WAAC Assets & Experience – April 2011

Category Time Finding Resources/$$ Asset Cat Raven NED DR – Proposal concept, grant writing, budgeting AM Business Expertise Raven RLD RLD DR SSun HE HE Cat TW LT FD HE AM AM Sir Sirian Sir Sirian WM TW NED LT Great acquisition skills Ideation and Visioning Strategy, team and system design and development Vision, strategy, board governance, large project design and mgt, org assessment, cross-system partnerships, convening, faciliation, grant writing Strategic Planning Marketing and sales consulting; prj mgt Workshop training services Consulting accounting, mgt contracts, tech org skills, attention to detail Future research design and faciliation Graphic Arts and brand marketing Ability to write, synthesize concepts and to speak present to very diverse audiences Wordsmith/languaging services tTaining and serving on responsive responsible and effective public and nonprofit boards Extensive training in cultural transformation tools ( Barrett Values) Appreciative Inquiry; Theory U Wisdom Acclerator process with LD/FH Organizational process design to help with fun projects that link medicine teachings with my skills in service to the community Background and experience in corporate middle mgt; HR and Labor relations; org development and negotiations; traning and group faciliatation experience Storywork Conscious financial modeling , budgeting forecasting Forecasting - Ability to sense what ideas are reflections of the existing paradigm and what is emergent on the New Earth

WAAC Assets & Experience – April 2011


Connect MISA regional transformation with groups in MN or elsewhere doing similar work Connections and relationships to many national leaders in wholistic heal and healing and coaching Vast experience in working with faith based communities; Center Reliogious Inquiry Voice and connection to the conscious capitalism and social rtssponsiblle investors et all Broad and deep access and connections to people across fields who could be great resources to our work Be a bridge for earth wisdom consciousness to those who are committed to living meaningful lives aand companies w/out knowing the teachings

Medicine Expertise FHawk RHawk RHawk RHeart NED Dove Healing & Energy Work NED TH Dove RHawk Coaching/Spiritual Guidance/Leadership Development RHawk TW TW Cat RLD SSun AM Transformational bodywork and healing Healing work for all Weekends on the land at House of Earth and Light (HEAL) Balancing energy and creating beauty and space for personal medicine, sacred artifacts Work with wisdom council in situations with high ripple potential Skills for deepening wheels and tools of medicine Design teaching guiding creating ceremony – seasonal, life transitions, portals, vision quests, Calling creating and holding ceremony Creation of sacred place (Home/Offce) Art classes/Medicine Art, rattles, talking sticks, jewelry, at HEAL or other facilities

Professional and ecxecutive personal medicine coaching Exec Coaching Leadership design and faciliation Skills in personal spiritual guidance Coaching of executive and CXO legacy evolution Legacy coaching Extensive experience mentoring especially those committed to service and leadership

WAAC Assets & Experience – April 2011
Work with Women PR FHawk SSun DR Cat NED WM/DR Dove FHawk Products Venues & Guest Space Myself as an asset in work with women Design, support for the women’s work that Pele and others are called to do Executive womens leadership program and coaching experience Leadership coaching for emerging women leaders SHE Consciousness Rising Sanctuary dej Corazon land in Mendicno Maine A place to be heard and palce to listen to the Mother Earth at HEAL The land surrounding CR as a fertile partner for individuals and groups to be connecting with MEarth


PR STB Book(let) AM Gathering places for groups up to 15-20 offered at cost (lodge) FD Space for company guests in MN

Building Materials RLD Access to reclaimed building materials

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