IBM's Major Product Areas & Competitors

by P. Bryan Edge-Salois IBM offers a vast array of products and services for virtually every business need. Below is a brief list of some of IBM's major product offerings and its biggest competitors. PRODUCT CATEGORY PCs
Notebook PCs

Powerful, portable computers good for travel or replacement for a full-sized desktop PC.

• ThinkPad R, T, X, A, and G Series • Intel Pentium 4-M CPU up to 2GHz • WinXP Professional • Integrated Wi-Fi • 15-inch TFT Display • 3.6 to 7.7 pounds

• Dell Inspiron and Latitude notebooks • HP Pavilion and Compaq Presario notebooks • Dell OptiPlex and Dimension Series PCs • HP Pavilion and Compaq Presario desktops • Dell Precision Workstation 650 Series PCs • HP Workstation zx2000 and zx6000 workstations

Desktop PCs

Low cost desktop PCs with largely integrated components. Suitable as home or home office PCs.

• Intel CPU up to 3.2GHz • Up to 120GB hard drive • Integrated audio, NIC, and graphics (graphics card can be upgraded in ThinkCentre M and NetVista PCs)


Ultra high-end Unix workstations for extremely advanced and/or technical users (CAD/CAM, Design, Engineering, Technical Analysis).

• Power PC 604 CPU • Unix OS

• Up to 16GB RAM • Up to 1.4MB L2 and 32MB L3 Cache

Blades Modular, dual-CPU servers designed for optimal scalability and performance. Can be used with the eServer Bladecenter Chassis to support up to 14 servers in a single, 7U rack. • Up to two Intel Xeon processors at 3.2GHz. • 512MB standard up to 8GB maximum ECC DDR SDRAM • Supports up to two IDE or two hot-swappable SCSI hard drives • Dual Gigabit Ethernet connections • System management and failure prediction • Z990 CPU • Gigabit Ethernet • Linux, z/OS, OS390 • Up to 2Gbps FICON (Fiber Channel Connectivity) link speeds • Integrated self-healing fault tolerance and fault avoidance features • Capacity on demand allows resources to be turned on and off • HP Proliant BL e-class blade servers


High-end, high-security scalable mainframe system for virtually any enterprise application, including high-end scientific and technical analysis, application servers, ecommerce, accounting functions, materials management, distribution, manufacturing, human resources, asset management, business intelligence, and data mining. Scalable SAN servers with Fiber Channel host to drive technology. The t200 occupies the low end of the TotalStorage series, scalable to 1.47TB. The T900 occupies the high end and is scalable as high as 56TB.

• HP9000 Superdome Mainframe PCs

SAN Storage Systems

• Scales from 18GB (t200 series) to as high as 56TB (t900 series) • Redundant, hot-swappable components • Multiple RAID levels and enhanced Management software included • Flashcopy software for quick data duplication • Fiber Channel host to disk drives • Dual RISC CPU • Supports FICON, ESCON, Ultra SCSI, Fiber Channel, 2Gb Fibre Channel, and redundant hardware • Dual 2GHz AMD Opteron Processor • Supports up to two hot swap IDE or Ultra 320 SCSI hard drives • Large cache • RAID 5 and RAID 10 protection • Scalable to 55.9TB

• Dell /EMC Fiber Channel RAID Array CX200, CX400 and CX600 Series

Entry Level & Midrange Servers

High-end storage server. Supports storage sharing for many systems including WinNT/2000/XP/2003, Linux, Novell Netware, Irix, Unix, and IBM eServer iSeries, pSeries, and zSeries servers

• Dell/EMC Fiber Channel RAID Array CX600 Series


Powerful, low-cost 64-bit servers that don't sacrifice 32-bit computing performance. Ideal for technical and scientific analysis oriented operations.

• 1GB RAM, upgradeable to 12GB • Integrated dual Gigabit Ethernet

• HP HP9000 and RP5430 servers

Enterprise/Desktop Office High-end, high-capacity ultra-scalable data storage system designed for ultimate reliability and availability. Includes cluster management software designed to simplify deployment and reduce administrative costs. Office Suite includes word processing, database management, spreadsheet program, and graphics/presentation software. • Intel Xeon CPU up to 3.06GHz • 512KB cache • CSM (Cluster Systems Management) and GPFS (General Parallel File System) software • Lotus 1-2-3 • Lotus Word Pro • Lotus Freelance Graphics • Up to 8GB RAM • Linux OS • HP Linux LC Clusters

Suite/Productivity Software

• Lotus Approach • Lotus SmartCenter

• Lotus Organizer • Lotus FastSite

• Microsoft Office XP or Office 2003 Professional