Basically forcing the elimination of the dough-but hole towns is Sen.

Sweeney's push to cut costs, yet save civil service -and this is a bone of contention with Gov. Christie's original tax reduction "tool kit" which does not include doughnut hole consolidation to date (but you know it will be eventually negotiated in- i.e. even the rail line coming through Wenonah, originally cut out by Christie, sounds like it is back in play to tie Cooper Hospital (Norcross is CEO) to "its" medical school at Rowan). Anyway, how do Wenonah elected officials go from a campaign platform of “preserving Wenonah”, to everything else but preserving? i.e. instead of rolling up their sleeves in and for Wenonah residents, getting into the costs, effectiveness, and efficiencies of our services, challenging county costs and services, looking for new income streams, etc. all for the benefit of Wenonah without outside politics? Well, quite possibly, the reasons for their (council) actions may not really originate from an outcry within Wenonah as we were told. Here are few related stories that may be of interest for better understanding: From Nov 2010: From Dec 2010:

From April 2011: ~and this one is interesting- although it’s from 2009, it notes Gloucester County's Former Admin, Jack Fisher as Chairman of the "STUDY": Bottom line issue- when all the dust settles and there is no real savings found overall, this is due to (1) running your own "little town" provides as very efficient vehicle, i.e. you know where every nickel and dime is and who is responsible to get done what needs be done, and (2) the interagency cost have risen to Wenonah to now include fixed costs from the provider as opposed to just the original contract's lesser variable only costs related to existing available capacity which the provider had at the time of proposal. And the extent and quality of the services received will then be much less to the pre- consolidation (baseline) levels and more similar to surrounding areas with still lower taxes, then why would one live on this side of Woodbury-Glassboro road with dramatically higher taxes than the other side? ps- (Remember Sweeney's previous push was the County Ambulance Service and County Fire regionalization coming soon $$$$$)

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