The address of Prime Minister of Pakistan to the members of his national assembl y was by and large a courageous statement

although he avoided commenting upon im portant public issues. Since the formation of Pakistan in 1947, Pakistan relied more on west than its eastern neighbours, ultimately converting Pakistan into an American colony. The successive military rulers of Pakistan always suppressed p opular public sentiment and extended their loyalty to America. The mental enslav ement of Pakistani government gave rise to boiling anger not only in Pakistan bu t other parts of Muslim world. The fear of India was the answer of Pakistan to their public for its befriending of US. This also proved wrong and all its wars were lost by Pakistan and his al ly never came to his rescue. The Kashmir issue has been blown out of proportion by Americans so that these neighboring countries should never come closer to eac h other. When Ms. Barkha Dutt (NDTV) journalist, currently on visit to Islamabad arranged a debate, Mr. Mani Shankar Iyer, a matured Indian leader assured Pakistan for f ull help of India in the present crisis faced by it, although he had every reaso n to exploit the situation in view of Pakistanâ s attack on hotel Taj at Bombay on 26 /11. Pakistan should think seriously that it can never benefit by resorting to v iolent means against India. India is a powerful and helping neighbour not like A merica who is sitting miles away deciding its foreign policy remotely. India is basically a country which believes in non-violence. Our father of the nation Mah atma Gandhi is respected through out the world for his strong belief and practic es against violence. Had he not achieved independence from British rule Pakistan would have never come into existence. Pakistan as a nation (if at all to called a Muslim nation) has lost hundreds of lives of its own citizens due to ethnic groups fighting, tribal killings, sectar ian clashes etc, and this scenario continues unabated. Many Muslims who visit th eir friends, relatives in India confess that they have chosen wrong country to m igrate. There are hard times ahead for Pakistan, socially, economically and politically which can be faced successfully by believing Almighty Allah and not their presen t worldly masters. They should take a lesson from countries which have not bowed their head before the tyrant and still survive honourably. It should sort all o utstanding issues with its neighboring country honestly and peacefully and conso lidate its own people by helping them to live peacefully without fear from inter nal and external forces.