PERSONAL DATA Name Date of Birth Sex Marital Status Religion Address Contact Phone Email Address : M. Nurbit fidli : Sungai Dualap July 19, 1981 Ka. Tungkal Jambi : Male : Maried : Moslem : Perumahan Marina View Block C2 No26 RT 06/10 Kel. Tj Uncang Kec. Batu Aji 24922 Batam. : 08137221891 : EDUCATION BACKGROUND

1997 to 2001 1994 to 1997 1988 to 1994

Senior High School Junior High School Elementary School COMPETENCIES TRAINING

Graduated Graduated Graduated

January 27, 2011

Internal Training Office Safety Awareness at Batam Training Centre (BTC) Dry docks world Batam (Non Certificate) Internal Training Basic of ISO 14001 at Batam Training Centre (BTC) Dry docks world Batam (Non Certificate) Internal Training HIRA (Hazard Identification Risk Assessment) at Batam Training Centre (BTC) Dry docks world Batam (Non Certificate)

January 20, 2011 January 07, 2011

CURRICULUM VITAE January 03. 2010 December 29. 2010 October 29. 2009 October 17. 2010 October 25. . 2009 March 04 to Dec 03 2008 As Safety promoter for PT. Uncang Batam (Ship Building and repaired) Duty and Responsibilities: . Accident/Incident Investigation Course By Industrialindo Konsultrain Services (IKS Batam) Confined Space Entry Course By Industrialindo Konsultrain Services (IKS Batam) Hot Work Assessor course By Indutrialindo Konsultrain Services (IKS Batam) WORKING EXPERIENCE December 28.To ensure that all surrounding areas of hot work area cleared of all flammable materials.Ensure that there is a valid hot work certificate/permit hot work to be carried out . 2011 Internal Training SMK3 (System Management K3) At Batam Training Centre (BTC) Dry docks world Batam (Non Certificate) Internal Training OR (Occurrence Report) At Batam Training Centre (BTC) Dry docks world Batam (Non Certificate) Internal Training BBS (Behavior Best Safety) At Batam Training Centre (BTC) Dry docks world Batam (Non Certificate) Internal Training LOTO Comonication At Batam Training Centre (BTC) Dry docks world Batam (Non Certificate) One day Seminar Introduction & Preparation of the Competency Test of the OH&S Expert in Accordance With BNSP SCHEME (Seminar Kompetensi Ahli K3) From IKS Batam (Non Certificate) English Course of Conversation Class by Equalita Learning Centre Batu Aji Batam. 2009 October 10. Agung Surya Makmur In PT. 2010 March – May 2010 October 24. ASL Ship yard Tj.

Ensuring that safe working practices are effective and implement as required To stop incompatible work such as spray painting and hot work and giving the rectification. Responsible for maintain the safety requirement throughout the duration of the work process. Will participate the fire drill as requested WORKING EXPERIENCE December 16.Arrange all training and equipments that are required for the theory and practical training season such as attendance hoses. Must ensure that firefighting equipment such as fire hose. Ensure the means of escape route is free from obstruction After completion of hot work will be make sure there is no sparks or molten slag remain at the hot work area. Responsible for fire equipments inspection and report to store man / HSE Supervisor.Inspect/maintain and make up the fire and safety equipments after using in training seasons or other usages prepare and maintenance and engineering work under for any broken on malfunction of fire and safety equipments and will be signed and fire supervisor / superintendent. ensure that all materials are in good . nozzles. Carrying out the assessment for safety facilities. especially hot work activity which must complete to fill the record. fire extinguishers and fuel for fire fighting and ensure that all materials are available on time and at the right place.Inspect and install posters in the plan site.CURRICULUM VITAE Must check to ensure that combustible materials/flammable materials are free from beneath. Uncang batam Duty and Responsibilities: . Doing monitoring activity on board. nozzle and fire extinguishers are provided at hot work area and in good order serviceable. . . Activities and condition at work site. To get evacuation of workers before start radiography progress. 2008 As HSE Store man for PT. Must ensure that each fire watchman must be present at the hot work area at all time during the progress of hot work. Dry docks world pertama (Ship Building and repaired) Tj. Conducted he daily tool box talk briefing. Must ensure that the sparks from hot work do not fall into any flammable materials or into any confined space where the gas is not free. behind or within the job.

Minor. .Observe / assist supervisor during the delivery of Tool Box Talks.Maintain a professional attitude and set an example to others.To Inform to Fire Officer / Supervisor / Manager if any reportable environment incident . . . And Make Controlled. Major. Conduct daily monitoring related to fire and safety assist maintenance group and preparing firefighting equipment require for hot work.Report to Fire Officer / Supervisor / HSE Manager immediately any reportable Incident.Always effort to minimize incident and accident with method Spotted Hazard.Attend any critical Lifts and works for the project. especially hot work activity which must complete to fill the record (Fireman Monitoring On Board) .Investigation if any Incident / Accident and report to Fire Officer / Supervisor / HSE Manager. breaching and nozzles if any broken.CURRICULUM VITAE Place and right position and also update and maintain safety statistic record. . February 2.Assist in monitoring that corrective preventive action is undertaken as necessary on HSE Matters to correct deficiencies and prevent re. ... . Repair hoses. Uncang Batam. .Responsible for maintain the safety procedure at work site .Develop a working relationship with all line supervision.Analyze incident investigation report and prepare by inspector and supervisors in the English language. To carry out housekeeping inspection and ensure that all rubbish and unnecessary items to be cleaned up by concerned section Inspection and maintenance of SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) bottles with high pressure. .occurrence.Prepare Occurrence Report and distribute to respective Department. Assess the Risk. FA. As Leader Fireman for PT. Dry docks world pertama (Ship Building and Repair) Tj. ...Will participate the fire drill as requested. .Monitor all Ship building / Ship repaired activities to identify and recommend correction of any environment protection awareness with all Supervisors.Doing monitoring activity on board. . LTI. Attend HSE meeting and when requested. .Intervene and advise workers if found committing unsafe action.Attend training and HSE Meeting when required. 2010 Duty and Responsibilities: . . . . .Endorse the work by signing permit to work system after satisfy with the inspection make hand over shift report. Conduct fire equipment inspection or testing including recommendation once week report should be issued to Fire officer / Supervisor. Help fire officer in conducting fire and safety training as required.Assisting with investigation and reporting.