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doc Revision 14 Last modified July 26, 2008 You wouldn’t believe how many engineers download this free Word file each month! This Word document contains some schematic symbols for use in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel files for reports and presentations. If you happen to have Agilent ADS or AutoCAD, you may find these tools more convenient for creating schematics. If you are a microwave cheapskate, you may have created these symbols yourself a hundred times. Using this downloadable file, now you won’t have to! Did you find some useful schematic symbol(s) missing? Drop a line to techwriter@microwaves101.com and we’ll see if we can add it! The Microsoft Word Drawings are pasted into tables to keep them “anchored” within the text. Just double-click on a figure to edit it. When you are editing a figure, remember that everything started out on a 0.05 inch grid. You may have to turn off the grid snap to get things to align properly. Around the pictures (inside the Microsoft Word Drawings) are invisible boxes with clear filling. These are used to define the outside edges of the pictures. Microsoft software does some peculiar things if you try to scale the pictures. We recommend that if your picture is too big, you should work on decreasing the size of the elements inside the picture rather than squeezing the entire picture down to size. Once you shrink any of the schematic elements, all bets are off as to whether they will look aligned when you connect them up. It is very simple to copy from one picture to another. You need to double-click the picture you are copying from, then click and control C the element you want to copy, then exit the picture, click into the second picture and hit control V. Good luck!

Microwaves101. capacitors and inductors MESFET MOSFETs NMOS PMOS Send us some more symbols please! FETS and transistors .com Capacitors Jumpers and dots Inductors Resistors Ground symbols Resistors.

com Pi attenuator Circulators and isolators Tee attenuator Attenuators.Microwaves101. circulators and isolators RF IF LO .

com RF IF LO Double-balanced mixers .Microwaves101.

Microwaves101. DC blocks. mixer. phase shifter/attenuator .com Inside only Outside only DC Blocks Inside/outside RF only RF & DC RF IF LO Bias tee DC only Diodes Mixer Variable attenuator Zener Phase shifter Diodes.

com HPF F BPF LPF BSF Filters SPDT SP3T Switches SPST .Microwaves101.

707 Vin<-90 (port 3) Vin (port 1) 2.com Single box hybrid Vin (port 1) Z0 0.414 Z0 1.707 Z0 0.414 Z0 0.414 Z0 isolated port (port 4) Z0 all arms are λ/4 in length Z0 Unequal-split hybrid power divider VIN (port 1) Z0B Z0A PA (port 2) Z0B PB (port 3) isolated port (port 4) Z0A all arms are λ/4 in length Branchline hybrid couplers .707 Vin<180 (port 2) 2.707 Vin<180 (port 3) isolated port (port 4) 0.707 Vin<-90 (port 2) Z0 0.707 Z0 all arms are λ/4 in length Double box hybrid Z0 Z0 0.Microwaves101.

λ/4 Ζ0Α. 3λ/4 PIN Ζ0Β. λ/4 0.414 Ζ0. λ/4 PB Ζ0Β. λ/4 isolated port (port 3) Equal-split rat race coupler Rat race coupler . λ/4 0.707 Vin<-90 (port 4) 1.414 Ζ0. λ/4 PA isolated port Unequal split rat race coupler 1.com Ζ0Α.414 Ζ0.707 Vin<90 (port 2) 1.414 Ζ0. 3λ/4 Vin (port 1) 1.Microwaves101.

7 Ω 56. λ/4 Port 1 2Z0 2 Z0. λ/4 Port 2 Port 3 Basic 3 dB Wilkinson splitter Port 2 (50 Ω) 59.4Ω λ/4 100Ω Port 3 (50 Ω) Port 1 (50 Ω) λ/4 42Ω λ/4 Wilkinson with input transformer (Z0=50Ω) λ/4 Port 1 (50 Ω) λ/4 39.4 Ω 59.8Ω λ/4 66.5 Ω Port 3 (50 Ω) PA (port 2) Unequal split Wilkinson power divider Wilkinson power splitters .0 Ω 66.3 Ω λ/4 Two stage Wilkinson with input transformer λ/4 λ/4 PIN (port 1) Z0Α Ζ0Β λ/4 RW Z0D λ/4 PB (port 3) Z0C Port 2 (50 Ω) 155.6 Ω λ/4 56.Microwaves101.com 2 Z0.3 Ω 93.

even ρodd 2xZ0 N-section Wilkinson.Microwaves101.odd ρodd 0 ohms 0.5xRN-1 0.5xR2 0.com N-section Wilkinson ZN-1 ZN Port 1 ZN RN ZN-1 RN-1 Z2 R2 Z1 R1 Port 3 Z2 Z1 Port 2 N-section Wilkinson .even mode ZN ZN-1 Z2 Z1 Port 2 Zin.5xR1 N-section Wilkinson .5xRN 0. Even/odd modes .odd mode ZN ZN-1 Z2 Z1 Port 2 Zin.

com λ/4 Port 1 Port 2 Port 2 Port 1 λ/4 Port 3 Port 3 Series SPDT switch Shunt SPDT switch λ/4 Port 2 Port 1 Port 1 λ/4 Port 3 Port 3 Port 2 Series-shunt SPDT switch Series-shunt-shunt SPDT switch λ/4 λ/4 Port 1 Port 2 λ/4 λ/4 Port 3 Shunt-shunt SPDT switch Switch configurations .Microwaves101.

λ/4 Port 1 3 Z0. λ/4 3 Z0. delta resistors Three-way Wilkinsons Z0/3 Z0/3 Port 1 Port 2 Z0/3 Y-type 6 dB resistive splitter Port 3 Z0 Port 2 Port 1 Z0 Z0 Port 3 Delta-type 6 dB resistive splitter Resistive splitters .com 3 Z0. λ/4 Port 2 3Z0 3Z0 3Z0 Port 4 Port 3 Three-way Wilkinson splitter. λ/4 Port 1 3 Z0.Microwaves101. star resistors 3 Z0. λ/4 3 Z0. λ/4 Port 2 Z0 Z0 Z0 Port 4 Port 3 Three-way Wilkinson splitter.

Microwaves101.com R1 Z1 R2 Z2 L-pad matching network (Z1>Z2) L-Pad R1 Port 2 R2 Z0 Port 1 Z0 R3 Port 3 R4 Z0 Owen resistive splitter .

com 0.Microwaves101.707 Vin<-90 (port 3) Gysel power splitter Detector diode RF In Input matching network Video out RF choke Bypass cap Basic detector Detector circuits .707 Vin<-90 (port 2) all arms are λ/4 in length Z2 Vin (port 1) Z1 Z3 isolated port (port 4) Z4 R=Z0 Z2 Z4 R=Z0 Z3 isolated port (port 5) Equal-split Gysel 0.

power supplies and batteries Series resonance Parallel resonance L C C R L R Resonant circuits .Microwaves101.com + - + - + - + - Cell Battery Multiple cells (as in a flashlight) Multiple batteries (ganged for more current) + - + - + - + - Multiple batteries (ganged for more voltage) + - Meters.

com D G MOSFETs and Drivers S N-channel Logic AND NAND G .Microwaves101.

Microwaves101.com Mixer RF Input LNA RF IF pad IF output LO IF amp LO Input Receivers Microwave Capacitor model C LS ESR CP Capacitor model .

Microwaves101. transmission line model Capacitive switch Three-terminal Ohmic switch Four-terminal Ohmic switch VA VA VA1 VA2 MEMS switches .com Current source General transmission line model DC Voltage source AC Voltage source Lossless transmission line model L' R' G' L' C' + - C' Voltage and current sources.

balanced amp Output port .com Input port Coupled port Input port Isolated port Direct port Balanced amp Lange couplers.Microwaves101.