Software License Agreement ---------------------------------------------------------------------Copyright of this software product remains the property of the Author, Eugene V. Muzychenko.

Use of this software is allowed only upon agreement of this license. The Author (here in after refereed to as the Licensor) grants you (here in after refereed as the Licensee) a non-exclusive license to use this software in accordance with the terms of this agreement. ---------------------------------------------------------------------1. CONCLUSION AND TERMINATION OF THIS AGREEMENT - The Licensee is deemed to have concluded this agreement when the Licensee copies part or the whole of this software, or when the Licensee starts to use the program included in this software. Here, use of the program refers to executing the program executable files on a PC. - This agreement may be terminated by the Licensee at any time. - This software and any copy of it shall be erased upon termination of this agreement. 2. RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS - Free TRIAL version of this software can be used, reproduced and distributed freely on non-profit basis. Only a FULL version, lawfully obtained, is permitted for any kind of commercial usage. A copy of the FULL version can be distributed only together with its lawfully purchased license. - The Licensee is permitted to distribute the TRIAL version of this software in accordance with the following terms: (1) The Licensee agrees not to modify content and structure of this software. However, the Licensee may compress/archive this software if it can be unpacked using commonly used methods. (2) The Licensee agrees not to profit from provision of this software to a third parties. However, TRIAL version of this software can be freely distributed together with another product, including commercial ones. - For the FULL version, a lawfully obtained software copy can be used in accordance with the following terms: (1) if the software is used for non-commercial purposes in a private home environment, a single license is enough for all home computers; (2) if the software is used for commercial purposes and/or for real-time outdoor broadcasting (for example, network audio streaming), each additional installation, regardless of whether real or virtual machine, requires an additional license. Copies of FULL version distribution package can be made for backup purposes

Owner of a lawfully purchased license (or multiple licenses) to the FULL version is permitted to pass (not to replicate) them to a third party. the Licensee loses all rights to the FULL version and must not retain any copies of the FULL version. Licenses obtained from the licenser without a payment can be passed without a payment too. YOU USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.When the Licensee passes last of licenses owned. .only. THE LICENSOR WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR DATA LOSS. 3. . In such case. . a third party became a new Licensee and must acknowledge this Agreement. LIABILITY THIS SOFTWARE IS DISTRIBUTED "AS IS". NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND IS EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. DAMAGES. LOSS OF PROFITS OR ANY OTHER KIND OF LOSS WHILE USING OR MISUSING THIS SOFTWARE.