Psychometric Testing & Climate Survyes Psychometric testing is recognized as a vital component in improving organizational effectiveness through the development

of individual, interpersonal and team competencies. Organizations use psychological tests as part of the selection process-recruitment, redundancy, promotion, and for developmental purposes-career guidance and counseling, personal or team development, succession planning. To understand better the factors that tend to predict best performers, testing can be used to identify common qualities amongst successful employees in a job category, so that those qualities can be looked at and trained for. Properly developed psychometric tests and questionnaires, when used by competent and qualified individuals, lead to judgments that are likely to be more valid than judgments made by other means. CLASSIFICATION OF PSYCHOMETRIC TESTS The psychometric tests are classified in to the following areas: Ability tests Personality Inventories Interest Inventories Tests of Motivation and Attitude Projective Techniques (TAT) Organisation Climate Survey, Employee Satisfaction/Engagement Survey etc PSYCHOMETRIC TESTS DEVELOPED IN-HOUSE BY TVRLS TVRLS have developed a range of psychometric tests that can be used for recruitment, placement, retention, training and development. These tests have been designed after the research of many years. These psychometric tests are available for all sectors of the industry, and for Senior and Top Level managers, Middle Management, Young Managers, School Principals, NGOs, Teachers, Sales Executives etc. The following Questionnaires/Scales have been designed by TVRLS over the years: Personal Effectiveness Scale

PE: This is an 80 item questionnaire having items on 4 personal effectiveness dimensions (Exploratory orientation, Self disclosure, openness to feedback and Sensitivity etc.). This test measures the extent to which a person is inclined on various parameters of personal effectiveness. It helps an individual to know more about him/herself, and to build upon the weak areas. Work Values Scale

WV: This is a 72 item questionnaire that contains items related to work. It measures the relative intensity of nine work values and the relative importance of expected work outcomes for the individual. Interpersonal Trust (My Beliefs Questionnaire)

MBQ: This questionnaire contains 70 items that assesses and individual’s degree of trust and well as the tendency to show himself/herself to be trust worthy. It gives an indication of your attitude to a variety of situations and other people, and the score gives a measure of how strong a person is on interpersonal

control. . It gives an indication of the more preferred motive and the less preferred motive in an individual. Internal External Locus Of Control Questionnair IELOC-This is a 54 item scale that measures that extent to which an individual’s thoughts. In addition to this TVRLS has organised more than 6 open workshops on Psychometric Testing at various locations covering over 150 HR specialists and Trainers. TVRLS has successfully completed Certificate Program in Psychometric Testing for a batch of 20 participants in 2006. and this scale has been constructed with is intention of measuring the degree of internality or externality of the test taker. affiliation. For more details on Workshops and Certificate Programs in Psychometric Testing contact TVRLS and trustworthiness. opinions. It gives an insight into ourselves. dependency etc. Anyone interested in administering these tools can get in touch with the TVRLS office. beliefs are external oriented or internal oriented. Motivational Profiles Inventory MP: This is a simple scale with 35 items measuring the relative intensity of seven motives such as achievement. TVRLS also administers the test designed by us for Individuals and organisations (Online as well as Paper-Pencil).