DEDICATION I humbly dedicate this report to GOD Almighty for seeing me through my industrial work experience, and to my parents for their support and encouragement. Also to My SIWES Coordinator, Supervisor, and the entire GLD and ISD crew for their full support and of course NNPC as well for an experience well shared.


Oniwon – GMD. Deola. I shouldn’t forget to mention my friends. Godwin. Zainab.ACKNOWLEGEMENT First and foremost. 3 . and as you can imagine the list just keep pouring out. Cyprian. Kemi. Jeymeelah. Thanks again to you all. Hauwa Isa. Peter. Sunday Okezie. And also extend to my wonderful institution UNIVERSITY OF ABUJA for giving me this great opportunity. Ahmadu Isa. Bukky Olusuyi. MJA Omeiza) and uncle (Engr. superiors and colleagues in the office which refers to no fewer than James Ogbodo (SIWES Coordinator). Abuja. NNPC) for assisting me in securing my placement at NNPC Corporate Headquarters. GLD). Helen Ani. I extend my profound gratitude to my dad (Col. Pearl Chibunam. Abdul. Gbenga. Ona Joan Iye. I want to say a big THANK YOU. Aliyu Garba (GM. Hanslyn. Friends and well wishers as well. Kabiru BabaManu. Kabiru Koko Rabiu. I want to acknowledge the Almighty. Ummi. Austin O. Nkem. God that makes it possible for me to successfully complete my SIWES placement in this reputable organisation Also.

...….......…………………………………………………...…...……23 4 .…………………………………………………………………………....4 ABOUT SIWES.TABLE OF CONTENT DEDICATION………………………………………………………………………….6 SUMMARY ………………………...1 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT ……………………………………………………………….…………………………………………………………………………….……………………….……………………….…………………………………....….22 CONCLUSION………………………..……………………………….......3 INTRODUCTION………………………………………………………………………….4 ABOUT ITF……..22 RECOMMENDATION……………………….……………………….....2 TABLE OF CONTENT…………………………………………………………………..5 MY PLACE OF ATTACHMENT……….

Science.Four months for Polytechnics and Colleges of Education. Funding . Environmental.The Federal Government of Nigeria Beneficiaries . Operators . 890 (One hundred and ninety four thousand. 5 . Highlight Number of Participating Institutions: Universities 59 Polytechnics 85 Colleges of Education 62 TOTAL 206 The number of students that participated in SIWES from Universities. Pure and Applied Sciences. Engineering. the coordinating agencies (NUC. Participation in SIWES has become a necessary pre-condition for the award of Diploma and Degree certificates in specific disciplines in most institutions of higher learning in the country. Education. NBTE).The ITF.INTRODUCTION ABOUT SIWES Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) was established by ITF in 1973 to solve the problem of lack of adequate practical skills preparatory for employment in industries by Nigerian graduates of tertiary institutions. eight hundred and ninety). Duration . employers of labor and the institutions. Polytechnics and Colleges of Education at the end of the 2007 fiscal year was 194. Medical Science. Technology. It affords students of tertiary institutions the opportunity of being familiarized and exposed to the needed experience in handling machinery and equipment which are usually not available in the educational institutions. NCCE. in accordance with the education policy of government. and Six months for the Universities.Undergraduate students of the following: Agriculture. The Scheme exposes students to industry based skills necessary for a smooth transition from the classroom to the world of work.

and induce value-added production in industry and commerce. The main thrust of ITF programs and services is to stimulate human performance. Vocational and Apprentice Training. The objective for which the Fund was established has been pursued vigorously and efficaciously. improve productivity. i. the ITF provides Direct Training. the Industrial Training Fund has operated consistently and painstakingly within the context of its enabling laws. but has also helped in generating a corps of skilled indigenous manpower which has been manning and managing various sectors of the national economy. Decree 47 of 1971. the ITF has not only raised training consciousness in the economy. As part of its responsibilities. In the three decades of its existence. Research and Consultancy Service. 6 . Through its SIWES. and administers the Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES). in the economy.ABOUT ITF Established in 1971.e. Vocational and Apprentice Training Programs. the Fund also builds capacity for graduates and youth self-employment. It also provides human resource development information and training technology service to industry and commerce to enhance their manpower capacity and in-house training delivery effort. Reimbursement of up to 60% Levy paid by employers of labor registered with it. in the context of Small Scale Industrialization.

NNPC VISION NNPC will be a world-class oil and gas company driven by shared commitment to excellence. the cooperation was given powers and operational interests in refining. but I was also given the opportunity to go on assignments with the ITD (Information Technology Division) section. 7 . engaged in adding value to the nation’s Hydrocarbon resources for the benefits of Nigerians and other stakeholders. Kaduna and Port Harcourt and took over the 35. GLD (Group Learning Department) department. I did my SIWES in NNPC.MY PLACE OF ATTACHMENT NIGERIAN NATIONAL PETROLEUM COOPERATION. under the statutory instrument Decree No. on behalf of the government provide interest in the Nigeria Oil industry. petrochemicals and product transportation as well as marketing between 1978 and 1989. NNPC constructed refineries in Warri. precisely in LDL (Leadership Development and Learning). a public organization that would. NNPC is the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. In addition to its exploration activities. NNPC MISSION NNPC is an integrated oil and gas company. This decree established NNPC.33 of same year by a merger of Nigerian National Oil Corporation (NNOC) with its operational functions and the federal ministry of mines and power with its regulatory responsibilities.000-barell shell refinery established in Port Harcourt in 1965. HR (Human Resources) division. precisely the ISD (Information Service Department) department which is the unit I learnt most my experiences relevant to my field of study. established in April 1 1977.

Corporate Services GED. Exploration & Production GED. Commercial & Investment GED. Refineries & Petrochemicals Group General Manager Engineering & Technical (E&T) Division (E & T) Group General Manager Information Technology Division (ITD) General Manager Environmental & Safety Department General Manager Information Service Department (ISD) General Manager Telecoms Department General Manager Material Management Department General Manager Technical Services Department General Manager Project Department General Manager Process Department Head IT Operations Head Strategy & Planning Head Service Support Head Networks Head Applications Team Leader 1. Engineering & Technology GED. 2 & 3 Team Leader 1&2 Team Leader 1&2 Team Leader 1&2 Team Leader 1&2 System Analyst Helpdesk Officers Graduate Trainee Youth Corps SIWES 8 . Finance & Accounts GED.NNPC MANAGEMENT CHART FOR GED. E&T GMD NNPC GED.

GLD Organizational Structure 9 .

and finally at Manager LDL where I was attached for the period of SIWES. Manager Service Support. we engage in basically the organization of leadership courses for Senior Staff. Letters. Overseas Courses. when you go to their offices or when they come to you. Microsoft Excel. and any form of official document to be used in an office. MICROSOFT WORD In summary this is an application that comes with Microsoft Office package which is basically used in creating Memos. I was thought on how to attend to people especially when receiving telephone calls. Educational Assistance. Microsoft Outlook. Towerstorm. It contains numerous features which could be used in creating and designing the document to taste while applying all the necessary specifications. THE USE OF MICROSOFT OFFICE PACKAGES During my stay in LDL I was opportune to learn some basic things using Microsoft Word. And finally for that week. GM ISD. SOTP (Senior Officers’ Training Programme). I was taking round to see some offices including that of the GM GLD. Office Communicator and Microsoft PowerPoint and apply them into practical circumstances. COMDP (Chief Officers’ Management Development Programme). MICROSOFT EXCEL 10 . These includes.LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT AND LEARNING (LDL) When I got to NNPC an induction workshop was organized for students on SIWES where we were told the rules and regulations of the organization after which our documentations were verified for clarity purpose. Lead procurement and Deployment . At LDL. and also activities pertaining to SIWES.

In NNPC. 11 . MICROSOFT POWERPOINT This is basically a package that is used when a presentation is to be made (especially in an event where many individuals would have to be presented with a small lecture or insight into the topic at hand). to enable communication by various staff currently connected to their Outlook. It could also be used in sending mails as well as keeping check all the contacts. It could be used in sending copies of documents. memos. sorting of attributes and performing all kinds of mathematical and logical formulas to get certain sets of results. to my understanding is basically a personalized online office where all forms of transfers and notification can be placed and could be immediately viewed (by the staff to which the Outlook is configured). events and information of the user. it is also often used as a mini-database as most of their information is stored in Excel sheets. MICROSOFT OUTLOOK This. It aids the Office Communicator. It also provides features for Video Conference. MICROSOFT OFFICE COMMUNICATOR This is a package that works with the aid of the configuration done on the Outlook. It usually provides all the necessary tools to enable the creation of an attractive and wellstructured presentation.This is basically one of the software contained in the Microsoft Office package which is used in the creation of tables. as well as reports.

ITD MISSION To provide efficient and cost effective services that exceeds our customer expectation for the benefit of NNPC.INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DIVISION Information Technology Division (ITD) consists of Information System Department (ISD) and Telecommunication department (Telecoms). The Telecoms Department is working towards developing a blue print for full commercialization of spare capacity of NNPC’S telecommunication facilities pursuant to revenue generation. The ISD will continue to provide the corporation with effective Information and Communication Technology (ICT) system through continuous upgrading of systems and software. ITD GOALS   Provide efficient IT services to users Be proactive to our customers needs 12 . ITD Organizational Chart ITD VISION To utilize information technology to enable NNPC becomes a world class oil and gas company.

desktop. laptop. It is where the main jobs are been done. configured and deployed to users. computer systems. tagged. notebook are being. and I learnt that computer is a machine that manipulates data according to a set of instructions. at Towerstorm I was advised to visit often for the period of SIWES in order to learn technical things being carried out in the towers.  Deploy reliable technology as soon as the needs arises Simplify user interface so that our customers do not require experts knowledge to operate IT systems CURRENT SERVICES      IT helpdesk and user training OS/Application deployment Network application deployment and support Internal/email/services Telecommunication services ITD CUSTOMER     All IT services user Remote user Network application user Telecommunication user TOWERSTORM Also. Then the computer 13 . In Towerstorm I was given a little lecture on what computer was all about and was further shown some commonly used computer components. In Towerstorm.

Printers. This is usually done in order to easily keep records of all the desktops and monitors belonging to Information Technology Division (ITD). Network Photocopiers and Scanners. • Receiving devices to store • Device tagging • BIOS tagging • Configuration of computer systems • Application installation and customization • Maintenance and troubleshooting of computer systems and printers • Deployment process • Retrieval of old systems • Installing/Configuring Printers Device Tagging The company has various departments and every department and sometimes individuals also buy their own devices. There is also a particular pattern which system units and monitors are tagged in ITD. UPS.components that I was shown are: keyboard.e. 14 . The major activities done in Towerstorm are. all kinds of cables that are used there. mouse. flash hard drive. hard disk drive. Monitors. if the tag number of a system unit is ITD – 1005050. the corresponding monitor will be ITD – 1005051. The department usually prints their own tags and places them on every computer systems and devices purchased by the department. So the only way of identifying which of the systems and devices in the towers belongs to the Information Technology Division (ITD) is by placing tags on them. The tag on the system unit usually correspond to the ones on the monitor with the system unit usually the one preceding the monitor i. external disk drive etc. monitor. system unit. laptops. Some of the devices and computer systems that are tagged by the department are desktop systems.

 Configuration of Systems System configuration is the process of setting up your hardware devices and assigning resources to them so that they work together without problems. desktop systems and laptops are also BIOS tagged. U will see a “Enter Ownership Tag” Enter the name you want to put in the space provided e. and keyboard layout. NNPC ITD DEVICE-1005050 Press F10 to save changes and exit. and make it easier for you to upgrade your system with new equipment in the future. choose country or region.BIOS Tagging Also. Steps to BIOS Tagging Computer Systems      Power on the system Press F10 to enter BIOS settings Go to security tab Under system ID.g. A properly-configured system will allow you to avoid nasty resource conflict problems. This is also to make sure that the systems (laptops and desktops) solely belong to the department. Click next Accept the license terms required to use your computer 15 . An improperlyconfigured system will lead to strange errors and problems. Steps in Setting-Up Systems     Power on your system On set up window. time and currency. and make upgrading a nightmare.

g. then choose a default picture for user account Enter computer name e. you can now allow the window to check the performance of the system and prepare the desktop. At this juncture. the difference is that after the configuration of a Windows XP system. and click on ask me again if any message come up Here set time and date with the time zone Finally click on start. hit any key on the keyboard  Wait for the windows setup to prompt you to insert the restore plus CD for Windows Vista and press Enter You will be prompted to re-insert the OS CD and press Enter Then as usual follow all instructions and you will have your Windows XP upgraded to Vista After that install the drivers and applications that are necessary to help the user work conveniently. Upgrading windows xp to windows vista It is the same step taken when configuring Systems. office-pc or user-pc Click next.    Activating windows 16 .   Click next again Enter user name and password. you can install and download any necessary applications you wish to use in your system. the following are done:  Insert the OS CD for Windows Vista  Restart the computer  When prompted to boot from the CD.    After configuration of a system.

a network printer. a fax machine or copier.  Host naming The term 'Hostname' refers to the name given to a particular machine that is part of a computer network. a network storage device or any other electronic device connected to a network. it also aid for updating any OS you might need to update. B.g. C or D) HQ A 17 .HQA1103IS3348D = (Corporate Headquarter CHQ) = Block (of the Staff that has the system i. To activate windows  Click on the start button  Right Click on my computer  Select properties  Click on activate windows  Follow all instructions including the EULA agreement  You will need to type the product key of the computer you are activating and it is always at the top of the system unit After that you will be required to wait for some minutes so that windows can be activated. Each of these machines can be assigned a unique hostname by which they are identified in the network. A. select computer name Click on change and then click on computer name Type the name e. The machine can be a simple computer. a network server.e. a modem.Activating windows is necessary for Microsoft to know it’s a genuine OS. Steps in Host-naming A Computer (PC)     Right click on my computer on the popup menu select properties On the system properties window.

click Network ID to use to join to Domain or Workgroup wizard to automate the process of connecting to a domain and creating a domain user account on your computer. 01… 11.g.   Right Click on My Computer and Click Properties Under Computer name. 02… 10…) = Department (ISD) 3348 = ITD tag number (Number given to a system) D  = Desktop (or L if it is a Laptop) After these. click Domain. and then click Change. Connecting NNPC Computers to domain A domain is a collection of computers on a network with common rules and procedures that are administered as a unit.) = Room Number (01. Under Member of. click Change settings.   18 . domain. Click the Computer Name tab. type the password and provide confirmation.g. Each domain has a unique name (e.11 03 IS = Floor number (e. SF.local). domains are used for workplace networks. you'll need to know the name of the domain and have a valid user account on the domain. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation. you click on apply and ok. Typically.nnpcgroup. BM. chq. Steps to Joining a Computer System to the Domain To connect your computer to a domain. and workgroup settings. MZ. Alternatively.

you will be prompted to restart your computer. and then click OK. Note: If your computer was a member of a workgroup before you joined the domain. Some are installed directly from the manufacturer’s CD. There are different software that we install and they are being installed in different ways. it will be removed from the workgroup. I had the opportunity to install Microsoft Windows operating systems like Vista. You must restart your computer before the changes take effect. Software Installation During the course of my Industrial Work Experience. while some are installed over the server on the network. Type the name of the domain that you want to join. 19 . while some are also installed from Towerstorm hard drive. You will be asked to type your user name and password for the domain. Once you are successfully joined to the domain.

20 .      With the same steps.25\shared folder\departmental files\ITD\SAP\CLT. (Which is \10. Microsoft Office. Most of these applications are installed almost the same way. The following steps are taken to install the antivirus the company uses over the server on the network:   Click start button (for vista ) Enter the address of the server where the antivirus is. WinZip. various computer system drivers. Enter the Username and password of an administrator that is used to get into the server.48. Restart the system as prompted by the end of the installation. let us take the company’s antivirus as a case study.48.WIN32\Setup). you install all other software needed by the staff of the organization. \10. Installing Applications over the Server on the Network The application that is mostly installed over the server on the network is usually the Company’s antivirus program. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete setup. (This is in this case. etc. Run setup. Adobe reader. Printer drivers.0.The applications that are installed directly from the manufacturer’s CD include the Microsoft Windows operating systems like Microsoft Windows Vista. Locate the setup of the antivirus. etc.INST.25.(which most of the time is available on the towerstorm hard disk).0. For example. All that is needed is to insert the CD of the software you want to install and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the Setup.

Acquire information about the problem by questioning the user and identifying any changes the user has made to the computer lately: In acquiring the information. Sometimes. some can complain that their system is very slow. All that is needed is to check the machine whichever it is and try to provide a solution. RE-IMAGING 21 . and so the product or process can be made operational again. also some it is their printers that can’t print and some others it is a problem with the applications they are working with. systematic search for the source of a problem so that it can be solved. Troubleshooting is needed to develop and maintain complex systems where the symptoms of a problem can have many possible causes. Troubleshooting is a form of problem solving most often applied to repair of failed products or processes. a problem. By applying a logical.Installation of Printers  Install the printer drive (CD)  Follow all instructions correctly by clicking next  After the installation. will complain that they can’t connect to the internet. consistent method to the troubleshooting process. It is a logical. you make your job easier and shorten the time it takes to discover the root of a problem. and ultimately the solution to. Some also. you will find out that sometimes the user have been facing one problem or the other. go to control panel and click on printers  Go to the printer you installed and right click on it to set as default  Still when right clicked. go to properties and print the test page to make sure that the printer is well installed Troubleshooting of Computer Systems Troubleshooting is the process of determining the cause of.

So is the case also in the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). etc. which has led to the high demand of computer systems and electronic devices. Everyday we deploy computer systems.  Press the F8 key to accept the windows license Agreement  Select the hard drive partition that you want to re-image. We also give customized mouse and mouse pads to users all over the Towers. fly book. printers. Allocations forms are usually provided by the department to take records of every system and devices that are deployed. It is also done to reset the drive back to the original specification.image Restart the computer Insert the windows XP installation CD into your computer’s disc drive When prompted to boot from the CD. we are moving into an age where computer systems and electronic devices are used in almost every organization round the world. hit any key on the keyboard Wait for the windows setup program to finish loading all systems files and then press the Enter key. but it can loosely be referred to as formatting the drive and starting over. UPS.This refers to the use of saved image to replace the current OS and all data. All these systems and devices are not usually deployed without following the due process in deploying them. And every day the organization and its staff also employ more staff / employees to work in the organization. The name and model of the device is usually on the form and also the staff is to fill his or her required information 22 . and this is done with the use of Norton ghost CD Steps to re.     DEPLOYMENT PROCESS As we all know. Staff leaves and also the organization employs more staff every day. In most case this partition will be labeled as the ‘C’ drive  Press Enter key to select the highlighted partition for the re-imaging process  Follow the instructions to set up. In the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) there is a high demand of computer systems everyday and those demands have to be met by my own unit which makes us busy almost everyday.

ITD tag no. SOME DOCUMENTS USED IN NNPC Some of the documents we use in our establishment are as followed. There are also procedures that are followed when retrieving or replacing systems. ITD device retrieval form: It is for retrieving of old systems.on the form and also sign that the device works properly after installation. I had the opportunity to know how and the procedures to retrieve old computer systems in a large organization. ITD device deployment check list (image): It is to make sure that all the necessary information and configuration are in the system that is to be deployed. ITD inventory/asset verification form: These is for taken note of systems in each block of the company. The User’s information and the type of device retrieved are usually to be filled on the form. serial no. 23 . In the allocation form. there are situations whereby we have damaged systems or devices and there is no way of reviving them. the note of software installation and configuration are been taken down. Then the form is taken back to Towerstorm so that entries can be made electronically before been put in a file and sent to archive REPLACING / RETRIEVING OLD SYSTEMS AND DEVICES During my Industrial Work Experience in (NNPC). Parts No. we usually retrieve those old or damaged ones and replace them with new ones and of course ones with a better technology. Retrieval forms are usually filled by the user who the device is retrieved from. description. Sometimes. here you take down the room number. and the recommendation. Overtime. new technology comes in and some of our appliances and equipment usually go out of date thereby calling for a replacement of those appliances. model of the system. in those cases. ITD device allocation form: It is for deploying systems from our unit to user`s.

I also got the opportunity to troubleshoot some network and internet problems. printers.SUMMARY The Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) is a practical oriented scheme designed to improve scientific and technological skills and ideas into students in order to acquire the practical experience of the theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom. The knowledge gained as contained in this report ranges from paper-work. for the opportunity given to me to undergo this SIWES for three months. I wish to sincerely express my appreciation to the SIWES unit and entire staff and management of UNIVERSITY OF ABUJA and Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). imaging. I installed various applications into systems and few laptops. 24 . improve my knowledge on what life is like outside school and the learning environment that is by helping me know what it is like to work in a very large organization. scanners and sometimes UPS. what are the likely things to expect after school when working and also what it is like to do your job right and to do it at the right time in order to avoid any form of lagging and consequent query whatsoever. I got to know how to tag the different devices used in large organizations (like NNPC). maintenance. printers. how things are done around there. some of which include improving my general relation and interaction with people. application installation and deployment process etc. and also troubleshooting of computer systems (desktops and laptops). deployment and retrieval of computer systems and other electronic devices like UPS. printer and system troubleshooting. I am indeed very grateful. CONCLUSION I can say that my SIWES with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has thought me a lot of things. This programmer has helped to establish a relationship between the educational sector and the industrial sector. At this juncture. The SIWES has also helped me improve in my course of study through the various activities I undertook during the period. These activities include imaging of computer systems.

I wish to state that SIWES is one of the best things that can ever happen to a science student in any Nigerian tertiary institution with respect to applying the knowledge acquired to his/her future career.  The management should extend the period of SIWES to ensure proper training because the time period was short  The management should encourage proper training because some students are faced with financial problem because of the proximity and cost of transportation  Most times the GGM’s and other top managers do not encourage students on IT attend to them because they feel the staff could do it better.itf-nigeria.nnpcgroup. the following recommendations has been put forward.Also. thereby limiting www. RECOMMENDATION Based on the experienced gained so far and the short comings 25 .  Students should be encouraged to choose a place of training whose activities is related to their course of study REFERENCE www.