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Marketing Management Mr. Ahmad Haseeb Hassan. SOWT Analysis of Continental Biscuits Limited.

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5% respectively. 2. Bisconi. 3.TUC.5% and 49. Incorporated in 1984. plain and ingredient-based biscuits. IT and the human resources functions are located in the head office in Karachi employing a total of 180 employees. Our manufacturing location based in Sukkur is a centre of excellence which provides employment to 2200 people in the region. English Biscuits Manufacturing Co. CBL thus started its' operations in the country since September 1986 with an initial strength of 200 employees. a more comprehensive range of products and technical know-how became available to CBL. For more than two decades CBL is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of the brand LU. cream variants. under its power brands of TUC.3% 43. Our marketing. As a part of the leading FMCG our head office has close links both with the Regional Offices of Kraft in UAE and our manufacturing plant in Sukkur.5% 6. We have an array of products which are pre-eminent in the branded biscuit business both in Pakistan and abroad.SWOT Analysis of Continental Biscuits Limited. Prince. Its size has grown up till 14000 Tons only in urban Pakistan . The company at present has an outstanding portfolio. the French food giants.1% . With global merger of Generale Biscuit and the Danone Group. Ismail Industries. the global manufacturers of the LU range. Tiger and Candi. Company 1. which was subsequently acquired by the Danone Group. sales. The Biscuit Industry: The Packed Food (Biscuit) market is growing in Pakistan very rapidly. In the year 2007 Danone sold their biscuits category to Kraft Foods of USA. who signed a joint venture agreement with Generale Biscuits. The first undertaking was to set up a factory and establish distribution centers in the country with the ultimate objective of commencing operations and marketing our products in Pakistan. Continental Biscuits Limited. We produce some of the best known crackers. 4.There are major 5 contribution player in Pakistan. the success story of LU in Pakistan began with the initiative of Hasan Ali Khan (the founder of Continental Biscuits). Our unrivalled portfolio of brands has been meeting consumer needs for well over two decades and includes such favourites as TUC. Market Share in %age 25. Brief Introduction: Continental Biscuits Limited (CBL) was founded in 1984 following a Joint Venture between the family of Hasan Ali Khan and the Group Danone. Today the company has a joint venture with Kraft Foods with a shareholding of 50. The company first introduced its' innovative brands . commercial. cream variants. These brands have an array of products that falls into the category of plain biscuits. Expansive investments were made including the import of technology and professional expertise from abroad. Each is having following respective Market Shares in Biscuits industry. Candi. crackers and ingredients based. finance. Prince and Candi which proved to be an instant success. Asian Foods. Prince and Tiger.0% 10.

Company Products: The company has 8 Brands with 39 SKU·s. .

Production Marketing Finance Sales . Production. Finance. 4. The Flow chart shows all aspects. Marketing. These are the four points on which SWOT will be done.Here we will be conducting the SWOT of Continental Biscuits Limited. 2. The flow chart includes internal and external environment which may be helpful or harmful in reality. 3. 1. Sales.

Finance: To make it happen what the Sales.e. 7.STRENGTHS: Sales: Sales Department is our strength and plays most significant part in our success. Delivery. 1.\ Well aware of Market Scenario. Booking . Marketing and production departments have planned to achieve finance has supported each and every department to go for it. 5.. Setting and achieving new goals continuously. Dispatches . Marketing: Marketing Department in the year 2009 and 2010 has floated some brilliant ideas to be roll out and company has turned around the sales with consecutive growths of 52% volume growth. Sales Operations are Systemized i. Strong infrastructures (route to the market / market coverage) vs. 2. Slaes Reporting . competition. Some 92 Test regarding the QC department are performed to ensure that every Bite a customer takes is 100% nutritive. 4. . 3. Rural Development Program has strengthen the share of CBL. 6. Production: Production department or Factory is also Strength of CBL as according to the Kraft Foods CBL Factory is the 3rd Largest Factory in the World which it has related to Biscuits industry with 7 production lines. Technically Skilled Sales Team. WEAKNESSES: Sales: Sales team yet has to be given some valuable Training & Coaching Sessions to be fully equipped to face future challenges of Modernization. Invoicing. Strong Competitor Tracking.

Low finance supplies.Marketing: Marketing is not spending as much as the competition is spending on its TVC campaigns i. Though the EBM and Bisconi has matured their Production limits we have an opportunity to get share. THREATS: 1. Asian Foods we have opportunity to get more share through strong coverage and infrastructural improvements. Finance: Growing Marketing costs are creating challenges for finance. Our Rural portion is weakest which an opportunity is for us. 5. OPPORTUNITIES: With much skilled Sales Force of CBL as compared to EBM. Low Cost Sharing of Sales team. Launch of Bakeri Range was supported by 85 million Rupees while EBM is spending on its Brand Sooper more than 120 million on current TVC airing followed by Gluco and Farm House. Untrained Sales force. Production: Department must enhance its production capacity by installing at least one more production line. 3. 2.e. New and existing competition. Poor marketing. . Marketing Department has opportunity to make effective marketing campaigns regularly to support brands. Bisconi. 4.