Work-Integrated Learning Evaluation Form TM125 Practicum 1 for Bachelor in Tourism Management Cebu Normal University

Name of Student: Company: Department Assigned: Training Period: Supervisor/Rater: Directions: Below is an assessment which quantitatively and qualitatively evaluates the performance of the studenttrainee. Please check the box which corresponds to your rating. Please seal the envelope so the confidentiality of this rating sheet will be guarded until this reaches the Practicum Program Coordinator (PPC). COMPETENCY Beginning Developing Advance Exemplary 1 2 3 4

Technical Information Lacked basic knowledge/ Information necessary for accomplishment of tasks Never picked up instruction or information Had knowledge/ information but need reminders to be able to accomplish task Took time to learn instructions or information Demonstrated a good background information required for tasks Learned instructions or information at a reasonable phase Possessed a wide understanding of the requirement of tasks

Rate of Learning

Quick and immediately responded to instructions and information given

Leadership Did not know how to manage tasks and cooperate with team Always waited to be told on what to do with the tasks Managed tasks/ cooperated with team when told Sometime showed initiative in doing tasks Managed tasks and lead people at a fair level Most of the time worked based on one`s own ideas Effectively managed tasks and incite people to work on tasks Very dynamic in putting ideas to action and applied them independently. Highly organized and efficient on work assignments and time management



Very disorganized and inefficient with the tasks

Sometimes display chaos in work and inefficiency of time management, however able to make up At times shows interests in interacting with team, and with guests, when with group works well with

Usually systematic with work and efficient with time

Customer Service

Displays shyness and was uncomfortable to mingle with team, with work and with guests Always tardy in coming for work Passive at work Worked in isolation from fellow workers

Was willing to participate with work, mingle with team, and mingle with guests when requested

Showed self initiative to mingle with the team, participate with work and interact with guests

Promptness Dedication to work Peer Relationship Most of the time tardy Enthusiastic at work when motivated Made contact to peers only when situations call Most of the time early Committed to tasks at fair amount Worked with peers at a fair level of professional relationship Communicated most of the concerns with the superiors Always early in coming for work Highly committed to tasks until completion Maintained a highly professional relationship with peers Carried a very effective relationship with superiors by consulting concerns when necessary

Relationship With Superiors

Detached with the superior. Made no effort to communicate

Approached and communicated with superior although problems and concerns are not aired out Made contact to guests only when situations call

Relationship with guests

Maintained a highly professional relationship with guests, with high level of confidence. Descriptive Evaluations: Please write your helpful comments about the trainee by indicating areas of improvement and strengths.

Stays away from having a direct contact with guests

Made contact to guests at a fair level of professional relationship

Signature of Rater: Date rated: