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Ways to Motivate Yourself When Nothing Else Works!
How to Keep Your Fire Lit… And Stay Lit

Sales & Business Growth Specialist

Blair Singer

2006 by Blair Singer and XCEL Holdings.Blair Singer 18 WAYS TO MOTIVATE YOURSELF WHEN NOTHING ELSE WORKS! How To Keep Your Fire Lit… And Stay Lit! SalesPartners Press 4330 N. Civic Center Plaza. AZ 85251 Copyright © 2005. LLC and SalesDogs. For more assistance check out online at www.sp-ww. Distributed online by SalesPartners Worldwide. LLC All rights reserved. Suite 203 SalesPartners Press Scottsdale .

Be One Of The Good Guys! “Good Guys can get what they Want!” Is this news to you? Do you believe you have to be a bully to get what you really want and have people around you be afraid of you rather than respect you? Well. “You would never have been given a dream without the power to make it come true. You don’t have to be someone else to get what you want. dreams and desires that are unique to you. The rest will fail. they keep on pursuing the dream. This is something anyone can learn.” So my question is. 2 1. LLC. The more you follow that dream. We are all not destined to win the Olympics. This is how other “good guys” can win too! • So as you progress in your journey. thick-skinned or a jerk to do it either. Some days you are the supportive retriever and in some moments the understanding basset hound. do you have a dream? If so. a path that you are meant to forge. Don’t wonder or doubt about whether you “have what it takes” or if you are lucky or not. You are in control of your own behaviors. your energy drops. Write down what it is that you want specifically. you find cash in your pocket. your good intentions and efforts will be multiplied through the efforts of others. a body and a spirit. your spirit soars and great things happen around you. If you do this. but you have a set of talents. you will fail as every athlete in the Olympic stadium. If you do that and follow that plan diligently. The most moving element of the event was the theme about igniting the “fire within. you will amaze yourself. Yes. overcome incredible adversity.1 18 Ways To Motivate Yourself When Nothing Else Works 18 Ways To Motivate Yourself When Nothing Else Works more successful you will become. but to forge an impressive path on your way to getting it – a path that others may follow and be inspired by. be a super-star or a celebrity to win big. Yes. the fear of failing is so overwhelming that it does not allow them to dream. A mind. the more wealth you will accumulate and the more people who share that vision will show up to support you. the Copyright © 2005. every child and every human being does. the moment you step into the zone of your dreams. This is the only thing that holds you back. your passion wanes and a little part of you dies. You see I agree with Bach. The television commentator quoted Richard Bach at one point saying. Make a commitment to serve those who serve others. make it a plan to learn to overcome the fears. And if you make only one plan. a set of problems you are meant to solve. Yet. the good news is. You have a great day. don’t hope or wish for what you want. ever go out. you can be the “dog” you want or need to be. it may be true that the guys on stage make it appear that way and that the great success stories are filled with incredible drama. This is where being the “good guy” will pay off in big sums. There is something that you are meant to do. light signals turn green in your favor. You have been given the tools.” As I watched and marveled at the many athletes who have dreamt for so many years of walking into an Olympic stadium as a competitor. LLC. But I want you to know that while those examples make for great entertainment. All rights reserved. You don’t even have to be self-centered. Some days you have to be an attack dog in your own way. is embarking on a lifetime quest of overcoming your own personal fears and doubts. be bigger than life. Don’t let it cloud over as cynicism. 2006 by Blair Singer and XCEL Holdings. 2006 by Blair Singer and XCEL Holdings. knowing and leveraging your natural strengths and being clear about what you want. your beliefs and your subsequent outcomes. Copyright © 2005. Yet make the failure fuel for the fire to keep your passion burning and your dream alive. 2. Don’t let the fire that was kindled inside you perhaps long ago. obstacles and doubts that will arise. even knowing that only a handful will get gold medals. what does it take to light the fire inside of you to pursue it and make it come true? Does it take the accomplishments of someone else to motivate you? Does it unfortunately take a major catastrophe to motivate you to take action on your dreams? Or is there enough quiet resolve and intention to create a burning glow deep inside you to make your dreams come true? For some. Blast the cobwebs from your brain and kick-start your passion into gear. Their leadership is measured by their resolve and tenacity to go for it no matter what. . you do not have to be a big tough bully boy. You can be a good guy and have whatever you want and can win big too. All rights reserved. Learn to be flexible SalesDogs says that at any given moment. be super-human. Not to mention the thousands who failed to qualify. people respond favorably. there is absolutely no requirement for you to be that way. Yet. Shove off the jaded conditioning that may have convinced you that you were not destined for greatness. Your job is not necessarily to win the gold. Every time you abandon that part of you. only three will get medals. Never be afraid to dream. I could not help but wonder what it is about them that drives them so hard to be the best. • Learn to sell yourself first! The most important secret to having it all. A part of you has been waiting for a long time to fulfill your destiny. Stoke Your Fires and Dreams The opening ceremonies of the 2004 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City were very cool. I don’t think that you would be teased with an image of who you could become someday if you were not meant to be that person. Understand that if there are fifty athletes competing in one event in the Olympics. How? It’s simply a matter of eliminating limiting myths and beliefs.

Yet. Everyone cannot be anything. assessing your natural strengths. 4. You can have what you want. Yes. You end up living a life with never enough time to get everything done. Yes. So for all you optimists out there. joy and prosperity that you desire. always being afraid that you don’t know enough and striving to become some super-human who can have a handle on everything. Skills must be learned and some we are strong in and others we are weak in others. why would you need anyone else? You strive to learn and master everything because you think you can. I spoke with her and in a few minutes I got infected with her positive attitude. Notice their response and their energy. you imprison yourself in the “S” (self-employed) quadrant. It’s not his strength. Most importantly focus on the strengths of others that you work with and coach them to their strengths. I have to make a confession that there is a HUUUUUGE trap in that thinking. was half a planet away from home and family and my job was to teach and inspire! Yecchh! I trudged down to the meeting room where sixty anxious people awaited the session. The only issue is. It will be rewarding for you both. If you have a lack of skills. great at what? As a leader. Spend the next few days. LLC. believe it or not…. Why? Because if you can do anything. Can you relate? I thought so! I have always been a proponent of the idea that you can have anything you want. You can have all the wealth. . In other words. frustration sets in. That is the foundation of SalesDogs. “B”s (business owners) know what they are good at and what they aren’t good at. Shaquille O’Neal. earn it or create it. Copyright © 2005. Yet the important part of this story is what happened about ten minutes before the session began. cracking jokes and was totally positive with a million-dollar smile on her face and simply a power-pack of infectious energy. Then you will be giving them the most precious gift they can receive which is the gift of themselves. Your success will accelerate beyond belief and your fatigue will fade. If you have trouble. The key is that you can be anyone you want to be as long as it is in your ‘nature’ to do it. There is another trap.3 18 Ways To Motivate Yourself When Nothing Else Works So raise a toast to everything and everyone that supports you being the best you can be. Then make a vow to spend your time developing the strengths and let the weaknesses alone. 18 Ways To Motivate Yourself When Nothing Else Works tive forces that you have. ask someone you trust and who won’t schmooze you to give you some feedback. Those won’t change. They assemble great talent to play to their own strengths and forge championship teams. I recalled powerful moments of the past. I actually confessed to her. it’s about trusting that you can do it. 2006 by Blair Singer and XCEL Holdings. You are genetically encoded to be great. I even tried to make myself feel guilty for wimping out. The client’s vice president of customer affairs was at the session to open it. listen up. refine your thoughts. Skills are not what I am talking about. 4 3. had taught four days in a row. LLC. I anchored. This memo could save you a lifetime of struggle and give you a quick path to freedom. each of you has a unique strength and talent. Her strategy is a great one and the one I used this morning. “So the motivator is human too!” She went on to open the session and explained that in her office there is always someone in a great mood no matter what mood she’s in. So if this is you. Her name is Ruth and she was bouncing around. You can be whoever you want to be as long as it is aligned with your strengths. the giant muscle bound center for the NBA Champion Lakers will never be a great horse jockey. Keeping The Motivation One morning I was preparing to deliver a program to one of my larger clients in Hong Kong and I felt like garbage! I was tired with little sleep. I tried all the techniques that I teach that usually work. 2006 by Blair Singer and XCEL Holdings. be anyone you want to be and aspire to whatever your heart desires as long as you do what it takes. you have to shore those up. By holding the thought that you can do anything. I always look for a way to get it.the motivator was not motivated!! You might be saying how can this be? It’s true! There is no way to stay pumped and motivated every minute of every day. love. What I am referring to are those hardwired talents that you developed when you were a kid. your job is to find the strengths in others and motivate them to play to their strengths. Yet I find that when I see people stray from the path of their own strengths and try to be someone that they are not. All rights reserved. but the “little voice” in my head was still not buying it. It is not about believing you can do it. I still get majorly upset when I’m told that I “can’t” have something that I want. All rights reserved. I visualized outrageous outcomes. not your natural weaknesses. to introduce me and then she was to fly off to Singapore. In Your Nature I was always the kid that when asked whether I wanted a chocolate ice cream cone or a vanilla one. I have always said that your thoughts and emotions are the most powerful creaCopyright © 2005. my earlier dilemma and she laughed to say. I opted for both. Your life long mission is to find out what the heck it is and maximize it. To this day.

circling real estate ads in the paper daily. It’s a two-way street. LLC. Go for it!” – Ruth. You are a reflection of the company you keep. It’s easy to make a commitment to yourself and pie out on it. and within minutes. who motivates you? It’s not about getting sympathy. the fear of public humiliation does wonders!! In sales. It’ll come back to you…big time! with another problem. there a note had been slipped under my hotel room door. programs. the bottom line is. it was the perfect ending to a great day that started miserably. and especially as you attempt to make sense of your personal finances. That is not just true for finances.5 When feeling yecchy. You can rest when you’re dead. Establish a habit: Find a simple habit to start. The only one who knows is you! But if you put it out there. but it’s not that easy. All rights reserved. as your kids grow older. That’s a good friend. or for faltering on executing a plan. setting aside Monday morning to make cold calls on the phone for two hours. objection. If you do not have those people around… find them! Change your colleagues and friends if you have to. It’s amazing how determined you are to get something out of a seminar when you pay for it yourself. you don’t have to wait until you’re dead. I have found it helpful to ‘beat myself up’ a little bit for not following through on an action. don’t betray yourself: abandon your dreams or allow the little voice in your brain to weasel its way out of a commitment that you have Copyright © 2005. How do I do it?” It’s a great question that everyone and his brother has an opinion about. I ripped it open and it said: “Remember that you are the best. So. there is a good chance that you are a-lone. I don’t know about you. Peer pressure is huge! Get others to “Call” you on it: Make sure that you have friends or associates around you that will ‘call’ you on your behaviors when you wimp out or whine. I used to ‘comp’ people into my training programs years ago and found that they almost never took action on the material learned. Contrary to certain ‘new-age’ philosophies. review the SalesDogs flash cards for five minutes a day on the way to work…. Invest money in your new quest: If you put your own cash on the line for educational materials. If you have to make yourself feel guilty for not doing something. “Com’on you slug! Get out of bed and get to the gym!” Talk to others about your plan: and the new actions you are taking on. It sounds like. That’s our expression. I’m not talking about those who console you and make you feel okay. so show them. 2006 by Blair Singer and XCEL Holdings. Rest comes as a great reward for giving it all you’ve got. Change for Good! In a program at the Learning Annex. someone came up to me at a break and said. If you are on your own. but sometimes I am my own worst enemy when it comes to getting what I want. make you laugh and generally infect you with their positive energy. consulting and support. If you do have them around and you aren’t getting any motivation from them. strategies and logistics. I can tell you that just when I think I’ve made headway. I am talking about friends who will kick you in the behind and keep you on track. she is back on top of her game. “I know I have to change the way I think and act. It is also true for motivation. 2006 by Blair Singer and XCEL Holdings. something else pops up and reminds me that I have to keep moving and shift my thinking again. that over the years have continued to keep me evolving ahead of the curve. Just do something and repeat it. All rights reserved. obstacle or opportunity that requires you to ‘grow-up’ again! I hate when that happens sometimes! Yet. you are much more likely to take some action. LLC. the greatest motivator is the Monday morning sales meeting where everyone has to show their prospects and explain their status.. it may be because you aren’t giving any. coaching. then do it. who’s on your team? Who motivates you? Do you motivate others? And if you are tired…so what? So is everyone else! Is your mission big enough to keep you going? Remember that somewhere inside you are the best so you just show them! And when it comes to rest. This is true as you grow your business. Ruth engages the person with the best energy and attitude. part of me loves it! 6 Here are some no BS ways to deal with it. When I got back to my hotel room at the end of the day after a great session. you know. like working out at the gym every other day religiously. because without a team. 5. I can tell you that I have been blessed and cursed by friends that never hesitate to put stuff in my face if I back off. Therefore your assignment is: Infect someone else with a dose of good attitude or laughter in the next 24 hours. You know what I mean? You’re cruising along and then wham! you are faced Copyright © 2005. Most of all. You see Rich Dad said that business is a team sport. You have to surround yourself with those who will kick you in the butt. This puts your butt on the line by making you accountable. Any habit that is remotely connected to your desired outcome will do. Use guilt: I love this one. . Let me tell you.

Choose wisely. They take a position about Copyright © 2005. It’s like the chiropractor who told me that he would never offer a free consultation to entice new business into his practice.7 18 Ways To Motivate Yourself When Nothing Else Works made. Rich Dad said that business is a team sport. They are also the possessors of incredible energy! Yet in those few days. Talk Yourself Into A Great Economy! I have heard so much about how the economy sucks. that we are in for a long slow recovery. 7. when any party takes on a “position” there is little hope for a negotiated settlement. The Australian community has always been incredibly hospitable and as a group are always willing to be open to new ideas. On one of our coaching calls I asked how the group did just in this last week? One person closed $36. He meant it in more ways than one. but you need to have mental. In that case. LLC. This is not only true in world politics but in families and in personal relationships as well. how buyers have retreated. But I do know that from the halls of the UN to the chambers in Paris to the conference rooms of the White House.000+.000 in sales. 2006 by Blair Singer and XCEL Holdings. I don’t know all the facts. camaraderie. “If you think it’s bad. That sometimes forces a bad decision to get executed even when parties secretly don’t support them. But the most important lesson of all comes from what my grandmother told me when I was very little. lead to devastating loss. He claimed it would ‘demean’ his service. some couldn’t resist to asking me about my views regarding the then impending war in Iraq. She said that people curse and swear because it’s a shortcut to expressing how they feel rather than using well chosen words to get their point across. This is not the forum for political views.000. politics. another $300. another $22. They have also painted themselves into a corner which means that because of pride. as they always do. . Not only do you have to have technical support to succeed in the sales and business game. I am not saying that this war is the right thing or the wrong thing to do. yet I can’t help but observe with incredible interest the communication strategies of all the parties. that I want to scream. Negotiate Yourself To Victory It was an interesting moment in history when I wrote this small piece. So where is the bad economy? One person on the coaching call said it the best. Bad if dealing with factions that want to gain advantage over another. One company did more revenue in the last ten days than in the last 4 months combined. 2006 by Blair Singer and XCEL Holdings.1 million just this week. as an American. companionship and understanding because of a simple position. First they become 100% predictable because they have told you exactly what they will or will not do. All rights reserved. She said that swearing. I also think it’s unfair to point fingers unless the fingers are pointed at all parties. Have you ever known people to never talk to each other for years because of some dumb position that they insisted on taking? They were willing to sacrifice love. to the deserts of the Middle East.000. Another listed and sold a house in the same day and in the ‘awful. they can’t back down or change their views. There are several very important lessons in negotiations that this terrible situation can teach us. fitful. Unwilling to listen. emotional and even spiritual support to win the game. 8 6. and so on and so on. Who is on your side…. If you think it’s good. positioning or emotional stakes. That could be good and it could be bad. She said. adjust and deliver what the prospect wants or to take the risk away from the prospect…they end up being right but broke and right. He still struggles to make ends meet as we speak. services and prices that locks them into a no-win relationship with the market. Doing business here in Australia is always wonderful. another person brought in over $2. The way I figure it. She also said that it is sometimes easier to fight than to think. I see this with small business people all the time. you’re right. Where in your life does a position cause hurt and diminish relationships? Where in all of our lives do we fatigue with trying to talk it through and simply give in to what’s easy? If you are truly wanting to progress in your journey towards attaining fabulous personal relationships. There is a lesson in this for us all. then ‘negotiating’ by drawing a line in the sand and presenting nowin situations will only leave you isolated and lagging behind the progressives. two things happen. All rights reserved. the lack of understanding of these lessons can and will. tension and emotion go up and the chance for negotiated settlements fades quickly.’ Now. troubled’ financial services market. personal development and more. LLC. The minute hard line positions are made. business acumen. our little SalesDogs group contributed nearly $3. First of all. cursing and fighting were the signs of a weak mind.really? Do they push you or console you? Agree with you or challenge you? Tell you to go for it or take it easy? Whose side are you on? 18 Ways To Motivate Yourself When Nothing Else Works their products. She said too that there are some who only respond to the ‘whip. you’ll get rich!” She went on to say that these times are the Copyright © 2005.000 to the economy just this week. it’s like telling your competition exactly what your trade secrets are. When any party draws a line in the sand and vows ‘never’ to cross it. Good if working with mutually agreeable parties. wealth creation. I was in Australia looking over the Sydney Harbor Bridge as the sun cast its last rosyfingered light on the landscape.

18 Ways To Motivate Yourself When Nothing Else Works It’s a very real problem. is the time to stay in frequent contact with prospects and clients by offering valuable information. if you are faltering at Copyright © 2005. for some salespeople who are used to quick sales cycles. what evidence have you stacked up in your head that supports why you aren’t doing well? Stop thinking like everyone else and start stacking the evidence in your favor. that is the moment when their customers and prospects become most vulnerable to your approach. LLC.’ If you go after the market now with are going to have a problem! You are going to have check inside and ask yourself… “Do I really care?” You better be honest about the answer. I have found at least three opportunities for each one. Their television ads have actually increased and their message is “When you are ready to fly…. I know some of you are saying to yourself. solutions and high levels of integrity and trust. but don’t be blocked by it. They don’t call on them as much because they don’t want to upset them and they are tired of the ‘no’s. crass or cold hearted? It’s easy to offer a million excuses why this is not the right time to promote and sell. you will close tons of deals. Yet. Celebrate each little victory and the victories of those around you. Of course the economy has seen better times. But you can control what you’re thinking! You can control your approach. For example: What better time to be offering legitimate home business opportunities that offer hedges against the threat or reality of being laid off? You should be re-engineering your offering to either help people make money or to save money. If you can’t go the distance with them.” If I caught you thinking it. 200% money back guarantees. However.” They know what is going on in the minds of frequent fliers and with a combination of sensitivity and aggressiveness. Now more than ever. If not…. 2006 by Blair Singer and XCEL Holdings. you are one of those whose market is now vulnerable to those who aren’t thinking it. then there is! If you think that there is a huge opportunity to build rock solid. you will fail in this new economy. or even certain “pit bull” strategies…. Payment plans. By the way. integrity and caring are critical elements to providing security and confidence. In times of stress…trust. Start learning how to control your own head. Keep in mind that there are other businesses that are doing very well right now and some prospects may be welcoming you with open arms. LLC. You Can Sell Well In Tough Times Worst economy in ten years! Hundreds of thousands suddenly out of work! Businesses battered and bruised combined with the tragic combination of sorrow and pain. All rights reserved.change it! Make it easy for them to obtain your offering. For every complaint about the environment that I have received this week alone. then there is! You have to train yourself to look for the opportunity. long term relationships.. All rights reserved. Build the momentum in your favor. The question is “Can you go the distance?” Can you go where it seems to be uncomfortable to go.We are here. Trying to act like you care when you don’t is worse than doing nothing at all. Start asking. your attitude and your energy. 10 8. Your communication must address the “little voice” in their brains. . to promote. Be aware and sensitive to the problem. But if you check inside. Remember that while sales is about the prospect…it’s mostly about what is going on in your head. “I wonder what they are selling? They are obviously selling something different from what I sell. your “little voice” just loves to immerse in that kind of stuff. It all comes back to the same silly issue. My circumstances are different. If your brain thinks there is a problem. but there are solutions. Southwest Airlines has been doing a brilliant job of this. if you think you are going to be a pest. but the issue has nothing to do with the economy. You can’t control the economy. How do you sell in this environment…or do you even try to sell.9 18 Ways To Motivate Yourself When Nothing Else Works best for sales because everyone has bought into the fact that times are tough. service. to serve. Remember that sales is pure energy. and to stay in touch with those who truly may benefit from your offerings? Can you go long term? Copyright © 2005. asking and listening more and the cash seems to be flowing. and truly love to seek out opportunities and offer creative solutions. stop telling and start listening. Another fellow said that selling has never been easier. selling by the facts. It’s good because if your competition thinks that the economy is bad. Let me give you a few. Why? Because your competition is backing off. He said that he has been following the lessons of the coaching program and has been pitching less. You have to take the time to re-condition your brain. You can’t control what others are thinking. What is going on in your head? If you aren’t doing well. to contact. These values can only be established and proven through frequency of interaction. risking the possibility of being insensitive. 2006 by Blair Singer and XCEL Holdings. you will win and so will your clients. Your “tone” alone in talking to clients lets them know where you are coming from. they continue to sell. then you will be! If you think that you are going to be a companion and an ally…then you will be! It’s up to you. I can’t even control my own dog half the time. service and on-going support. free delivery and more.

But how can we respond to this in our business lives as well as personally? The underlying message of SalesDogs is the importance of building the emotional strength to respond quickly. End of story! Even those with great products. Only when you are okay with handling your own adversity can you remain calm and focused enough to be of value to others in need. I have worked with thousands of people with the “Flash Card” system (found in the Sales Training Kit). we have been angered into getting on with things despite what happens. to our pride as global citizens and to your hearts?” After all. what we stand for and what we are willing to do to support it. You. have learned to live with the continual threat of terror and interruption to our beloved lives. It’s Not Just About Selling People keep saying to me.” This takes tremendous emotional strength as well as a good team to support you. thrive and move to greater heights and attainments. refuse to. it is imperative that we understand. Be willing to walk away But despite these terrible events and the way we now have to live. Beat Fear and Win Anyway. In our daily work in sales. At times we have been terrified by it and at other times. All rights reserved. TIP: Terrorist tactics work well against civilized societies because terrorists assume Copyright © 2005. The greatest success stories have been born out of trying times. that is why the terrorist has the advantage. the predictable party is at a disadvantage. “But I don’t sell. Sales is about building character. you will never live up to the constant challenge of knowing how to both understand others and deliver to them. The lessons of selling are life-changing lessons that are for everyone who has ever attempted to get their point across to someone else. businesses and pain should be our sole purpose. “bring them to their senses…not to their knees. confidence and optimism and use the most precious gift we have been given as a tool of leverage which is life itself. we have continued to strive. we as Americans. SOLUTION: Avoid engaging in traditional win/lose negotiations. Although we were not all there at ground zero. blah!” Please pass this section on to every person you have ever heard make that comment. Its challenges are the ones that turn average folks into superstars and normal people into exceptional role models. do they become able to really hear and serve their customers. they will do it. 1) Irrationally in states of high emotional anguish. liberty. Do not give them a hint of what you might do. There comes a defining day in everyone’s life when we are asked somehow or other. un-prepared and create more problems than we had to begin with. 2006 by Blair Singer and XCEL Holdings. or are turned off by learning the critical lessons of convincing. Only when they are able to systematically get rid of their own negative emotional responses. Living well and achieving in these times. soothe and bring to closure the open loops of people’s lives. pains and desires of others. because we will profess to be “rational. If someone is looking to take complete advantage of you. I hold that it is our duty to crank up this economy. and probably more. 2) Secondly they know if we do not respond in an immediate emotional way that we will probably never use their strategies against them. It drives me nuts! In the world we live in. As in any negotiation. we will strike out unfocused. because we don’t know what they are going to do or when they will do it. 10. If you cannot. both to your family. precisely and effectively. like myself have been conditioned by whatever means to ‘freak’ when things go awry. LLC. To quote Big Dog negotiator Keith Cunningham: When it comes time to create alternatives. The world has transformed forever. the question is.11 18 Ways To Motivate Yourself When Nothing Else Works the helm. we are all in this together. You have to shift your emotional sensitivity from you and on to them. Offering your customers more and allowing them to see that you are there to help will assist us all in the recovery – emotionally and financially. this plays directly into their strategies.” and therefore we become very predictable. Copyright © 2005. “Are you up for it?” Can you shift your mind to thrive or will you continue to worry about the problems? My friends. To empathize. blah. leading and selling. If we act in a heightened emotional state. we all felt much of the pain and anger that our brothers and sisters felt. ideas or services are at a disadvantage if they cannot communicate value to others or understand the needs. who we are. Sell with strength. 2006 by Blair Singer and XCEL Holdings. That is what we do best!! 18 Ways To Motivate Yourself When Nothing Else Works we will act one of two ways.. 12 9. . blah. The sole question today is “How can I support you?” “What can I do to help bring you and those close to you back from the pain and the loss. do your best not to be predictable in your strategies and responses. feel and sympathize with our clients’ perspective. On the flip side. All rights reserved. those who can communicate the best and the most effectively have a better chance at getting what they want than those that do not. It’s time to step up. LLC. In the last couple of years. That makes us very vulnerable. In the rubble of this terrible series of events I challenge everyone to stand up to support each other in defiance of strategies that take away pride. If you must engage. this is more important than ever. I can tell you that I have cried more than once since the catastrophes. In these terrible moments. challenges the very core of who we are and what we stand for. In any hard core win/lose negotiation.

Your life will change. if you are going to be effective. This is an event that takes time. ”Been there. Hold your toes to the fire and keep going no matter what. group or you) Example: Persuading your spouse to fore-go Monday Night football for a parent teacher meeting. LLC. bring it on!” Copyright © 2005. Take a deep breath. whether in business or in any part of your life: 18 Ways To Motivate Yourself When Nothing Else Works Sell: Webster’s Literal Definitions: To give or to offer: To deliver or exchange: To establish faith. Be patient and tolerant of yourself. Confidence – You Can Have It. All rights reserved.” The sooner you do that. you do this every day by accident in some area of your life. These statements could be those of your work team. Courage. the sooner you will look back at those fears and say. done that. your family. Patience. override your logical psychobabble and do the thing you are looking to gain confidence in. 2006 by Blair Singer and XCEL Holdings. There are three C’s to building confidence. manage a household of 12-year olds or sell securities. You have got to do this for you! There comes a day in your life when you say. you must learn how to answer these. haven’t you? The real question is “Are your dreams important enough for you to give them a shot?” If so. “I have to master this. You have to prove to yourself that you can do something. your boss. individuals. significant others or whoever. we wouldn’t need to be writing anything!! It drives me crazy to hear people asking for someone else to give them confidence. kids. here is the formula. they retreat. Commitment. The faster you repeat. No pills yet! I will guarantee you that confidence will come. It’s part of the formula. GLOSSARY of TERMS used (this may de-mystify the “sales-thing”) Business Term SalesDogs Definition Selling: Convincing someone to agree with you and/or take action (another person. Example: Getting your kids to actually clean their room. The SalesDogs Training Kit allows you to isolate the issues. Once you face the fear and identify the demons or the problems. • • • • “Why am I doing this?” “Am I cut out for this?” “Do I have to do this?” “What is the payoff?” I KNOW that this is familiar!!! I don’t care if you work a desk job. Okay. Completing a sale.13 18 Ways To Motivate Yourself When Nothing Else Works It’s the same series of questions and statements from customers. your kids. If there were a magic pill for this one. is supported by you (physically. Anyone you are trying to convince or communicate with (businesses. and systematically condition the fear or doubt right out of your system forever. Impossible! You give yourself confidence. It’s not about having someone else pat you on the back to let you know that you did a good job. I said 3 C’s. Look. bosses. That is: You selling to You! It sounds like: SalesDog: 11. There is one more. although that’s nice sometimes. your prospects or your customers. mentally or emotionally). Act of gaining final commitment to take action. Many venture out once and then at the first ‘knock-back. confidence or belief in some thing: To persuade: Anyone engaged in any of the above! 14 • • • “Why should I listen to you?” “What is in it for me?” “Do you really understand what I need?” “Prove to me that you understand and can deliver what you say!” Sound familiar? It should. . The worst that can happen is that it will make for a great story later! Conditioning. The kit allows you to shorten the process by handling some of this without being in front of live bodies. The quality of the response will determine the quality of your effectiveness. embarrassment or doubt. All rights reserved. 2006 by Blair Singer and XCEL Holdings. condition your brain and your emotions so that you do not freak out in the process or worse yet hide in the corner without trying again. You have to have the courage to try – to step out and actually confront fear. Copyright © 2005. It’s also not about having them sympathize with you. This is a process of repetition. lives with you or buys from you. LLC. the less time it takes. Most importantly it’s about consummating the most critical and yet the most difficult sale of all. By putting yourself on the line again and again it will get easier every time. Sorry folks. You have done this before. In a conference call I was asked how to build confidence in yourself or in others. Do not give up.) in the book SalesDogs: Closing: Prospects: Clients/customers: Anyone who works with you.

Perhaps you have heard or believe that sales people are “greedy. support. If you are the generous one and are willing to give first. There is a part of growing that I call the YUCK Zone. “Why is it difficult?” The answer usually comes in the form of. but you will be making a difference in many people’s lives. that by not making that decision. This comes with repetition and time. What were you taught? What were you led to believe? How much do your trust yourself and what you are offering? There are always those who want something for nothing. approaching new people. “What if they take advantage of you? If I give something away. However. It is a function of persistence and patience. Whether you are able to do this is primarily based upon your conditioning and what your ‘little voice’ is saying right now! If you were taught to never work without pay or to always demand compensation for everything you do. if you are greedy and distrustful of prospects. It takes a true entrepreneur to have the guts and the wisdom to be of service to others before asking prospects or customers to put themselves at risk.15 18 Ways To Motivate Yourself When Nothing Else Works 18 Ways To Motivate Yourself When Nothing Else Works greedy or are you generous? What can you give to others that will give them advantage in their lives with no risk to them? If you give it freely. In a book I recently read it said that a toddler makes about 900 attempts to walk until they “get it”. LLC. there comes a magic moment when something clicks in your mind and it begins to make sense. you will have set the stage for a perfect exchange. In a recent seminar I talked about offering a free gift. But even before your mind clicks. not due to lack of talent. opportunity. inadequate – generally YUCKY! There is good news and bad news. free report. I have not yet met a great business person who was not generous. The bad news is that in learning something new. You can let the experience of you or your service sell itself. not only will they come to you in droves. it will de-value my product or service…blah. Give Freely to Receive Greatly There are tons of myths out there about selling and sales people. I start sweating and fretting. That is what we are doing with the Canine College calls with phenomenal results. network marketers and anyone who wants to move to the next level of your own personal development.” You get the drift? I will tell you that those people are the greedy ones! Either they are greedy or they do not trust the value of what they are selling. Of course I had a few in the room who could not wrap their heads around the concept. It is an awesome way to generate and pre-qualify prospects. intelligence or luck. you have taken up permanent residence in the YUCK zone. tools and coaching that allow you to learn in small chunks at a rapid rate with high frequency and low emotional exposure. Even a free taste of your service or products will attract to you those who are interested in what you ultimately have to sell. Yet. .” Let me put this to rest once and for all. The joke is. something clicks in your spirit. but lack of persistence or the desire for immediate gratification. Are you Copyright © 2005. they may be destined for mediocre results. the same issue seems to keep popping up when it comes to selling. but may never become a great salesperson or entrepreneur. Why? Because even if you don’t choose to learn. Blast Out Of The YUCK Zone – Forever! In our bi-weekly training and coaching calls and at seminars. flounder like a fish out of water and generally wonder why the heck you are doing this. especially for all you new sales people. There comes a moment when something deep inside you decides that winning is more important than being comfortable! When are you going to make that decision? Most fail. I don’t know what to say.” To set the record straight. All rights reserved. LLC. It’s not a function of competence. you will earn a paycheck. 13.” I always ask. Let customers be greedy for answers. Yet. 16 12. but I have a hard time picking up the phone. The good news is that in nearly every endeavor there is a predictable time frame in which it will go away. Those that have interest in what you are offering will show up and others will not. I lack the confidence. They came up with the obvious. There is more good news! You can shorten the YUCK zone through training. great sales people are generous! Great selling allows the customer to be greedy!! One of the greatest sales accelerators and greatest prospecting tools is the willingness to give. or any valuable free information that enhances your prospect’s life or business. “I don’t want to look foolish. your mind still is tormented by its desire to have the best and be Copyright © 2005. fulfillment and financial advantage. for the most part. you will have to sell very hard. It’s that time of learning something new when you feel nauseated. or unsure of the value of your opportunity or product. It takes an adult approximately 400 hours to begin to “get” a foreign language. All rights reserved. 2006 by Blair Singer and XCEL Holdings. People stop looking at you weird and you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. knocking on doors. then your chances of converting are high. If your stuff is good. Either way. blah. are respectful of you and who deliver to you. 2006 by Blair Singer and XCEL Holdings. you feel compelled to reciprocate with those who understand you. “How do I get started?” “I know that I need to make calls. My father told me when I was 4 years old that I would fall 50 times before I would successfully ride my bike without training wheels. You may even have so-called friends like that. there is no way to avoid it! You have to know that you are going to look like a dope. who only hang out to dump their emotional baggage on you or want to be seen with you. afraid. So think about it. frustrated.

but maybe not in the beginning. All the training and advice is not there for you hide beCopyright © 2005. let your spirit choose to win. (Go to www. It also provides incredible lessons. all the boats have to tack back and forth at roughly 45 degree angles to the wind in order to reach the first buoy which is somewhere upwind of the starting line. All rights reserved. It’s an important question with a large pitfall. Most salespeople make career limiting mistakes when it comes to this issue. the elements and the consequences first hand. they are blocking your full access to the prevailing winds. With this. This time in your life. A whole bunch of boats crowd a starting line somewhere in a large body of water and jockey for position until a horn sounds signaling that the race has begun. Which way do I go? Whose advice do I take? It seems that when there are boats all around. Make sure that your breed’s natural strategies are congruent with the selling strategies in your targeted industry. There is an old rule of racing however that says if you are being covered by another boat who is a little farther to windward than you. happiness and generosity to others. Look. If you are a timid basset hound and they are all snarling junkyard pit bulls. For me it has always been confusing when I start a new project. you experience the full force of the wind without anyone blocking it. All rights reserved. it’s hard to see that first marker way off in the distance. Your best chance if caught in that position is to tack away to get out from under the blanket of the other boat in order to get ‘clear air. What’s my point? 14. Pick a company that offers the best sales and personal development training that you can find. your kids go through the YUCK zone when they are learning new levels on their GameBoy. It’s an impossible position to hold and expect to win. do it with a team or some companionship so you can commiserate together and do it with real training and coaching. Then go sell with strength. Here is the checklist: Picking a company based solely upon the commissions. LLC. Learn what kind of ‘dog’ you are and what type of selling will make you the most money based on your ‘breed’. Enjoy The Clear Air I have raced sailboats most of my life.17 18 Ways To Motivate Yourself When Nothing Else Works the best. You have to be willing to take the risk of thinking your own thoughts. You deserve it! 18 Ways To Motivate Yourself When Nothing Else Works 18 15. . tenacity and patience. Being able to touch people’s hearts and minds is a skill that will make you wealthy if used with integrity and ethics. making your own decisions and experiencing the market. once properly trained. Copyright © 2005. envy or even cynicism. Everyone is jockeying.’ Once in clear air. Position Yourself Well In Chicago once.) Learn the skills of ‘connecting’ with others. LLC. 2006 by Blair Singer and XCEL Holdings. some are yelling.yet! (Bassets can do really well with any prospect. Find a place where you can be coached and trained on all of the above so that you can minimize frustration and maximize momentum. strategy and sensitivity. but the most exciting. This is more important than having passion for the product itself. You did it and now you can laugh about it. Statistically done that way you will shorten the YUCK zone by over 60%! So how do you start? You have already started. you may not feel comfortable launching a new sales career in that world…. or financial remuneration is a big mistake. You started this game the first time you fumbled for words in front of someone you were trying to impress. It’s like entering a noisy crowded market for the first time. In most cases.) Make sure you know what ‘breed of dog’ you are interviewing with and what ‘breeds of dogs’ you will be talking to in the field.salesdogs. In order for you to be the best that you can be…you have to ultimately get clear air. The best advice is to dive into the YUCK zone quickly. This is always the toughest part. I was asked several times how to pick a company to sell for. But when you are on the race course. you can actually get paid to learn a life skill that will make you money anywhere and any time. Those who have done a fair bit of it will tell you that it is a wonderful combination of skill. some are threatening while crews and teams scramble to make the boat go faster. You end up questioning yourself into an even worse YUCK zone of self doubt. Their support has been and is critical. Passion without the connection is offensive and intrusive. In other words. Confidence comes from courage. when they learn to read and when they reach puberty. You seem to be following the herd. The idea of racing sailboats is clear. the typical race is set up so that the first leg of the race is sailed directly into the wind. It’s like having 30 competitors vying for that first appointment with the prospect. You have had teachers and parents. disturbing it or shadowing you. 2006 by Blair Singer and XCEL Holdings. As a result you cannot get good boat speed. You have mentors and advisors. it’s you and your crew! Not and do the free test to find out which dog you are.

It’s that move that makes you a leader. solve and manifest results jumps exponentially. (business – from the Cashflow Quadrant) they fall back. The problem with taking so much advice is that you get used to taking it! I have seen many finish in the middle of the pack simply because they were content to follow the group…taking their cues from the actions of others. You will know soon whether your crew was up for the challenge or not. It’s a great ride! 17. but. . ‘Are you really committed to being great or just good?’ I looked at myself as a teacher. 20 At some point you have to get clear air! There is no better feeling than breaking away from the pack and feeling that fresh breeze hit you in the face and to feel the boat heel over with the force of the unencumbered and freshening breeze. Yet most of all. 16. And don’t worry. 18 Ways To Motivate Yourself When Nothing Else Works If you have undertaken some sort of personal development training or listened to tapes or CD’s or gone to development seminars. friends and basically to everyone with whom you have dealings. my business and my relationships to higher levels. Many want the cash. the view is always the same. father and spouse. And listening to their problems and helping them find a solution that they value will always bring you out ahead. Yet one of the biggest problems is getting others to think like business owners. Just when I think that major insights and ‘aha’s’ are a thing of the past. leader. It was never due to circumstance. they talk about getting your own head and motivation in order to be successful. It seemed simple. Know Who Are You Talking To? As some of you may know. better model you. technology. they all converge again very soon. Either way though you learn. but are blown away because they are truly security conscious employees or are the self employed who either rely on a paycheck from someone else or who rely solely on themselves for income. Because remember we are all going to have to go around that silly little marker way up ahead. The huge lesson from that was that all companies that went from good to great. breakthroughs or outside factors. business owner. but they may come from a very different reality than you. It is leadership. You will find out soon whether your move was good or not. If you get good at searching out and finding the clear air. You will find yourself sitting in the pole position because you know that is where the clear air is. without worrying about politics. I began to see that there is a big difference between Copyright © 2005. To truly be your authentic self you have to create places in your life. It is meant to give you enough information to make your own intelligent choices. You have found someone interested. The problem is that if you aren’t the lead dog. you will ultimately start finding yourself at the key positions on the starting line. your family. I could write for days on all of them.19 18 Ways To Motivate Yourself When Nothing Else Works hind. All rights reserved. to becoming great. Insight #1: – I attended and facilitated at Robert Kiyosaki’s Business School for Entrepreneurs in Australia in which we studied the book. 2006 by Blair Singer and XCEL Holdings. there has been a tremendous amount of learning. LLC. At that point you get to see if you gained ground or lost it. some in the middle and some on the left. my book SalesDogs is part of the Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Advisor Series. Even though some boats are on the right side of the and we’ll help get you to the next level. LLC. made a conscious decision to be great. There have also been some exciting challenges. I want to share with you the particular insights that have made the biggest difference to me financially and personally. investors. go to www. There have been huge wins. Internally. taking risks and exerting the courage necessary to build a B. Be you and take a chance with yourself. You must be able to sell to customers. 2006 by Blair Singer and XCEL Holdings. At that point. The boat literally feels like it has been unshackled and now is flying through the waves. Plan For More It’s been an incredible year so far. you have grown immensely. without thinking about what someone else is thinking about you. but I had to question myself. When it comes to motivating others. That is because Robert’s ‘rich dad’ said that the number one skill you nee to be truly successful in business is the ability to sell. If you have – congratulations! If you are still struggling with the old conditioning. teams. in your daily routine where you can get ‘clear air’. in your business. It’s one of security or trading time for money.salesdogs. banks. What conditioning are you working from? Whose conditioned little voice is operating your brain? Or have you been able to work through the old conditioning to the new. Have you ever realized that the person you were talking to just did not “get” the concept of what it takes to build a business? They operate from a different mindset and conditioning. Copyright © 2005. Your ability to think. You have split from the pack. I get bombarded with amazing lessons and reflections that catapult me as a person. but with the courage to trust yourself long enough to make a move on your own and then live with it. All rights reserved. yourself. “Good to Great”. the team or leadership made a decision to go from simply being good. Again conditioning is the key.

How many people in your life do you do that to unconsciously? Most people are too busy. Worse yet they even get desperate about it. I am not advocating selling garbage. which they won in a dramatic double overtime. How about you? Have you stopped for a minute to observe? The biggest lesson was that communication is not about saying anything!! True communication is about connecting…. an incredible bond and trust is formed. In your personal relationships. The most magic moments have been when I just connected. All rights reserved. this can mean a life-long client. 18 Ways To Motivate Yourself When Nothing Else Works emotions of another person. They could be limiting your efforts. There is a difference. He connects unconditionally. colleagues. thoughts. I have observed that the difference between being good and great comes down to the set of standards and rules that each team uses to hold itself accountable. coach of the Ohio State Buckeye football team said it best last year. be sure to thank yourself for your persistence. collaboration and unity or every-man/woman-for-themselves. I see many who spend time justifying why they can’t sell something because it doesn’t have all the “right” features or the “right” support or the “right” amenities. team members the best? Is your family the best? It’s a conscious decision that many give lip service to. it helps if you like what you are offering.not talking and not occupying space. How about you? Therefore when we celebrate our wins and give thanks for all the gifts in our lives and careers.) Yes. but many times it’s a trap. the market could not care less about. LLC. It’s the Code of Honor. 2006 by Blair Singer and XCEL Holdings. they will succeed. It is possible that what you love.. is because they have no trust. but rarely fulfill. Even if they are selling something that they love. and truly connecting to the words. The first question is whether its standards promote high performance. you deserve it! 20 18. relationship and individual has a code whether you know it or not. I feel terrible and he feels discounted. minutes before taking to the field in the National Football Championship game.19 18 Ways To Motivate Yourself When Nothing Else Works good and great. If I disengage from him when he is communicating with me. heard and understood. How many times have you been physically present. are more concerned with themselves and therefore don’t or can’t connect. business.. how my communication affects others in both in an emotional and psychological way. ADVICE: Blow those thoughts out of your mind. The second is whether everyone is playing by the same Code! Some of the biggest collisions I have seen in relationships are because people are playing by different sets of rules and don’t even know it! Insight #3: – I have really come to see lately. Jim Tressel. your family and for yourself that you are willing to ‘call’ and ‘be called’ on? What are the rules for the next level of play? What’s the Code? What are your relationships really like? How connected are you to those who mean the most to you? Do you really hear them heart to heart and have you let them know it? When you next set your goals. LLC. but mentally and emotionally gone? My young son really taught me this. don’t have enough time. 2006 by Blair Singer and XCEL Holdings. They have to have a million things going on in the hope that a few will be successful rather than trust that if they focus on their unique abilities. “There are people in this world who are afraid to be great! They're afraid to be champions only because they are afraid of the work and commitment required to step up to the championship platform. Additionally. What he said to his team was. The reason they have no time. So ask yourself…are you the best? Is your business the best? Are your relationships with clients. they get righteous about it. Copyright © 2005. family. feelings and Copyright © 2005. stop anticipating answers and comebacks. By focusing enough to shut up the little voice in your head. if you have to have passion for what you are representing or selling in order to be successful? (Actually they don’t ask. end up being overbearing about it and actually put people off as they are seen as some sort of a kamikaze. but I have seen tons of would-be salespeople who get caught up in “not feeling right” and never convert a sale. they want me to agree with them. In sales.” What about you? Insight #2: – More than at any other time. integrity and your commitment to truly being great in every area of your life. Every team. Be Passionate About The Sale Do you have to love what you sell in order to be great at sales? Everyone always asks. this is what generates the warmth and love that is the spirit of relationship. After all. here are a few thoughts: What is it that you can be the very best at? What is the one simple thing that has driven all of your successes over the years and how can you leverage them? What standards have you set for your team. . All rights reserved.

19 18 Ways To Motivate Yourself When Nothing Else Works 18 Ways To Motivate Yourself When Nothing Else Works 20 If there is a requirement. All rights reserved. your interest in them will become contagious and they will become hungry for your solutions. . needs and most importantly their fears and pains? If you do that. All rights reserved. Don’t you get a rush when someone says “YES!”? Gain a passion for asking questions and becoming interested in what other people are doing. ___________________________ This Page Intentionally Left Blank. it is more important to have passion for converting sales. Copyright © 2005. doing deals and turning other people on to your ideas. dreams. If there is passion required. it is to be able to connect with others and touch them. Copyright © 2005. LLC. opportunities or products whatever they are. What are their goals. 2006 by Blair Singer and XCEL Holdings. 2006 by Blair Singer and XCEL Holdings. LLC.

and around the Pacific Rim.21 18 Ways To Motivate Yourself When Nothing Else Works Blair Singer The message is clear. he works extensively in Singapore. His clients typically experience sales and income growth of 34 percent to 260 percent in a matter of a few short months depending on the industry. His unique ability to get entire groups of people and organizations to change behaviors quickly and achieve peak performance levels in a very short period of time is due to his high-impact approach. LLC. SE Asia. LLC. In order to be rich and succeed in business you have to be able to sell and teach others how to sell. Blair’s work with thousands of individuals . All rights reserved. He founded and operates and international training firm that offers life-changing success strategies that have helped thousands increase their income through building championship sales teams. In 2004. Australia. SalesPartners captures the experience of Blair Singer and Robert Kiyosaki and provides a system for helping any entrepreneur create the wealth and freedom that owning a business should The SalesPartners Franchise utilizes the proprietary 720° Business Success Model™ that has been the secret behind Blair and Robert’s tremendous success. Hong Kong. accountability and team into the culture of the business. Blair is the author of SalesDogs®: You Do Not Have to Be an Attack Dog to Be Successful in Sales. which is also part of the Rich Dad’s Advisor series. Overseas. and organizations has allowed them to experience unparalleled growth. intense and precise personal development and inspiration.sp-ww. Blair was formerly the top salesperson for UNISYS and later a top performer in software sales. His work spans over twenty countries and across five continents. if not the business fails. For the past fifteen years he has conducted thousands of public and private seminars with audiences ranging in size from three hundred to over 10. Blair Singer has helped increase the revenues of companies and individuals all over the world by giving them the secrets to implementing those critical components. All rights reserved. Blair is a facilitator of personal and organizational change. a trainer and a dynamic public speaker. Second. If the owner or leader of an organization can sell and instill the spirit of ownership . performance. Since 1987 he has worked with tens of thousands of individuals and organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to groups of independent sales agents. Copyright © 2005. incomes soar. automated accounting sales and airfreight and logistics sales both corporately and as an entrepreneur/business owner. to build a successful business you have to know how to build a championship team that can win no matter what. Copyright © 2005. productivity and cash flow. To find our more about Blair Singer or SalesPartners go to www. return on investment and financial freedom.” Blair Singer Founder of SalesPartners Worldwide Rich Dad Advisor Is a ® “Build your own business success by teaching other entrepreneurs how to become rich! . SalesPartners Franchise for you? A SalesPartners Franchise is perfect for people who would love to sell and teach entrepreneurs and business leaders to create wealth. 2006 by Blair Singer and XCEL Holdings. Blair founded SalesPartners Worldwide. direct sellers and small business owners to assist them in achieving extraordinary levels of sales. an international franchise that teaches entrepreneurs and business owners how to get rich. 2006 by Blair Singer and XCEL Holdings. His approach is one of high energy.

If your not teachable. ® ® Who is a SalesPartners Franchise for? Everyone MUST SELL! This is a key component of SalesPartners Code of Honor. How much does a SalesPartners Franchise cost? Franchise opportunities start from $35. and TEACH others how to do the same thing.Building a business.the main reason they fail is that they cannot SELL (to clients. Many franchises train you for “self-employment” or as Robert Kiyosaki would say the “S” quadrant (“S” represents small business). . Bottom-line. you can build financial wealth helping entrepreneurs and business leaders do the same.” Who is a franchise not for? A franchise regardless if it is a SalesPartners Franchise or not.. LLC.but definitely not by yourself. Copyright © 2005. It requires a person who is committed to learning and taking massive action as they following a program that teaches them how to build a business the SalesPartners way! “This is a business opportunity for you to build entrepreneurial wealth… by helping other entrepreneurs and business leaders to do the same.. Compared with other franchises like McDonalds® with costs over a million dollars..000 small businesses are started. The SalesPartners franchise is perfectly suited for people who love to SELL.. build TEAMS.. to investors. The statistics tell us that each year approximately 1.000. and sadly 95% of those businesses will fail within a 10 year period.then we guarantee that franchising with anyone is not for you.000. SalesPartners is an international franchise that allows you to start from home.. 2006 by Blair Singer and XCEL Holdings. is not for people who want to do things their way. A SalesPartner Franchise not only trains you for the “B” quadrant (“B” stands for big business) but also the “I” quadrant (“I” stands for investor). to the market in general)! This represents an incredible opportunity for the right people who want to build a tremendous business teaching entrepreneurs and business owners how to master the 720° Business Success Model™. Register your interest at www. SalesPartners franchise is very reasonably priced. All rights reserved.. to employees. The training program is intensive and extensive! You will get to leverage the power of two international brands SalesPartners and Rich Dad Advisors® to build a business for yourself. the SalesPartners way! What makes a SalesPartners Franchise different? This is the perfect franchise for people who love to sell and enjoy mentoring and teaching other entrepreneurs and business leaders to create to receive more information.spww.. What does a SalesPartners Franchise offer me? You will build a business the same way that Blair Singer and Robert Kiyosaki have done for the past 25 years as business partners.

one of the founders of the Cold Stone Creamery franchise.sp-ww. Used by permission. A franchise representative will contact you to answer any questions and assist in evaluating the opportunity. founder of Franchise Control Systems and Co-founder of SalesPartners with Blair Singer. All rights reserved. and Rich Dad Advisor are registered trademarks of CASHFLOW Technologies. by listening to this CD. and Doug demystify franchising and help you truly harness this powerful system for wealth generation.95. On this CD you’ll here SalesPartners. I believe you will learn a lot about a very powerful business model known as If you are serious and want more information. Go to www.Blair Singer Building a business… the SalesPartners way. All rights reserved. LLC. Inc. “Regardless if you purchase a franchise or not. Another expert is Doug Ducey. Kelly. Purchase the Rich Dad educational CD A Franchise Business Is it right for you? On this CD experts share the pros and cons of a franchise business. . Inc.What’s the next step? 1.” .sp-ww. © XCEL Holdings. we recommend the following two steps: Read more about the SalesPartners Franchise and register your interest.Robert Kiyosaki “Raising your awareness of franchising is a critical step forward in creating the business of your dreams. The price of this educational CD is $39. The CASHFLOW Quadrant (The ESBI/EBSI Sign).” . 2.Blair Singer www. SalesDogs. The “Sales/Team/Teach Model” are registered trademarks of Blair Singer. LLC 2006 Rich Dad. and XCEL Holdings. The 720° Business Success Model. “Who you surround yourself with will determine your Wealth & Success— Do You Have What it Takes to Be on Our on Our Team?” . One expert is Kelly Ritchie.

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