Anjuman Hamayat-e-Islam (Multan Road, Lahore)

Umar Nabeel Akram Ahmed Abdullah Badar Ejaz Imran Alam

Ms. Rumessa Naqvi Academic Writing, B 204 February 28, 2011 Lahore School of Economics

Not only it provided food and shelter. Anjuman Hamayat-e-Islam was established by these 700 rupees. These Madrassas provided knowledge both Secular and Religious for Muslims. After a long discussion Muslims decided to build an organization named Anjuman Hamayat-e-Islam . Due to the rapid growth and popularity of the organization. The Anjuman prevented people from leaving Islam and countered the British Missionary well. Later on organization took steps for advancement and many Madrassas was established. every basic need of one s life was fulfilled. the British government will provide the basic needs. With ever increasing strength. Muslim elders came up with a magnificent idea. Muslims gathered at Bokan Masjid of Walled City. In result. In 1884. In return. The sole purpose of this organization was to take care of the Muslim widows and orphans. Islamia College Lahore. conversion of religion was initiated at a massive scale among Muslim women. so that small proportion can be saved for orphans and widows. With the help of various leaders like Allama Iqbal and Sir Syed Ahmed Khan the organization s strength grew many folds. Few of the most popular institution inaugurated by Anjuman Hamayat-e-Islam are Islamia College Peshawar. . Lahore after Juma Prayer to give suggestions about this problem. After few short days. and Islamia College for women Lahore. Families were asked to take fist full of flour aside every time they cook. revenue of 700 rupees was generated. They sold out all the extra flour at price less than that of market rate. orphanages was also built along few mosques. Anjuman created separate institutes like Darul Amaan to house Muslim widows and Darul Shafqat for orphans. Forced by poverty. They were asked to surrender their religion. Muslim women and children in the subcontinent were tricked by the British Missionary to convert their religion. flour in tons was piled up.ANJUMAN HAMAYAT-E-ISLAM 2 Anjuman Hamayat-e-Islam After the war of independence 1857. a lot more than it was required.

Founded in the late 19th century.ANJUMAN HAMAYAT-E-ISLAM 3 To conduct a research project on Anjuman Hamayat-e-Islam. who recited his first poems at sessions of the Anjuman. to see if there are people willing to work for the betterment of the organization. Pakistan. The objective of this research also includes the analysis of various Domains:  Darul Shafqat  Finance Department  Facilities and  Educational Sector Literature Review: The Anjuman-e-Hamayat-e-Islam is an Islamic intellectual and political organization based in the city of Lahore. Scope: Scope of the project is limited to orphanage only. to gather different opinions from other people about the organization. . the body composed of Muslim intellectuals and politicians seeking to reform Muslim society and work on its development. We are focusing specifically on the premises of Anjuman Hamayat-e-Islam (Multan Road. Some of its most prominent members included the poet Sir Muhammad Iqbal. Significance: The purpose of this study is to gather data as much as possible about the organization and its practices and to create awareness among people. Lahore to make an in-depth analysis of the organization itself and its practices in year 2010. Also. Lahore) and its administrative system.

ANJUMAN HAMAYAT-E-ISLAM In addition to numerous other charitable services. the needs and demands of the orphans are fulfilled? . the Anjuman is running an 4 orphanage (Yateem Khana. What kind of future does the organization hope to achieve for these orphans?  The kind of environment maintained for these orphans  The steps taken by the organization to eliminate the feeling of loneliness from the hearts of orphans?  To what level. established in 1884) as well as Darul-Shafqat (Male) Darul-Shafqat (Female)Darul-Amaan (Female)Darul-Uloom Denia (Male) & (Female)Public School(CoEd)Hamayat-e-Islam Degree College (Female)Hamayat-e-Islam High School (Boys)Hamayat-eIslam Pasha Girls High School Hamayat-e-Islam Law College Hamayat-e-Islam Tibya College Hamayat-e-Islam Rajgarh School Hamayat-e-Islam Younani Shafa Khana Hamayat-e-Islam Library. What are the main Facilities provided by the organization?  Medical Facilities?  Educational Facilities?  Accommodations? 2. Research Questions: 1. Education system of Anjuman Hamayat-e-Islam?  Quality and standard of education?  Qualification level of teaching staff?  Are there any incentives given to the staff  To what level does the organization provides education to orphans? 4. What are the financial aspects of the organization?  Primary financial sources?  Allocation of the finance?  Is there any financial support from the government? 3.

Visual & Audio Aid Discussion with Students residing in the institution General views of common public Newspapers & Different articles Interview of Public Relation Officer of the Organization.ANJUMAN HAMAYAT-E-ISLAM 5 Design/ Methodology Data Collection Procedures y y y y y y y y Newspapers & Different articles Surveys of the organization. Data Analysis Procedures y y y Questionnaires Pilot Study of the Organization Discussion with different people working in the Organization Time Frame The time frame of the data collected is from 2008 onwards. . Interview of Account Officer.

answers. Every decision made is with the consent of the members of the governing y y y http://wiki.pakspectator.ANJUMAN HAMAYAT-E-ISLAM 6 Expected findings/Implications Darul Shafqat at first glance: When we reached Darul y Sheikh Saeed Qadir. It was way beyond our expectations and the image that we had kept in our mind was totally shattered. Public Relation Officer Of Anjuman Hamayat-e-Islam y Monthly Magazine published by Anjuman Hamayat-e-Islam . References y http://en.answers.wikipedia. we were totally surprised to see the y http://wiki.highbeam. Unlike other governmental orphanages Darul Shafqat is totally independent private institute. Like other professional organizations. environment and the education system of the y http://business. Darul Shafqat follows a complete systematic and well structured chain of commands.

How many of them are for girls and how many for boys? 16. Why was the name changed from Yateem Khana to Darul Shafqat? 6. What were the major problems faced by the organization in its initial stages? 8. Does this organization only operate in Lahore? 12. What kind of extra-curricular activities are held by the organization for children? . What is the qualification of the teaching faculty hired by the organization? 18. Which Department of the organization holds key importance for you? 20. How many of the educational institutions were made by this organization? 13. How many of the educational institutions made by this organization are still run by this organization? 14. What were the historical aspects behind the formation of this organization? 3. What are the facilities provided to the orphan children In Darul-Shafqat? 21. What changes has been introduced? 7. Does the organization hold regular medical check-up of the children? 22. What is the main purpose of this organization? 19.ANJUMAN HAMAYAT-E-ISLAM 7 Appendix: A Interview Questions Organization: Anjuman Hamayat-e-Islam Interviewee: Sheikh Saeed Qadir (Public Relation Officer) 1. When was this organization formed? 2. Was it a result of political and religious movement of Hindus and British against Muslims? 5. Are the educational institutions run by the organization English medium or not? 17. What is total area under this organization? 10. Are the educational institutions run by this organization co-education? 15. In how many departments this organization is divided? 11. When was this place developed into buildings for this organization? 9. Who were the founders of this organization? 4.

Who is the current head of the organization? 37. What is the maximum and minimum age limit of the children for admission in this organization? 25. What is the number of permanent members of the organization? 35. How the funds are allocated in different sectors of the organization? 34. Who are the members of the organization? 36. Who are responsible for the financial aspects of this organization? 33. What is the role of NGOs for the development of this organization? 30. Is there any government support to the organization since the independence of Pakistan? 28. What are the primary financial sources of this organization? 27. What are the visions of the organization for future? Appendix: B Questionnaires: 1: Do you think it s a challenge to make the orphan an active member of society? 1) Yes 2) No 3) Don t think so. Do the funds collected fulfill the budget of this organization? 32. Up to which age the children are kept in this institution? 26. What kind of food is provided to these children? 8 24.ANJUMAN HAMAYAT-E-ISLAM 23. How much funds are collected through donations from general public? 29. What is total budget of this organization? 31. 2: Rank the Anjuman Hamayat-e-Islam as institution for orphan? a) Good b) very good c) Normal 3: What do you know about the Anjuman Hamayat-e-Islam? a) Business organization b) Political organization .

ANJUMAN HAMAYAT-E-ISLAM c) Islamic organization d) welfare organization 4: Have you ever heard about Anjuman Hamayat-e-Islam? 1) Yes 2) No 3) Maybe 5: What views you have about this organization? 1) Serve the humanity 2) Get aid in the name of organization 3) Political agenda 6: Have you ever visited Anjuman Hamayat e Islam? 1) Yes 2) No If Yes. then how frequently a) Once a year b) Once a month c) weekly 7: Are you donating for this organization? 1) Yes 2) No 3) May be 8: Would you like to serve for this organization? 1) Yes 2) No 9 .

.............. in your opinion..................... .................. shelter and clothes d) survival 1) 2) 3) 4) 10 10: It is right to say Darul Shafqat instead of Yateem Khana..............ANJUMAN HAMAYAT-E-ISLAM 9: rank the basic need of this organization from (1-4) most important to least important? a) Education b) finance c) facilities of food ............. should be done about it? ....................... 1) Yes 2) No 11: what is the major problem faced by this organization? 1) Shelter 2) Clothes 3) Education 4) Moral support 12: How this problem should be solved? Through 1) Government support 2) A great intake by rehabilitation(private sector) 3) Initiation of practical help on the part of individuals of our society If any different............... what.. ............................. Any other comment: ...........