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The MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT was made on the date/month/year


Purpose of Agreement This Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) sets out the terms by which Medical Students in Action (MEDIA) and name of the party will work together to produce a Video Presentation for _______________________. This agreement will remain in effect from Beginning Date to Ending Date. Name/Title of Key Contact will be the key contact for Medical Students in Action (MEDIA) this project. Name/Title of Key Contact will be the key contact for name of the party/ client for this project. These individuals are responsible for ensuring the conduct of the activities listed below. Through this agreement (MEDIA) agrees to provide a CREATIVE INPUT for (name of the party). II. Roles and Responsibilities Responsibilities of (name of the party) Technical Assistance

1. The (name of the other party) will give us the Project proposal (for documentation purpose) 2. The (name of the other party) need to assign a POINT PERSON whom we can talk about
the project in details, which will include: a. his/her contact number(s), b. the job description and Please see or contact our Executive Boards as soon as possible to have an agreement regarding (name of the project). 3. Since we are on a Commission-based project, and to avoid complain & problem in the future the client will provide the following: a. Story Board or the flow of the content the client wants b. Pictures (it must be in .jpg or .mpeg files, & No PDF files) c. Music d. Video Clips (if ever the client has/have) 4. The client will give the head of the (committee in charge) a deadline by which they could screen or check the Output of the artist. Resources (if needed) 1. The (name of the party) will give us (specify the amount) in using, __________________ Responsibilities of MEDIA Technical Assistance

1. To clarify things, the job description of the Organization is to do the CREATIVE INPUT only. 2. MEDIA will not give the client a raw/unedited file. This is to protect the artist's right. 3. This is a COPYRIGHTED and any part of the video we will produce CANNOT BE EDITED.
4. At the end of the Presentation, there will be a Logo of the MEDIA.

5. If the client cannot provide the following above (number 3) inform the assigned Point person or the Executive Board of the MEDIA as soon as possible, and the Organization itself will provide all the following. III. Payment Schedule (if applicable) MEDIA will administer a seed grant of (php amount of agreed) to name of the party. The seed grant must be used to conduct a Video Presentation. The grant may be paid in two instalments, and will be paid upon receipt of the Memorandum of Agreement. IV. Duration of the Agreement This agreement will be in effect from Beginning Date to Ending Date and may be updated at any time through written agreement of each partner. Either party can terminate the agreement with 30 days written notice. V. Signatures of Parties’ Principals If the terms of this Memorandum of Agreement are acceptable, please sign and date both copies of this agreement letter. Keep one copy for your records and return the other to MEDIA. Thank you very much.

_________________________________________ Signature/Adviser, Dr. Charles Yu, Principal Date

_________________________________________ Signature/Title, MEDIA Principal Date

_________________________________________ Signature/Title, name of the party Principal Date