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MAY 14, 2011 - MAY 20, 2011

Mayor, Council Chair Split on Tax Increases

By Valencia Mohammed Office of the Mayor. “This does not put a strain on
Special to the AFRO relationships.”
The mayor has outlined his proposal online with
Mayor Vincent C. Gray and DC Council answers to many questions frequently asked. The
Chairman Kwame Brown have hit a snag on FY2012 budget is estimated to have a gap of $322
increased taxes as one way to close the budget deficit. million. Gray urged District agencies to identify cost
Gray proposes an increase in income and property savings, reductions and revenue opportunities to
taxes to add $35 million to the revenue stream. help balance the budget. Thirty percent of the current
Brown opposes it without any apparent plans on the budget comes from property taxes. Additionally, 32
table as a substitute. percent comes from income taxes.
Some believe the outcome could strain the “The mayor stands by his proposal but is
friendship of these Ward 7 allies. Others say it’s just confident that when all is said and done, the
politics at its best. executive and the Council will come together to
AFRO File Photos/Rob Roberts “Having been on the Council, the mayor produce a balanced budget that serves the residents of
Brown opposes proposed tax understands that the chairman and other members the District of Columbia well,” said McCoy. Gray proposes an increase in
increases without any apparent may disagree with some of his proposals,” said Doxie Brown is encouraged to challenge whenever income and property taxes to add
plans on the table as a substitute. McCoy, senior communications manager, Executive Continued on A8 $35 million to the revenue stream.

Shiloh Baptist Church Target D.C. Schools to Cut Hundreds of Jobs

of Racist Attacks
By Valencia Mohammed
By AFRO Staff

D.C. school officials say about 660 teachers and other school employees have been
told that their jobs will be eliminated next month because of budget concerns and shifting
Special to the AFRO enrollment within the school system.
The process known as “excessing” allows for a redistribution of jobs. Schools with budget
Racial threats were hurled or other changes often lose jobs, which then go to other schools. But those teachers and
at one of the District’s most staff will still have the opportunity to seek other jobs in the system, according to the DCPS
prestigious Black churches after website.
a visit from President Barack This year, 745 (384 Washington Teachers Union members) were “excessed” and that
Obama on Easter Sunday. number will likely increase in the coming weeks. But, the department said, these numbers are
Shiloh Baptist Church, in comparable to previous years. In 2010, 672 (373 WTU members) employees were excessed
northwest Washington, became and in 2009, 848 (427 WTU members) were excessed.
the target of criticism after a Nathan Saunders, the president of the Washington Teachers’ Union, said that excessing
member of the FOX Nation, a may be a way to remove older teachers or to target certain individuals, such as “teachers who
national organization of White are nontraditional…or who speak out on issues…who are not in agreement with the style of
conservatives, linked statements reform here in D.C…. [or] who are union activists.” If that is the case, he told the AFRO, the
made by the church’s pastor on WTU will take action.
another occasion to Obama’s “To the extent that retaliatory or punitive actions are taken against our members [for
visit. reasons that] are not educationally sound, we’re going to be their worst enemy,” Saunders
“We received over 100 calls, Courtesy photo said.
from across the U.S., that were Pastor Wallace Charles Smith, head minister at Shiloh DCPS officials said a series of transfer fairs will be held by the District to help teachers
extremely nasty, disrespectful Baptist Church in Washington, D.C., and his congregation find new spots, beginning May 11.
and challenging,” said Pastor have come under attack by members of the FOX Nation
Wallace Charles Smith. “Some for hosting President Obama at the church on Easter The Associated Press contributed to this story.
Continued on A8

• Home Depot D.C. Organizations, Leaders Fight Abortion Funding Ban
Erica Butler Fund’s Tiffany Reed said the organization in April, forcing some clients to put their
AFRO Staff Writer raised $14,619 from individuals, donors and procedures on hold. The organization worked with
Councilmember Jim Graham. But, said Kate Vlach, local and national abortion fund programs to make
Local organizations say they are already feeling a board member of the pro-choice organization, the sure 28 women that were scheduled to be seen on
the effects of a move to end government funding financial support the organization receives is not April 13 were able to keep their appointments,
for abortions in the District of Columbia. enough. Vlach said. However, there were other women,
The DC Abortion Fund has seen an outpouring “Ultimately, the massive outpouring of support number unknown, who were scheduled for
Hear the AFRO on The Daily of financial support since H.R. 3, No Taxpayer from the community has put DCAF in a very strong abortions the next day and weekend, who found out
Drum, Wednesday at 7 p.m. Funding for Abortion Act, was introduced. The position to assist even more women,” Vlach said, they were unable to use their Medicaid. Instead,
House passed the GOP-backed legislation May “but a small grassroots fund like ours will never they are waiting to raise more money for their
5 and it now awaits Senate approval, though be able to replace the comprehensive coverage abortions.
President Obama has vowed to veto the measure. provided by the Medicaid program.” “For some of these women, such a delay may
Your History • Your Community • Your News

In a press release dated April 14, Abortion Medicaid coverage for abortions was rescinded Continued on A4

bin Laden’s followers. Those metro stations, synagogues

Transportation Security Woes fears were magnified since
during the attack on the al-
and mosques. And Amtrak
and subway riders faced

Revisited after bin Laden’s Death Qaeda leader’ hideout, Navy

SEALs confiscated papers
that revealed a list of possible
minor screening compared to
those who ride airplanes.
Emergency response in
future attacks against U.S. the District is handled by the
railroads that was compiled in National Capital Response
February 2010, according to Squad (NCRS), which
the State Department. includes members of the FBI,
“We have no information Metro Transit Police, Capitol
of any imminent terrorist Police, the Metropolitan
threat to the U.S. rail sector, Police Department and
but wanted to make our the U.S. Postal Inspection
partners aware of the alleged Service, said James
After plans for attacks on U.S. railways were plotting; it is unclear if any McJunkin, assistant director
discovered among Osama bin Laden’s papers, further planning has been of the FBI’s Washington Field
security was increased at rail systems such as conducted since February of Office.
09 Washington, D.C.’s. last year,” Matt Chandler, the “We’re ready every day
Stock Image
press secretary of Homeland and we respond every day,”
Erica Butler bin Laden’s death, security including Washington, D.C. Security, said in a statement. he said. “Although this was
AFRO Staff Writer has been heightened around Agencies have been Immediately following the a significant event, no single
transportation systems warning the public of takedown of bin Laden, more event is going to change
7 47105 21847 2
In the wake of Osama in major metropolitans, potential vengeful acts from security was present around Continued on A7

Russ Parr’s Cotillion 2011:

‘35 and Trump’s Young Ladies
Ticking’ Popularity Dips Stepping Out
Join the AFRO on
B3 A8 Essay Winners A9 B1
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A2 The Afro-American, May 14, 2011 - May 20, 2011

AFRO National Briefs

monitors the porn industry.
African actresses are wanted
for pornography in Europe,
she said. Koh Bela said
Your History • Your Community • Your News New Jersey Girl, 15, Heads of existence, Oprah Winfrey executives in media, and I that companies have added
The Afro-American Newspapers to Harvard dismissed OWN network look forward to his leadership “special Black” pornography
Baltimore Office • Corporate Headquarters CEO Christina Norman as we build our development as a new niche to adult film
2519 N. Charles Street and replaced her with Peter slate and work toward the categories that already flood
Baltimore, Maryland 21218-4602 Liguori, chief operating launch of ‘Oprah’s Next the Internet.
410-554-8200 • Fax: 1-877-570-9297 officer for Discovery Chapter.’ Over the remainder Money is what attracts the Communications. Liguori of the year, Peter and I will performers, Koh Bela said.
will lead OWN until the end work together to recruit a The cities of Doula, Yaoundé
Founded by John Henry Murphy Sr., August 13, 1892 of the year. permanent CEO for OWN’s and Kribi in Cameroon are
Washington Publisher Emerita - Frances L. Murphy II According to the New next phase of growth.” emerging as African porn
York Times, the decision to In an interview with the production centers, where
Chairman of the Board/Publisher - John J. Oliver, Jr. (Courtesy Photo) remove Norman from the New York Times, Liguori
Executive Assistant - Takiea Hinton - 410-554-8222 Saheela Ibraheem, 15 actors and actresses brag
position came after several said he plans to increase about their jobs, Koh Bela
Receptionist - Wanda Pearson - 410-554-8200 Saheela Ibraheem, meetings with members of the entertainment value said.
Director of Advertising/Sponsorship Development & Sales a 15-year-old senior at the OWN board of directors of programs on OWN One Cameroonian man,
Susan Gould - 410-554-8289 Wardlaw-Hartridge School and Winfrey, who touted while keeping in line with
who has since dropped in Edison, N.J., is outpacing Norman as a passionate, hard Winfrey’s wholesome brand.
out of performing in the
Advertising Manager - Robert Blount - 410-554-8246 other students her age as worker.
industry, told
Sr. Advertising Account Executive - Annie Russ - 410-554-8235 she prepares to attend the “I want to thank Young Africans Turn to
Advertising Account Executive that he was paid $2,100 for
esteemed Harvard University. Christina for her important Porn to Escape Poverty
Marquise Goodwin - 410-554-8274
At Harvard, Ibraheem will accomplishments, incredible two adult films made by
Director of Finance - Jack Leister - 410-554-8242 major in either neurobiology passion and many sacrifices a French producer. Palesa
Archivist - John Gartrell - 410-554-8265 or neuroscience. She in helping to launch the Mbau, a 23-year-old South
Director, Community & Public Relations was also accepted to the network,” said Winfrey in a African woman, has a
Diane W. Hocker - 410-554-8243 California Institute of press statement. “With the website catering to adult
Editorial Technology, Princeton, final taping of ‘The Oprah film enthusiasts from which
Executive Editor - Talibah Chikwendu Stanford, Columbia, Cornell, Winfrey Show’ only a few she sells photos and films of
E-mail: Columbia and a host of other weeks away, I will soon herself for $75 to $100.
Managing Editor - Kristin Gray - 410-554-8277 distinguished schools. be able to devote my full But there are dangers in
Washington Bureau Chief - Zenitha Prince - 202-332-0080, ext. 119 According to a energies to OWN. This is a the industry and HIV/AIDS
E-mail: report, natural point of transition, exposure may be the worst
Global Markets Ibraheem cites her and I am confident that risk, according to journalist
Director - Benjamin M. Phillips IV - 410-554-8220 parents, who are Nigerian Peter, as an integral part of Habibou Bangré. Condoms immigrants, as key factors in the launch of OWN, will (Courtesy Photo)
are rarely used during shoots
Washington Circulation/Distribution Manager Palesa Mbau
her scholastic success. She be a terrific partner for me and HIV testing is not always
Edgar Brookins - 202-332-0080, ext. 116
Baltimore Circulation/Distribution Manager has maintained a grade point going forward. He is one of available.
average between 96 and 97 the smartest, most creative Young Africans are
Sammy Graham - 410-554-8266 According to the Joint
and received a 2,340 SAT entering an emerging
Production Department - 410-554-8288 United Nations Program on
score. pornography market in Africa
HIV/AIDS global report,
According to the Star as a way of coping with low
Washington Office 22.5 million people in
Ledger, Ibraheem is also wages and poverty, according
1917 Benning Road, N.E. • Washington, D.C. 20002-4723 a “three-sport athlete” to human trafficking analysts sub-Saharan countries are
202-332-0080 Fax: 1-877-570-9297 and participates in her and adult film industry currently infected. Human
General Manager school’s softball, soccer and monitors. Foreign demand is trafficking mainly affects
Edgar Brookins - ext. 116 swimming teams. part of the reason for a surge West African communities,
Office Administrator - Mia Hayes-Hawkins - ext. 112
AP Photo in the production of sex films according to the June 2010
Customer Service, Home Delivery and Subscriptions: Oprah Fires African- Former OWN network featuring Africans in the Globalization of Crime
410-554-8234 American Female CEO of CEO Christina Norman, small, but growing African Report, but those in the
Customer New Network Oprah Winfrey and David porn industry, according to pornography industry are still
Billing Inquiries: 410-554-8226 After disappointing Zaslav, CEO of Discovery Amély-James Koh Bela, a at risk of being exploited in
Nights and Weekends: 410-554-8282 ratings in its first four months Communications Cameroonian activist who human trafficking.


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November 1, 2008 - November 7, 2008, The Washington Afro-American A3

Jennifer Hudson and Relatives Identify Body of Her Slain NephewA3 May 14, 2011 - May 20, 2011, The Afro-American

Community Seeks Assistance to

By Alan King
AFRO Staff Writer
sport-utility vehicle sought in
connection with the murder of
from a neighbor about a suspi-
cious vehicle. The man noticed Service Honors Officers in D.C. Areagraph
around on Duty
the city. On
posted fliers bearing his photo-

Curb Gang Violence

Hudson’s mother and brother. the vehicle while walking his Sunday, Jennifer Hudson asked
The white, 1994 Chevrolet dog. According to the Chicago WASHINGTON (AP) — Police for the public’s help in finding
Jennifer Hudson and other
relatives positively identified Suburban with Illinois license Tribune, the boy had been shot officers who have died in the line her nephew. In her MySpace
multiple times in the back seat of duty have been honored along blog, she thanked fans and sup-
By Valencia Mohammed occurred in the same period do not vehicle.
of the grow orThe operate
a with their families at an event in porters for their prayers and
Special to the AFRO last year. vacuum. “Look at
tered to Hudson’s murdered the family Washington. offered a $100,000 reward to
“This is the result of the profile,
towed withofthe Dozens of officers attended the anyone who returned the boy
At first, the May 5 new administration cutting off where
boy’s body insideeducational
they live, and is being memorial service Monday morning alive.
meeting seemed like the same funding to community-based experiences
processed byand close ties.
evidence techni- outside the headquarters of the District Since the investigation,
old gang summit where law organizations that provided the What we are
cians and finding
workers. Theoutbody
is of Columbia police department. D.C. Hudson – who gained stardom
enforcement rattle off the services to monitor and resolve that
was youth take to the
later removed andstreets
taken to Mayor Vincent Gray also spoke. after appearing on “American
numbers of teens prosecuted disputes among these gangs,” when thereCounty
the Cook are family
Medical issues The service honored officers from Idol,” and then won an
for gang-related crimes and said Moten. “This could be a that need to office.
Examiner’s be corrected or D.C., Maryland and Virginia who have Academy Award for her role in
groups beg for funding. But horrific summer with cuts in addressed,”
Hudson and saidother
family died on duty. the movie Dreamgirls – has
a mother of four brought services for our youth.” “If we would
members arrivedinvest in Medical
at the D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier told stayed out of the public eye.
home the problem when she U.S. Attorney Ron building
Examiner’s relationships with
office mid-after- The Chicago Tribune report-
noon to identify thewant Juliancrowd
the King,that it requires
Jennnifer a special nephew.
Hudson’s will
ed that a parade of cars moved
painted a vivid picture of Machen Jr. told the gathering organizations that and determination to pursue a career as
gang activity at her children’s that 65 youth were prosecuted Given
heal thethe choicethen
family between
we can look- slowly past her family’s home
aApolice officer.
spokesman forShe
the said
officeit’s important
the murders but is being held in
ing directly at the body or Monday morning, past the
school and discussed the last year as adults involved raise the child.” to honor and comfort families of
told the newspaper that Hudson jail for parole violation after
viewing it on a wall-mounted news vans, reporters and curi-
lengths she took to save their in gang activities. Some Del McFadden, 38, officers who have been killed.
AP Photo/Tampaous onlookers.
Tribune, Peter Masa
lives. received as much as 150 years
Courtesy Photos youth outreach coordinator
Jennifer day afterand
school, imprisonment.
her mom, “These youth
Darnell Donerson who “She held hands with her family. It was obviously a very emotional moment.”
for the Columbia Heights Members of the Honor Guard watch the proceedings May 4, 2011, during a tribute for
Neighbors stood
quietly and
rushkilled, as well
to transport fourasloads
her brother, Jason.
are just as intelligent as some – Shaw Family Support fallen police officers in Tampa, Fla. Tampa police honored the 31 officers reflected who have onlost
of students from Coolidge of the CEO’s for Fortune 500 Collaborative,
video screen, the agreed
family with
chose their lives
“remained in the
strong forline
her of duty during
fami- the department’s
being convicted of attemptedhistory.
the bodyHigh School
of her to their
7-year-old companies.
plate X584859 Butwas
madeon Patterson
the latter. According to ifthe
and said that city ly” and was clearly its leader. murder and vehicular hijack- In front of the Hudson’s
homes to keep them from
nephew Monday, just hours the wrong decisions.
Chicago’s West Side afterWe need officials are serious
Tribune, Hudson said, “Yes, about which includes
“She held handsthe
withfamily, behavior,”
her fami- ing. McFadden
Cook County said.
records these roundtable
show home, men in heavy hearings
being jumped by a gang
after his body was found in a that to give
police our youth
received a 7the support
a.m. call stopping
that’s him.”youth violence, it employment opportunities,
ly,” the spokesman said. “It thatDel. Eleanorguilty
he pleaded Holmes
to both about
and youthsweatshirts
hooded and the plight
came to
positions itself in front of the systems early on to stay out must invest in preventive was obviously
mental a very emotional
health issues, and the charges in 1999. Hewho
Norton (D-D.C.), was also of Black
kiss males
the twin in D.C.
white I bar-

ACORN Fights Back

measures. “Prevention is just moment.”
reasons why our youth drop convicted
convened in the1998 for posses-
summit, said heard
ing theyour
namesheart wrenchingand
of Donerson
as important as intervention. The boy – the son of Julia
out of school which leads to
sion of a stolen motor vehicle.
she will find funds to help. testimonies. Now it’s time for
Hudson, Jennifer’s sister – had He was released from prison in
Let’s look at the total picture forming gangs and violent “Nothing has moved me like me“Everybody
to act.” is sick of going
been missing since Friday, 2006 after serving seven years
Leader Calls Voter Registration Fraud Charges ‘Bogus’
through stuff like this,” Artisha
when a relative found Julian’s for the attempted murder and West, a former resident of the
grandmother, Darnell car hijacking charges. area told the Tribune. “We all
By Alan King and Dallas Cowboys players No wonder Obama’s campaign is Donerson, 57, and his uncle, The boy remained missing have to stick together. All these
AFRO Staff Writer Tony Romo and Terrell Owens, trying to distance him from the Jason Hudson, 29, shot to death through a long weekend in young children are dying, and
among the names submitted to group, saying, “Barack Obama in his grandmother’s home in which police and volunteers for what?”
Presidential candidate John election officials. Never Organized with ACORN.” the 7000 block of South Yale
McCain’s attack on ACORN – Hurd said those workers, who But Obama’s ties to ACORN run Avenue.
Associated Community were doing those things without long and deep. He taught classes An Amber Alert – a desig-
Organization for Reform Now – ACORN’s knowledge or permis- for ACORN. They even endorsed nation for high-risk missing
confirms the success of the
organization, the head of the
sion, were fired.
“The evidence that has sur-
Succeeding in business
him for President.
But now ACORN is in trouble.
children – was issued Friday
after Julian was discovered
group says. faced so far shows they faked
“This is testimony to the work forms to get paid for work they
is all about who you know.
Reporter: There are at least
11 investigations across the
missing after the murders.
Police arrested William
Starting with your bank.
we’ve done and success we’ve do, notby to
Valencia Mohammed
stuff ballot country involving thousands of Balfour, the missing boy’s step-
Peaceoholics founder
had,” Maude Hurd, president of Ron Moten, left, listens as Darice
boxes.” ACORN, she said, is the potentially fraudulent ACORN father and estranged husband
ACORN, said a mother of four, talksvictim
in an interview aboutofthe alleged
fraud, not the gang
perpetra- forms. of Julia, at his girlfriend’s
with thethat
AFRO.occur daily at Coolidge tor ofSHS.
it. Announcer: Massive voter Southside apartment several
“When this attack started, we Hurd said the only things fraud. And the Obama campaign hours after the murders.
had justand bus stops,”
announced that wesaidhad of trouble,”
bogus are thesaid Machen.
charges them- paid more than $800,000 to an Balfour’s mother, Michele, has
Darice Stevens, 34, mother
registered 1.3 million new vot- of selves. And factcheck.42,
Brian McEwen, org ACORN front for get out the vote told reporters that her son had
four. “Their
ers,” she
just to say founder
agrees. of Crossing the efforts. nothing to do with the slayings.
thatmy responsibility
someone’s runningalone.”
scared Lines, a community-based
It concluded, “Neither Pressuring banks to issue risky Balfour remains a suspect in Jason Hudson
because ofofficials
ACORN’sindicatesuccess.” organization
ACORN nor its that targets have
employees loans. Nationwide voter fraud.
there are 90who
McCain, active crews in
is running for youth involved
been found guiltyinof,violence
or even Barack Obama. Bad judgment.
the city. Stevens
president describedtick-
on the Republican a and theirwith,
charged parents,
casting agreed with
fraudulent Blind ambition. Too risky for
et, lashed many studentsinface
out at ACORN the Moten.
votes.” “This summer will America.
at schools
final debateacross
againstthe District.
Barack The problem
be chaotic becausecamethousands
about pri-
Obama, contending the
“Police officers are stationed group “is marily because of
of young people will have the way Since McCain’s comments, SQUARE HIGH
on school
the verge of maybe ACORN operates. Rather than
perpetrat- nothing ACORN’s 87 offices have been
on property while to do but hang on the
ing one of the greatest frauds in rely on volunteers, it pays peo- bombarded with threats and
the gang members in school corner. Many have become
voter history in this country, ple, many of them poor or unem- racist mail.
uniforms prey onthe
maybe destroying innocent
fabric of aggravated
ployed, to sign withupnewnew rich,
voters. The day after the presidential
people and
democracy.” instigate fights White residents moving
The idea was to help both those debate, vandals broke into the,
other neighborhood
a non-partisan into beingthe neighborhoods
registered and thoseand doing organization’s Boston and Seattle
crews in surrounding
Web site, found those claims toareas,” thousands
the registration. going to the
of jobs offices and stole computers.
said Stevens.
be “exaggerated,” with “no evi- Latinos,” McEwen “We
Maud explained, said.have
“The a After a Cleveland representative BREAD NOT ON THE LIST
dence any such41, cofounder youth
democracy- are angry,
zero tolerance frustrated,
policy for deliber- appeared on TV, an e-mail was
of Peaceoholics
destroying fraud.”and getting high and
ate falsification of breaking
registration.” sent to the local office saying she
moderator for thethesummit,
Hurd believes McCain intoMost
businesses. Give neglect
news account them to “is going to have her life ended.”
said there
charges haspolitically
were been a motivat- apoint chance for employment
out that ACORN is A worker in Providence, R.I.,
ed. increase in gang opportunities
required by lawortototurn create
in alltheir
reg- received a threatening call say- LEFT RIGHT
violence since
She said, last year.
“Because it’s Since
low- own businesses.”
istration forms. And they also fail ing, “We know you get off work
and moderate-income
January, there have been people,70 to note that it was
Longtime the organiza-
parental at 9” and uttered racial epithets.
and people of color, I
conflicts between rival gangs believe the involvement advocate that
tion, in many instances, Jenisefirst A caller to one office left a
McCain campaign thinks those brought the phony registrations message on the answering
which is a drastic increase Patterson, 59, director of
voters are going to vote to the attention of authorities. machine, saying: “Hi, I was just
from the 41 incidents that Parent
McCainInc.,camp said gangs
apparently calling to let you know that
Democratic, which is not neces-
sarily true.” isn’t interested in those fine Barack Obama needs to get
ACORN is no stranger to points, preferring to air mislead- hung. He’s a (expletive deleted)
controversy. ing ads that seek to link Obama nigger, and he’s a piece of
For 38 years, the non-partisan to ACORN, thereby undercutting (expletive deleted). You guys are
organization has fought for social his political support. fraudulent, and you need to go to
and economic justice for low- McCain: I’m John McCain hell. All the niggers on oak trees.
and moderate-income and I approve this message. They’re gonna get all hung hon-
Americans. With 400,000 mem- Announcer: Who is Barack eys, they’re going to get assassi-
ber families organized into more Obama? A man with “a political nated, they’re gonna get killed.”
than 1,200 neighborhood chap- baptism performed at warp Another message said, “You
ters in 110 cities nationwide, speed.” Vast ambition. After col- liberal idiots. Dumb (expletive
ACORN has over the years seen lege, he moved to Chicago. deleted). Welfare bums. You
its share of criticism while advo- Became a community organizer. guys just (expletive deleted)
cating for affordable housing, There, Obama met Madeleine come to our country, consume
living wages, healthcare for the Talbot, part of the Chicago every natural resource there is, Ranked “Highest in Customer Satisfaction
underserved— and while organ- branch of ACORN. He was so and make a lot of babies. That’s with Small Business Banking”
izing voter registration drives. impressive that he was asked to all you guys do. And then suck
But none has been as withering train the ACORN staff. up the welfare and expect every-
and baseless as this one. What did ACORN in Chicago one else to pay for your hospital
With the presidential election engage in? Bullying banks. bills for your kids. I jus’ say let
less than two weeks away, Intimidation tactics. Disruption your kids die. That’s the best Before age five, every room is a classroom.
ACORN’s detractors allege the of business. ACORN forced Business
move. Just Classdie.
let your children Banking. At SunTrust, ourFun Business Class Banking are everywhere. Simple things like
learning opportunities
organization has engaged in mas- banks to issue risky home loans. Forget about paying for hospital
team delivers ideas and solutions to help businesses counting andovercome
identifying daily shapes activate a child’s learning ability,
sive voter registration fraud after The same types of loans that bills for them. I’m not gonna do and help them enter school more prepared. That’s why PNC
the reported discovery of bogus caused the financial crisis we’re challenges.
it. You guys are lowlifes. Solutions
And I like Online Cash Manager and SBA lending are just
founded Grow Up Great and its Spanish-language equivalent Crezca
names, such as Mickey Mouse in today. hope you all die.”
two of the ways we help our clients manage con andÉxito,
growa their business.
10-year, $
100 million program to help prepare young
Hurd thinks the hate calls will
Get to know how our solutions can help children
drive yourforbusiness’
school andsuccess.
life. Pick up a free bilingual Sesame Street™
cease soon.
“Happy, Healthy, Ready for School” kit at a PNC branch. It’s filled
“In two
Stop weeks,
by aI thinkbranch, these visit online at
attacks will be over. But I think it with all kinds of simple, everyday things you can do to help a child
or call 866.442.1370.
will be harder for us to get our learn. Together, we can work with our communities so an entire
name back on good graces generation won’t just grow up... but grow up great.
Identification Statements SBA Lending Cash Management Deposit Solutions
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A4 The Afro-American, May 14, 2011 - May 20, 2011

Study Discloses 62 Percent Drop in Home Mortgages to

Blacks and Latinos
By Kenneth J. Cooper emerged, with White and Asian borrowers having better
Special to the AFRO access to lower-cost mortgages than African Americans
and Hispanics, who on average pay more to own or
(America’s Wire) — Since the housing market collapsed, refinance a home – if they can obtain a mortgage.
mortgage lending to African Americans and Hispanics has “The higher cost for mortgage credit translates into less
plunged precipitously – by more than 60 percent, according to a money for basic necessities,” Jourdain-Earl writes. “The
new study of loan information that banks submit to the federal higher cost for mortgage credit also translates into African
government. Americans and Latinos having lower homeownership rates
Together, African Americans and Hispanics were able to and lower opportunities to build wealth, lower educational
borrow 62 percent less to buy or refinance homes in 2009 than achievement and higher unemployment.”
in 2004, before the market crashed, the computerized analysis Reasons for the lending disparities are not directly
finds. With lenders imposing tighter credit standards, mortgage reflected in the national data, which do not include credit
Stock Image
dollars going to non-Hispanic White borrowers also declined, scores of borrowers or ratios of loan amounts to values
though by considerably less—17 percent. Asians fared best, of homes. Nor does the Federal Reserve Bank collect University illustrates, for example, the wealth gap between
obtaining nearly an equal amount in mortgages. information on foreclosures by race and ethnicity. African-Americans and whites is only growing larger, having
The study, released last month, was conducted by Jourdain-Earl blames a cycle of higher cost loans being quadrupled over the course of the last 23 years.”
Maurice Jourdain-Earl, founder and managing director of made to minorities for leading to higher levels of defaults and The lending field was more level for mortgage loans backed
ComplianceTech in Arlington, Va., which advises financial foreclosures, ultimately causing “greater disparities in access by the Federal Housing Administration, which spokesman Brian
institutions on fair lending practices. The study also found to credit.” He raises the possibility of an unknown degree of Sullivan says has seen its share of the mortgage market jump
wide racial-ethnic disparities in how often financial institutions discrimination, noting an “erroneous notion” that minorities from 3 percent to 30 percent since 2006. Compared with those
approved mortgage applications and made mortgage loans caused the housing market’s collapse, despite the relatively low for Whites, loan approval rates were 19 percent lower for African
during the six-year period. amount in mortgages they received, compared with those for Americans, 13 percent for Hispanics and 9 percent for Asians.
Whites were about twice as likely as African Americans White borrowers. On the other hand, the report found that the rapid growth has
and Hispanics to be approved for prime mortgages with the The Mortgage Bankers Association declined to comment changed the racial composition of FHA-backed borrowers, with
lowest interest rates, while members of the two largest minority on the report because, spokeswoman Melissa Key says in an the higher percentages going to Whites and Asians, and lower
groups were two to four times more likely to receive subprime e-mail, “The author does not control for any of the factors that percentages to African Americans and Hispanics. Jourdain-Earl
loans, which have higher rates. By contrast, the disparities were could lead to rate or approval differences across borrowers.” questions whether FHA was acting in accord with its affordable
much narrower for loans insured by the government’s Federal Barry Zigas, director of housing policy for the Consumer housing goals.
Housing Administration, which has attracted a growing number Federation of American, agrees with Jourdain-Earl that a dual Sullivan says the shifting racial balance of FHA borrowers
of borrowers during the credit crunch. market exists. Zigas says it is unclear whether the causes merely reflected that Whites predominate in the mortgage
The study concluded that a “dual mortgage market” has have to do with lower credit scores of African Americans and market and have turned to the agency in increasing numbers.
“That’s not because of any
application of unfair lending
“The higher cost for mortgage credit also translates into practices, he says. “It was
African Americans and Latinos having lower homeownership a consequence of what was
happening in the marketplace.”
rates and lower opportunities to build wealth, lower educational Sullivan notes, though,
that the U.S. Department
achievement and higher unemployment.” of Housing and Urban
Development is investigating
Latinos, private investors being reluctant to buy mortgages 22 lenders to determine whether their imposition of
made in minority communities or the disproportionate higher credit standards than FHA’s minimums has had a
subprime loans representing an “unsustainable volume” of discriminatory impact on African-Americans and Hispanics.
borrowing. “Since the meltdown, there is no question that Chris Herbert, research director of the Joint Center for
credit has constricted across the board,” Zigas says. “It’s even Housing Studies at Harvard University, says the report has
more difficult for minorities and low-income people.” limitations in explaining why minorities fare less well in the
The report, entitled “The Foreclosure Crisis and Racial housing market, a trend he acknowledges. For instance, he says
Disparities in Access to Mortgage Credit 2004-2009,” focusing only on first mortgages and comparing borrowers
illustrates disparities by race and ethnicity. The study uses in the same income levels would provide a sharper picture of
data banks submitted to the Federal Reserve under the Home home-buying trends in particular, since African Americans and
Mortgage Disclosure Act and analyzes racial-ethnic patterns in Hispanics, on average, earn less than Whites.
prime, subprime and FHA loans, which together constitute the Academics at Harvard’s housing center and elsewhere
vast majority of the market. are examining whether current credit standards are unduly
Mortgages made to Hispanics have decreased the most, by restrictive and not justified by the economic situation. In
63 percent, to $78 million in 2009 from $214 million in 2004. response to criticism from Herbert and the Mortgage Bankers
Lending to African Americans has dropped to $49 million from Association, Jourdain-Earl says his focus was the flow of credit
$122 million, or 60 percent. to different racial-ethnic groups, not the reasons behind the
Whites have been affected much less and Asians barely. disparities. “I wasn’t trying to ascertain the why but to shine
New mortgages to White borrowers declined to $1.1 billion a bright light on the outcome and the effects on wealth and
from $1.3 billion, or 17 percent. Lending to Asians stayed homeownership rates,” he says.
almost the same at about $128 million, with the difference In the study, Jourdain-Earl urges the FHA to study “the
being equivalent to one modest mortgage. potential of adverse effects” from its credit standards and
“Analyzing the issue of access to mortgage credit by race proposed that federal laws should require lenders to report
is significant because of the central role homeownership on foreclosures, defaults, short sales and loan modifications,
plays in building personal wealth,” Rep. Maxine Waters including the race and other demographics of those borrowers.
(Calif.), ranking Democrat on the House subcommittee on He also calls for implementing financial reform legislation
capital markets and government sponsored enterprises, says enacted last year “in a way that promotes sustainable diverse
of the report in an e-mail. “As a 2010 study from Brandeis lending.”

Abortion Funding
The organization does GOP-backed No Taxpayer prohibits the District from
Continued from A1
not have a physical location Funding for Abortion Act, using locally-raised taxpayer
have pushed their procedures to interact with clients, such as Deirde McQuade, dollars for any abortion
into an even higher price conferring with them by assistant director of policy services. Zherka said that
range, making abortion care phone, only. Last year, 1,766 and communications at should be the decision of D.C.
out of reach for them,” Vlach girls and women called the Secretariat of Pro-Life residents.
said. “We worked to help DCAF’s hotline – a number Activities of the United “For [D.C. Vote] it’s not a
all of the clients who called that has doubled since the States Conference of Catholic question about abortion, we’re
us that week, but it’s very previous fiscal year, Vlach Bishops (USCCB), said the focused on who decides how
possible that some women said. Of those who called in vast majority of Americans D.C. money is spent,” he said.
may have given up in the face 2010, 426 received grants to want to reduce abortions and “For us, the question is about
of so many barriers.” help pay for abortions. Many the legislation will protect local control.”
of those recipients are D.C. taxpayers, who unequivocally The organization held
residents between the ages of finance those under Medicaid. a protest May 4 in Upper
WOW! You can 18 and 30, who have at least “The vast majority of Senate Park in outcry against
earn up to $150 one child. Americans want to reduce the sweeping passage of
donating sperm Currently, there are abortions,” McQuade said. H.R. 3 in the House. Joined
228,019 individuals in “[USCCB is] strongly in by local lawmakers and
the D.C. area who receive favor of this funding ban ... organizations such as the
You’ve gotten medical assistance and of it protects U.S. taxpayers Greater Washington Urban
enough those, 195,623 are Medicaid for subsidizing abortions League and the DC League
practice…why recipients, according to and protects health care of Women Voters, D.C. Vote
not go pro?
Reggie Sanders, spokesman providers.” members were arrested,
for the Department of Human McQuade said that passing including Abigail Levine, the
Services. There is no gender the bill will mean “turning it organization’s program and
breakdown of Medicaid into a law where it doesn’t development manager.
recipients. have to be revisited every “I was moved to get
Vlach said the choice of a year.” arrested at last week’s rally
getting Medicaid instead of Even though the because I saw that D.C.
private insurance should not legislation may alleviate women were being used by a
Is currently seeking healthy decrease a person’s access to the headache of politicians bargaining chip by women,”
college educated males health care coverage. “Just constantly voting on the Hyde she said. “By getting arrested,
18-39 to participate in a because someone gets their Amendment, which must be I wanted to send a message to
6-month Sperm Donation health coverage through renewed every year and has the president and Congress.”
Program. Medicaid instead of a private less restrictions on abortions The bill now faces
Apply at: insurance plan doesn’t mean than H.R. 3, Ilir Zherka, the the Democrat-controlled
she should be denied access to executive director of non- Senate, but, according to a
care or have fewer health care partisan organization D.C. White House statement, the
options,” she said. Vote, said that the bill strips president is moving towards
Or Call (703) 289-1857 But supporters of the the city’s autonomy. The bill vetoing the bill.
May 14, 2011 - May 20, 2011, The Afro-American A5

Community Ever y time

you spend
O ly with your

Star Jones to Host 14th Spirit

in a single
$50 or more*
ns ac tio n !
exclusions apply.
*Restrictions and ils.
See store for deta

of Democracy Awards Find affordable and nutritious choices

Just look for the green tags!
By AFRO Staff

On May 18, the National Coalition on Black Civic

Participation nonprofit will host their 14th annual Spirit of
Democracy Awards, Black & White Gala at the Renaissance FRIDAY THRU MONDAY!
DC Hotel. Author and television personality Star Jones will Mayy 13
Ma 13-16
host the event, which honors individuals and organizations
who have created balance in the democratic process
and supported the Coalition’s mission of making civic
participation a cultural responsibility and practice.
This year’s Spirit of Democracy honorees include, Wade VALUE

Henderson, president and CEO of the Leadership Conference

4 Days Only!
on Civil & Human Rights; Minyon Moore, principal of the
Friday thru Monday

Star Jones
Courtesy Photo
Dewey Square Group and the Rev. Al Sharpton, president of
the National Action Network, among many others.
“We could not have chosen a better group of honorees
Fresh Boneless
Skinless Chicken
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Rancher’s Reserve
to kick-off our 35th anniversary celebration,” Melanie L. Boneless Beef
Campbell, president and CEO of the NCBCP said in a statement.
lb Top Sirloin Steak
Club Price

Founded in 1976, NCBCP has been a strong force for Black civic engagement, leadership
development and voter empowerment, creating viable coalition models and networks to
address the African-American communities’ needs.
For more information on the 14th annual NCBCP Spirit of Democracy Awards Black & EXTREME
599 lb
Club Price
Rancher’s Reserve®
Beef New York
Strip Steak
4 Days Only!
Friday thru Monday
White Gala and to purchase tickets, call 202-659-4929 or e-mail VALUE
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799 2$
S. B E Rancher’s Reserve® Lucerne®
Boneless Beef Large Eggs
lb New York Strip Steak
18-ct. Grade A.
Club Price: $2.00 ea.

High School Senior David Williams Named


Fresh Perdue Oven

D.C.’s 53rd Youth Mayor

Stuffer Roaster
Or Safeway Whole Chicken.
Or Safeway Chicken Drumsticks
or Thighs $1.29 lb.
Extreme Value Pack.

David Williams, a District native and

senior at St. John’s College High School, was
recently elected D.C.’s 53rd youth mayor
after earning top votes from 400 of his peers
99 Club Price
4 Days Only!
Friday thru Monday

White or
Bi-Color Corn
Club Price: 25¢ ea.
at the Mayor’s Youth Leadership Institute.
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At school, Williams is a member of the

National Honor Society, Spanish Honor
Society, the Symphonic Band and is a student
ambassador. He plans to spearhead a project
that will revitalize Junior Civic Associations
in the city.
4 Days Only!
“We are please with the fact that David
99 %
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earned the respect of other youth and will

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Potato Chips
interim director of the Department of (Courtesy Photo) Club Price Club Price Selected varieties. Selected varieties.

Employment Services, said in a statement. D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray and newly
elected Youth Mayor David Williams

Bowie State Nursing Students

Travel to Ghana for Alternative
4 Days Only!
Friday thru Monday

99 99
8 3 33%
Your Choice

Spring Break
Jumbo Raw Gulf Shrimp Whole Red Seedless Lucerne®
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(Bowie, Md.)–
Bowie State University
undergraduate nursing
students, Natasha Simon
and Chinwendu Nwokeafor,
opted for an international
alternative spring break
trip to Ghana, Africa, 2$
1 2$
with university physician 1FREE
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Extra Large
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Wise Wellness Center Dr.
Rita Wutoh this year. This Must Bu

occasion in the university’s

history marks the first
international alternative
Courtesy Photo
spring break initiative for
Dr. Rita Wutoh (second from left) led nursing students students and faculty.
Chinwendu Nowkeafor and Natasha Simon on an In recent years,
alternative spring break trip to Ghana. alternative spring break
has consisted of Bowie
State students traveling to New Orleans to assist in the rebuilding of homes for the victims of
Club Price
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Club Price
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12-oz. cans. Selected varieties.

Hurricane Katrina. This year, an outreach initiative led by Dr. Artie Travis, vice president for
student affairs, aimed to expand opportunities for alternative spring break to include larger
scale student volunteer projects.
The alternative spring break trip to Ghana was launched by Wutoh after working closely
with Dr. Travis on researching international opportunities for students. Wutoh has family and
colleagues in Ghana who were able to assist in facilitating the internships for the trip.
The two undergraduate nursing students, along with Wutoh, traveled to Ghana in
99 49
5 5
BUY 1 GET Langers Cranberry
March 2011 during spring break. The mission of the trip was to develop a relationship with
businesses, educational institutions and local hospitals, and to increase the presence of
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Bowie State University students in the international Ghanaian marketplace. Along with the Club Price SAVE up to $2.00 Club Price Selected varieties. SAVE up to $1.50 Club Price S
SAVE up to $3.99 on 2

educational aspect of the trip, students also enjoyed a traditional Ghanaian experience and the
opportunity to observe and participate in African culture.
Under the direction of Wutoh, both students were able to visit local hospitals and serve as
interns to observe and assist with medical procedures.
“During this trip I had the opportunity to work at Central Regional Hospital Cape Coast
as well as a midwifery clinic,” said Simon in a press release. “Being that I am majoring in
nursing, it was important for me to see healthcare related institutions because I was very
interested to see how the hospital and clinic was being run, how they performed certain Look for BUY 4 SAVE $4 tags on participating items.

procedures, and the supplies they had available to perform the procedures. Luckily, our Participating items: General Mills Cinnamon Toast Crunch 12.8-oz., Honey Nut Cheerios 12.25-oz., Kellogg’s Special K Red Berries 12-oz., Raisin Bran 20-oz., Kashi Go Lean Crunch 15-oz.,

university physician Dr. Rita Wutoh was able to set up the mini internship opportunity for us.”
Frosted Mini-Wheats 18-oz., Post Grape Nuts 24-oz. Cereal & Kellogg’s Pop Tarts 8-ct. Selected varieties. Valid with Club Card purchases from 5/11/2011 - 5/17/2011.

Both students agreed that their trip was valuable and has had an impact on their Low
understanding and awareness of global health issues. Currently, international internships is an
Always great erry
d y
it ev

EVERYDAY Club Card That’s our promise... u t

49 2
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important topic for Bowie State University, and one of the biggest supporters of the initiative LOW PRICES Specials that’s Ingredients for life.

is Dr. Wutoh. 1 59 e

Dr. Wutoh is currently working with educational institutions in Ghana to create a working

Prices on this page are effective

partnership with Bowie State University, which will present opportunities to students for
international internships in their chosen career field.
MAY 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
Wednesday, May 11 thru Tuesday, May 17, 2011.
ALL LIMITS ARE PER HOUSEHOLD, PER DAY. Selection varies by store.

communications, was a contributing writer.

A6 The Afro-American, May 14, 2011 - May 20, 2011

more information: www. Audience members will learn information: 202-633-4844. dance movements inspired
by the cultures of the Gullah, May 13
May 12 Geechee, Brazil and Sierra Step it Up 2011
Dance Workshop Leone. The workshop will Dance Place, 3225
May 12-15 N.W. D.C. Various times. the heroic stories of the
The Smithsonian be led by Carol Foster, the Eighth St., N.E. D.C. 8 p.m.
GI Film Festival View films from various American Armed Forces
Anacostia Community executive artistic director Witness this step dance
Carnegie Institution of international and domestic and the worldwide struggle
Museum, 1901 Fort Place, and founder of the DC competition showcasing the
Washington, 1530 P St., filmmakers that honor for American liberty. For
S.E. D.C. 10:30 a.m. Youth Ensemble. For more best talent in D.C. $5-$12.
For more information: www.

Blue & White Mayhem: HU

Graduation Celebration
With Rick Ross
Ibiza Nightclub, 1222
First St., N.E. D.C. 9
P.m. Join in the official
celebration of Howard
University’s class of 2011.
Rapper Rick Ross will join
the event, also celebrating
the upcoming release of
Maybach Music Group’s
new album Self Made. $15-
$150. For more information:

Teen Talent Show

East County Community
Center, 3310 Gateshead
Manor Way, Silver Spring,
Md. 3-5 p.m. Local teens
are invited to an audition
for a teen talent show,
sponsored by The Teen
Escape Club. The winner of
the competition will receive
an opportunity to perform on
Nu Globe Entertainment’s
Fresh TV station on Channel
21 in Montgomery County.
For more information and to
sign up for the audition: 240-

May 14
Family Secrets: What’s In
Your Pocket?
The Smithsonian
Anacostia Community
Museum, 1901 Fort Place,
S.E. D.C. 10:30 a.m.-12:30
p.m. Family historian Maria
Goodwin will help you
explore those special bits
and pieces you carry around
every day to discover your
personal history. For more
information: 202-633-4820.

Calvary Baptist Church

Community Cookout
Calvary Baptist Church,
8330 Crain Highway, Upper
Marlboro, Md. 1-4 p.m.
Calvary Baptist will host a
free community cookout for
you to enjoy food, games,
friends and fun. For more
information: calvarybaptist.

We Rock the District: A

Collaboration of Hip Hop &
Urban Runway
Annabelle Ferguson
Auditorium, 5200 Silver
Hill Road, Suitland, Md.
5:30 p.m. Local group
JaiShaun Urban Runway
Models will present this
collaboration of hip hop and
urban fashion runway. The
event is dedicated to the
awareness and prevention of
teen suicide. $20-$35. For
more information: www.

May 15
Africa on My Mind
Educational Series: A
Geography & Culture
The Capoeira Studio, 733
Euclid St., N.W. D.C. 4-8
p.m. Author and researcher
Runoko Rashidi will present
this series focusing on the
African presence globally and
the African foundations of
world civilizations. $5-$10.
For more information: 202-

May 18
U Street Live: The Cross
Rhodes Reunion
U Street Music Hall,
1115A U St., N.W.D.C.
8 p.m. Artists Raheem
DeVaughn, W. Ellington
Felton and Incwell will
reunite to form their former
group Cross Roads. $20-
$25. For more information:

GCNE124594.indd 1 5/6/11 5:56 PM

May 14, 2011 - May 20, 2011, The Afro-American A7

Hundreds Gather at Howard University Hospital

to Applaud Drop in D.C. Infant Mortality
Special to the AFRO baby’s heartbeat. And I’m keeping a pregnancy journal “Although we have assisted
about how I feel. I’m trying to have a many District women with
WASHINGTON – healthy baby.” our annual baby shower event,
Natasha Smith is exactly As part of that process, and have made strong strides
the kind of woman the Smith’s grandmother has towards reducing our city’s
District of Columbia agreed to no longer smoke in infant mortality rate, there is
Department of Health’s the house. still much more work that
Healthy Start Program Because of its work needs to be done to ensure
was designed for when with women like Smith, the that every District mother
it was established 20 Healthy Start Program has is afforded the tools and
years ago. Smith is 19, seen a more opportunity to give birth
A participant of the
single, living with her April Tucker, mother of Grammy- than 50 percent Natasha Smith, to a baby who is safe and
19, is single and Healthy Start baby
grandmother in the nominated artist Trey Songz, drop in the healthy.”
pregnant with her shower event.
Trinidad neighborhood greets expectant mothers at the city’s infant DOH officials and
of Washington and six huge baby shower at Howard mortality first child. more than
months pregnant with her University hospital after talking to rate since its 200 women celebrated the program and
first child. the women about what it takes to inception. When it began its success during the eight annual baby
Her initial reaction to have a healthy baby. in 1991, the rate stood at shower for at-risk expectant mothers at
her pregnancy was typical 22 deaths per every 1,000 Howard University Hospital last week
for an unwed teen. “I was scared and nervous,” said Smith, children. That figure is less with information sessions and lunch.
who lost her mother to breast cancer in April. “I didn’t know than 11 now. The participants heard from April
what to do. I haven’t even finished high school.” “It’s success stories like Tucker, mother of Grammy-nominated
To help her deliver a healthy baby, the program, Natasha’s that reminds me R&B artist Trey Songz, on how she raised
established when the city’s infant mortality rate was a national of just how important the him as an unwed teen. Also among the
embarrassment, began providing counseling and medical help. work we do for young speakers were Dr. Kerry Lewis, chair
“I’ve learned a lot, especially about second-hand smoke,” mother’s in the District of the Howard University Hospital
said Smith, who turns 20 May 12. “I am taking my vitamins. is,” said DOH Senior Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology,
I got into WIC (Women, Infants and Children). Deputy Director Dr. and Sheila Stewart of Radio One, who
“A nurse comes to the house every month to check the LaQuandra Nesbitt. Photos by Robert Roberts/ AFRO emceed.

Transportation Woes “Agencies have been warning the public of

Continued from A1
in a monthly online chat potential vengeful acts from bin Laden’s who decide to travel abroad to limit their travel outside of
the protocols we have put with The Washington Post or who reside abroad their homes…,” the Bureau
into place that have proven that no “specific threats” followers.” to be conscious of their of Consular Affairs said in a
effective in responding against the District were surroundings as the capture of statement. “U.S. government
to emergency situations.” received. Still, because the heightened state of alert,” used by the Metropolitan bin Laden and other members facilities worldwide remain
McJunkin added that the FBI city is significant worldwide, Lanier said in an e-mail. Police Department. However, of his compound may fuel at a heightened state of
has reached out to those in the extra security is always Lanier would not go many of those tactics are anti-American hostility. alert. These facilities
intelligence community and needed, Chief Lanier said. into detail about how much very visible to the public and “Given the uncertainty may temporarily close or
law enforcement to make sure “Because we operate security was added and said designed to be so.” and volatility of the current periodically suspend public
plans are synchronized and up in undoubtedly the most the following: “Clearly, it A travel alert was issued situation, U.S. citizens in services to assess their
to date. important city in the world, would not be prudent to by the State Department, areas where recent events security posture.”
Mayor Vincent Gray and the Metropolitan Police talk about deployments and effective until Aug. 1, 2011, could cause anti-American No official terror alert has
Police Chief Cathy reiterated Department maintains a increased security tactics which warns U.S. citizens violence are strongly urged been issued.
031679A / MD CT Region 5/12/11 Afro-American_DC MDBAA early due: 5/5/11 11.50“ x 10.50 “ B&W 85LPI C: Randy D: Peter P: Darlene

d a y ,
thurs .
n s a .m
ope at 9:00 center
y 19 ndship
ma frie re a t
fash re.
e g h
n ding t to be t
a o f a
ll is
s ,

thri you’ll w
fi an
a $2, e.*
e n g w spre
ur id savi e to
hanc hopping
If yo t huge a c nced
a r for k’ s nnou
Ente h the Rac ner will be a ky person
c e Throu r a wing
. Win
e n
e luc
s. On ur store
‘Ra o e n te r d
st o r e o p
ou g h o
a dis
n e.
e ear
ly t the n thr merc
Arriv . , b efore nds to ru o r t h of
.m o w
at 8:
45 a 0 sec o $2,000 mers
il l h ave 9 t u p t 0 0 custo ble
w c , 0
sele e firs
t1 reusa r.
g, th Rack e
n in t ro m stom
f o u r op e
y N ords e p er cu
o ta r .O n
tion limen hase
lebra omp purc
In ce e a c it h
eceiv gift w
will r tote
as a

*No purchase necessary. Purchasing will not improve your chances of winning. Winner must be present at time of drawing. One shopping spree entry per person. Open to legal U.S. residents, age 18 or older. See store for official rules.

Friendship Center, 5333 Wisconsin Avenue, Washington, D.C. | 202.697.4100 | |

031679A.NSO Rack Friendship Center DC.indd 1 5/4/11 9:45 AM

A8 The Afro-American, May 14, 2011 - May 20, 2011

Donald Trump Obliviously Continues to Irritate

“The” Blacks and Others
By AFRO Staff drive the pace car in the Indy 500, presumably thanks to the Black community and have a relationship with Trump and
pressure from the businessman’s critics including the more not call him out for his actions.”
The first week of May was a rough one for “The Donald.” than 18,000 Facebook users who joined the group “We Don’t In a lengthy opinion article for CNN’s website, news
Faced with plummeting poll numbers, an advocacy Want Donald Trump to Drive the Indy 500 Pace Car.” He has correspondent Roland Martin apologized to viewers for the
group’s campaign to persuade the Black cast of his reality been replaced by four-time Indy winner A.J. Foyt, several media’s “pathetic and morbidly obese” coverage of Trump.
show to censure him and CNN commentator Roland Martin’s news outlets have reported. “We have afforded him the kind of respect normally
assertions that he is a liar that “loves the sound of his own On May 5, Black political advocacy group ColorOfChange reserved for people who have truly made a major difference
voice,” real estate tycoon launched a Twitter-based in this world,” Martin wrote. “Instead, the builder of gaudy
Donald Trump, who once movement to convince lawyer buildings replete with the kind of extravagance that would
boasted of a great relationship and television personality make a Saudi oil titan blush, has demanded he be referred to as
with “the Blacks,” has seen Star Jones and rapper Lil Jon, Mr. Trump.”
his presidential ambitions two Black cast members on “What has been revealed is a man so obsessed with the
bruised. “Celebrity Apprentice,” to sound of his own voice that even when he is caught in a lie, he
His journey on a bumpy denounce Trump for his “race- pretends it is absolute truth,” Martin said.
public road started May 1, baiting” attacks against Obama. A national Quinnipiac University poll released May 4
when the final moments of the Trump generated found that 58 percent of those surveyed “would never vote”
last episode of his “Celebrity widespread media attention for Trump, while a Marist College survey reported that 75
Apprentice” reality show were recently for aligning with percent of New Yorkers polled don’t want him to run for
abruptly clipped, as President the “birther movement,” president. Those results crossed party lines, with 82 percent
Obama announced that Osama questioning if Obama was born of Democrats and 66 percent of Republicans hoping that Mr.
bin Laden had been killed. in the U.S. He also has raised Trump won’t pursue the nation’s top office.
Many East Coast viewers AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File questions about the president’s That came a day after the May 3 premier of a documentary
didn’t learn who had been qualifications to attend Harvard film titled, “You’ve Been Trumped” at Toronto’s Hot Docs
eliminated from the show In this Feb. 10, 2011 file photo, Donald Trump addresses University. filmfest. The movie details the impact of Trump’s $2 billion
until the following morning. the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) ColorOfChange Executive golf course development in Scotland which environmentalists
Then, the Indianapolis in Washington. Recent polls have shown him slipping Director Rashad Robinson told claim has adversely affected the area’s ecosystem, Politico
Motor Speedway announced from the top tier of potential Republican challengers to Reuters that Trump’s co-stars reported. One resident claims in the film “I haven’t had water
that Trump would no longer President Barack Obama next year. “can’t have a relationship with for a week.”

Mayor, Council Chair does not wish at this time to relied on stimulus funds to mayor has veto power,” added irresponsible to add any
Sibert explained,
Continued from A1 “Chairman Brown is discuss publicly the details of help fill the gap that are not Plotkin. tax increases at this time,”
necessary. “Spirited debate is opposed to increasing his proposals to counter the available this year. There is But some are not buying said Paul Craney, executive
the nature of the democratic the tax rate for families with tax rate increase,” said Sibert. an increase in reimbursement either proposal, saying director of the DC Republican
process. Chairman Brown incomes of $200,000. His Political analyst Mark to providers for Medicaid government waste needs to Committee.
has the highest respect for view is that this will impact Plotkin, of WTOP, said their services and the capital end. Craney said the
Mayor Gray and there are many families and small differences are insignificant. budget is underfunded. “D.C. has an annual government employs over
many aspects of this budget business owners negatively,” “This is not unusual and does “I believe Gray is doing budget of $10 billion for 20,000 people. “There are
where they have mutual Sibert continued. “It is not affect friendship. These the right thing. Brown, on the approximately 600,000 other jurisdictions, like
agreement,” said Karen important to note that the are separate branches of other hand, is pandering to the residents. We are spending Charlotte, N.C., with the
Sibert, Brown’s deputy chief mayor’s budget proposal government that have their public for political support. close to $17,000 per person of same amount of residents
of staff. “However, there will includes more than $90 own responsibilities. This Both claim to have six votes taxpayer money. Our Council with a city government of less
be times when their views million in other tax increases won’t be the only time we on the council to support their and mayor need to do find than 5,000 employees. Our
diverge, such as with the that the chairman is willing to will see the mayor and council budget idea. There might be ways to reduce spending if government should reduce in
proposal to cut services for support in order to close the disagree,” Plotkin said. lots of back and forth before they want to be economically size. That would really close
homeless families; green team deficit.” Last year, the government it’s all over. Don’t forget the responsible. It would be our budget.”
services in Wards 1, 5, 7, and While Gray laid his plans
8; and services for victims
of domestic violence – all of
on the table for everyone to
peruse, Brown would not
Shiloh were so outrageous and vulgar until we time.
had to hang up.” “This remark was only a few minutes of my speech yet it
which Chairman Brown is divulge his proposal—at Continued from A1
Shiloh also received faxes from a escalated because a television personality has decided to take
looking to restore.” least not yet. “The Chairman
group called [Defecating] on Obama it out of context and label my views as racist,” Smith said. “At
that depicted the president as an ape. The faxes labeled the best, the FOX coverage was the worst journalism I’ve ever
Get $4,000* church congregation as the “Obama Ass Sniffing Chimps of seen.”
Thinking About toward your Shiloh Baptist.” Some Shiloh members questioned why the church should be
One fax kept referring to Obama and the congregation as the the target of insults when the minister made the remarks outside
Buying a Home? home purchase
in Baltimore City “N” word and called for their deaths. of the church. Shiloh has a history of welcoming Republican
The matter has been turned over to Secret Service because and Democratic presidents to its services.
Attend the BUYING INTO BALTIMORE Homebuying Fair &
Neighborhoods Tour event for the Western City neighborhoods
the threats were directed at President Obama, and could be “If these individuals did call, they are prime examples
considered a hate crime. of what Pastor Smith said. However, they have no right to
Saturday, May 14, 2011, 8:30am - 2pm at Polytechnic High School
“The calls seemingly came from people who were opposed threaten our church. We have done nothing wrong. We were
to Obama’s policies and presidency, in general,” said Smith. Christians long before there was a FOX-TV and will remain in
“They questioned whether our church was really Christian and perpetuity,” said Sammie Ellis, longtime member at Shiloh.
Attend homebuying workshops
Tour Western City neighborhoods
View homes for sale claimed that I was racist.” Clint Morris, professor of journalism and graduate professor
Meet homebuying experts Pastor Smith gave a speech on Jan. 15, 2010, at Eastern of mass communications at Howard University, said that
University in Pennsylvania. In the sermon he said people with members of FOX Nation have targeted Obama since he became
Register Online Now the mentality of the Ku Klux Klan wear pin-striped suits and the Democratic nominee for president in 2008. might be talk show hosts on FOX-TV. This angered members “When talk show hosts do not make any efforts to dissuade
For only $10 per person* of the FOX Nation when it was brought to their attention by people from making negative racial comments or engage in
FOX host Sean Hannity, well known for his outspoken remarks wrongful acts, they are in fact promoting this behavior,” Morris
$5,000* against Obama. said. “Look at Donald Trump. He spent months going around
“There might not be Jim Crow anymore…[now he] wears the country questioning the birth certificate of President Obama
To turn a vacant home
into your dream home
blue pin stripes, goes to law school and carries fancy briefs. just to plant doubts in people’s minds.”
Now Jim Crow has become James Crow, Esq. He doesn’t Morris said new technology allows people to disguise
have to wear the white robe anymore because he can wear the themselves. “The Internet and electronic communications allow
protective cover of talk radio or get a regular new program on individuals with this kind of hatred to hide themselves and
* To be considered for the $4,000/$5,000 homebuying awards, you must attend this event and have a valid FOX,” said Smith at the university. gives them opportunities to spew their racial bigotry to a wider
homeownership counseling certificate. Home sales contracts signed prior to event date are not eligible for award
funds. Only 50 awards are available to qualifying participants who buy in the designated geographic area. West/
Hannity hosted several heated shows following the church audience,” Morris said.
East boundary is defined by the following streets: From the north city/county line proceed south on Charles visit, which seemingly led to the backlash against the Shiloh According to Hannity’s website, FOX Nation is for those
Street to west on 29th Street to south on Howard Street to west on Camden Street to south on Russell Street.
See website for full eligibility requirements and event details, or call 410.637.3750. minister. opposed to intolerance, excessive government control of our
Online pre-registration by May 10, 2011 is required to guarantee event participation. A per person fee of $10
applies; children under 10 are free. No refunds will be given. Live Baltimore reserves the right to limit on-site
Several calls and e-mails were sent to FOX-TV seeking lives, and attempts to monopolize opinion or suppress freedom
registration and/or increase on-site registration participation fees. their response. However, it did not respond by AFRO press of thought, expression, and worship.

LiveBaltimore-3.55x5 bw_AfroAmerican.indd 1 4/19/11 3:02 PM

“Family and friends are welcome!”


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This project has been funded in whole or in part with Federal funds from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Dis-
eases, National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human Services, under Contract No. HHSN266200600023T.
May 14,14, 2011
2011 - May
- May 20,20, 2011,
2011, TheThe
Afro-American A9

Character Education Essay Winners 2011 Keisha chose a path that worked with her
Meaghan Dingwall
and her talents. She was doing something
Kingsview Middle – Montgomery County
Teacher: Mr. Godfroy
she loved. Keisha was not going to settle
Start Planning
Principal: Elizabeth Thomas
Liaison: Dr. Gregory Bell
for less. She worked hard in school,
achieved good grades and worked hard
in her classes when she was majoring in
My mother ha
life. She is a str
s been a source
of great inspirati
ong-willed, hard on to me throug
Sponsor: BGE marketing. Keisha had a plan and a goal. grated from Tr
inidad to the Un
working, intell
igent woman wh
hout my
American Drea ited States in th o emi-
She achieved her goal because she worked pushed me to
m and build a
successful life
e late 1960s to
pursue the
Professional: Keisha Clarke-English for herself and
hard. So, if working hard is what I have
do m
grades, being ac y best and always stressed th her family. She
tive in sports, an e importance of
to do to achieve my goals, then so be ticipating in vo
lunteer activiti
d giving back to
the community
by par-
Sometimes in life when you read a good it! Keisha really opened my eyes as she In my early teen
s, after watching
book, watch a good game, or are even talked about her job and how she got character was
a hig
work in that ind h- powered advertising exec
a movie in which
the main black
told a story by someone else, it will affect there. Working hard is sometimes scary showcase my pa
ustry. I began to
pursue a path
utive, I knew I
that would enab
ssion for desig
you. It will make you want to become a and long, but when you have a goal, it college, I knew n, ar
I wanted to majo t and marketing. Even before
le me to
r in marketing I
better person—a person that you’re proud makes things that much easier. I would
that my career. – fully intent on started
to be. You can’t become this amazing never know that if it wasn’t for Keisha I began my care
er in the adverti
and began to wo sing industry as
person on your own, though, it takes hard Clarke-English. tising campaign
rk on a variety
of projects, inc
an account supe
luding managing isor
work, intelligence and most of all courage. Do you know what intelligence
s from concept
experience and to production. adver-
drawing from th Building on my
Keisha Clarke-English is a woman that has really means? It doesn’t mean getting advance my ca e business
reer to a broade skills I learned early in life, I
ing role when r corporate com was able to
demonstrated all of this. This amazing person an “A” on a test or being best in your traditional busin
I joined BGE as
a marketing as
munications an
ciate. Once I m
d market-
ess environmen
inspired me. She made me want to be a class. Intelligence means an ability to oved into a mor
campaigns, bu t I was able to e
t to also learn not only manag
the operational e advertising
think and understand things clearly
experience has
better person in my community, in school and base and skills
been transform
ational in term
business side of
marketing. This
at home. Keisha Clarke-English is a truly and logically. Keisha had the best
. s of expanding
my knowledge
inspirational person, and in her article she of both worlds. She was intelligent
Today I am tru
Looking back,
ly enjoying a ca
reer that is a gr is h
explains that things won’t always come easily, when it came to decision-making myself to achie
I credit much of
my success to
eat fit for my ta
lent and interes Associate, Marketin
Baltimore Gas & El g
ve outstanding working hard in ts.
but as long as you push yourself you can and in school. She worked hard, models. results, and su school, pushing
rrounding mys
achieve any dream. And that is something that so obviously she was very book I urge students
to think about
elf with positive
ro le ectric Co.
really touched me. smart, but Keisha did things in her from now and where they wa
start working to nt to be five, 10
making plans fo ward those go – even 20 year
You won’t always know what you want, community that were intelligent. r your future, an als. It’s never to s
and passions – d you can begin o early to begin
then, each day, by focusing on
but the point is that you will need to figure it Keisha was involved in sports and bring you close
r to realizing th
make the small
choices that yo
your strengths
u think will
ose dreams.
out. And once you figure it out, you’ll have to was participating in volunteer
work hard to achieve that newly-found dream. activities in her community. This smart when it came to her studies, it really strong, stable woman. I want to be like her—
Hard work and effort can sometimes be most likely kept her away from made me think that anything is possible. intelligent and making good decisions. This
overwhelming and scary, but Keisha Clarke- things like drugs that would affect 4 Character EdKeisha was
ucation/Blac intelligent and thought things made her the person she is today, and I see all
k History Mo
English worked so hard and is now living her her path on going to college and majoring through. She knew whatnth would benefit her
February 5,
her success. After reading what she had to say,
dream. I hope that someday I will have the in marketing. When I read that Keisha was in the long run. I don’t always think like I20want
11 the same success and will start making
amazing hard-working attitude that she does. involved in so many things, and was still very that, but when I look at Keisha I see a very decisions that will benefit me in the long run.

Raven Blount isn’t “cool,” but if they were true friends

Cradlerock School – Howard County they wouldn’t make fun of you for being
successful. Yes, it’s very hard to ignore
rt a b le in Yo u r O w n S k in
Being Comfo
Teacher: Estelle O’Connor
Principal: Jennifer Peduzzi what others think, but that’s where being
comfortable in my own skin is most r own skin means to love
your individuality, up-
Liaison: Vera Wilkens/Howard County Being comfortable in you know when to seek
important. hold good morals, make
your own cho ices , but also
Sponsor: Legg Mason I have a diversified group of friends guidance from others.
at different times and
Professional: Cassandra Stevenson that are all very different. However, As a child, I had a lot of
great friends that I met
e in my neig hborhood where I grew
that I mad
I know that my true friends are very places. I had friendships
e in my honors clas ses at school, as well as
up, friendships that I mad ating in other af-
The essay that inspires me the most is supportive of me being successful and friendships that I made
playing sports and par ticip
essa rily consider myself as the
making the right choices for my future.
“Being Comfortable in Your Own Skin” Wh ile I did not
ter- school activities. dless follower with-
my friends, I was not a min
In this article, Cassandra says that leader or “boss” of all of
written by Cassandra C. Stevenson. In her out an opinion. I had a
mind of my own and the cou rage to voice my
there were times
essay, she explains how important it is to stay because of her self-confidence, hard work opu lar. Of cou rse,
y were unp
opinions, even when the t dec isio n. And to be honest, I
ing the righ
true to yourself, which is an issue I can relate and the choices she made, she received when I struggled with mak
takes along the way . Fort una tely, I had two
definitely made a few mis vided guidance which help
to. I truly value my self-confidence and the opportunity to attend Morgan State loving parents that insti lled valu es and pro
som e of my friends were doin
ability to believe in myself in all situations of University on a full scholarship and r pre ssur e whe n
me stand up against pee e wro ng.
hea rt wer
my life. graduated with honors. I also plan to things that I knew in my
being “cool” that they
nds got so caught up in
She talks about how some of her friends attend college and pursue a career in the Some of my childho od frie
When it was “uncoo to l” get good grades
never finished high school.
got caught up in being “cool” and they never medical field and specialize in pediatrics. or take school seriously,
I did not wor ry abo ut wha t some of my friends
was important to
finished high school. This is the life story Reading about Cassandra’s success knew doing well in school
might say. My real friends wha t I valu ed. I was not ashamed
for who I was and
of every teenager. We’re faced with nothing encourages me that success is possible for me and they accepted me
Cassandra C.
self -con fide nce to stand up and
rent because I had the
or embarrassed to be diffe
but choices, and in the end, it’s up to us to me by making the right choices; it inspires defend the things that wer
e important to me.
decide what’s right and what’s wrong. For me to work so much harder in everything
ortunity for me to attend
fidence provided an opp
My hard work and self-con hon ors. I
I do.
example, in many situations children lie to and grad uate
a full academic scholarship
Tax Manager,
gan State University on ree from
received a graduate deg
their parents. I know that behavior will not “Self-confidence and integrity will be educational pursuits and
went on to continue my g Mason and hold the pos

Finance Department
now an emp loye e of Leg
get me anywhere in life, thus I have made tow of the most important characteristics American University. I am
of tax manager.
the decision to tell my parents anything that that helped me develop into the person I Legg Mason In closing, self- confidence
and integrity are two cha
racteristics that
have different
I feel will put me in a bad place. Whenever am today. We all have different qualities, helped me develop into
the person I am tod ay. We all
different and special. The
values and beliefs that make us different and
e us
anyone is in a position where they don’t beli efs tha t mak
qualities, values, and the con fide nce to be yourself.
and hav e
special. The key is to recognize them and key is to recognize them
feel comfortable, they should always seek
guidance so that they can make sure they’re have the confidence to be yourself.” This
staying on the best path for their future. quote from Cassandra will always stay with know there are many opportunities out there my tomorrow. I have learned to/Bla always try
ck History Month 13
A lot of teens tend to make their decisions me because I know my values are developing for me. I will also never let the people Feb
around my
ruary 5, 201 1 hardest andCha
racter Education
that staying true to myself by
based upon what their friends will think. more as I grow. Furthermore, I willper
s Afrme rican Newspapers
o-Ame the person I am desired to be. not living in the shadows of others will show
Afro-American Newspa
Maybe to their friends getting good February 5, 201in
grades 1 school to the best of my ability because I
The choices I make today will determine others that I am comfortable in my own skin.
tory Month
ck His
aracter Education/Bla

Mark Machen However, intelligence does not come

Success is Measured
Magothy River Middle School – Anne naturally; it takes a lot of hard work to
build your intelligence. by Character, Not S
Arundel County
Teacher: Mrs. Lewis
Hard work takes some sacrifice
because sometimes you have to study
My name is Lyn
Spring, Md. loc
nette Featherston
ation. I am a so
e Carter and I wo
rk at Verizon's Sil
t atus
Principal: Christopher Mirenzi
urcing process ver
instead of playing video games, just
Sourcing, and I leader in Netw
ne go tiate multi-millio ork Strategic
tracts across all n-dollar networ
Liaison: Carlissa Finney and Terry Poulson as an example. If you study every regions of Veriz k maintenance co
Asia Pacific) wi on (North Ameri n-
th some of Veriz ca, Central Ameri
day for an hour, that will build
ca, Europe,
Sponsor: Verizon Ve rizon for 14 years on 's top str ate gic suppliers. I
and have a bre have worked for
intelligence day after day, and it ence in all aspe adth of networ
cts of the busin k management
Professional: Lynette Carter trial engineerin ess. I received a experi-
all comes through hard work. By g from Morgan ba chelor’s degree
administration State University in indus-
(MBA) from the and a master’s
working hard, Ms. Carter was able University of Ma of business
What is Success? to receive a bachelor’s degree in
Any successes tha
purpose; and en
t I ha ve attained I att
ribute to the pu
industrial engineering from Morgan
durance in that rsuit of values an
What is true success? Lynette Carter, pursuit. d

State University. She was also able

Given the curre
Verizon’s sourcing process leader in Silver misdeeds that
nt lev els of governme
ntal, corporate,
to achieve a master’s of business
continue to be and individual
Spring, Md., says that success is measured standing of virtue
, ethics and chara
disclosed in the
media, I believe
an under-
by character, not status. So what is character? administration from the University ab ilit y to curb ethica
l misconduct an
cte r as es sential traits wi
ll enhance our
of Maryland. Currently, she works
d succeed in so
Character is your personality and the way you Virtue is a conc
ept that always

look at situations and react to them. By learning with negotiating multi-million- individual. In cla
ssical Greek ph
has denoted ex
cellence on the
part of an
dollar network maintenance
ilosophy, the on
from Lynette, I truly believe that success is a
the excellence ly ethics was vir
of character. Th tue ethics,
character virtue erefore, success
contracts. From what I read,
is actually a qu
quest to achieve your goals and focus on your adhere to the fol
, not status. Th
e fulfillment of
success is obtai
est to fulfill

Lynette did not go through any

lowing traits of
character. Of all the character traits that can lead character that ned as we
environment: ho would be virtuo
nesty, loyalty, sin us in any
to success, I want to write about intelligence major problems or difficulties. be ne vo len ce, sensitivity, he
cerity, courage
lpfulness, coop
, reliability, trustw
I believe this is because she
cency, modesty erativeness, fai
and [being] hard-working. The connection I feel ness, wittiness,
, openness, chee
rfulness, tolera
nc e,
thfulness, de-

stayed on her path to success by

I can make to Ms. Carter is that I live my life
gracefulness, liv sonableness, tac
ness, peacefulne eliness, persiste tful-
ss, warmth, ho nce, prudence,
working hard and following her
the way I need to achieve my goals. If I give
spitality, and es
pecially gratefuln
into peer pressure and follow the path that other goals.
people want me to follow, I may not be able to My goal in life is to play
professional football and, to Lynnette F. C
reach my goals.
These traits, intelligence and [being] hard- reach this goal, I need to work Sourcing Process Le
tion/Black Hi
working, are very important
story Month
to follow in hopes on secondary goals that will ader,
February 12,
of achieving your goals. Intelligence is very
2011 build up to my main goal. N et w or k Strategic Sourcing
important throughout your life. By using These secondary goals could
n Newspapers
Afro-America hard and focusing on what I am doing with Ve ri zo
n I should make good decisions and not
intelligence you are able to think through the include lifting weights to build strength andn Newspapeall rs of my ability, I can reach my goals in the
February ,
do anything that I will regret in the future or
situation and how you will solve the problem. muscle or running to build cardio. By working future. To become a good 12 role20model
11 for my Ch in araacshort
period of time.
r Education/Bl
ack History Mo
nth 15
A10 The Afro-American, May 14, 2011 - May 20, 2011

Neil Patrick Harris

Professional Celebrity


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May 14, 2011 - May 20, 2011, The Afro-American B1

By Edgar Brookins
AFRO Staff The 2011 debutantes: Kiera Willis (first row, left) Ciara Roberts, Lyndzey Elliott, Tia Thompson,
Under the leadership of Hazel M. Cameron, chairwoman of Reani Lewis, Jocelyn Collins, Tierra Arnold, Stranjae’ Ivory-Boynes, Imani Bigsby, Lauren
the Ivy Foundation of NOVA’s Board of Directors; Michelle Jones, Porter, Leah Bankett and Ashley Brewton
Miss Cotillion 2010 Lauren president of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority’s Zeta Chi Omega chapter
Simmons and the newly and planning committee co-chairwomen Demaris Thompson and
crowned Miss Cotillion 2011, Carolyn Rowe, 12 young ladies made their society debut at the
Stranjae’ Ivory-Boynes Hilton Crystal City Hotel in Alexandria, Va.
This was the 54th annual cotillion, which concluded more than
five months of cultural and educational activities designed to Lyndzey Elliott, second attendant and
enrich the lives of the debutantes. In addition to the cultural Ashley Brewton, Miss Congeniality.
events, the young ladies participated in workshops and and Jones, hundreds of family The official charge to the
seminars on budgeting, interviewing skills, career choices, members, friends and supporters debutantes was given by Dr. Barbara
college life and health/fitness awareness. witnessed the crowning of Stranjae’ Shaw, chairwoman, National Council
After welcoming remarks and greetings by Cameron Ivory-Boynes as Miss Cotillion of Negro Women (NCNW). Linda
2011; Tierra Arnold, first attendant; J. Washington was the mistress Miss Cotillion 2011 with family
of ceremonies. After the formal and friends
program, the evening concluded with
Ade’leaka Gore, former second vice president,
dinner and dancing.
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Dr. Barbara Shaw,
chairwoman, NCNW and Michelle Jones, chapter

Miss Cotillion 2011 and her

court: Second attendant Lyndzey
Elliott, Miss Congeniality Ashley
Brewton, Miss Cotillion 2011
Stranjae’ Ivory-Boynes and first
attendant Tierra Arnold

Zeta Chi Omega Chapter members

Debutantes perform the minuet with their escorts.

Fathers and daughters perform the waltz.

Mistress of
Lauren Simmons,
ceremonies Linda
Miss Cotillion 2010
Michelle M. Jones, J. Washington,
and Michelle Jones,
chapter president, member, Zeta Chi
Demaris Thompson, co-chairwoman; Hazel Cameron, president, Zeta Chi
gives greetings and Omega Chapter
chairwoman, Ivy Foundation of NOVA; Michelle Jones, Omega Chapter
welcome remarks.
chapter president and Carolyn Rowe, co-chairwoman

Photos by Rob Roberts

Mothers of the 2011 debutantes

The escorts. Isaiah Floyd (first row, left), Jamal Payne,

Fathers of the 2011 debutantes Moms and dads perform the waltz. Angelo Carter, Justin Brooks, Dwayne Holloway; 2nd row
- Jacob Collins, Kimari Moore, Aaron Williams, Christopher
Bradley, Michael Tesfaal and Khalil

H undreds gathered at Sojourner-

Douglass College’s Annapolis
campus to honor the life and legacy of
Attendees gather around
civil rights activist Coretta Scott King
the Coretta Scott King
with the official opening of a memorial
Memorial Garden
Although rain threatened to damper
the festive occasion, hundreds lined
a multipurpose room for a program
that included remarks from Bernice
A. King, daughter Scott King and late
civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr.;
Maryland Attorney General Douglas F. Event organizer Carl O.
Gansler and Imam Talib Shareef. Also Snowden, civil rights director
in attendance was a delegation from for Maryland’s attorney
general’s office, and Bernice
Ghana. A. King, daughter of Martin
Scott King died Dr. Charles W. Simmons, Luther King Jr. and Coretta
in 2006 at age 84. president Sojourner- Scott King and former
Douglass College Southern Christian Leadership
Conference president

Imam Talib
Shareef of Masjid
Muhammad gives
the invocation.
Dr. Charles W. Simmons, Dr. Charlestine R. Fairley, Carl Snowden,
Congressman Chris Dr. Charlestine
Dr. Bernice A. King and Maryland Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler
Van Hollen, D-Md. R. Fairley, dean The Rev. Ruby
of Sojourner- Moone, president,
Douglass College’s Maryland SCLC
Annapolis campus,
gives the statement
of occasion.
Photos by Rob Roberts

Despite the threat of rain, a large crowd Evelyn C. Mason and her daughter, The Annapolis Drum
attended the ceremony. Jessica C. Henderson, sing “Oh, How and Bugle Corps
I Love Jesus.”
B2 The Afro-American, May 14, 2011 - May 20, 2011

Faith Pulse
President Obama Names Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook Ambassador-at-Large
for International Religious Freedom
Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook, who was confirmed by the freedom is the birthright of to Congress, a report that examines the state of religious
U.S. Senate on April 14 as Ambassador-at-Large for all people everywhere; a freedoms in 198 countries throughout the globe.
International Religious Freedom at the Department of foundation of civil society, A noted leader in the religious community, Johnson
State’s Senate Foreign Relations Committee, will be sworn- a key to international Cook is adept at developing inter-faith synergies. Founder
in May 11.  security, and it must always and president of Wisdom Worldwide Center, and a former
The first woman and person of African-American be a pillar of U.S. foreign advisor on President Bill Clinton’s Domestic Policy
descent to hold this position, Johnson Cook was appointed policy.” Council, Johnson Cook is the first female and African
by President Barack Obama, and will serve as principal Johnson Cook plans to American to serve as chaplain to the New York Police
advisor on religious issues globally to him and Secretary of embrace the mandate of Department, a position she has held since 1990, and has
State Hillary Rodham Clinton. She will be supported by the the International Religious served as the senior pastor of Bronx Christian Fellowship
office of International Religious Freedom in the Bureau of Freedom Act, while Baptist Church in New York City since 1996.
Democracy, Human Rights and Labor. aggressively promoting Johnson Cook also served as the senior pastor to The
Upon her confirmation, Johnson Cook said, “I am deeply the growth of the Office Mariners Temple Baptist Church from 1983 to 1986. A
honored by the trust that President Obama and Secretary of International Religious graduate of Harvard University, Dr. Johnson Cook also
Clinton have placed in me to serve our nation in advancing
(Courtesy Photo)
Freedom.  Plans also holds a bachelor’s from Emerson College, a master’s from
Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook
the right to freedom of religion abroad. I am similarly call for Johnson Cook to The Columbia University Teachers College, a master’s of
persuaded in my mind, heart, and soul that religious provide oversight of the Annual Religious Freedom Report divinity from Union Theological Seminary and a doctorate
of ministry from The United Theological Seminary.

Paulette Y. Heath, 48
Paulette Yvette Heath, a
Louis M. Eggleston Jr., 61 Washington, D.C. public school
teacher for more than 25 years
Retired Airman and proud member of Alpha
Kappa Alpha Sorority, passed
Louis Mason Eggleston Jr. suddenly to work as a security guard on a part-time away on May 4. She was 48
departed his earthly home on April 19. basis. years old.
He was born Sept. 18 1949, in Newburgh, Louis was a quiet person, devoted Paulette was born on
N.Y. He was the only child born to father and always willing to lend a helping Oct. 8, 1962 to James Arthur
Virginia and Louis Eggleston. hand whenever called upon. He enjoyed and Johnnie Mae Thomas in
Washington, D.C. She began
Louis was educated in the public school sports, exercising, reading and listening to
her early years of learning in
of Prince George’s County and graduated R&B and jazz music. He had an extensive the Prince George’s County,
from DuVal High School in Lanham, Md. collection of albums and CDs. Md., public school system.
He continued his education at Kentucky Louis is survived by his mother, She attended Hillcrest Heights
State University where he also became Virginia H. Eggleston; his daughter, Tara Elementary, Benjamin Stoddert
a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. K. Eggleston; aunt and uncle Patricia and Junior High and finished at PAULETTE Y. HEATH
Potomac Senior High School in Wonderland Day Care,
After three years, he left Kentucky State Vernon Hawkins; cousin and his wife
1980. where Johnnie Mae was her
to accept a position with the federal Ronald and Tanya Hawkins; cousins After graduating from high “supervisor.” Paulette let
government. In the government, he held LOUIS M. EGGLESTON JR. Barbara Martin and Valerie Hawkins; Vicki school, Paulette decided to everyone know that well or sick,
several positions until finally retiring from Jones and her husband Michael and other pursue a career in teaching. Johnnie Mae expected her to
the U.S. Air Force. After his retirement, Louis continued relatives and friends. She enrolled at Bowie State work. Ever the “fashionista,”
University and received a Paulette enjoyed working
Free Service bachelor’s degree in early retail at many stores, including
childhood education. While Lane Bryant and Mr. B’s. She

Hilarious, sweet
Obituaries are printed for
“ free by the
at Bowie State, she was on
the dean’s list of academic
finally decided to move forward
and became employed by the
Newspapers the last week excellence and pledged the Eta District of Columbia public

and relatable.
of each month. Send Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha
” funeral program and
picture to:
Sorority. Paulette was forever
proud of being a lady of pink
schools. In April 1986, Paulette
began her teaching career at
Obituaries, River Terrace Elementary
Mike Sampson, Joblo Baltimore AFRO-American and green. School. It was here in “Mrs.
Newspaper, Paulette learned good Heath’s class” that many
2519 N. Charles Street, work ethics from her mother children received their first
“one of the MoSt SatiSfying Baltimore, MD 21218 while working at Alice and formative learning. She opened
roMantic coMedieS to coMe her heart and dedicated herself

along in yearS.” “THE PERFECT COMEDY” to instructing pre-kindergarten

children for more than 25 years.
She nurtured not only the minds
Max Rosenhaus, WJLB-FM
george hickman, Scene-StealerS
of early learners, but embraced
bEginning TO EnD... their parents as well. It was
“Bridesmaids reacheS levelS of i DEFiniTElY RECOMMEnD her enthusiasm that provided
sEEing THis FilM!” unique experiences for the
hilarity and heart that MovieS eathaRon tayLoR, theyBF.CoM
students at River Terrace. She
like theSe haven’t reached in “YOu’ll laugH took great pride in establishing
and maintaining a ski club
over a decade.” – a lOT!” and ski team at River Terrace,
Peter Sciretta, SlaShfilM
owen GLeiBeRMan,
entertainMent WeekLy
with the team winning first
place in numerous D.C. public
“iT’s a school competitions. Paulette’s
commitment to children
eRicKa Boston, sister 2 sister continued right up to the
“Fun, FaiTH-FillED very end. Her devotion to her
anD Full OF laugHs! profession is a tremendous loss
bEsT ROManTiC COMEDY to the River Terrace Elementary
OF THE YEaR!” School community.
While working at Alice
Jawn MuRRay,
toM Joyner Morning shoW
and Wonderland, Paulette not
“THis is THE
only learned work ethics, but
TYPE OF MOviE caught the eye of her soul mate
teRRence J, 106 & park, Bet – Melvin Dennis Heath. They
met in August of 1986. On May
Devi Dev, 2, 1991, by the romantic ocean,
kBXX 97.9 the BoX houston Paulette and Melvin married in
Nassau, Bahamas. They pledged
their love until death parted
them. Neither knew it would be
so soon. From this loving union,
a son was born: Paulette’s pride
and joy, her son, Melvin “Mel
Mel” Dennis Heath Jr.
Paulette Heath leaves to
cherish her memory: committed
and caring husband, Melvin Sr.;
adopted sisters Bernadette,
BY ARLENE GIBBS cousin Darryl; father-in-law
John; sisters-in-law, Connie
BY SALIM AKIL and Lynda (Paul); brothers-in-
law Robert (Patricia) and John
starts FridaY MaY 13
check local listings for theaters and showtimes
Jr.; numerous aunts, uncles,
cousins, special nieces and
CHeCK loCal listinGs For tHeaters and sHowtiMes
MOBILE USERS: For Showtimes - Text BRIDESMAIDS with your ZIP CODE to 43KIX (43549)! nephews, and friends.
May 14, 2011 - May 20, 2011, The Afro-American B3

Reader’s Corner – ‘Eating Well to Stay Well’ on

On the Clock with Russ Parr Vineyard Serves as

Popular Radio Personality Setting for ‘Fish Out
Turned Filmmaker Dishes of Water’ Comedy
on New Movie ’35 & Ticking’ By Kam Williams
By Gregory Dale AFRO: Explain the creation Special to the AFRO
AFRO Staff Writer of “35 & Ticking.” Why did
you want to bring this story to Jason Taylor (Laz Alonso), a rising star at Goldman
He’s conquered the airwaves and light? Sachs’ Manhattan office, never introduced any of his
he’s tackled book writing, but now radio RP: I watched so many of friends or family members to his relatively refined fiancée,
personality Russ Parr can add filmmaker my friends hit “that age.” It’s Sabrina Watson, (Paula Patton), the whole time they were
to his sprawling résumé. After breaking not just women —but guys dating. After all, her high-falutin’ parents (Angela Bassett
out on to radio in the late 1980s, Parr [also say], “I haven’t found the and Brian Stokes Mitchell) have a mansion up on Martha’s
later went on to host his own show on the right [person]” and “I don’t Vineyard, so he’s a little embarrassed about hailing from
District’s WKYS. Now, the nationally have any kids.” And women humble origins and the fact that his widowed mom, Pam
syndicated Russ Parr Morning Show want to start having kids before (Loretta Devine) works as a window clerk in a Post Office in
reaches 3.2 million listeners in 45 cities they reach that magical age of Brooklyn.
across the country. 40. I’ve watched a lot of friends Nevertheless, that doesn’t prevent Jason from popping the
Parr is currently gearing up for of mine just say, “I’m getting question after a whirlwind romance of just five months and,
his new movie 35 & Ticking. The married no matter what…the when Sabrina accepts, the two decide to tie the knot right
independent film, which marks his fourth clock is ticking.” I’m dealing Russ Parr away at her folks’ place up on the Vineyard. However, that
Courtesy Photo
work that he’s written and directed, is a with real Black relationships in means that the Taylor and the Watson clans will finally meet
hip romantic comedy with an all star cast a fun and dramatic way. company] backing, and have to go the for the first time on the island.
including Nicole Ari Parker, Kevin Hart, independent route. It’s sad because there This sets the stage for the epic ghetto vs. bourgie clash
Meagan Goode, Wendy Raquel Robinson AFRO: How was the chemistry you are a lot of great stories that don’t get which ensues over the course of one incomparably-eventful
and many more. and the cast members had with each told. There are a lot of great independent
The AFRO spoke to Parr about his other? films that I know about that should be
breakout in the movie industry and the RP: Incredible. A lot of them signed in theaters, but they’re not going to be.
efforts it took to put this new film together. on because they liked the script. I have Then they want to put us in the same
just one rule and it is no one is allowed box — If Tyler Perry’s movie doesn’t do
AFRO: Starting off, you’ve already to yell at anybody on the set. We shot 35 well, we’re not seeing another Black film
had an amazing career in radio. & Ticking in 15 days, so we had to move. for another six months. Hollywood looks
Explain your crossover into becoming a You can’t have conflict and people going at it like, “Black films aren’t in right
filmmaker. at it. So, everybody pretty much followed now, look what Tyler did.” I’m not being
Russ Parr: I’ve always dabbled in the rule. Everybody liked each other and disrespectful to Tyler in any way and I’m
the TV and film side. I actually have a we had fun. [You have] to give actors a not knocking his hustle at all. I’m glad District native Laz
degree in radio television and film from little room to bring personalities to their he found a formula that works, but some Alonso and Paula Patton
California State University, Northridge. characters. It really worked out. of us have formulas that could work, too. star in the new comedy,
Radio provided me with an opportunity To be honest, I haven’t made any money Jumping the Broom.
to feed my kids. The entertainment AFRO: Explain why you think it’s from any of my movies, but I’m still
Courtesy Photo
industry is very competitive and can cost important for the African-American doing it because I think that someone
you a lot of money and I didn’t have that. community to embrace Black is going to recognize me as something weekend in Jumping the Broom, an old-fashioned “fish out
But I always had a love for writing and independent films. other than a radio personality. There’s of water” comedy marking the feature film debut of veteran
in fact, I wrote my first script about 15 RP: We’re not getting the same more to me than just that. TV director Salim Akil (“Girlfriends” and “The Game”). Not
years ago. It just sat in my drawer for amount of opportunities and we’re all put only does this unlikely gathering serve as fodder for plenty
about 10 years before I decided to do into the same box. It’s like the definition “35 & Ticking” comes to theaters in of coarse jokes, but the festivities also take on the distinct
something with it. That’s pretty much of success for Black films is Tyler Perry. Washington D.C., Baltimore and Atlanta tone of a soap opera as all manner of messy skeletons come
how I got started. You don’t want to put There are a lot of other Black films that on May 20. For more information, visit: bursting out of the closet.
all your eggs in one basket. are not going to get the [major film Not surprisingly, most of the laughs come courtesy of the
trashy Taylors while the uptight Watsons are the ones with
the shocking revelations. Since it would be unfair to spoil the

Stephanie Mills Rekindles ‘the Fire’ With flick by divulging the latter, allow me to elaborate solely on
the movie’s lowbrow brand of humor.

Tour and New Album

For example, flirtatious cousin Malcolm (DeRay Davis)
offends a bridesmaid by saying, “I don’t usually talk to
dark-skinned girls, but I’m making an exception with
By Gregory Dale Do With My Lovin’?” in career? the Way, Feel the Fire, I Feel you.” Furthermore, he confesses to feeling nervous about
AFRO Staff Writer 1979. The single marked Stephanie Mills: I feel Good, Home, Never Knew the presence of Caucasians since, “Any time I’m around
Mills’ coming of age and her blessed and I feel fortunate. Love…I’m singing a lot of the White people, I get arrested.” Yet, that doesn’t prevent
Her string of memorable collection of subsequent hits Will Downing and I [recently] older songs. the loquacious ladies man from later developing a case of
hits have been embedded quickly ushered her into R&B played in Las Vegas and “jungle fever” when he has his head turned by the clumsy
in R&B fans’ hearts for hall of fame status. we had great show. It was AFRO: Let’s talk about but comely, White wedding planner (Julie Bowen).
decades, and now, soul singer After nearly three decades just wonderful to not have ‘Breathless.’ Explain the Speaking of guests dating the help, maid of honor Blythe
Stephanie Mills is setting out in the music industry, Mills something new out, and to creation of this album and (Meagan Good) rejects Malcolm’s awkward advances
to rekindle this magic once slowed down in the early have people still come. The what listeners can anticipate. in favor of the smoothly-seductive chef McKenna (Gary
more. 2000s following the birth of house was almost full. I just SM: Well, I wrote a song Dourdan). And elsewhere on the sprawling estate, Pam’s
her son. Now, the singer is felt appreciated. called “Breathless” and I just middle-aged, best friend, Shonda (Tasha Smith), finds herself
celebrating her return and thought it was such a nice falling for a charming Yale University undergrad (Romeo
anticipating the release of AFRO: So, what’s been title that [I made] it the title Miller) less than half her age.
her album Breathless. your proudest moment? of my album. I’m staying true Then there’s Jason’s Uncle Willie Earl (Mike Epps),
She’s currently SM: Having my son. He’s to who I am, but just with an who hates ferries because, “They make you feel like they’re
touring across 10 years old now…that was updated version of music. taking you back to Africa.” Still, the movie’s most divisive
the country my proudest moment. I’m staying very true to my remarks are reserved for sassy Pam who feels “like a bald
and will R&B roots and what people stepchild at my own son’s wedding” after the bride and
come to Rams AFRO: Your career must are used to me sounding groom initially refuse to incorporate the heirloom she’s
Head in be pretty demanding. How do like−just with a 2011 sound. I brought along into their solemn ceremony.
you manage it all and taking have Josiah Martin producing Mother Taylor would like the couple to “jump the
care of your son? tracks. Donald Lawrence is broom” in accordance with a longstanding, cultural tradition
SM: Well, I took some overseeing the project for dating back to slave days when their ancestors weren’t
time off to take care of him. me. He’s connecting me with even allowed to marry legally. “You’re Black!” she blurts
I haven’t been working a lot. some R&B that have wanted out in frustration to try to shame her horrified hosts into
Now, I’m getting back into it to work with him for a very acknowledging their roots.
because he’s 10. But I wanted long time. So, it’s coming As hopeless as the situation sounds, leave it to the Rev.
to be home together very nicely. James (Bishop T.D. Jakes) to minister to this dysfunctional
when he menagerie. With him on the case, it’s merely a matter of time
Stephanie Mills before compromises are reached, vows are exchanged, and
came home AFRO: When will it be
comes to the from school released? the entire wedding party’s doing the Cupid Shuffle as the
Rams Head On and those SM: We don’t have an closing credits roll.
The African-American answer to Meet the Parents.
Stage in Annapolis formative
exact date because we went
back and redid some tracks. Very Good (HHH stars)
on May 19 But there will be a single out Rated PG-13 for sexuality and profanity.
AFRO: probably by the end of June. In English, French and Italian with subtitles.
Mills first captured Annapolis, Md., on What can Running time: 113 Minutes
audiences’ attention when she May 19. The AFRO spoke fans expect at your show at AFRO: You’ve already Distributor: Columbia TriStar Pictures
was just a youth, appearing with Mills about her upcoming Ram’s Head? had an amazing career. But
in many Broadway hits album, her tour and life as a SM: We just revamped the is there something that you’d love that. I’d like to have a
including the classic musical performer and mother. show that we performed in like to do that you haven’t perfume line and a clothing Stephanie Mills comes to
The Wiz in 1975. Shortly Vegas. It’s upbeat. I wanted already? line made for petite women. Rams Head On Stage on May
thereafter, the Brooklyn AFRO: You’ve been in to do a show that I enjoyed SM: I want to release a It seems like everything is 19. For more information and
native exploded into the R&B the music industry for quite and knew that my audiences children’s book. I also want to made for tall women and I’m to purchase tickets, visit www.
scene and scored her first a long time. How does it feel would enjoy. I’m going to sing continue touring and do a lot small−that’s something that I and
hit with “What Cha Gonna to have had such a lengthy all of my songs−Something in of shows because I absolutely want to do.
B4 The Afro-American, May 14, 2011 - May 20, 2011

More Sports on

Former Howard SID Honored with CoSIDA Rising Star Award

By Perry Green energy and enthusiasm to as the assistant director of
for reporting to four different an annual honor awarded
AFRO Sports Editor the profession make that communications/sports liaison
conferences on a regular to a top-performing UMES
individual a ‘rising star’ in the for the Southwestern Athletic
basis, including the Mid- employee in athletics.
Former Howard University collegiate communications Conference (SWAC).
Eastern Athletic Conference “Chevonne has always
Assistant Sports Information field,” stated Ed Hill, the But before she joined the
(MEAC), the Atlantic Soccer worked hard,” said G. Stan
Director Chevonne Mansfield longtime senior sports SWAC, Mansfield served at
Conference (ASC), Great Bradley, sports information
will be honored this summer information director for Howard University for three
West Conference (GWC) and director at the University of
as the 2011 CoSIDA Rising Howard and current at-large years, managing the medial
Coastal Collegiate Swimming Maryland Eastern Shore. “She
Star Award recipient for the board of director for CoSIDA. relations for all women
Association (CCSA). has done a tremendous job of
University Division (Division “I am truly honored to be a athletics and administering
Prior to Howard, setting goals for herself and
I organizations), according to part of CoSIDA and to receive Mansfield then achieving them. It’s no
reports. this award,” said Mansfield, Chevonne Mansfield, the assistant director served fulltime surprise that she has moved
According to CoSida. who will be honored in June of communications/sports liaison for the as a sports up the ladder of success in
com, the Rising Star Award at the CoSIDA National Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC), information this profession. She is very
is presented to sports Convention in Marcos Island, will be given the CoSIDA Rising Star award assistant for the worthy of this prestigious
information personnel with Fla. “It truly means a great for excellent service. University of honor.”
a maximum of 10 years or deal to me and I’m very proud Maryland-Eastern Mansfield, 28, carries a
less serving at their college to be honored with so many Courtesy Photo/ the school’s athletic Shore while completing her bachelor’s degree from St.
or university. The “rising distinguished professionals.” website. According to Hill, graduate studies. There, she John’s (2004) and a master’s
in 2010 to take her position
star” must exude “dedication, Mansfield left Howard Mansfield was responsible was named Hawk of the Year, degree from UMES (2007).

Howard’s Keith Pough Listed among Top-10 Linebackers in FCS

By AFRO Staff Championship Subdivision (FCS) for the 2011 football season
scheduled to kickoff in August, as reported by howard-bison.
College football season is months away, but Howard com.
University’s football team is already gaining national attention According to Ed Hill Jr., Howard’s sports information
for the upcoming season. director, the 6-foot-3-inches, 235-pound red-shirt junior from
The Sports Network recently cited Bison linebacker Orangeburg, S.C., has proved that he has the natural “speed
Keith Pough as one of the top-10 linebackers in the Football and range” an outside pass rusher needs, leading the FCS last

Bison linebacker Keith Pough Courtesy Photo

season with 28.5 tackles for loss of yardage, including 10.5

Hill said Pough gave “early notice” his freshman season
that he would eventually develop into a “special player.” He
recorded 35 solo tackles, 12.5 of them for losses as a redshirt
freshman in 2008. He now has 157 total tackles, 40 for losses
in is career.
“He improved considerably because he learned to read plays
better and put himself in excellent position, where his natural
ability, which is always full speed - takes over,” Hill stated.
“He finished the season with 100 tackles, five QB hurries, four
forced fumbles and three passes defended.”
A member of the the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference
2010 first team, Pough is a favored candidate to win MEAC
Defensive Player of the Year in 2011.

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May 14, 2011 - May 20, 2011, The Afro-American B5

Howard Dominates UMES in Prep for MEAC

Softball Championship
By AFRO Staff the Lady Bison didn’t need bat” to Christine Sborz who overall record, 8-7 against
great pitching in the season smacked a two-run double at the MEAC, and will take
Howard University’s finale, as junior centerfield the top of the second round on Bethune-Cookman
softball team finished its Marissa Coats found her that led to a 7-0 cushion in the MEAC Softball
season with a dominating win batting stroke, posting a lead that Howard never Championship scheduled May
over Mid-Eastern Athletic perfect 3-for-3 at bat for three relinquished. 12-14 at the Ormond Beach
Conference for University runs and six runs-batted-in Howard finished the (Florida) Sports Complex in Photo Courtesy of Howard University
of Maryland Eastern Shore (RBI). She passed the “hot regular season with a 16-26 Ormond Beach, Fla. Marissa Coats scored three runs in the season finale.
on May 8. It was one of their
finest batting performances
of the season, smashing in 15
runs to the Lady Hawks’ five
Junior Samantha Gatson
earned the win as the leading
pitcher for Howard; she gave A WEEKEND
up six hits in the game. But
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Now, all he needs is a football
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The Redskins traded
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N1040050A.indd 1 5/3/11 3:55:13 PM

B6 The Afro-American, May 14, 2011 - May 20, 2011

May is Healthy Vision Moth
Keep an Eye on Your Vision
Trending Therapy Procedure Eliminates Surgery for
Foot and Ankle Patients
the healing procedure better than any previous form of
surgery could. (Stock Photo)
“The technology has kind of always been there,” African Americans
says Dr. Sean T. Grambart, an Illinois foot and ankle and Latinos are at
surgeon who presented on PRP at the American higher risk for eye
College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons’ (ACFAS) Annual disease.
Scientific Conference in Fort Lauderdale last March. Special to the AFRO
“We’ve always known that platelets contain factors that
stimulate healing but it was hard to initially execute it. Americans agree that eyesight has a huge impact on day-
to-day living and is one of the senses they fear losing most.
But surgeons have devised [some new techniques] and Unfortunately, people often do not pay attention to their
it’s taken off from there.” eye health unless they notice a problem. Many common
(Courtesy Photo/ After PRP therapy, a patient wears a protective boot eye diseases that can lead to vision loss and blindness,
Foot and ankle patients are quickly discovering Platelet- for four to seven days before they can start to advance such as diabetic eye disease, glaucoma, or age-related
macular degeneration, often have no early warning signs or
rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy, a new form of treatment that in their activities. Grambart, who has been using the symptoms. Having regular eye exams to make sure the eyes
uses the body’s own natural ability to heal itself instead procedure for four years, has referred to it for patients are healthy and seeing their best is important for everyone.
of surgical operations.
that suffer from Achilles tendon pain, nonunions (bones However, the risk of vision loss and blindness is higher for
By Stephen D. Riley that fail to heal) and acute ligament injuries in athletes. some people based on race, ethnicity, and other demographic
and socioeconomic factors.
AFRO Staff Writer With the increased use of PRP therapy, Grambart You might be at higher risk for eye disease if you have
believes that “realistically, there’s a variety of ways you a family history of eye disease; have diabetes; are African
The recovery time from foot and ankle surgery can can use it and it’s one of those things that seems to work American, Hispanic/Latino, American Indian, or Alaska
be extensive for most patients. Going under the knife on all kinds of tissue.” Native; or are older than 50. Some diseases affect certain
populations disproportionately.
for Achilles tendon injuries, bone fractures, arthritis However, although PRP has been widely effective, • Glaucoma, which affects your side or peripheral vision
and other related feet and ankle issues isn’t guaranteed the varying pathologies within different body and blood first, is three times more common in African Americans
to correct the pain but is definitely assured of leaving structures eliminate the procedure from being full proof. than in Whites. It is a leading cause of blindness in African
patients subdued for a credible amount of a time. Americans.
“It seems to help most patients, but it’s unpredictable,”
• Diabetic retinopathy, a leading cause of blindness caused
However, a trending therapy process is revving up the Grambart cautions. “Just because it works on one patient by uncontrolled diabetes, occurs more often in Hispanics/
recovery time without the pain or procedure of surgery. doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to work on the other, Latinos than in Whites.
Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is the latest technique for several factors.” • American Indians and Alaska Natives are 35 percent
under the new health sector known as Orthobiologics, more likely to have diabetes than the average adult in the
Continued research to expand the use of PRP United States, putting them at increased risk of diabetic eye
which is being used by foot and ankle surgeons and therapy to all patients is the next step in the advanced disease.
picks up where medication, physical therapy and other treatment. Although the first form of PRP was reportedly • Older adults are at higher risk of developing age-related
past healing methods are leaving off. eye diseases and conditions such as age-related macular
used 20 years in dentist operations, Grambart sees the degeneration (AMD), glaucoma, or cataract. AMD is a
Using PRP, a growth factor found in blood platelets trending procedure as the next step in body treatment leading cause of blindness in Whites.
that promotes the healing of bones, cartilage, blood and recovery. “I think we are just seeing the tip of the “If you are at higher risk of eye disease, having a
vessels, tendons and tissue, surgeons are getting patients comprehensive dilated eye exam is the best thing you can do
iceberg with how PRP affects the different tissues within
back up and running faster than ever before. The to protect your vision,” said Paul A. Sieving, M.D., Ph.D.,
the body and how it can be used to advance healing.” director of the National Eye Institute, part of the National
procedure incorporates a small vial of the patient’s blood
Institutes of Health. “A comprehensive dilated eye exam is
which is then spun in a centrifuge to separate out the a painless procedure where your eye care professional puts
For more information on PRP therapy visit www.
PRP, which then is injected directly to injured site. The drops in the eyes to dilate, or widen, the pupil so he or she can get a good look at the back of the eye to check for signs
process is simple, eliminates major surgery and attacks
of eye disease. With early detection, treatment can slow or
stop vision loss and reduce the risk of blindness.”
In addition to having regular eye exams, eating a healthy
diet, not smoking, and wearing protective eyewear are just
a few other things you can do to protect your sight. For
www.afro. more information on eye exams, common eye diseases and
conditions, and finding financial assistance for eye care, visit


Celebrate Healthy Vision Month by promoting eye health

in your community. To find ideas and educational resources,
Family-friendly visit

and dog-friendly event

featuring music,
refreshments and more.



Sunday, June
Sunday, 5th
May 1st
Registration: 9:00
Registration: 8:00 AM AM
TheQuiet Waters
Maryland Park
Zoo in Baltimore

C O R P O R AT E S P O N S O R S :

M E D I A PA R T N E R S :
May 14, 2011 - May 20, 2011, The Afro-American B7

D.C. Fitness Challenge Tackles Obesity Epidemic

Washington, D.C. — Aimed at battling D.C.'s alarming obesity rate, one of the highest in • One in every three children living in the District is at risk of becoming, or is already,
the country, on May 14 Project Fitness Community and WIAS (Wellness In American Schools) overweight.
will host the second annual DC Fitness Challenge. The event will take place at McKinley • Citywide, obesity rates are extremely disproportionate between races. The report shows
Technology High School, located at 151 T St., N.E., from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. that less than one in 10 White residents is obese;
The DC Fitness Challenge is a community-focused health and fitness competition designed while rates rise to one in every three African-
to help combat the city's overweight and obesity crisis through encouraging local communities American residents.
to get active and fit. The event began last year as a way to motivate fitness enthusiasts to reach • More District residents die each year
back into their communities and inspire young people to get involved in health and fitness from the complications of obesity-related
activities. Through friendly competition, participants motivate future generations to start their diseases than from AIDS, cancer and homicide
fitness journey. combined.
"This event will challenge both the athleticism and character of our city," said Chickaro • Costs of overweight and obesity in the
Martin, founder of Project Fitness Community, in a prepared statement. "The competition District were estimated to be more than $400
will highlight how individuals, supported by local businesses and organizations, can make an million in 2004.
impact through supporting healthy lifestyles at all ages. At the same time, we'll find out who the Project Fitness Community is an initiative
fittest people in DC are and how they got there." of WIAS (Wellness In American Schools), a
In the District, adult and childhood obesity rates have reached epidemic proportions, with local non-profit organization helping to prevent
more than half of all residents either overweight or obese, according to the latest figures childhood obesity. Proceeds from the DC
released by the DC Department of Health (DOH). The DOH Overweight and Obesity Action Fitness Challenge will help support free student
Plan shows the statistics get worse in DC's most underserved wards. The risk of being workshops throughout the year.
overweight or obese can be forecast with some certainty simply by looking at zip codes.
• More than half of all adults living in the District (55 percent) are overweight or obese—this For more information and to register
rate skyrockets to 72 percent in Wards 7 and 8. for the Challenge, please logon to: www. Stock Photo
Superior Court of
the District of
District of Columbia

Washington, D.C.

B8 The Afro-American, May 14, 2011 - May 20, 2011 20001-2131

Administration No.
August 1, 2009 - August 7, 2009, The Washington Afro-American B7
Sharon Y. Leonard
Decedent ds
la 410-554-8200

Buy it • Sell it

Swap it
it •• Lease
Lease itit

Rent it •• Hire
it Hire itit
Kiona M. Leonard, whose ad-
dress is 2908 30th Street,
#10, Washington DC 20020
was appointed personal re-

rr ee ss uu ll tt ss
presentative of the estate of
Sharon Y. Leonard, who died
on November 10, 2010 with-
out a will, and will serve with-
out Court supervision. All un-
known heirs and heirs whose
Payment Policy for legal notice
advertisements AD NETWORK
LEGAL NOTICES whereabouts are unknown
enter their appearance
Payment Policy for legal

in this proceeding. Objec- AFRO Classified minimum ad rate is $26.74 per col. inch
Effective immediately, The Afro Se Habla Espanol fishing, exploring or just tions to such appointment 1 Col. (an inch consists of up to 20 words). Mail in your ad on
American advertisements
will require info@thecardinallaw- relaxing at the commu- shall be filed with the Regis-
ter of Wills, D.C., 515 5th Inch form below along with CHECK or MONEY ORDER to: nity center pool. Proper- Street, N.W., 3rd Floor
prepayment for publication of all www.thecardinallaw- ties are 1 to 3 acres, Washington, D.C. 20001, on
or before November 13,
legal notices.immediately,
Payment will be ac-The and offer ocean access, 2011. Claims against the de- Road, N.E., Washington, D.C. 20002-4723, Attn: Clsf. Adv.
cepted in the form of checks, credit mild climate, spectacu-
cedent shall be presented to 20 Words Dept.
Afro American Newspapers lar natural views and
the undersigned with a copy
card or money order. Any returned LOTS & to the Register of Wills or filed
will require prepayment for unique site amenities.
with the Register of Wills with
checks will be subject to a $25.00 ACREAGES Lots available at 1/3
a copy to the undersigned, on
or before November 13,
processing feeofandallmay
legal notices.
result in PUBLIC NOTICE • the original price. NEW
2011, or be forever barred. 1 2 3 4 5
Persons believed to be heirs
Payment willofbe
the suspension anyaccepted in
future adver- LIQUIDATION SALE STARTING PRICES: or legatees of the decedent
who do not receive a copy of
59+ AC -$58,777 UN- Waterfront $75,000, 6 7 8 9 10
the form
tising at ourofdiscretion.
check, credit card DER $1,000/AC Timber Interior $30,000. Call
this notice by mail within 25
days of its first publication
or money order. Any returned Co liquidating mtn (757) 824-0808, email
shall so inform the Register
of Wills, including name, ad- 11 12 13 14 15
checks will be AD subjectNETWORK to a acreage, beautiful spring rbowden@grandbay- dress and relationship.
Date of Publication:
with stream, numer-, or web
Ad Network Classi- FOREMEN
$25.00 processing fee and may to lead May 13, 2011
fieds are published in utility field crews. ous bldg sites at end of, Name of newspaper: 16 17 18 19 20
road for lots of privacy.
result in the suspension
65 newspapers. of any
Outdoor physical work,
Hiking trails throughout.
Washington Law
future advertisingmanyat positions,
our paid
dis- TYPESET: Tue May 10 11:29:31 EDT Kiona M.2011
Excellent financing LEGAL NOTICES Personal NAME
25 words $175 (For training, $17/hr. plus
avail. Call now 877-526- Representative
more than 25 words weekly performance
3764 Superior Court of
there is an additional bonuses after promotion, the District of TYPESET: Tue
REGISTER OF WILLSMay 10 11:30:47
charge of $7 per
LEGAL allowance when
NOTICES District of Columbia 5/13, 5/20, 5/27
word.) traveling, company MISC. PROBATE DIVISION
Washington, D.C.
truck and benefits. Must Superior Court of
Call have strong leadership
20001-2131 the District of (Room, Apt, House, etc.) INSERTION DATE:
Administration No. District of Columbia
(410) 554-8200 skills, good driving his- AIRLINE ME- 2011ADM414 PROBATE DIVISION
All ads must be tory, and able to travel CHANIC – Train for James Marc Taylor Washington, D.C.
high paying Aviation 20001-2131
prepaid in MD, DE and nearby
States. Email resume Maintenance Career.
Administration No.
to Recruiter4@osmose. FAA approved program. NOTICE TO Joe Louis Randolph
com or apply online at Financial aid if qualified Decedent
www.OsmoseUtilities. - Job placement as-
Evelyn E. Crawford
Legal Advertising Rates
com. EOE M/F/D/V sistance. CALL Aviation
Institute of Maintenance
Rachel Randolph, whose ad-
dress is 5221 Winchester
Crossing Court, Canal Win-
1629 K Street NW
Suite 300
Effective October 1, 2006
chester, Ohio 43110 was ap- Washington DC 20006
(866) 823-6729.
AUCTION - Con- FURNITURE pointed personal representa-
tive of the estate of James
struction Equipment & Marc Taylor, who died on APPOINTMENT,
Trucks, May 20, 9 AM,
Warbirds Over the March 30, 2011 without a will,
NOTICE TO (Estates)
Cherry Bedroom Set. Beach Airshow - May and will serve without Court
Richmond, VA. Excava- Solid Wood, never used,
supervision. All unknown
22 and 23 at the Virginia heirs and heirs whose AND NOTICE TO
tors, Dozers, Dumps & brand new in factory whereabouts are unknown UNKNOWN HEIRS
Beach Airport, hosted
More. Accepting Items boxes. English Dovetail.
shall enter their appearance Erik Randolph and Tony Ran-
by the Military Aviation in this proceeding. Objec- dolph, whose address(es) is
Daily. Motley’s Auc- Original cost $4500. Sell
tion & Realty Group, Museum. For more
tions to such appointment
shall be filed with the Regis-
1012 Jackson Street NE,
Washington DC 20017 were PROBATE NOTICES
for $895. Can deliver. information visit www. ter of Wills, D.C., 515 5th appointed personal repre-
804-232-3300, www. Call Tom 240-482-8721 Street, N.W., 3rd Floor sentative(s) of the estate of, VAAL call Washington, D.C. 20001, on Joe Louis Randolph, who a. Order Nisi $ 60 per insertion $180.00 per 3 weeks
or before November 13,
#16. (757) 721-PROP (7767) 2011. Claims against the de-
died on February 25, 2011
without a will, and will serve b. Small Estates (single publication) $ 50 per insertion
LEATHER LIVING cedent shall be presented to without Court supervision. All
ROOM SET. In origi- the undersigned with a copy unknown heirs and heirs c. Notice to Creditors
nal plastic, never used. MISC. FOR to the Register of Wills or filed whose whereabouts are un- 1. Domestic $ 60 per insertion $ 180.00 per 3 weeks
AUTOMOBILE Orig price $3000, Sac-
with the Register of Wills with known shall enter their
SALE a copy to the undersigned, on appearance in this proceed- 2. Foreign $ 60 per insertion $ 180.00 per 3 weeks
DONATION rifice $975. Can deliver. or before November 13,
2011, or be forever barred.
ing. Objections to such
appointment shall be filed d. Escheated Estates $ 60 per insertion $ 360.00 per 6 weeks
Call Bill 301-841-7565 Persons believed to be heirs with the Register of Wills, e. Standard Probates
DONATE VEHICLE: HOMEOWNERS or legatees of the decedent D.C., 515 5th Street, N.W., $ 125.00
who do not receive a copy of 3rd Floor Washington, D.C.
Receive $1000 GRO- WANTED! Kayak
CERY COUPONS, HEALTH/ Pools looking for Demo
this notice by mail within 25
days of its first publication
20001, on or before Novem-
ber 13, 2011. Claims against CIVIL NOTICES
Your Choice, NOAH’S FITNESS/ homesites to display
shall so inform the Register
of Wills, including name, ad-
the decedent shall be pre-
sented to the undersigned
ARC, NO KILL Animal BEAUTY new dress and relationship. with a copy to the Register of a. Name Changes 202-879-1133 $ 80.00
Date of Publication: Wills or filed with the Register
Shelters. Advanced maintenance-free Kayak May 13, 2011 of Wills with a copy to the b. Real Property $ 200.00
Veterinary Treatments. Taking Viagra? Save pools. Save thousands of
Name of newspaper: undersigned, on or before
Afro-American November 13, 2011, or be
Free Towing, IRS over $500! 40x (100mg) $$. Unique opportunity! Washington Law forever barred. Persons be-
TAX DEDUCTION. Pills for Only $99.00. 100% financing avail-
Rachel Randolph
lieved to be heirs or legatees
of the decedent who do not FAMILY COURT
Non-runners 1-866-912- Call now 1-888-782- able. 1-877-377-7665. Personal receive a copy of this notice
GIVE Representative by mail within 25 days of its 202-879-1212
5120. No Prescription website: info@kayak- 614-920-0279 first publication shall so in-
Needed!!! Other Meds TRUE TEST COPY form the Register of Wills,
DONATE YOUR Available Credit or
WILLS 11:29:54 EDT address
including name, 2011 and DOMESTIC RELATIONS
5/13, 5/20, 5/27 relationship.
VEHICLE RECEIVE Debit Required. www. Date of Publication: 202-879-0157
May 13, 2011
Name of newspaper:
VOUCHER. UNITED isfaction Guaranteed.!!! the District of Afro-American a. Absent Defendant $ 150.00
BREAST CANCER District of Columbia Washington Law
b. Absolute Divorce $ 150.00
FOUNDATION Free Washington, D.C. Erik Randolph c. Custody Divorce $ 150.00
Mammograms, Breast HELP WANTED PY – Learn fast, earn 20001-2131
Tony Randolph
Cancer Info www.ubcf. fast. Financial aid if Administration No. Representative
info FREE Towing, qualified. A new career 2011ADM403 202-316-1221
To place your ad, call 1-800-237-6892, ext. 262
Drivers - CDL-A Betty J. Heath 240-672-4956
Tax Deductible, Non- is at your fingertips. Call Public Notices $50.00 & up depending on size
Runners Accepted, Centura College 877- NOTICE OF TYPESET:OFTue
REGISTER WILLSMay 10 11:31:12 EDT 2011
OTR, Regional & Dedi- APPOINTMENT,
5/13, 5/20, 5/27 Baltimore Legal Notices are $24.15 per inch.
1-888-468-5964 cated Runs 206-3353 There is no flat rate — 1-800 (AFRO) 892
Up to 50¢ per mile Class CREDITORS Superior Court of For Proof of Publication, please call 1-800-237-6892, ext. 244
the District of
District of Columbia
TRUCKS, RV’S. 800-942-2104 Ext. 238 TYPESET:
Tue May 10 11:31:38 Tue2011
May 10 11:33:56
NOTICES TYPESET: Tue May 10 11:34:23
LUTHERAN MISSION or 243 is 9314 Fairhaven Avenue, Washington, D.C.
Upper Marlboro, Maryland
SOCIETY. Your dona- 2.8 Million Eyes will 20772 was appointed per-
20001-2131 Superior Court of
Administration No. SUPERIOR COURT OF Superior Court of Superior Court of
tion helps local families read your ad - 5 days sonal representative of the
the District of
the District of
estate of Betty J. Heath, who 2011ADM362 the District of District of Columbia
with food, clothing, per week - Monday died on April 9, 2011 with a Amanda G. Sellers COLUMBIA District of Columbia District of Columbia
shelter. Tax deduct- HELP WANTED- thru Friday in the will, and will serve without aka PROBATE DIVISION PROBATE DIVISION Washington, D.C. PROBATE DIVISION
ible. MVA licensed.
Court supervision. All un- Amanda Sellers Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C.
DRIVERS DAILY CLASSIFIED known heirs and heirs whose Decedent 20001-2131
Washington, D.C. 20001-2131
LutheranMissionSoci- CONNECTION for whereabouts are unknown
NOTICE OF Administration No. 20001-2131 Administration No.
Administration No.
shall enter their appearance Administration No. 2010ADM1156 410-636-0123 TRUCK DRIVERS just $199 per day. Join in this proceeding. Objec- APPOINTMENT, 2011ADM395 Umar Hassan Yusuf 2011ADM367
NOTICE TO Estate of 2011ADM380
or toll-free 1-877-737- WANTED! the exclusive members tions to such appointment (or
Gerda S. Buttinelli Decedent Vivien M. Rowan
to the probate of decedent´s CREDITORS Cornelia R. Spurgeon Decedent
8567. 2011 PAY RAISE! UP of this network today! will) shall be filed with the AND NOTICE TO Deceased Decedent NOTICE OF
Harold Krauthamer,
TO $.52 PER MILE! Place your ad in 14 MA- Register of Wills, D.C., 515 UNKNOWN HEIRS NOTICE OF 2801 New Mexico Ave NOTICE TO Krauthamer & Stahl,
5th Street, N.W., 3rd Floor
JOR DAILY NEWS- Jackie Sellers and Cherly STANDARD NW #620 Charterd
HOME WEEKENDS! Washington, D.C. 20001, on Sellers, whose address is PROBATE Washington DC 20007
PAPERS in Maryland, 5530 Wisconsin Ave.
or before November 13,
2011. Claims against the de-
5814 Ruatan Street, College
Park, 20740 were appointed
Notice is hereby given that a Attorney
OPPORTUNITY EFITS! Delaware and DC. Call cedent shall be presented to personal representative(s) of
petition has been filed in this
NOTICE OF Mame Diarra Cisse, whose Chevy Chase, MD
Court by Karen Spurgeon for
NEW EQUIPMENT! 410-721-4000x19 or the undersigned with a copy
to the Register of Wills or filed
the estate of Amanda G. Sell- standard probate, including APPOINTMENT, address is 6733 New Hamp- 20815
ers aka Amanda Sellers, who shire Avenue, #312, Takoma
HEARTLAND EX- visit our website: www. with the Register of Wills with died on February 22, 2011
the appointment of one or NOTICE TO Park MD 20912 was ap-
more personal representa- NOTICE OF
With One phone call, a copy to the undersigned, on CREDITORS
PRESS 1-800-441-4953 or before November 13,
with a will, and will serve with-
out Court supervision. All un-
tive. Unless a complaint or an
pointed personal repre-
sentative of the estate of APPOINTMENT,
one bill, one ad place- www.heartlandexpress. 2011, or be forever barred. objection in accordance with
known heirs and heirs whose Superior Court Probate Di- UNKNOWN HEIRS Umar Hassan Yusuf, who
ment - Reach 4.1 mil- com VACATION Persons believed to be heirs
or legatees of the decedent
whereabouts are unknown vision Rule 407 is filed in this Agostino S. Buttinelli Sr, died on December 14, 2009 CREDITORS
shall enter their appearance without a will, and will serve
lion readers in 83 daily RENTALS who do not receive a copy of in this proceeding. Objec-
Court within 30 days from the
date of first publication of this
whose address is 2801 New
without Court supervision.
Mexico Avenue NW, #602, UNKNOWN HEIRS
and weekly newspapers HOMES FOR
this notice by mail within 25
days of its first publication
tions to such appointment (or notice, the Court may take Washington DC 20007 was
All unknown heirs and heirs
Jeffrey L. Rowan, whose ad-
to the probate of decedent´s whose whereabouts are un-
for just $1450.00 per OCEAN CITY, the action hereinafter set appointed personal repre- dress is 3251-C Sutton
SALE shall so inform the Register
of Wills, including name, ad-
will) shall be filed with the forth.
sentative of the estate of
known shall enter their
Place, NW, Washington DC
ad. Get regional and lo- MARYLAND. Best dress and relationship.
Register of Wills, D.C., 515 0
Admit to probate the copy of
Gerda S. Buttinelli, who died
appearance in this proceed-
20016 was appointed per-
5th Street, N.W., 3rd Floor ing. Objections to such
cal exposure at one time Active Adult Commu- selection of affordable Date of Publication: Washington, D.C. 20001, on
the will dated May 22, 1992
exhibited with the petition on January 19, 2011 with a appointment shall be filed sonal representative of the
May 13, 2011 estate of Vivien M. Rowan,
in Maryland, Delaware nity (55 Plus) in Beauti- rentals. Full/ partial Name of newspaper:
or before November 13, upon proof satisfactory to the will, and will serve without with the Register of Wills,
who died on March 26, 2011
2011. Claims against the de- Court supervision. All un- D.C., 515 5th Street, N.W.,
and DC. Call today! ful, Historic Smyrna, weeks. Call for FREE Afro-American cedent shall be presented to
Court of due execution by af-
fidavit of witnesses or other- known heirs and heirs whose 3rd Floor Washington, D.C. with a will, and will serve with-
Washington Law
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the undersigned with a copy wise whereabouts are unknown 20001, on or before Novem-
ber 6, 2011. Claims against
out Court supervision. All un-
known heirs and heirs whose
to the Register of Wills or filed in the absence of a will or shall enter their appearance
and local exposure. Call Holiday Real Estate.
Linda Laws
Home Development Personal
with the Register of Wills with proof satisfactory to the in this proceeding. Objec- the decedent shall be pre- whereabouts are unknown
410-721-4000x19. For near beaches & bay 1-800-638-2102. Online Representative
a copy to the undersigned, on
or before November 13,
Court of due execution, enter tions to such appointment (or
sented to the undersigned
with a copy to the Register
shall enter their appearance
in this proceeding. Objec-
an order determining that the
just $17.47 per newspa- areas. Purchase prices reservations: www. 301-801-4839 2011, or be forever barred. decedent died intestate
to the probate of decedent´s of Wills or filed with the Reg- tions to such appointment (or
TRUE TEST COPY will) shall be filed with the
per get the advertising from $99,900. CALL TYPESET:OFTue
Persons believed to be heirs
or legateesEDT of the2011
appoint an unsupervised
Register of Wills, D.C., 515
ister of Wills with a copy to
the undersigned, on or be-
to the probate of decedent´s
personal representative will) shall be filed with the
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5/13, 5/20, 5/27 who do not receive a copy of Register of Wills 5th Street, N.W., 3rd Floor fore November 6, 2011, or Register of Wills, D.C., 515
Washington, D.C. 20001, on
for! Visit our website- www.bonayrehomes. WATERFRONT this notice by mail within 25
days of its first publication
Clerk of the
or before November 6, 2011.
be forever barred. Persons
believed to be heirs or
5th Street, N.W., 3rd Floor
Superior Court of Probate Division Washington, D.C. 20001, on com PROPERTIES the District of
shall so inform the Register Date of First Publication Claims against the decedent legatees of the decedent
who do not receive a copy
or before November 6, 2011.
Place your ad today District of Columbia
of Wills, including name, ad-
dress and relationship.
May 13, 2011 shall be presented to the
of this notice by mail within
Claims against the decedent
Names of Newspapers: undersigned with a copy to shall be presented to the
LEGAL Spectacular Water- PROBATE DIVISION Date of Publication: Washington Law the Register of Wills or filed 25 days of its first publica- undersigned with a copy to
front Properties: Once Washington, D.C. May 13, 2011 Reporter tion shall so inform the Reg- the Register of Wills or filed
CAMP- SERVICES 20001-2131 Name of newspaper: Washington
with the Register of Wills with
a copy to the undersigned, on
ister of Wills, including with the Register of Wills with
in a lifetime opportunity Administration No. Afro-American AFRO-AMERICAN name, address and relation- a copy to the undersigned, on
GROUNDS awaits at 2 of the finest 2011ADM411
Washington Law Michael R. McCarthy,
or before November 6, 2011
or be forever barred. Persons
ship. or before November 6, 2011,
BANKRUPTCY Reporter Esq. of Rosenau & Date of Publication:
or be forever barred. Persons
Lake Somerset Camp waterfrontcommunities Sharon Y. Leonard believed to be heirs or May 6, 2011
Jackie Sellers
Cheryl Sellers
legatees of the decedent who Name of newspaper:
believed to be heirs or
Ground, Maryland SURES on Virginia’s Eastern NOTICE OF Personal
1304 Rhode Island Ave
NW, DC 20005 do not receive a copy of this Afro-American legatees of the decedent who
do not receive a copy of this
Eastern Shore. Leave STOP GARNISH- Shore. Now under new APPOINTMENT, Representative 202-387-8680 notice by mail within 25 days Washington Law
notice by mail within 25 days
202-669-6297 of its first publication shall so Reporter
your RV on site all year. MENTS ownership, you can find NOTICE TO
Signature of
Petitioners/Attorney inform the Register of Wills, Mame Diarra Cisse of its first publication shall so
CREDITORS inform the Register of Wills,
$1500 includes water, STOP REPOSSES- the vacation property of AND NOTICE TO
REGISTER OF WILLS 5/13, 5/20 including name, address and Personal
including name, address and
5/13, 5/20, 5/27 Representative
electric & sewage. 3 SIONS your dreams at Corbin UNKNOWN HEIRS relationship.
240-706-2230 relationship.
Date of Publication: Date of Publication:
trailers on site for sale. STOP JUDGMENTS Hall or Olde Mill Pointe. Kiona M. Leonard, whose ad-
dress is 2908 30th Street, May 6, 2011
May 6, 2011
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email lakesomerset@ TION – variety of home sites was appointed personal re-
presentative of the estate of
Call... Afro-American
Washington Law
Washington Law Visit our The Cardinal Law Firm from water frontage Sharon Y. Leonard, who died
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known heirs and heirs whose
(301) 316-4455/(202) from lush forest to roll- whereabouts are unknown the AFRO 202-271-5908
EMPLOYMENT 547-0442 ing meadow land. Spend shall enter their appearance REGISTER OF WILLS REGISTER OF WILLS
in this proceeding. Objec-
time sailing, swimming, tions to such appointment 5/6, 5/13, 5/20 5/6, 5/13, 5/20
shall be filed with the Regis-
ter of Wills, D.C., 515 5th
Street, N.W., 3rd Floor
Washington, D.C. 20001, on
or before November 13,
Civil Action No. Magistrate Judge
(Signed inLoman
08-6085 L(RP) Decedent 4/29, 5/6, 5/13
Florence Ginwright, (Action Involving
whose address is 1710 D Real Property NOTICE OF
Street, SE Washington Bukfol, Inc. EXISTENCE OF
DC 20003, was ap- Plaintiff REVOCABLE
pointed personal repre- v.
sentative of the estate of Havilah Real Property Ser-
James Edward Wood, v i c e s , L L C ; V L K , L L C ;
Lena Celeste Loman (name
of deceased settlor) whose
May 14, 2011 - May 20, 2011, The Afro-American B9
Fabco Investment Corp. address was 517 Fern Place,
TYPESET: Tue May 10 11:34:50 TYPESET: EDT Tue 2011
May 10 who died EDT
11:36:13 on March2011 21, ;Mayor and Attorney Gen- TYPESET: Wed May 11 09:48:49
a Will. All eral LEGAL of theNOTICES
District of
NW, Washington DC 20012
created NOTICES
a revocable trust on TYPESET: Tue May 10 11:32:31
unknown heirs and heirs Columbia; July 28, 1989, which re-
Superior Court of whose whereabouts are All unknown owners of the mained in existence on the
Superior Court of Superior Court of
the District of unknown shall enter their property described below, date of her death on October DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA WATER AND SEWER AUTHORITY
the District of their heirs, devisees,per- 9, 2010, and Lillian L. the District of
District of Columbia appearance in this REQUEST FOR BIDS
District of Columbia
PROBATE DIVISION proceeding. Objections sonal representatives, Barnes, whose address is
INVITATION NO. 110050 District of Columbia
PROBATE DIVISION executors, administrators, 9417 Utica Place,
Washington, D.C. to such appointment (or g r a n t e e s , a s s i g n s o r Springdale, Maryland 20774
Washington, D.C. ANACOSTIA RIVER PROJECTS Washington, D.C.
20001-2131 20001-2131 to the probate of de- successor sin right, title, is the currently acting trustee,
cedent´s will) shall be interest and any and all hereinafter the Trustee. DIVISION C, CSO-019 OVERFLOW AND DIVERSION STRUCTURES 20001-2131
Administration No. Administration No. Communications to the trust Administration No.
2011ADM379 2011352 filed with the Register of p e r s o n s h a v i n g o r
Wills, D.C., 515 5th claiming to have any inter- should be mailed or directed The District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority (DC Water) is soliciting bids for 2011ADM385
Willie Winthrop Stark, Gladys A. Bettis est inthe leasehold or fee to Cheryl Chapman Hender- Invitation No. 110050: Division C, CSO-019 Overflow and Diversion Structures. This James B. Lancaster Sr.
Jr Decedent Street, N.W., 3rd Floor simple in the Property de- son, Esq. at 4920 Niagara
Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C . is part of DC Clean Rivers Project for controlling Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) Decedent
Decedent Dena C. Feeney Esq scribed as Square 6153 Lot Road, Suite 200 College to the Anacostia River. NOTICE OF
NOTICE OF 1010 Wayne Avenue 20001, on or before 0 0 3 5 , m o r e c o m m o n l y Park, Maryland 20740.
O c t o b e r 2 9 , 2 0 11 . known as a vacant lotin the The Trust is subject to claims APPOINTMENT,
APPOINTMENT, Suite 220 The following listing enumerates the major items of work included in this contract: NOTICE TO
NOTICE TO Silver Spring MD Claims against the de- 200 block of Valley Avenue, of the deceased settlor’s
cedent shall be pre- SE,whose southwest creditors, costs of admin- CREDITORS
CREDITORS 20910 istration of the settlor ’s
Construction of a cast-in-place concrete Diversion Chamber over the existing AND NOTICE TO
AND NOTICE TO Attorney sented to the under- boundary lies 25 feet from estate, the expenses of the Northeast Boundary Trunk Sewer
UNKNOWN HEIRS NOTICE OF signed with a copy to the the northeast boundary of
229 Valley Avenue, SE, and deceased settlor’s funeral 0
Construction of a cast-in-place concrete Overflow Structure
Valerie Lancaster Beal,
Gail J. Stark, whose address APPOINTMENT, Register of Wills or filed whose northeast boundary and disposal of remains, and whose address is 220 River-
is 10105 Baltimore Avenue, NOTICE TO with the Register of Wills l i e s 2 5 f e e t f r o m t h e statutory allowances to a The project requires completion within 699 consecutive calendar days. side Blvd., Apt 38A New
#3207, College Park, MD
CREDITORS with a copy to the under- southwest boundary of 237 surviving spouse and chil- This project is estimated to cost between $25,000,000 and $35,000,000. York, NY 10069 was ap-
20740 was appointed per- signed, on or before Valley Avenue, SE,Wash- dren to the extent the de- pointed personal representa-
sonal representative of the AND NOTICE TO ceased settlor’s residuary
The date for receipt of bids is June 8, 2011.
estate of Willie Winthrop UNKNOWN HEIRS October 29, 2011, or be ington, DC probate estate is inadequate
tive of the estate of James B.
Defendants Lancaster, Sr. who died on
Stark, Jr., who died on March D o r i s H a n f o r d a n d forever barred. Persons ORDER OF to satisfy those claims, costs, This project may be funded in part by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency
January 7, 2011 with a will,
13, 2011 without a will, and Wanda Brownlee, whose believed to be heirs or PUBLICATION expenses, and allowances. (EPA). A Fair Share Objective for Minority and Women´s Business Enterprises and will serve without Court
will serve without Court su- address are 754 Ken- legatees of the decedent In accordance with D.C. Claims of the deceased set- participation in this work of 32% and 6%, respectively, has been established. The supervision. All unknown
pervision. All unknown heirs
nedy Street NE, who do not receive a Code §47-1375, the object of tlor’s creditors are barred as program requirements are fully defined in USEPA´s Participation by Disadvantaged heirs and heirs whose
a n d h e i r s w h o s e
Washington DC 20011, copy of this notice by mail this proceeding is to secure
against the Trustee and the Enterprises in Procurement under EPA Financial Assistant Agreements - May 27, whereabouts are unknown
whereabouts are unknown trust property unless pre- 2008.”
and 10919 Jarboe Ave- within 25 days of its first the foreclosure of the right of
shall enter their appearance
shall enter their appearance redemption in the following sented to the Trustee at the in this proceeding. Objec-
in this proceeding. Objec- nue, Silver Spring MD publication shall so in- real property, located in the address provided herein on The Davis-Bacon wage determinations shall apply. tions to such appointment (or
tions to such appointment (or 20902, respectively were form the Register of District of Columbia and sold or before November 13, 2011 to the probate of decedent´s
to the probate of decedent´s appointed personal re- Wills, including name, by the Mayor to the Plaintiff in 6 months after the date of the
DC Water Owner Controlled Insurance Program will provide insurance. will) shall be filed with the
will) shall be filed with the
presentative(s) of the address and relation- this action, described as first publication of this no- Register of Wills, D.C., 515
Register of Wills, D.C., 515 tice). An action to contest the
5th Street, N.W., 3rd Floor estate of Gladys A. Bet- ship. Square 6153 Lot 0035 and
validity of this trust must be Bid documents are available at the Department of Procurement, 5000 Overlook
5th Street, N.W., 3rd Floor
tis, who died on October Date of Publication: assessed to Havilah Real Washington, D.C. 20001, on
Washington, D.C. 20001, on commenced by the earliest of Avenue, SW, Washington, D.C. 20032. Sets of Bidding Documents can be procured or before November 13,
or before November 6, 2011. 25, 2010 with a will, and April 29, 2011 Property Services, LLC,
which property is known as a (1) Octomber 9, 2011 (one for a non-refundable $150 purchase price each, payable to DC Water. Payment must 2011. Claims against the de-
Claims against the decedent will serve (with, without) Name of newspaper: year from date of death of the be in the form of a money order, certified check or a company check. Documents cedent shall be presented to
vacant lot in the 200 block of
shall be presented to the Court supervision. All un- Afro-American Valley Avenue, SE, whose deceased settler) or (2) can be shipped to Bidders providing a Federal Express account number. the undersigned with a copy
undersigned with a copy to
the Register of Wills or filed
known heirs and heirs Washington Law southwest boundary lies 25 N o v e m b e r 1 3 , 2 0 11 ( 6 to the Register of Wills or filed
Reporter months from the date of first with the Register of Wills with
with the Register of Wills with whose whereabouts are feet from the northeast
publication of this notice) or The DC Water Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant is a secured
unknown shall enter their Florence Ginwright boundary of 229 Valley Ave- facility. Persons intending to pick-up Bidding Documents are to contact the Depart- a copy to the undersigned, on
a copy to the undersigned, on (3) ninety days after the or before November 13,
or before November 6, 2011, appearance in this Personal n u e , S E , a n d w h o s e Trustee sends the person a ment of Procurement at 202-787-2020 for access authorization. 2011, or be forever barred.
or be forever barred. Persons proceeding. Objections Representative northeast boundary lies 25 copy of the trust instrument Persons believed to be heirs
believed to be heirs or to such appointment (or 301-341-5577 feet from the southwest and a notice informing the For procurement information contact Mr. Carlo Enciso; email carlo.enciso@dcwater. or legatees of the decedent
boundary of 237 Valley Ave-
legatees of the decedent who to the probate of de- TRUE TEST COPY nue, SE, Washington, DC.
person of the trust’s exis- com, (voice 202-787-2029). who do not receive a copy of
do not receive a copy of this
cedent´s will) shall be TYPESET: OF
May 10 11:37:56
The complaint EDT 2011
states, among
tence, the Trustee’s name this notice by mail within 25
notice by mail within 25 days 4/29, 5/6, 5/13 o t h e r t h i n g s , t h a t t h e and address, and the time al- For technical information contact: days of its first publication
of its first publication shall so filed with the Register of lowed for commencing a
amounts necessary for re- shall so inform the Register
inform the Register of Wills, Wills, D.C., 515 5th proceeding. of Wills, including name, ad-
including name, address and Street, N.W., 3rd Floor SUPERIOR COURT OF demption have not been The Trustee may proceed to
View DC Water website at for current and up coming solicitations.
paid. dress and relationship.
relationship. Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C . THE DISTRICT OF Pursuant to the Chief
distribute the trust property in Date of Publication:
Date of Publication: 20001, on or before COLUMBIA accordance with the terms of May 13, 2011
May 6, 2011 Judge´s Administrative Or-
O c t o b e r 2 9 , 2 0 11 . PROBATE DIVISION the trust before the expiration
Concrete General, Inc. is seeking MBE Name of newspaper:

der Number 02-11, it is this

Name of newspaper: of the time within which an Afro-American
Claims against the de- Washington, D.C. 19th day of April, 2011,
Washington Law cedent shall be pre- 20001-2131 ORDERED by the Superior
action must be commenced
unless the Trustee knows of
subcontractors & suppliers who perform Washington Law
Reporter sented to the under- Foreign No. Court of the District of Colum-
bia that notice be given by
a pending judicial proceeding various types of work relating to highway, Valerie Lancaster Beal
Gail J. Stark signed with a copy to the 2011FEP52 contesting the validity of the
Personal Register of Wills or filed Date of Death
insertion of a copy of this Or- trust or the Trustee has re- bridge, & utility construction in the Mary- Personal
der in the Washington Afro-
with the Register of Wills December 31, 2010 American, having a general
ceived notice from a potential
contestant who thereafter land area. Call Mark Miller 301-948-4450. TRUE TEST COPY
with a copy to the under- Lawrence Amman
signed, on or before Decedent
circulation in the District of commences a judicial EEO REGISTER OF WILLS
TYPESET: Tue May 10 11:35:18 EDT 2011
REGISTER OF WILLS Columbia, once a week for proceeding within sixty days 5/13, 5/20, 5/27
5/6, 5/13, 5/20 October 29, 2011, or be NOTICE OF three successive weeks, no- after notification.
forever barred. Persons APPOINTMENT tifying all persons interested This Notice must be mailed
OF FOREIGN in the real property described
believed to be heirs or postmarked within 15 days of
Superior Court of PERSONAL
above to appear in this court its first publication to each
the District of
legatees of the decedent by the 29th day of June, heir and qualified beneficiary
who do not receive a REPRESENTATIVE 2011, and redeem the real
District of Columbia copy of this notice by mail AND property by payment of
of the trust and any other per-
PROBATE DIVISION son who would be an
within 25 days of its first NOTICE TO $1,056.40, together with in- interested person within the
Washington, D.C. publication shall so in- CREDITORS terest from the date the real

To advertise
meaningof D.C. Code, sec.
20001-2131 form the Register of Mary K. Robitaille whose ad- property tax certificate was 20-101(d)
Administration No. Wills, including name, dress is 10860 Bucknell purchased; court costs; rea- Date of Publication:
2011ADM383 Drive, #201, Silver Spring, sonable attorney´s fees; ex-
address and relation- MD 20902 was appointed penses incurred in the pub- May 13, 2011
Bessie S. Page ship. Name of newspaper:
Decedent personal representative of l i c a t i o n a n d s e r v i c e o f Afro-American
Date of Publication:

in the
the estate of Lawrence Am- process; reasonable fees for Washington Law
Attorney April 29, 2011 man, deceased, by the Or- title search; all other amounts Reporter
NOTICE OF Name of newspaper: phan’s Court for Montgomery paid by Plaintiff in accor- Lillian L. Barnes
APPOINTMENT, Afro-American County, State of Maryland, dance with the provisions of Personal
NOTICE TO Washington Law on March 14, 2011. TYPESET:
D.C. Code §§Tue 47-1361Mayand 10 11:32:04 EDT 2011
CREDITORS Service of process may be 47-1377 (2001 ed.), and all TRUE TEST COPY

Reporter made upon Robert Chuey II, outstanding municipal lien
AND NOTICE TO Doris Hanford 426 N Street, NW, Unit B, amounts due and owing on REGISTER OF WILLS
UNKNOWN HEIRS Wanda Brownlee Wa s h i n g t o n D C 2 0 0 0 1 theSuperior Court ofreal
aforementioned 5/13, 5/20, 5/27
Kelvin Page, whose address
Personal whose designation as District property the- or
answer of the com-
is 1039 Higgins Way Hyatts- TYPESET: Tue
Representative of Columbia agent has been plaint,
May 10 11:39:03
District EDT 2011a final
of Columbia
or, thereafter,
ville MD 20782, was ap-

filed with the Register of judgment will


pointed personal representa- 202-635-1762 foreclosing the right of re-
Wills, D.C. Washington, D.C.
tive of the estate of Bessie S. 301-592-9091 The decedent owned District demption in the real property
Page, who died on January TRUE TEST COPY SUPERIOR COURT OF 20001-2131
of Columbia
THE personal
DISTRICT OF prop- and vesting in the Plaintiff a

5, 2011 without a will, and will REGISTER OF WILLS

serve without Court supervi- TYPESET: Tue May 10 11:36:40 EDT 2011 sen- titleAdministration
erty. (Strike
COLUMBIApreceding in fee simple. No.
sion. All unknown heirs and 4/29, 5/6, 5/13 tence if
CIVIL no personal
DIVISION prop- 2011NRT12 J.E. Beshouri
Lena Celeste Loman

erty).Civil Action No. Magistrate Judge
heirs whose whereabouts
are unknown shall enter their Claims TYPESET:
the decedent Decedent
08-6085 (SignedTue May 10
in chambers) 11:39:44 EDT 2011
Superior Court of may be presented to the 4/29, 5/6, 5/13
appearance in this proceed- the District of
(Action Involving NOTICE OF
undersigned and filed with
Real Property
ing. Objections to such
District of Columbia the Register of Wills for the
appointment (or to the pro- Bukfol, Inc. INREVOCABLE
bate of decedent´s will) shall PROBATE DIVISION District of Columbia, 500 In-
be filed with the Register of Washington, D.C. v.d i a n a A v e n u e , N . W . ,
Havilah D.C. 20001
Real Property Ser- LenaOF WASHINGTON
Celeste Loman (name
Wills, D.C., 515 5th Street, 20001-2131 of deceased IN AND FOR whose
N.W., 3rd Floor Washington, Administration No. vwithin
i c e s ,6 months
L L C ; V from
L K , the
L Ldate
of first publication
Fabco Investmentof Corp.this no- address was 517 Fern Place,

Strictly Personal
D.C. 20001, on or before 2011ADM327 NW,INWashington
November 6, 2011. Claims tice. (Strike
;Mayor precedingGen-
and Attorney sen-
Baby Boy Yarborough
against the decedent shall be Alonzo Ware tenceof
eral if no
estate.) of created a revocable
aka, 28, 1989, which re-
trust on
Decedent Columbia; Mary K. Robitaille July
presented to the under- JourneyinChristian
mained existence on the
signed with a copy to the Attorney Personal Representative(s)
All unknown owners of the Yarborough,
date of her death on October
property described 301-649-1860
Register of Wills or filed with NOTICE OF person underandthe
Pen Pals
their heirs, TRUE TEST COPY
devisees,per- 9, 2010, Lillian L.
the Register of Wills with a APPOINTMENT, age of eighteen.
copy to the undersigned, on NOTICE TO
Date of firstadministrators,
executors, publication:
Barnes, whose address is
9 4 1 7No.11-5-00019-6
or before November 6, 2011, SUMMONS AND
or be forever barred. Persons CREDITORS gMay
r a n 6,
t e 2011
es, assigns or Springdale,
Maryland 20774
BY trustee, KNOW...
AND NOTICE TO Name of newspapers
successor sin right, and/or
title, is the currently acting
believed to be heirs or PUBLICATION
Truthful man seeking spiritual pen
hereinafter the Trustee.
legatees of the decedent who
do not receive a copy of this
Ruby L Willis, whose ad-
erso Daily
and any and all
n s Washington
h a v i n g o rLaw
to AND
should be mailed or directed
pals. Womb my emanation. Law
Reporterto have any inter-
notice by mail within 25 days dress is 1921 Lawrence Theinthe
to Cheryl Chapman Hender- OF
est leasehold or fee
of its first publication shall so Street NE, Washington TYPESET:
Newspaper Tue Mayde-10 11:38:26
son, Esq. EDT
at 49202011 Niagara
is unification. Breath, knowledge
inform the Register of Wills, simple in the Property RELATIONSHIP
including name, address and
DC 20018 was appointed scribed as Square 5/6, 6153
5/13, Lot
5/20 Road, Suite 200 College
To: Christopher
Park, Maryland 20740. Jenkins:
personal representative 0035,more commonly
and consciousness! William Pig-
relationship. There
The hasisbeen
Trust subject filedtowith the
Date of Publication: of the estate of Alonzo known as a vacant
Superior Courtlotin
ofthe Clerk of the Skagit County
200 block of the deceased settlor’s
May 6, 2011 Ware, who died on Feb- theof Valley Avenue,
District of Superior Court, costsa of Petition for
gie, P.O. Box 565, Pittsboro, N.C.
SE,whose southwest creditors, admin-
Name of newspaper: ruary 5, 2011 without a Districtlies of Columbia Termination
istration of ofthethesettlor Parent- ’s
Afro-American boundary 25 feet from Child Relationship,
will, and will serve with- thePROBATE DIVISIONof estate, the expensespraying of the
Washington Law
out Court supervision. All
northeast boundary
229 Valley Avenue, SE, D.C. and
that the parent/child
and betweenofthe
settlor’s relation-
father and
remains, and
unknown heirs and heirs 20001-2131
whose northeast boundary
Kelvin W. Page
Personal whose whereabouts are lies 2 5 f e e t f r o mNo.
Administration the
the above-named
surviving spouse and chil-
children to be a ---
Representative unknown shall enter their southwest boundary of 237
2011ADM356 You are
dren to hereby
the extent summoned the de- to
301-559-1179 appearance in this Valley Avenue, SE,Wash- appear on the 3rdresiduary
of June,
ington, Williams ceased settlor’s

Lonesome Hearts -
TRUE TEST COPY proceeding. Objections 2011, atestate 9:00isa.m. at the
REGISTER OFTue May 10 11:35:45 Decedent probate inadequate
to such EDT 2011
WILLS Defendants Skagit County Superior
appointment SandyORDERV. Lee OF to satisfy those claims, costs,
5/6, 5/13, 5/20 Court, 205and W. Kincaid Street,
shall be filed with the 4701PUBLICATION
Melbourne Place expenses, allowances.

Pen Pals
Mount of
Claims Vernon, Washington,
the deceased set-
Register of Wills, D.C., College
In Park MD
accordance with D.C. roomcreditorsnumberaretobarred be an-
Superior Court of
515 5th Street, N.W., 3rd tlor’s as
the District of 20740
Code §47-1375, the object of nounced,
against theand defendand
Trustee against
District of Columbia Floor Washington, D.C. this proceeding
Attorney is to secure the above-entitled
trust property unless action,pre-an-
Washington, D.C.
20001, on or before
O c t o b e r 2 9 , 2 0 11 .
the foreclosure
NOTICE of the
OFright of
redemption in the following
swer the
serve a copy
to the Petitioner,
Trustee at and
of your
To have a notice published in the
APPOINTMENT, address provided herein on
Administration No.
Claims against the de-
cedent shall be pre-
real property,
District of
located in the
ColumbiaTO and sold
or before
the date at
13, 2011at-
of the
Strictly Personal Section, write the
message you want printed in the
2011ADM313 by the Mayor to the Plaintiff in office listed below.
first publication of this no-
Lillian C. Smith sented to the under- this AND NOTICE
action, describedTO as If youAn failaction
to doto so, judgment
tice). contest the
Decedent signed with a copy to the Square 6153 Lot HEIRS
UNKNOWN 0035 and may be of rendered against
must you
Charles E. Walton Esq
10905 Fort Washington
Register of Wills or filed assessed
Ruth Williams-Lee,
to Havilah whose Real
according tobythe
this trust
earliest of of space below. Enclose ten dollars
with the Register of Wills address Services, is 912 Othman LLC, the Octomber
Petition. 9, 2011 (one
($10.00), check or money order for
Suite 201 which
Drive,property is known asMD
Ft. Washington a The fromchild date
was of born February
Fort Washington MD with a copy to the under- year death of the
20744 lot in the
was 200 blockper-
appointed of 26, 2011. settler) or (2)
signed, on or before
Attorney October 29, 2011, or be
sonal Avenue,
estate of boundary
SE, whose
Rufus Williams,
of the
lies 25
NTheo v echild´s
m b e r mother
ricia E. Yarborough.
1 3 , 2is
from the date of first
0 11 (6 25 words. NO CASH PLEASE.
Additional words will cost 50 cents
forever barred. Persons feet
who from died on theSeptember
northeast5, YOUR FAILURE
publication of this notice) or TO
APPOINTMENT, believed to be heirs or boundary of 229 Valley
NOTICE TO CREDITORS 2010 with a will, andAve- will APPEAR
(3) ninetyATdays THE after the

legatees of the decedent nserve
u e , without
S E , aCourt n d wsupervi-hose HEARING
Trustee sendsMAYthe RESULT
person a
AND NOTICE TO northeast boundaryheirs lies and 25 IN A DEFAUL ORDER
UNKNOWN HEIRS who do not receive a sion. All unknown copy of the trust instrument
heirsfrom whose the whereabouts
Lutheran Smith, Reginald L. copy of this notice by mail boundary of 237 Valley
and a notice informing the
Smith, Sr., Yvonne Makell, & are unknown shall enterAve- their TERMINATING
person of the trust’sALL YOUR exis-
within 25 days of its first nue, SE, Washington, DC. RIGHTS
Barbara Ballen whose ad- appearance in this proceed- tence, theTO THE ABOVE-
Trustee’s name
dress(es) are Lutheran Smith
publication shall so in- The complaint
ing. Objections to such states, among NAMED CHILD.
and address, and the time al-
11916 Crestwood Ave South form the Register of oappointment
t h e r t h i n g (or s , tot h athe t tpro-
he Any non-consenting
lowed for commencing parent a
Brandywine, MD 20613, Wills, including name, amounts necessarywill)
bate of decedent´s for shall
re- has a right to be represented
Reginald L. Smith Sr. 12707 address and relation- demption
be filed with have not beenof
the Register by an attorney,
The Trustee may proceed to and an at-
Woodbridge Ct Bowie, MD paid.
Wills, D.C., 515 5th Street, torney will thebe appointed
ship. PN.W.,
u r s u3rd a n tFloor
t o tWashington,
he Chief
an indigent parent
who so re-
20721-4243, Yvonne Makell accordance with the terms of
6607 Oak Orchard Ct Clin-
Date of Publication: Judge´s Administrative Or- quests.
D.C. 20001, on or before the trust before the expiration
ton, MD 20735, Barbara Bal- April 29, 2011 der
November 6, Claims
Number 02-11, is this You
of theare timefurther
within notified
which thatan
len 2869 Forest Down, Madi- Name of newspaper: 19th
against daythe of April,
decedent 2011,shall be your failure
action must to befile a claim of
s o n , W I 5 3 7 11 , w e r e Afro-American ORDERED
presented by to thetheSuperior
under- paternity within
unless the Trustee knows 30 days of of
appointed personal repre- Washington Law Court
signed of the
with District
a copy of Colum-to the athe first publication
pending of this no-
judicial proceeding
sentative(s) of the estate of bia that notice
Register of Wills beorgiven
filed with by tice or to respond to theofPeti-
Lillian C. Smith, who died on Reporter insertion of a copy of this Or-a
contesting the validity the
the Register of Wills with tionerorwithin
trust 30 dayshas
the Trustee of re-
February 1, 2011 with a will, Ruby L. Willis der in to thetheWashington Afro- first publication of athis notice
copy undersigned, on ceived notice from potential
and will serve without Court Personal American,
or before November having a general 6, 2011, is grounds to terminate your
contestant who thereafter
supervision. All unknown Representative circulation
or be forever in barred.
the DistrictPersons of cparent/child
o m m e n c erelationship
s a j u d i cwith ial
heirs and heirs whose TRUE TEST COPY Columbia,
whereabouts are unknown believed once to be a week
heirs for or respect to the
proceeding withinchildren,
sixty daysand
REGISTER OF three successive weeks, who no- such relief will be requested
shall enter their appearance TYPESET:4/29, TueWILLS
May 10
5/6, 5/13
do notall
of the decedent
receive 2011
a copy of this
after notification.
at the
This courtmust
Notice hearing stated
be mailed To answer a Lonesome Heart
in this proceeding. Objec- innotice
the real by property
mail within described
25 days above.
postmarked within 15 days of
notice, enclose a check or money
tions to such appointment (or
of its firstto appear
publication in this court
shall so One
its method
first of filingto
publication your
to the probate of decedent´s
byinform the RegisterofofJune,
the 29th day Wills, sponseand and servicing a copy
will) shall be filed with the Superior Court of heir qualified beneficiary
Register of Wills, D.C., 515
5th Street, N.W., 3rd Floor
the District of
by payment of
the real
address and ofthe
o nCertified
who w
and any
is other
o u lwith
to send
d bReturn
e an
order for $2.00 for each letter
District of Columbia
you wish to have forwarded. NO
Washington, D.C. 20001, on $1,056.40,
Date of Publication:together with in- Receipt Requested.
interested person within the
or before November 6, 2011. PROBATE DIVISION terest
May 6, from
2011 the date the real DATED thisD.C.
meaningof 18th Code,
day of April,
Washington, D.C. property tax certificate was 2011.
CASH PLEASE. Be sure to in-
Claims against the decedent Name of newspaper: 20-101(d)
shall be presented to the 20001-2131 purchased;
Afro-American court costs; rea- Date /s/ Richard M. Sybrandy
of Publication:
undersigned with a copy to Administration No. sonable
Washington Law fees; ex-
attorney´s May 13, 2011 RICHARD M.
the Register of Wills or filed
Reporter incurred in the pub-
l i c a t i o n aRuth n d sWilliams-Lee
ervice of
Name of newspaper: SYBRANDY - clude the fox number of the person
with the Register of Wills with Afro-AmericanWSBA #25114
you wish
EDT to contact.
James Edward Wood process; reasonablePersonal fees for TYPESET: Tue May 10 11:32:04 2011
a copy to the undersigned, on Washington Law Petitioners
Attorney for
or before November 6, 2011, Decedent title search; all Representative
other amounts Reporter 4/29, 5/6, 5/13
or be forever barred. Persons W. Alton Lewis Esq paid by Plaintiff in
301-203-0358 accor- Lillian L. Barnes REGISTER OF WILLS
believed to be heirs or 1450 Mercantile Lane dance
TRUEwith TEST theCOPY provisions of
Superior Court Personal
of 5/13, 5/20, 5/27
legatees of the decedent who
TYPESET:OFTue May and10 11:39:03 EDT 2011
All letters, queries and
Suite 155 D.C.
REGISTER Code §§ 47-1361
WILLS Representative
the District
do not receive a copy of this 47-1377 (20015/6, ed.), and5/20
5/13, all
notice by mail within 25 days Largo, MD 20774
outstanding municipal lien District of Columbia
of its first publication shall so foreclosing the right of re-
notices should be sent to:
amounts due and owing on PROBATE
inform the Register of Wills, NOTICE OF theSUPERIOR
aforementioned COURT real OF demption in theDIVISION
real property
including name, address and APPOINTMENT, property THE - orDISTRICT
answer the OF com- andWashington,
vesting in the Plaintiff D.C. a
NOTICE TO plaint, or,COLUMBIA thereafter, a final title in fee20001-2131
Date of Publication:
May 6, 2011
Name of newspaper:
judgment CIVIL will be entered
Civil Action No.
Magistrate Judge
J.E. Beshouri
2519 N. Charles Street
08-6085 L(RP) (Signed
Lena Celeste Loman in chambers)
Washington Law Florence Ginwright,
(Action Involving Decedent 4/29, 5/6, 5/13
Reporter Real Property NOTICE OF
Baltimore, MD 21218
Lutheran Smith whose address is 1710 D Bukfol, Inc.
Street, SE Washington Plaintiff
Reginald L.Smith
Yvonne Makell DC 20003, was ap- v. REVOCABLE
Barbara Ballen
Personal Representative(s)
pointed personal repre-
sentative of the estate of
Havilah Real Property Ser-
vices, LLC;VLK, LLC; Lena Celeste Loman (name
of deceased settlor) whose
301-292-8357 Fabco Investment Corp.
James Edward Wood,
REGISTER OF WILLS who died on March 21,
;Mayor and Attorney Gen-
eral of the District of
address was 517 Fern Place,
NW, Washington DC 20012
created a revocable trust on
5/6, 5/13, 5/20 1995 without a Will. All Columbia;
unknown heirs and heirs All unknown owners of the July 28, 1989, which re-
property described below, mained in existence on the
whose whereabouts are date of her death on October
unknown shall enter their their heirs, devisees,per-
sonal representatives, 9, 2010, and Lillian L.
appearance in this executors, administrators, Barnes, whose address is
proceeding. Objections grantees, assigns or 9417 Utica Place,
B10 The Afro-American, May 14, 2011 - May 14, 2011

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