Design process is a way of life

Introduction Design process exists since human appears in the first of century. The invention that using design process such as spears , axe , and others has been developed in stone ages. The revolution from century to century has changed the development of the invention. Many invention has been developed from the basic need to the importance needs. For example, during the first creation of communication device, the community from the stone aged used smoke or bird to send information or to communicate among each others.In china, people mostly used birds for their communication device. The emperor using bird to give command to the general in the millitary, because the efficiency of the birds sending the information faster than using the horse massenger to send the information. Another example, during the era of War World II, only the military using satelite phone to communicate among each others, but nowdays, the revolution of the satelite phone being used widely around the world. Today, many of the military sides and conglomerate organization used this technology as a medium to communicate from the headquarter to the sub-company that located around the world. Therefore, design process plays important roles in developing the technology from age to age. Last but not least, the next point given will be discuss deeply about “design process is a way of life”.

profit that will be gain of an organization depends on the variety of the product that organization provided in the market. In fact. we have to be creative and innovative in any our designs. So for overall. Nowdays we more narrow to choose something that have multifunctional and in good quality besides affordable. design process also can be use to facilitate people needs . In our country . In term of economy side . manufacturer industries has become one of the main sector that contribute a lot in developing our economy. In addtion. that mean consumer expect more from the supplier because there are less offer than demand in the market.Because of that. The products that we design must fullfill our consumer needs. design process also encourage people to create new product .design process is made up to recover and overcome our problem. Other than that . many organization compete among themself in developing and creating new product to get the consumer intention to buy their product. Invention during past year have many disadvantages and its make the inventor come out with new ideas to overcome the weakness of their invention and service. Design have been used since decade ago to improvise new invention and service.The purpose we design are because of the market demand and application of the manufacturing industries.MUHAMMAD ANAS BIN ABDUL MANAN ( 2009933031 ) EMD5M2B Why we design ?? Design is importance needs in any manufacturer industries. based on the statistics that being issues by goverment show that the expand of manufacturer industries have directly influence by the technology of design process itself. . We can take the communications industries as an example. In other word. In business. to attract the investor to invest in our organization .

material . Tasks Schedule. Produce a short Design Brief. 5. and visual requirements of a problem (this activity implies a creative . 8. List all major areas of work and allocate times and deadlines. the time before we create an invention is called “design” . Analysis of Brief. Stages in design proces The Design Process 1. Process can be determined as a connected series of actions. 7. Evaluate the project against the Brief and Specification. Make Solution. 12. Identify a Need or Purpose in a given situation. This process are the circulation process that we need in our design. . giving recommendations. purposeful . Identify a Need. methods . Design Brief. 11. Test Solution. Develop Solution. Produce the solution. systematic . Design can be determined as the concious . human process of planning physical things that display a new form in response to some predetermined need. Produce a list of design requirements found from research relevant to the Brief. Generate details necessary to make the solution. 10. Therefore . Specification. or an actions at law . innovative and analytical approach to a problem). 2. Table: 1. Test your solution against the Brief and Specification. Generate Ideas. 4. Research.MUHAMMAD ANAS BIN ABDUL MANAN ( 2009933031 ) EMD5M2B What is design process?? How we determine the “design process”?. 9. Choose Solution. 13. changes . Look at the Brief and produce a list of research questions. Modify Solution. Generate a range of different possible solutions satisfying the Specification. List modifications to improve the solution's effectiveness. Evaluation.1 The stages in design process has shown in the table 1.1. In addition. Identify and collate information only relevant to the Analysis of Brief. 3. 6. the time during we create an invention is called “process”. Produce a solution to the Brief using the Specification and your Generated Ideas. design is a concious and intuitive effort directed towards the ordering of functional .