Amps—Amount of amps of the load the string supplies power to. You can double-click the text boxes to expand the information. Other 2.

View Graph tab The View Graph tab displays conductance values from the current test in a bar graph. Note: If you do not determine a reference value before you test the string. Green—Good battery. Yellow—Jar warning. the bar graph is all green. Test results are < 60% of the reference value. The bar graph displays test results in colored columns. Test results are > or = 70% of the reference value. • • • Red—Possible jar failure. Test results are 60–70% of the reference value. 14 .

. Review the data you received from the IR receiver in a list.Compare tab The Compare tab compares test results for four strings in a graph or chart. click the View Graph tab. The test results you are currently viewing are included. To view results in a chart. Setup tab The Setup tab allows you to: • • Select the serial communication port to which you connected the IR receiver. This tab does not display this data after you save the data as a file. click the View Chart tab.. click the Open.File buttons. To compare other files to these results. 15 . To view results in a graph.

The inFORM software lists .c60 files in the right text box. To export a file: 1. such as Microsoft Excel and Access. Click Export. Export You can export saved files in text (. The . 16 .xls format to use in other software applications. Click Open.Side buttons Open To open a file: 1. 2. Select a directory and enter a file name. 2.txt) or .xls format (Excel) is the default. Select a directory and enter a file name.

The inFORM software saves the file with the . a format unique to the software. Print To print the data from a tab. not screen replication. The name you assign the file is displayed above the information in the tabs.txt file and allows you to print that file.c60 suffix. Select a directory and enter a file name. Click Save. 2. In Windows NT.Save To save data: 1. 17 . printing is independent print display. It prints the data in the View Graph and Compare tabs as you see it in the interface. The inFORM software opens the data in the Filename and Notes tabs in a . click Print.

Comm. a minimum of 800 x 600 pixels. 18 • • . If the analyzer is set at SLOW–Printer speed. 1–Comm. If you are using the Micro Celltron. the data does not download correctly.Troubleshooting and uninstalling Troubleshooting the inFORM software If the inFORM software is not working or being displayed on the screen: • Make sure your desktop display is set to SVG resolution. check that the analyzer is set to print at FAST–Computer speed in the UTILITIES MENU. 4 are the only choices for the inFORM software. Confirm that the communications port in the Setup tab is the same port the IR receiver connects to on the PC. you can still receive and save data. A setting less than SVGA does not display all of the inFORM software. However.

Reboot the system to ensure the PC recognizes that the devices and software are inactive. Make sure you shut down and removed devices from the serial communication port and their software. then Control Panel. Select Start. 3. cable.• • Make sure the connections between the computer port. then Settings. 2. and IR receiver are secure. Uninstalling the inFORM software To uninstall the inFORM software: 1. Select inFORM from the list and follow the instructions on the screen. 19 . CAUTION: Uninstalling the host inFORM software might remove test results. Double-click Add/Remove Programs.

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static damage. overvoltage. Midtronics will service the tester and reship. alteration. This limited warranty applies only to Midtronics battery tester and does not cover any other equipment. If Midtronics determines that the failure was caused by misuse.unit or replace the unit with a remanufactured tester. accident. purchaser should contact Midtronics for a Return Authorization number. Midtronics is not liable for any incidental or consequential damages for breach of this warranty. Attention: RA# ________. or to modify the cable assembly. . water damage. dropping the unit or damage resulting from extraneous causes including owner misuse. Service To obtain service. The warranty is void if owner attempts to disassemble the unit. and return the unit to Midtronics freight prepaid. the next scheduled business day following receipt. using the same type carrier and service as received.

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