Category   Business  Opportunity   Connections               Foundation  Connections     Play  Teams/Think  Tanks                        

Detail   Connections  with  highly  respected  experts  in  health  care,  regional  planning,  economic  development,   green  development,  sustainable  systems,  sustainable  ag,  watershed  mgmt,  social  transformation   Educators  or  administrators  in  education  willing  to  explore  medicine  teachings  implications  for   transformation  of  education  systems  in  the  US.   A  Faith  community  interested  in  playing  with  new  ceremonies   Help  in  identifying  community  college  presidents  who  are  progressive  and  hungry  to  max  education  to   a  new  level.   Client  systems  or  opportunities  to  pilot  the  wisdom  accelerator   Looking  for  connection  to  clients  for  life  coaching  to  bring  dreams  to  reality     Benefactor  connection  to  Fetzer  and  others  when  I  am  ready.     A  play  team  to  explore  wisdom  council  in  2nd  life  as  a  service  for  sale   Develop  a  conversation/teaching  on  feminity/masculinity  based  on  medicine  teaching     Visioning  and  structure  for  RH2  medicine  offerings     Ideas  on  how  to  secure  the  resources  necessary  for  Trugaluz  that  is  in  integrity  with  global  medicine   Product  development  team  for  vision  quest,  day-­‐in-­‐the-­‐forest,  group  quest   Develop  and  connect  a  model  of  healing  to  the  medicine  (may  need  sounding  boards,  guinea  pigs,  etc.)   Develop  website  design  that  is  inspired  by  medicine  for  others  to  use  for  new  initiatives   Assistance  to  bring  Wholly  Women  Unlimited  to  it's  live  form  and  desire  to  continue  to  co-­‐create  with   what  emerges  revenue  producers     Think  tank  help  to  transform  the  assets  and  experience  of  the  Sanders  Partnership  to  clearly  serve  The   Delicate  Lodge  in  the  world.   Circle  of  women  healing  the  sacred  feminine.       Need  to  work  with  others  in  the  medicine  wheel  interested  in  working  with  women  designing   specifically  the  “form”     Contact   Raven   Raven   DR   Raven   Sir  Serian   Ssun     DR     FH   RHeart   RHawk   LT   FH   FD   DR   AM   AM   NED   PR    

    Needs  -­‐1  

Initial  Discovery   Conversations                     Personal  Support   Requests                   New  Learning   Opportunities  Wanted       People  willing  to  explore  what  economics  will  look  like  in  the  new  world   Develop  ideas  and  ways  to  share  this  wisdom  with  others   Help  identifying  young  digital  native  medial  producers  who  are  called  to  the  medicine     Assistance  in  forming  a  global  men’s  alliance  for  women  and  girls.   Help  create  and  design  an  art  studio  on  my  land   Interested  in  exploring  application  of  Delicate  Lodge  easth  teachings  as  related  to  dealing  with  healing   the  severe  gang  issues  in  central  CA   Find  ways  and  words  to  share  useful  parts  of  these  teachings  to  individuals  at  different  levels  (w/out   them  going  through  an  entire  training)   Opportunities  between  Resonance  and  (ALCONA)–  Altrupreneurial  Leadership  Center  of  North  America     Support  in  understanding  what  I  am  called  to  embody  as  a  leader  of  a  global  company  in  the  new  earth   Direction  on  where  I  am  going  next  .  .  .  (or  maybe  next  year  financing)   Time  and  Space  to  complete  writing  "Stringing  of  the  Beads".   Sounding  board  editing  needed  for  book,  "Notes  from  the  Cave:    A  Celebration  of  the  Spirit  of  Men"   and  downstream  opportunities,  for  example,  speaking  and  seminars.   Advisory  support  from  people  who  want  to  see  "Stringing  the  Beads"  come  into  the  world  in  written   and  visual  form.   Ways  to  reinforce  medicine  practices  on  an  ongoing  basis   Kitchen  do-­‐over  in  a  healthy  conscious  way  healthy  foods,  get  rid  of  what  no  longer  serves  and  healthy   recipes   Medicine  ceremony  design  expertise     To  help  someone  in  this  community  grow  a  business  using  medicine  wheels  so  that  I  can  learn  to  work   with  the  wheels.   Opportunities  to  re-­‐ignite  my  rusty  media  skills  in  photography,  videography,  technology     LT   Cat   FH   WM   Dove   Raven   FD   WM     LT   Cat   PR   WM   PR   SSun   Dove   DR     Sir  Siriun   TW    

    Needs  –  2

Specific  Skills  Needed                     Resonance  Events       Resonance  Funds           Chiefs  Tuition  Fees             Marketing  &  Promotion           Internal  WAAC   Communications       Land   Skills  to  develop  a  Resonance  website  and  artifacts  (digital  images,  clips,  videos,  etc.)   Executive  Director  for  Resonance  non  profit   Looking  for  website  and  blog  design   Looking  for  editor  for  medicine  writings   Website  blog  and  manager  editor   Help  creating  a  new  website  for  medicine  art   Website  design  for  the  RH2  medicine  offerings   Looking  for  ceremony  logistics  person   Builders,  construction,  carpenters  for  barn/studios  for  yurts  and  tree  houses     Venues  and  help  with  Mayan  calendar  gathering   Venues  and  clientele  for  women's  ceremonies  and  teachings  for  Pele.           Dollars  to  develop  and  mature  resonance  infrastructure  RLD   Ways  for  Resonance/DL  ways  to  generate  dollars  to  support  medicine  teachings   New  land  in  CA   Land  and  Monies     15  thousand  for  next  year’s  tuition  and  expenses  for  ceremonies.   Funding  for  year  2  of  WACC.   Ways  to  generate  funds  to  continue  participation  in  WAC.   Funds  20K  to  pay  for  teachings  and  ceremonies  for  all  Chiefs   Funds/new  business  revenue  to  offset  tuition  obligation     Language/words  to  bridge  medicine  into  other  cultures,  organizations,  industries,  and  mainstream   A  public  vehicle  for  connections  to  websites  for  referencing  talents/offering  of  chiefs.  Cooperation   with  the  coming  change  in  mind   Multi-­‐media  presence  -­‐-­‐video,  website  for  Sanctuary  del  Corazon.   To  identify  ways  to  simplify  language  to  invite  and  attract  new  audiences  –  precursor  entry  points     Blog?  A  web  site  or  section  in  Spruce,  for  chief  communications  that  handle  notification,   information,  requests,  etc.  something  that  is  like  company  e-­‐mail   Define  the  term,  "Delicate  Lodge"     Home  and  land  for  me  and  my  horses  together     RLD   RLD   RedHeart   RedHeart   RedHeart   Dove   Red  Heart   RedHeart   NED     RLD   RLD     RLD   SSun   RLD   RLD     TH   HE   FD   Dove   DR/WM     RHawk   CR   NED   SSun     CR   SSun     TH  


Creative  visioning  and  financing  to  manifest  land  for  new  medicine  retreat  home  with  enough   space  for  ceremony  and  others  to  share  

Rose  Hawk