Impact of STCW 2010: IMPACT ON: Maritime Administrations -Changes in National Laws and Rules.

-NCV Certificates undertakings with the other countries. -Prepare compliance document for white list. -Independent quality evaluations to submit. -Procedures for medical fitness certificates. -Electronic verification of certificates. -Compare pre 2010 standards with STCW 2010 and prescribe refresher and updating training or assessment. -Revise curriculum for courses and examinations. -Prescribe up-gradation and refresher training programmes. -Issue Able Seafarer (Deck) and (Engine) Certificates including backlog (>30000)and polyvalent certificates. -Electro Technical Rating and Electro Technical Officers. -Tanker Endorsements for Watch keeping Officers. -Prescribe special training for OSV / AHT, DPS and Ice navigation.

Shipping Companies -Ensure seafarers are able to communicate orally in an effective manner on board ships. -Ensure seafarers undertake appropriate refresher and updating training including up-gradation training. -Ensure Able Seafarer (Deck) and (Engine) certificates. -Ensure ET Rating and ETO certificates, whenever carried on ships. -Ensure Tanker endorsement at appropriate level for officers. -Provide guidance to seafarers.

Training Institutes

-Conduct Refresher training for basic and advanced safety courses. -Obtain Tankers or other ship type endorsements STCW 2010 . -Obtain Able Seafarer (Deck) or (Engine) Certificates.part 1 STCW 2010 THE MANILA AMENDMENTS Need for Comprehensive revision During STW 37 (Jan. -Introduce training for ET Rating or ET Officer. . -Undertake refresher training in advanced safety courses. -Undertake refresher training in basic safety courses. -Prepare and conduct up-gradation courses for existing officers.-Revise curriculum for various Courses. etc. -Introduce training for Able Seafarer (Deck) or (Engine). -Upgrade Courses (PSSR. it was felt that the Convention needs to be amended to include: -Security training provisions. Tank Fam. 2006). -Revalidate certificates of competency. -Obtain ET Rating or ET Officer Certificates. Seafarers -Undertake upgradation training and new or additional items. Competency Courses.

-Criteria for safe manning & Rest periods Calendar of Events April 2006 Groundwork began for Revision January 2007 (STW 38) . 1st July 2013 .MSC meeting approves amendments.52 proposals Sept.-Standards of competence for senior ratings. -Competence standards for tankers.25 June 2010. 1st January 2012 . Action Dates 12-21 May 2010 .68 proposals Sept.Adopts the Revision.Final set of 55 proposals. LNGs.International Conference . 1st July 2013 .Enters into Force.Deemed Acceptance unless: -objected by MORE than 1/3rd of member states OR NOT LESS than 50% of the Gross tonnage of the World s Merchant Shipping of ships of 100 Gross Register tons or MORE. 2010 (STW 41) . .25 pending & 39 new proposals Jan.62 new proposals Feb. -Review of Alternative Certification. 21. 1st July 2011 . 2009 (STW 40) . -Attended by 85 IMO Member States and Observers from THREE Associate members and SEVENTEEN non-governmental organizations. 2009 (ISWG 2) .Revised Standards apply to new entrants. -Identification of refresher training areas for demonstration of competence in Safety Training. incl. 2008 (ISWG 1) .Compliance document to be submitted to IMO for White List.Transitional Provisions (Grace Period) for Existing Seafarers Ends.Revision proposed to Sub-committee and the Terms of Reference approved March 2008 (STW 39) .Manila . 1st January 2017 .

Regulation I/11: Revalidation of certificates. Regulation I/4: Control Procedures.part 2 Brief details of Chapter I: Clarification on Certificates -The term Appropriate Certificate deleted. -Main Certificates of Masters. . Regulation I/14: Responsibilities of Companies. Regulation I/5: National Provisions. Regulation I/10: Recognition of certificates. Regulation I/12: Use of Simulators. Officers and GMDSS Radio Operators = Certificate of Competency. STCW 2010 . Regulation I/7: Communication of information. Regulation I/3: Principles governing near-coastal voyages. Regulation I/8: Quality standards. Regulation I/9: Medical standards. Regulation I/15: Transitional provisions. Regulation I/6: Training and Assessment. Regulation I/13: Conduct of trials. Regulation I/2: Certificates and Endorsements.STCW Convention chapters Chapter I: General provisions Regulation I/1: Definitions and clarifications.

Near Coastal Voyages -If near-coastal voyages are performed by ships include coast of other countries Undertaking with the countries concerned.Undertaking with the countries concerned. -Not intended to cover world-wide voyages. -NCV Certificates issued by one country may be accepted by another country for their near-coastal voyages . -National Laws . -Incorporate near-coastal limits in COCs. Compliance & Enforcement -Port State Control . -Five yearly independent evaluation to be sent to IMO including further amendments. -Other Documents = Documentary Evidence. -Medical Certificates shall be valid for 2 years (1-year for <18 years age).-Certificates for other Regulations including Ratings and Modular Course Certificates = Certificate of Proficiency.Assessment of the ability of seafarers to maintain watch-keeping and security standards Compromise to security in the list. -QSS to include procedures for issue of medical certificates. . -Tanker Endorsements to Officers shall be issued only by Administration.Enforce appropriate measures to Prevent fraud and unlawful practices for Certificates & Endorsements. -May allow distance learning or e-learning. White List & Quality Standards -Compliance Document to be sent to IMO for demonstration that full and complete effect has been given to the Convention. -Review of White List. Certificates & Endorsements -COCs shall be issued only by Administration after verification of authenticity and validity of any necessary documentary evidence. -Recognition Endorsements shall be issued by Flag States for COCs and Tanker Endorsements of Officers. Medical Certificates and Standards -List of approved Medical Practitioners to be made available.

not exceeding 3 months. Company Responsibilities & Transitional Provisions Company to ensure: -Seafarers have received refresher and updating training as per the Convention -Effective oral communication on board as per SOLAS -Transitional Provisions will be decided in the Diplomatic Conference at Manila. -Eye sight & Physical Ability Standards for Medical Examination prescribed. . may revalidate up to 5th Anniversary. -If applied for revalidation upto 6 months in advance. it shall continue in force till next port where recognized medical practitioner is available. -Administrations to provide Electronic verification of authenticity of certificates. -No Endorsement attesting recognition of Certificate without verification of authenticity of Certificates. Recognition & Revalidation -Evaluation of the Recognized country.-If the Medical Certificate expires during voyage. -Revalidation of COC also permitted if sailed for 3 months in last 6 months before revalidation.