or be eaten

Bulldog Bites
Tavern Tenders
Crispy battered chicken tenders tossed in your choice of mild, hot, suicide, teriyaki or BBQ sauce served with our homemade Bleu cheese dressing - 7.99

Pound PuPPies

Mini slider versions of our signature Blackie Burger and Pulled Pork sandwich as well as crispy Buffalo chicken tender topped with our homemade Bleu cheese dressing - 11.99

deeP Fried PiCkles

WiCked Good WinGs

Crispy wings flavored with your choice of mild, hot, suicide, teriyaki or BBQ sauce and served with our homemade Bleu cheese dressing. They are soo wicked good, try them plain! - 6.99

dill pickle chips hand cut to the perfect thickness, battered and fried. served with Blackie’s signature hot chili mayo - 7.99


doG Collars

Fried calamari tossed in garlic butter with hot cherry peppers - 8.99

sweet vidalia onions are lightly panko breaded and fried to a crisp then accompanied by our signature hot chili mayo sauce. They will have you saying o.M.G.! - 5.99


BulldoG naCho

White tortilla oozing with Cheddar Jack cheese served with sour cream, roasted corn salsa and guacamole - 5.99 add Chicken - 3.99 add Pulled Pork - 4.99 add skirt steak - 5.99

Tortilla chips smothered with chili, cheese, jalapeños, sour cream, roasted corn salsa and guacamole - 8.99

BlaCk & Tan Fried shriMP BuFFalo ChiCken diP

deep fried shrimp battered in stout and ale, served with a sweet and spicy chili dipping sauce - 9.99 a creamy blend of pulled buffalo chicken and cheese served bubbling hot with tortilla chips - 8.99


hand cut mozzarella with seasoned panko bread crumbs served atop our housemade marinara sauce - 5.99

unleashed atmosphere

Junkyard naCho

BesT oF BoTh Worlds

house roasted, tender pulled pork tops our tortilla chips with cheese, BBQ sauce, red onions, jalapeños, roasted corn salsa, guacamole and sour cream - 9.99

1/2 order of our hand cut fries and 1/2 order of our onion rings served wtih Blackie’s signature hot Chili Mayo - 4.99


“Ruff” idge
TaCo salad
Our crispy tortilla bowl is filled with shredded lettuce, warm seasoned beef, roasted corn salsa, kidney beans and white cheddar then drizzled with an avocado ranch dressing and topped with tortilla strips - 9.99

Fall river style - 2.99 each

CoBB salad

romaine and iceberg lettuce mix, hard boiled egg, bacon cracklings, diced Bermuda onion and tomatoes and avocado are all drizzled with a whole grain honey mustard dressing - 8.99

asian salad

hail Caesar

spring mix greens, crispy noodles and Mandarin orange sections are tossed in a sweet ginger dressing topped with sesame teriyaki crusted chicken tenders and garnished with shaved pears - 12.99

Crispy romaine tossed with croutons and housemade Caesar dressing, topped with shaved Parmigiano reggiano cheese - 6.99

skirT sTeak salad

WedGe salad

Baby iceberg wedges are topped with shaved Bermuda onions, imported Bleu cheese crumbles, bacon cracklings and our housemade Bleu cheese dressing, garnished with grape tomato halves - 8.99

Mixed spring greens and goat cheese crumbles tossed in our own strawberry white balsamic vinaigrette and topped with marinated, sliced skirt steak, fresh strawberries and candied walnuts - 13.99

house salad

Grilled Chicken - 3.99 Grilled shrimp 4.99 Grilled skirt steak - 5.99 Dressings: Bleu Cheese, Caesar, Thousand island, Whole Grain honey Mustard, ranch, strawberry White Balsamic vinaigrette, sweet Ginger, avocado ranch, house dressing

add To your salad

Mixed greens, sliced onions, grape tomato, cucumber, croutons and house dressing - 5.99

Doggie Bowls
a traditional chili topped with shredded, sharp cheddar and jalapenos served with homemade cornbread - 6.99

Relax in our upstairs lounge!

souThWesT Corn ChoWder

Every Game. Every Day. Fetch ‘em Here!


diced potato, red peppers, celery, onion, bacon, sweet roasted corn and creole spices are the perfect combination to make your tastebuds explode! - 5.99

denoTes house sPeCialTies
*May be cooked to order. Notice: Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have a medical condition.

Baked FrenCh onion

sweet vidalia onions in a homemade beef stock topped with a pan-fried crouton and the perfect blend of Gruyere and swiss cheeses - 5.99

Bulldog Burgers
Top your own! 10oz. ground chuck burger served with fresh, warm, house made chips, pickle and any two toppings - 7.99

Hot Diggity Dogs
add sweet potato fries, hand cut fries or onion rings - 1.50

Two saugys served your way with our fresh, warm, housemade chips and any two toppings - 7.99

american, Cheddar, swiss, Bleu Cheese, Monterey Jack, Provolone, smoked Provolone, Mozzarella, Grilled onions, sliced raw onion, sautéed Mushrooms, sautéed Peppers, Coleslaw, lettuce & Tomato, Fried egg, Pickles, Bacon


BBQ, Blackie’s signature hot Chili Mayo, or any house dressing. add sweet potato fries, hand cut fries or onion rings - 1.50 each additional topping - 50¢ add Chili, Pulled Pork - 1.50

PasTraMi Grilled reuBen CuBano

ToPPinGs: Chopped onions, Chili, sauerkraut, relish, Bacon Cracklings sauCes: BBQ, signature hot Chili Mayo or any house dressing

Served with fresh, warm house made chips. Add sweet potato fries, hand cut fries or onion rings - 1.50

Thinly shaved pastrami piled high on marble rye with swiss cheese and dijon mustard - 8.99 in-house cooked corned beef, Thousand island dressing, swiss cheese and sauerkraut on grilled marble rye bread - 7.99 succulent pit baked ham and roasted pork topped with chopped pickles, dijon mustard and swiss cheese served on a pressed, grilled roll - 9.99

The BlaCkie BurGer

Juicy 10 oz. burger topped with Blackie’s signature hot chili mayo, crisp bacon, onion rings, Monterey Jack cheese - 8.99

roasTed PorToBello BurGer

roasted portobello cap layered with caramelized onions, peppers and smoked provolone cheese served atop crisp lettuce then drizzled with balsamic glaze - 10.99

Turkey BurGer

Fresh ground turkey topped with sliced, ripe tomato, crisp lettuce and stone ground mustard - 7.99 add cheese 50¢

ChiCken sandWiCh

TriPle doG dare ya BurGer ChallenGe

your choice of herb marinated or crispy fried chicken breast served with crisp lettuce, sliced ripe tomato and shaved Bermuda onion with our signature hot chili mayo - 9.99

This doggie challenge is not for the puppies...only the big dogs need apply! 30oz of beef topped with chili, two eggs, four pieces of bacon, four cheeses, mushrooms, onions, peppers, lettuce and tomato with Blackie’s signature hot chili mayo. served with three gherkin pickles and 1/2 pound each of regular and sweet potato fries. see your server for details. Can your BiTe BeaT The reiGninG ChaMP’s TiMe?


Crispy fried white fish, shredded lettuce, gherkin pickle tartar sauce, chopped tomato and a Cajun remoulade on a grilled torpedo - 8.99

Turkey CluB

oven roasted turkey breast carved fresh to order, served with crisp lettuce, ripe tomato, bacon and mayo on your choice of bread - 8.99

eat...or be eaten

Doggie Wraps
BuFFalo ChiCken WraP veGGie WraP

ChiCken ParMiGiano sandWiCh

Your choice of a white or wheat wrap. Served with fresh, warm, housemade chips. Add sweet potato fries, hand cut fries or onion rings - 1.50

italian seasoned and breaded chicken cutlet, fried and topped with our home made sauce and mozzarella cheese served on a torpedo roll - 8.99


it doesn’t get any simpler than this... it really is bacon, lettuce and tomato served on your choice of bread - 6.99

Buffalo chicken tenders nestled with Bleu cheese crumbles, lettuce, tomatoes and shaved red onion topped with a drizzle of homemade Bleu cheese dressing - 8.99 Crispy seasonal vegetables grilled and finished with a balsamic glaze - 7.99 add cheese - 50¢

sirloin sTeak

Juicy sirloin steak with your choice of sauteed mushrooms, sauteed peppers, grilled onions or cheese on a grilled torpedo roll - 10.99

da’hill sanGWeeCh

shaved sTeak WraP BBQ ChiCken WraP

Thinly shaved ribeye smothered with cheese, grilled onion, mushrooms and peppers - 9.99 BBQ chicken tenders, shredded cheddar cheese, roasted poblanos and caramelized onions melt together joining crisp lettuce and tomato complemented by our tangy ranch dressing - 8.99

sausage, peppers and onions grilled Federal hill style and served on a crispy torpedo roll- 10.99

shaved sTeak

Grilled torpedo roll cradles our slow roasted, thinly shaved ribeye steak smothered with cheese, grilled onions, mushrooms and peppers - 9.99

Pulled Pork sandWiCh

Turkey BlT WraP FaJiTa WraP

oven roasted turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo - 8.99 add cheese - 50¢ Grilled peppers, onions and cheese with your chioice of Grilled Chicken - 7.99 Grilled skirt steak - 8.99

This tavern classic is sure to please! sweet, house roasted pulled pork smothered in homemade BBQ sauce, served on a grilled bulkie roll and topped with cole slaw - 7.99
“May be cooked to order. Notice: Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have a medical condition.

A gratuity of 20% will be added for parties of 8 or more

Blackie’s Dinner Grub
Pulled Pork PlaTTer
This southern classic will melt in your mouth. house roasted pulled pork covered with our house BBQ sauce. served with baked beans, fresh slaw and cornbread - 12.99

Fish & ChiPs

Fresh atlantic cod dipped in our panko batter, fried to a golden brown, crisp and served with homemade cole slaw and tartar sauce - 10.99

ChiCken PoT Pie

CaTCh oF The day

Chunks of oven roasted chicken, peas, carrots, potatoes and pearl onions in a creamy gravy topped with flaky pie crust - 11.99

Blackie’s pick of fresh seafood served with potato and vegetable of the day - Priced daily

skirT sTeak dinner

MaC & Cheese

shells and a creamy cheese mix, are topped with a toasted panko cheese blend, then baked to a bubbling finish. a hard to resist housemade favorite! - 10.99

Grilled skirt steak served medium-rare surround a generous portion of rice and beans - 14.99

ChiCken and BisCuiTs

sirloin sTeak

Pulled, oven roasted chicken with southern style gravy and vegetables served with homemade hot buttermilk biscuits - 9.99

a 14 oz. cut of sirloin, grilled to your desired temperature, topped with compound butter and served with our potato and vegetable of the day - 17.99

Pizza Pie
All pizzas are 12” with your choice of white or wheat dough.

Daily Specials
a traditional english plate featuring pork and beef blended sausages with mashed potatoes and a rich caramelized onion jus - 12.99

every doG has his
Monday BanGers & Mashed

JusT Cheese Please - 10.99 “PuP” Peroni BBQ ChiCken
Pepperoni tops our light tomato sauce with the perfect blend of cheese - 11.99 Pulled, roasted BBQ chicken, caramelized onions, roasted poblano chili peppers, white cheddar, homemade BBQ sauce and drizzled ranch dressing - 12.99

Crispy, southern fried steak served with whipped potato and country gravy - 10.99

Tuesday ChiCken Fried sTeak

BaCon CheeseBurGer

Ground beef, chopped tomato, Monterey Jack cheese and diced onion are garnished with crisp, shredded lettuce, chopped pickles and bacon cracklings - 12.99

BlaCk & Bleu

Tender, baby back ribs basted with our own hickory BBQ blend, slowly grilled to perfection and served with a side of our house Mac & Cheese 1/2 rack - 12.99 Full rack - 18.99

Wednesday BaBy BaCk riBs

Charbroiled skirt steak sliced rare rests on white cheddar cheese, melted shallots and a housemade Bleu cheese puree with imported Bleu cheese crumbles - 14.99

Thursday ChiCken ParMiGiano & Penne PasTa
Thinly pounded chicken cutlet topped with house marinara and mozzarella served with penne pasta - 12.99

WhiTe veGGie

roasted seasonal vegetables drizzled with an herbed garlic oil, baked in our pizza oven, then finished with a blend of freshly grated pecorino romano and parmigiano reggiano cheeses - 13.99

hand-CuT Fries - 3.99 sWeeT PoTaTo Fries - 4.99 MaC & Cheese - 4.99 Fresh, WarM, houseMade ChiPs - 2.99 Cole slaW - 1.50 veGeTaBle oF The day - 1.50 yukon Gold BuTTerMilk Mashed PoTaTo - 1.50 ChiPs & hoMeMade salsa - 5.99

Baby scallops are topped with a buttered ritz cracker and herb blend then baked until golden brown. served with potato and vegetable of the day - 13.99

Friday Baked Bay sCalloPs

slow roasted rib served with au jus, baked potato and vegetable Queen 12oz - 15.99 king 16oz - 18.99

saTurday PriMe riB

unleashed atmosphere
a GraTuiTy oF 20% Will Be added For ParTies oF 8 or More

Jumbo ravioli served with homemade meatball and sausage - 12.99

sunday BlaCkie’s sunday dinner

denoTes house sPeCialTies