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For those of you not familiar, is a free service that allows you broadcast video and interact with an audience, all live. To get started, all you need is a webcam (or a traditional video camera attached to your computer) and a broadband Internet connection. Optionally, you can use webcam software to spice things up. For Mac users, CamTwist is what you want. For Windows users, you’ll want WebcamMax (note: Mac users are the clear winners in this department). And just so I’ve covered all the bases, there are additional live streaming services beyond These include, and But the question is, are these services a good marketing tools for your business? Well, the answer depends on what you’re doing online. I know, not the direct answer you wanted, so let me explain. First, live video services are intended to be watched by a live audience. They are not meant for prerecorded video. And that’s an important point. Actually, a critical point. Say for example, you’re giving a real estate training seminar at a hotel conference room. People are attending it in person, but you also want to provide a live feed on the Internet. You’ll only be doing this seminar one time…one day only. Broadcasting it live is good marketing use of the service. But by comparison, let’s say you offer a weekly or monthly newsletter to your audience (that you usually do by e-mail) and now you want to broadcast a live video to them instead. Not a good idea. With a format like this, your audience is already used to perusing your newsletter at their convenience. Now they have to watch it live…at a specific time…or watch the recorded version of it. Either way, they’ll be forced to watch everything, instead of just skipping to the parts they want (like in an e-mail). Forget the novelty of your live video; in short order, your audience will be asking for the original e-mail format back. Which leads to another point. People, by and large, prefer video they can watch at their convenience. That means, by and large, in most applications, that pre-recorded video rules over live video. And with prerecorded video, you can perform EDITS to make the video very slick and professional. Yes, you can offer recordings of your original “live video” to your audience…but the difference between a recording of a “live video” and one that was pre-recorded and edited…is night and day. Very few shows on TV (expect sports) are broadcast live. Remember, there’s a reason for this.

And other option is the “ask the expert” format. Comment by Loraine Grula on 7 June 2009: Hey Dave. you host a show where people can tune in and ask you questions live. is not always true. for want of the delete button! Research always shows however that the audience generally gets more excited when the video is “live” because they think if it’s live. Next time you see a reporter say. This is where you act as a host and interview people. For example. But keep it moving and make sure there is chemistry between everyone…or at least some magnetic personalities. it must be exciting! This. of course. This is where. If your format doesn’t offer that. at a scheduled time each week. As long as you’re an expert in something (stock trading. The problem is when people treat it as a novelty. impossible-to-correct mistakes. this is a format you can easily pull off. But TV likes to exploit the audience’s perception of LIVE so you have local news stations going everywhere LIVE. Just remember that you’ll want to keep your live video to just one topic (if it’s just you being a talking head). If you’re noticing a pattern here. you’re right…much of what I’ve mentioned has long been done on TV (and even radio). “IT’S LIVE TV FOLKS!” That’s when you just cross your fingers and hope that someone doesn’t yank down their pants or flip you the bird while you are LIVE! . Popularity: 40% [?] ShareThis There Is 1 Response So Far. Oh. whatever). Remember. It’s not. You can even have a co-host or a group of co-hosts where you discuss a topic. “I’m standing here where JUST MOMENTS AGO. gardening.But what if you want to play around with live broadcasting nonetheless. something happened. Why? Because it works. Plus. then it’s better to stick with pre-recorded video. if I were doing a live video on the secrets of QuickTime. We in the business called it “gratuitous live shots. that’s all I’d talk about…the secrets of QuickTime. Live video on the web isn’t that different. just to see what happens? That’s fine. You make excellent points.” Live shots done as live shots ONLY for the promotability factor.” then you know it is a gratuitous live shot done just so they can scream. “Live” video is something a lot of people in the “real world” of video production like to avoid because of the possibility of embarrassing. I wouldn’t cover Silverlight…just QuickTime and it’s secrets. I wouldn’t cover Flash. your audience provides all the “content” for you. in the form of their questions. » 1. where the entire audience benefits. live video is meant to be watched live…it’s meant to generate interaction. Another option that works well is the “talk show format”.

. these days. Now as I previously mentioned.264 format does offer a “secret” that’s really cool.264 videos to play. If you want to use h.264 for your videos. will by default. the h. as say. And that’s when they stumble upon…and get totally confused by…something called h. 2008 • Related • Filed Under When most people are starting out. In fact. But it wasn’t until Flash (the dominant video format on the web) began supporting h. does support h. Let’s start with a 45 second video in an uncompressed AVI file format (170 MB large) as an example. And again. the viewer must have Flash Player 9 or above installed on their computer to view h. But usually. the videos they see on Apple’s site. It was originally spearheaded by Apple. trying to get their first video August 14th. the player you use for your Flash video files must support h. will be done using h. as a way to get high-quality video…at small file sizes…onto devices such as the iPod. Beyond those headaches (which by the way are easily bypassed once understood).264. But it’s not all roses. in large part.264 as well. In a nutshell.264…better quality. virtually any tool you use these days to create QuickTime movies. they’ll want to know how to get their videos looking as gorgeous. But that presents it’s own problems. that “high-definition” web video began catching people’s eyes.264 (or MPEG-4) is the high-definition video format on the web.264 with Flash Player 9. H.264 videos (and if they don’t have it. there are some things you need to know first.264 http://webvideouniversity. smaller size. But many do not. any video you create in the QuickTime format (Apple’s video format). After that. A free player. Problem is. the h. they are happy to simply get something out there. use the h. only about half of the people on the web will be able to watch your QuickTime movie without first being prompted to download the QuickTime plugin (and many will be too intimidated to do so.264 codec.264. using the high-quality VP6 format. The more popular route to go is Flash. However. they’ll have to download it…just like with the QuickTime plugin). And it leads to a lot of frustration with web site owners wondering why they can’t get their shiny-new h. that’s the allure of h. opting to click away instead).264. When we encode that file into a Flash video. we get a great looking video that is 7 MB in size.264.Understanding High-Definition Video On The Web – H. when we encode that same file into a Flash video using h. Quality concerns are usually buried somewhere down towards the bottom of the list. like the JW Player here.264 format gives you outstanding quality at really small file sizes. after they’ve broken through that initial learning curve. First. we get a noticeably better looking video that is 2 MB in size.

264…even if it was created in a format other than Flash.avi to quality .What’s the secret? Well. So it seems is the case with h.S. You don’t have to shoot high-definition video to take advantage of the h. 2.flv and the video will play fine as a Flash file. Comment by Dave on 16 August 2008: to . Flash Player 9 automatically knows if a video is h.264 .flv with players or I can do it within some advanced programs like Adobe After Effects or Adobe Premiere Pro with the same options and opportunities? It would be nice to know before buying Flix Pro Studio for 420 USD. Today I realized that . That means you can create a QuickTime movie.mp4 extension).flv. Want to see just how good h.264 videos can look? Well. » 1. so it’s likely you’ll get the same quality FLV file from Premiere that you would using Flix and . rename the file extension from . It works just fine with standard definition video too. I have tried many tricks to convert videos to suitable quality and size. or . Popularity: 60% [?] ShareThis There Are 7 Responses So Far. What I’m not sure of.264 format on the web.mod files (camcorder hard drive extension) can be renamed to . and still I haven’t heard about h.264 files will only create videos in the QuickTime format (files with a .avi files and used in any video editing software without converting them beforehand with other cumbersome software. This is especially useful to know since many of the best options for creating h. Adobe licenses the VP6 codec from ON2 (the makers of Flix). is if Adobe licenses ON2’s “high-definition” codec (VP6-S)…which is basically the Flix version of h. Comment by AlexRadich on 15 August 2008: Those are great tips as usual for this blog. My concern now is whether I use Flix Pro for converting . . check out these breathtaking examples from Apple’s site: HD Video Gallery Movie Trailers P.

And while video quality is subjective.Mov to .mov. even after 5 minutes the video still doesn’t start playing. What compression option should I use when producing for web publishing and what size range would be acceptable for 30 secs movie. Dave to . Marco .264 QuickTime files. pa 4. And again. in my opinion. The player I have on the site is the JW so as you say it should work… but when I try to play it shows the loading icon going round and round for ever. Comment by Marco on 24 September 2009: Hello to .264 files from . I produced the file with Movie Studio (Vegas little brother).flv is huge. saved the file as Quick Time 7 (*.132. milford.264 quality for web publishing? Thank you very much. Comment by Robert knowles on 4 April 2009: Hi Dave Your cool tip of renaming h. when working with the h. I assume the ‘uncompressed’ is the problem causing the huge default template (uncompressed).I’ve tested the Flix Pro VP6-S codec for Flash. I have a question about your (great) tip on renaming . I am a total newbie but it seems to me that a 550 megs file is huge. I have been following you for more than a year.flv.437. As I was trying to make sense of it I noticed that the size of the file I was trying to test is 541. you can just rename the extension on these files from . but I will as soon as this economy gets better enough to allow me to go back to work. Thank you Regards Robert Knowles multimedia. once the file is . against “Mac only” products that create h. unfortunately since last February I am unemploied and I can’t yet afford to become a member.flv and they play fine in Flash Player 9. the QuickTime products produced clearer video every time.

Instructions here: http://webvideouniversity. I use Sony Vegas Pro nearly every day. While there are multiple reasons for this. So I know the advantages and disadvantages of both quite well. To date. All 738mb of it. How do you fix this? Same on JW or Flowplayer.5. Adobe Premiere and Avid. Comment by Dave on 28 September 2009: @Marco – You can’t do uncompressed video for the web…file sizes are way too big.flv does not work on this. Use one of the presets (other than default) instead. I also use Final Cut Pro about as often. In Sony Vegas Pro 9 Takes Aim at Final Cut. You’ll also need to FastStart enable the MP4/MOV file. Comment by Nico on 27 October 2009: I have . Sony Vegas has never garnered the user base enjoyed in the “professional world” by the likes of Final April 22nd. 2009 • Related • Filed Under I’ve always been a long-time fan and user of Sony Vegas video editing software. 7. Adobe Premiere and Avid http://webvideouniversity.mp4 produced in Sony 9 and none of the players will play it or from what I’m told the video most be fully loaded. it really comes down to . And the little renameing to .com/podcast/video/2009/05/15/wvu-36-making-mp4-videos-play-onthe-web/ 6. Comment by Dave on 27 October 2009: @Nico – See my video on this here: http://webvideouniversity.

rays. To me. They also happen to be some of the most drooled-over cameras around. it’s really good software but…”. defocus and more. And as always. As a result.MP4) videos. First. so now you will be able to group tracks and have sequences within sequences. They’ve added sophisticated lighting effects like glints. it gets picked on in the industry…as in “Yea. it has a much smaller learning curve. If you’d like to learn more. They’ve added support for gigapixel sized images. but I can tell you about some of the notable new features. Over 190 customizable video effects are now included. just go here. Everything from YouTube to HD for the Internet settings. Is any of this earth-shattering? No. professional video editing applications. They’ve added new templates for rendering Sony AVC (. They’ve added…well the list goes on. These allow you to simulate lighting and re-direct the focus of your footage. so I can’t review it. I should note the software is not available yet (it has a release date of May 11). Well now Sony appears to be addressing those “buts…” with their latest release. But what it means is they’ve updated the software so it’s more inline with other premium video editing packages. fill lights. Popularity: 62% [?] ShareThis There Are 21 Responses So Far. And no. Comment by Janet Garcia on 7 May 2009: What I like the most is that they added the sequence functionality you see in Premier Pro. You can learn more about Red cameras here. They’ve added new window layouts to speed the process of video editing (they’ve also darkened the color scheme to be more consistent with other video editing applications). . Vegas Pro 9. Adobe Premiere or Avid tit-for-tat yet…but it has taken a nice step forward (at least on paper). acts and works differently than other traditional.the fact that Sony Vegas looks. And for you that means you can get these features for about half of what you’ve have to pay for other software. Sony Vegas Pro doesn’t match Final Cut. they’ve added support for Red cameras. This means you can put really big photos in the timeline and then pan them for very dramatic effects. this is a major improvement worth the upgrade. » 1. Red cameras are basically Hollywood-quality cameras without the Hollywood camera price.

However.” I do not see where you can have Multiple Sequences in the same Vegas project. . ————————– I use all of the mentioned NLE’s and must say that historically Sony Vegas runs the best/smoothest and offers the most intuitive user experience. 4. Comment by Todd on 12 May 2009: Janet Garcia said: “…they added the sequence functionality you see in Premier Pro. nor Avid match each other tit-for-tat either. so now you will be able to group tracks and have sequences within sequences.2.” This functionality has been there since before version 9. ————————– Dave Kaminski said: “…Sony Vegas Pro doesn’t match Final Cut. There is no NLE on the market that can handle Audio like Vegas. Adobe Premiere or Avid tit-for-tat yet…” Neither FCP. Out of the box its GUI is set up different than the other NLE’s but the seasoned editor can arrange the GUI same as they may be used to then it functions same as any other 3point editor. You do not have to leave Vegas to complete most tasks where you need a ‘Suite’ of the other NLE’s. then you can import that project into another project and it treats it like a single sequence in the new project. There is no need to save a project and then import it back into a new project. you also do it from within the same project. it’s not very obvious how to do it. so now you will be able to group tracks and have sequences within sequences. Comment by Janet Garcia on 15 May 2009: Yes Todd but that is not the way it works in Premiere Pro. Nor do I see where you can ‘Group Tracks’ in Vegas Pro 9. Changes to the original sequence project are automatically updated in the main project. you create 1 project file and can create many sequences inside that same project and drag them into another sequence and you need to change something to any secuence. You create a whole separate project for each sequence. Comment by LD on 11 May 2009: Janet Garcia said: “…they added the sequence functionality you see in Premier Pro. 3. Premiere. In Premiere.

With Vegas you can import DVDs from the DVD drive. I’d even say Adobe Premiere Pro 4 gives FCP a run for it’s money. In Vegas. Vegas is smoother and much more user friendly than FCP. Vegas also outputs a very nice WMV file somehow. If you’re going to create user movies or montages FCP is ideal. that was the end of Premiere… Will never go back to Premiere… But I do use Adobe After Effect for Visual FX 7. but don’t make it seem like it’s on par. that’s also nice. based on the same settings. I prefer Premiere. I open the Trim window and match each take/shot with precision and confidence. If I have several takes from different angles I can use the multicam in either. once I got Vegas 7 OMG. Premiere is worth ONLY for the dynamic link with the AE. but Vegas has a lot of edges. Comment by Royce on 25 May 2009: You’re giving Final Cut Pro WAY too much credit. not to mention it has TONS more professional grade video effects & transitions. equal to or BETTER than AVID or Sony Vegas Pro because it’s not. 6. Comment by Reggie on 18 May 2009: Vegas is smoother than Premiere with larger files. 8.Avid is sticked to the old users. Nothing even close in Premiere. Comment by Paul on 25 May 2009: Vegas is a great great tool. Please support VEGAS is a very creative tool for everything!!! 9. Premiere beats the crap out of Vegas for ease of editing to one frame’s accuracy. then I updated to version 6 that was the same story… even reading books it was kind of annoying. but I never get use to it the right way because I found it difficult to learn. I think is the NLE of the future. However.0. Comment by j lashley on 27 May 2009: . But in Premiere. I actually choose which one I use based on the project. but for professional high quality editing Premiere 6. Avid and Vegas 8 & 9 are as good as it gets. it’s an EXCELLENT video editing software. it’s annoying to do that kind of editing. Final Cut i think is first of all a success of the great marketing of Apple. Comment by Richard Wilson on 18 May 2009: My first NLE software was Premier 4.5. for sure. Yes.

Comment by Mwangi Geoffrey on 11 June 2009: Have used Sony Vegas from Verion5 upgrading everytime a new release is out. 12. but Vegas is the ultimate editors tool for pro and post-production jobs. The work I do comes out very professional and people seem to like the end product of it all. Hail VegasPRO for its sweet editing magic and 3D environment unlike premier. Was never interested in using Premier since it consumes alot of system resources. i think it’s the best and will only get better and better till oops. and for sure Vegas Pro9 has the ulimate tools needed by Video editors to output quality HD video. but Vegas is the ultimate editors tool for pro and post-production jobs. huge prediction. Got my copy yesterday and editing has never been easier and faster to complete with this new bundle. It is one of the most intuitive and rock solid pieces of software I have ever used and as far as I’m concerned the best NLE with a workflow that ensures editing video is fun and hardly ever work. It took some time but from what I see it has only gotten better.I predict that sony vegas will overtake the video editing software andf will stay on top perhaps forever. It was very easy for me to pick up and learn. Comment by Mwangi Geoffrey on 11 June 2009: Have used Sony Vegas from Version5 upgrading everytime a new release is out. If its Visual Effects. but i have seen vegas like a long distance runner gaining ground. Hail VegasPRO for its sweet editing magic and 3D environment unlike premier. Oh and I have a deep hatred for Premiere now that’s not likely to go . i just love the vegas. Was never interested in using Premier since it consumes alot of system resources. everyone should try AE. remember i said it today. everyone should try AE. I certainly give FCP the nod in the professional filmmaking arena though. year 2012. Once I had a project I just started finding things one by one. If its Visual Effects. guess what. sony vegas has over taken and is unstoppable. So I am definitely excited about getting this newer version. 11. 10. Comment by Tashi on 22 June 2009: I’ve used Sony Vegas since 2006 on my personal projects and since then I’ve used Premiere editing video for a newspaper website and I’ve tried FCP and Pinnacle out of curiosity and personally I would not use anything else but Vegas. and for sure Vegas Pro9 has the ulimate tools needed by Video editors to output quality HD video. Comment by dwalker on 6 June 2009: i have to admit I love vegas. Got my copy yesterday and editing has never been easier and faster to complete with this new bundle. 13.

You are currently wrong…I have checkout all the popular user base forums. you have to explain what it can do. could do with some more transitions though. 14.. Far as Vegas never garnered the user base enjoyed in the “professional world” by the likes of Final Cut. DV..t on 1 July 2009: Hi. so I ran it in MAC bootcamp [dual boot XP] which turned out to be really hard on my workflow. it is a very stable software.away soon. I was mildly interested in Sony’s new acid pro but I’m too attached to Sonar to care to try it. I’m happy to report that it runs pretty good in the pararells XP VM so far on the small projects I have tried ! I wonder if they will make a MAC version in the future ? All the big 3 have high-end video tutorial demos of what they product can do on their websites. they need to update website look. The problem that Sony is having is marketing and promotions. I mainly work on the MAC for media these days but really like Vegas pro and had a lot of time & money invested. Also. i am a self taught editor and found vegas to be very user frindly. Sony had one high video out when Vegas Pro 8 came out last year. Comment by xante on 15 July 2009: i discoverd vegas by accident and never looked back. Right now Sony has the ball they have to run with it!!! 16. clearly with vegas 9 i have seen improved quality in my output. 17. You Tube tutorial’39. I was really surprise. Don’t just post an Ad of your product on different web sites. Sony Vegas is currently the most popular as far consumer and prosumer users. using and posting video’s. The site is looking very old fashion of a 10 years old site. Now looking up on the Digital Juicer forum. . i tried adobe but keep comong back to vegas for ease and simplicity. Comment by jtvideo on 5 July 2009: Hi Dave.. Comment by chris.000 and others you get the sense more people asking questions. Adobe Premiere and Avid. The other tutorials look basic and amateur. 500’/292.

I was introduced to Sony Vegas two days ago by a company at an offered price that is almost 40% lower than Sony’s recomended tag. crashing.. I downloaded a trial version of Vegas pro 9. I need to get some tuition videos or at least a classroom ebook or so to master it as well as PP2. One of the great things about these programs is the audio files can be ported in from very well made professional audio software. Simply put. I find the learning curve to be quite steep. I did a trial of PP4 but found it to be great. 19. Since changing my computer to 64bit system with Vista OS. luckily. I found Vegas Pro 9 much easier to use with the mouse and the slow motion is very smoothe indeed. but too expensive for me. being so different to the other NLE softwares. they are the best designed with the most features and the best compatibility out there. in avid you need so much hardware. After checking out the Sony site. I don’t like to be locked into just one option for my work. premiere just trying to mimic avid GI and attitude…. I like the single frame capture button which gives a better image than PP2’s version. However. so unless I see proof of compatibility with other programs. Between Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas Pro. now I jump from FC in apple to vegas in Windows. The choice of NLE that an editor uses has far less to do with a successful edit than the skill and knowledge of the editor. and this is of major concern to me. Comment by Brad on 3 September 2009: There is a reason why all of Hollywood and most Indie filmmakers use Avid or Final Cut Pro. Sony is notorious for using proprietary file extensions. waiting 1 hour for a 2 minute preview. Can anyone recommend a good book? I am so very excited about Vegas pro 9 18. I personally would take FCP over Avid any day but do see the usefulness of both for different projects. Most film audio in narrative film work is overdubbed after the project for clarity and to eliminate unwanted ambient noise.Comment by Lorenzo F on 31 July 2009: I am an Adobe fan and have been using Premiere Pro 2 for some time now in preference to other – Ulead and Pinnacle NLE softwares. sloooow edit… well I found Vegas 3 and my editing change super fast. Comment by kevin on 7 September 2009: I think we’re having the wrong discussion here. 20. I will undoubtedly reserve Vegas Pro for my last choice option when purchasing my editing software. Comment by Sergio on 5 August 2009: I was stuck on premiere for years. I am more likely to take Premiere simply because I have the option to send the output file to another editor for further work. they are the nicest marriage I’ve ever known. . I have had to abandone PP2 which does not support Vista.

Become A Navy Pilot 21. For the rest of us we should be looking for something that fits the way we work. is finding a program that works for you. Pro level work can and is done with all of these NLE’s as well as some of their less wheeled counterparts. NLEs on this level do 99% of what the overwhelming majority of users need them to do. Comment by PETE on 16 September 2009: DOES ANYONE KNOWS HOW TO OPEN OR IMPORT IN VEGAS A SEQUENCE EDITED IN FCut?? TRIED OMF BUT DOESN’T WORK PROPERLY . Avid. One that makes you more efficient and makes the process of editing more fluid. etc is wrong. in my opinion. Final Cut. Premier Pro. The most important thing.To imply that professional work can’t be accomplished with NLEs in the class of Vegas. If you have a specific situation that only one NLE can handle than your choice is clear. Edius.