Acculturation - Merriam Webster Online Dictionary 1 : cultural modification of an individual, group, or people by adapting to or borrowing traits from another culture; also : a merging of cultures as a result of prolonged contact 2 : the process by which a human being acquires the culture of a particular society from infancy Cultural diffusion Cultural diffusion is the process by which culture traits or complexes of one society or ethnic group are borrowed by another, resulting in their spread from a center of origin to other distant, geographical areas. It is, along with independent discovery and invention, an important process of culture change and is regarded by some anthropologists as the predominant force behind culture change. The so-called Irish potato, maize, and tobacco were diffused to Europe and the rest of the world from the New World culture of the American Indian. Similarly, European culture acquired by diffusion coffee from Arabia, refined sugar from the Middle East, pajamas from South Asia, and many other material traits and practices that are often mistakenly viewed as indigenous to the West. Cultural Assimilation 'assimilation' is an intense process of consistent integration whereby members of an ethnocultural group, typically immigrants, or other minority groups, are "absorbed" into an established, generally larger community. This presumes a loss of all or many characteristics which make the newcomers different. A region where assimilation is occurring is sometimes referred to as a "melting pot". According to the American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language (© 2000), integration means "the bringing of people of different racial or ethnic groups into unrestricted and equal association, as in society or an organization;