Effective media of advertisement for 201 F.M.C.

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Effective media of advertisement for 201 F.M.C.G 1


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Effective media of advertisement for 201 F.M.C.G 1

This Research Report is an outcome of the colossal support and encouragement provided by a number of people at my Institute and outside. I would like to acknowledge with extreme gratitude, the unfailing wise counsel, intellectual and moral support extended to me esteemed honorable Sir Mr. Rajendra Sharma, Assistant Professor, J.D.I.M.T, Varanasi, His indispensable suggestions have led to the successful culmination of the work and completion in the form present Report and chance to learn. Word have never seemed so inadequate as now, when I am endeavoring to express my deepest sense of thankfulness to Mr. Ambrish Singh Sir Vice Chairman J.D.I.M.T, Varanasi, without his valuable guidance, support and encouragement it would have been impossible for me to accomplish this work. It was mainly because of him that the work is presented coherently and its purpose shines through. I would like to pay my humble regard and thanks to my entire respected librarian and all those who directly or indirectly rendered their help in completing this research project report. I also like to present a deep bow of gratitude to my family and friends who have been of great directly and indirectly.


Effective media of advertisement for 201 F.M.C.G 1

I NEERAJ SRIVASTAVA student of master of Business Administration from JEEVANDEEP INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND TECHNOLOGY, VARANASI Hereby declare that all information and facts in this research report are my findings and original in nature, which are collected from various sources. The same has been never submitted by the under signed either in part or in full to any institution. This information is true to the best of my knowledge.

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With media planning and buying being spun out of many top notch agencies as separate activities. Simultaneously. the Indian advertising environment has changed almost beyond recognition. Even the traditional mass market brands daily use FMCG products like chocolates. outdoors. The fixed 15% commission is on its way out.V. with the old multi-layered structure flattened to more manageable three or four-tier structures. the core brand agency is getting more sharply focused on delivering client value by becoming more creative and versatile. FMCG companies are weighting the pros and cons of increasing advertising spend against investments in product innovation. and advertising. internet. being replaced with a fee-based compensation system tied to actual performance. With product differentiation narrowing. with brand and product competition heightening. marketers have realized that they have to try and reach the consumer in different ways. with its one-size-fits-all message.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F. agencies are stressing multimedia creative skills. making the advertiser’s task of making a connection that much more difficult. they are slimming down to become leaner and meaner. not only by advertising but with different aspects like-wise quality of the product. with the ability to create effective communication across various media ranging from print to T. With growing media fragmentation. At one level. direct marketing and event sponsorship. In the scenario.O.G 1 PREFACE In less than a decade. The new creative terms thus tend to be more versatile. rising costs per contact and emergence of new media like the internet. . quantity of the product and appropriate time. World-wide. the consumer is being bombard with thousands of message daily. advertising agencies are going through a tough process of introspection and change. biscuits and many more begun to look at advertising as only one element of the marketing communication mix. and just print or T. The buzzword is precision targeting of customers. companies are no longer prepared to invest in traditional advertising without R.C.I. sales promotion and strengthening distribution networks.V communication. and increasingly in India. lead to a lot of spending wastage in products aimed at niche audience.M. This has necessitated a delivering of the creative and client serving functions. The old certainties are dead.

Both measurements were also the most affected by the addition of an online campaign.M. Television advertising increases sponsorship association 12. more than doubling T.7% over the baseline and improve message association by 12. Sponsorship association increased to 28. and it relates to synergies between television and internet.V will be opening their mail.V campaign boosts brand awareness. the people watching T. now there is. such as purchase intent and brand awareness are comparable for both T. rather than binding them together.G 1 Consumers don’t experience media in a vacuum. Dynamic logic evaluated five criteria namely aided brand awareness. According to a study done by New York based research firm Dynamic Logic.” says dynamic logic vice president of research analyst Bill Havlena.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F.4% over the baseline with online activity. “It means that the metrics-both brand and persuasion metrics. adding online advertising to a T. considering each medium as a separate element of a campaign.V’s impact. sponsorship association increased nearly 16 points. compared to the baseline of individuals who are not exposed to any advertising.5%.P. brand favorability and purchase intent/consideration were evaluated in 10 cross media campaigns over the past two years. but the inclusion done little to impact purchasing decisions. message association sponsorship association.C.O.V and online advertising and found that the web is a particular effective medium for reinforcing a brand’s sponsorship of an event.V and online. When respondents were exposed to internet ads. At the point of retailers shop the most effective and inclusive medium of advertisement is the product dispenser and the P. Well. . surfing the web.9%. Many research studies are establishing the fact that at any one time half. there hasn’t been much data to argue that it produced measurably better results. The firm examined 10 cross media studies in which T. cause or other entity.” the ad’s. as opposed to online-only measurements such as click-through. and message association grew to 19. While synergy certainly makes sense. “The most interesting fact is that we are actually able to conduct these types of crossmedia studies. or listening to the radio. The study found that sponsorship and message association are most affected by television advertising. Yet media planners for the most part continue to plan in isolation. stands and pamphlets by which the customers as well as the visitors can see the name of the product and make them aware about the product/ services.

” . measurements and standards. It makes media sense. It’s the way things are right now. Being at every point where a customer can tough your company is vital and obvious for anyone who wants to have the most effective strategy. While the results of the analysis of the 10 campaigns aren’t conclusive. They are producing ads that complement each other across various media types in a comparable way’s” Carton Donofrio partners chief experience officer Sean Carton says multimedia efforts aren’t just a futuristic trend but integral to current strategies. According to carton the cultural differences between traditional media planners and online media planners have yet in many agencies.4% improvement with incremental online efforts. which showed 5. More people who see the message in whatever medium means more awareness. the IAB (Interactive advertising Bureau). In addition. adoption of online is still going to lag. He says part of the reason the internet is not being better utilized by advertisers has to do with media planners. online suffers from lack of standards.G 1 The only criterion that did not improve significantly with the addition of online effects is purchase intent/consideration. At this point.0% improvement with television but only an addition 0.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F. They’re working on it.C. Havlena says they give directional insight into the value of television and internet working together.pretty basic stuff. but until the standard is agreed to by all the players. measurement tools for serving and tracking buys tend to be cost-prohibitive for many small and mid-sized shops. “Also. “Synergy isn’t the way things are going. AAAA (American Association of Advertising Agencies) and MRC (Media Rating Council) still haven’t arrived at a standard for what counts as an impression.M. “Advertisers are interested in becoming mere synergistic.

M. : Varanasi : 100 .C.G 1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Title of the Research: Effective Media of Advertisement for FMCG Research Duration Area of Coverage Sample Size : One Month.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F.

G 1 Marketing is becoming a battle more on information than on sales power.M.C.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F. Philip Kotler.* Marketing Management .

Most effective in the sense that the medium from where people get to know about a new product or existing one most of the time.G 1 Page no-122 INTRODUCTION OF THE PROJECT This project is a research work undertaken to find out the most effective medium of advertisement for FMCG and the role of promotion. FMCG has very wide varieties of product of different type. Each and every product has a very vast line and width.C. This project is to search out the most effective medium of advertisement from differentdifferent mediums. (Fast moving consumer goods). There are so many mediums of advertisement. Here the profit is to gain maximum attraction of the customer towards the product and services provided by the company and it depends upon the advertisement medium and the present ability style of the product in the market. This is the study of Varanasi division.M. Everyday so many new products are launched. . which is explained in detailed. Customer as well as the retailers both are the one who has to interact with each other daily and the product /service is provided by the retailer to the customer is some time depend upon the goodwill with the customer at the point the advertisement and the banner plays a big role to maintain the relationship between the customer and the retailer so while in FMCG product most of the time the customer is already aware about the product by adds on TV and on newspaper.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F.

4. 2. Importance of advertising in consumer awareness. . 6.C. Effect of advertisement in consumer buying behavior. Comparative and cost effective media vehicle.G 1 SCOPE OF THE RESEARCH 1. 3.M. Study of advertisement as a promotional tool. Role of advertisement consumer decision making. Finding out the most effective media of advertisement.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F. 5.

Cost effective media selection. 2. 2. Deciding most effective media of advertisement. Product and brand awareness. 3.M. Help consumer in decision making.C. Low price product choice. Useful in product choice. Study of consumer buying behavior. 5. 6. 7. 4. . 4.G 1 USE OF THE PROJECT Research use can be studied in following two categories. Advertisement in brand building and product positioning. USE OF THE PROJECT FOR MARKETER1. 3.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F. Consumer decision making. Sales promotion through advertisement. USE OF PROJECT FOR CONSUMER1. Understanding consumer behavior.

C.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F. .M.G 1 The best advertising is done by satisfied customer.

who works with advertising agencies. In small companies. charitable organizations.” .C. or services by an identified sponsor. According to the new encyclopedia Britanica. goods.M. Organizations handle advertising in different ways.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F. Advertiser include not only the business firms. A large company will often set up its own department.G 1 Philip Kotler. as well as government agencies that direct messages to target publics.” Advertising is a form of communication intended to promote the sale of the product or service to influence public opinion.* Marketing Management Page no-589 ADVERTISMENT – AN INTRODUCTION Advertising is a paid form of non-personal communication or presentation and promotion of ideas. to gain political support or to advance a particular cause. but also museums. advertising is handled by someone in the sales or marketing department.

2. Advertising Frequency.C. 3. impact. It is a form of communication. Product in Message 1.G 1 FEATURES OF ADVERTISING1. 4. or promotion.  Sales . Advertising is non-personal.M.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F. 2. 1.    Measuremen t  Commun ication impact. 5. Major media type. There were identified sponsors. presentation. Specific Mission Sales Goal Advertising Objective Media 2. Competition. Advertising is paid if not paid it become propaganda. It is a persuasive act. Market share. Message Reach evaluatio frequenc n.  3. Message generatio n. y. Money Factors to consider:  Stage PLC.

II.M. III. Objective of Advertising. Persuasion. I. IV. III. Contribution to Economic growth. I.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F.G 1 Role of Advertising. Communication with consumers. Increase the target group. IV. Help middle men. Introduce new product. Catalyst for change. .C. Sustain the establish product. II.

National Advertising. Consumer Advertising. Industrial Advertising.C. b. Types of Advertising. d. Selective Demand. Primary Demand.M. 2. 3. b. c.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F. Local Advertising. Increase the public welfare. Global Advertising. . According to Geographical spread: a. Trade Advertising. c. Professional Advertising. 1. According to Target Group: a. Advertising based on demand influence level: a.G 1 V. b.

the e-commerce revolution has finally taken off. . their approach and perspective is entirely different when it comes to the kind of medium that is involved. b. Internet advertising is now slowly emerging from the shadows of traditional advertising. It’s easy and convenient and often we can get better prices than at our local store. Through both these forms of media have a common platform. the approach to achieving these ends has changed a bit. With the popularity of ‘PLASTIC MONEY’ and the advert of secure online payment gateways.C. Through the basic principles of marketing like utilizing all possible channels of contact to earn consumer attention remain the same. Indirect action Advertising. businesses are now take trying to advantage of the internet and market their products effectively online.M. 5. Ever since its inception. Businesses have also caught on to the marketing possibilities of the internet early. Institutional or Product Advertising: a. Changing Paradigms of Advertising. Product Advertising. and now internet advertising is big business. Naturally. the internet and world wide web have been constantly spawning new rules and vocabulary for the marketplace in the virtual sphere. Nowadays.G 1 4. Direct action Advertising. b. Timing of Response it Effects: a.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F. many of us routinely buy products from internet websites. Institutional Advertising.

And link exchange advertising.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F. A rich media banner allows consumers to have more interaction. banner ads.  The conversion rate is equivalent to a completed sale or other online action taken by user after a click through.G 1 Recognizing this development. such as playing games. Internet advertising combines aspects of both traditional mass media advertising with more personal one on one type selling. . animated banner or interactive banner. pop-up under advertising.  Cost Per Click Another form of measuring advertising spends.  Ad view or ad impression is the number of times a visitor downloads or views an ad banner. The most critical components of this vocabulary are:  CTR (click through ratio/rate) It is the most common form of measuring the success of an advertising campaign on the internet. The other various types of internet advertising include search engines web advertising. pop-up ads.  Cost per Thousand (CPM) It is amount of expenditure incurred to receive a thousand impressions. It is most effective when it prepare an online advertising strategy that combines both elements.M. there are variations to each of these elements. because they don’t pay unless there is action taken. Most CPM’s can range from $25 to $60. etc. many traditional advertising and offer specialized campaign designed specifically for web based businesses. For example there are different types of banner such as static banner. CTR is the percentage of the ad view that results in an ad click. Internet advertising can include things such as e-mail campaigns. banner exchange advertising. A brand new vocabulary and terminology of internet have emerged on which all online advertising initiatives are based. CPC’s are what businesses pay for every individual who clicks on the Ad this is generally favorable for the business buying the ad. online directory. Vocabulary of Internet Advertising. yellow pages.C. This is becoming more popular as return on advertising investment is critical.

Effective media of advertisement for 201 F.G 1 Cost per click (CPC) = CPM/ (CTR * 1000) for example.  Banner Exchange It is a system where websites exchange banner advertisements on a reciprocal basis and mutually benefit each other. the CPR.5*1000 =0.C. Each time the banner is shown is counted as one impression. in other word. the CPC will be 15/2.  Run of site (ROS) Run of site advertising is less expensive than more targeted advertising methods.  Impression A measure of how many times a banner is displayed.006  Cost Per Visitor (CPM) It is the cost of advertising for every visitor the website  Cost Per Sale (CPS) It is the amount of ad money a company pays per sale. ROS refers to displaying a banner ad throughout a website or a banner network but without the targeting. and pop-up ads. Website advertising can make or break an internet business.  Page view A measure of how many times a complete page is displayed. Each of these different devices caters to different needs of businesses. All he factor defined above play an . the ad displays on a variety of sites without a target audience in mind.  Banner views Similar to page views. Website advertising may include things like banner ads. It is one page view each time a page displayed. e-mail campaigns. if you paid $15 CPM for a banner with a 2. banner views track the number of times a banner has been viewed.M.5% CTR.

java applets were used to create rich media ads but were later replaced with faster. They differ from banner ads in the sense that they do not guide a website-visitor to another website. when they first came into being. This takes up approximately 10% of a normal sized web page. However.net). These kinds of ads came much later than banner ads mainly as an enhancement technique to spice up the ads and make them more attractive initially. which the people visiting that site (the audience) see when the page loads. A banner advertisement typically consists of a banner (graphic image) and a link displayed on a high traffic website. Putting your website as a link on as many other websites that are related to your company or industry is also a good option. There is enough room for text. The most popular banner ad is the horizontal banner which is placed along the top or bottom of a web page. or just another website. ever with advert of so many types of advertising. banner ads still are the most popular choice of the advertisers right from the year 1994. so many banners being presented to the people rate is just about a fraction of a percentage but they are still going strong when compared to the other kinds of online advertisements.M. instead the entire message without leaving the website displaying the advertisement. According to the internet advertising bureau (www. Since most banners only hold the attention of a visitor for at best 3 to 5 seconds. Concise. the standard banner size is 468 pixels high. and posting blogs about your particular business. A certain amount of ‘free’ website advertising can also be done through word of mouth. . service.iab.G 1 important role in determining the kind of advertising an advertiser should engage in. Rich Media ads refer to multimedia advertising on the websites.e. They run across the top of an internet webpage or in a margin or other spaces reserved for ads and are usually graphics interchange format (GIF) images. compact and simpler software programs like flash and director developed by macromedia. Writing articles. clear messages that are to the point are most effective. design is critical. graphics or animation. This banner commonly advertises a product. as the success of that advertising effort will depend on the choice made. They started with click through rates as high as 25% but now these rates have fallen drastically over the years due to a phenomenon often referred to as ‘banner fatigue’ i.C.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F. The most conventional of all kinds of internet advertising remains banner advertisement followed by Rich Media advertisements.

several other types of banner can be created.C. but it requires a program to make it work. One can also participate in banner exchanges with complementary businesses. in turn.000 hits. or offer them a special deal/discount. The main advantages of advertising individually are: . Types of banner advertisements. • To be able to notify buyers of new product or service.G 1 Buying and selling banner ads. • To increase the traffic on the site. usually a CGI script. depending on the website an advertiser choose. although it is sometimes sold by click-through when the user clicks on the banner for more information. • Static banner do not change. Banner advertising can cost anywhere from $25 to $150 per 1. such as static banner. User of banner advertising. A dynamically rotated banner is usually a more effective way of advertising. animated banner or interactive banner. interactive banner allow user to have interactions. Banner space is usually sold by impressions. • To spread your ideas about a certain topic. and rich media banner allows user to have even more interactions such as playing games. they stay the same to every user. • Dynamic banner can change for each user.M. With each and every click. Banner advertising can be done either independently or through existing applications that simplify the whole process. get to place one on his website promoting your product or service. Through GIF images are the most commonly used banner ads. The other business owner gets to place a free banner advertisement on your website and you. There are two major types of banner’s static banners and dynamically rotated banners. • To sell more of your product or service. or banner views.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F. • To get people to remember your company name. There are also different kinds of interactive banners – HTML. Advertising on the internet translate into more sales and visibility and brands recall for your website. every page load. banner ads are of-then animated because animation has been shown to attract a larger percentage of users.

has shown that advertising has become an integral part of every products success and for that matter its failure as well.C. This proves the fact that companies lay a lot of emphasis on advertising of their products. he is your wife”.C. The coca cola and Pepsi war (so fondly known as the “cola wars”) has given new dimensions to advertising.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F.G companies use advertising as a fighting tool to upset their rivals rather than to up bring their product. Today when we hear the word “Thanda” we immediately associate it with Coke. Consider this: HLL spent more than Rs. In case of F. Sunil Alagh.  It acts as a tool to upset the competition: Advertising is definitely a tool to upset competitors and up bring your product in place of theirs.M. The important reasons why one should advertise are mentioned below:  Advertising helps in building a “Brand Name” for the company. A company has to build up its brand name for its products so that the consumers do not shift to other rival products.M.G companies it is more important because the products have to continue over a long run in the market and have a wider competition compared to the other sectors.58 crores by the year ending December 2000 and the ad-spend has further increased by 10% in the next year. The fact that companies are now realizing that raising ad spends is no longer a debt burden but rather an investment for the future. this is where advertising steps in.  Advertising helps a consumer to understand about a product: A consumer gets to know more about the product available in the market through advertising. the ex-managing director and CEO of Britannia industries pointed out that “the success of a product can be measured in terms of how effectively it can be communicated to the consumer” The current lots of F.M.C. In making a brand name a company has to be loud and clear about its products and its qualities.696. Even today people recognize butter with “Amul” brand even when there are .G 1 Advertising – the new age mantra David Ogilvy of Ogilvy&Mather once famously quoted as “the consumer is not a moron.

C. This is the impact of advertising. In a supermarket the advertising acts as a factor why the consumer goes straight to the soap of a particular brand or toothpaste of “x” company. Advertising significantly contributes to the creation of top brands and increases their brand values.M. Some of the advertising campaigns and their punchlines are mentioned below: Slogan Company/product Thanda matlab Coca cola .  Persuasion: Advertising helps in persuading the prospective buyer in taking a decision regarding the product. today advertising helps one out if one has to successfully run a product. They are influenced by the flashy advertisements which affect their buying motives. wahi bikta hai” This applies to all the companies in every sector.  Helpful in introducing new products: Advertising is a tool which helps in introducing new and innovative products in to the markets. Companies spend a large chunk of their revenue on research and development of new products and when such high stakes are involved companies would not want their products to fail in the market. Consumers buy what they see and neglect what they don’t identify with.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F.G 1 other brands existing in the market because of the infamous Amul butter girl who has acquired an iconic status.  “Jo dikhta hai. Today when one hears the word “Ye dil maange more” or more recently “youngistan ka wow” then the next person immediately understands that he/she is talking about Pepsi. Gone are the days when one used to sell the products by going door to door or through salesman or the next door “baniya”.

Effective media of advertisement for 201 F. bournvita Lagey raho! Bournvita Alpenliebe (lifebuoy hai jahan yandurusti hai wahan----lifebouy) The Implications of Advertising on the Buyer: It has been argued from the beginning that “advertising does not add any value to the product rather it helps in increasing the price of the product.” These statements do not hold true in the real sense. brand Colgate Utterly.G 1 Youngistaan ka wow Pepsi Dentist ka sujhaya hua no 1.M. The consumer is not influenced by the flashy ads and does not respond to them.C. butterly delicious Amul Kit-kat break to banta hai Kit Kat Kuch meetha ho jaaye Cadbury’s dairy milk G matlab Genius Parle-G Boost is the secret of our energy Boost Tan ki shakti man ki shakti. When one goes in to the market one can notice how consumers .

G 1 recognize a particular brand of toothpaste from the 20 odd brands available and he asks for a particular brand only.M. There is a defined strategy for advertising known as the A-I-D-A model of advertising promoted by Mr.M. . Also in case of F. this helps the consumer know what is happening around him. A – Denotes “attention” which refers to the ability of the advertisement to attract the attention of the consumer. Advertising is not a waste and companies set aside huge budgets for advertising just so that they can create an impact in the minds of the consumer. The model is followed by companies for formulating advertising strategies. A fictitious character by the name of “Digen Verma” was created by the company and his name was flashed all over raising the curiosity of the people. The consumer also gets valid information through advertising like in case of social service messages like the polio ad campaign or the aids awareness campaign.C. Also recently Dabur had re-launched its chyawanprash brand with a new look and a new ad-campaign. Often there are products which may be good in quality but are ignored by the consumer because they are not able to generate enough attention. this has helped Dabur to regain some of its lost share in the market which has been dominated by it.C.G companies some products which are complex to use can be well explained and their utility be made known to the consumer.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F. This campaign helped Frooti reestablish its market share and helped in increasing the sales for the company. This proves the fact that how much impact has been created by the particular brand through advertising. Elmo Lewis which emphasizes on how a customer purchases a product. This curiosity was later removed by introducing the product. Advertising has played a major role in re-establishing and increasing the shrinking sales of some products One strong example of this can be the re-launch of the “Frooti” brand of mango drink a few years back.

The company cannot sit back and wait for their products to sell automatically. Therefore a company should hook the consumers on to the brand and make them “brand loyal”.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F. once the product draws the attention of the consumer. Once the desire is created it will always get converted in to ownership of the brand. there should be an interest created in the minds of the consumer for the product.M. Often we see small children forcing their mothers to buy them a particular chocolate or food because they have seen it with their friends or they are very much influenced by the advertisements. Advertising has the following effects on the consumer perceptions: It helps the consumer to identify the product   It is useful to realize which brands are available in the market It helps in delivering the importance of the product . 20% of customers give 80% of the business. The desired action in terms of brand building and further increasing the sales should be in the minds of the company. It is only when an interest exists that a company will be able to establish the model successfully.C.G 1 I – Denotes “interest”. According to Paretos law. it is the desire to own and possess the product. the final result of all the efforts is the ultimate decision made by the consumer to purchase the product. A – Denotes “action”. D – Denotes “desire”. The company should try and maintain its relations with the customer.

The study revealed the following information: INFLUENCES OF MEDIA ON CUSTOMER PURCHASE DECISIONS Television Ads in newspapers Free samples 77% 40% 38% . A recent study conducted by MCI India took into consideration people from various sections of the society and is worth mentioning in the report.M. The mere fact that the “Thanda Matlab Coca-Cola” advertisement increased the sales of coca-cola by more than 10% proves the fact that consumers are receptive to advertising. It makes him think about going for a particular company’s product over his rivals products.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F. status. location. The consumer is ignorant to these offers unless he has been exposed to a healthy dose of commercials or prints showing the offer. Also companies advertise their various offers and promotions through the medium of advertising. basic traits. They were segmented as per their age.C. Research has shown that advertised products have more chances of survival in the long run than the non-advertised products. It influences him to buy a particular product Overall advertising creates a desire in the minds of the consumer regarding owning the product. The study divided the consumers in to male and female categories and in each category they divided them in three parts.G 1    It helps in bridging the gap between the company and the consumer A consumer can realize what is good and what is bad for him.

C. This simple fact has shown that companies do require advertising to support the qualities of their product. It is essential to understand that the money spent by these companies will not flow back in but will reflect in terms of the sales achieved by the company in the .Effective media of advertisement for 201 F. It should be coupled with the right type of media and the best use of the possible methods for advertising.G products Merely spending hoards of money in advertisement is not going to help the product. Companies like HULL.M. and P&G etc. Media and agency selection for F. The right kind of media selection is done by utilizing the following strategies: Budgeting expenditure: Before selecting the media one must keep in mind ones budget.C. keep aside a sizeable proportion of their expenditure for advertising. The advertising budgets of the company are influenced by the product sales and its popularity.M. Coca-Cola.G 1 Word-of-mouth Ads at purchase points Shopkeepers Articles in dailies Hoardings Ads in magazines Fillers/Leaflets in dailies 38% 34% 32% 30% 26% 23% 22% Also the research has shown that consumers in cities like Delhi. Mumbai and other metros are likely to get influenced in purchasing the product if it is advertised.

Analyzing the media reach: The media selected should be able to effectively reach a number of people and should convey the message sent by the company.M. it is essential to plan it in advance to avoid wastage of resources. From the table given it is clear that the reach of television is the greatest among all the mediums available and that all classes of society show a similar response to the television advertisements. Companies which have a huge ad-spending select the best possible medium while those working on a tight budget try to find out the cheapest and most effective medium through research. Selecting the media based on the budget: Once the budget is set then one can select the media which will be utilized by the company to commercialize its products.C. The government of India has banned the advertisements done by cigarette and liquor companies and they cannot violate this rule. Since advertising expenditure has to be deducted from the sales. The various medias available will be discussed in the next chapter.G 1 annual budget.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F. . The following table gives the consumer demographics relating to the various media available in the urban areas and their response Nowadays while selecting the media companies have to also keep in mind the government rules and regulations.

C. The campaign featured Mr. one should select the most useful media.G 1 Purpose of advertising: One should define the goals for which the advertising has been done. The purpose was to make the brand more contemporary and to make it relatable since the brand was losing its relevance over a period of time. . Recently Dabur had re-launched its brand of chyawanprash. Amitabh Bachhan and the campaign was a success resulting in growth of the brand and cementing its market share.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F. Companies who are going to re-launch a brand have to pay more attention towards the advertising because it can be detrimental in deciding the fate of the brand in the years to come. Keeping in mind the demographics and the influence of various media on buyer behavior (mentioned in earlier part).M. besides the company had also renewed the packaging and the look of the brand. Companies have specific interests and specific target segment in mind when they want to select the media. Proper planning of the objectives and goals will lead to successful advertising decisions.

New York )     Grey Worldwide (global) Ogilvy&Mather (Indian subsidiary) Leo Burnett (global. In India there are more than 100 ad agencies and most of them are pioneers in the global market. The agencies have given us names like . Most of the agencies have either acquired or have equity participation in the Indian agencies. Most of the ad agencies are from the big apple and have grabbed the opportunity after liberalization opened the doors to the economy.Walter Thompson (global.G 1 Agency selection: After the companies finalize their objectives and goals. Some of the best names in the industry are given below:   McCann Erickson (global) Lowe India (global. it is now time to select the most appropriate agency to fulfill those goals.C. which have a base in foreign countries and have established themselves in India like Ogilvy&Mather worldwide.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F.M. equity participation of 51% from Foot Cone &Blending. There are agencies. equity participation in enterprise nexus communication in India)     Mudra (Indian) WPP (global) Lintas (global) FCB Ulka (global. The increase in the ad-expenditure of Indian companies and the tough competition makes it all the more sense to establish a subsidiary in India. acquired Indian subsidiary Hindustan Thomson Associates) The A&M magazine survey indicated that the largest 25% of agencies account for nearly 75% of the top billings. equity participation in Chaitra India ) J.

ranbir kapoor . Prasoon Joshi. Thus the selection of an agency is essential when companies have to make the most out of its advertising.G 1 Piyush Pandey. The agency selection is done by the marketing and media department of the company and at a given time more than three to four agencies are vying for the accounts of a big company.K. Saurav Ganguly. A company may even have different agencies handling its different product lines. The following are the companies and some of the celebrities that they have chosen to promote their products. McCann Erickson handles the advertising of Coca-Cola while Ogilvy&Mather handles Coke’s brand “Fanta”. Celebrity endorsements: The media decisions of a company also include another factor that has come in to the reckoning that is whether to select a celebrity for endorsing the product or not. COMPANY Dabur Pepsi CELEBRITY Amitabh Bachchan Shah Rukh Khan. and HLL have an endless list of celebrities because of their nature to select a large number of celebrities and also since they have an extended number of product lines. Some companies have established their own in-house agencies like Dabur has its own agency called “Adbur” which takes care of all its advertising and media decisions. Sachin Tendulkar. like for example. Arshad Warsi. Companies like Pepsi. Saif ali Khan.M. Today the trend is that major players are using the services of celebrities who are well established and have a mass reach. It is said that a good advertising agency is one “who is able to sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo”. Madhukar Kamath. The more creative an agency can get.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F. Prahladh Kakar and many more. the more are the chances of the success of the company’s products. R. Amitabh Bachchan. Other companies have two or three regular advertising agencies which are given contracts based on their creativity and name.C. Ramaswamy. Coke. Preity Zinta.

Katrina kaif Dino Morea (frito Juhi Chawla The above list is endless since every major player has a variety of product lines and for each product line he has more than three to four celebrities. Sunny Deol Preity Zinta. Hrithik Roshan. The consumer tries to relate the product to the celebrity when he goes in to the market. Aishwarya Rai. Amir Khan. Kareena Kapoor. Nowadays we find that mostly cricket players are endorsing products because the consumer is always influenced by them. There were live insects found inside the Cadbury chocolates in many parts of . Parthiv Patel. Akshay Kumar Cadbury Britannia Preity Zinta. If not the cricketers then it is the top running film stars like Shah Rukh Khan or Amitabh Bachchan who are selling the products.M. Amitabh Bachchan Rahul Dravid. HULL Parle products Kurkure lays-pepsi) Himani Godrej Saurav Ganguly. The fact that “Navratna” brand of hair oil had Govinda campaigning for its product which helped to increase its sale two-fold and also increased brand visibility shows that a celebrity can be useful in adding that extra point to the product. Sachin Tendulkar. Also a celebrity helps in adding value to a brand. Amitabh Bachchan. The celebrities are also helpful in revival of the brands as it happened with Cadbury a few months back. Nowadays consumers are getting more influenced by the kind of celebrity that endorses the product. The case is mentioned below Cad ‘bury” Cadbury a worldwide renowned brand for its chocolates suffered a huge setback a few months ago.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F.G 1 Coca-Cola Virender Sehwag. Amrita Rao Aishwarya Rai.C. Mohammad Kaif. Celebrity endorsement helps a company to increase the visibility of a product in the market.

Effective media of advertisement for 201 F. This also meant that the company had to increase its ad-spend and also come up with something creative to bring the customer back to its brand. The company was set aback by the whole incident and the years of reputation it had built up in India was at stake. The company also took the help of Mr.M.G 1 the country. . The company had to withdraw all its stock in the market and re-check it. The ad threw light on the company’s manufacturing process and how it took care to protect the health of the consumer. The company had also gained a bad repute in the market and within a few weeks the company lost more than 25% of its market share and while rival firms were gaining an upper edge from this situation. The commercials helped the company to create a favorable image in the minds of the consumer and also increased the sales for the company.Amitabh Bachhan for this purpose. The company would have had to otherwise fold up its operations in India and it would be a major loss for it since the Indian markets account for a large share of Cadbury’s worldwide revenue. The company had successfully regained lost ground and introduced the products with new packaging and subsequently it also continued its contract with Mr.Bachchan and the concept of the ad proved highly successful. it seemed obvious that the company had to re-vamp its whole strategy to counter this problem.C. The aura of Mr.Bachchan.

G 1 (Above: advertisement created for Cadbury Dairy Milk by Ogilvy & Mather. journals and other written material printed and published in India. if the celebrity is unsuccessful in his profession then it might as well rub on to the product. Also. The print medium includes newspapers. Celebrities have to be paid hefty sums to retain them. The rates charged by newspapers and magazines are based on the size of the advertisement and the number of times it should appear. The print medium is cheaper than other forms of advertising.M. But companies are ready to take this risk in a bid to stay ahead of their rivals. a Sachin Tendulkar commands anywhere between Rs.1 to 2cr. The level of reach of the print medium has been growing day by day.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F.C. per commercial. Some of the leading newspapers and magazines in the country are: The Times of India The Hindu Business world Business today Deccan Chronicle The Indian Express Film Fare . There are over 40000 publications in India covering more than 256 languages all over India. Amitabh Bachchan)Though the idea might seem worthwhile but there is also a catch to this entire aspect of celebrity endorsements. Various media available for advertising Print media: The print medium is one of the effective medium to advertise the products. endorsed Mr. magazines.

  The print medium can be utilized to convey messages in local languages. The print medium was utilized to a great extent to convey these price cuts to the consumer. . whereas a print ad can be given daily and consumers can take notice. Information can therefore be disseminated to all parts.C.G 1 The main advantages for the companies in advertising in the print medium are:  The companies do not have to spend as much as they spend on other mediums of advertising.C. The print medium has a reach among the masses.   It is useful to start of the advertisements on a small scale.M. The print medium plays a big role in promotional activity.G companies the high variety of product lines and new products coming up every second month makes it essential to tap this medium.  The print medium has more “Brand Recall” value since advertisements on television are seen just for 10-15 seconds.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F.M. Recently both P&G and HULL had decided to cut the prices of its products.  In case of F.

G companies usually have a high budget and therefore they always try to compete with their rivals.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F.  One cannot be creative with a print ad as much as with a television commercial.G 1 (Source: -TAM and ADEX INDIA) However each coin has two sides to it.M.M.  F. .C. After all a person will believe what he will see live.C. The print medium has its fair share of disadvantages to it also:  Companies are reluctant to advertise in print because of the high illiteracy levels in India.  The television advertisements have a greater impact on the minds of the consumer than print advertisements.  The print ads do not carry the same impact that television ads do.

BPL. second only to the television medium.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F. Coca-Cola. Some of the Print campaigns done by various companies .G 1 Overall though the print medium is a good medium of advertising but F. Small regional brands and companies with a low turnover cannot opt for expensive mediums. Reliance alone spent around Rs. Orange utilize this medium. The print advertisements increase during festival seasons or during events like cricket. Though much has been said about this medium it is however to be noted that the print medium has a 52% impact. Amul. Also reputed firms like HLL.22cr.C.C. F. P&G.2.Britannia spends nearly Rs. Also companies can explain the features of their product in detail in the ads because they are unable to do so in a 10 second television commercial.M. Pepsi.M.5 million on advertising through print.C. and Dabur have been using this medium from a number of years.G companies.G companies do utilize this medium but they do so occasionally to carry out their promotional schemes and offers. on advertising in print every year. The advertisements act as a catalyst for the television advertisements and help to increase the impact of the product in the minds of the consumer.M.C. even before other forms of advertising seized to exist. Nowadays mostly telecom companies like reliance. therefore they choose print over other forms of advertising.G companies still prefer to take the expensive route of television advertising and other mediums. The same can be proven by the fact that in the last month the top 10 adspenders in print consisted of all industries except F.M. Though it has its ups and downs the print medium is here to stay.

M.C.M.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F. This ensures a greater brand recall . (Left): The hit campaign of Tata Salt which carried the tagline “Maine Desh Ka Namak Khaya Hai” Outdoor advertising: One of more frequent forms of advertising used by F.G 1 (Right): The print campaign featuring Bollywood super star Shah Rukh Khan for Clinic All Clear. This form of advertising comprises of putting up signage. billboards. and kiosks around the busy areas or strategic locations around the city.C. Large hoardings and billboards ensure that the product gets seen by every passerby. posters. The most frequent user of this form of advertising is “AMUL” which prominently puts up hoardings of its various humorous ad-linings throughout the city.G companies is “Outdoor Advertising”.

An entire train could cost the company anywhere between Rs.E. These trucks carry the advertisement billboards and move through the city in specific busy and strategic localities. The “Digen Verma” campaign was mostly publicized by Parle for its Frooti brand using local trains. Also a new trend of outdoor advertising has been utilizing moving trucks to display messages. Also very recently a trend has started to book railway wagons or even the entire local train to advertise. The railways puts up tenders and invites quotations from companies and the highest bidder is given the advertising rights.G 1 when a customer goes to buy the actual product.S.12-17 lacs for a month. There are other forms of outdoor advertising done by companies in India.T bus stops and even the B. They are very cost-efficient because a single truck can be utilized to cover three to four areas rather than putting up hoardings in each area.C.M. The average rental for a billboard (10 feet x 20 feet) can be anywhere between Rs. In metropolitan cities like Mumbai the cost of putting up billboards is nearly twice than that of other cities. Companies utilize the B.T busses around the city to put up their advertisements.S. Recently HULL had also done the same to promote its offers and products. depending upon the location and area.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F.150000-250000 per month. .E.

The radio station has been overtaken by the likes of Radio Mirchi. These stations have not only helped increase the listener ship in urban areas but also catapulted the success ratio of radio as a medium over television. The radio is an effective medium to convey the message and with a touch of humor. annually and it depends on the amount of air time that a company purchases to advertise its products. The Close-up advertisement became more renowned after it was telecast on radio and the company had more brand recalls after this exercise. and GO Fm. The rivalry among the radio stations has been beneficial to the companies because a better deal is possible in terms of advertising rates and air time.G 1 Radio advertising: Advertising through radio has been on ever since the All India Radio (AIR) came in to existence. are especially advertised on radio because it has a wider reach among teenagers. The radio stations are mostly backed by media and entertainment companies like the Star group which owns Radio City 91fm or The Times of India group which runs Radio Mirchi 98. The adspends of companies on this medium range from Rs. cold drinks.3fm. HLL. which up to now was the leading medium in the market.M. As Doordarshan has lost its touch on television. Marico. the advertisement becomes much more effective.C. Radio City. P&G. BIG Fm. Today the scenario has changed with private players entering the market and establishing themselves.G companies for advertising their products. The radio medium is being heavily utilized by the F. One can still recollect the popular shows like “Binaca Geetmala” and hosts like Mr. Dabur and others have started utilizing this medium more frequently. etc. Products which are targeted at the youth like fairness creams.C.M.5-10cr.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F. so is the case with AIR. Companies like Cadbury. Companies also carry out their promotional activities through radio like sponsoring prizes for various shows and giving discount coupons. The AIR has 116 centers in India and broadcasts in 24 different languages. . Ameen Sayani. thereby increasing their market share. Red Fm. etc.

M.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F.C.G 1 .

Effective media of advertisement for 201 F.M.C.G 1 (Source-TAM and Adex India) .

 Television advertising can be used to realize the impact of the advertisement.  . the advertising was more concentrated through print but as time evolved and with the advent of cable television a new era of advertising began and television advertising was in its full flow. This is quite a lot when one compares the reach of other mediums of advertising. There are more than a 100 television channels existing currently and more channels are getting added to this number every subsequent year.G 1 Television advertising: By far one of the most dominant and the most used form of advertising is television advertising. In the early days due to lack of television sets and inadequate number of people possessing the television.M.  The impact of an advertisement is much more on television than in other forms because the message gets delivered within seconds and it can be repeated over and over again Advertising creativity can be shown more on television and one can create novel ads to influence the consumer.  It has a wider reach compared to other forms of advertising. thereby companies can plan their product strategies and future media requirements. Nowadays even remote locations possess television sets and since it does not require the people to be literate. It has been observed in a survey that an average consumer watches at least 100 minutes of television everyday.C. The ministry of broadcasting and information technology has laid down the guidelines which the channels must follow and keeping these guidelines in view the channels decide on their strategies. The television advertisements have a number of advantages over the other forms of advertising:  Television advertising is more attractive than other forms of advertising because of its live inception and delivering of the message straight to the consumer. it can reach the masses.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F.

LG consumer products. In earlier days since the number of advertisers was limited. This means that investment made by companies can be recovered by increase in sales. The new entrant in the F. has already started advertising heavily on television and all its products can be seen in a single advertisement.M.G 1   Companies can follow up their rivals and design ads to counter attack them.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F. This impact needs to be created and as they say “well done. The advertising rates are commensurate with the success of the program and the reach of the television channel. The advertising medium influences 77% of purchase decisions made by a consumer. the advertisers had limited options but today there is cutthroat competition for acquiring the airtime for advertising in the top slots of top . so also the number of channels. The television advertising can be used as a strong support to gain a favorable edge over the competitors and increase the visibility of the products.C. A product may be available in the market but its sales do not pick up until it is known to the people. Therefore companies tend to go in for television advertising. Currently there are close to 36000 brands that advertise on the 220 odd channels throughout the country. Normally channels charge anywhere between Rs 2. thus if the promos of a particular product catch the eye of the audience it becomes easy for the company to capitalize and create a demand for the product.  The mere fact that commercial breaks have become a necessity between television programs shows how much this form of advertising has evolved. is half done”.M.C. Even if the product is not better than the rival product but if the communication is better than the product has every chance of doing well.  Companies as stated in the earlier part spend millions of rupees on advertising and when the stakes are high one cannot compromise on quality of advertising.G sector.5-5 lacs for a 10 second slot and the prices go up even further in case the event or show is a very popular one.

000 500000 3. This makes star the undisputed leader in the television channel industry.00.000 4. Take a look at some of the ad-rates for the top 10 programs on the leading television channel Star-T.5.40.000 400000 3.V.5 compare this to the hit shows on Sony and Zee T.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F.G 1 channels..85.000-4.V: Rank 1 Programme Rate-card Negotiated 6.00.000 4.75. star also has the majority of Ekta Kapoor shows and the famous trio of Kyunki.V.C.000 4.V. which has a most number of successful television programs and commands a TVR (television viewer ship rating) of as high as 15.000 6.000-5. in which the channels promise to make stars out of the consumers.000 3.000 5.000 which have a television rating of only as high as 5.45.75. Kahani and Kasauti which still command the highest ad-rates even after their .40.000-1.40.M.55.45.000 Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu 7.000- (Note: the above rates are for a 10 second slot) The rates mentioned are for the television channel Star T.50.000 6. The rates for advertising in Ekta Kapoors daily soap operas command the highest price tag followed by another set of programs slowly catching up and that is reality T.000 7 8 9 10 Kasturi Saarthi Bhabhi Baa Bahu aur Baby 4.000 Gayi 4.75.000 2. There is a constant battle among channels to offer the best rates to the companies and the companies are the beneficiary in the bargain.75.000 3.00..000-2.000- 5.000 Thi 2 3 4 5 6 Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki Kasauti Zindagi Ki Kayamath Kumkum Meri Roshni Awaaz Ko Mil 7. One of the highest grosser of all time is the hit show “Kaun Banega Crorepati” which had the highest ad-rates.00.75.

global media and communication at P&G. has a 15% share in Tamil Nadu. Surya T..V.V. The next page contains a list of the niche television channels that cater to the specific demand of the consumer but they command an equally impressive share in the market. has a share of 32% in Andhra Pradesh. Companies are also banking on the success of regional channels like Sun T. saw the maximum number of advertisers buying the slots. Channel Set Max Duration(seconds) 3502667 Value (000) 2655745 Duration (%share) 8. “We like to work a lot with individual channels like MAA TV that may not be a ratings leader but we are able to orchestrate a project per our requirements and these have proved to offer very good support in addition to larger networks”. MAA T. Also the plethora of news channels that has come up has also eaten away the share of the big players..V.V.G 1 third generation has come in. The observation made by economic times gave the following results. And others.V.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F.62 .C. manager.5. The most important factor which drives the television advertising is cricket. The rates are equivalent to those of the regular channels. Gemini T. Another fact that has come out is that small channels are beginning to gain an upper hand with the advertisers because of their reduced rates and competitive programs. Sony has come up with Thodi Khusi Thodi Gham which helped the TVR ratings of Sony zoom to a new high and also it has come up with the third season of reality show Indian Idol which has also caught the fancy of the audience. According to Bernard Glock. The World Twenty 20 held in South Africa.M.. While Sun T. The match especially those that are played between India and Pakistan command then highest ratings and the rates for advertising are also high for them. Zee is also not far behind with its reality show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007.. recently though the tides are changing in favor of zee and Sony who have launched an array of new shows. a nationwide “Talent hunt for the Budding singers” which currently has a TVR OF 4.

Normally the budgets for F.67 5.32 2.2-4cr. per product for television advertisements.G 1 Star Movies Star Sports 1291337 908685 776169 506890 420211 419445 342297 380733 226430 737772 300242 308190 649616 3. also they advertise not only on one channel but on numerous channels depending on the budget.77 1.M.M. and Zoom. economic times) The above list is exhaustive but not comprehensive. Coming back to the F.26 2.M. Recently there were 4 new channels added to the list that is star one.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F.34 6.up Ad-spends(june-06) 3.24 2.23 TNT/Cartoon network 873841 HBO ESPN NDTV (24x7) Star World Star News Sahara TV Sab TV ZEE Cinema 943666 917669 1124813 677013 2284443 1753598 2168151 2531967 (Source: brand equity.C.C.8 . Star Utsav. there are other channels which also have an equally commanding share in the market.15 2.C.G companies. The top 10 companies on television surveyed by TAM agency for the economic times are given below and their corresponding figures of ad-spends are indicated: (Figures in crores) Brands Close.32 5.18 2. they advertise on the prominent channels and mostly occupy the prime slot that is the time between 9 to 10p. Sahara One.G companies goes anywhere between Rs.62 4.m.4 Brands Rejoice Ad-spends(june-06) 1.

4 1. The companies that have the highest brand recalls can dub their advertisement as a success.4 1. Constant surveys are carried out by companies or market research agencies to determine the amount of “brand recall” a consumer has after he has seen a particular advertisement.M.5 Surf Excel Election commission Pepsi Lizol Breeze Parle-G Clinic Plus 1. A recent survey undertaken by the PITCH magazine reveals the percentage of brand recalls from among 378 respondents that were surveyed by it.G 1 Fair and lovely 2.3 1. The survey revealed that among their top 10 brand recalls.2 1. Company /Brand Pepsi Idea Pepsodent Recall (in terms of %) 9.C.G companies.C.8% 5.M.3 Reliance mobile Airtel Dettol Clinic plus BJP 1.G companies on the television and they are constantly increasing their budgets as per the need of the hour.M.4 1.3 1.1 1.3 1.5 1.1 dental 1.5 Colgate dental cream 2.5 1.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F.C.4% .2 1.0% 3. 5 were of F.7 Fair and Lovely Colgate cream Tide TVS 1.4 1.5 (Source-TAM and Adex India) The above report clearly indicates the dominance of F.

though recently there has been an argument that there is a high rate of “avoidance” of advertisements on television because of the increase in the commercials but one cannot ignore the fact that they have become a part of the daily television viewer.C.1% 2. Recently other movies were also used as a medium for advertisements by .2% 2. The advertisements with the association of the film were splashed all over and the movies might not have made their mark at the box office the brands were able to generate a lot of interest and consumer attention. mouth freshner brand advertising through it.M.M.9% 2. the latter had both Coca-Cola and Pass Pass.9% Overall television advertisements are here to stay. People will avoid ads but this might just be the reason to spur the adagencies and companies to come up with more creative and sensible ads.G 1 Airtel Santro Xing Vodafone Kurkure Dabur Ford Icon Close-up 3. Subhash Ghai’s film “TAAL” and “YAADIEN” can be quoted as examples.9% 1.G advertising Films and television serials: Companies are nowadays using films and television serials as a medium to advertise their product.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F.6% 2.C.1% 1. One just cannot imagine a serial or a movie without a commercial break. New trends in F. While the former had Coca-Cola advertising its soft drink.

Effective media of advertisement for 201 F.M.C.G 1
companies. Coca- Cola once again came in to the picture when it associated itself with the movie “KAANTE”. The company advertised its brand Thums-Up through this movie. Then there is the tooth paste brand Close-Up which also took the filmi route and advertised through the recently released Vivek-Aishwarya starrer movie “KYUN...HO GAYA NA”. (vicco bajradanti in wanted) This trend is fast catching up with the companies who want to constantly stay ahead of the rising competition. The movie producers do not mind it at all, after all even they want to have a share of the pie. According to ace filmmaker Subhash Ghai, “Film industry is becoming commercialized and there is no harm in using it as a medium to promote the products”. Not far behind in this trend are the television soap operas which have now assumed a great importance in everyday life of the people. Ekta Kapoor’s TV-serial “Kahinn to Hoga” was used by Lux to advertise its brand. Companies also see this as an opportunity to sell their products and merchandise through various promotions run along with the films. Thums-up had organized a contest in which the winner would be flown to Los Angeles where the movie was shot and see it over there. There were similar promotions carried out by other companies. However this form of advertising does not yield the required results all the time. with films flopping with every going Friday and the money involved in such kind of marketing being very high, it is only restricted to the big players and those who want to take risks.

The internet has become a powerful medium in recent years and information technology has certainly spread its wings. The world has become closer and one can get any information about any subject through the internet. The western countries have already been a step ahead in this revolution and e-commerce, as it is called is already well established in the western countries. However this concept of using the internet as a tool to advertise the products has not been developed in India. The reason for this is the poor

Effective media of advertisement for 201 F.M.C.G 1
literacy levels and the inadequate reach of the internet in all the parts of the country. Also not many people believe in the advertising done or products sold through the internet. In spite of this, many companies have come forward and started utilizing this medium. Companies like HLL use their websites to display their products and give the customer information. Also companies carry out promotions and various contests through the internet. Companies also use websites like Rediff, Yahoo, and other search engines and display their advertisements on their websites.

Advertising on tickets
Another new trend in F.M.C.G advertising can be seen in the form of advertising on tickets. The tickets of various kinds like airlines, trains, events, and even recently of B.E.S.T busses are used for advertising. Priyagold biscuit is the first company to advertise on the back of bus tickets. The event tickets of cricket matches, shows and other events carry the advertisements of the companies.

Ambush advertising:
One of the latest forms of advertising, though not dubbed legal by experts is “Ambush Advertising”. This form of advertising has cropped up because of the monopolistic nature of advertising done by companies. During the Olympics in Athens companies like CocaCola, Kodak and others pumped in more than $60 million each to acquire the rights and privileges for the event and to use the official logo for their products. But in spite of this they were not able to go solo because other companies started advertising their products using different routes. Soft drink major Pepsi made advertisements using David Beckham (since he was their brand ambassador then) and indirectly used the Olympic event and deflected attention. The result was that Pepsi had more brand recalls than the official sponsor Coke after the event ended. The International Olympic Committee makes sure that its sponsors get their due but one cannot prevent sponsor’s from backing their individually sponsored teams or individuals. The repetition of this fool proof style of advertising was seen in the 2007, ICC Cricket World Cup, held in West Indies.

Effective media of advertisement for 201 F.M.C.G 1
Companies like Nokia, Coke, TVS and others though not being the official sponsors did not hesitate to advertise their products through their brand ambassadors. Since Coke had Virender Sehwag as its celebrity, it made ads on him rather than on the world cup, thereby gaining an indirect entry in to the world cup advertising. This form of advertising is useful for companies because they do not have to spend hordes of money in sponsoring the entire event, rather they can just pay for the ad-spots on the television or other media and utilize the benefits of being noticed in the event. But care has to be taken in such form of advertising because if companies are found violating the code of conduct set by the event then they have to pay compensation which could be more than what they would have actually paid for sponsorship. Nevertheless, ambush advertising has made companies to become more creative in their approach and to think of innovative ways to market their products.

SMS (short messaging service):
Another new form of advertising that has evolved is advertising through cell phones. The Short Messaging Service or SMS is used to send various messages or offers regarding products to the consumers. In the beginning there was an uproar created against this form of advertising because consumers had to unnecessarily bear the cost of receiving messages when they were roaming outside their city. Therefore cellular companies were under pressure to remove this service. Nevertheless with an increase in the number of cell phone users in India and the change in tariff plans over the years this method will fast catch up with other forms of advertising as well in the coming years. Currently there aren’t any F.M.C.G companies who make use of this service.

Global scenario of F.M.C.G advertising:
Globally, F.M.C.G advertising is much more advanced than what it is in India. Most of the companies outside India advertise their products through the internet and make the maximum use of technology. In foreign countries like the United Kingdom and the United

Effective media of advertisement for 201 F.M.C.G 1
States of America, there are separate channels where these companies sell their products; it is just like tele-shopping which was launched in India a few years back. Globally, there is a lot of competition among companies selling F.M.C.G products. In the U.S.A alone there are more than 100 brands of detergent available, this puts added pressure on the companies to advertise and create a brand name for their products. In countries like Japan the products are also sold through such channels and the concept of SMS is widely used since it is a technologically advanced country. Also almost all ad-agencies that operate in India have their bases in foreign countries. The advertising done globally is much more creative and mostly abstract form of advertising is used to convey the message. F.M.C.G companies lay special emphasis on the selection and execution of their ads. Overall, the global advertising scenario is much better than that of India but there is no denial that India is fast catching up to the international standards.

Successes and Failures of advertisements
Since we have already studied about the media advertising of F.M.C.G products let us now look at some of the successful and not so successful advertisements of F.M.C.G. companies in the past. A company and agency puts in a lot of effort to see to it that its ads work out well but it is not always that all the ads work.

Successful ads:
1. Coca-Cola ad featuring Amir Khan: When one is mentioning successful ads it is a crime not to mention this advertisement. The “Thanda Matlab…” campaign has been a nationwide hit for Coke and a bitter memory for rival Pepsi.

2. Close-up campaign (kya aap close-up karte hain): the use of a simple yet effective concept of boy impressing girl with a smile has brought in a lot of accolades from critics.

Kurkure (masti bole to… Kurkure): The bubbly Juhi Chawla keeps the audience glued to watch the ad. Nirma (sabki pasand nirma): The Company has kept using the same tagline and the same concept from the start and the audience doesn’t seem to mind at all. dhishoom) campaign and the Alpenliebe (lagey raho) campaign. The ads were pulled off air and currently new ones are on which portray a different story .Effective media of advertisement for 201 F. 1. 6. Dandi Namak (pehle istemal karein. The ad will probably never die down. There are other efforts worth mentioning like the pepsodent (dhishoom.G 1 3. Fair and Lovely ads: The ads have stirred a controversy ever since they started showing that only fair girls get good jobs. Vanilla Coke (Vivek Oberoi) campaign: The ad adopted an old meets new strategy but consumers were unable to notice anything apart from Vivek Oberoi of course.C. The ad is a take on various serials and frito lays has managed to pull off a winner here. 3. 4. Though the following ad campaigns cannot be dubbed as entire failures but they were not able to bring their products in the limelight. Lack of imagination and creativity is what the campaigns suffered from.M. Mountain Dew campaigns: One cannot understand how a person can snatch a can from a Cheetahs mouth nor do wild things without getting hurt. 5. fir vishwas karein): The ad tried to create an image for the company in a market where Tata Salt was leading for the past number of years and its simple tagline did wonders for it. Axe Deodorant: The ad showing a not-so-hip person displaying cool dance moves and attracting girls was able to attract the attention of the audience. 2.

Can the company create an impact with a simple message? This was the very essence of an article published in the Business World magazine. similarly just spending money and not being creative will not ensure success as we have seen in the latter part of the report wherein the “failures” were mentioned.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F. Fir Vishwas Karein”. which suffered from lack of creativity rather than lack of money. The answer to this is that a company need not spend a lot of money on creating flashy advertisements and hiring expensive celebrities for its ads but it can deliver the message with a simple ad also. the various spending done by companies on the media and for creating advertisements. whose ads were not at all big but yet effective. it just carried a simple tagline.C.M. Just like getting big stars for a movie does not guarantee its success.3 . . That does not mean at all that companies spending hoards of money and getting celebrities to do their ad are wasting their money but the above words act just like a silver lining for those who thought that ads can be made only when you have a budget of Rs. the very potent question here is whether only a company spending crores of rupees is entitled to have its product being sold big time over its rivals. “Pehle Istemal Karein. Close – up campaign (featuring Nethra Raghuraman): Remember the ad where a prisoner asks to kiss the female jailor as his last wish? The ad was pulled down immediately after its launch as the AAI was under pressure from various NGO.4cr. The fact is that even the companies do not know what might interest the consumer so every company gets to taste success and sometimes failure as well. As Leo Burnett once pointed out that “it is far easier to write a speech than to write an ad”. Similar examples can be quoted of Dandi Namak. Ujala Supreme. Creativity is what is required rather than being flashy and magnified.G 1 4. the ad became a hit and pushed the sales of the company. Take for instance the Ghadi Detergent ad.

Deciding on media and measuring effectiveness: Advertising’s main task is to select media to carry advertising. choosing among major media types.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F. deciding on media timing.M.C.  Impact: The qualitative value of an exposure through a given medium (thus a food ad in good housekeeping would have a higher impact than in the public gazette).  Frequency: The number of times within the specified time period that an average person or household is exposed to the message. The effect of exposure on audience awareness depends on the exposure’s reach frequency and impact:  Reach: The number of different persons or household exposed to a particular media schedule at least once during a specified time period that an average person or household is exposed to the message. The next task is to find out how much exposure will produce a level of audience awareness. The steps here are deciding on desired rich. and deciding on geographical media location. frequency. Choosing among major media types: . and impact:Media selection is finding the most cost-effective media to deliver the desired number and type of exposure to the target audience. and impact. Deciding on reach. selecting specific media vehicles.G 1 The moral of the whole story is that companies can achieve success in a limited budget and by making sure that they concentrate on content rather than big bucks. Frequency.

Effective media of advertisement for 201 F. Cost: Television is very expensive.V are the most effective media for reaching the teenagers.C. whereas newspaper advertising is relatively in expensive. and impact.M. believes and color. T. Target audience media habit: Like radio and T.V. visualization. .G 1 The media planner has to know the capacity of the major media types to deliver reach. Deciding the media timing: Media timing is also a very important factor for effecting advertising and media as well on prime time the cost of advertisement is regarded the most effective. A message announcing a major sale tomorrow will require radio. and explanation. or newspaper. Message Characteristics: Timeliness and information content will influence media choice. Product Characteristics: Media types have different potential for demonstration. frequency.

C.M.G 1 Measuring Sales Impact of advertising: Share of Expenditure Share of Voice Share of Mind & Heart Share of Market .Effective media of advertisement for 201 F.

3.G 1 Factor Affecting Media Use: 1. and decline. the development of media strategy become complex because of the availability of multiple media and nationwide distribution. Therefore that media should be selected which reaches the people quickly.C. Channel:The channel of distribution is considered when deciding upon media use. Certain media vehicles are bought to influence dealers as well as the ultimate consumers. maturity. The ‘waste’ circulation should be kept to the minimum. There are four stages of the product life cycle. growth. Product:The product life cycle influences the media use. In the first stage.M. The decline stage needs a cheap and continuous reminder through a medium. 2. Introduction. the promotion of awareness of the customer is essential.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F. Market:The existing as well as potential markets are the main consideration for deciding upon a particular medium. The choice of media is dictated by these stages. Message: - . The medium should deliver the message to the potential customers effectively and economically. In the maturity stage the choice of media reaching people selectively will be more appropriate. 4.

V and the print media. such as calendars.Mc-Dowell no 1 and Gilbey’s green label. and so on.cause notices to broadcaster such as star. zee. cigarette companies such as ITC and VST. production and market potential. 6. The method of use is demonstrated by television.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F. ISSUES IN ADVERTISING:No surrogate ads please Following the restriction on advertising and ban on sports sponsorships last year. UB now face another hurdle. The media decision is based on several other variables. Thousands of different items. Media:There are different types of media mass media and individual media. The ministry has already clamped down on two brands.C. The information and broadcasting ministry is planning to go hard on surrogate advertisements by cigarette and liquor companies.which have been using surrogate advertising extensively to sell liquor. It is generally a fixed percentage of sales. The budget is based on sales.G 1 The type of message to be communicated determines the type of media to be used. it will use T. The expenses are allocated on the basis of the need and capacity of the organization. characteristics of each medium. Budget:The advertising budget determines the media use. Color and picture are used by magazines. The ministry had issued show. the needs of the market. If the message is developed to demonstrate the product’s identity. MC Dowel.M. 5. it will not use the ratio. and liquor companies such as UDV. pens and diaries are used for advertising process the characteristics of a medium are the deciding factors. Sony and Aaj .

Smirnoff vodka (both also sell audio cassette and CD. The cigarette majors have been facing decline in volume for the last 3 years and rising competition from cheap smuggled products. while the other channels are expected to follow suit. The advertisement of the product would be considered surrogate if there was a clear recall of the actual product. 1999 for carrying surrogate advertising on liquor. no broadcaster is permitted to show advertisement which promotes directly or in-directly promotion. Restriction on the most effective medium of advertising i. Five other brands have come under the magnifying glass now. sale or consumption of cigarettes.s ) .charms cigarette. It remains to be seen if retailing initiatives under the wills lifestyle brand by ITC is also considered a form of surrogate advertising or will the ITC clout be strong enough to convince the regulations that retailing is a full-fledged business undertaken by ITC. According to rue 7 (2) of the act.C. .G 1 Tak seeking explanation why action should not be taken for violation of rule 7 of the cable television Network Rules. A committee has been set up to look into the issue. Both zee and star have agreed to withdraw the ads.e.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F. tobacco bottle or infant food. Television would obviously hamper brand building. Brand strengthening activities would naturally be curtailed if the ban on surrogates were implemented effectively. Haywards 5000(darting kids).M. Domestic liquor majors have been facing increasing competition from international brands launched in the country by leading global liquor major post removal of restriction on imports. The clamping down on surrogate advertisement will weight heavily on these companies. The committee will review various advertisements and determine whether a particular advertisement would be categorized as surrogate advertisement or not.

Effective media of advertisement for 201 F.C. the .G 1 Half the money I spent on advertising is wasted.M.

C.M. John wanmaker. A total of 100 people were surveyed who represents the universe. I don’t know which half. To achieve the objective of the project there was some information which was to be gathered and according by some decision has to be taken. Area of coverage and sample size The survey was restricted to urban and sub urban of Varanasi. Under this project I have studied the different medium and role of media in FMCG products along with the growth of the sector.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F.G 1 trouble is. .* *Indian Management-Oct 2004 page no 68 Research Methodology RESEARCH METHODOLOGY RESEARCH OBJECTIVE The objective of the research is to collect the impact of advertisement and ways of advertising through which companies and consumer both can be aware about the product and services.

prediction. 4. It was started in the mid of March and last mid of April 2011. marketing research develops innovative ways to solve a problem: a clothing company catering to teenagers gave several young men video cameras. Scientific Method. 5. Effective marketing research develops innovative ways to solve a problem: careful observation. Ethical marketing. Interdependence of models and data.M. 6. Characteristics of Marketing Research.C. and testing. The survey and data collection go hand in hand. Cost of information should be less.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F. At the best. 3.G 1 Time period: The duration of the whole study was of one month. formulation of hypothesis. then use the videos for focus groups held in restatements and other places teens frequents. Research creativity. . There should be multiple methods of marketing research. 1. Multiple Methods. 2.

Effective media of advertisement for 201 F.M.G 1 .C.

Effective media of advertisement for 201 F. Samual Jhonson.M.C.G 1 The trade of advertising is now near to perfection that it is not easy to propose any improvement.* Research findings: Effective media of advertisement:- .

V than poster etc.M. T. The attracting power depends upon how many times a viewer see’s the advertisement and by which mean.C. Educational qualification of the people Surveyed:- . The most powerful and fast reaching medium of advertisement is Newspaper.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F.G 1 P E R F E C T Media of Advertising.

G.G.Post Graduate12% Qualification is the factor that influences the thinking ability of the people and the viewers who see and grasp the Advertise.Graduate 78%.G-Under Graduate 10%.G 1 P E R F E C T U.C.M. Annual Income of the People surveyed:- .Effective media of advertisement for 201 F. P.

Annul income in lakhs. Income level is the major aspect and it tells the ability of purchasing of the product and services as well as willingness to pay for the product.M.G 1 P E R F E C T 1.C.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F. Subscriber of newspaper and magazine:- . 5 and above. Less than 1 2. Less than 5 3.

Recalling media & Advertisement of an FMCG product:- .C.M. Buyers of News paper are more than enough as comparison to the magazine.G 1 P E R C E N T 1.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F. 2. News paper. So advertisement in the news paper will be viewed by maximum commodity. Magazine.

Effectiveness could be in many ways and many terms . T.M. Recalling is something Depend upon the repetitions of the advertisement and the mode by which viewers can see the product or services.C. Magazine 5. Bill board 4. Others.G 1 1.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F. News Paper 3. As per the research was to find out the most effective media of advertising there could be many parameters to major the effectiveness of a media.V 2. Conclusion:A 100 of people were surveyed representing all group and classes.

Innumerable amounts were spent to counter each other but to no effect.V Going by the trends in the market F.G industry. The money invested should be utilized diligently and not just for the sake of investing.G 1 also.C.C. Effectiveness of a media for a consumer is those gives information or communicates the advertised message most of the time.M. high spending does not necessarily mean higher sales but it is smart spending that will be able to attract consumers.M. Every company should advertise wittingly and considering all the prospects of advertising. Recommendations:- .Effective media of advertisement for 201 F. As mentioned in the project. They occupy the highest position in terms of ad-spends and the figure is going to swell even further with new products and new companies entering the market. Survey gives the facts that the most effective print media is News paper and in electronic media is T. Similar case lies with HLL and P&G. To conclude this project I will like to say that advertising is in no way a waste of money but it is an investment towards the future prospects of the company.M.C. In future we might be able to see companies coming up with more innovative methods to advertise and hopefully this will help them in creating a name for their products in the mind of the Indian consumer. I strongly recommend that companies should be more thoughtful towards their advertising. The findings on this project have led me to conclude that the F.G companies will not be able to survive without the help of advertisements.G companies are dominating the entire advertisement industry. The cola war is a strong example where both the companies were guilty of misusing their funds. It should not happen that one should lose focus of one’s objectives in rivalry but should be tactful in approach.M. Overall it has been a learning experience to know in detail about this interesting topic and in future hopefully consumers will get to see more ads featuring the F. Te most effective media for an advertiser could be that one which communicates the message most of the time.C. The findings also show how much emphasis companies are showing towards advertisements of their products.

mobile. Marketers should focus on some non. Almost 70% have T. Advertiser should give real in information.conventional media of advertisement like internet.M. and e.G 1 1. News paper and T. Advertisements must not hide the fact about a product.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F.V in their household it does not give the real information about a product.C. 3. Limitation:- . 5. 2. but too much advertisement cause irritation and disliking in readers and viewers. Moral and Ethical value must be consider while deciding advertising media and its layout.commerce. For a small and limited area pamphlet and poster is effective and cost media of advertising.V is the most effective media of advertisement in their segment. 4. 6.

. It may vary from reality.G 1 1.M.C. All the data is approximated. 3.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F. 2. 4. The study based on the general survey so all the data is based on as filled by the people in questionnaire. It is a consumer survey only.

G 1 Source List:- .Effective media of advertisement for 201 F.C.M.

G 1 1. : Marketing Research 3.googlesearch. Philip 2. Kotler.com Bibliography .C. www.M. Kothari : Marketing Management (Eleventh Edition).Effective media of advertisement for 201 F.

Adrian Mackay The following dailies and magazines were used: Pitch magazine The Economic Times of India Business World Financial Express Annexure .M.G 1 The following sources were utilized for collection of data for this project: The internet medium was used for collecting the ads: www. John Wilmshurst and Mr.S Rathore Uncommon sense of advertising by Mr. R.agencyfaqs. Sanjay Tiwari Fundamentals of Advertising by Mr.C.com www.exchange4media. Mahendra Mohan Advertising management by Mr.com The following books have been used for reference: Advertising management by Mr.Effective media of advertisement for 201 F.

30 to 40 Q6: Household Items: . Q2: Address: ………………………………………………… Q3: Education: Under Graduation Post Graduation Q4: Age Group: Teenager 40 and above Q5: Income Level (annual):.V Radio Telephone Computer Computer with internet Cable Connection Q7: Do you subscribe a newspaper? Yes No Mobile Phone Q8: Do you subscribe a magazine? Yes No Q9: From where do you get information first about a new FMCG product? (Keep in order of priority*) T. .Less than 1 lakh 5 lakh and above 1 lakh to 5 lakh Graduate Other 20 to 30 Specify……………….T.G 1 Questionnaire Q1: Name: ……………………………………………….M.C.. Internet Poster Mobile SMS Q10: Contact no:______________________.V Banner Direct mail Newspaper Billboard other Radio Pamphlet Specify……….Effective media of advertisement for 201 F.