TRAINING FOR WORK SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM (TWSP) SCHOLAR’S AFFIDAVIT OF UNDERTAKING I, ___________________________________________________________ (name of scholar including age, address and other personal circumstances), after having been sworn into an oath in accordance with the law do hereby depose and state that in accordance with the guidelines of the TRAINING FOR WORK SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM (TWSP), hereby commit to the following: 1. Undergo pre-qualification process such as the National Career Achievement Exam (NCAE) or Youth Profiling for Starring Careers (YP4SC). 2. Participate actively in the Training Induction of Scholars before the conduct of the training program. 3. Encode my own profile in the Manpower Profile Database installed in the TBP. 4. Attend the training program religiously and comply with the attendance requirements of the training program. 5. Conduct myself in such a manner as not to bring disgrace or dishonor to TESDA and the Tek-Bok Provider (TBP) I am enrolled. 6. Undergo the mandatory assessment prior to graduation. 7. Attend graduation ceremonies and other Social – TBP activities. 8. Participate actively in the career guidance and referral activities of the TBP. 9. Not to change training program and TBP. Otherwise, I shall be disqualified from availing the scholarship. 10. Refund to the TBP in full the Training Support Fund (TSF) granted to me in case of non-compliance with the eighty per cent (80%) attendance and participation to qualify for completion of the training program.

(Signature of Scholar)

SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO BEFORE ME this _____________________ of ______________in the _________________ affiant exhibiting to me his/her _______________________.

NOTARY PUBLIC Doc. No. __________ Page No. __________ Book No. __________ Series of 2009.

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