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May 2011 Newsletter





Field Trip to Willits



Message from Sharon: Montessori del Mar Learning Center Earth Day Songs
We were so excited to open up the Mother Earth Day celebration for Noyo Food Forest, May 7th. What an experience for all of the kids to sing about the earth.






Field Trip to Presentations Point Cabrillo 1:15 pm Lighthouse

LC Closed for School-open for music lessons



19201 Del Mar Drive

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All of the lower elementary children have been preparing their animal reports and drawings for our presentation day. We will be presenting on May 17th at 1:15 p.m. Chandra and Shyli will share what they have learned about early man and human anatomy.

Parent Conferences
29 30
NO SCHOOL Memorial Day


Testing Week
Students grades 2-5 took the STAR test during the week of May 2-5. It was something different to do, and although sometimes long, seemed to be enjoyed by all participants!

Upcoming Events... Point Cabrillo Lighthouse Field Trip- please send your child with warm layers. We will eat our lunch at the
lighthouse and parent pick-up will be in the lighthouse parking lot at 1:45pm.

Friends of Montessori del Mar Board Members:
Sharon Richardson Susana Jung Jana Kidd Anaswara Jannone Patricia Hoskins Danielle Miller Misty Daniels

Stone Soup
Stone soup has been a great success! Thank you for your contributions toward our healthy lunches! Please continue to send vegetables on Tuesdays instead of lunches.

Parent Conferences- Sign-up Sheet by the front door. Solar Living Institute Field Trip will be rescheduled for a
later date.

Stone Soup
Send a vegetable or other soup ingredient (gluten free grains, low sodium organic vegetable broth or Better than Bouillon vegetable soup base) on Tuesdays instead of packing lunch.

Parent Conferences
Please sign up for a time to meet with the teachers and discuss your child’s progress. Conferences will be held May 23-27th. Please let us know if you are not able to meet during the scheduled times. We can make special arrangements. Montessori del Mar Learning Center

No school on Friday, May 20th: Sharon will be attending
a meeting at the Mattole Valley Charter School office

Last day of school is Thursday, June 16.

Your Help is Needed!
Office Person - someone who
can dedicate 2-3 hours a week on a set day to answer the phone and do some filing and organizing.

Fundraising News
The annual drive is continuing. $2916 in donations have been received from our family and friends. Our goal is 100% participation from enrolled families. Please make your donation today! Below is a list of our donors. Thank you notes are being sent out for every donation. Please thank your friends and family who have donated in honor of your child. Dean Mike & Maribelle Anderson Professor Glenn Jung Scholar Bob Rodriguez & Lisa Orselli Master Rich & Susana Jung Gabe & Allison Martin Jason & Anaswara Jannone Koree Mathais Mentor Donald & Misty Daniels Lilia Parrish Judith & Craig Chaves Lorry Lepaule Pahnelopi McKenzie Jae Gil Suh Apprentice Sharon Richardson & Mark Bagguley John & Rachel McCracken Marie Melarky Marcella Ford Deborah Ford Karen Danielle Oscar & Dorfman Miller Jeff & Tonya Radigue Dave & Linda Heppner Dave & Linda Heppner Jana & Nick Kidd Cooky McKinney Eun-Hi Richardson Linda Guthrie

tion that might effect the wellness of others. Children are required to be absent for 24 hours after symptoms have passed. If your child is on antibiotics, these need to be taken for 24 hours before returning to the learning center. Please do not send any medications, vitamins, sunscreen etc. in with your child. If they need to take these during school hours, please give these to a teacher with detailed instructions. Lets all stay well and healthy!

Montessori del Mar

Garden Items:
-Child sized tools, wheel barrows -Hat, gloves and boots for each child. (Please send one set for your child if possible. We will find a way to store them!) -Large, weather-proof cupboard for the back deck for storage of outdoor activities and supplies. -Organic vegetable starts -Apple trees -Berry bushes -Watering cans, small and large -Magnifying glasses

Field Trip Coordinator We are in need of a field trip coordinator for the following fun and exciting plans: Tidepools for observation of marine invertebrates; Marine Mammal Center; Covington Creek Animal Hospital; Mendocino Coast Audubon Society “Get Them While They Are Young” introduction to birds; ancient living skills with Tamara Wilder; tour of the solar living center in Hopland; Pt. Cabrillo Lighthouse; Grace Hudson Museum; and the Mendocino Youth Orchestra.

Playground News
The dome on the playground was dismantled and taken out during Spring Break. The children have decided that they would like to replace it with some type of climbing structure. They will be choosing the new playground equipment and brainstorming how to raise the money for it. The playground will also have a new tetherball soon. Other ideas on playground improvement include a new shaded deck area and moving the fence to the front walkway to widen the play area. The children also envision a hill, a few trees and a path around the perimeter. The Learning Center needs a Project Team Leader for these improvement ideas. If you can help please contact Sharon.

Garden News
Matthew Tarnoff has accepted the position of “Garden Manager.” He will be setting up a schedule for garden care involvement for the next month and through the summer. Please let him know when you will be available to help.

-balls -games -outside activities

Recess Monitor - For either
Wednesday or Thursday, 11:45-1:15

Search for a New Teacher Continues
Sharon is currently reviewing more candidates for the upper and lower elementary teaching position. She is still planning on moving to Sprouts but will keep her current position at Montessori del Mar if the right person is not found.

Message from Sharon (Continued from front) Bicycle Rides
Are there any bike enthusiasts who could volunteer to escort our students around the neighborhood? We enjoy a loop through Pomo Bluffs Park, behind the college, and over the hill across the street from the learning center. It takes about half of an hour with time for getting helmets on and bikes ready. Please contact Sharon with some times that would work for you. We are open to whatever works, and would like to keep it to during the school day, right before, or right after school.

More Fundraising News
Trash-a-thon has raised $1,370 so far. Please turn in your pledges ASAP.

Don’t Forget
Please return the Parent Questionnaires to the collection envelope as soon as you are able. Sign up sheets are posted for summer work parties and storage shed organization.

Health Policy Reminder
Sick children must be kept at home. This includes sore throat, inflammation of the eyes, fever over 100 degrees, lice, ringworm, impetigo, vomiting, diarrhea or other illness or condi-