List of most important Transactions and Reports in Nakisa Views (...

) Transactions A list of useful SAP transactions for use with STVN applications. SE16N - General Table Display PA20/PA30 - Display/Maintain HR Master Data SE37 - Function Builder SE38 - ABAP Editor SM31 - Maintain Table Views OOAW - Evaluation Paths S_AHR_61016528 - Structure Display/Maintenaince OOQA - Catalogue: Change Qualifications HRTMC_PPOM - Change Succession Planning and Organization PHAP_ADMIN - Administrator Functions PHAP_CATALOGUE_PA - Appraisal Template Catalogue APPCREATE - New <form> SPRO - Customizing: Execute Project ST22 - ABAP Runtime Error ESH_COCKPIT - Enterprise Search Cockpit SFW5 - Switch Framework: Change Business Function Status SICF - Maintain Service Reports A list of reports to run in SE38 for use with STVN applications. HRALXSYNC - Object Synchronization and Repair ESH_ADM_INDEX_ALL_SC - Delete, create and schedule TREX search connector objects ESH_IX_PROCESS_CHANGE_POINTERS - Index TREX search connector objects Tables A list of common SAP tables for use with STVN applications. PA0000 PA0001 PA0002 PA0004 PA0006 PA0007 PA0008 PA0014 PA0015 PA0016 PA0019 PA0022 PA0024 PA0025 PA0041 PA0105 PA0789 PA2001 PA2002 PA2003 HRP1000 HRP1001 HRP1002 HRP1003 HRP1005 HRP1007 Actions Organizational Assignment Personal Data Disability Addresses Planned Working Time Basic Pay Rec. Payments/Deductions Additional Payments Contract Elements Monitoring of Dates Education Qualification Appraisals Date Specifications Communications Concurrent Employement Absences Attendances Substitutions Objects Relationships Descriptions Department/Staff Planned Compensation Vacancy

HRP1008 HRP1011 HRP1013 HRP1014 HRP1015 HRP1017 HRP1028 HRP1050 HRP1055 HRP7400 HRP7402 HRP7403 HRP7404 HRP7405 HRP7406 HRP7407 HRP7408 HRP7409 HRP7410 HRP7420 HRP7430 HRP7431 HRP7432 HRP7433 HRP7434 HRP7435 HRP7436 HRP7437 HRPAD007 HRPAD31 HRPAD740 HRPAD741 HRPAD743 HRPAD744 HRT1002 AGR_USERS T001 T001P T002 T002TX T005 T500L T500P T500T T501 T501T T503 T503K T503T T510 T510A T511 T512T T512W T513 T559A T559B T777A T77SK T77TS Account Assignment Features Work Schedule Employee Group/Subgroup Obsolete Cost Planning PD Profiles Address Job Evaluation Results Qualification Management Key Indication Internal Work Experience External Work Experience Education Accomplishments Mobility Career Goal Potential Performance Career Type Talent Group Support Team Talent Review Basic Data Assigned Objects Participants Agenda Topics Documents Deadlines Persons Responsible Additional Data PAD007 Additional Data PAD31 Additional Data for Relationship 'Is Successor Of' Additional Data for Relationship 'Is Responsible For' Additional Data for Relationship 'Is Talent In' Additional Data for Relationship ''Has Potential For'' Table Part Infotype 0002 Security Roles Company Codes Personnel Areas/Subareas Language Keys Language Key Texts for ISO Languages Countries Personnel Country Grouping Personnel Areas Personnel Country Groupings Employee Group Employee Group Names Employee Groups / Subgroups Employee Subgroup Employee Subgroup Names Pay Scale Groups Pay Scale Types Wage Types Wage Type Texts Wage Type Valuation Jobs Working Weeks Name of Working Week Building Addresses HR-PD: Scales HR-PD: Scale Names .

T77SP T77TP T77TMCAESFIELD HR-PD: Quality Scale Proficiencies HR-PD: Proficiency Texts for Quality Scale AES Field Customizing .