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Explain Communication process. List the characteristics of ‘’ Language as a tool of communication’’ and explain any one in detail. Introduction‘’Communication is the process of passing information and understanding from one to another’’- Keith Devis The word Communication is derived from the Latin word ‘’ Communis’’ which means ‘ to make common to all’ through the communication any one can Share their views ,ideas, feelings ,message etc . so it is necessary for all. • Process of Communication


Source/ Sender--- Encode--- Message of channel ----Decode ----Receiver

1) Source/ Sender :-process of Communication generates when the source generates an idea. This source is known as the mind (brain) of a person in which the different ideas are generate regarding the situation. 2) Encoding :- Whatever the ideas entered in person’s mind regarding the situation that process of generating the ideas that is encoding. The sender must choose certain words or non-verbal methods to translate the idea into a message. This activity is called encoding. 3) Message:-Message is a part of our ideas, the ideas whatever entered in our mind among them some are transmit into message .It may be in verbal or non-verbal form. 4) Channel:- Channel is a medium or device through which one can send his message. The choice of channel or medium is influenced by the inter relationship between the sender and the receiver.

5) Decoding:-The process of interpretation of message is known as encoding. Receiver decode the message and gives the meaning of it. There can be a difference between actual meaning of message and the understood meaning of those codes(message). 6) Response:- Here the person who receive the message he just feel the message and understood it and on the basis if this understanding he gives the non- verbal response. 7) Feedback:-The answer or the reply of the message would be given to sender by the receiver is considered as a feedback. With the help of feedback sender can know that his message is properly reach to the receiver. It play vital role in this network ,when it is appropriately given by the receiver at the moment one cycle of communication is over. • Characteristics of Language as a tool of Communication

Language is only the medium through which we can communicates so it’s also having characteristics 1) Language is Artificial:Artificial means the things which are created by the mankind but here in communication it describes the artificiality of languages. It means that the language is created by people, it doesn’t exist anywhere. We used different signs, symbols, word for conveying our thoughts. This is a artificiality of a language.

2) Language is Creative: Language is creative because we can express our feelings only through the language so as per our need and requirement we used the language In a different manners and mode it is depend on a person so as the need arises ,word is created to explain that particular thought or ideas and in this way so many words are added in a dictionary even today also. Q- 1 (b) Explain the following terms with reference to the communication barriers and give one example for each term. 1) Semantic gap:Language can ad=ct as major barrier to communication Illiteracy:- Illiterate people can not read and write the messages.this 07

create difficulty in understanding the thoughts and emotions of the speaker and writer. Spelling and Grammar errors:. Ex.Slang means the dialect language. disinterest. 2) Negative Attitude:Now a days mostly all the organizations work on the basis of a group work or team work so. in this group activity it involves so many qualified person as they all having a different back ground so all they want to prove themselves superior and because of this thing they create negative attitude regarding one other .Grammatical mistakes in writing and structural errors while speaking are major barrier to communication Spelling mistakes can distort the message and may create misunderstanding. Ex. The usual results of information overload are fatigue. 3) Information overload:One of the major problems faced by the organization today is the availability of huge amounts of data which the receiver is unable to handle effectively. The expert lecture by the higher technical knowledgeable person. This is known as information overload. Use of slang or other informal varieties of language makes it difficult for the strangers to understand what the speaker is speaking . Under these circumstances . and boredom. Here in group activity it is possible to have a communication barrier due to confliction of ideas between members and non –members of group. Slang:.further communication is simply not possible. Jargon:-Over use of technical jargon and scientific terms can make it difficult for the people to understand the thoughts of the speaker . . In Bengali language (Khoob Bhalo) means Very Good but in Gujarati it means one kind of sharp instrument.

Always gives concentration on information. They can expose their quality also. or making a decision.Explain types of visual aids used in 07 presentation Introduction: . He will not down the points He never gives concentration. If he is disagreeing he will ask it letter. The purpose of presentation is depending on a person and his situation.Presentation means the art of public speaking. boringness about the content Define the purpose of presentation . Passive listener criticize the speakers voice . Use little distraction like coughing Look at the speaker don’t listen them. (a) Different between Active and Passive listening. speakers idea. • Types of visual aids used in presentation:- . the interaction would be more. here in presentation the person get the chance to present themselves in front of the audience. 07 ACTIVE LISTENING PASSIVE LISTENING Active listener always looks for the ideas being presented. Try to understand the speakers thought. they may ask questions or offer suggestions. Only focus on the outline so forget the content Only want the fact Q-2 Ans (b) (b) He will try to examine how the fact and example are related with content Always think that he get something Think that it is difficult to follow new to learn.say you want to present the control of operation or implementation of policies or the status of work to the respective audiences. On the other hand if the purpose is to persuade people to take a particular action or to collaborate with them in solving a problem. Defining purpose of presentation:The purpose of presentation not only decides the content and style but also affects the amount of audience interaction.clothes or looks. If the purpose is to provide the information or to analyse a situation you. HE will listen carefully that it can be Decide that lecture is dull and useful. He feels that we get something new While this kind of person feels information. turnout the speaker. and the audience generally interact in a limited manner .Q-2 ANS.

Using of Chalk boards in presentation:Chalkboards are widely available in schools. • • • • • Prepare the copies needed ahead of time. Use colour paper to make locating the handouts easier if they will be referred to frequently. rural training centres and extension offices. 4. Don’t use light coloured markets or pens. Title the handout and number the pages. Using Handouts During Presentation Similar to other types of learning materials. or dog-ear pages that you will refer to again later. When using handouts during your presentation reinforce the connection between handouts and course content by introducing and reviewing them. Write large. Leave a blank page between each of your charts. Write down key ideas and concepts. Use post-its. handouts are very useful and help vary the pace of training by providing students with a different focus. Distribute the handout to each student before discussing the content. Tear off chart paper you want the group to be able to refer to throughout the presentation and tape it to a wall. 3. Using Chart Paper During Presentation Chart paper is a great resource to use during a presentation because it lets you capture key information generated through discussion. Leave the bottom quarter blank so the entire chart can be seen from the back of the room. bold letters. clear. They may be fixed to an inside wall or supported on a freestanding stand which can be moved. Don’t obstruct students’ view.1. Ensure that the handout is concise and easily read. for sketching simple drawings and diagrams. They are useful for setting down the main headings of a talk. Here are some useful types while for using handouts during your presentation. using 20 words per page as your guide. 2. Using of flip charts in presentation:Flipcharts used as extension aids in the field normally contain a series of . tape. and for noting points raised during questions and discussion. When using chart paper: • • • • • • • • • Prepare chart paper in advance with titles.

3) Impromptu:- . 07 1) Manuscript:In manuscript presentation. It is mostly use by the teachers. There is no need to learn every word and line by note. Advantages:• It’s permanent and accurate record of whatever have to say. • Language become clear because you can write and rewrite your material until you feel satisfied on all counts. salespersons. Explain any two of the following. or newsprint . When speaking extempore person have to prepare the notes before the presentation. But only the things that they have to keep in their mind that is they have to read in proper manner. material is written out and you have to read it. fastened along one edge.2 (b) or pictures . and others engaged in speaking for hours at a time or for large portions of the day. • The material is organized systematically. The Flipcharts can be rolled up for easy transport and also consist of blank sheets of paper.or whiteboards. Keep in mind the step. • Easier to respond to feedback or changes in the development of main points.Q. trial lawyers. Each picture illustrates one point in the extension agent's talk: the agent simply turns over each one when moving onto the next point. but for this type of presentation it require perfect preparation. It is there in front of you to read. 2) Extemporaneous:This is also the most popular and effective method when carefully prepared. Here it doesn’t require to memorize the speech and recollect it. with or without words. modes of delivery used for presentation. 4. Extemporaneous speaking involves • preparation • structure • support • practice • main idea • introduction and conclusion • Benefits • Easier to sound natural and confident. which can be used in much the same way as chalk. • There is no chance of tampering with the facts and figures.

(a) (a) List various types of interviews and explain job interview. • Jot down notes. Usually a person can memorize only the main parts and are in the habit of writing key words on his cards o help him out the actual presentation. Select a pattern for your ideas. Remember the critical issues. You speak all the time without extensive preparation. Make this conspicuous when you speak. b. Don’t expect perfection. a. c. Various Types of Interviews:- . The speaker can easily move and make use of appropriate non-verbal communication to add extra value to the speech. Advantages:It’s very easy for such speakers to maintain an eye contact with the audience throughout the presentation. • Keep it simple. d. Pick the top 2 or 3. In some cases you can also add quote or joke also.The impromptu mode. presentation etc. declarative sentence that sums up what you need to say. as the word suggests is what you use when you have to deliver an informal speech without preparation. Introduction:An interview is a psychological and sociological instrument. Probably Only a handful of you can actually memorize an entire speech. Use the time you have. personality . • • Don’t apologize. Use impromptu speaking when you have no time for preparation and planning. 4) Memorization:This method of presentation is very difficult for most of us. • • • • Try to craft a single. 07 • • • Q-3 Ans. Be sure to connect your main idea to the audience and the occasion. if you have the time. It is an interaction between two or more person for a specific purpose. Select a main idea. however short. It is possible to finish the speech in allotted time. Through this method expert can evaluate the candidate regarding different skills like communication. Keep your composure.observation.

Telephone Interviews:- . gestures. This job interview can be found in a two form Face-to-face or Telephonic. The panel will try to evaluate your current occupation. clothes . 1. • General Knowledge:A good general knowledge is the primary need for the interview. for this the components are appearance. Stated objectives. • Disposition:Her e you must ensure that you present yourself in manner that leaves a lasting impression.Facial expression.• • • • • • • • • Job Information Persuasive Exit Evaluation Counselling Conflict-resolution Disciplinary Termination Detail information about Job Interviews:IN a job interview the candidate wants to learn about the job position and the organization. the employer wants to learn about the applicant’s abilities and experience Both hope to make good impression and to establish a good rapport. 2. • Subject Knowledge:Every employer expects that the prospective employees are well versed with the subjects they had pursued in the past or are currently pursuing. Face-to-face interview:In this type of interview the employer wants this type of quality in employee. and reason for change. Without a good general knowledge no one can get a job and they have to update it regularly. manners etc • Career Objective:Here the interviewers try to find out that what’s the purpose you have in your life and regarding your future plan.

The telephone as a basic business instrument it has proved to be very essential. Preparation for this kind of interview:Keep all your documents ready . The first contact many people have with you is over the phone. and any other disturbance. 1. They will probably form a lasting impression of yours There are three types of telephonic interviews: You initiate a call to the manager and they express interest in your background. Have a note pad and pen to take notes. and your approach to the topic or case contribute to your success in the group discussion. The originality of your ideas. your knowledge. You should be able to grasp the situation And analyse it not just as a average level but from the widest perspective. and they also get good benefits. also with energy. Knowledge:This refers to the depth of your knowledge as well as your analytical and organizational abilities. You have a pre-set time with a company representative to speak further on phone. • Try to match your speaking rate and pitch with that of the interviewer. it save the time of a person. A company calls you based upon a previous contact . • Always stand up when you are talking with a potential employer on the phone. The four components of evaluation in a group discussion:1. Keep a mirror nearby. Look into the mirror throughout the phone call and smile. Introduction:• • • Group Discussion means a group of person seating to gather and shared their views on common particular topic Through this group discussion they get so many ides. TV. What are the four components of evaluation in a group discussion? Explain them in detail. and initiatives. 3. This is also an interview. 2. The call from that point forward is an interview. Knowledge is a essential part for a discussion in a group because Q-3 Ans (b) (b) 07 . • Turn of your stereo.

Apt language . Body language is also essential in GD because it tell something More about the person. You are expected to be more people centric and less ego centric. During a group discussion. articulation. as language should be accurate. Example: To be able to initiate the group discussion. or good delivery. 2. • • • • Active listening Clarity if thought Apt language Body language Listening is as important as speaking in a G D . fluency.Group Behaviour ( team spirit ): Your group behaviour is reflected in your ability to interact with other members of the group on brief acquaintance.Unless you listen to others you may not be able to continue to discussion in the right direction.without a knowledge no one can proves themselves as a wise person.Leadership skills: Ability to take leadership roles and ability to lead inspire and carry the team along to help them achieve group's objectives. Use simple but Clear language 3. expression. clear. and precise. modulation. They have to be expressed effectively. It is not sufficient to have an idea. and aptness of language. Emotional maturity and balance promotes good inter personal relational ship. free of grammatical Errors also it should be direct. or to be able to guide the group especially when the discussion begins losing relevance or try to encourage all members to participate in the discussion. you will be assessed in terms of. Clarity of expression is also very important in GD. So it is very necessary. Here persons verbal and non-verbal ability both having an importance. Expression should be clear because it tells something more then words as it involves tone. Participating in a GD . 4. Communication Skills:The participating candidates will be assessed in terms of thought.

death eye donations. 07 Ans.W. The techniques for paragraph development :• Illustration • Comparison or contrast • Cause and effect • Classification • Problem and solution 07 Problem and solution:Discussing the solutions to the problem posted. informer. In three boxes.involves co-ordination and co –operation among the various members. we need to choose and apply which works effectively and swiftly. Rakesh Varma The Manager. Example:Getting more corneas for the blind is a difficult choice. dated 20th October. Invent necessary details. 204060. D. telling him that most of the contents of the china-ware which you had ordered from their firm have reached you in a damaged condition. here the problem is how to provide cornea to the blind people and there are two types of solutions mentioned. Demand complete replacement or appropriate compensation. 2010. Noida. . Q-3 B (or) As the Manager of Hotel Chocolate Café. New Delhi. The other answer is to educate the masses through vigorous campaigns for voluntary post. Two types of solution have been proposed for getting more corneas. Noida New Delhi. 2010. Mr. co-ordinator and moderator Q-3 ANS. Your success in a GD depends on how well you play role and initiator. New Delhi and they were despatched to me carefully packed. Sunil Sharma The Manager Hotel Chocolate café. write a claim letter to the manager of Blossom Potteries. Mr. We are having different situations and solutions. To.when I received them I found that the boxes were broken open and a large portion of the contents was seriously damaged. leader. by a railway parcel under your railway receipt No. Blossom Potteries. Re:.Contents damaged in transit I ordered 10 boxes of the china-ware potteries from Blossom Potteries from Noida. One answer is to impose compulsory eye donation on patients dying in hospitals. Chennai. A (or) What are the techniques for paragraph development? Explain any one technique in detail. Chennai 25th October.

46 am local time on the 26 January 2001.. currently assessed as having a magnitude of 7. Anjar and Bhachau.7 on the Richter Scale occurred in Gujarat. 300 Sub-Health Centres.262. medicine etc. Bhuj 24th March Q.207.In the affected are. particularly close to the triangle bounded by Bhuj. water. 15500. Mr. Kutch experienced the greatest impact but significant. 1. Authorities have asked that IFRC provide its facilities for up to three years. India's Republic Day. The contents were damaged in transit and the damages are estimated to be Rs. It is not possible to realize the full price or payment of these damaged contents. Gujarat to submit a report on the relief work that was under taken after the devastating earthquake hit the area last year. On-Site Operations Co-ordination Centre (OSOCC) has started immediate camp of medical services with the help of regional doctors . The Ministry sanctioned Rs. and medicine where ever it is required much . Therefore I request your honour to pay the appropriate compensation of the said amount of damages or I demand for the complete replacement of the contents at your earliest convenience and oblige. and 147. Yours faithfully. water. 50 crore for the relief operations in the district. Hotel Chocolate Café You.The initial tremor lasted about 2 minutes and major destruction was caused.17. performing more than 200 surgical operations.507 people affected. . the IFRC health facilities in Anjar. as the Collector of Bhuj District. more than 90% of buildings were completely destroyed while for up to 60 km outside that triangle the majority of buildings were destroyed and most of the remainder suffered significant damage. As a collector of the district I tried to distribute the of grains.many costly items of the china-ware potteries were broken. which was to be spent on free distribution of grains. have been asked by the Secretary.As of 16 February. Sunil Sharma Manager.861houses damaged. has registered the presence of over 245 organisations and agencies. The epicentre lay north east of the city of Bhuj . Home Department. while in the other box all contents were spoiled with oil. The Danish Emergency Medical Team in Gandhidam is providing orthopaedic resources and operating facilities for four nearby hospitals.000 patients. a major earthquake. In kutch district total 949 villages affected.4 (a) 07 There was a massive earth quack in our district Bhuj At 8.148 houses destroyed. In some villages and towns. Bhuj and Shukpar had treated more than 5. 50 Primary Health Centres and 20 Community Health Centres were destroyed and many more suffered major damage. Now prepare an outline keeping in mind the principles of effective outline.030 people died appx.

I want to join the external B. Nehrunagar char Rasta Ambavad. with the help of volunteers food packets and medicine. Thanking you with regards Yours sincerely Milesh Patel 07 Q-4 (a)or As the District Health Officer. Details regarding feestructure.340 villages damaged or destroyed. it was distributed to those who were without any shelter and hungry. duration of the course etc. I want to know about the course and its detail. what will be the mode of payment and how to submit the fees amount .E. Q-4 (b) Write an enquiry letter using the full block form about the fee structure of BE-IGNOU correspondence course. Tube wells are gradually being restored. 20 donor government teams. 2010 To. Bhuj . IGNOU Dear Sir/Madam I have recently completed my Diploma in Engineering obtaining distinction from the GTU. 24th November. Tanker deliveries to 9 towns and 480 villages. The Director. Water supplied to 18 towns and 1. Bhachau and Shukpar and many more were provided the essential need of food and grain .so for the further bachelor education . national. Dreamland bungalows Opp. Piped water restored to 9 towns and 860 villages. course from your distance learning programme.i Ahmadabad. Milesh Patel 24. 10 UN and intergovernmental organisations and Red Cross representatives from 10 countries. Junaghad. Gujarat you have decided to set up a Rehabilitation-cum-Health-Care-Centre in O7 . 55 national NGOs. water and grain supplied to hundreds of earth quack affected people.including at least 99 international NGOs.For that I kindly request you to send me the details on my abovementioned address. So. With the help of state. international agencies and NGOs affected talukas like Anjar.At present I am working in a multinational company at Ahmedabad.

Ahmadabad. Area : Duration : Designation : Telephone : a rehabilitation-Cum-Health-Care-Centre Rural Population 6 months District Health Officer off. So for spreading awareness in them about the health care. The healthcare programme mainly aims at carrying out immunization programme effectively in addition to developing awareness about the need for nutrition to fight the menace of malnutrition and the related diseases among the children. The proposal is to be submitted to the Director of Health Services.Centre Submitted by District Health officer Junagadh Guajarat. The objective of the rehabilitation programme is to enable them to live with human dignity. Gujarat • Draft Contract: Project Title : Sub. Submitted to Director District health Services Ahmadabad. • Project Details: Objectives: The primary objective of the rehabilitation programme is to enable them to live with human dignity. that is why it is important to set up this kind of centre. . . Gujarat.the district.2450732778 • Statement of the Problem: The rural population don’t have the awareness regarding their health due to lake of education. especially for the benefit of the rural population. Draft this proposal. Ans: A proposal on To set up a Rehabilitation.cum-Health-Care.

To take initiative in the areas and villages where people do not take some diseases which spread eventually and turns into the fatal and serious matter. infections. In the issue of licenses.cured techniques. This programme is for developing awareness and selfcare about the needs of nutrition in one’s life. grants loans. permits. entering into rivalry with either similar co-operatives or private shops. To arrange the health camps and provide the cures from the effective causes of various diseases. To make them know how one can take first aid or primary aid to stop the serious results and how one can pre cured them. • Conclusion : This way such kind of rehabilitation programme for rural population and especially for children can provide and spread proper and keen immunization awareness among them and also be helpful in developing awareness about the need of nutrition to fight the menace of malnutrition. Q-4 (b) Read following paragraph carefully and answer the questions that follow. supplies. etc. • Work plan: As the district Health Officer it is my duty to provide health awareness in rural population who ignore some of the causes for diseases. The term co-operation loses its meaning when ‘co-operative’ becomes ‘competitive’ and just a firm of retail shopkeepers. Government follows a . How one can stop the diseases which spread through water. and food. To aware them about the diseases which happen because of our unawareness and somewhat because of our superstitions.This programme mainly aims at carrying out immunization programme effectively. • Methodology: We would like to visit remote villages first and to aware them how one can keep the doctor away with the hygienic and proper food. water and with some pre .

Questions: I. one way would be to insist on having only one multi-purpose co-operative in one unit. apply for the post of Junior Research Associate in our R&D Division. Since Government itself is run on party lines. The word ‘operation’ means work in the passage.p. Apply within seven days to Manager Research. Electronics &Communication or Computer Engineering. to eliminate all private dealers in distribution and to make membership in the co-operative society compulsory for every householder The membership should be made compulsory for all householders because through this multipurpose co-operative can be find in a One unit. purchasing or distributing should be restricted to carry on their operations for and among their members only.2The writer had suggested one solution to remove rivalry among coOperatives -to insist on having only one multi-purpose cooperative in one unit. 01 (choose most appropriate meaning of the following) • Management • A surgical procedure • Work (b)or Ans. If selected you will be given a Research Assistantship of Rs.1The term co-operative loses its proper function when ‘cooperative becomes ‘competitive’ Ans. Mumbai220 010.m. . and you will have the opportunity to work in excellent laboratories. They must not become commission agents or middlemen between non members on the one hand and Government or the world on the other. to eliminate all private dealers in distribution and to make membership in the co-operative society compulsory for every householder.general policy of preferring co-operatives to private organizations. The word ‘operation’ in the passage means……. You should hold a postgraduate degree in Mechanical. one favoured by the party in power and the other trying to checkmate it. whether in selling.3- Ans. R&D Division.4Q-5 (a) 07 If you are a recent post-graduate in Engineering and interested in research. My feeling is that cooperatives. Why should membership be made compulsory for all householders? 02 IV. Q-4 . Ans. this has led to rival cooperatives.. To remedy this. When does a co-operative lose its proper function? 02 II What solution has been suggested by the writer to remove rivalry among co-operatives? 02 III. 12000/. Srushti & Sarjan Industries. Electrical.

Gandhi Hospital.m. to 6:00 p. Yours sincerely Ankit Patel Encl:Resume Ankit Patel 05.m.Ankit Patel 05. To. OBJECTIVE: My ultimate goal is to utilize my potentiality and skills in the field I have chosen to work in. 97251 18802. Srushti & Sarjan Industries. Opp. Rajkot. Dear sir. PERSONAL PROFILE: Date of Birth: 03th October 1985 Marital status: Single SPECIALISATION: Satellite Communication Optical Fiber System EDUCATION .I can be contacted between 8:00 a. on my cell no. I would appreciate meeting with you to discuss how my knowledge and skills is useful in your concern area . Dev Darshan society. Opp. Dev Darshan society. Gandhi Hospital. R&D Division. The Manager. As you can see from the enclosed resume I have completed so many projects based on research throughout my bachelor education. My knowledge as well as experience and communicational skills should prove valuable in your field. When I saw your advertisement In the Hindustan Times 18th Nov. Panchvati.2010 for the post of junior research associate in your well established R&D division felt that it was just kind of post which I have been looking for. Rajkot. Mumbai-220 010. My varied experience and my bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering are my strongest qualification. Panchvati.

They are technical as well as marketing documents which present the candidates past and present performance to the prospective employers so they can evaluate the personality as well as the quality of a person.India. (explain) 7) I went for extra classes last evening.S. I would be satiated now. 08 .Pilani. Q-5 (b) 1) It is thought that Columbus never realized that he had discovered America. (realize) 2) The mischievous man has been reported by the police caused the accident. Birla Institution of technology and Science.C Name of the Institution or School Birla Institution of technology and Science. which is objective. in Electronics Diploma in Electronics Engineering H. Andhra Pradesh.Degree of Examination B. (a)or List out the types of resumes. (go) 07 Q-5 Ans.Erode. (be) 5) Heat is generated for welding in many ways.Rajesthan. Resume should represent a biological sketch. (dance) 4) Hindi is believed to be the most widely spoken language.E.Rajesthan. Sunil Pal Senior Computer Engineer.Pilani. Satyam computers Services Ltd. Explain Electronics resume in detail. (cause) 3) It was thought that the teenagers were dancing at the disco.Tamil Nadu Year 2006 Division 68% 2003 70% 2000 68% LANGUAGES English Hindi Gujarati Experience: Project Trainee(July-2001 December 2001 ) REFERENCES Mr. ( generate 6) The father has/had explained them the exercise.Hydrabad. Bharethi Vidya Bhavan. Introduction:Resumes and curriculum Vitae are the part of a job application.

(Any Three pair) I. The purpose of the interview is to get an interview. An electronic resume is useful to a potential employer because it puts a job seeker’s information into electronic text files by using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. so each word can be individually searched. Book. as opposed to a “picture” of a resume. you need to create an HTML coded document that can be uploaded to post on a web page. It is a standard way that printable characters are represented in the United States of America. • You can update and change your resume readily. Beam. chronological resume 2. Flap. where individual words can’t be identified. you have no control over who sees your resume or where it is transferred. can search a lot of resumes and find those which contain that specific title. Pulse II. Capital. Crane VI. 1. So here are the various types of resume. Q-5 (b) (b) Use the following homonyms in sentences for easy understanding. • You can demonstrate your experience and showcase your expertise in displaying your work on the internet. Functional resume 3.easily accessible. There are two types of electronic resumes:1) ASCII Resumes:ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. For example:An employer looking for a Registered Nurse.This resume are widely used because all computers read standard ASCII. 2) HTML Resumes:HTML stands for Hyper Text Mark-up Language. Crane. Beam IV. If you choose this form. Pulse. Advantages of this resumes:• Thousands of employers worldwide can access your material as quickly as you post them. Capital 06 . • Types of resume. Electronics resume The details about Electronics resume:Electronics form of resumes are becoming more and more popular these days. Flap III. and detailed. Only the drawback is that privacy is not assured. Book V. for example.

4) Book: Printed work Sentence: Amrita Pritam’s autobiography is really a nice book. 1 ) Pulse : heartbeat Sentence: After seeing an accident my heart beat increased Pulse : Grain Sentence: The super market is the place where every kind of grain we get easily.Ans. Sharma always invests in the market after studying the value of upper case. Flap: Noisy movement Sentence: By the noisy movement of a butterfly in garden the children had enjoyed lots. Capital: Big city of State Sentence: Gandhi nagar is the capital of Gujarat. . 3) Beam :A line of light Sentence: The sun beams are very essential for the environment. Crane: a machine which give lift Sentence: A crane is really very useful instrument which can lift a heavy machine. 5) Crane: Bird Sentence: A crane is really an amazing bird among the all birds. Patel has arranged a very good entertainment programme. Beam: A long piece of wood or metal Sentence: The furniture which is made by a wood having long lasting effect. 6) Capital: Uppercase Sentence: Mr.:a lot. 2 ) Flap: cover Sentence: The teacher had covered whole sub topics in this lesson. Book: to arrange Sentence: Mr.