Prepare for the Upgrade Here are the steps related to the "Prepare for the Upgrade" category

TASK: Review Upgrade Tasks 1-Apply 11i.AD.I (Conditionally Required) 1.1-Verify version of perl (Conditionally Required) 1.2-Verify FNDLOAD exists (Conditionally Required) 1.3-Apply Windows prerequisites for AD mini-pack (Conditionally Required) 1.4-Verify that you have implemented the architectural change (Conditionally Required) 1.5-Convert to Multiple Organizations (Conditionally Required) 1.6-Apply patch 4712852 (Conditionally Required) 1.7-Apply patch 4605654 (Conditionally Required) 1.8-Perform AD Minipack post-install steps (Conditionally Required) 2-Run TUMS utility (Recommended)
Product Family: Database and System Admin TASK: Database and System Admin 1-Back up the database, Applications and customizations (Recommended) 2-Prepare an upgrade plan for customizations (Conditionally Required) 3-Convert to Multiple Organizations architecture (Required) 4-Drop event alert triggers in custom schemas (Conditionally Required) 5-Review sizes of old and new tablespaces (Required) 6-Run the AD preparation scripts (Required) Product Family: Applications Technology TASK: Oracle Alert 1-Convert Oracle Alert E-mail Processing to the Workflow Notification Mailer (Conditionally Required) Product Family: Customer Relationship Management TASK: Marketing, Sales or Trade Management 1-Create new product catalog (Conditionally Required)

TASK: Incentive Compensation 1-Verify completion of Sales Compensation processes (Conditionally Required) TASK: TeleService 1-Set up profile option for TeleService (Required)
Product Family: Financials and Procurement TASK: General Ledger 1-Run Accounting Setup Manager Diagnosis for MRC (Recommended)

TASK: iPayments 1-Prepare data for credit card encryption upgrade (Conditionally Required) TASK: Payables 1-Import all invoices from Payables Open Interface (Required) 2-Confirm or cancel all Un-confirmed Payment Batches (Required) 3-Verify that accounting data has been transferred (Recommended) 4-Run the Accounting Health Check (Recommended) TASK: Subledger Accounting

2-Review. (Conditionally Required) 2. cross charge. and revenue (Conditionally Required) 3-Verify Subledger Accounting Integration (Recommended) Product Family: Public Sector/University TASK: Student Systems 1-Modify the key flexfield structure for Product Catalog (Conditionally Required) Product Family: Supply Chain Management TASK: Mobile Field Service 1-Synchronize data for Mobile Field Service (Conditionally Required) TASK: Process Manufacturing 1. act on.5-Capture snapshot (Required) 2.6-Complete or cancel pending transfer (Conditionally Required) 2.9-Run the GMF validation scripts (Required) TASK: Service Contracts 1-Update Currency Code setup in Global Contracts defaults (Conditionally Required) Product Family: Prepare for the Upgrade TASK: Prepare for the Upgrade 1-Gather schema statistics for CBO (Required) 2-Back up the database (Recommended) 3-Run Rapid Install (Required) 4-Migrate or Upgrade your database to Oracle 10g Release 2 (Conditionally Required) .3-Prepare for the batch snapshot (Conditionally Required) 2.1-Set range of periods (Optional) TASK: Treasury 1-Bank Account Migration (Optional) 2-Bank Account Balance Migration (Optional) Product Family: Projects TASK: Projects 1-Complete distribution. (Conditionally Required) 2.6-Update Forecast headers in Forecast Set (Required) 2.4-Migrate OPM organization and items (Required) 1.7-Backorder or ship OPM Order Management sales orders that are pickconfirmed or staged prior to migration (Conditionally Required) 2.1-Review.8-Run Preliminary Inventory Close Process for all warehouses under all the OPM Companies (Required) 2. and tieback of expense reports (Conditionally Required) 2-Complete transfer and tieback of cost.2-Map Data (Required) 1.0-Finish migration preparations for OPM (Conditionally Required) 2. and dispose of information in Oracle ASCP interface tables. act on.0-Prepare to migrate OPM data (Conditionally Required) 1.4-Close all batches with a status of Completed (Required) 2.3-Run SQL validation scripts (Required) 1. and dispose of information in OPM MRP interface table. transfer.

ora with upgrade parameters (Required) 5-Disable custom triggers. constraints. Reducing Downtime Here are the steps related to the "Reducing Downtime" category: Product Family: Financials and Procurement TASK: Assets 1-Depreciation (Recommended) 2-Post Mass Additions (Recommended) TASK: General Ledger 1-Posted Journal Entries Pre-upgrade Stand-alone Upgrade (Optional) TASK: iProcurement 1-The Catalog Data Pre-upgrade Process (Recommended) 1.3-Run the Exceptions Report (Recommended) 2-Exceptions to be Fixed and Reloaded (Recommended) 3-Exceptions to be Fixed by Correcting System Defaults (Recommended) 4-Agreement Summary (Recommended) Product Family: Supply Chain Management TASK: Service Contracts Comments Step Audit Setup Execute Validate 1-Migrate Rules and Times values (Recommended) 5. and indexes (Conditionally Required) 6-Drop MRC schema (Conditionally Required) 7-Back up the database (Recommended) 8-Ensure that Maintenance Mode is enabled (Required) 8--1-Ensure that tablespace APPS_TS_TOOLS exists (Required) 9-Apply Release 12 AD minipack (Required) 10-Run the American English upgrade patch driver (Required) 11-Run the NLS upgrade patch driver (Conditionally Required) 12-Apply latest product patches (Required) 13-Synchronize NLS and American English product patches (Conditionally Required) 14-Disable Maintenance Mode (Required) 15-Reset init.ora parameters (Required) 16-Back up Oracle Applications (Recommended) .4.2-Apply patch 4914492 (Recommended) 1.1-Run the Extractor (Recommended) 1. Upgrading to R12 Here are the steps related to the "Upgrading to R12" category: Product Family: Perform the Upgrade TASK: Perform the Upgrade 1-Disable AOL Audit Trail (Conditionally Required) 2-Shut down application tier listeners and concurrent managers (Required) 3-Migrate database to Oracle 10g Release 2 (Conditionally Required) 4-Update init.

Verification tasks Here are the steps related to the "Verification tasks" category: Product Family: Customer Relationship Management TASK: Email Center 1-Verify Email Accounts (Recommended) TASK: Incentive Compensation 1-Validate Existing Objects (Recommended) 2-Verify Integration Points for External Modules (Recommended) TASK: Marketing 1-Verify Migrated Campaign and Activity Data (Recommended) TASK: TeleService 1-Verify Upgraded Data (Recommended) 2-Monitor Historical Message Migration (Recommended) Product Family: Financials and Procurement TASK: Advanced Global Intercompany System 1-Assign Each Organization to a Legal Entity (Recommended) TASK: Assets 1-Subledger Accounting Upgrade (Recommended) TASK: E-Business Tax 1-Tax Transaction Audit and Reconciliation Reports (Recommended) 2-Payables and Receivables Transaction Query (Recommended) TASK: Financials for the Americas 1-Brazilian Receivables Bank Transfer Accounting Entries (Recommended) . constraints. and indexes (Conditionally Required) Product Family: Finish System Administration TASK: System Administration 1-Configure SSL for Web Services (Conditionally Required) 2-Complete Workflow Notification Mailer (Required) 3-Complete Transport Agent Setup (Conditionally Required) 4-Complete setup for Oracle XML Gateway (Required) TASK: XML Publisher 1-Enable PDF printing (Required) 2-Specify a temporary directory for XML publisher (Required) 6.Product Family: Finish the Upgrade TASK: Finish the Upgrade 1-Reset ORACLE schema passwords (Recommended) 2-Configure and start server processes (Required) 3-Configure Applications client software for forms applet (Required) 4-Reapply customizations (Conditionally Required) 5-Integrate custom objects and schemas (Conditionally Required) 6-Re-enable custom triggers.

S. Federal Financials 1-Treasury Confirmation and Reconciliation (Recommended) 2-Budget Execution (Recommended) Product Family: Projects TASK: Property Manager 1-Verify Upgraded Data (Recommended) TASK: Projects 1-Verify Subledger Accounting Integration (Recommended) 2-Verify E-Business Tax Upgrade (Recommended) .TASK: General Ledger 1-Accounting Setup Manager Post-update Diagnosis Report (Recommended) 2-Upgrade Verification with Reports (Recommended) TASK: Global Accounting Engine 1-Run Accounting Reports (Recommended) TASK: iProcurement 1-Catalog Data Upgrade (Recommended) 2-Content Security Upgrade (Recommended) TASK: Legal Entity Configurator 1-Legal Entities and Establishments (Recommended) TASK: Payables 1-Trial Balance Reconciliation (Recommended) 2-Invoice and Payment Processing (Recommended) 3-Tax Setup and Processing (Recommended) 4-Accounting Setup and Processing (Recommended) TASK: Payments 1-System Security Options (Recommended) 2-Oracle Payables Impact (Recommended) 3-Disbursement System Options (Recommended) 4-Oracle Receivables Impact (Recommended) 5-Upgrade Verification Planning for Release 11i iPayment Users (Recommended) 6-Payment Processing Extensions and Customizations (Recommended) TASK: Receivables 1-Integration with Oracle E-Business Tax (Recommended) 2-Integration with Oracle Subledger Accounting (Recommended) 3-Integration with Oracle Payments for Funds Capture (Recommended) 4-Balance Forward Billing (Recommended) 5-Late Charges Enhancements (Recommended) 6-Customer User Interface Redesign (Recommended) TASK: Sourcing 1-Header Requirements Verification (Recommended) 2-Template Migration (Recommended) TASK: Treasury 1-Bank Account Migration (Recommended) 2-Bank Account Balance Migration (Recommended) TASK: U.

Refresh (Required) 2-Migrate Sales methodologies for opportunities (Required) 3-Migrate Sales credits (Required) Product Family: Financials and Procurement TASK: Payments 1-Enter encryption key for Payments (Conditionally Required) 2-Complete payment profile options for Netherlands (Conditionally Required) 3-Complete Danish payment means and channels (Conditionally Required) .1-Run concurrent program .3-Verify Resource List Migration (Recommended) Product Family: Supply Chain Management TASK: Order Management 1-Verify and Review Upgrade Error Report (Recommended) 7. Post-Upgrade tasks Product Family: Applications Technology TASK: System Administration 1-Verify that all concurrent programs are complete (Recommended) 2-Install online help (Recommended) 3-Update/verify custom responsibilities (Conditionally Required) 4-Migrate custom development to new technologies (Recommended) 5-Migrate the CUSTOM library (Conditionally Required) 6-Copy and re-customize modified scripts or reports (Conditionally Required) 7-Copy existing custom start scripts (Conditionally Required) 8-Review user responsibility assignments (Recommended) TASK: Alerts 1-Associate organization names with custom Alert definitions (Conditionally Required) TASK: Multiple Organizations 1-Set operating unit mode for customizations (Conditionally Required) TASK: Report Manager 1-Assign the Report Manager Data Migration Program to a request group (Required) 2-Run the Data Migration Program TASK: Web ADI 1-Recreate existing spreadsheets (Conditionally Required) TASK: Workflow 1-Update Status Monitor URLs (Required) Product Family: Customer Relationship Management TASK: Email Center 1-Migrate Email Center data (Recommended) TASK: Sales and TeleSales 1-Run concurrent program (Required) 1.

and Dashboard reports (Recommended) TASK: Daily Business Intelligence .Marketing 1-Verify Initial Load. Incremental.4-Complete remittance advice controls for Italy (Conditionally Required) Product Family: Human Resources Management TASK: Human Resources 1-Apply latest HRMS Legislative Updates (Required) 2-Verify Labor Distribution tables (Conditionally Required) 3-Re-seed custom salary components (Conditionally Required) 4-Migrate Training Administration to Learning Management (Conditionally Required) 5-Complete HRMS Configuration Workbench Setup (Conditionally Required) 6-Verify Time Zone conversion for Learning Management (Required) 7-Check downtime reduction report (Recommended) TASK: Payroll 1-Install or update Vertex for Payroll (Conditionally Required) 2-Run the QuickPay Exclusions Data Upgrade process (Recommended) 3-Run the QuickPay Exclusions Data Upgrade for Japanese Localizations (Conditionally Required) 4-Compile Japanese flexfields after generating messages (Required) 5-Enable Subledger Accounting (SLA) (Conditionally Required) Product Family: Intelligence TASK: Intelligence 1-Perform additional steps for Embedded Data Warehouse (Required) 2-Perform additional steps for End User Layer (Conditionally Required) 3-Perform additional Daily Business Intelligence steps (Required) 4-Perform additional Balanced Scorecard steps (Required) TASK: Daily Business Intelligence .4-Migrate OPM Regulatory data (Conditionally Required) 1. Incremental.Sales 1-Run Initial Request Set (Required) 2-Verify initial Load.2-Run transformation migrations for OPM data (Required) 1.1-Review and correct migration error messages (Required) 1.6-Migrate OPM Edit Text to attachments (Required) .3-Run transformation migrations for OPM Financial data (Required) 1. and Dashboard reports (Recommended) Product Family: Projects TASK: Property Manager 1-Create accounts distribution for leases in Property Manager (Conditionally Required) Product Family: Supply Chain Management TASK: Mobile Applications 1-Review MWA Server Administration task changes (Required) TASK: Mobile Field Service 1-Migrate to the new Mobile Field Service application (Conditionally Required) TASK: Process Manufacturing 1-Complete Inventory Convergence for OPM (Conditionally Required) 1.5-Recreate open batches (Conditionally Required) 1.

TASK: Service Contracts 1-Monitor deferred upgrade tasks (Conditionally Required) Product Family: System Maintenance TASK: System Maintenance 1-Delete obsolete product files (Recommended) 2-Drop obsolete columns (Recommended) 3-Register new products (Conditionally Required) 4-Update Java Color Scheme profile option for selected users (Conditionally Required) Product Family: Additional Tasks TASK: Additional Tasks 1-Understand Oracle Applications System and Maintenance Tasks (Recommended) 2-Migrate Existing Objects to New Tablespace Model (OATM) (Recommended) 3-Implement New Product and Country-specific Functionality (Recommended) 4-Resize the Database (Recommended) 5-Back Up Oracle Applications (Recommended) 6-Review Security Practices (Recommended) 7-Log On to Oracle Applications (Recommended) .