Onward Appeal Rights - Panel Hearing Draft vs 0.8

Immigration Appeals Onward Appeal Rights (Legal Panel hearings).

Working Days Date of Service of AIT Determination Day 30 In country 10 days to apply and Out of Country 28 days Directs determination set aside, administartive error, orders a rehearing. File returned to AIT hearing centre for listing. 10 days for decision Grant AIT inform all parties. AIT forwards file to COA. (Application form for COA sent with refused decision to appellant)

Day 35

Permission to Appeal COA (via Tribunal) AIT inform other party

Day 45

Refuse AIT inform all parties 10 days to apply Apply Permission to Appeal (Court of Appeal) COA informs all parties?

Day 55?

COA list and informs AIT and all parties

Granted COA informs all parties

Refused COA informs all parties

Heard at Court of Appeal (Substantive Oral Hearing)

Oral application to COA for permission

Refused - COA infrom all parties. END Make any Decision the Tribunal could make COA informs all parties

Affirm the Tribunal's Decision COA informs all parties

Remit the appeal to the Tribunal COA informs all parties

Affirm, vary or give a section 87 direction COA informs all parties