Campin' and Computin'
Surviving the Open road With you and your PC Intact!
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Campin' and Computin'

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Campin' and Computin'

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...........32 Don't get an exterminator for this kind of mouse!................... ........................................... firewalls and other things to keep your PC safe..........7 Dedication...........Quick Solutions..5 Topics to add to the second edition......14 The key to a computer?...................... .......47 Viruses and Protection against them..14 The Main components...................................73 Appendix C ....8 Chapter 2: The Dang Hardware.............Microsoft Outlook......Windows XP equivalents........................................71 Software ..................................53 Firewall Protection.................................68 Hardware ............Some of my favorite web sites.....................68 Appendix 'A' ......................................71 Appendix B ......................................................................47 PC File security..............................................69 Software .............................89 Get back to me on that!!!....................................................................22 The Monitor.....................61 The cost of a support request…..........53 Microsoft update...5 Contents Contents......... 39 The Audio portion of our program ..................................................76 Index .............88 Prologue.Operating system...........................45 Chapter 9: Virus protection..............19 The keyboard reminds me of my typewriter!!!...............................92 Campin' and Computin' -5-5-5Page 5 .................55 Chapter 10 ...................................................................................................................................If all else fails…...................................The speakers. can I use it to watch movies???......................................................

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Add an appendix for Windows Vista information. Also talk about how to 'Repair' a connection in order to restore connection. Explain how to limite websites so that they can not hit certain ones. Talk about how to find the best access point. Flush out the wireless internet section. Look for all occurrences of 'Later' and 'previous' to add actual chapter references so people can speed to that section of the book. This should be password protected. Talk about sharing computer resources using wifi access points.7 Topics to add to the second edition • Correct information on security for internet based on what I learned at Hoot N' Annies. • • • Campin' and Computin' -7-7-7Page 7 .

if you see any boo-boo's there her fault. my wife Carol. Al Gore. smart and a hard working gal too. funny. and subsequently enjoy the open road together and ultimately for me to write this book. She is my true soul mate. Every day of every year. she has been studying for her new career as a medical transcriptionist. Carol has brought so much happiness to my life. in this case I have to dedicate this book to the love of my life. I mean the endless list of Colleges and government agencies. I love her more and more than the one before.8 Dedication This book is the first in what may become a series of Information Technology (IT) topics as they relate to RV'ers. She has also been putting her new skills to work and serving as editor to this book. Though I generally try to be a guy who thinks out of the box. using computers. Carol is the one with which I enjoy every RV'ing experience with. While I have been writing this book. So. Luckily for Carol and I. She is beautiful. We got hitched in September of 1999. created the internet which allowed Carol and I to meet.  Just kidding! But in all seriousness. not mine. I do love her more! Campin' and Computin' -8-8-8Page 8 . Ooops.

PDA's and personal computers to Campin' and Computin' -9-9-9Page 9 . Though the traditional RV has been around since the first half of the 1900's. you would have been hard pressed. For those who take their RV out for the occasional jaunt. weather forecasts and the like. is a different story. Many of us who enjoy RV's either as a vehicle to the occasional trip to the great out doors.9 Chapter 1: Introduction Just as Recreational vehicles have evolved over the years. We now have cell phones. The shear fact is that we as a species are always evolving. so has the RV'ers needs for the accessories that are on board as we travel our nations highways and bi-ways. we need to figure out what we can't do without for our two week vacation. to pack along your companies 'UNIVAC®' so that you could keep in touch with the family or check your stock portfolio while you are on the road. then need to figure out. find our needs on the road constantly evolving. For those like myself who have always found a calling by the open road and want to do it 'full-time'. whether it be as a group or as an individual. The ways of staying in touch have evolved just as RV's have evolved. news events. or as our rolling homestead. Today however. Even on our occasional weekenders. we really had a desire to have at least a laptop on board so we could keep up on e-mail. just what we want to pack along in our new home on wheels.

I hope to take some of the mystery and intimidation out of computers.10 Page 10 . Personal computers have only evolved over the last 15 years or so to where they became what some perceive as an essential part of each household. computers are just big fancy examples of Light switches.10 . Through this book.10 . magnets and stereo systems. We paid a visit to the company computer center. Many computer owners are intimidated by these new fangled machines. you shouldn't fear them. Many who have computers have been given them by well meaning family members.10 keep all of us 'in the know' regardless of where we may roam. My real experience with computers however didn't start Campin' and Computin' . My first exposure to a computer was when my dad took me to his office one Saturday at Occidental Life® in downtown Los Angeles. Or. One entire floor. So. was dedicated to this behemoth in the late 1960's. Really. This relatively new agency called NASA was about to place men on the moon for the first time ever. and the 'space race' was pressing industry all over the world to create things that had never been created and make smaller and lighter. Hopefully through this book. It was just then also that computer miniaturization was taking place. you will now have the information to make computers fear you. not the other way around. things that had been around for a while. they have been nagged into buying one so the family can stay in touch. as I remember.

you still want to Campin' and Computin' .11 . I saw this at the time as a way to get a job where I wouldn't have to work 3 to midnight one day and then 10 AM to 7 PM the next.11 . For that group. As many single red blooded American male finds in life. Ten years later. I had been working as an assistant manager of a store in El Toro. we got our first RV. Shortly after we got married.11 Page 11 . From an RV'ing perspective. With the aid of a computer. With the way the personal computer has become the new medium of choice. it takes a woman to come along and really mix things up. a Keystone® Cougar fifth wheel. we are on our 4th RV. that is Ok. California. We met on the internet in one of those match-making forums. A posting. I cut my teeth on the open road while doing volunteer work for a youth group in California.11 until I applied for a job transfer at Safeway® Stores. I met the woman who was soon to become the love of my life. when my new direction in life came across my path. looking for existing employees who were interested in computers was posted in the break room. the Concord Blue Devils. Many of us use our computers on occasion to send family an e-mail or see pictures of the grand-kids and that is about the extent of it. a Dutchman® tent trailer. and we are now investigating the possibilities of moving to a motor home. And you know what. I drove either one of their five 40 foot Buses or one of their two big rigs which included a tractor and a 40 or 48 foot trailer behind it.

Like doctors. At Volcano Communications® there were 130 employees and an IT staff of 3 when I hired on. networks and printers starting the day I was hired on there. For others. most of us 'Geeks' specialize in one or more various aspects of IT or Computers. after meeting the love of my life. where I worked for them as an AS/400® programmer then as a PC programmer working on various PC and web based applications during my tenure there. our lives would end if our computer was taken away from us. I also worked on mid-range (AS/400®'s) at the 'Big Red S'. No one person knows everything about computers. In the onset of this book. you need to keep an important thing in mind. for a new employer. I've always been a guy who Campin' and Computin' . This book is written to help you to better enjoy your computer while you are on the road. I hope to help you better understand the workings of your computer so that you are less inclined to toss it out the window as you are traveling to that next great RV destination.12 stay in touch with what is going on. Volcano Telephone®. I then transitioned as an AS/400® programmer.12 .12 Page 12 . Most of us who have worked in the IT (Information Technologies) field know enough to get buy.12 . I myself spent most of my career developing software for two companies. I cut my teeth on Big Iron (main frame computers) at Safeway® stores. The small size of the team allowed me to really expand my knowledge of PC's.

In doing so. the sooner we accept the fact that computers and change are part of our new course in life. I have tried very hard to make copious entries into the Index. The other thing to keep in mind is as much as we might resist it. As such. install servers and literally get my hands dirty in my job.13 . printers and pull cable. the faster we'll be able to get through some of the minutia and start to enjoy them. when it comes to computers.13 .13 enjoyed working with his hands so it was nice to move computers. So. we’d better get to it so we can enjoy our "Campin' and Computin'" Campin' and Computin' . change is constant. But.13 Page 13 . I tried to do this from the beginning so the 'lack of index entries' didn't become too much to recover from. I encourage you to not just read the index and look for a 'snippet' of information. As I wrote this book. so regardless of where you choose to get started. you may miss out on some of the other great stuff along the way. I came to the conclusion that this book could also be a reference book as well. but it is something I have gotten use to. I'm not all that crazy either about the constant change in the field of computers. I know that we are all busy. I hope to share what I have learned and some of the laughs that I've had through this book.

we can start to help familiarize you with your computer friend. it is really a program bug that has cropped up. Hopefully in this chapter. As a programmer I had to learn early on that 99 times out of one-hundred. the computer may just represent something tying up precious space and adding weight. Also. The Main components Like an RV that might be new to you. One of those aspects of computers that make any programmer cringe. ah hardware.14 Chapter 2: The Dang Hardware Hardware. there are many pieces that must fit together on your PC so that the user gets the most enjoyment out of it. For the consument RV'er however. For those technically diverse families where the computer doesn't belong to the one most concerned with the systems of the RV. even if it isn't brand new. when a computer user experiences a problem. programmers accuse hardware of making their programs do things that we don't want them to. a place to store recipes and family pictures. or a reminder that we need to sit at it every day so that we can earn a living. not some malicious intent by a piece of equipment sitting in a room somewhere. It's one of those things that the programmer seems so unable to control.14 . to Campin' and Computin' .14 . in other words software. The hardware is useless without some sort of instructions. the computer may represent a form of communication.14 Page 14 .

All personal computers have the same basic components. You know how helpless you first felt when you had your first RV without a manual. Your computer feels equally helpless without some instructions. as in 'I want my computer to turn on'.15 . The Monitor: The Monitor is considered an 'Output' component where you the user. which are usually results of some sort of 'Input' from yourself.15 make it do things. yourself for instance. These components could also be thought of like components in a stereo system. software is useless without something to run it on.15 Page 15 . even something as simple as you turning on the computer could be considered input. Likewise. There are now some monitors which are touch screens that allow you to directly interact with images on the Campin' and Computin' . This is referred to as 'Input' device into the computer. much like 100 gallons of diesel does you no good without a rig to run it on. And the computer will give you output such as 'Please sign in'. The system might work with only some of the components. but it can't be fully enjoyed without some of the key accessories. This chapter's purpose is to introduce you to the hardware side of things. Now. reads the 'Output' from the computer. presses the keys to convey information from you to the computer. The Keyboard: The keyboard is considered an 'Input' component where the user.15 .

Campin' and Computin' .16 Page 16 . or other pointing device to pick a picture or select some text on the screen and tell the computer you want to do something with the item you have selected. You use the mouse.16 . we'll just leave it as an 'Output' device. but for right now. the monitor would be considered an 'Input/Output' component.16 . In those cases. The Mouse: This is also considered an input device.16 screen and there by send commands to the computer. There are usually two or more buttons that are on the mouse as well as a 'Whiz Wheel' that can be used to tell the computer you want to speed through the content of a document.

There is also some of what we refer to as 'Multi function' units which are printers. they have been enhanced in such a way that you can now produce photo quality pictures that can be framed and hung inside your RV. a name is just a name. an optical scanner can be used as an 'Input' component. over the last 15 years or so.17 Page 17 .17 . You can also listen to music through your computer using these. scanners and sometimes 'Fax' machines all rolled into one. The printer: This is considered an output component where you can receive your 'output' from the computer and it could be saved for all the days to come if you so desire. though not correct. And.17 The speakers: This is about the close as anything in a computer setup that directly resembles your 'Stereo System'.17 . The CPU or Computer: Some techie types might refer to your computer tower (or case) as a CPU (central processing unit). you can listen to the audio output from your computer as it responds to the various commands that you give it. where you can scan a document or a picture into the computer and store it for future viewing on the monitor or printed out. Though printers started out as pretty boring text based output devices. More Campin' and Computin' . The Scanner: Not to be confused with the 'Bar code scanner' at your local supermarket. Through the speaker components.

Frankly. My favorite pet is a dog. virtually none of the other components would be able to perform any function. And like the pooches that my wife and I love to have at our sides.18 Page 18 . Some of you reading this book today may have a pet. That exception is a multi. the computer might as well serve as a wheel-chock for you. Your computer needs an input device and an output device. that being said. reptile or some other form of life. the 'tower' is the computer that connects the keyboard and the monitor together to get some real work done. and you aren't sure how to get things done without it. our life wouldn't be complete with out our precious four legged friends. Without it. Of course.18 . The computer itself is what makes everything else work.18 correctly though. You may find that there the other components we have mentioned earlier that may make you feel like you have lost a limb in the middle of your life. Inside the tower or laptop. as in any other part of life. there are some of the components that your computer just can not do with out. As we delve deeper into later sections of this chapter we will explain more about the various components that make up a modern day computer. That is why my wife and I have the e-mail address we do. However. cat.function Campin' and Computin' . bird. there are always exceptions to every rule. be it a dog. Without at least one each of those. is the actual CPU and we'll get to that a little later. you can't forget the all important A/C or alternating current which gives the computer the juice to read your input and give you a response.18 .

Well. Either way. Campin' and Computin' . Each piece of information that is stored on a computer is broken down into a single bit. The reason it is an exception is because they usually have an on-board computer that allows them to perform limited tasks even if they are not connected to your computer at some given point in time. things in a computer are either on. The key to a computer? There are a couple of analogies to keep in mind when dealing with computers. if it is a rocker or push button type. the visual representation of that is a '1' or a '0' (zero). Information or data is stored in a series of 'light switches'. we'll get into that later on. or switch if you will. Have you noticed how on a lot of equipment you buy today. has a 1 and a 0 as part of the switch. Frequently. One is a light switch.19 printer/scanner.19 . The exact same thing applies to computers and their internal workings. the '1' or 'I' indicates the 'On' position. Some techies might argue that a magnet with it's north and south poles are a more accurate example of all things 'computer'. the on-off switch. and the 'O' indicates the off position.19 Page 19 . But. The switch is either 'On' or it is 'Off'.19 . but I think it is a harder concept to visualize. These 'switches' are referred to as 'bits'. or they are off.

it just better start the engine'.20 . You know how cuts on the keys for your RV is (hopefully) different than the cuts on keys for other RVers? You may not care that the cuts are different or what a given cut in that key means. If you fit into the category of 'I don't care about the cuts of my key.20 Fig 2-1: This is what the on-off switch on my compressor looks like.20 Page 20 .20 . That analogy is the cuts on a key. I have another analogy that might be one that you have to make a personal decision about. then you may want to skip this section and proceed to the section entitled 'The keyboard reminds me of my Campin' and Computin' .

21 typewriter!!!' which is on the next page. Each byte is the same as a character. if you are curious. That term may be slightly familiar. If you have heard the term '56KB'. bits don't mean much to an average user. we look at numbers from right to left as well. Eight bits grouped together is called a byte. the great computer gurus came up with the idea that though a 'bit' by itself doesn't mean much to people. Some bit to byte examples are shown in the following figure. read on! By themselves. However. The reason they choose to group bits in groups of eight. is because of the number characters and symbols that could be represented. Someone decided that bits should be numbered from right to left. then please. Most of the time. it was decided that the 'standard' is to group them in groups of 8.21 . Bit 8 12 8 0 0 0 0 0 Bit Bit Bit Bit Bit Bit Bit Byte/Character 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 64 32 16 8 4 2 1 Numeric value of column 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 {No value . they could mean more.000 bytes.AKA: NULL} 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 3 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 4 .21 . think of it as a number. So.21 Page 21 Campin' and Computin' . More or less. that stands for 56 Kilo-Bytes or 56. So. if we group them together.

Well. None the less. A byte of information is pretty much the building block. Campin' and Computin' . All of the various components (peripherals in geek speak) that are attached to your computer pretty much function by sending and receiving data bits. The keyboards main function is to serve as the primary input device to your computer. is very rudimentary and the different operating systems of various computers (primarily Apple® or Microsoft®) use those bits and bytes in different ways.22 Page 22 . In other words.22 . that’s a good thing! That means that the entire semester you spent in typing class in high school didn't go to waste! That semester actually has served me very well. transmitted and manipulated by the computer. The computer only sees things as either a '1' or a '0'. The keyboard reminds me of my typewriter!!! So the keyboard of your computer reminds you of your typewriter. it sees the bit as either on or off. The information presented so far about bits and bytes while true. or the key to the way data is stored.22 .22 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 5 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 9 Fig 2-2: An example of bit representation of data. I wanted to give you an idea of what data that you type and read looks like to a computer.

Some things you do may cause your computer to shut down. 9 times out of 10. 'Scroll Lock'. everything will be Ok. is used to access larger computers. Those keys that are used when working with large Mainframe computers are 'SysRq'. but that is generally by design and a simple press of the 'Power' button which you normally use to turn the computer 'On' should bring things back to normal. there are a number of keys that are specific for large mainframe computers. if you do accidentally hit the 'Sleep' or 'Hybernate' button. But. But for the average PC user.23 Page 23 . . pressing any one of the keys.23 For the most part. it can be a bit 'disarming'.The Esc Key Campin' and Computin' . Because the Windows® based PC is used so prevalently in large corporations. This is where a personal computer like yours. if they were hooked up to them. rest assured. by themselves will not cause any thing bad to happen on your computer. None the less.23 .23 . When it comes to the rest of the keys on the keyboard. I would like to go over what some of the special keys on the keyboard will do as far as interacting with your personal computer. these keys have no value and can just be ignored. 'Pause' and 'Break'. it functions as the keyboards on the old Selectric (and other) typewriters.

the computer will re open the same applications so that you can pick up where you left off. Also. . Entering hibernate mode usually causes the computer to go to sleep quickly.24 Page 24 .24 This key usually will be interpreted by the software as meaning you want to quit the function the computer is currently performing. When you turn the computer back on by pressing the power button. Campin' and Computin' . The computer will make note of all of the open applications and the data within them. and you don't seem to have full access to all of the real-estate on the screen. write them to the hard drive and then shut down the computer.The Hibernate Key This key will generally tell the operating system to put the computer in a hibernate mode.24 . if you find that you are moving the mouse around on the screen. pressing this key may get you out of the limiting function you have inadvertently entered into. but it can also be found on 'higher end' key boards for desktop PC's.24 . You will most frequently find the 'Hibernate' key on laptops.

. However.The CRT/LCD Key Campin' and Computin' .25 Page 25 . *NOTE* When a key has multiple designations. Like the 'F1' and 'Hibernate' key shown in the previous screen shot. if you want to issue the 'Hibernate' keystroke. The primary function in the case of the 'F1/Hibernate' key shown in the previous screen shot is to issue an 'F1' key stroke to the computer.25 . usually this is a 'Function' key marked with either the word 'Function' or 'FN' that is the same color as the command like 'Hibernate'. this means that it is a multi-function key.25 .25 Fig 2-3: Shown in this screen shot are the 'Esc' and 'Hibernate' key. you simply press and hold down the matching key close to the space bar.

This key.26 . swaps the video signal from the main display to an alternate video output jack on the computer. For instance.26 . Note. you may need to press the 'Function' key to get the CRT/LCD key to work when you are hooked up to an alternate monitor.26 This key will control where the video signal on your computer is directed to. if I have the sentence 'I love New York' and the 'Insert' Campin' and Computin' . which is primarily seen on laptops. Fig 2-4: Shown above is the 'CRT/LDC' key as found on most laptops. . that you want the text to always be 'Inserted' where you are typing as opposed to 'Overtyping'. what is already there.The Insert Key This key tells your computer that when you start typing some where.26 Page 26 .

my sentence would read 'I love to visit'. in the early days of computers. people leave the insert function turned on. Well. .27 . . I place the cursor right before the 'N' in 'New York' and I type the words' to visit '. It is up to the software to decide what will happen when you press the key. there is a 'defacto' standard of the action to take when you press the 'Home' key. my sentence would now read 'I love to visit New York'. You may wonder why it is called the 'Home' key.27 . when their primary purpose was to work with mainframe computers. . the 'Delete' key clears typed characters much in the same way as the 'Backspace' key does. However if the 'Insert' function is off.27 Page 27 .The delete key As I'm sure you may have figured out by now. Pressing the 'home' key generally moves the cursor to the beginning of the line you are currently typing. The 'Backspace' key deletes characters to the left of the cursors current position and the 'Delete' key deletes characters to the right of the cursors position.The End Key Campin' and Computin' . This is because as I typed the words 'to visit'.27 function is on. pressing the 'Home' key would cause the cursor to move to 'Top Left' position of the screen. Generally. also referred to as the 'Home' position.The Home Key This key talks to the software that you are working with at a given time. the computer overtyped some of the letters in 'New York'. That being said.

Generally. .The Page Down Key The 'Page Down' key is very similar to the 'Page Up' key except that it moves your view down one full page. will move down to the bottom of the screen and you will now be able to see all of the text that was above what you could see before pressing the 'Page Up' key.28 .The Num Lock Key Most keyboards have what is referred to as a 'Ten Key' pad. . When the 'Num Lock' key is off. Some software won't respond to it. the 'Ten Key' function is de-activated.28 The end key is very similar to the 'Home' key in function except that it moves the cursor to the end of the line of text that you are currently on. others will. Pressing this key will not change any of the text you are working with.The Page Up Key The 'Page Up' key also is one that works directly with the software you are currently using at the time.28 . .28 Page 28 . This key pad also doubles as your cursor controls. it simply moves the view of the document up. the 'Ten Key' pad will function as cursor controls to move the cursor around Campin' and Computin' . In text editing software packages though. For example. the text that you see at the top of your screen. pressing the 'Page Up' key will cause the program to scroll up one full page. simply press the 'Num Lock' key to use the numbers on the key pad. If you want to activate the 'Ten Key' pad.

if things aren't operating the way you expect. it would cause the current screens text to be printed out to a printer. Again. I'm a very visual person who likes lots of pictures. place it in another document as a picture. you have some indication about what is going on. the Print Screen key on PC's a little in-accurate. if you pressed the 'Print Screen' key. I'm a guy.29 . but it is in memory. Heck. it causes a snapshot to be taken of the screen you are currently working on. You can't see the snapshot after you press the key. . You can then take that snapshot. That way. so what do you expect? At any rate. Similar to what is shown in figure 2-5! Campin' and Computin' .The Print Screen Key This is one of my favorite keys on the keyboard.29 on your document. However on a PC. When you have the 'Num Lock' function turned on. hailing back to the Mainframe days.29 Page 29 .29 . an indicator light on your keyboard will illuminate indicating you are in 'Num Lock' function.

30 Page 30 .30 .30 Fig 2-5: This is a snapshot using the Print Screen Function. We'll get into the use of the 'Paste' function when we get to the section on the operating system. Campin' and Computin' . I got the picture there by using the 'Paste' function.30 .

Campin' and Computin' .The Control Key This key is one that tells the software that you are using that you want to use a short cut within the software.31 Page 31 . if you press and hold the 'Control' key down and then press the 'C' key. .31 .31 .31 Fig 2-6: This is showing most of the keys just mentioned previously. the software will more than likely interpret this as that you want to copy the selected text to memory. But. You can then move the cursor to the new location and press and hold the 'Control' key and then the 'V' key to insert the text at a new location of the cursor. For instance.

32 Page 32 . For really complicated short cuts. In most cases. that RV's didn't have any TV sets in them. and then click on some letter to do something. as RV's have evolved by leaps and bounds to contain the creature comforts that they do. . copy and Paste' functions and I am getting ahead of myself.The F'ing keys Partdon me for the introduction to this little paragraph. then press and hold the 'Alt' key. It is up to the software that you are using at the time to determine what those keys do. which are at the top of the keyboard. If you have a back up camera there is a monitor. The Monitor. yet another TV looking device.32 . it will bring up a help panel from which you can look for help in working with the program you are using at a given time. the software may require that you press and hold the 'Control' key. But today.32 those are 'Cut. if you have a computer.32 . there will more Campin' and Computin' . may or may not have any function at a given time. but I just could not resist!  The 'F' keys. can I use it to watch movies??? It wasn't that many years ago.The Alt Key This key is usually used in conjunction with the 'Control' Key. Not to be left out. The 'Alt' key isn't used all that frequently. The 'F1' key is again somewhat of a 'defacto' standard. it is not unusual to see two or more television sets in a rig. .

which is the primary output device from the computer. On the early computers. also referred to as CRT's (cathode ray tube) were very similar to the color TV sets.33 Page 33 . With a couple of Campin' and Computin' . your computer monitor. The monitor. just as 'Flat Panel' TV sets have become popular.33 than likely be one more item on board that will look like a TV set. especially when they have never had a computer. Today however. monitors are generally of the 'Flat Panel' variety and are much lighter and more energy efficient than their glass predecessors. they migrated to Color monitors which ranged in size from 12 inch monitors all the way up to 21" displays in many commercial applications. but with all the glass that it took to make one of those units. like the ones used at my dads previous employer and even those that I used when I first became a programmer were monochrome. my back was never to eager to help when word came that one of those 21" behemoths had pooped out and needed to be changed. or more simply black and white. has taken many different forms over the years that it has evolved. Today. they were very heavy. too. They were used generally to present textual replies to the information entered or requested by the user.33 . As a person who’s job occasionally entailed moving monitors around. Then. The glass predecessors. Not only were they awkward. so have flat panel monitors.33 . CRT's were very popular up until just a few years ago. The monitor is the one part of a computer that people feel the most familiar with.

34 Page 34 . may or may not have a compatible jack that will allow it to connect to a flat panel TV. Campin' and Computin' . you can buy TV tuner accessories for your PC that will allow you to watch your favorite TV program as long as you have a cable or over the air signal. Tower computers. The connection between a laptop and the flat panel TV is frequently using the round S-Video (Super Video) connector on the back of your laptop. Most 'flat panel' televisions today have the needed connections so that you can connect your computer to the TV. Also. Now. in and of themselves. depending on the video card. but most of the higher end 'cards' will have the needed jack to set you up. is pretty useless. The monitor. all computer flat panel monitors hook directly to your PC and are not capable. most computers today have DVD drives in them that allow you to watch your favorite movie using your computer. to allow you to watch a movie or TV program. will contain this video card to drive the monitor. You need some sort of 'video driver' or 'video card' that will generate the images that the monitor will display.34 . Your computer either the laptop or tower. This can be used as a way to show movies or slide shows on your flat panel TV for everyone to enjoy. that being said. The following Picture is of a S-Video Jack. in itself.34 .34 exceptions.

Fig 2-8: This is what a RGB connector looks like. the majority of all monitors sold today. monitors can be either CRT style or flat panel. it will be using the RGB (red. As I indicated earlier. However. green. where you are connecting your traditional CRT or flat panel monitor to your computer.35 Page 35 . The main Campin' and Computin' .35 Fig 2-7: This is what an S-Video Jack looks like. Computer monitors come in various shapes. and blue) port on the back of your computer. are flat panel style. In most typical configurations.35 .35 . The RGB port looks like the following. sizes and features.

Campin' and Computin' .36 .36 reason for this is they have a lower profile and take up less space on a desktop. They have the added benefit of being more energy efficient and cause less waste in our landfills.36 .36 Page 36 . Fig 2-9: This is a picture of conventional CRT monitors.

So though you might be tempted to think 'bigger is better' remember you are dealing with space issues in your RV.37 Page 37 . the smallest flat panel monitor that you can find today is a 17 inch (diagonally measured) monitor.37 .37 . In general . but with the 17 inch we get fonts that are just enough larger to make reading that much easier.37 Fig 2-10: This is a picture of a standard flat panel monitor. Campin' and Computin' . The bigger the monitor. the more space you are going to take up on your RV desktop. This size we find more than adequate for use in our RV. It will do in a pinch. so you might want to see if a 17 inch will be comfortable enough for you. We have also used a 15 inch in the past.

the higher numbers the better.38 .38 Page 38 . A good LCD monitor will have a resolution of 1440 X 900 DPI (dots per inch) and a Contrast ratio of 1000 to 1. but we have found both of these above mentioned numbers to be more than adequate for our computing needs. As a result. but at Campin' and Computin' . could be permanently damaged. you may very well want to consider going with an LCD monitor for your computer use. 'Liquid' is part of the equation. Since this is the case. the price of these sorts of things may continue to drop.38 . or features to be added. If you want to enjoy movies on your computer. If you have an LCD monitor or TV set. As always. it is best to not allow the interior of your RV to drop below 32 degree's Fahrenheit. If your LCD screens stay at or below that temperature for more than an hour or so. You should keep one thing in mind when it comes to your Computer monitor as well as your TV's in your RV. or hooking the computer up to your TV in your rig. the workings of the projection element. Expect to pay $175 to $200 for a decent 17 inch monitor.38 Flat panel monitors will either be in LCD or plasma format of projection. either consider the higher numbers. The LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) style monitors are more durable when it comes to the jostling on board while you are traveling down the road than the plasma screens. You will find that most warrantees of LCD monitors and TV's are void if the unit is subjected to 'Freezing' temperatures. In both these cases.

39 .39 . Though it is possible that they could climb up the power cable and into your rig. those are the numbers that are out there. it is not something you see very often. 'BUYER BE AWARE'. For more information on the Audio portion of our program.39 the writing of this book. The speakers on many monitors are pretty light duty and may not be adequate for your listening enjoyment. More than likely. Though this may be very attractive for the RVer because it reduces the space used and weight added. a mouse is completely under your control. if you have a mouse in your Moho. Unlike your spouse. be sure to test them out at the store if possible. Don't get an exterminator for this kind of mouse! It's not too often that you find a mouse in your RV. The mouse has become as important as the keyboard when it comes to getting your computer to respond to your desires. One of the main reasons that computers became so mainstream in the home is because of the development of the GUI (graphical user interface) operating systems. Campin' and Computin' .The speakers'. it's one that hooks up to your computer. Hold on to the receipt and packing material so that you can return the monitor if you find that the speakers are inadequate. please see the chapter entitled 'The Audio portion of our program . So. or first thing when you unpack the new monitor in your rig.39 Page 39 . You may find some monitors that have speakers built into the monitor.

Ah.40 Additionally. The mouse is used to move the cursor to a point on the screen where you can then. it is referred to as a 'double click'.40 . She demanded that he cash in those shares of stock immediately because the money was needed elsewhere. IBM wasn't far behind with their two button version. and to our mom. our minds are boggled as to what those 100 shares might have equated to today. Xerox. The first widely recognized mouse is the single button version that Apple introduced in 1986. don't toss out your spouse in exchange for a mouse as a 'Mouse' doesn't really have the capacity to bring home the bacon like a spouse might. My dad was well known for frivolous expenditures. by pressing its buttons in different ways. A single click is referred to as a 'click' where as if you press a given button in rapid succession twice. Campin' and Computin' . I remember the story that my sister has told me about how one day in the 1960's my dad came home and told our mom that he had bought 100 shares of this company called Xerox. they don't normally leave the milk jug out on the counter or buy jewelry that really isn't needed.40 Page 40 . the mouse has become very important when it comes to computers these days. they have been a truly pioneering corporation over the last 50 years. he cashed it in a few short days later.40 . get it to do things. this was just another one. So. Wow. The first mouse was developed by Xerox Corporation back in 1981. But. The pressing of a mouse's buttons are referred to as 'clicks'. All goofiness aside though.

let us say you are using your right hand to drive the mouse. just like the pesky kind. With Microsoft® Windows®. Just from clarity stand point.41 . one for the index finger and one for the middle finger. One of the common attributes to all mice is they have two buttons. To select an item on the menu that has been selected by 'right clicking' (the button under your Campin' and Computin' .41 Page 41 . One of the first things you may not know about a mouse is that the operating system you use. you can adjust the settings of the right and left buttons on the mouse so that regardless of whether you are right or left handed. you can always use your index finger of your dominate hand to trigger the primary functions on the mouse. you've figured out by now that the mouse button under your index finger is the one that pulls the trigger on most of the graphical operations that you want to do with your computer. but other reasons for different shapes and sizes are because peoples’ hands come in different. Unless you haven't turned your computer on yet. come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. can be configured in such a way that the mouse can either be for a right handed person or a 'South-paw' (lefties). shapes.41 Mice. sizes and dexterities.41 . Some of those variations are just for looks and the benefit of the 'Marketing guys'. The button that is under your middle finger is in charge of bringing up a menu of alternate functions that you can do with the item that you have selected.

simply move the mouse to the item on the menu you want to select and then click on that menu item.42 .42 middle finger) on an object. You can also use your mouse for what is referred to as ‘Drag and Drop’. Drag and drop is a process where you press and hold down the button under your index finger on an item that you want to move from one location to another. let's say you want to move 'Kodak Easy Share' icon on your desktop from the left hand side of your screen to the right hand side of your screen. If we position the mouse over the 'Kodak Easy Share' icon and then press and hold the index finger button Campin' and Computin' .42 . For instance. fourth from the bottom. Fig 2-11: The Kodak Easy share icon is in the second column.42 Page 42 .

that is where icon will land. but once you release the mouse button.43 down and then 'drag' the icon to the right hand half of the screen. Fig.43 Page 43 . As shown on the following picture. We will tackle this issue later on in the book. If the 'Control Panel' screen doesn't Campin' and Computin' . you were able to drag the icon over. click on the start button and then click on 'Control Panel'. our icon is in its new position! Now. the icon flew back over to the left hand group of the screen. there are a few easy steps to do this. In order to change the left and right mouse buttons to fit your dominant hand configuration. 2-12: Now. as shown on the next screen shot.43 . This is because the Auto-Arrange is turned on. lets say.43 .

44 . you should see a screen similar to the one shown in the image below. Fig 2-13: The control panel in 'Classic View'.44 look similar to the figure 2-13. For how to access the control panel in Windows XP. Next. double-click on the 'Mouse' icon. Campin' and Computin' . click on 'Classic View' on the left hand part of the image.44 Page 44 .44 . in the Control Panel. Once you have clicked on the 'Mouse' icon. consult appendix 'C'.

The Audio portion of our program . simply click on the first check box at the top that says 'Switch Primary and Secondary Buttons'. there is a basic speaker Campin' and Computin' . If you have a laptop. If you have a desktop computer.45 .The speakers Just like an RV without Windows® to view your surroundings.45 Fig 2-14: The mouse control panel From the previous image (figure 2-14).45 . This will allow you to customize your mouse so that you can use it with which ever hand is the dominate one.45 Page 45 . it more than likely has a set of loud speakers built in to it so that you can get some voice and musical audio out of your computer. it is pretty hard to get the maximum amount of enjoyment out of your computer system without a set of reasonable loud speakers attached to it.

you too may want to invest in a set of external speakers to attach to your laptop. home entertainment store or office supply store will more than likely yield you a large selection of speakers to choose from.46 . keyboard and mouse.org). In the case of that built in speaker of a desktop computer. A trip down to your local computer store.46 built into the box so that it can give you a 'very annoying' beep. If you enjoy listening to the symphony. the computer will not use this speaker for anything but a beep or honk. then any set off of E-bay will be fine since the music sounds like garbage any way… JUST KIDDING! (I’ll be paying for that one since my wife is an avid Rock listener). For myself. I enjoy heavily instrumental music like 'Drum and Bugle Corps'.dci.46 Page 46 . is entirely up to you and how you will use them. if you do something that doesn't agree with it's very delicate digestive system. It’s much like music played by high school or college marching bands. If you hook up your laptop computer to an external monitor. Country or Acid Rock are more your fair. The type and quality of speakers you choose. If however. Campin' and Computin' . classical or other instrumental music from your desktop computer.46 . you may want to spend the money for a slightly better set of speakers. (www.

I also use an Anti-virus and Antispy ware software on my machine to provide an Campin' and Computin' . The same is true when it comes to computer viruses.47 Chapter 9: Virus protection. use protection and common sense. I've only had one computer that was in my household that had a problem with viruses. Most of us have heard of viruses that impact computers. Viruses and Protection against them Though I am not a conspiracy theorist and as such I don't buy into the idea that Virus protection companies write viruses so that they can sell software to remove these viruses. Also. And if you're not willing to abstain.47 Page 47 .47 . Does this absolutely guarantee that I won't get a virus on my PC? No. In some ways I'm a liberal. I'm a conservative person.47 . I steer clear of web sites that promise something for nothing and there are only a limited few that I will download from. As they say about pregnancy and STD's. firewalls and other things to keep your PC safe. can bring things to a screeching halt. I've worked on plenty that friends have had that developed a problem. the best way to avoid them is abstinence. but when it comes to finances and computers. In other words. it does not. I do wonder who funds these folks who have the where-with-all to write the debilitating programs that once installed on a PC.

48 . she didn't catch the fact that the young lady was visiting some web sites where she could download 'Free software'.One Care Live® Any of these three packages will do a decent job of protecting your PC. Well. But the thing you need to keep in mind is that virus developers or hackers are always developing new viruses. While the grandmother was working to ensure the 12 year old wasn't chatting on some undesired chat room or looking at undesirable content.Anit-Virus® Symantics . before the virus software protection companies can identify and come up with a way to identify and repair the threat and then get it distributed. in no particular order: Norton . So. It may take a week or so. They are. I know of one story where the husband and wife of a household went on a week long vacation.48 Page 48 . They left the house in the care of their 12 year old daughter and her grandmother.48 . There are three companies out there are a large majority of folks use to protect their PC's against viruses.PC-Cillin® Microsoft . she downloaded 30 different games and music sharing Campin' and Computin' .48 additional level of protection against the infection of my PC. The grandmother wasn't particularly computer savvy or interested in computers. the virus software companies are always playing catch-up. after a new virus is released.

The good news was that. I was able to backup the needed files to an external hard drive. this is a case where it is 'Better to be safe than sorry'. Campin' and Computin' . if you ever think you may let someone like another family member use your PC. before the system was totally corrupt. saving precious picture files and other documents. the PC had to have all the contents deleted from the hard drive and the operating system. Because there were so many. the virus software was over-run and could not clean them all. the family brought the PC to me. repeats it self hundreds of times every day across our nation. but it is better to do that then to have to spend $100. consider establishing a guest account on your PC and lock down the accessibility of that account so that software can not be downloaded from the internet. I encourage you.49 .49 packages during the time her parents were gone and a great many of them had viruses in them. I know this may sound like a harsh solution. Believe it or not. The bad news was. the story I relayed to you above.49 . Because of situations like this.00's of dollars to have someone like myself repair your PC. So. Software and files re-loaded.49 Page 49 . Though part of me thinks the following is a bit advanced for this 'Introductory' book. I think the information is important enough that it should be covered to give you a fighting chance before I get a chance to come out with any follow up books.

When Windows asks you what you want to start enter MSCONFIG as is shown in the following screen shot. Then click on the 'Load Start up Items' check box so as to un-check it. The MSCONFIG application is used to determine which programs start up when your computer boots up.50 If you do find that your computer is infected by a virus and the virus removal software doesn't seem to be deleting the virus. from the start button. on the general tab. Fig 9-1: This is the run dialog box with MSCONFIG.50 . click on the 'Run…' option.50 . Campin' and Computin' . you will see the MSCONFIG application. click on the 'Selective Startup' radio button. Once you click 'Ok'. Try the following. As shown on the following figure. The idea is to limit the number of programs that start up so as to limit the number of viruses that might be activated.50 Page 50 .

It is something that you do when you are in a situation Campin' and Computin' . Fig 9-2: System configuration General tab.51 .51 . It should be noted that the use of the 'MSCONFIG' tool is not something you would normally do. Now. it will inform you that you are in a 'Selective Startup' mode.51 Page 51 . Once the computer is rebooted. start your virus scanner software and put it through a full scan of your system. Doing this 'Selective Startup' may allow the virus scanner to more fully cleans the viruses from your hard drive. restart the computer. When prompted. Click 'Ok' to clear this message.51 Then click 'Apply' and then click 'Ok'.

Campin' and Computin' .52 .52 Page 52 .52 where the virus removal tool doesn't seem to be removing the virus from your computer.52 .

Lime Wire® and Napster® are a couple of examples of file sharing software packages. It also allows you to do the same on someone else's computer. Though both Lime Wire and Napster have made an effort to protect the PC's their software is installed on. they do provide one more avenue for hackers to gain access to your PC and download files that you may not have intended for anyone to have access too. don't do it. Excel spreadsheets.53 .53 PC File security If you have kids or grand kids that like to get on a computer and surf the internet. So. as with virus's. or have a PC that is only for their use. unwillingly. I've heard many accounts where folks have had their tax returns. Firewall Protection Campin' and Computin' . I encourage you to either tightly lock it down so that they can not install 'File Sharing' software on your PC.53 Page 53 . File sharing software is used primarily to share music files between individuals Personal Computers. Word documents and other important files copied from their PC's. if you don't have to install it. These software packages allow others to 'Peer' into your computer and see what music files you may want to share.53 .

But training Campin' and Computin' . Firewalls can either be a hardware device or a piece of software.54 Another thing that is important to have installed on your PC is a 'Firewall'. you are in luck. I think it is a good idea to have a Firewall installed and running. They claim that their computer is much easier to use because of this.54 . Firewalls may prevent some software applications from working correctly. Chevy. Much hoo haa has been made by the good folks at 'Apple computer' about a windows based PC always 'prompting' the user to respond to this question or that question. The purpose of a firewall is to keep others from looking at your computer and manipulating it from some other place on the internet or network that you are connected too.54 Page 54 . And though I wont get into the debate of if an 'Apple' PC or a WINDOWS based PC is easier to use (It's kind of like the old 'Ford. hackers aren't brilliant people. For most personal computers. If you are running an operating system of Windows XP or newer. the use of a firewall may complicate matters for you. Hardware firewalls are normally installed on large corporate networks. a 'Firewall' comes included in the operating system and is turned on by default. I will say that the reason the Windows fire wall prompts you so much is because there is so much more in the way of viruses and hackers that attack WINDOWS based PC's because of their larger install base. So. None the less.54 . Also. any more brilliant than you or me. the firewall is a piece of software that is installed on the PC. Dodge' debate).

Once your web browser is up and running. will cause the computer to give incorrect responses. This will cause the 'Tools' menu to be displayed. start up Internet Explorer. Campin' and Computin' .55 on what makes a Windows based PC work is much easier to come by than that for a Apple based PC. Microsoft update No vendor releases software that is bug free. click on the 'Tools' menu on the far right hand side. When Microsoft finds out about these 'Bugs'. These 'Fixes' are sent out via a process known as 'Microsoft Update'. or worse yet. I will cover 'Firewall' management in my next book. You should have your PC touch base with Microsoft's headquarters on occasion and download the latest fixes for the software that is installed on your PC. In order to do this. A bug is basically a section of code that when given a certain set of circumstances. cause the computer to crash and shut down. they will put out a 'Fix' also known as a 'Patch' which 'Patches' the bug in the software.55 .55 Page 55 .55 . And neither Microsoft or Apple are immune from bugs being release with their software. which is shown as follows. 'Managing your computer on the road.

56 . If you are not using Internet Explorer.56 Page 56 . For the most part this is true.56 Fig 9-3: This is the tools menu in Internet Explorer. will the following is the same. Campin' and Computin' . When you are presented with the screen shot shown above. you will have to manually enter the web site address. This will cause the Windows Update web site to be accessed.microsoft.com. click on the 'Windows Update' entry. The rule I indicated earlier was that all web sites start with www. Now you remember how I mentioned earlier in the book that for every rule there is an exception. but the Microsoft update web site is one of those exceptions. Entering this web site address into the URL field on your web browser should also cause the update web site to be displayed.56 . The web site address for Microsoft's update web site is Update.

Campin' and Computin' .57 .57 Page 57 . click on the 'Express' button. It will then determine what updates need to be applied to your PC based on that inventory that is taken.57 Fig 9-4: This is the initial screen for the Microsoft update process. In the first screen shown.57 . The Microsoft update web site will then take inventory of all of the Microsoft software on your PC.

Campin' and Computin' .58 . Once the inventory is complete. you will be presented with a list of what updates are available for your PC.58 Fig 9-5: This is what the screen looks like while inventory is being taken.58 Page 58 . Fig 9-6: This is a list of the updates for my PC after the scan is complete.58 .

it may require a reboot of your pc when the updates are complete.59 . Fig 9-7: This is the status screen for the download and updates. Also. Campin' and Computin' . In this screen shot. this process could take a while. Depending on your internet connection speed. First the program will download all of the updates and then install them.59 . The previous screen shows the status of the downloads and the subsequent installs of the updates.59 As you can see there are three updates that are available for my PC. This will cause the updates to be downloaded and then installed. All you have to do at this point is click on the 'Install Updates' button. This updating process may take a while.59 Page 59 . you can see that it is downloading the first of 3 updates.

However. because Microsoft assumes that IT folks are more 'Computer savey'.60 .60 The reason updates are sometimes required is because services may be running that are going to be changed as part of this update. is to reboot the computer.60 Page 60 . Campin' and Computin' . their instructions will sometimes tell us the services to turn off before the update is applied so as to avoid the rebooting of a computer. Some of the software that I use as a programmer also gets updates like this.60 . your PC will have all of the latest fixes for the Microsoft software that you have purchased. The cleanest way to ensure that the updates are applied and everything in the computer is synced up. When the update is complete.

To initiate a support request. I may know more about computers than you do. click on the start button and then from the displayed menu. knit a sweater or cook 'Egg plant Parmesan'. A lot of times when someone has a problem with a computer. As a result.61 .61 Chapter 10 . Campin' and Computin' . I may need you to initiate a support request. So many of us are afraid to ask for help because we are afraid it will make us look 'Stupid'. Doing this allows me to remote into your PC and help you out with what you are working on. I am here to help you. The reality is. this will cause the screen shown in Figure 10-1 to be displayed. but maybe you would be the person I want to turn to in the event that I want to learn how to repair an engine. If you contact me with a problem. click on the 'Help and Support' entry. bait a fish hook.61 Page 61 . it is easiest if I can see what they are seeing. it is impossible to write about every possible topic and write every possible answer to every possible question. especially when it comes to computers are concerned. Additionally. but others know a lot about other topics than I do.61 .If all else fails… … ask for help. I know more about some things than other people.

This will cause the following screen to be displayed… Campin' and Computin' .62 Page 62 .62 .62 Fig 10-1: This is the 'Help and Support' screen.62 . From the above screen click on the 'Tools' entry which is shown in the lower right hand corner of the form.


Fig 10-2 - This is the tools menu. From the items shown in the screen shot in figure in 10-2, click on the item that says 'Remote Assistance'.

Campin' and Computin'

- 63 - 63 - 63 Page 63

64 Fig 10-3: This is where you initiate a support request. From the screen shown above, click on the 'Invite Someone to help you' link that is shown.

Fig 10-4: This is the e-mail portion of the Remote assistance screen. In the 'Remote assistance' screen that is displayed, enter my e-mail address in the 'Type and e-mail address' field as is shown above. After you have done that, click on the 'Invite this Person'.

Campin' and Computin'

- 64 - 64 - 64 Page 64


Fig 10-5: This is where you enter the message you want to include as part of your request. As you can see in the above screen shot, you can enter a brief message to me as part of your request for help.

Fig 10-6: This is where you enter how long the connection will be. Campin' and Computin' - 65 - 65 - 65 Page 65

more than likely the invitation will be sent. you may not get the dialog box shown in figure 10-7. Once you have entered the amount of time the connection will be open as well as the password. After that. If you are using a web based e-mail client. the connection. allowing me or anyone else for that matter to control your PC will be closed. The invitation document Campin' and Computin' . click on the 'Send Invitation' button. you select how long you will allow me to be connected to your PC. Fig 10-7: If you normally use a web e-mail client you'll get this dialog box. During this time I have full control over your PC.66 Page 66 .66 .66 . the click 'Ok'. If you are using Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express for your e-mail client. and you get the above dialog box.66 In the above screen shot. You will then be presented with a screen that looks something like the following.

67 will be saved in 'My Documents' which is fine. Once you have saved the invitation. Campin' and Computin' . open your web based e-mail client and start an e-mail to 'thervitguy@ymail.67 . Fig 10-8: Use the default file name and click 'Save' for the invitation.67 Page 67 .com' as is shown in figure 10-9.67 . Fig 10-9: When doing your e-mail include the invitation.

After that. the following is the pricing for my support requests.Quick Solutions Campin' and Computin' . include the invitation as an attachment to the e-mail.68 . If you purchased this book. you are entitled to one free e-mail question. 2010. The cost of a support request… Just so you know. This will send me a link so that I can respond to your invitation and connect to your computer. Additionally. my rate is $40.68 . E-mail: thervitguy@ymail.68 Page 68 . After the initial 15 minutes. I'll give you 15 minutes of my time to answer your question over the phone.00 a hour until January 1. if you call me.68 After you pen your e-mail. consult my website for pricing.com Phone: 209-304-2966 Appendix 'A' . if needed to resolve your question. I will do up to 15 minutes of remote access to your computer.

things should be 'Ok' now. If the device involved is not a printer or this did not resolve the problem. Then power up the computer again. The cursor doesn't move when you move the mouse.Press and hold 'Control+ALT+DEL'. Campin' and Computin' . see solution 2. Solution 2 .Your printer or scanner becomes un-responsive.Press and hold the power button down for 10 seconds.69 . If there is no message.69 Hardware Problem: Software unresponsive . If there is an error message take the action indicated when you double click on the icon. This will cause the computer to shut down. select restart. Things should be OK now. bring up 'Services' and restart the 'print spooler' service. If you get an option that allows you to restart your computer. Once the computer finishes rebooting.Check device icon on system tray. Solution 1 . Solution 1 .Has your computer becomes non-responsive to anything you want it to do.69 Page 69 . Check message screen on device and there is no indication of a problem.69 . the see solution 3.If this problem involves a printer. If nothing happens see solution 2. Solution 2 . Problem: Printer Unresponsive .

70 Solution 3 .70 . Restart device.Press and hold the power button down on the Printer or Scanner for 10 seconds until it shuts down.70 . Campin' and Computin' .70 Page 70 .

You find that you are moving the mouse around on the screen.Operating system Problem: Not all of computer screen is accessable .Microsoft Outlook Problem: E-mail is not downloading .71 Software . Uncheck the check box for the 'My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication'. Software . select the option for 'Changing' an account setting. and you don't seem to have full access to all of the real-estate on the screen. select the 'Outgoing Server' tab. Solution 1 . Now.71 .Try pressing the 'ESC' key. If presented with a list of e-mail accounts. The solution that I have found that fixes this problem most of the time is to go to '(e-mail) Accounts' in the Tools menu in Microsoft outlook. In the more settings dialog box. this may get you out of the limiting function you have inadvertently entered into.You are visiting an RV park and find that your e-mail is not sending or receiving correctly. found towards the lower right hand corner of the screen. Campin' and Computin' . It may appear that email is coming in correctly. Then. Solution 1 . but not sending correctly. click on the 'More settings' button.This may be due to the type of Wireless internet host you are dealing with.71 Page 71 .71 . Next. select the one you normally use.

72 click the 'Ok' and next buttons until all dialog boxes are closed.72 Page 72 .72 .72 . Your problem should be resolved. Campin' and Computin' . Try the e-mail send-receive again.

Some of my favorite web sites The following is a list of some of my favorite web sites that I use for various information about RV'ing and also some of the ones I use for computer related stuff.RV. Tent Trailer Owners. basically.CAMPINGWORLD.RVPARKREVIEWS. Class 'A' Moho owners. There are areas for Fiver owners. This is the web site where COM you can purchase anything you can find at the venerable Camping world store to enhance your RV experience.COM This is the web site hosted by yours truly in regards to Campin' and Computin' .73 .THERVITGUY. the whole shootin' match. WWW. WWW. WWW.73 . Website WWW. I've also thrown in some of my favorites that I use for Personal stuff as well. This web site is where I look COM for comprehensive.73 Appendix B .73 Page 73 .NET Description This has a large number of Forums (Places to post and find information) on almost anything RV related. unbiased reviews of RV parks throughout the nation.

COM WWW. This is a great place to hook up with other RV'er's and find out information about up-coming samborees.YAHOO. Though I'm sure every news organization has it's own 'Bias'. The main web site for the 'DELL' Computer corporation.DELL.GOODSAMCLUB. that my wife and I find very helpful and interesting.COM WWW.MSNBC. A large number of the Humane Societies through out the US.COM Campin' and Computin' .74 .74 .COM WWW.HP.MICROSOFT. The main web site for the 'HP' Computer corporation.C OM WWW.PETFINDER.COM RV'ing and Computers Believe it or not. One of my favorite personal stuff web sites for looking for our next best friend.74 WWW.COM WWW. this one has a Animal section under the 'Health' area. Search engine and home . I like this web site a lot because it contains a lot of good news content.74 Page 74 WWW. post the pooches for adoption on this web page. I go to this web site many times for information about Microsoft software.

75 .75 page that gives you probably the best way to customize your home page.COM Campin' and Computin' . WWW.75 .EXCITE.75 Page 75 . Search engine and home page that gives you the ability to customize your home page to some degree for content that you desire.

76 Appendix C .76 Page 76 .76 .Windows XP equivalents This appendix will help to give the windows XP equivalent of something that was presented in the book as windows Vista information.76 . Campin' and Computin' .

It is either on or off and consequently represents a 'One' or a 'Zero'.This stands for 'American Standard Code for Information Interchange'.77 .77 . -BBIOS . 8 bits makes up one byte. BIT .77 Glossary -AASCII . BYTE .This is generally synonymous with a character or letter. It is a cross reference between various characters and the 'ASCII' code that they are stored in a computer.These are the instructions that the computer uses for its initial startup.This is a setting on the desktop that will Automatcially arrange the icons on your desktop screen. Auto-Arrange .This is the process of the computer starting up. Generally.Built In Operating System . Boot Up . The term comes from idea of pulling up by your 'Boot straps'.The smallest unit of measure for computer data. -CCampin' and Computin' .77 Page 77 .

78 .This is a menu that varies based on the item that you clicked on. -DDate/Time . file or section of an image from the current location. The cursor could be in the form of a vertical bar on a document or the form of an 'Arrow' on a graphical document like a picture. Use 'Paste' to insert the selected Text. file or section to a new location. file or section to a new location.As a menu option inserts the current date and time at the current location of the cursor.78 Context Sensitive menu .78 Page 78 . Campin' and Computin' .This indicates the current focus point for the computer.Digitial Subscriber Line . Cut . For example the menu you are presented will look one way if you click on a folder and a different way if you click on a music file. Cursor . DPI .This function will cut the selected text. DSL . Copy . file or section of an image from the current document. This is a unit of measure of how many dots of color make up a scanned image.78 .This function will copy the selected text. Use 'Paste' to move the selected Text.Highspeed internet connection.Dots Per Inch.

Find Next . In the terms of communications.79 Page 79 . -GGoto… .Exit the application.79 . www.com -HCampin' and Computin' . it means to print on both sides of the paper.This means basically to do things two-way. -EExit .As a menu option allows you to immediately go to a given line number in the document. it means two way communications. In regards to printing.geocaching.As a menu option indicates that we want to find the next occurrence of a given word or phrase that we just did a find for that is after the current Cursor position.A hobby where you use a GPS receiver.79 Duplex .79 . Geocaching .As a menu option indicates that we are going to enter into a process of finding some word or phrase in the current document. -FFind… . a set of coordinates and your deductive skill to find treasures hidden all over the world.

80 Page 80 .In the metric system a Kilo means onethousand units. Right Justified means that the text all lines up on the right hand side of the document. the operating system opens up the computer in the same state in which it entered hibernate. an IP Address is a 'Internet Protocol Address'. This means when the computer is turned back on. Campin' and Computin' . A kilo-byte represents approximately 1000 Bytes.This is a method of communicating across the internet. a Kilo-byte represents 1024 Bytes.This has to do with alignment of characters on a text document. In actuality.80 . -JJustify . Similarly see 'Stand by'. such as in 'Kilo-grams' means an item weights 1000 Grams. the text all starts in the same place on the left side of the document. For instance. If a document is Left justified. -KKilo-bytes .80 Hibernate . This is the unique address assigned to a piece of computer equipment that has access to the internet. -IInternet Protocol .Entering the hibernate mode means that the computer will save the open desktop and the open files to the hard drive and then power down the PC.80 .

NTSC .This is a piece of equipment that MODulates and DEMotdulates audio tones so that your computer can communicate across the voice portion of the Telephone network.Mega is synonomous with a million. the picture would be wider than it is tall. -MMegabyte . Landscape print orientation is also used for spreadsheets. -OOpen… .81 .81 Page 81 . this represents roughly 1 million bytes.National Television System Committee. This is a format of DVD recordings that are used as a standard in North America. -PCampin' and Computin' . Modem .As a menu option allows you to select an existing document to open somewhere on your PC. -NNew… . So.This is a page orientation where if you were to print a picture on it.81 -LLandscape .81 .As a menu option allows you to create a new blank document.

82 . Replace… . Paste .This is a page orientation where the page is printed so it is taller than it is wide. Portrait . Such as a Stack of documents are qued up for printing. -QQue . ROM . -RRAM .As a menu option allows you to set up the page orientation such as 'Landscape' or portrait.82 Page 82 .As a menu option allows you to determine and control the printing of the current document you are working on. file or portion of an image into the current location of the cursor. Print… .As a menu option is the process of looking for a word or phrase and replacing it with a new word or phrase. much like a portrait (or painting) is viewed.Read Only Memory.Random Access Memory.82 .82 Page Setup… . -SCampin' and Computin' .This is similar to a 'Stack' of documents.This will insert a previously cut or copied Text.

83 Page 83 .83 .As a menu option allows you to save the changes you have made to the existing file in an existing location.83 Save .As a menu option allows you to save the document as a new file name or in a new location. Save As… .83 . Campin' and Computin' .

see 'Hibernate'. place at the top of the application screen. Campin' and Computin' . Short Cut .84 -S (Con't) Select All . S-Video .Super Video connector that appears on most laptops. it is still drawing some power.A series of Keystrokes that will execute commonly used functions within the software. The tool bar is.Stand by mode is where selected peripherals of your computer are shut down. There is a cable that will connect to this plug for driving your home TV set off of your laptop so that you can watch digital slide shows and such. The only portions of the computer that remain active are the CPU and the power applied to the memory.84 .As a menu option this highlights the entire document as if you were going to copy the entire document to another document. -TTool Bar . String . The only draw back is that while the computer is in stand by mode. as a standard.A string is a set of characters that may make up one or more words. Similarly. Stand by mode .This is where the most frequently used 'Tools' are placed in an application.84 .84 Page 84 . This allows the computer to switched on very quickly.

UPS .85 -UUndo .Uninterruptible Power Supply .85 .Undo a previous just made to the document.85 Page 85 .Batter back up for your primary power for your computer equipment. Campin' and Computin' .85 .

86 -VVideo Adapter - This converts the computer results into a video image that can be displayed on the screen of your computer. -WWifi - Wireless Fidelity - Wireless highspeed internet access. WWW - This stands for World Wide Web. -XXML - This is short for 'eXtensible Markup Language'. XML is a language that us used extensively in web applications and in some newer microsoft applications for not only application development but also in some methods of data storage. -YY2K - The is used to refer to the 'Year 2000'. Though some feared that this was going to be the end of the world, that did not turn out to be the case. -ZZX-81 - One of the first personal computers that was mass marketed. It was sold in kit form and also preCampin' and Computin' - 86 - 86 - 86 Page 86

87 assembled. It was one of the first to have a membrane keyboard.

Campin' and Computin'

- 87 - 87 - 87 Page 87


Auto-Arrange.............43 Context Sensitive menu ...............................78 Copy..........................78 Cursor........................78 Cut.............................78 Date/Time..................78 DPI.............................78 Drag and drop............42 Duplex.......................79 Exit............................79 File Sharing................53 Find............................79 Find Next...................79 Firewall......................54 Geocaching................79 Goto...........................79 GUI.............................39 LCD............................38 Lime Wire...................53 Microsoft Update.......55 MSCONFIG.................50 Napster......................53 New............................81 Open..........................81 Page Setup................82 Print...........................82 Prologue.....................89 Remote assistance... .64 Replace......................82 S-Video......................34 Save...........................83 Save As......................83 Select All....................84 Selective Startup.......50 support request. . .61, 64 Undo..........................85 Video card..................34

Campin' and Computin'

- 88 - 88 - 88 Page 88

please use the following page to send me your written comments.89 Page 89 .com I have a couple of other books in the works that you may find of interest.thervitguy. I will be sure to add any relevant content to the next edition of my book. If you are more comfortable. Please feel free to go out and drop me a line letting me know what you think about the book. Web site: www. I really did find it a joy writing it. Managing your computer on the road .89 .I'm currently working on the outline for the Campin' and Computin' .com E-mail address: thervitguy@ymail.This second book in the series takes over where the first book 'Campin' and computin' leaves off. but would like to know more about how to better manager their computer and gather what makes them tick. Running your computer based business on the road .89 Prologue Thank you so much for taking the time to read my book. Below is where you can get information about my e-mail address and my web page. This book is currently being written and should be released in 2010.89 . It is intended for those that are somewhat computer saavey.

go out and enjoy the open road and see all of the wonderful places out there. Don't spend too much time using your computer if you can be outside exploring. Now.90 . It will discuss some of the must haves for a RV homed Computer based business as well as some things to get informed about when it comes to the tax implications of running a business from your rig.90 . But I'm hoping that with this new book as your tool.90 Page 90 . It will discuss the in's and out's of running a computer based business from your RV. This third book should be released in late 2010. they may not be there to chase! Campin' and Computin' . Remember: Chase your dreams today. for tomorrow. you can get more out of your computer and be more comfortable with it.90 third book in the series.

91 .91 Page 91 .91 .91 Campin' and Computin' .

92 .92 Page 92 Campin' and Computin' .92 Get back to me on that!!! Hi there. fold it in half and mail it to me. Please use the lower part of this page if there is some comment you would like to send to me about the book or if there is something that isn't quite clear to you. Just cut out this page. Thank you so much for giving my book a read! Respectfully Eric Lynn Anderson Comment/Question:___________________________________ ___ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ Name: __________________________________ . fill it out. I'll do my best to get back to you with an answer within a week.92 .

93 .Fold Here -------------------------------------------- Campin' and Computin' .93 Address: __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ Phone: _____________________ E-Mail Address: __________________________________ ---------------------------.93 Page 93 .93 .

95669 Campin' and Computin' .94 To: Eric Anderson P.94 Page 94 . Ca.94 .O.94 . Box 552 Plymouth.

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